Nicole “so you’re not going to put me up?” Victor “I’m going to put Tiffany up!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul and Bront
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 19-44-12-765

7:35pm Frank and Nicole are talking. Nicole says I did so much last week and I don’t want to go up. Frank tells Nicole he doesn’t think she is going to go up. Frank says I think he’s (Victor) going to put up James. Nicole asks Frank thinks Paulie is going to talk to Victor and try and get me put up .. because I put him up. Frank says no Paulie is cool with us. James walks by and they call him over. Frank tells James if Victors name gets pulled in the veto .. you can try and win it and use it on Bronte or Paul. James says oh yeah I would try and win it. Frank says if he (Victor) does win it …it would be best to vote out Bronte. James agrees. Nicole tells James that he acted so calmly. Nicole says I’ll be fine… its just the way I found out that was weird. James says either way we’ve got the votes. Nicole tells James I have a feeling its going to me your you. I jsut wish I would have heard it from the source Paulie and not Tiffany. James says I don’t think he will put me up unless he knows he has the votes. James says I noticed Tiffany doesn’t compete well in comps. Nicole says that’s why she should go up. Nicole says I’m a girl ..when I see my face pop up on that screen its like post traumatic stress disorder. James says Victor thinks he has Frank and Paulie on his side. James says there are too many people that know we’re working together. Nicole says how does Paul know we’re working together. James says because of the 7-4 vote and he knows who the four are.

8pm Cam 1-2 HOH room – Paulie says in the off chance Vic did win .. I think we’re going to continue to play in teams ..its only a matter of time before we get Vic out. James says I’m going to have to continue to throw them. Paulie says come tomorrow comes and his name (Victor) doesn’t get pulled we might as well say goodbye to him. As long as its not the roadkill nominee that wins. James says I might just sit down and not even play. Paulie says I think at that point it will hit him. At that point I would just sit him down and say its time for you to go. James says he doesn’t want Nicole to go up.. she’s got enough blood on her hands. Paulie says I don’t think she has too much heat.. she got out someone who everyone wanted out. Paulie says the girls just need to calm down. James says it will be all good, we’ll get it done.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 20-03-35-651

8:05pm Natalie, Bronte and Nicole are talking. Bronte says she feels like the girls are doing pretty good. I want a girl to win, I don’t care who it is. Bronte says that Jozea was constantly cornering her .. and that she had a sigh of relief when Jozea went home .. I’m on the block and I feel better than I did last week. I really want to make it to the jury so that I can vote for a girl to win. Frank joins them.

8:10pm HOH room – Paulie, Michelle and Tiffany are talking. Paulie says he doesn’t need anybody tipping Vic off about the plan. Paulie says there’s no way around Vic not going home this week. Tiffany says unless he gets picked and wins. Paulie says but that’s a very slim chance.. and I’ll go head to head with him. He’s gone at this point. Tiffany asks have you spoken with Nicole at all? Is she cool? Paulie says yeah. I said there are two people that are also up there that we want to go home. You have nothing to worry about. Tiffany asks what if Vic pulls Paul off who would you put up? Paulie says Natalie. Tiffany says oh yeah I keep forgetting there’s her too. What’s your gut saying on who he’s going to put up? Paulie says my gut says James. Paulie says all you guys should just be sitting and chilling. Paulie says last week I thought I better not go home over this guy (Jozea) and I trusted you guys and he is the one sitting out there playing with himself in his underwear. Zakiyah joins them. Tiffany says you can tell Michelle is an emotional player .. she doesn’t think positively about a situation. Paulie says she’s a super fan and doesn’t want to go out before some of these people. Tiffany says is going to go talk to Michelle. It’s my paranoia. Paulie says if you get paranoid come talk to me and I’ll talk you off the ledge.. I need you to be a beast.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 20-18-16-542

8:35pm Victor and Frank are talking. Vic says for 1 I think it would be to obvious and 2 I don’t think he would get many votes. I think we can use Bronte and Paul to our advantage. I think we can get Corey, me, you, Natalie and maybe even Nicole. Frank says yeah I think that’s possible. Victor says we just need 5 .. and get someone (Tiffany) out that is making people feel awkward. Vic says she is always staring. Frank says I know blink for a second. Frank says I think Corey is going to be good. Vic agrees. Vic says hopefully one of them (Paul or Bronte) come off. Frank says and that’s another vote too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 20-37-58-830

