Frank apologizes for popping Zakiyah on the b*tt and says he didn’t call DaVonne a sl*t.

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 11-02-52-607

11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Big Brother calls Frank to the diary room. Paulie asks Corey does Frank have to take medicine every morning? Is that why he has to go to the diary room? Big Brother blocks the feeds.

In the bathroom – Nicole asks Z if they (Paulie & Z) kiss or anything? Z says no. He kissed my back a few times. Nicole says awww. Z says its about time something got kissed. Frank joins them and talks about how Corey was sleep walking last night. The last thing I need is the biggest guy in the house sleep walking. Frank and Z are talking alone and he tells her that he didn’t call DaVonne a sl*t. He thinks it was misconstrued from people playing telephone. Frank apologizes to Z for popping her on the butt a few weeks ago. I do that all the time with my nana and I didn’t mean anything by it. Z says I know, its okay. I figured.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 11-06-15-590

In the backyard – Nicole and Paul are putting the awnings down and one falls on Paul.

HOH room – Corey and Paulie are lying in bed talking. Paul joins them and is holding a bag of ice on his face. He tells them about how he got hit with the awning.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 11-42-06-892

11:20am – 11:40am In the bedroom – Z tells DaVonne about how Frank came to her and said he didn’t call DaVonne a sl*t. DaVonne says that Frank is now going around trying to say he didn’t call me a sl*t. He looked right at the camera when he said it but okay! I can’t believe he is trying to say he didn’t say it. Z says she’s witnessed him lie twice now, right in front of my face. Him, Bridgette. Does he think he has you? Z says no. DaVonne asks James does he think he has you? James says probably. DaVonne says but in reality you’re voting out Tiffany, You’re voting out Tiffany, Michelle, Corey, Nicole. So her a$$ is out! James says him and Paulie are going to go at it. Two big dogs. DaVonne says Paulie can’t play next week but I’m fighting for Paulie. Z says that Frank was saying he was definitely going after the HOH. DaVonne says if he does win HOH he will put me and Paulie up. Paulie will come down. Who would be put up? James says I don’t think he would put him up initially. DaVonne says if he doesn’t I’ll pick Paulie to play in the POV. James says I think the teams will last 1 or 2 more weeks. Z says he’s got to go!! (Frank)

11:50am – 12:10pm Paul and Frank are talking in the backyard couches. Frank says I don’t really want to use her (Tiff). I would be fine if she goes home next week. I would rather get rid of DaVonne this week. If she wins she will put up two guys. She would probably put up Paulie and I. Frank says if DaVonne doesn’t go up ..I will put her up next week. Paul says f**king awnings. Well that resolves me of all my awning duties. Frank says as the dictator of the house I resolve you of your awning duties. Frank leaves. Paul tells Paulie that Frank wants to keep Tiffany and go after Day. Paulie says we need to get rid of Tiffany then. Paul says I’m not worried about any of the girls. Paul says I would put them both up (Frank & Bridgette) and tell him I am just using him as a pawn to backdoor Day. Paulie says if he is up there we have to get him out. We can get out Day another time. Frank joins them and says he just pissed out his a$$hole.

12:40pm Nicoel is teaching Zakiyah how to swim.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 12-43-17-686
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12:30pm – 12:55pm Frank and Bridgette are cooking in the kitchen. Meanwhile in the backyard – James, Nicole and Z are in the pool. Paulie and Paul are talking on the couches. Paulie tells Paul that Tiffany saying there was an eight person alliance, a five person girl alliance, and a small guys alliance contradicts everything. Paulie says we get out Tiffany and then we’ll get out Day. The only reason why we need to get out Day is because Frank has put in her head a number of times to get me us out. Paul says I’ve said it since day one that Z is the most beautiful girl in the house. Paulie agrees. Paul says she’s cool as F**K.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 12-49-37-823

Kitchen – Frank & Bridgett whispering. Frank says one thing that Paulie has to know is that we’re dangerous with him. Corey is athletic as hell… he hasn’t been competing that well. Yesterday was the first day. Its very possible that Paul and Paulie threw it to him. They were all talking over there on the on the side. Bridgette says why did they all act surprised when they asked Coery not to use it. Frank sasy it really works out well that they’re asking him not to use it. Bridgette asks where’s James in all of this. Frank says I think James would work with us.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-26-14-142

1:20pm Bridgette is doing squats in the bathroom.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-30-54-431
1:30pm Paul, Corey and James are talking about politics. They talk about Obama, Donald Trump, Clinton. James asks how secure do you think the white house is? Paul says you would get snipped if you tried to scale the fence.

