Paul tells Frank “I think from what I can generally grasp is that Day is ah gone!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 19-51-24-775
7:50pm Corey asks should we tell him about the eight pack because they told him. Like hey we were in the eight pack but it was just to get Jozea out. We wanted to get you but you were over there with him (Jozea). Ncile says she asked me if I trust him (Paul) and I said I did because I didn’t want it to get back to him. Corey says she’s (DaVonne) being shaddy. Nicole says I don’t know how to get her out of the house though. Michelle is so oblivious to things. Corey says you need to talk to her then. Nicole says no Frank is talking to her. Corey says Frank and I are cool now. Nicole says that Day said I don’t care if I don’t win this game I just don’t want Frank to beat me. Corey says she just wants to get to jury. Nicole says I don’t want to go .. its really fun but I don’t want to go. Nicole says there better not be a reset week. I would be so livid. Frank joins them. He tells them that he talked to Michelle and she is on board (With voting out Day) if I have the votes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 19-57-50-408

Michelle talks to Nicole about her conversation with Frank. Nicole talks about how she denied knowing about the fatal five alliance. Nicole says its sketchy that when Corey won (veto) it was common sense that I would go up. She (Day) was crying because she knew something was going to get out. Nicole tells Michelle not to tell Day any of this. Michelle says she won’t, I learned from last time. Nicole tells her to be just surfacy with Day. If she starts talking about the fatal five, we’re screwed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 20-07-23-220

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 20-32-23-262

8:25pm – 8:45pm Frank, Corey and Bridgette are working out in the backyard. Frank talks to Bridgette about his talk with Michelle. Bridgette says its bullsh*t, its a waste of time. He talks about Michelle getting jealous. Bridgette says you know this girl .. she’s not just jealous that I’m close to you. She’s jealous of a whole bunch of sh*t! She’s jealous that I don’t have f**king body issues. That I have a boyfriend waiting for me at home and that I don’t cry about my family 24/7. There’s no fixing that sh*t. Frank says she’ll come around. Bridgette says no she won’t. Frank says we’ll cut her soon enough. I keep telling her I’d take her over you. Bridgette asks who told her I was sticking my tongue out at her? Frank says Nicole told me she heard it but I don’t know who said it. Bridgette says that’s bullsh*t I’m the nicest girl in here. Paul tells Frank “I think from what I can generally grasp is that Day is ah gone!” I think she realizes that too. Frank says she stayed in the room all dang day. Frank asks what?! Paul says I think sh*t just caught up with her. They’re not just faking us out again are they? Bridgette says they could be. Paul says I want to say no but you know how sh*t goes. I think James is cool but as long as she (Nat) is around they’re going to be 1 and 1. Paul asks what do you think about Paulie, I don’t think he is convinced. Frank says I’ve talked to him a few times. I’m not pushing too hard at this point.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 20-42-31-925

8:45pm James tells Corey don’t copy my line. Corey asks what’s your line? James says I vote to evict Tiffany for the second time! Corey laughs. Corey says Tiffany is all buddy buddy with me.. I’m like you put me on the block! I would prefer she go this week. We can get whoever else out next week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 20-48-21-697

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Bridgette says she is the “nicest girl in the house” right after calling out Michelle’s insecurities. She also has a “bf waiting at home” while she just kissed the entire ass of Frank on national television. Bridgette is garbage.


I struggle to understand the Bridgette hate. She seems like an intelligent although naive girl.

Get with it

Can someone tell me if Bridgette did stick her tongue out at Nicole or did someone just make that up and tell Nicole?


Frank could turn Bridgette out! IOW he could be her pimp. She is a freak (she was telling a story about handing out condoms at a sex party in college so yes) and a follower.

That being said I would POUUNNNDDD that shit good.

I would also POUUNNNDDDD little Nicole too. I basically only watch to see them in bikinis and shit.

Pls upvote. Thnaks


Seriously?!! No words for you.


