Raul tells Cassandra “I feel like you need to clean your lips.. you look like a coke addict”

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-16 17-14-28-581

8pm Tim, Jared and Christine are in the kitchen chatting and making dinner. Tim says maybe I should try and make it to jury just to make a holiday out of it. Jury would be fun. Jared agrees. Tim talks about how after BBAU he was able to make a brand of himself where he’s been able to make a living off of.

8pm In the bedroom – Cassandra and Raul are talking. Cassandra says I just don’t want any drama because eviction is tomorrow. Raul says I’ll start it after. Cassandra says I have 7 (votes) so even if 1 switches I’ll be okay. Do you think those 7 are solid. Raul says yes. Cassandra says I want to win HOH this week. Raul asks her who she would put up. Cassandra says Loveita and Maddy. This is nerve racking being on the block. We have to stick together because you never know where anyone else is at. I trust Tim. We should bring him in. I trust him as a friend. You know that little b***h Loveita she was telling Nikki she can’t trust that b***h (Cassandra). This season is so sad its such a mean girl season. Other than me and Kelsey every girl is so mean. Do you think she’ll still come after me? Raul says no. Cassandra asks what was that deal you made with her? You left me out of it. Raul says we’re voting to keep you. Cassandra says Joel follows me everywhere! EVERYWHERE! In the real world if someone was talking to me like Loveita I would be like PISS OFF B***H!!! I just don’t want to seem like a mean girl on tv. Do you think I am? What do you think I’m being portrayed as? Raul says as a cookie.

In the bathroom – Joel, Maddy, Phil and Nick are hanging out talking about random things. Joel says when he did type casting in school people typecast him to be in shows like The Office. Maddy leaves. Phil, Nick and Joel all agree they’re good. Phil tells Joel the longer we can lay low the better. Phil comments on how Sarah from last season laid low till day 60. He says I want to go to the end with you. If its a double eviction this Thursday I’ll do my best to deflect your name. Joel says same. Phil says there are just so may other big targets. Joel says I just hope Nikki can keep it together.

8:35pm – 9pm Bedroom – Mitch says if someone put him on the block that was his friend in the house he would be so caught off guard. Raul says I would never do that to my muffin. Cassandra says I was her (Loveita) friend last week and she told me she wouldn’t put me up and then she did. Tim joins them. Cassandra says we need to band together so they don’t pick us all off. Tim says well maybe you need to start getting along with the girls in the house. Raul tells Cassandra I feel like you need to clean your lips.. you look like a coke addict.

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9pm – 9:15pm In the bathroom – Joel reassures Cassandra that she has his vote and the brothers. Cassandra comes out of the toilet and Joel goes into the toilet and asks “What is that?! Is that blood or is that jam? Tim starts laughing and leaves the bathroom. Joel says f**k it I have to go. Cassandra says I don’t know, I’m not on my period. Joel looks at it closer. Cassandra tells him not to touch it. She goes in and closes the door and then comes out and says I don’t know what that was. I’m not on my period. They head to the bedroom. Tim says to Cassandra I can’t believe you blooded on the .. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:20pm Dallas and Maddy are in the havenot room. Dallas tells Maddy about how he talked to Mitch today to try and get him on their side. They only reason Kelsey and them want to keep Cassandra is because .. Maddy says she’s a vote for them. Dallas says Christine is a pawn and they think if they’re next to her they’ll go home. People are so dumb. Dallas says I told everyone where I’m at. Maddy says I know I’m not a flip flopper. Maddy says I’ve had a few people tell me how I’m playing is good. Just laying low. The first week I was up peoples a$$es. Dallas says out of sight out of mind. Maddy says I’m going to let people like Tim and Loveita have little arguments and sit back. Dallas says If we don’t get the brothers to use their minds for once. If we can get them on board, we’re laughing. Keep your votes though. Maddy says I am keeping my vote to vote out Cassandra HUNDO! Dallas says I really want to make some moves. I just got to make it happen. Then bang bang! We just need a string of good luck. Dallas says he would put up Jared. Maddy says and Raul. Dallas says It just has to be done because if not he’ll go all the way to the end.

9:35pm Dinner time..
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-16 18-32-29-359

Maddy and Christine with Dallas sleeping of to the side.
Christine and MAddy are complaining about Cassandra. Christine is pissed that Cassandra is walking around acting and saying she’s staying. Dallas wakes up “B1tch”
Christine – “B1tch”
Christine says she was campaigning last night with Joel but it’s tough because Cassandra is always around.

Christine – She’s so annoying.. She’s such a piece of work and it pisses me off everyone is fally for it
Dallas – it’s so frustrating I know..
Dallas thinks Canada is scratching their heads at the houseguests voting to keep Cassandra.
He counts the votes, MAddy, himself, Niki, Ramsey. He’s unsure about Joel, says Loveita told him Joel is telling everyone he’s keeping Cassandra then at the last minute send her home.