2:20pm Backyard suntanning –

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-34-48-960

2:55pm – 3:20pm Outside the HOH room – Tiffany and Bridgette. Tiffany says she is very young minded and insecure. She cries about her looks and stuff. Bridgette says I can’t stand it. Some people are dying because of liver failure or cancer. Like grow the f**k up.

Tiffany talks about Nicole and how she didn’t really trust Paulie in the beginning and that’s why he wasn’t a part of the eight pack. That’s why she put him up. The whole time I was building a relationship with Paulie. Bridgette says he is so against you now. Tiffany says that DaVonne was jealous of us talking and started planting seeds about me. She says that Day was also trying to get me and Frank to go against each other. I was trying to hint to Paulie there was an eight pack but I couldn’t outright tell him or else I would go up for exposing it. All this time I was just trying to lay low and gather information. I wasn’t stirring anything up. Tiffany says Day and Frank have a final 2 with Nicole. Tiffany tells her about the fatal five. Its not a fatal five any more because I’m out ..its just the four of them. Tiffany says we could have a group .. me, you, Frank and Paul. Or maybe Corey if Nicole is gone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-38-50-136

3:15pm – 3:30pm Paulie and James are talking on the lounger. James says I know if I win I will probably just throw them (Bridgette & Frank) up. Paulie says Paul said he would do that too. They keep trying to get me to go after Day .. but not this week .. Tiffany is going home. We’ve got a lot of Strong players .. he’s (Frank) is going to have to be on point if he wants to win. They talk about the endurance wall comp.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-47-04-675

3:30pm Nicole continues to teach Zakiyah how to swim.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-17 15-53-05-545

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If Tiff goes go this week, she has a good shot of coming back, and since the returnee is likely to come back Friday/Saturday they’ll be safe for a week.

If the waves change and Day goes this week, then she has a slim chance of coming back lol. Day can’t win a competition to save her life.,

I really hope Paul is just playing along with the showmances for now. He and Meech can’t seriously want to go to the end with the showmances. His saving grace might be James/Frank taking shots at Paulie/Corey. James might try to take out Paul though so…

It’ll be a long week though, that much is clear.

It s a better spot then on the other side

It s not a bad place to be in actually, he s the last one that would be targeted from that group and that group will be torn apart sooner or later and he can just pick up the pieces….Vanessa was in a similar spot betweein a bromance(JMAC and Steve) and a showmance (Liz and Asutin) and she had a 50% shot to win which is not bad at all.


You’re right. Paul, and Meech, are in a better position than say Day who still isn’t trusted by the showmances. I’m just worried that Paul is newest to that side and thus the most expendable. But hopefully he can follow the power and make smart decisions to get himself to the end. He should also try to keep Nat in the game, b/c that girl is an easy beat.

I still can’t believe Day threw away being the 5th wheel to showmances. People will always come for the core before they come for the 5th wheel. And she was foolish enough to tell James who told Nic (twice), hence why Nic/Corey want Day out so bad. Andy was a 5th wheel and turned on Amanda/McRae and Helen/Elissa when it was smart for his game.

sunny dee

day’s game play is bizarre. people say join my alliance, we really want to work with you, it’s a secret. the second they leave the room she’s all ‘not going to join 4 strong people who are bigger targets than i am simply because they are 2 showmances and i am not part of a pair, nope, thats not logical to work with people who others might target ahead of me, plus it would be 4 people likely to win stuff, and they aren’t going to put me on the block, nope, instead i’m gonna run off and tell james, and tiffany, and maybe even frank about what i’m gonna call ‘5th wheel'”

i thought she was planning to play different this year, she’s still determined to isolate herself from others, and spread lies about the people she could be working with, while still not being loyal to any actual group. or person. who’se going to take you to final 4, 3 or 2, dayvonne, you haven’t done anything for anyone to want to be there for you.


