Tiffany “I think it would be golden to have her [DaVonne] F**king a$$ sent home this week”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-54-28-557

3:35pm – 4:25pm Tiffany talks to Paulie in the safari room. Tiffany says at this point I have nothing to lose and I want to be completely honest. I’ve been playing so wrong this whole time. I’ve been played like a little rag doll this whole time. Tiffany tells Paulie about the eight pack and how it formed. I wanted to work with you really bad because of our siblings. Michelle, Day and Nicole told me I couldn’t trust you. Nicole didn’t trust you and thats why she put you up. The day after the eight pack was formed the fatal five was formed. I know you watched my sister play but I am so far from how my sister plays. Paulie says I just said that to throw you off before the veto. Tiffany says I’m not a 10th of a player my sister is. No one tells me any information, those b***hes have been so mean to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 16-11-28-021
Tiffany says I don’t trust her (DaVonne) as far as I can throw her. I wouldn’t be coming after you. There was just a lot of misinformation thrown around. Paulie says same with you and Frank. Tiffany says that Day went out 2nd on her season and so she was willing to do whatever it takes to f**k sh*t up to stay. Paulie asks why don’t you and Frank confront her? Tiffany says I will. Her game will be blown up to everyone! She was playing me hard!! I think it would be golden to have her F**King a$$ sent home this week. I wish you would have trusted me sooner. Paulie says she is trying to tie up her loose ends by pointing the target at you. Tiffany says Day also wanted Paul out. He’s on her team and she still wanted him out. Paulie says she must see him as a threat. Tiffany says I just feel like I got caught in the… Paulie says wrong web. Tiffany says yes. James would be very loyal. So would Corey. I don’t know about Nicole. I’ve heard a lot about her. She has a final two with Frank. She said to be the best I want to beat the best. She’s not this naive southern girl. She knew she had to play dirty this time. Frank talks a lot but at the end of the day he is good to work with. Bridgette has been loyal to Frank. Paul lose lips. Paulie says he’s a loyal dude once he finds the side he wants to be on. Tiffany says I don’t think the girls are to be trusted in this house. Bridgette maybe because she’s never crossed me, those other girls crossed me hard. This whole time I just wanted to have a loyal solid group. Paulie says I felt bad after what I did to you before the veto .. it was a game move. Tiffany asks what made you decide to put me up? Paulie says because of the blow up thing and Frank wanted you out so I was honoring that. Tiffany says I am 1000% going after those girls. I’m not going after you or anyone you’re working with. You can use me as a pawn and put me up next week. I’ll go after the people you want me to go after. Paulie says Frank wanted to have you and her (Day) up there together. But we could always put her up with the roadkill. Tiffany says well i can definitely make that happen. Paulie says well Corey is taking himself off. Tiffany says I’m just tired of being f**ked over by those girls. Paulie says well thank you for this talk. The hug.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 16-25-29-707

In the kitchen – Corey asks James – Hey James do you want to play some pool later? James says yeah! Corey says I don’t!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 16-07-12-316

4:35pm – 5:05pm Backyard couches – Paulie tells Corey .. you me and James need to cross reference. I don’t believe Tiffany .. she’s going this week. DaVonne has to go too. Tiffany confirmed so many things. Corey says I know. Day is shaddy. Paulie says I don’t know if all those girls are still in an alliance. We have to clip Day first. I know that Day is lying about a lot. Corey says you know how Day said Frank called her a sl*t that never happened. Frank says he doesn’t even say b***h. And he’s loud. Corey says right now lets get Tiffany out. Paulie says the reason I want to get Tiffany out is because Paul said they’re coming after me next week. Corey says Tiffany owes me everything at this point. Paulie says I just don’t want her up there two week in a row. Corey says I know. Day is making alliances with everyone. I am down to send her .. because Tiffany isn’t coming after me or you. We need to look into it more. The last thing we want to do is send Day home if she’s a vote for us next week. Frank joins them. Corey says that everything that Tiffany says adds up. And the things DaVonne says doesn’t. Paulie says we’ve been saying for a long time we didn’t trust her (DaVonne). There is no reason to be crying (DaVOnne) when Corey wins the veto…. unless you’re doing some sh*t. Frank says what I am worried about is if any of those 4 win Day can get in their ear. Nobody is going to team up with Tiffany. Right now she thinks she’s with me. Corey laughs about the fatal five girls can’t win an comp to save their lives. Tiff won one. Frank says and it will be her last. I think Tiff would throw it to us next week and then we could take her out. Frank says far as this sl*t bullsh*t I am pissed. I want to call her out on it but I can’t do that again.. I would just look like a bully. Corey asks who could we get to vote out DaVonne? Frank says me, Bridgette, Paul, you and maybe James. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 16-40-02-704