Dawg, Anonymous has had a lot of good incites to BB 18 here, and I’ve liked talking to him/her about them.
This is too much.
What was said is completely degradrading to Michelle and Niclole.
Is it so blatantly okay to be so sexist and misogenistic, downgrading on your site?!
I’m offended about what Anonymous has to say about Michelle and Nicole.
So unacceptable to me, and a lot of others, also.
You and Simon bring great feed coverage and all that’s good.
I love what you do.
This response from Anonymous was unexceptable. It doesn’t reflect your site.
I’m angry now, that I’ve agreed to his thoughts. I’ve truly agreed with him/her many times!
Now what Anonamous is saying ……
Love you and Simon and what you always bring to us! Thanks!


Thank you , Dawg and Simon, I thought “Anonymous” was a person online!!
I’m not sure who I’ve been talking to. It seems like it could be many people.
I’m glad to know that his antics had nothing to do with you!
So that’s scary.
I follow and usually agree with what you two put out, regarding bb.
Really, thanks for all you do.
I look forward to all you have to say and do.


And that’s the reason I love you, Dawg and Simon!
You’ve got it!


Thanks, Dawg. You and Simon are truly the best. You bring the best coverage and comments, from every season!
You two should meet Rob, from RHAP, if you haven’t already.
That would be a perfect meeting, between two beautiful minds, in my opinion!


Thanks so much, Dawg, I know that you and Simon are always on it.
I can’t say how much that you two are appreciated.
Thanks 🙂


Absolutely no shade to Dawg or Simon.
Only a big hands-down, to what they bring to us 🙂
Thank you!
This person, though, I just don’t agree and have no words…


I am not really a fan of Bridgette but Michelle is a straight up B with a capital B….that chick has been talking shit about people from day 1, that is the only thing she does all day is talk crap about others. She is so jealous, she wants to be in a showmance and talks crap about Bridgette and Nathalie because both have a guy. Michelle is nasty, she brings nothing to the game, her DR sessions are boring..cant wait to have her rat face kicked out of that house


Michelle hates Natalie because she has James. I think Michelle took his flirts a little too seriously and thought he was going to be her showmance.


You’re right that Bridgette is not the nicest girl in the house.

But Michelle is worse.

Misty Beethoven

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while: can anyone tell me what the hell Paul’s tattoo is?

Powder Puff Girls

Eagle – google Paul BB18 tattoos/ images


Tiffany please put Nicole on the block


Tiff. please put James or Paul up.

Powder Puff Girls

If you want Tiff to stay Da needs to go up on the block I think she will implode and get sloppy. Have they forgotten she wants out the show-mances there are 3 in the house. They do not trust her. If Da wins HOH she could put up Paulie and Frank. I think she could put up a strong player on the block next to Frank to secure veto play. Tiff will always have a target on her back and she will wheel and deal to stay in. Da is far more dangerous than Tiff at this point. But Da is NOT a comp beast this is my pipe dream!


In order for Tiffany to have a shot at staying she has to renominate someone who’s likely to collect some votes. Nicole isn’t really a big enough target as she’s not high enough up anyone’s hit list, same goes for Natalie, James, or Zakiyah. Paul is a smaller target than Tiffany so that just leaves Da’Vonne. She’s the most likely of the available people to pull the target from Tiffany. Tiffany puts up Nicole and Tiffany goes home.


James for the Win!


I think Corey has a crush on Frank. Because no matter how much Frank screws them over he is so eager to be back with him. What’s Corey’s reason for getting DA out? Also, every year the girls say they will get the boys out and every year the girls align with a boy their head gets cloudy and they start playing the game for the boys. Nicole can’t play unless she has a boy to follow, no matter how to stupid he is!

Corey's slippers

Of course we have a crush on Frank!!! Have you seen his a$$ in the shower? He also tongue kissed us the other day just like Natalie flirts with us all the time. I like baseballs


Has anyone ever seen Natalie flirt with him? This guy! Hahaha


I know all you people think Nat is way too hot for James but you underestimate the power of being nice. I think Nat respects and wants that. They may not get hitched but I bet they have a lot of hot dates after the show. James and Nat make a great couple because they don’t talk crap about people and just want to play the game.


Just let you know… Im a very nice person ;)!!!!


James is a nice guy, and proves the point, sometimes nice guys do get the girl, and sometimes nice guys don’t finish last! Go James!!!

