Paul “Tiffany was lying to Bridgette & Frank saying you’re not my target.. THEY made me do it”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: ?
Original Nominations: ?, ?, ?
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 22-06-07-301

10pm Living room – Paul tells DaVonne and Nicole that Tiffany was lying to Bridgette and Frank saying you’re not my target ..and they made me do it. DaVonne says no she did not! Paul says she was saying I’ve played an honest game. They made me do it. Miss information .. they told me all the wrong things. You were never my target. They asked her who told her and she said Day because apparently you told her that Frank was after her. When I say that she’s got to go .. she should have gone. Now she’s going to throw us all under the bus .. align with Frank and grow stronger. Day says Frank does not think you were involved in a flip at all .. Her (Nicole) he does. Paul says she is a con-artist.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 22-05-27-853

10:10pm Nicole and Corey are talking in havenot room. Nicole says I feel bad.. I’m playing hard this time! Do you think I’m a bad person? Corey says no not at all. I got Frank off our backs for sure. He’s good with us. It might stir up problems later. He definitely does not trust Michelle because she said I swear to god if Tiffany goes up I’ll vote her out. And Frank was like well did you vote her out this week!? And she said ummm yeah. I was watching .. it was just us three and I was like there’s the one vote. I told him lets get Day out. I’m a 100% on board. Nicole says but Paulie doesn’t want Day out. Nicole tells Day about how Tiffany threw her under the bus. Nicole says some how whatever you said to Bridgette got back to Day. Just try not to associate with them. Corey says we’ve got you. Just try to be cool with everyone this week. Nicole says you can do what ever you want to do. Tiffany says I could prove it right now that I didn’t. Tiffany says can I be honest.. I don’t trust Day. Nicole says I know. I think its gotten back to her. Did you tell that to anyone? Tiffany says no. Nicole says Paul some how knew and it got back to Day. Everything gets back to everyone. Tiffany says all I said was I wanted to get information about Frank’s situation. Why is Paul doing that?! Corey says I’ve got Paul under control. Tiffany says oh my god!! Corey says just say you’re putting the game on hold. Pump the breaks. Say you’re cool with what ever everyone else wants. Nicole says just please don’t go to Paul with that or Day. Tiffany says I won’t. Nicole says I would keep my mouth shut though. Tiffany asks why would Paul say that. Nicole says I wish now I didn’t open my mouth .. because now I think you’re going to go try and figure it out. Tiffany says she won’t
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10:20pm Frank tells Bridgette you or me need to win HOH next week. Bridgette says I’ll try. Frank says I should have never talked so much this week. I just get impatient. You’re the only one I trust 100%. Bridgette says you’re the only one I trust.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 22-42-30-165

10:30pm – 10:45pm Paulie tells James, Nicole and Corey that he is going to put Natalie and Tiffany up. Nicole and Corey say they’re down with it. James says he’s down. We don’t need her to take out Frank. Paul’s a super intelligent and physical guy. You have both, You have both, Day has both, Z could possibly have both. Him and Bridgette would have to go through that entire line of people. After that maybe Paul goes, and then someone else who is blowing sh*t up. Nicole says I’m proud of you .. you come through. Paul joins them and says that Bridgette was playing with Day’s jewelry. She picked it up and asked who’s is this?! Frank was like Days and she f**king dropped it in the thing and was like ..whoops!!! Nicole asks dropped it in what thing? Paul says through the crack. Nicole says you’re kidding me!? Paul says Frank said you little sh*t. And Bridgette said I’m feeling disruptive. Nicole says That is evil. DaVonne joins them. Paul says you’ve got to promise me on your life that you’re not going to say or do anything. James says they talked about your baby. Nicole and Paul say no. DaVonne pinky swears with Paul. Okay. Paul tells her what Bridgette did. Nicole says Day was expecting something way worse the way you set that up. DaVonne says B***H!
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10:50pm Frank tells Bridgette we need to be able to trust Nicole and Corey. We need to roll with them and make a final 4 deal with them. Bridgette says okay.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 23-19-42-841

11:25pm Storage room – Frank and Nicole. Frank says I figure it was me, you, Corey and Paulie (the votes). Frank says he was talking to Bridgette about making something official with you, her and Corey. Nicole says I heard she was rolling her eyes behind my back. Frank says she honestly likes you. Frank says we have no other choice. Nicole says I don’t want it to be because you have no other choice, I want it to be because you want to. Frank says I’ve never done anything to cross you. Nicole says I would love to work together moving forward. Nicole tells Frank that Michelle told Day he was targeting her.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-14 23-22-28-711

12am The house guests yell happy birthday to Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 00-03-30-855

12:20am – 12:30pm Paulie comes out of the diary room and says WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!!! All the house guests head up to the HOH room.