From your finger tips (or thumbs) from God’s ears!


Frank did call Da a slut and in all fairness they seemed to be in a joking conversation and Da always fails to tell anyone that she called Frank a douche first and he retaliated and then I think she told him to shut up and then I think he told her to “shut your mouth, woman”. That’s how I remember it anyway.

Eagle Ears

Day wants to be the tough talking woman who tells the man off and puts him in his place, but Frank effortlessly put her back in her place every time she stepped up to him. So effortlessly that he didn’t even realize she was seriously trying to challenge him.

And what does a woman do when she can’t beat a man fairly. Cry and claim abuse.


That’s how I remember it too. He did say it though. Her response to the slut comment was “only on Tuesdays” Frank may have gone a little too far at times but Day seemed to be joking before and after the comments were made.


Similar to last season how Jason called all the girls in the house bitches. Da took no offense to that.


He sure did but he was joking. I’m not sure if he doesn’t remember because to him it was just a joking response to her calling him a douche or what? Seems like he would just say well yeah she jokingly called me a name and I jokingly called her a name back. So I’m not sure if he’s lying or just doesn’t remember the convo because it was insignificant to him.

Dear PC judges

does nobody f&^k around and jokingly call their friends names anymore? being a guy who played sports, taps / slaps on the ass and name calling is just f&*king around between friends because friends understand that it’s just f^&king around – day is using that as a reason to get rid of big bad frank. I thought we all understood that

Corey's slippers

Corey’s friends joke with him all the time! Calling him names and poking him in the butt! He pokes their butts. It’s so cute! They are always naked though. Not sure why


If you’ve only known someone for 2 weeks, you don’t slap them on the butt or talk about how the titties are hanging. That’s getting pretty familiar.


That’s exactly how it happened. They were all just joking around. Day is using it as an excuse now. Whatever.


That’s all true, but slut is much worse than douche.

Teller of truth

That’s exactly how I remember it.

sunny dee

pretty sure it was on an actual episode too, just the way you describe it. on the other hand, frank would be lying if he said he has never called Day a sl*t so she is telling the truth. however she is also overinflating and leaving out key info about how it happened.

if you tell a lie often enough, to enough people, eventually the only ‘truth’ everyone hears, or tells, is that orginal lie. One thing i dislike the most about Day is she shows no loyalty to anyone, and continues to try to undermine people she should be working with as ‘showmances’ when she should be just saying oh hey, there are 2 people, not just one, on my side there. she has also chosen to not pair up with anyone, which she could easily have done in some way. a nonmance pairing is as tight as any socalled showmance. A fact that Corey and Paulie seem to be proving in their own conversations. Neither of them seem that concerned about their showmance partners, it is kind of time for Day to take her own blinders off about that as a reason to target. instead, target the fact that the guys were the main ones to get out at the beginning, no reason for them to not continue to be the ones to get out if girls want a more even playing field you don’t leave semi professional athletes in the game.


sunny dee I agree with everything you said….
you are a wise one you are….


Yeah Frank said to da, don’t call me that, and she was like londer Frank’s a d, then he said well Da’s a slut, and then she said only on Tuesdays. Lol


Yes you are right for the most part. Day came out of the hoh room and Frank was standing in the hall out side the hoh room. Day said move your big feet and frank said shut up woman then Day said you shut up. Frank did call her a slut but Day call him a name first.

african american (woman)

Day came out of the HoH room and Frank was standing out side the HOH room and when Day came out she side to Frank move your big feet. Frank said shut up woman the Day said you shut up. Yes Frank called her a slut but Day called Frank a douche first. Also Z said something about a douche as well. They all should not be calling each other names. I feel they were joking. Day should understand when you call a name there is no limit on the name you will receive back from the person you called a name. I love all colors of this world God Bless!


Good memory!! Perfect recall !!

Paul's Balls

That awning better watch out. Paul is surely gonna rip off his balls off and glue them to the awning now that it has fucked with him.

dark and twisted

OMG…I’m laughing My lady balls off!!!

Blast Radius

Nice. I heard Paulie used to get in street fights with multiple awnings.