5:15pm – 5:30pm Backyard – James and Natalie talking. James tells Natalie that when he wins HOH he will make deals. Not to put up me or you for 2 weeks and if they break it .. then I will let everyone in the house know you can’t be trusted. Don’t win any comps in hte first half of the game.. let your social game carry you through. The in the second half you turn it up and start winning. Natalie says I do like Bridgette as a friend but not for what she said about me. And I don’t like that she wasn’t sad when Bronte went home. That was weird to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 17-11-51-748

6:05pm Frank and Nicole. Frank tells Nicole that Day said I called her a Sl*t and Wh*re. People at home see that and know but it kind of makes me look like a sh*t head. Frank asks if Nicole will vote to keep Tiff. Nicole says if you have enough votes, I don’t want to be left looking like an a-hole. Frank says I’m working on it. Frank tells Nicole that he wants to bury the hatched with her. The eight pack was really tight and then Day f**ked it all up. I’m pissed! Keeping Tiffany gave me and her the opportunity to compare notes. Nicole says I heard Tiffany sticks her tongue out at me behind my back. Real mature! Frank asks who told you that? Day?! Nicole says I can’t say. Nicole asks you swear you have my back? Frank says I swear. You know how great it will be for Day to be up on the block against Tiffany and she goes home!!That would be perfect.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 18-03-52-079

6:20pm London bedroom – Michelle , Nicole and Z are talking. Nicole says Frank asked her about the sl*t thing. I played dumb and said that Day hasn’t said anything to me about it. Michelle goes to the bedroom and tells Day Frank calling you a sl*t is the topic of conversation. I don’t know why it happened weeks ago. Day asks why isn’t Z being vocal about it? He called her a sl*t too. Michelle says I don’t, he needs to go. Day says her too. (Bridgette) Day says every time I step out of this room he has one of my friends cornered talking about me. Nicole and Corey join them. Day starts crying about how Frank called her and Z a sl*t and why doesn’t she say anything about it. I’m just tired of it. I’m sick of it. I get it, you want me out of this house. According to you I’m out of here. Nicole says its falling on deaf ears. Michelle says he wants you to seclude yourself. Day says for the next couple of days I don’t want to talk game. I was so close to throwing Bridgette’s cookies in the trash. Michelle says I’ll do it. Nicole says just know we’ve got your back. Z joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 18-19-47-974

6:30pm Paulie tells Paul that Tiffany is going this week I’m not falling for that sh*t. Tiffany told me everything and Day is sketch. She still has to go. DaVonne is making up all these lies. Although I want Day out.. Paul says Tiff first, then Frank and Day. Z joins them. She brings up how she overheard Bridgette tell Frank she found out a lot of things. She stopped talking when she heard me. Day says I’m trying to figure out who talked to Bridgette and told her stuff. James joins them. Michelle tells James how Natalie was stroking Paulie’s leg. James says oh really?! Michelle says it wasn’t for long but she also said I give great ear massages. James says he will talk to Natalie tonight and ask her and if she lies to me I’ll cut her.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 18-27-59-959

6:35pm – 6:50pm Bridgette, Corey and Frank are talking. Corey tells Frank about how Day is pissed about you calling her a sl*t. Frank says I know I’m pissed about that. I don’t talk like that. She is nervous because her dirty laundry is out in the air. Corey says I wanted to ask her why she cried when I won the veto. Frank says i guess it makes sense if you’re not good at competitions and not that likable … then make up lies. Tiffany joins them. Frank says we want her (Day) to freak out on you… the more she freaks out the more people will want her out. Its still early but its look good… I think we’ve planted some really good seeds. Tiffany asks can we trust Paul? Frank says I think so.

7:10pm – 7:40pm London room – Paulie, Michelle, James and Z are talking. Paulie says that Tiffany thinks its sinking in but she wasn’t even looking me in the eyes. She’s going home and then I’ll use the information. Michelle asks do you think Paul is leaking stuff? Paulie says he came out of there and told me everything. He (Frank) needs to go .. someone needs to win HOH and put him and Bridgette up and send one of them packing. Paulie tells Michelle and Z how Tiffany called all the girls liars. (Day, Z, Michelle) Frank joins them. Michelle tells Frank to let it all blow over .. you can’t freak out. Frank says she got cocky last week trying to flip some votes to keep Tiffany .. that allowed Tiffany and I to compare notes and figure out all the lies she’s been telling. To be honest she can’t win competitions and she’s not that likable.. that’s why she tells lies. I want you to rock with me. Frank tells Michelle you need to be nicer to Bridgette. Michelle asks why you’re just going to choose her over me. Frank says no I wouldn’t. If you have her back, she will have yours. She’s loyal. Michelle says next week if I win, you both are safe.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 19-31-51-512
7:10pm – 7:30pm Nicole goes to talk to Day in the hammock. Nicole asks how Day is? Day says I’m just living. Nicole says he (Frank) is mad about the s-l-u-t thing .. he’s upset that all the live feeders are hearing it. Day asks are you serious?! He call Z one too .. why is she not saying it. Nicole says he said its not in his vocabulary. Day says I called him a douche and then he said alright then .. looked right at the camera and said I was a sl*t. Nicole says yeah that’s bad. Day says I don’t care if I don’t win the game .. I at least want to be able to beat Frank. Does Paul make you nervous? Nicole says I don’t know. Day says he is really good at the back and forth. Nicole says right now I do trust him. Day says if he is playing both sides just as he is telling us everything .. he might be telling them everything.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 19-28-34-004