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8:45pm – 8:50pm In the bathroom – Nicole tells Victor that she is worried because she heard something about her name. I don’t even know what’s going on. Vic says just relax.. I won the competition. I did it in like 10 seconds. I did it the first time. Nicole so you’re not going to put me up? Vic says I’m going to put Tiffany up! Nicole says thanks Vic. Vic tells her to relax. They hug. Nicole says she’s on my team but she’s sketchy. Thank you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 20-44-41-930

8:50pm In the bedroom – Victor tells Paul that he thinks the best move for him and Bronte is for me to put Tiffany up. This is the best thing I could have done. I’ve got to put my feud with James aside for a minute. Frank says Tiffany is a math tutor and she didn’t even get that comp. Pual says if I pull my own name I think it would be best for me to pick someone weak to play. Frank says like Zakiyah. And she’s from your team so no one would be the wiser. Paul says sand then I just have to beat Paulie. Victor says Paulie said it wasn’t that they switched votes .. it was that Jozea was talking so much and Paulie wasn’t saying anything. I don’t think I’ll get a chance to win HOH with James on my team. Vic tells Paul what freaks him out is if Paulie backdoors him. I feel like I would have a better chance with Tiffany up there.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-01 20-56-47-173

9:35pm – 9:45pm Bronte says I could never make up a blunt faced lie … I’m not that creative. James says I think everyone is just trying to figure out who got nominated for that roadkill thing. Tiffany thinks its going to be a girl. James says that Victor wanted to nominate me but then he asked Frank if they even had the votes to get me out. Phhhh.. I would rather he did nominate me. Bronte tells Natalie if worst comes to worst and I’m going home I want you to tell me. James says I told her (Natalie) if it comes down to me and you .. I don’t want her to vote for me. Tiffany and Bridgette join them.

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Flotus Donald

Donald for First Lady! He’s more feminine than Hillary 🙂

Fearing for humanity

Make Donald Drumpf again


Don’t be naïve DUMBASS


He’s her Apprentice all right.

R.I.P. Ryan Jimmo

Love to see Natalie do the robot in a bikini

The coreys

Tiffany crying and proclaiming she’s a trustworthy person is giving me anxiety flashbacks to last season.

Omg no


First post of the season, but so glad it’s BB time again!
I’m going off on a tangent…I liked Nicole on and off during 16 but I’m having the same issues with her now that I did then. Whining these lines: “[whoever] hates me!” and “I didn’t do anything to [whoever] so why am I a target?”. She’s a superfan and it drives me crazy that she says these things over and over and over. I guess because I see that she knows enough about the game to win it, but the whining is typically what makes her look weak and makes her allies question her after the sympathy wears off (say, week 5ish). Da has been better at watching what she says, I was hoping Nicole would too, but it seems to be same old…

Or Get Evicted

Girls don’t get to go to Frank’s meetings. Anyone who asks a question or uses half a brain gets evicted, so crybaby whiner & spurned shomancer is the only role left, just ask Tiff, Natalie, Michelle, Bridget, Zak, & Bronte on the block & Day serves them up on a platter.

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Lie, lie and lie Vic, that’s your only way outbid this mess. I would certainly approve! ????

Don the Con

Frank needs to build a wall, put the girls in a camp & punish them for choosing their own destiny! If he could get BB to erase the other HG minimum wage Frank could make triple! Next, marry his GF’s nanny & build her a penthouse with cheap products from China & a foreign visa work force! Then file for fraudulent bankruptcy after refusing to pay taxes on his winnings! Frank for VP, no one else well speak at the GOP convention! Now on with Tiff’s Blexit!

Crooked Hillary Clinton

Nicole needs to grow some balls and not be afraid to lie herself out of situations. She needs to learn to pay the woman card!


Can’t stand the way Nicole gets so whiny the minute her name came up to be put up on the block. She didn’t even know if it was true and she acted like her life was over. Sitting there all pouty and that whining voice really gets on my nerves. How will she act when she is put up? I sure don’t want to see that for a week.