Tonight on 2020

My biggest problem With days Game is that she seems to think everybody Else is responsible for her game and to keep her safe . She doesn’t seem to understand that she has done things that has hurt her own game the way she handled Frank slapping her but could’ve been handled way different Instead of having a conversation with him paulie did she’s pissed at someone she should be able to talk to them but she made somebody else responsible for that and she wanted paulie out because he’s a part of a couple like Nicole and Corey she feels like everybody should have all this loyalty towards her but I really don’t know who she has loyalty to . It’s like she’s a bit over this couple thing it’s like get over it you butthole.


It will catch up to Da. Just about every big player in the house wants her out now or not too far down the road.


Sorry, but I think you’re wrong! Day is such a loyal person to those she feels deserve it …………………… she is loyal to Day and only Day!!!


Simon, do you remember when Frank called Da a slut or did he really not say that?


Do you or anyone know what day it was? I would like to flashback, to get the context of the conversation.


Ok, thanks. She makes it seem he did in a derogatory nature. Lets not forget on Da’s season, Jason called all the girls “bitches” everyday all day. But it was done in jest. Which is how I believe Frank and Da’s banter was, or Frank at least thought it was.

Timy Trump hands

I believe it was the day before the big blowup with Day. They were in the bathroom and Da said something like “people might call you a douche bag” and Frank shot back “and they might call you a slut” Or something along those lines. They were giving digs at each other in a round about way, but not directly fighting with each other.


Da was putting on makeup. A bunch of people hanging in the bathroom. At some point Frank called her a “hussy” . And Da was like, “dont call me a hussy Frank!” And Frank said “Ok, Slut!” He was playing and she didnt stop taking off her makeup. I didn’t think it was appropriate, but Frank is crude lile that!

TX rar

It was during BBAD hours if that helps narrow timeframe. Da did call him a douchebag first and he called her a slut in response. You could tell she and the other girls weren’t happy at his choice of words, but no one SAID anything about it.

An ornery mouse

Unless I’m mistaken, the Frank/Davonne exchange was shown on this past Sunday night’s episode (on the 10th). Day called Frank a douche and he called her a slut – and they were both laughing.

Frank has crossed the line a few times with the women, but whenever Day goes off about Frank calling her slut, she always fails to mention her douche remark.


He did call her a slut… they were all in the restroom coach talking….


They were sitting around in the bathroom area (really?!), someone, maybe Da’Vonne called Frank a douche he called Da a slut, she said only on Tuesday, everyone laughed it off and rolled along. Later it was added into all the other crap Frank did. That comment though is not something I would hold against Frank. There’s enough comments that are actually worth disliking him for.


I believe it was on the CBS episode last Sunday, July 10th.


Last year it was James with no filter. This year it’s frank. When will they learn? We don’t care about your hookups’ bodily functions nor your’s. Ewww

Aunt Cunt

So it seems like it’s confirmed that Frank was telling the truth about being addicted to methadone by this mornings observation of Frank taking medicine every morning?

Blast Radius

Z can’t swim? What a stereotype. Is her daddy in prison too?


Not many pools, lakes or beaches around the inner city. No swimming, boating or surfing opportunities for most black kids. That’s why.

We are all one race...the human race

I really don’t think it’s necessary to be racist especially with all the awful killings going on , a bit of sensitivity would be nice. This is not the right forum for people to display hate.

King Friendship

Curious if those who vilified Frank as a sexual harasser a week ago still have that opinion of him now. Since it appears that he didn’t mean anything ill by it and has apologized (what appears to be) sincerely and profusely, even though those he has apologized to seem to fake forgiveness and understanding them run to others to speak ill of him.

That’s my perception of the situation at least.


More likely than not, Allison Grodner made him apologize if he is to stay in the game. In the real world, this would be considered Sexual Harassment and grounds for termination


There is a big difference between calling someone a slut and a douchebag. I think Frank only apologized because he was told to apologize. Day can be a bit sensitive, but being called a slut is offensive. Most woman will laugh it off and pretend it does not bother them. It isn’t until the man walks away that you take the sting of the comment.


If I remember Frank’s apology, it went: hey, sorry but that’s how I show I’m comfortable with you, if you don’t like it. I’ll stop. Frank leaves the room, first person he talks to, Franks says Da gotta go!


