Tim about keeping Cass “Its not about the player this week its about the play for next week”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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9:30am The house guests are getting ready for the day. Its Phils birthday today.
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9:55am HOH room – Kelsey says that she’s burned bridges. Loveita says she has burned bridges. Everyone’s on the same playing field. Kelsey says I don’t have a problem with Christine. If she stays its not like I’m going to be totally choked. Loveita says personally I think you’re safer with Christine here. I’ve just heard Cassandra burn your name. Kelsey says Cass has burned a lot of bridges. Loveita says I don’t want things to go back and forth. Kelsey says we’re not going to go back and forth. If me, Jared or Raul win HOH. The only people I’m worried about winning is Dallas or Maddy. Kelsey says I don’t see Christine going up any time soon. I think for now, whatever happens happens. I love Christine and if she stay, its okay. Dallas joins them. Loveita says if someone is kind of snaky then you don’t know where they’re at. Dallas says its going to be a 6-5 vote. Dallas says she’s (Cassandra) made it pretty clear that if she stays and wins HOH you’re going on the block. Loveita says that’s news to me! That’s not what she’s been saying to me. Dallas says well that’s what she’s been saying to everyone. Maybe I shouldn’t have leaked that. Dallas says I’ve come terms that Cassandra is staying. It’s just that she is going to Christine saying I feel bad I have the majority of the votes. And I’m just like You classless b***h! I’d like to see it get flipped upside down but I don’t see it happening. Cassandra will cut deals with the devil just to stay in the house. Kelsey says but everyone knows that. Dallas says that’s the thing people know it and they still want to keep her in here.

Loveita tells Christine that she needs to talk to Joel. I think he’s the deciding vote. Christine says I’ve tried to and he said he’ll talk to me later. Loveita says I’ll talk to him. What can you offer him? I bet Cassandra’s been in his ear. And has offered him the world.

In the bathroom – Phil used the mouthwash (Nikki had put dish soap in it). Phil pukes into the sink. Phil says he’s dead. He runs to the bedroom and asks Tim if it was him? Tim says it was Nikki. Phil goes to the HOH room and asks Nikki if it was her that put soap in the mouthwash? Nikki laughs and says it was her and Tim. Nikki asks did you use it? AWW I’m sorry and on your birthday too! Phil runs back to the bedroom and tells Tim that Nikki said he was involved. Tim says it wasn’t him, he only did the toilet prank. Phil goes back to the HOH room and tells Nikki he’s going to get her back.

10:35am – 10:55am Havenot room – Tim says I think we’re all on the same page you and I, Mitch and the brothers. Tim tells Joel that if we go against what Jared wants that might make him go after us. Joel says right. Tim says even though Christine might be easier to work with. I think we need to keep Cassandra. Joel says alright. Tim says If we lose a number next week then we won’t have the numbers to take on either of the two. I think the brothers will be a target next week or Dallas or Jared. Tim asks what are we going to say to Dallas, Maddy and Christine? Joel says I’ve been saying to Christine that I needed to talk to other people first. Tim says I think we say once we’re in the room then it comes down to our gut. Its not really about the player this week its about the play for next week.

11am Tim talks about his Big Brother Australia season. He explains how he didn’t want a showmance to be a part of the story line and what he did to stop it.

11:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:55am In the kitchen – When the live feeds return – The house guests are talking ahout how they got the 3 hour warning till the live eviction. Loveita says I don’t think anyone wants HOH. Dallas says I do! Loveita says HOH isn’t what everyone thinks it would be. Joel says with great power comes great responsibility. Tim says some people are okay with making the hard decisions. Dallas says it will be interesting. Tim leaves. Loveita says most people have been honest about how they’re voting. Dallas says I am going 100% voting Cassandra out. I really wished I had used that veto and forced you to nominate someone else. Bunch of pu$$ies in here! I can’t stand it. Loveita says I don’t even care if I go home. I don’t even want to make it to jury. I can make 100K in 3 months. Loveita says I trusted Joel and he has been shady and shifty this week. To me I am disappointed with Joel because I had his back. Dallas says Joel doesn’t have any balls he’s a 34 year old boy trapped in a .. its frustrating to watch.

12:15pm Mitch and Ramsey discuss working together and how its okay if they don’t vote the same way this time. Mitch tells Ramsey that he is voting out Christine. Ramsey says that people are speculating that you are closer with those three. (Jared, Kelsey, Raul) Mitch says really what everything comes down to is who wins HOH. Ramsey says I was under the impression that Cassandra wanted me out. She knows I’m voting her out.