Paulie reads his letter from his Dad:

SCUBO BABY! Dude HOH! Well done! Not Bad! Not Bad! Enjoy the entire experience! Have Fun! I’ve had Angelina leave her shoes and shirt on the kitchen table and a couple of shirts on your bedroom floor so as to remind me of you still being here at home. Stay true to yourself and keep smiling. You have all our love and support. We all miss and love you very much. DADIO!

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Bridgette is literally the most useless..follower.. Victoria 2.0 player this season.

Also, Paulie is getting stronger.. if I was Tiff I would align myself to Frankidgette/NiCorey.

Fancy Berries

Bridgette just won 2 comps in one week…


And she doesn’t stand in front of every mirror doing her hair like Victoria.


If Frank told her she was pretty, she would


No, Frank won THREE competitions in one week, lmao!

sunny dee

Not Victoria2.0 (that would be zakiyah), Bridget is Danielle 2.0 (remember she is winning competitions, but everything is being run by a ‘vet’, in this case, Frank is the vet)

i am not even sure if he realizes what he is doing here, saying F2 with her, while trying to get to the end using her and himself winning stuff, then cut her at the end, or take her to the end knowing everyone assumes that he ran her whole campaign. (something Dan should have engineered in his season was not getting her to drop out, he underestimated Ian, but let her beat Ian because like ian she would have taken him right to F2, and all he had to do then was say ‘i ran her entire game, even when it obviously hurt her game,’ and there wouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t believe him. That’s the thing about MF pairing, and getting to the end, something Jillian in BBCAN also probably figured out, if a woman teams with a man to F3, best get rid of him, because it will almost always be assumed she is incapable of getting there without him, so he should be the winner.


Ok Frank, I trust you.

Fuzzy Num Num

Hehehehehehehehehehh. Hehehe


Paulie is about to have the most waisted HOH in a very long time. He can’t put up frank or bridgette so he’s gotta put up someone from his alliance or Natalie. Just a waist.


I don’t really like the phrase “wasted HOH.” There is no such thing as a wasted HOH unless you’re Bridge (lol). Every single player in the game is a threat whether they’re a Meg, a Derrick, a Helen, a Ian, etc. Only two people get to the F2. If you keep Coasters like Meg, then someone will probably take them over you to the end. Just ask Christine. If you keep a bunch of strong players in the game and you can’t win a comp then they can take you out. Just ask Victoria.

Everyone is s threat in different fashions, and you take a gamble leaving in any type of player be they comp beast, floaters, coasters, snakes, loud mouths, gamers, social players, etc.

If Paulie can get Tiff out (his actual target) then it isn’t a wasted HOH. Day or Nat leaving isn’t as good for him now, but everyone has to go eventually.


I’m gonna backstab everyone on my alliance soon guys, just wait! 🙂


I think I like Paulie more than he likes me.. oh well he probably dont like me at all


You have to say it a constant frown while touching your left eye-lash

Fancy Berries

I just caught a glimpse of Natalie’s side boob on BBAD.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the bathroom… Til Sunday.

Jimmy 64

You got to admit Natalie is one beautiful woman


12 females gave this thumbs down.


Spy girls sucks! I need to form a new alliance……. on week 12!


So, Davonne saved Tiffany for one week, in return for losing all her allies in the game – including Tiffany.

That’s some high-level gameplay right there.


It’s ok she’ll be able to post on this board next week. She’ll be at home with the frank haters.

Frankie Grande the sister of the popstar

Hi guys!!! Did you see me in the audience tonight? It was so much fun!


Liken ur name


I for the life of me can’t see any newbie taking a vet to the end. Nicole is delusional thinking that The Official Deer In Headlights (Corey) will take her to the end.

Fuzzy Num Num

Vaniffaney has begun to morph, soon she will no longer require her Tiffaney suite.
Plus well, this was everything I could’ve hoped! I feel like Bridgette felt when she was skipping down the street, singing hehehehehehe!


This Frank/Bridge/Nic/Corey alliance is the absolute worst.

Frank and Bridge are absolute idiots if they can’t figure out thar Nic and Corey are lying. Paulie was vocally anti Tiff, Nat wouldn’t vote out Bronte, and Nic/Corey will vote together.

This could be a good week for Paul to gather info and fly UTR, but he needs to be careful about sharing info or making up lies, b/c ppl will catch onto that and he could end up out the house depending on who he is up against. Paulie told Z he trust Paul, and I think Paul feels closest to Paulie. A Paulie/Z/Meech/Paul 4some might be interesting.