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OMG. The crap is rolling out of her mouth. Can’t wait to hear Paulie tell what she is trying to do.


i would not mind seeing Da go home…………


Da does need to go, she’s a disappointment….thought she might have not had a chance on her first time in the house, but I’m seeing with a couple more weeks under her it’s just more of the same, which is not much at all….sorry but Da is a dud, I’d like to have seen a strong female competitor, not one we thought might be, but she turned out to be nothing but a talker not a doer


I’m so upset with Da for trusting Tiffany after her sister Vanessa turned on her last year. Her memory is 2 short


Tiffany really went wrong talking bad about the girls to Paulie. She should have stuck to facts only, no personal feelings. She could have used the information that DaVonne wanted to target Paulie and Corey so she could get Nicole and Zak back with her where they wouldn’t be distracted. I don’t think it would have saved Tiffany this week but DaVonne would have had an even bigger target. And right as I wrote that Paulie said the same thing-Da gotta go next week.
At this point I don’t think it matters if Tiff leaves, stays or comes back because Frank is gonna be back with Paulie and Corey. They are already rebuilding trust (at least Frank thinks so). That might just piss off the little man who wants to slay the giant (Paul) if suddenly other targets are being bumped in front of Frank. He might join the girls. Once again, as I write Corey is trying to get Paulie to target Da instead of Tiff. Damn! I can’t keep up. The only thing that may prevent this is that they still believe some of the false information Paul fed them.
I don’t know how you guys keep these updates going. I can’t even keep up with this conversation.


I think Tiff did a good job of talking bad about the girls (not for her game, but to ruin the other girl’s game), at least to convince Polly that the girls can not be trusted. Polly was actually receptive to this after their conversation. He definitely does not trust them as much because he talks way more game with the guys and would rather team up with Corey James and even Frank.
Corey really dislikes Day, and never really trusted her, and would like to see her gone, so he is trying to persuade Polly to change his mind. Corey even guarantees that Tiff is loyal to him. Corey knows that Tiff would not do anything to him, but Day certainly would.
Paul is actually the one who has thrown the biggest wrench in the plan to keep Tiff because he LIED to Polly and told him they want him out. Paul is such a big liar, he makes things up, its kind of funny.
Seeds have been planted tho, so Day could leave if Paul is exposed.

Get with it

Tiffany is desperate and will throw anyone under the bus. No integrity in her game.


Vanessa Jr. Not a fan…..


She realized that Da’Vonne lied to her and put a target on her back.She was always loyal and found out that Da’Vonne was the one backstabbing her. Michelle was trying to ostracise her and Zakiyah did nothing but talk behind her back.They treated her awful. She doesn’t owe them her loyalty, they did it to her first.


Vanessa is that you? Of course it is…go snort some more Xanax darling, you ruined your season with your crazy meltdowns and showed your unstable side to the world, now your sister is doing it. Tiff is showng HER true colors and that is ratting everyone out because of he insecurities. Her game play is a travesty as far as I am concerned.


They’re all going to vote her out. What’s she supposed to do? Try to change up some votes or go lay in her bed and wait till Thursday and go home? Would that make her have “integrity”?


ummm… it’s Big Brother. If everyone played with integrity then we’d be watching them all hang out playing yahtzee. Have you ever played RISk with 3 other people…? Same thing.


Maybe Corey has been sleepwalking ever since he walked in the door. That would explain a lot.


This week he went from 0 to 30 mph in playing this game


Maybe that’s where his delusions that Nat flirts with him are coming from.


That would explain his deer in headlights look all the time

Corey's slippers

He might sleep walk right into Frank’s bed! No telling where I will take him! We can’t get that shower and kiss on the cheek out of our mind. Nicole is such a breeder


1988 called and wants your gay joke back


Is disgusting


Ugliest in the house in more ways than one.