Yea.. no.. that’s definitely not how it went. He took friendly banter a step too far; calling a women a slut, especially with the tone he used, is beyond offensive. Some words should just never be tossed around so carelessly. And I don’t think she was acting up, if anything like many people have said before, in those situations people shy away from making a fuss so as not to be labelled sensitive.if anything this man is 32, like get yooour lifee, your behaviour is just plain weird

Fuzzy Num Num

So Not-Cody actually doesn’t remember Frank telling him about the 8 pac? Or am I reading this wrong? Does he really not understand that he really wasn’t part of the early alliances?


That’d be great if Tiff, Da, and Frank were the next three to get evicted. Just to show that no one gains anything from being involved in early drama.

Nah Paulie

Z is actually kinda bitchy.

Road Rash

I object to the “kinda”.


did you just get the feeds? welcome!


Oh poor pitiful davonne. She’ll win for sure now.


They were all joking around. Da actually called Frank a douche. Then frank called Da a slut. Da laughed and then said only on Tuesdays. And everyone laughed. Then she came out of HOH room and Frank was standing there and she said move your fat something. Something like that. And he said shut your mouth woman. Self awareness is not something Da has much of. And I like her most times. I just don’t like that about her.


When CBS aired the episode, she said in DR, that she laughed it off and went along with it because she didn’t want Frank to target her. Truthfully spoken, she was upset about it


This morning i read a few Tiffany is a rat or a snitch perspectives. I’m confused. Did she out all the secrets she knew, oh yes. Is it ratting or snitching if the secrets are those of the people that just stabbed you in the back for the, what, fourth time? That’s where i get confused. Where does loyalty actually sit if you’ve been thrown out and ostracized?
I mean, Da wasn’t trying to keep Tiff out of actual loyalty. It was means to an end to get Frank while also having a number to use in her break the showmance plan. It could be argued that Tiff wouldn’t even be in the predicament she was in if Da hadn’t started the hate ball rolling, and Da was one of the first to say okay Tiff’s got to go once Paulie won HOH. So, if Da was disloyal to Tiff from the beginning, Then decided to use her, then threw her away again, does Tiff owe loyalty to Da? Imo she doesn’t.
When the 8 pack and the Fatal 5 both disavowed Tiffany (and started leaving rooms when she entered), they used her resulting paranoia to fuel the Vanessa fire. They target her, tell her she’s safe all week, and then tell her she was the target until they saved her, then immediately jump back on board with targeting her again the next day. So again, I’m wondering what loyalty she owes them?
The only one that I think Tiffany owes anything is Michelle. and I’m still confused about their falling out. Is it because Michelle is cutting her losses since Paulie won, and he has such a raging case of Vannesitis that there should be a cream for that, or is it because of the lies that Paul made up in his create a bigger target broken telephone campaign? That part I still don’t get.
With Paulie telling Paul to throw a dummy vote to save Tiff to keep Frank thinking he has an ally, I see how things could go awry. If Frank and Tiff were actually able to secure Corey and Nicole (the fickle flipflop decision makers that they are), there could be a real upset to Paulie’s plans.
But tbh, what more does Tiffany actually have to contribute to the game? In terms of social aspect and influence, she has no currency. So does it matter if she is saved in terms of game progression? Only if you want the drama of Frank and Paulie’s coming war to escalate more quickly. Only if you want the paranoia of another ‘who flipped’ week to happen. But realistically, either outcome of save Da or save Tiff has that effect. While the intrigue is fun to watch, I don’t really think the outcome matters.


Agreed – Well said!!


Even if Frank was joking about calling her a slut, why do some men think it’s appropriate? Think of the women in your lives and ask yourselves if you want another man calling them that.


If said maliciously, with cruel intent, it is wrong. However, given the context, it was said in response to his jokingly being called a douche by Day it was entirely appropriate. Day can give it but not take it and vilified Frank as a result.


I am so over this butt popping thing…YES Frank was wrong to do it but its obvious that both Day and Z way over blew the situation to simply make Frank look bad and get him evicted. Z who constantly is going around talking shit about other people is in no position to call anyone rude or mean…neither is her buddy Michelle


Black people can’t swim.