I’m really liking Paulie’s game the most right now though. Day and Frank both wanted him gone, but now they are clearly after each other which gives Paulie some breathing room. I just hope he can figure out that Nic and Corey are untrustworthy allies that need to be cut as soon as possible. Best case scenario for Paulie is that the noms stay Tiff/Nat and either he wins RK or someone close to him. It wouldn’t even be terrible for Paul to win and nom himself and win the veto. But if noms are Tiff/Nat/Day and stay that way then I could see James/Paul/Z/Meech voting to keep Day and Nic/Corey/Frank/Bridge voting to keep Tiff with Paulie breaking the tie and sending Tiff home. This would also blow Nic and Corey’s spot in the house up and expose them for playing both sides.


People say frank is a dictator thats absolutely not the case. Paulie is a dictator & run the house. He’s the guy lining up votes & letting everyone know who to vote for. Also, Paulie is about to have the most waisted HOH in a very long time. He can’t put up frank or bridgette so he’s gotta put up someone on his team which could blow up his game.

Bb Bish

Actually Paulie is a negotiator. He listens to what everyone says and then makes what he thinks is the best move for him and the people he trusts. He wouldn’t be wasting his HOH by putting up Nat and Tiff since neither care to work with him. He has much stronger allies in Zakiyah,Da, Paul, Michelle and Corey. He just needs to stop trusting Nicole because shes the sketchiest person in the house right now.


I agree with your assessment, but Corey is just as shady as Nic is (b/c without Nic or Paulie he’s pretty clueless). Day really has no choice, but to stick with Paulie/Z/Meech/Paul/James b/c Frank and Bridge are gunning for her HARD and Nic/Corey are the biggest snakes in the house at this point in time.


Pretty sure Tiffany wanted to, and actually tried really hard to get Paulie to work with her. It was Paulie who decided she was too high maintenance / draining then came up with a laundry list of why he could not work with her but never let her know.

Powder Puff Girls

Tiffany was going to benefit their game weaken Frank … back to the drawing board


Tiffany could just pop up and drive Frank, or Bridget crazy by wanting to talk all the time like she did to Corey last week. Now what she says could be parinyiod dihrerrea of the mouth. Just be like a fly on a horse’s butt, essentially. But she doesn’t have the control to do that unfortunately.
Just too nervous.


Tiffany was trying to make out with Corey under the stairs?! She wanted to have his brainless babies?! She proposed to Corey and said Vanessa could perform the ceremony?! No, that’s just what Corey is thinking…

Hal 9000

Why does everyone hate Tiff so much?


A lot of it is because of Vanessa, couple that with the fact either She and Vanessa have so much in common with mannerisms, sunglasses inside, the thing with having something on her head, or production pushing the she’s Vanessa’s sister line to both her and the house guests.

Bb Bish

These houseguests talk too damn much. Tiff had a chance in this game but like her sister she loves to stir up sh*t. The problem is that she doesnt have half of her sister’s wit or gameplay. I was literally cringing during her eviction speech because she almost blew the whole thing.

Nicole needs to sit down somewhere and stop playing so hard. Its going to bite her in the butt and the second word gets around that shes a snake its game over.

Frank just got called a dictator and what does he do? Go back and talk to people to figure out who flipped on him! Just chill out, take the L, and come back to it in a day or two. YOU TALK TOO DAMN MUCH FRANK.


Aint no stopping me and Bridgette. We will be in the final 3 with Jozea!


I just am watching Wednesday’s episode & can’t stop laughing at Bridgette! Does she have no friends at home, lmao?! “Oh, my heart is a desert land, piss on me.” She’s why the phrase “dumb b#” was created, lol.

Curious George

The story Paul was telling about Bridgette deliberately dropping Day’s jewelry down into some crack — did anyone see that or was he making it up? If it did happen, anyone know when?

Min O'Pause

I’m betting it was Paul’s crack. Easier accessibility.


I can’t believe we have a whole week of Frank being safe again, what was Paulie thinking?! Day better not go this week


That .gif of Da’Vonne though! New favorite, lol.

Nurse Ratched

My girl Bridgette for the win!

Butters Mom

That HOH Letter sounds like a secret code from home to Paulie.


These guys are going on and on about a girl alliance yet they have a guy alliance.


Tiffany has got to go ! She was not ready for this….or she needs her meds upped !!!! Girl caused all her own problems, social game none at all….she has Hgs running for the door when they see her. I have never seen someone that needy in my life .Get some help…it may help.


Nicole, ” I’m playing this game hard this time. Do you think I’m a bad person”? Hell yeah you are, you fake bitch.

Agh, send her home before she backstab all of you.


Gawd I hate Nicole. Her voice annoys me, and she’s a snake. Send that bitch home, before she backstab you all.