Powder Puff Girls

I think they make an adorable couple they have so much fun together.


May be like a Becky and Johnny Mac situation. Maybe not a permanent couple but at least let him hit it.


If you don’t like my analysis of James then I will sick DAWG on you, otherwise you are racist because you don’t like short people!


Wait Bridgette has a boyfriend?


I can smell a Dayvonne blindside

Ha Ha Ha

Bridget is the nicest girl in the house?!? Just as she finishes bashing Michelle….

production rigged it

She deserves to get bashed she’s the biggest bitch in the house. They wanna talk bad about Tiffany or whoever saying stuff about them but when Michelle does it or makes up lies which she does alot they just laugh about it. Of course I know it’s because she’s on there side, but it still makes them a bunch of hypocrites.


Michelle is an awful person and deserves to be bashed.


Just get Tiffany out first and focus on the next move later already goodness gracious


Paul is now acting the same cocky way he was acting when he was following Jozea around!


He’s a fake ass Andy. That’s a punk way to win a game. I’d like to see him gone this week but it won’t happen. Paul or Nicole? Whose worse? Nicole bc at least Paul is DOING SOMETHING even if it is being a snitch.


I really think it doesn’t matter who’s goes home. They are going to win battle back.


Guess again.

I see dead people

If I were Tiffany, I would take that stuffed Gerraff and cut it up into little pieces and then leave it by Zakiyah’s bed.

The Roach Coach

Paul is playing the best social game BY FAR!


Paul is playing the rat . Andy played it for the win. But rats should be exterminated !

production rigged it

First Michelle ran to Paulie about Bronte coming after him and hot her voted out and now she’s telling James that Natalie was rubbing Paulie’s leg. I don’t have the live feeds so maybe it did happen I don’t know but whether it did or not what is up with Michelle. Is she this season’s Rachel and just wants to get rid of every girl that’s hotter than she is or what. I can’t stand her she annoys me everytime I see her. At least Natalie doesn’t talk shit about everybody like all the others do.

Vanessa Rousso

Tiffany is golden this week. She will never be the player I am, but she’s stepping up her game.

bb fan

Your sister started off with crying etc and messed up her on game. The house voted to keep her and what did she do ran right into the enemy hands. I like Tiffany and was looking for more from her early on in the game. She could of won this season but she jump the gun. She can only blame herself.


Paul must know that a rat always gets caught, he has been playing both sides James is already on his game. Paulie telling Paul that Frank wont be around for double-eviction…what is he Miss Cleo ? he knows what is going to happen next week, he knows when D-E will be? Paulie take a seat b….he seriously needs to be taken down a few notches

Powder Puff Girls

If Tiffany goes I want her to come back. I was not a fan before she won me over for many reasons. For one, I like the fight in her!


While I’m not 100% Team Tif, I have to give her credit for hanging in a lot longer that most would after being treated like crap. It’s one thing to have one or two people not talk to you, but almost everyone acted like she was invisible. That’s hard to take. Interesting to see what happens. If she’s going to go, she’ll go in a blaze of glory.

Powder Puff Girls

Da and Z laughing at her crying, Da patronizing her at the same time really put me off. The conversation between Corey, Nicole and Tiffany saying something along the line ” you should be happy we kept you for a week”, telling her to be quite, do what we tell you. Walking out of the room when she went into the room. No wonder she had a breakdown. They used her what do they expect all this pulled at my heartstrings big time I felt sad for her. I understand this is a game but this was below the belt. You have to be sociopathic to survive in a house like that.


She didn’t help herself either. She didn’t bother to make any bonds or mingle with the other HGs. She donned on her sunglasses and hat and isolated herself. Plus her crying for no reason didn’t help. Her game plan and strategy backfired. She did this to herself. Why didn’t she join in when the other HGs were having fun and being silly???? I don’t feel bad that she is in the position she’s in. Day is also a very emotional and reactionary person BUT atleast she knew this time to rein it in and try to play a more sociable game.

Powder Puff Girls

I was not a Tiff fan for many of the reasons you stated, sunglasses, hats, crying, interogations but I changed my mind for the reasons I stated above.