Christine – the brothers won’t budge.. They’re being pu$%$ies, Cassandra made them a deal I wouldn’t doubt that.

Christine – I can see Mitch’s face he’s thinking all day
Dallas – I can only pray on the Big BRother gods she leaves…
Maddy and the brothers come in. Dallas asks the brother “You voting to keep cas”

Nick – I think so I dunno, ask my bro when he comes in.

Big BRother Canada 4

Loveita strategizing with Joel. going through scenarios if Christine leaves and future HOH’s. Cassandra walks in and things get awkward.

Cassandra and Kelsey Have nots
Cassandra says Loveita is hiding her black heels. Kelsey says there’s always talk about Cassandra working with Dallas.
Cass – who says that.. maddy
Kelsey – I don’t F*****g talk to Maddy about sh1t
Kelsey says Christine was campaigning last night to her and it broke her heart.
Cass – Loveita is on another level of hatred
Kelsey says Loveita is flirting with Phil.
Cass – do you think she’s smoking something.. I don’t know her behavior it’s so weird… She’s gone loopy.

Loveita and Joel HOH
Joel says Dallas is scares him.
Loveita says she can garitee if Dallas wins HOH she’ll be able to keep him off the block.
Loveita – he’s named all his targets and your name has never come up
Joel worries Maddy would put him up because they see him and her as a pair.
Loveita doesn’t think that will happen

Nick and Mitch HAve nots.. Later joined by Phil and Joel
Mitch wants to keep Cassandra, Nick agrees.
Mitch says Christine wants JAred, Kelsey and Raul out. He gets clumped up with them so if Christine wins HOH he could go up.
Joel says Christine will become the ultimate pawn if you are up against her you go home. If you are up against Cassandra you might stay.
Mitch agree.
Phil explains how Tim is trying to make the vote outcome a certain way adds that Dallas is trying to pull Tim in.
They are convinced the vote will be 7-4 for them.
Nick says if they can keep the fuel on the fire not on them they can cruise through the next couple weeks.

Mitch says the worst thing that can happen is the two side realize they are playing the middle and come after them.

MAddy, Nick, Maddy, Tim Bedroom
Christine – Tim you voting for Cass for sure
Tim – I’m ore thinking about the next week what happens.
Christine says she’s the underdog, Cassandra goes home she goes back to being a princess living with her mother.
Nick says it’s going to be tight
Christine warns them about how dangerous Cassandra is in the game, “She’s a chameleon, She’s a chameleon to whoever.. she doesn’t give a shit about that spider she’s just doing it to suck you d1*k
Tim – ya ay .. I know…
CHristine wants them to make a big move because this season is boring. Keeping her in the game is that big move.
Tim says Loveita hasn’t give him a solid reason why she wants Cassandra out he’s waiting to hear that.
MAddy told Nick he’s being dumb saying “I’m voting with with house” becuase nobody knows what the house is doing.
Tim suggest that maybe Jared, Kelsey and Raul might flip their vote.
Christine – I want to make big moves and f*** sh1t up

Tim doesn’t want to give Jared, Kelsey and Raul any strength.
Christine says she needs to be in the house more than Cassandra.
Tim asks them the targets, MAddy is after Jared. Tim think Kelsey has more control than
Christine – I need Joel, Mitch or you (Tim)

Ramsey and Loveita HOH

1:00am Joel and Cassandra

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Cassandra says “b!ch” a bit too much

Mean girl Cassandra

She also got a very high false impression of her , only her and Kelsey not mean girl lol . B*tch please you queen b(tch of the mean girl , she really live the ass part from her name .
No wonder the worst human thing from this season Raul is so close to her .
They both need to be kicked out of the house with shovels .

Sask fan

Cass says everything a bit too much. She can’t have a single conversation without badmouthing Loveita or hounding someone for the hundredth time about their vote. If she is in e house much longer Canada will despise her for her phony, entitled behaviour. I already do


I’ve been thinking. I don’t hate Cassandra, and I don’t hate Cassandra’s game but I get annoyed by Cassandra (especially d/r Cassandra). I think the idea of manipulating multiple groups and multiple individuals in the house is a pretty good strategic idea. Heck, manipulating have nots that are already susceptible due to lack of food and poor sleeping condition, that’s in all of the stockholm syndrome pamphlets, so good for her for realizing that. Her moves in the game don’t bother me. I’m annoyed when she says things like she hopes she’s not being portrayed as a bitch to the public. Okay. It’s pretty difficult to edit someone as a bitch if they aren’t doing anything bitchy. So, if she’s worried that she’s being portrayed as a bitch, perhaps she needs to not behave in ways that could be construed as bitchy. Notice, I am not calling her a bitch, I’m saying it wouldn’t even be a concern if she weren’t doing or saying things that could be edited in that way. If you are going to be the manipulator, own it. One of the biggest issues that viewers had with bb17 Vanessa is that she didn’t own her game in the d/r. I’m seeing that same thing happening.