Joe Kerr

If I could thumbs up both of you one hundred times, I would.


And none of your 100 thumbs down would mean crap to me.


Ugh… I’m an ass. I have no idea why I read that as thumbs down at first. My bad. Lol

Joe Kerr

LOL no worries


But why is Tiffany targeting Da over two players (Nicole & James) that have a “showmance” and have both won comps before?


Because more people think Da is shady and she has a better shot at people voting Da out. At this point who would vote out James or Nicole over Tiff?

sunny dee

well she did target half of a showmance, he just won the POV and will be taking himself off. there is no point putting up nicole or james, they don’t have enough against them to get more votes than tiffany will be getting. Day is the only choice left over who others know is doing shady stuff who could even potentially be a target. plus it will make Frank happy, and she knows frank would vote day out over the other two. Bridget will vote day out, they are all 3 delusional because i think last night they 1. truly believed Paul was downstairs spying for THEM when we know he was downstairs informing everyone about them. 2. truly believe that no one knew Tiff won the Roadkill and/or that the replacement nom would be Dayvonne, and that everyone was going to be super shocked, while in the meantime they are all downstairs talking about how they all know Day is going to be the one going up after Corey uses the pOV on himself. normally people would assume Nicole might replace Corey, and one half of a pair.

and i don’t like how she claims she has all that info to tell him, and tell Paulie who i guess sits there and nods and says oh really when she does her big reveal of the 8 pack. All the while you just know he’s saying, ‘i see why no one tells you anything anymore, cuz here you are spilling your guts about something i’ve known about for over a week, and now a part of since i’m replacing you, tiff’, then she’s saying how 100% he was on the block by nicole because nicole didn’t trust him, but he knows that it was an agreed upon and that he wouldn’t have been on the block all he had to do was say no thanks. at that time no one was targeting him, and he knows that full well, i think. plus tiffany seems to take what people do tell her as gospel truth, when the fact is no one is likely to tell her anything truthful, because you never know what she might do

i do remember when she was first nominated, she basically ran off to the ‘other’ side, the girls, and spilled her guts and tried to align with them, and all the while, everyone knew she was not the target, and she still did it after roadkill and POV, and when it was clear who the target was, and would remain because he was still on the block, and she still freaked, flipped, begged, isolated herself, acted basically like it was a done deal she was going home. and that is what she bases her ‘they all hate me, they all ignored me, they never tell me anything’. hard to talk to you with hat, blanket, and sunglasses on while you pout and whine in the corner, Audrey.2.0 if she had just acted like a normal person she never would have been put up on the block as tan actual target.


YES. All of this.


Too much overplay has made this an interesting season. If Frank, Da and Paulie would just talk about 2/3 less they would be cruising. Da really should have let Frank have his way vote out Tiff. They were all so frustrated that they could not take a shot at Frank they jumped the gun. Now Tiff is doing what they all feared. Blowing sh*t up. What a bunch of dummies.


i don’t even think the overplaying is so much the issue as them being really bad at seeing the bigger picture game. They all have information, 1st hand that would let them manipulate, They all obsess on targets, that really aren’t immediate threats. Everything is a hard sell, no finesse, just hammer and nail.


Just want to be clear, Frank did call her a slut, right? Thought I saw footage of him calling her that, and there were people in the room when he said it too. ?


let’s be clear here, day called frank a douche first, he thought she was joking around and called her a slut in return. shes acting it up for sympathy and to get him out.


Yes, she called him a douche first but I don’t think calling a man a douche and calling a woman a slut are on the same level. Frank took it too far in my opinion.


To be transparent Day called him a douche first.

An ornery mouse

Yup, Frank did say that – but he busts everyone’s balls so much in the house that I think he’s being honest in saying that he doesn’t remember it. And he probably doesn’t remember it because he and Davonne were friggin’ playing around…. she called him a douche, then he called her a slut and she replied “only on Tuesdays” — and both were laughing.

But to hear Davonne retell it, you’d think Frank came at her in anger (or during an argument) and called her a slut. But in fairness to Davonne, she was probably making more of that comment than it actually was to expand the target on Frank’s back…. part of the game.


It wasn’t that she blew it out of proportion in my opinion, Frank just started taking things overboard. He did called her a slut and yes there was other people in the room. She laughed it off but immediately after he left she stated that she laughed to stop from slapping him. Zak even made the comment that Frank was rubbing people the wrong way. This was the same time that Nicole was complaining about Frank going over board when he dunked her in the pool as well. The all sat around and planned to get Frank out. It wasn’t until after he smacked Day on the butt, that she was crying in the diary room and even stated about when he told her to shut the hell up, and called her a slut that she was raising a daughter. Personally I hate that everyone is mad and coming after Day for “lying” when that is apart of the game. You can’t win big brother by telling everyone the truth.


