Tiffany “Who did he say?” Paulie “He said its you.” Tiffany “Then Frank lied to me!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul and Bront
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 21-50-24-382

9:50pm Tiffany tells Frank that if she is going up she would like to know. Frank says they (Victor & Paul) don’t talk open to me. Frank tells that Nicole is worried. Tiffany says knowing ahead of time causes less pressure but I’ll just have to trust in you know (Big Brother). Frank tells her not to worry. She heads to the kitchen. Frank heads to the bedroom and does a little happy dance.

Frank then heads up to the HOH room and tells Paulie and Zakiyah that Victor said he’s putting up Tiffany. Yeah she will sit on the blcok for a few days but once Vic is sitting up there she’s got to think like okay. The great thing is too .. Paul, Vic and I talked and he was telling Paul he put up Tiffany and we got Paul to agree if his name gets picked he should pick you to play because you’re on his team. Frank says I love that he’s telling us all this .. he is going to be butt hurt. What was he saying up here …if we were playing him he is going to be pissed. Frank says f**k its great! Frank leaves. Paulie says she (Tiffany) is going to panic. Zakiyah says yeah she is going to freak the f**k out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 21-59-33-424
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10:30pm HOH room – Tiffany comes up to the HOH room. She asks did he tell you who he is going to put up? Paulie says he didn’t tell me .. he told Frank. Tiffany asks who did he say? Paulie says he said its you. Tiffany asks are you serious!? Paulie says yeah. Tiffany asks seriously?! Then Frank lied to me then! Dude then I’m getting paranoid then! Frank told me he (Vic) didn’t tell him who it was. Paulie says I think he didn’t want you to freak out. But I’m telling you do you don’t freak out .. so don’t freak out. He came in and told us. Tiffany asks why did he choose me? Paulie says I don’t know .. I think he thinks the whole house doesn’t know and he;s trying to throw off the fact that its him. What are you paranoid about? Tiffany says I’m worried that I’m getting backdoored.. and that I’m supposed to throw the comp .. so that its an elaborate plan to get me out. Paulie says that’s not going to happen. Vic is going home and if its not him its Paul or Bronte. Tiffany says so I’m going to be on the block all f**king week!! You guys would be stupid to not vote him out .. because I would vote for all of you to stay. I’m a trustworthy person! Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah, DaVonne and James join them. Tiffany says I really hope you guys aren’t screwing with my head. Tiffany starts crying. They tell her she’s fine and has nothing to worry about. Tiffany says I’m not upset with him. I just wish he would have told me. I’m not going to freak out on him. Tiffany says I hope this works out. When I had a gut feeling .. I’m paranoid for a reason. James says we got you! We Got You! Paulie tells her that Frank will come to her and tell her sooner or later.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 22-41-27-484

Paulie talks to Michelle. Michelle tells him that she thinks a girl needs to go soon. Paulie says well not this week .. I need Vic to go. Michelle says no yeah but next week.

10:55pm In the bedroom – Tiffany says tells Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette that she is going up. She tells them how Paulie told her after she had asked Frank and he lied to her. Tiffany says that she now knows that Frank lied to her.

11:05pm Frank comes up and asks did you tell Tiffany?! I told you I didn’t tell her .. I denied it. F**K. Paulie says I told her that you probably didn’t want to tell her because she would freak out .. just like she is now. Paul joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 23-07-44-360

In the kitchen – DaVonne tells Tiffany if it come down to it you know you have to throw it right? Tiffany says 100%! If I get screwed then I get screwed anyway because then someone lied to me.

11:25pm HOH room – Paul shows Nicole his “Love Sucks” tattoo. Nicole says its small and simple. Paul says just like you.

11:30pm – 11:35pm Natalie tells Bridgette that she only has these brainstorming sessions with her. Bridgette syas she is afraid to have them with Bronte because she is still so close with Pual. Bridgette asks you know what these boys are doing right .. you know that fight with Victor and James and sh*t to manipulate you. Obviously that was fishing to get you to find your own team. They have planned already for the next f**king weeks target so that you will vote out Victor when they’re ready. They’re thinking weeks ahead! We need to plot and plan like they do. And I think we have the ability to do it. Natalie says wait can you repeat that again.. everything. Did they fake the fight?! Bridgette says I don’t think they faked the fight they definitely made it more extreme than it ever needed to ever be. The way Frank approached you in an almost intimidating way but acted like oh I’m just being a friend and I have your back.. this is why I want to tell you … da da da .. he is using your emotions, he’s making you feel vulnerable and sad and like almost used by Victor. Natalie says Victor is a jerk. Bridgette says yes. But you see how he made you feel vulnerable and confused .. then he comes in 2 hours later asking how are you voting .. if you want to be with the strong men .. alliance. He builds himself up and at this point he’s already divided you from Victor and potentially James and singling you out. And he’s using your emotional pull. Like that takes f**king planning. Now they’re trying to get Victor out and you’re already on board. Natalie says I wanted Victor out for a long time .. so when the opportunity presented itself it was perfect. Bridgette says you see how they have a plotted plan where everything is falling into place. They’re executing and planning and we need to do it. We need to pick 1 or 2 targets and plan for next week or even this week. Just because we’re not in power doesn’t mean we can’t shake sh*t up! Plan and execute!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 23-34-05-415

Nicole tells Victor that she will tell him if she ever wins too (Roadkill comp). He wants her (Tiffany) gone. Victor says so that’s two solid, three solid. Nicole says Frank wants her gone. Victor says and Natalie. Nicole says that’s 5 .. at least. But she can’t find that out because she’s on my team. Vic says she will go crazy. With her gone the house will be less…uncomfortable. Nicole agrees and then leaves.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 23-49-21-272

Meanwhile, Vanessa .. I mean Tiffany is waiting to nominated..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-02 00-02-00-393

12:08am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Road Kill nomination…

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What the hell did Tiffany say,” she just has to trust in big brother. Does she know something we don’t know?