She’s right to be worried; hateful BB fans have been known to try and get people fired. Women are frequently judged harshly for aggressive behavior, and she’s an aggressive player. I don’t think she’s a B****, but I’m a fan of strong women.


No Cassandra we actually love you in a house with huge personalities. You’re not a mean girl, you’re right.


Wow, some people didn’t get the sarcasm


From what i’ve been seen while I’ve been checking in off and on this evening, things could ridiculously backfire.
Cassandra and the Jared crew believes she has a 7-4.
Tim joked that he may vote for Christine to insure a 6-5 so that the house blows up.
Tim told Loveita and Nikki he was voting for Christine to stay.
what if Mitch also votes for Christine to stay. He’s made legwork to Dallas after listening to Christine. He hasn’t checked in with Joel for a final gamechat decision yet from what I’ve seen. So he’s still the big question mark, but heard Christine say she was going after Jared Kelsey and Raul and would want to join with the middleground Joel and Mitch, while Cassandra said she was going after Loveita.
So what if? What if they walk into that vote thinking 6-5 for Cassandra and it turns into 6-5 for Christine?
Doubtful. But possible. With the brothers and Jared trying to have an inquistion to find the hinky votes again for a week.
This is even without the salad penalty option (did that actually happen, did Cassandra eat again?)

Guy From Canada

With all the flip flopping going on who is home on Thursday. Is it the old lady who swears too much or the young girl that swears too much……either way we will be left with nothing but catty ladies in the house. I’m kinda happy Paige was voted out, she would have been eaten alive by these mean girls (ladies)!


watching Cassandra on Live Feed is seriously tipping me over the edge. I have to change feed whenever she is speaking. She is a nightmare.


agreed – Casandra is a nightmare
there is also a slimy aspect to her character/personality that makes me want to take a shower whenever I see her being her version of flirty, sassy and smart-assy, she believes too much that she’s playing a great game
keeping my fingers crossed that she gets a big boot out of the house in tomorrow’s vote


Poor Nick can’t even have a conversation without Phil coming in and micromanaging everything. It’s funny how Phil can have conversations and strategize, but if Nick does, Phil has an issue. The reality (to me at least), is that Phil is overplaying his hand and is making the brothers come across as sketchy. Maybe it’s because I’m the baby sibling of my family but ugh I fully support Nick slapping his bossy older brother around a bit lol


I really hope that whatever happens with the brothers happens soon (as in they become 2 separate players) because I really do like Nick and can’t stand Phil … hopefully it might mean Nick can stay longer in the game. I’d love to see Nick, Mitch, Joel and Tim band together and take it to the final 4!


Funny how Cassandra said that Joel follows her everywhere! Umm…maybe talk about yourself who follows Tim everywhere…even to the bathroom…lol

another name

Because it was mentioned in three videos meaning it took up three different cams at three different times, lets analyze shoegate (insert eye roll). Cassandra left her heels in the hoh for a week. She then tells people Loveita stole her shoes. She walks in to the hoh (for the second time during Joel and Loveita’s conversation like it’s just a coincidence, cough paranoia). Loveita asks Nikki where the shoes are since Nikki straightened up the room. Loveita hands the shoes to Cassandra. Cassandra says thanks, Loveita says your welcome.
From this we get to hear Cassandra tell first Kelsey, then the boys at the top of the stairs, then Christine, then the pink room that Loveita stole her shoes. Then ordered Cassandra to leave and come back in five. Then held the shoes out the door and put them on the ground and closed the door without a word. Then she says she’s such a bitch. (sigh).
Okay, she’s overblowing a stupid pair of shoes that she left some place( because she is incapable of cleaning up after herself) into a malicious theft.
shut. up.
I’m getting tired of the blatancy. It’s not even mildly fun anymore. As far as manipulating the entire house, it’s just getting so basic. Why alter the events in the retell to three people when it happened in front of four more? Since it isn’t game, people will talk about it and hear the different versions. This is what trips people up and makes them think sketchy. Oh wait, Cassandra said everyone says she’s sketchy and she doesn’t know why.


This season is pure comedy at best.
At this point there are 4 groups:

The Top (Jared, Kelsey, & Raul) because they are “a strong bond”.

The “Middle” (Mitch, Joel, Phil/Nick) who want to keep “bigger targets” in the game who will take each other out (Top vs Bottom)

The “Bottom” (Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey) aka, the untrustworthy gang that wants to take out “The Middle” and “The Top”.

And Last, but not least, you have “The Outsiders” (Cassandra, Tim, Nikki, & Loveita) who are the true “floaters” who the 3 other groups feel are “non-threats” and cannot win the game (who most likely will have 2 people end up Final 2).


what was wrong with dallas s arm in tonights episode?


Honestly, I’m just not getting into this season. It just seems like a bunch of mean people gossiping about each other. I’ve been watching Tim’s season of BB Australia and am LOVING it. So much more fun to watch than this boring he said/she said that BB Canada has become. So disappointed