Not to say Tiffany knows zero about plans or strategies in the house that she’s offering up to Frank/Paulie/anyone that will listen etc., but she keeps saying “they never tell me any information” in the same breath as saying “there’s sooooo much shit I could tell you, omg.” Has anyone in that house brought this up?She may be spilling truths but her delivery is weird. The wording and the “umm Uhhhh ummm, who said that…lemme think….I was Da or Z,” are things I’ve heard from her more than once and I wonder if that is bothering anyone. Again, not to say she’s lying but if she hasn’t been close to really anyone and she’s obviously pissed and has info, I would think people would wonder why she can’t clearly state the facts she has in her vault without pausing to remember who said what and when, especially if she has “so much information” on people that “never told me anything.”
This is a question I likely could’ve answered myself but I had to stop watching feeds for awhile because Paulie’s ramblefest was giving me a migraine.


I know Da has wrecked her game badly. (Damn! Her and Meech were the ones that pushed the save Tiff agenda. Granted it was mostly to screw Frank but damn!! Really came back to bite her big time). However I still think they should get Tiff out. Her emotional outbursts (not judging if they are warranted or not) and her new attitude of calling people out and telling secrets makes her too dangerous to keep even as an ally. She is too emotionally raw and unpredictable. Da might be a snake but her bite would not be fatal because she can’t win comps. Of course Tiff staying would to make for more drama.


It would be a huge mistake not to get out Tiffany this week. Plus, Da is my favorite. 🙁


I hope Paulie don’t fall for this crap. She is totally just like her sister Vanessa and her possibly crawling her way to the top makes me cringe

The coreys

So who’s going home as of now

Dang Bro

I could really get behind someone like Nat.


I wish.


Decisions, decisions. Do I watch the big brother feeds these next 2 weeks or the conventions? The people do act similar in both


I’m not a tiffany fan….but I thought on Thursday she looked damn good in her jeans, good hips….if she’s gonna stick around it would be very nice if she showed off some thickness….just saying

Bring back zackattack

Go home already davonne


Paulie needs to have his ass on the block, please let Frank/Bridgette win HOH and get Paul, Michelle or Z with Paulie

Team Vets

As it stands now, with a Frank/Bridgette HOH Paulie would be SAFE. Just like how those 2 are safe this week.


I like Da but and I understand them wanting her out. I just want Tiff to go first


God I would laugh if Tiffany survives again, she gets HOH and sends Paulie home…now THAT would be hilarious to see


And I’ll laugh even harder if she outlasts folks like Frank, Paulie, Nicole and Corey using the “I have nobody and people used me the first few weeks” card.


James is funny, “make everyone agree to a deal”, he’s so clueless, that was last year James, this year, everyone is telling lies every week, no one gonna care if you blow up their lie.

Kotex Paulie

we going to crush it bro


Ugh – I can’t stand Corey. First of all everyone that says Da wrecked her game by saving Tiff last Week. – Do you all remember James standing on the patio chair in the backyard and asking Nicole, Corey, Paulie and Zak if they were going to save Tiff and Corey’s exact words were ” I don’t know why we are going to do Frank’s dirty work for him ?”
Meaning they should keep Tiff. Corey just wants Da up as the replacement so it doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass later – With James.
James will never agree to vote out Da over Tiff and I think Paulie knows that in the back of his mind this Week. If James found out Da was the target they wouldn’t have any numbers going forward. – They would all be forced to team back up with Frank and Tiff and Bridgette ! – Like that is ever going to happen.
I firmly believe Tiffany is going out the door this Week.


I sure hope Tiff leaves. She acts identical to Vanessa and I didn’t like Vanessa and all of her meltdowns


Still not sure what people see in Paul. He seems to be a follower. Frank and Paulie play a smart game but emotions get the best of them. James needs to start making moves. And I gave up on the girls. They started pretty and just let personal feelings get the best of them.

Not wanting a vet to win cuz they are so much drama!

After watching the show tonight I still think that Tuffany should go home. Granted she’s not Vanessa in any way, but the crying and flip flopping Back and forth is a little bit too much.
They should not miss the target and get her out this week. That way if and when she gets back (I hope she didn’t) she can have a fresh new slate with the other hg.
As far as Da, I liked a her so much last year and thought she got s bummed deal. This year I was rutting for her, but her mouth won’t shut up! She’s all over the place. Deals with Frank one with James, simply all over the place. Her number is up and she’s next to go. The only thing that would save her if James gets HOH other than that… Bye Da!
Bye Tiff too!!
Paul for the win!