Dallas tells Tim that before he got here Cassandra had a final 2 deal with everybody. Christine says everybody! Tim laughs and says that was her strategy?! Dallas says and she’s still doing it, so you can’t trust her word. Christine says so if I can convince Joel to you will? Tim says yes if you can convince Joel to and then I go talk to him and she says that’s what he’s doing then I will. Christine asks or Mitch? Tim says yes. Dallas says that Loveita is saying that Joel is telling her one thing and saying another to everyone else. Tim asks what will be the repercussions if Joel does go against Loveita? Dallas says Loveita will chop him up. Tim asks does Loveita have the power next week to go after him? Dallas says no. Tim asks will others go after him? Dallas says not this week but I could put some fear in him. Tim says its not right when people vote out of fear for the repercussions. Tim says at least you know where you stand with Christine whereas Cassandra is a leaky boat .. you tell her something and it will get out. Dallas asks Phil so you’re pretty set on your vote to vote out Christine? Phil says yup. They’re so even par, I just feel more comfortable with Cassandra staying. Dallas says I’m ready to throw a javel (javelin) at the dragon man.

12:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1pm – 1:35pm In the bedroom – Jared tells Ramsey that this is the third time Mitch and Tim have told me if it comes down to it I’ll throw the HOH to you. Why?! Just so you don’t have to pick a side. Its just snaky. I don’t like it. Maddy joins them. The talk about random things then Ramsey and Maddy leave. Mitch joins Jared. Jared asks Mitch who don’t you want to win? Mitch says Dallas. Jared says me too.

1:55pm Phil exposes Loveita’s weave…

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For some reason I’m really rooting for christine to stay!


no, keep the bitchier one, not the one we like!


I don’t like either one of them, but I say keep the one that’ll make the crazy one go completely bonkers!! 😉
So, keep Cassandra, just to watch Loveita instantly have a nuclear melt down.


Really rooting for Cass to stay just to spite Lovieta. Her personality as an HOH is so unlikeable, no wonder they kept Kelsey despite the threat of having a showmance in the game. I still think that Kelsey and Cass are bitchy but I can only imagine the horrors of that first week with Lovieta as the HOH.


The house didn’t keep Kelsey because of her charming personality, they kept her because she was a bigger target. It was too early to get rid of the showmance.


It would be funny if it was a double eviction, quick HOH, Dallas wins, doesn’t get to stay in HOH room , but gets out Jared or Kelsey. Next HOH, Loveita wins again.. LOL


Am I the only one thinking from a different perspective here and wanting everyone to keep Christine? If they keep Christine, and it’s a close vote, it will throw the house in to turmoil. It will finally force the house to choose sides. – And Snaky Joel who played the empathy card this week not to mention openly playing Loveita from the start – will be left to scramble and run for cover! That’s what happens when Christine continually asks to have a conversation with you. Spineless!


LOL Sharry isn’t even here anymore and she’s more likable in the polls than Raul and Christine. Agree with it though!


raul is so gross


I pretty much the full week…I can tell Christine is probably going tonight… Who are the next targets???…


LMAO @ Phil Exposes the Weave! why doesn’t this chick just embrace who she is? weaving someone elses hair on to her head psht!


Can someone please explain the weave. I have no idea why she’s so bothered by her hair. Thanks.


In watching what’s been going on, here are my thoughts.
Tim’s invested in the 6-5 vote because he wants the inquisition to happen.
He’s invested in stripping Loveita of her allies (the middle ground group has changed composition taking Joel and Mitch and the brothers, all the people she says she trusts, away).
He’s keeping Cassandra not only because he’s liking the starry eyed attention but because it keeps people after Loveita.
Loveita is his sacrificial lamb.
If you look at the people he’s pulled in for his middle ground alliance who are they? The people that he has been able to manipulate without being questioned (he doesn’t know Mitch told Loveita about his pot stirring).
If he’s so stuck on the 6-5 vote, why does it matter if it’s for or against Cassandra? Options. He’s now protected on the Jared front and the middle front and he’s weakened the Dallas front. If it comes down to it Joel will be blamed for the fifth vote, or Mitch will be blamed for the fifth vote by Jared’s side, and Dallas’ side will blame Joel or Mitch for not being the sixth vote.
So, Tim’s fifth vote is actually destroying the middle ground by making them targets. He’s keeping Cassandra to keep Loveita marginalized while stripping her of allies. He’s placing the weird vote to have both sides put Joel and Mitch into the game as targets.
All the while he’s keeping his pets (Cassandra and the brothers) who look at him with adoration on a string.
Long term effect: he’s destroying the status quo by reinforcing the original status quo. The game started with Dallas, Maddy, Loveita and Ramsey against Jared, Kelsey, Raul and Cassandra with Joel and Mitch in fear mode and the brothers thinking themselves puppet masters. Where do things sit after the vote? Oh, Loveita closer to the Dallas camp again, Cassandra back with the Jared camp (but protecting Tim because of his connection to Cassandra), suspicion placed on Joel and Mitch (who was the fifth vote?), and the brothers thinking they are the puppet masters (Phil’s ego will make him believe he was the deciding factor, as he has for the last two weeks). Tim can still solidify the “middle” players into an alliance, but i’m thinking that alliance will just be Tim, Cassandra and the brothers for some reason.
If Tim has told Loveita he’s voting to keep Christine in front of Nikki and Ramsey, and told Cassandra he’s voting to keep Cassandra in front of Kelsey and Joel… what other option is there than an inquisition with the vote.