Nexit Trump

Paul’s beard makes him disqualified, check his birth certificate, deport him, severe vetting & waterboarding will teach him to keep his mouth shut & follow Frank like all good sheep.

production rigged it

I’m just wondering how much dumber can Paul and Victor can get, I mean seriously what a couple of morons. At least Paul knows who’s working together because of the vote and that they don’t have the numbers even though Victor doesn’t believe it.


Dumber is as dumber does


Some how Vic stumbled into putting up Tiff. It actually is his best move. Don’t think it would be hard to start the movement to vote out Tiff. A lot of people are freaked out by her, including her alliance members.

Frank Already Told Him

Frank told Paul & Vic his targets were James, Day & Tiff people with kids, people who make moves etc. This is Frank’s plan, he told them not James, Paulie already told Vic to work together he wasn’t getting back doored & enough fears about a revolt against Vets gets them throwing each other utb. Frank is the first person they ask for directions. There’s gonna be a big “slip up” after they force everyone to throw Veto Comp and it’ll be Tiff, Bronte & Natalie up on the Block. And another happy dance gif from Frank.

Fuzzy Num Num

Jozea not even gone a day, and everyone is already realigning. It seems as if Paul n Victor might land sunny side up bro-ing down with Frank and Not-Cody. While Bratty and Natilie are trying the whole girl power thing with Nicole. But, I think Nicole and James didn’t learn a thing from previous seasons. Nicole is just gonna believe whatever a boy tells her. As long as it’s what she wants to hear. And James, well, is James. Poor Vanessa 2, while almost as annoying, she’s just not as crafty as Vanessa 1. I have hopes for Da and Zak, if they can actually do what they say they’ll do. i expect we’ll see Frank and either Victor or Not-Cody at the end.

dear fuzzy ballz

I hear what you’re saying brosef…. but plz don’t give the psychotic, medicated, guided,…dare I say tweeker, hott mess of a human being Vanessa as crafty….that broad was having her hand held and being whispered in her ear by production as they “allegedly” administered drugs into her body….then sent her back out to unleash her delusions onto others

Fuzzy Num Num

perhaps, brocephus, perhaps. I myself would never actually complement Vanessa 1. After all, it didn’t take much to be craftier than Austin.


Really?!?! Ha. My goodness. Seriously.


Victor put victor up wins veto nominate Tiff best possible case.


This is why I hate the “back door” plan and wimpy players like Paulie. If you have a target and want them out, nominate them and whip their a** in the Veto comp. So many people in this game get burned because they are afraid to be aggressive, it happens over and over year after year.


Even as the roadkill winner, Victor is still able to be nominated. All Paulie needs is for someone other than Tiffany or to win and use the veto. If he wants to then he can nominate Vic. Unless Vic plays in the veto and wins…


I feel that any comment/post about Trumpf should have much smaller sized thumbs ups and downs to represent his tiny hands….

Hillary For Prison Bride!

I feel you are an idiot. This feeling stuff is starting to appeal to me.

Hillary For Prison!

I like James and I think it is funny as hell that he wants to put a cooked pizza in Vic’s bed.

Jake K.

Frank is playing an interesting game tonight. He is trying to play the Mike Boogie game in my opinion but I can see him overplaying just like Boogie did in Season 14 and get evicted mid-season. I think Frank is trying to get coverage from the whole house. He isn’t stupid and without a doubt still had some Chilltown in him. The Victor move to get him to put up Tiffany demonstrated to Frank that he can puppet Victor and Paul…they are desperate and Frank knows this now. Because if he has those boys on his side and the 8-pack he is in a golden spot to manipulate every vote as long as the Spy Girls stay away from HOH. My foreshadow for the week now that 1) Frank knows Tiffany will act selfishly and fight for that Veto, secretly protecting Victor and Paul as best as he can, while showing her lack of loyalty to the 8-pack. 2) Frank knows he can control the Newbie revolution boys….he is probably going to push for Bronte or Tiff (or another girl for that matter) to go home for the week. I can see him planting the seeds for this and I wouldn’t be surprised. I may be giving too much credit to Frank, but it’s not too far-fetched and he definitely saw Mike Boogie work his action first person a show to use it. Something like this could ABSOLUTELY blow up in his face, but if Frank can get the 8-pack to out someone like Bronte, while putting on a façade for Paul and Victor, and getting away with it all in the end, Frank has put himself in an INCREDIBLE position. Would love to hear if other people think he is starting to pull those puppet strings a bit (well, trying, albeit maybe to hard)


Your analysis is spot on.