So I’m hoping desperately that Tiffany gets the boot this week.
And because I’m a Davonne fan, I’m hoping jozea wins his way back into the house and wins hoh insuring davonnes team safety because Z da and Paul ain’t winning anything!
And then I hope jozea being as arrogant as he is, nominated Paulie and Nicole. With Paulie getting sent home!
Then Davonne can slip back under the radar and pull Z back in along with big meech!
And then jozea can leave again haha


Day doesn’t do anything but play a low key franks game. All she does is talk. That’s it. She won’t last long even if she doesn’t go out this week

Powder Puff Girls

I was not a Tiffany fan but after mean girls Da and Z laughed at her crying and when Corey said we gave you another week. Then her fighting for game doing all that she could I like the player that came out of her! I wish Frank, Bridgette, Tiff can change things around. Light a fire under Da so she can implode when she gets put up.

Paulie is a b*tch

Have you ever really looked at the houseguest pictures below?

Which two look like the biggest doufuses?

Paulie and Corey’s pics really fit them.

Studs and gods only in their own minds…or two desperate pathetic thirsty girls like Nic and Zak. Those 4 examples of the worst of the worst of our society.


I passionately hated Vanessa last season. But I think that Tiffany has not been given the benefit of the doubt. She did nothing to deserve how she’s being treated. Da’ on the other hand has been extremely shady, a liar and very passive aggressive. After her first season, she learned not to be emotional. After, this one, maybe she’ll finally learn how to play the game when she comes back again *sigh*.

Hr puffin good stuf

Agreed. If only Tiffany would DO SOMETHING. She coulda shoulda come clean immediately and said
“Hi everyone. It’s probably obvious I’m related to Vanessa because we may as well be twins. But I am not
Vanessa and have my own personality.” Unfortunately Tiff decided to take a different route and slide for a bit
but that just made her seem very much like Vanessa. She still could have helped herself after everyone knew
but she still chose to distance herself and not make an effort to make friends and prove that she is not Vanessa.
I can’t stand the crying and feeling sorry for yourself. I like Tiffany but she is her own worst enemy.


If Day goes home on Thursday, I hope she realizes that the reason she is out is because of her terrible game play..aka targeting Frank. I have NO idea why Day ever figured it was a good move for her to target Frank. Day from day 1 was a target on the same level as Frank, you keep the bigger target in front of you in this game you dont eliminate it. Frank was and is an asset for Day but she cant get over the personal issues she has with him. If Day had been smart she would have let the rest of the House, starting with Paulie go after Frank. Then strike at Paulie once Frank was out.


Exactly. She should’ve just sat back and stayed quiet and let them do all the work. She can’t possibly take Frank out, he actually wins comps and she doesn’t even come close. I crack up every time she says “when I win hoh” lol ok day when’s that gonna be exactly?


Da’s problem is that she plays emotional, despite thinking that she’s got it all under control. She overreacts and then spins herself into paranoia. During the spelling comp she got twisted when she saw Tiff rush back to add more letters after counting Da’s letters. Da thought it meant that Tiff was targeting her somehow, which was not true at all. She’s made those type of conclusions time and again. Even her beef with Frank was strongly personal, whereas everyone else was mostly worried about the fact that he was playing all sides.


Day is just unable to sit down, chill and think. The vote to keep Tiffany was all about Frank again, but what that vote did was blow up her game(Tiffany staying telling Frank about the fatal 5, the fact that Da’Vonne was the one who told him about Tiffany targetting him) it also blew up Nicole’s game. She is again talking about the S word incident, what does that do? Frank is not on the block…Da’Vonne just keeps saying the same shit over and over when she is in trouble.

sunny dee

i think Day (and Nicole)’s biggest mistake will be not being solid and loyal to a Vets alliance, as they discussed the day they arrived in the house. They’ve seen the others’ seasons, they know what kind of people/pl.ayers they were, and should know to be able to trust in what is being said based on that. even tho Day was only in the house a short time, she wasn’t a quiet evictee on social media I don’t think, she they’d have had more input from her. but pretty much from day 2 nicole is ‘worried about James’ of all people, like why be worried about James that soon, he was able to win comps , was a low key no drama kind of guy, and stuck loyal to his alliances when he made alliances, sometimes to his own peril. there’d be zero reason to worry about James, a week or two later, i still wouldn’t be worried about him, or Frank. with what Day is talking about i’d start wondering about her and why she is trying to create doubt about the other 2 to me (if i were Nicole). it is way too early to try to isolate Nicole into a pairing with Day, day should realize that this is the time to group up and figure out a target that is not herself lol instead she’s worried about what to do about 2 other people in a 4 person alliance 6 weeks into the future, or trying to keep nicole on edge so she doesn’t get too close to any of them, which she didn’t, instead she got close to Corey because Day was so busy trying to throw doubt, and seed of distrust, and undoing and undermining that she lost focus and left Nicole alone too much, lol

of course the Teams didn’t really help, but it doesn’t mean they could not all still work together. I was excited by the idea, i’m sure i’m not alone. But if by day 3 Day is running around trying to get Frank or James up on the block, with her team mates help, and other newbies, or talking about how funny it is that some of the superfans just seem to be fanstruck by Frank or james, like she is jealous of the attention, and trying to get them out. i get that she wants (wanted) to win, but it would be way too early then, and even now, to do what she was doing.