Girl! You just keep baking! You bake you ass off! I want you to bake the best sugar cookies you ever baked girl! I want oatmeal, raisin oatmeal, peanut butter and any other damn cookie you can. You can do this!!!!


Put a Blond Wig on Tiffany and you have Vanessa of BB17 which is sad since I was a fan of Tiffany when the the season started… No doubt the Human Genome Project will find a similar gene between Tiffany and Vanessa that is the cause…. 😀


What if… it really IS Vanessa?


Some days I think it is.


I don’t think I can handle another Vanessa all season lmao!

I'll get you my zitty

My dildo couldn’t handle Vanessa
It would melt in that witch


Here comes the crying fest. Get your umbrellas everyone. 🙂


Here we go… Tiffany on the block, just like Vanessa last year, waterworks and comments like “I’m such a trustworthy person!!” LOL I love it, it’ll be a fun week watching her freak out, and maybe even to the point where they vote her out instead just so they don’t have to deal with her anymore lol.


Not a chance they’ll vote Van2.0 out this week. Unfortunately she’ll be there for a while. Get ready for sulking, crying and mega pity party , don’t think I’ll be watching much live feed this week, won’t be able to stand watching her that much.

Who's Corey

Is corey playing the game


If following Nicole around counts as playing the game, then yes he is playing the game.


Hell yeah Paulie!!! That’s what you get Frank… I really want to pull for Tiffany, but not if she’s going to cry every time her name is brought up. R-E-L-A-X. Lets go James & Paulie!!

Fuzzy Num Num

Hmm, so Vanessa 2 is crying to the terrible trio, and they will confirm to Vic n Dick, er Paul, that Frank lied, but that Not-Cody told her. Me thinks that Vic is Frank’s huckleberry. Because, now Not-Cody is shown to be not trustworthy. I bet Bratty goes home. (Please, please, please!).

The Roach Coach

Tiffany immediately runs to Bronte Bridgette and Nat ” Don’t say anything, but Victor’s putting me up”… wow! 8pack finds out…see ya later Russo 2.0

sunny dee

does she have even the slightest clue of who is and is not in her alliances? and who she should be or shouldn’t be venting to (as in spilling all the beans). let’s face it, that alone is a reason for her to be gone, however i agree, it would be stupid to not get out either vic or paul, and of course, it is still stupid that they didn’t put him on the block. maybe they think his winning roadkill is a double blind backdoor, he thinks he has power because he is putting up a person many want out of the house and she is playing into that by flipping out, crying hysterically, and throwing people under the bus. so he would be even more convinced people want her out. the double blind back door is that even tho everyone does, or if they don’t now they will by the time she freaks out all week, (remember Audrey?????) they still want him gone more.


i think victor might stay this week this how I belive frank wins pov
then tiffiney tells him about fatal 5 in how they want a girl to win
then he tell james in they make a deal with paul paulie victor james in frank be on a team
in they take tiffany off the block in victor put up Nicole or day


That’s a clusterfuck of logic, but I like it! Just so Tiffany is safe! I don’t think James will go against the girls. He’s seen the guys’ BS; he’s been there and done that. Seems like he’s with the girls, and I like it!


I’m rooting for Tiffany. I love the others, also, but I think that Tiffany will win!


Love seeing James and Tiffany together. They’d make a strong team, with their girls!
Tiffney is her own person.

stir crazy

Something tells me as the girls disappear I’m gonna want to make sweet loving to Michelle. And I really wouldn’t want to.


Someone please throw tiffanys hats out the front door and maybe she’ll follow. THEN SLAM THE DOOR SHUT!


You guys what if Tiffany is actually VANESSA….
Lol…wouldn’t suprise me. They are so much alike it’s freaky!


That is exactly what I was thinking as I watched her on BBAD. I liked Vanessa except for her fits, it worked for her but I don’t think the house is ready for part 2 yet. Maybe if a couple of seasons had passed but twice in a row. All in all though if they get the chance to take Victor out now they better take it or I fear they will live to regret it.

sunny dee

the tale of two Roadkill winnders: many still don’t know that Frank won last week. versus there isn’t a person in the house who doesn’t know that Vic won this week, within 5 minutes of fnishing.


Vanessa 2.0 is now trending on Twitter..LOL!


I hope this isn’t all a part of Frank’s plan to get Tiffany out so he can rope Victor in. I can see him continuing to plant seeds of doubt about her. Some of the girls are on to Frank but probably won’t do anything about it and he’ll go to the finals. The girls have to have get together and compare notes instead of throwing each other under the bus. Frank already jokingly told Nicole he wants to take a goat to the finals but I believe he meant it.

Enough with making fun of Tiffany crying. Girls are emotional and she has every right to feel like she is being played because she and Frank have had their fights. I did not like Frank the first time he was on but started to like him this season but now I am back to not liking him.

Oh Snap

Holy Sh*t!!! Bridgette is dropping logic. She is trying to talk som sense into Natalie. She is really starting to figure Frank out! Frank thought he was pulling Bridgette but seems like she knows exactly what he’s doing. If she can make a move against him I’ll actually root for her.


Can you like repeat that again… like everything.


Other HG’s tend to underestimate Bridgette because she comes off as kind of spacey. But you have to be pretty darn smart to become a nurse. She’s been sitting back observing and mentioned once before that others tend to talk around her as if she wasn’t even there.


Nicole would be crying just the same right now, yet everybody is bashing on Tiffany… smh