I still don’t understand why Frank fans are saying that Day is in the wrong for being angry with Frank with him just joking. It is not Days’s fault if she got offended for someone slapping her butt, what he did is wrong. Whether his intention is sexual or not, she is not in the wrong to feel harassed. Also Day is not using this incident as her initial basis for targeting Frank, she knows that he is a strong player and is keeping players he can manipulate easily (spy girls) over her allies at a time (Michelle, Tiff). Day made a lot of wrong moves but blaming her for the behavior and image of Frank being ruined is not her fault.

Powder Puff Girls

Da used this incident(s) as strategy the smiling, smug face gave her away. If she was upset about this she would have told him from the start she is one strong willed women no shrinking violet. She called him a Douche he responded with slut which gets left out of the conversation.


Michelle,Z and Day talking shit about Bridgette and Tiffany….whats new Michelle and Z have been talking shit about everyone, thats all they have done. These clueless idiots do realize that Tiffany this girl they are trashing is the same Tiffany that THEY THEY THEY decided to keep last week to go after Frank…right?


I wld rather see day go this week, and see victor come back and shake the game up a bit since he can win comps and could take paulie’s ego down a notch or two. Tiffany and Natalie are a waste of an hoh and can be taken out anytime.


i’d like to see dayvone gone for good and bronte come back.Another thing i’d like to see, power puff girls along with frank to take out fat michee, z, paul, paulie, all those real haters


I think Da will be the replacement nominee; she is the only person with a target on their back as big as the one on Tiffany’s.
And Tiff is spinning tales and weaving webs to make sure everyone knows it. Not blaming her, in fact I admire her for fighting for her BB life but she will only live to see another week or two at best if she succeeds in pushing Da as the target this week.
I really like Da and was hoping she would do more with her second chance but the skills she does have, she wasted. Had she kept her information close to the vest and used her social skills to be a confidant, she would be smooth sailing to Final 5 at least.
I do agree that the Battle Back returnee will either be last houseguest out or Victor…don’t see Bronte, Glenn or Jozea winning any comps.


Anyone else actually rooting for super long shot Glenn to win Battle Back?


No. I actually feel sorry for him. Poor guy couldn’t even get up on the rocket. I actually think it’s mean they cast him. He doesn’t have even the slimmest chance in the world at winning anything.


I think the problem with Glenn is he was set to be ostracized from the get go much like Donny and anyone else that isn’t early to mid 20’s. I think Glenn would have done well in the memory comps but he’d have to have an amazing social game to stay.


I like how Natalie is the only classy girl in the house she doesn’t need to talk shit to make herself feel better . I didn’t appreciate how zak was calling Natalie a thot when you don’t even know her or even try to talk game because you’re so far up paulie’s ass to recongize everything that going on around you . Also , Idk why Nat & tiff get hate tiff I understand BUT NATALIE what has she done other than being a legitimate showmance and being on the wrong side of the house nothing .


I’ll wait to hear your thoughts on RHAP or YRR. They both have good commentary on this.
If this is truly your thoughts, then I agree that Paulie is being an asshole, in nominating Tiffany.
He has a bad case of HOHitis!! Difficult to watch his arrogance and PTSD of Vanessa doing so much better last season, compared to Cody just giving the big win to Derrick, in season 16.
I have to say that I do love Derrick and Cody, such a great season of them and their relationship.
Paulie is just really turning me off, in his desire to be better than they were, in any way that he can.
Both Derrick and Cody must have been impressed with Vanessa last year. Why else would Cody be so obsessed with her and her sister?!
He’s just gone beyond, for me, with his arrogance and intitlement to having all go just as he’s planned. Done with that.


I think in nominating Tiffany, he was taking the path of least resistance. Any other target would have caused division. The house guests didn’t save Tiffany to work with her but just to screw Frank. No one was willing to work with her and Paulie thought they still weren’t. He stepped into a hornet’s nest though as Frank realized he wasn’t in complete control and now everyone is realigning. When things settle Tiffany may not be the biggest threat on the block and they may save her just to screw Paulie.