A lot of it comes back to Da’s paranoia. She was too over focused on being the fifth wheel, so early in the game. She had a group and she should have filed away the concerns for future reference but not made so many waves. She could have worked on making sure that Nicole still trusted her, instead of looking shady and talking to others about the showmance problem.


Michelle calling Nathalie a rat…..seriously who does this chick think she is? has she looked in the mirror…she the two faced lying catty childish b !!!! This is way I cant stomach this girl any more, i look at her face and I want to puke. Its all jealousy with her can she just go home ? she brings nothing to the show, her DR sessions are the most boring of all of them..all she does is going around snitching on others


I agree Michelle is a spiteful brat. She clearly has issues outside the house. Paul is just pathetic and goes overboard trying to be relevant. He might as well be jumping up and down yelling Look at me!!! Look how cool and cleaver I am! I’m a spy and really important” ugh can’t wait for both of those bottom feeders to get evicted. My ears hurt when I listen to them.


For good TV they should vote out Natalie. Da should go up as the replacement for Corey then leave Da and Tiff on the show for another week so we can watch them wreck everyone else’s game on the show. This just makes for great Big Brother fodder. Paulie has won too much way too early and has made himself a target as a strong player. Nicole is just good for a vote for the majority of the house at this point. James is holding back and letting everyone else go after each other I just hope he learned from his mistakes from his season and does not get his game going too late since he has his head up Natalie’s buttocks.
Okay seriously, Natalie should go home. She is nice to look at but she has not really brought anything to the game. Tiffany this week has wrecked some peoples games and helped others repair theirs. For that I think she should stay even if she is an emotional time bomb just waiting to go off. Frank is an ass point blank. He is obnoxious and unfortunately we need that cast member that is easy to hate for another month.
Good job this year so far producers do not get lazy on us and let the show get boring and predictable.


I hope Tiffany nominates Davonne as the replacement nominee, and Davonne gets evicted!!…. This is the perfect opportunity!!!!


How would that work? I just started watching and don’t know all the rules. Tiffany put up Corey who has POV so does that mean Tiffany can put someone else up? Even so who would vote for anyone since it seems that majority group wants Tiffany out.


God Da’Vonne…you are really a champion of self imploding. She is not even yet on the block and already she is blowing up. Did she not couple days ago(and on tonight’s show) say to Frank she was over the whole story of butt slapping and S(word)? why is she bringing it up again? btw its a fact that Frank DID call her a S…but she also did say “only on Tuesday” ..which she has never told people she actually said. Why would you say “only on Tuesday” if you dont see it as a joke? Da’Vonne has not learned how to play this game. She always plays it on an emotional level, I hope she goes home


I’m sick and tired of contestants pinning all the blame on minority players every single season. It’s bs!


I would love it if Tiffany and Frank flipped the votes again and Da goes out. Hoping teams are over next week.


Say what you will about Tiffany’s game play and emotions. But also realize that this development is due to some very poor game play Paulie’s group. After Paulie won HOH they were all behaving so awkwardly around Tiffany. Compared to Derrick, who took the outsiders like Victoria under his wing. Remember Dan buddying up to Ian after he won the POV as if he was on his side all along? That’s how a good player does it. This group plays emotionally, unable to face her. She did not go around the house confronting people the way that Vanessa did. She quietly woke up Nat b/c she could not bear to feel so isolated anymore. She didn’t blow up until Nicole and Day and Z started probing her for info after they saw her talking to Frank. They mishandled her completely. Not smooth at all. Bad players all around. Fun to watch, but not good game play. So far Frank is the only one who is capable of keeping a clear and focused head without getting emotional. His flaw is that he plays too hard and talks too much. But at least the guy is smooth, unlike everyone else in the house.

Nicole's Nostrils

Man that whole scene on the show tonight just pisssssssssssssssssed me off. Da lied about telling Frank about Tiff so fuck her self-righteous ass. Then Nicole starts probing Tiff but Tiff isn’t buying it so Nicole storms off like a baby. Then Z and Da gang up on Tiff and Da is laughing at Tiff’s anguish and that hell naw shit from Z. Fuck those bitches including Nicole. I can’t imagine being in there and feeling like a freak that everyone hates. Da is fucking evil. She did work a bit on Tiff to win her over again and that’s good for her but she’s going nowhere fast because people notice those things.