Been Sayin' It All Along

He was never in the 8-pack except to use them. He’s shown more respect to Paul, Victor & rest of the Newbies since Day 1. Never planned on going anywhere with a vet except Day who does his dirty work. He didn’t give up his alliance to Natalie by accident. Nobody ever trusted him but the weak Vets they put in.

Hillary For Prison Bride!

I just want to see Vic get his due. Am I wrong for wanting this?


I want vic to get his doo doo too… But he’s got to be out next week…. And not come back in the house.


Can you get a group of more clueless fools than Victor’s side of the House. Last week all of them were convinced that Paulie was the target, that Paulie was RK but never found out it was Frank. This week Paulie is HOH, none of the vets are up, Michelle is safe and Zakiyah is not nominated either, Paul and Bronte are up up. Victor wins RK goes off to Frank/James to gloat and he puts up Tiffany? like really?


Who should Vic put up? Tiff is actually his best move. I could see an easy rally to vote her out. Tiff gives people the willies.


I guarantee you Production is pushing James to pull pranks in the house. They’d have to be. Obviously production doesn’t care about the food waste problem or the bugs or the opinion of any of the other HGs lol I’m sure They’re urging James in the DR to keep up his antics for TV and to create a little more drama than this lame @$& group would other wise give us. The most interesting story this season so far is the return of 4 older players that have allready had their chance. That’s how lame these newbies are. Where is our Derrick, Will, Dan Geesling? I haven’t seen one newbie in the first week in the DR strike me as a player in it to win it, or determined to break the mold of the teams the production has set up. No wonder James is playing pranks, without a fully racist cast, or a seriously game player hell bent on winning, there’s not much else here. That being said I’m still gonna watch every minute of it just in case one arrives or decides to crack out of their shell and actually start playing.

what's wrong yo

Zakiyah is giving Paulie the green light to turn around and suck face in HOH room. I think he’s chicken.


Or maybe he doesn’t want to?


They seem to be all playing and I like it!
My first impressions:
To start with Frank; he has returning players on his side, plus siblings. I think he views Paulie more valuable to him, as a sibling, between him and Tiffany. I think that could go either way.
He is great in competitions and socially. I voted for him as AFP, that season! He’s working on getting Jozea’s remaining team on his side.

Nicole: returning players must look great to her, and I’m sure she identified Paulie. Not sure about Tiffany, until she talked with her and saw her mannerisms, so similar to Vanessa!
So, I’d think that she definitly would want to be with the returnees and maybe the siblings.
First HOH.
She’s liking Corey, I think.

James: so glad to have him back, but he seems lost here. He is just being himself and probably pressured to pull pranks. He is making genuine connections with some in the house, especially, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette; possibly Tiffany, also.
He seems most comfortable hanging out in the back bedroom with the cast offs, and avoiding drama in the house.
Maybe he is a mastermind and will unintentionally bring a great team together!

Da’ Vonne: Love her and she is doing it this year. She is taking it in, digesting it all, and holding her tongue! I can just imagine her talking to Jason, in her head, saying it all to him, taking a deep breath here, and going on with the business at hand. She definitely has Niclhole and Frank with her. I think Zakeyah is also strong, bringing in Paulie, with her. Da has probably about bitten her tongue off, from just Jozea’s comments,alone!

Just thoughts on the returning players and what’s going on now! Who knows?! It’s been a few hours since checking in!


Frank is compeletly controling this HOH. He’s trying to play both sides. He knows he can control Dumb and Dumber so he wants to keep them around. He got Tiffany put up and that’s who he wants gone. Watch him push for the votes this week.


Frank is playing hard and staying under the radar doing it.


Frank is gonna get caught (if these friggin people decide to compare notes). And I think either Tiffany or Da’Vonne are the only ones that are going to figure it out. And if one of them does and ends up countering on Frank, then I think the they will be in good running to win the game (and I don’t even care for Tiffany), but I respect people who have keen insight and can figure shit out (that’s why some of my favorite players are Da’Vonne, Britney Haynes, and Danielle Reyes). She needs to prove herself tho and get herself out of this situation. But right now Frank is playing hard and it scares me. If he makes it to the end then he deserves the win (I don’t want this though but I respect game players)