Road Rash

I thought that was a myth. But, one day I started watching wave pool rescue videos on youtube, and every last one of them was of a black kid out in the deep end slipping off his/her tube. Must’ve seen two or three dozen in a row.

african american (woman)

Keep watching because some black people can swim has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

woman of color

Some African American’s can swim and won swimming championships like NCAA, US National Teams and US Olympic. Chris Silva, Anthony Neatly, Fred Evans, Anthony Ervin, Simone Maneul, Lia Neal, Natalie Hinds and Maritza McClendon first african american to win an olympic medal, 1-2-3 african americam women finish at women’s NCAA at divison 1 NCAA and many more have won metals\meets.

So Black

Well I can sure swim and I’m as Black as they come Welcome to 2016! Let’s all celebrate yayyy

woman of color

Now! Let’s get back to the BB game#####


And white men can’t jump. Did you think twice before you made that sweeping statement about an entire race of people?


Paul is too stupid to be playing along. He is honestly as dumb as a bag of rocks and will probably float right to the final 5


Damn get rid of Da, around so I can see some real action. I don’t understand wanting to get someone out who hasn’t won anything. Maybe she calls you on your bs, and the truth hurts but other then that I don’t see it.


Even the fucking awnings hate Paul. Shut his ass up for a few seconds at least.


“Well that resolves me of all my awning duties.”

Paul the genius needs some vocabulary lessons.


Everybody keeps ragging on Da about she can’t win a competition if it saved her life (I somewhat agree). However, Da is not the only one. Nicole’s HOH was handed to her by the not so smart newbies. Tiff won RK which probably won’t make a difference, and Bridgette won HOH and POV. If people are going to criticize Da, then they need to criticize the rest of the females in the House


In all fairness Nicole did finish first on her team in that competition. Then they chose her to be HOH. But you also failed to mention Z, Meech and Nat have not won a dang thing either. I miss the Janelle’s, Rachelle’s and even Jordan could win every now and then. Those girls fought and beat the boys a lot, maybe not Jordan to much but she was still one of my favorites.


Aaryn also won a lot of competitions. Not sure if it was because of the Adderall though

What's Your Snap BB

Man who wouldn’t just absolutely POUNNNNNNNNDDDDD Nicole?

african american (woman)

Black people can swim! All race can swim why be racists.


So everyone that has called out Frank is now backing him again because he aligned himself with Tiffany? Please, Frank is crude and it is not appropriate to touch more so pat someone else’s butt, whether it is joking or not unless the other person gave him/her permission to. I do not think it is malicious but Day is not in the wrong to feel harassed about it. If Jozea comes back and suddenly grabs crotches of the male and justifies his behavior as “something I do back home” will he be given a free pass to? Will it be the male housemates fault if they feel uncomfortable around it? Day is a sucky player but don’t try to blame her for feeling harassed by Frank for what he did.

BeefCake Awning

Perhaps Frank has a curiousity about black girls. He only slapped Day and Zak on the b*tt. I think he probably wanted to have a showmance with Day, but she was having none of it.


I think big brother should start giving out $10,000.00 in the finale for the person that floated the longest. Every year I am surprised by how many players run on other players coat tails and never when anything lol, but make it longer than some of the stronger players.
This year Zak, Nicole,Paul , James. Who will go longer


Paul…..”If I win HOH next week, I am going to rip off my balls and nail one each to Frank and Bridgette’s forehead!” ……”Friendship”


Totally off topic!! Does anyone remember when and why Paulie stopped trusting and or talking to Tiff? Did his coded HOH letter trigger this?


Even though Nicole’s personality has been a bit on the annoying side, kudos for her to be willing to teach Z how to swim if she asked.


Tiffany is talking to Paulie and exposing Da ‘Vonne. She also told him that Da’Vonne is the one who told her to put up Corey. Paulie is telling her that he didn;t understand why Da’Vonne was so upset that Corey won and what she is telling him does make sense and that her and Frank should confront her on her lies. Tiffany says she is planning on doing that. Hope Frank and Tiffany confronts her in front of everyone.


It’s a good week to have the feeds. Feel free to use your free week…