Tiff wasn’t won over. She wants Da out. And it was so obvious that Da was lying when she was arguing with Frank about Tiff. So then she walked back into the room to start confronting him on other issues. Not smooth at all. She should have walked away after a quick denial and regrouped to figure out how to do damage control.


You all complaining how Tiff is JUST LIKE HER SISTER.. like…PAULIE ISNT JUST LIKE HIS BROTHER? You all need to wonder why u all focused on HER AND NOT HIM. hellooo???

Zaks smelly twat.

Michelle is a nutritionist? My ass.

The girls body is as fit as a walrus that hasnt moved in 7 years. She is constantly stuffing chips and cookies and french fries in her mouth and never saw her eat healthy once. Or even talk about a healthy diet.

I think she lives at home jobless and had to put a profession down so she took one class on nutrition in her life so that was what she put down. That and her eating disorders.

Hate her more each day. 14 yr old insecure mean girl who is actually 23 and jobless and cries herself to sleep every night so tries to cut on others to make sure the attention stays off how much of a pathetic loser she actually is.

And do something with that rats nest hair. You are going bald from all the dye. Your hair is so gross looks like it smells. And the cheap extentions don’t help


Hahaha man I have been thinking the same thing. 75% of the time on BBAD she’s stuffing her face with food and I don’t mean healthy food. Pizza and shit. Bitch eats like a 300lb dude and that nose ring is LOL.

I call bullshit

Someone being called a minority is such an insult. No human is minor. It’s saying you are less than.


Wow, you really had to reach for your daily outrage on this one. Nice try.


If Day had learned anything from her season, she would have voted out Tiffany because it made NO sense for her or Nicole to keep Tiffany and get Frank to wake up on what was really going on. If I was Day I would have also aligned myself secretly with Frank and Bridgette no one would ever suspect that alliance even Z would have not picked up on it. ..Z not knowing she would have never gone to Paulie, Day would be cool with Frank/Bridgette/Paulie and his group of Nicole/Corey/Z…what a great position she could have been in. Sad because I really wanted to cheer for her this season


If the teams are in play still this week, which I think they will be, then Paulie better pray Frank or Bridgette wins. Michelle is useless and wont win anything unless its thrown to her. Glad we have 3 more episodes to watch this week. As far as whether tiff/day goes this week, these morons will flip flop 12 more times between now and Thursday. Or they will make a decision Wednesday night based on what type of competition they have thursday night.

Gordon Ramsey

Tiffany and Da need to go, but they are way more entertaining than Bridgette, Michelle, and Cory. In the last 3 seasons too many duds (e.g. Spencer, Victoria, Austin) have made it deep into Jury and punished us with terrible game play and awful DR sessions.

Franks fumes

Frank did indeed call Da a slut in a joking manner after she called him a douche …they were playful and not malicious toward one another at the time. Da used this in conjunction with the arse slap to demonize Frank.


How about no siblings in future BBs so we don’t have to hear “you are just like your sister/brother” hell how about no returnees either, especially mixed in with newbies.


Love her or hate her, Tiff is very similar to Vanessa in both gameplay and personality.


Nicole is duh doi, she needs to keep Da so her and Frank will continue to go after one another, let them take each other out, so you and your “not gay” faux showmance can make it far. Not that I want them to because they both suck at this game. I can’t believe I’m rooting for Paul now, he has no game and is acting like a rat but I got nobody else. Maybe James for being fun.

Fuzzy Num Num

Little NatNat was so sweet n kind to Tiffanessa. Had I been Tiff, I would’ve followed them to each room they went to. Anytime there were more than one person. And just sit and stare. They think she’s psycho anyway. The want to torture her anyway, they want her out anyway. She should give them what they want. It might not help anything. But it would sure let you spend your remaining time being entertaining.


How can Da forget the sexual harassment as if it never happened, causing her to suck it up along with the name calling on top of it just to save her game? Yall stupid to support a pervert who does disrespectful things like that and makes me wonder what the real reason for hating Da so much when Nicole lies just as much as anyone else in this game but gets absolutely no heat for it. This is BB, everyone lies in order to not make themselves a target by stating the truth unless you trust the person you’re playing with Smdh


Does anyone notice that Da is just as much if not more emotional than Tiffany? She certainly cries more. Da also is always on the pity pot. Enough already.


Still. Here I am. Not having a favorite. I like someone then I don’t. Then i like them again. My head is spinning constantly. I’ve always had a favorite by now. These people are so bipolar it’s rubbing off on me. All I can come up with is who I do not want to win.