But didn’t Tim say he told Jared that he’d be voting for Christine to stay? So there wouldn’t be any mystery as to who the 5th vote. I’m not sure what happened during the exact conversation but what was Jared’s reaction?


Saw Tim tell Joel he spoke to Jared. Didn’t actually see a clip of Tim telling Jared.
I don’t know if he did or if he’s lulling Joel so that Joel doesn’t expect the inquisition.
Notice in front of Kelsey he said Cassandra is staying regardless. That’s not a vote promise for a 7-4.
Regardless, the Dallas side will blame Joel and Mitch for not being the sixth vote.


I agree, if Tim does end up voting to evict Cassandra, and she stays, the only people whose target gets bigger by doing this are the floaters he pretends to care about: Joel and Mitch. Well, and himself, since he’s been telling quite a few people now what he wants to do.
I get the feeling that, regardless of the outcome (of this eviction, and of his game as a whole), his main priority is to build his reputation as the “crazy guy who shocks every viewer”, like he did in his Australian BB season. Like a contestant who’d go on The Bachelor, and act like a crazy lunatic drunk mean b**** all the time, knowing full well that that means she’ll get asked to go on Bachelor Pad, The Challenge, The American Race, and all kind of other shows in the future because they want those lunatic characters.


* The Amazing Race 😉


sorry Simon and Dawg, and everyone else, i think my too long post somehow posted twice.

winner winner chicken dinner

Did anyone else notice Cassandra walked fine after the competition only when she realized Christine was hurt and gaining sympathy she started with the foot. Cassandra gets on my last nerve. The other night when she was talking about Joel and wanting to pow him one i was wishing someone would pow her. She is far more rude and obnoxious than Sabrina ever was , Sabrina has been blacklisted for talking about passing on infections but Cassandra can call down people to the lowest and get away with it. Get rid of Cassandra please and wipe that smirk off her face. Sabrina was good TV Cassandra is not.


I find it hard to believe that anyone finds Cassandra more offensive than Sabrina. Sabrina was in a class all by herself.

Caren in Canada

Could not agree with you more! I had her as a fav going in, but she sure changed my opinion of her real quick I do know that BB involves sometimes being shady and telling little white lies here and here, but she had taken sketchy to whole new level! Last night watching her tell Joel lie after lie about Love, really made me see the real evil in this girl! am not a huge fan of Loves either, but she is not deserve t be trashed that horribly! And I cannot take anymore of her woe is me act anymore! Sympathy is a terrible form of strategy! Just my humble opinion!


Not a huge Cass fan but I’m rooting for her to stay for the better of the game. She really isn’t a bad player and she brings a lot more to the table than Christine both entertainment and game play wise.
Christine is a non entity, get her out for the better of the show.


The problem is that Cass jumped out of the gate playing hard (sometimes too hard), while Christine was trying to sink out of notice. We don’t know what Christine was planning, as she stated her original intent in her bio was to play under the radar and then come out swinging.
So it’s the fact that Cass’ strategy is to jump deep end into the game trying to manipulate everyone, and Christine’s is to lay low that is problematic.


I haven’t been able to decide whether Ramsey is the new AJ, or if he’ll be better off later in the game. He definitely doesn’t come off as a strategic player, but he’s starting to play better socially with Jared and Mitch.

There’s no point in Tim throwing a stray vote because most of the house knows he wants to do it which defeats the purpose of starting a witch hunt to find the voter.

Dallas and Loveita are just sad to me. They overplayed themselves since the jump thinking they’d be able to break up a “showmance”,and run the house but it totally blew up in their faces. Now they’re mad people don’t want to make moves that benefit (aka save) their games.

The people in the middle and playing both sides have unintentionally positioned themselves above the radar. Who tells someone they are throwing a comp to someone else if that person hasn’t asked you to throw it to them? It could backfire on the middle group if Jared, Kelsey, Raul, Dallas, and Loveita joined forces.

another name

Dawg or Simon:
Any word thus far on whether or not the feeds will be running March 25-28? If i remember correctly, feeds were down for easter weekend for at least the last two seasons.