Tiffany “I know what I’m f**king talking about. F**king Idiot! He’s a male chauvinist f**king a$$hole!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 01-44-02-881
12:10am In the bathroom – Nicole tells Corey that Victor said that Bronte is putting you and I up together. And he’s putting up you and James. Anyone else on his team are putting up you and James and you’re the target. Corey says this is so weird. Nicole says he said that you and James are always pranking. Corey says I haven’t pulled one prank. Nicole says anyways you’ve got to get him first.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 01-42-28-610

In the safari room – Paulie tells Michelle that Natalie and Bronte were tipped off. Michelle yells are you kidding!? Paulie says that Frank told Natalie to keep to herself but then she ran and told Bridgette and Bronte… because now they’re acting weird. Michelle asks are you 100% sure Jozea’s going home? Paulie says he planted the seed for like the comp .. he was like look you can have protection.. Michelle asks but he didn’t say anything about Jozea going home? Paulie says nope. He was like I’m not voting my teammate out. Its not like he said Paulie ain’t going home. I think she 100% went to Bronte because she and Bridgette looked petrified. When she and Natalie were talking and James came in the room they went dead silent. Paulie says the HOH is right after so it works in our favor because the only one trying for HOH is him (Victor). Michelle says the thing that I don’t want to happen the weeks progress is like for them to disperse and team up with them. Paulie says no, please keep yourself from thinking that. The plan is to get them all out. The Priority is to get Vic out and then Bronte. Nicole, Corey and Tiffany join them. Paulie says they’re not being brought on to our side, Frank just didn’t want Natalie helping Vic. Tiffany says this is perfect for Frank now .. because now they’re going to go to him. Information is power and should have been a group decision. I just think moving forward that’s how we should all operate. Paulie says I think just for a selfish reason of us wanting to see all their faces. I trust Frank’s motives. Frank joins them and asks what happened. Paulie says that is obviously clear that Natalie told Bronte.. And Bronte told Jozea. Nicole & Tiffany are pissed at you. Frank says I’m not worried about it. Tiffany says that Jozea knows now. Frank says you don’t know that! You’re speculating.. all of ya’ll are! Shut the f**k up! I’m not about to get grilled about this sh*t! Paulie says I trust Frank. Tiffany says I’m not saying that, I just think there are something you need to be careful with your words.

12:25am In the bedroom – Natalie and Bridgette are talking. Bridgette says I don’t trust either side. Bridgette asks who do you trust more Victor or James. Natalie says I don’t know. They’re both telling me that he’s lying to me. People are saying that James is lying to me and then people are saying that Victor is lying to me. Victor can go have sex with anybody, I don’t care. Bridgette says they’re both going to be scrambling for your support. Bridgette says I don’t trust my team. Bridgette says please don’t tell anyone that I told you because if Frank finds out, I am f**ked. Bronte asks are people asking you to vote for.. Natalie says no, they’re just asking who I’m voting for.

In the storage room – Bronte tells Paul that people are freaking out. Paul asks what people? Bronte says Bridgette is freaking out that Jozea might be going home. Paul asks why would she be freaking out.. What is her reasoning? Bronte says I don’t know. Gut feeling. Bronte tells Paul we’re screwed. Paul says no we’re not. In the event that that happens we need to win HOH. If that happens its on, its on like donkey kong. Rambo mode. Jozea joins and Paul leaves. Bronte tells Jozea that Bridgette has a gut feeling that Paulie is staying. Jozea says you can’t let James get in ya’lls heads tonight. Bronte says I told Natalie not to trust James or Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 02-32-29-405
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12:50am – 1:15am HOH room – Nicole says I don’t care if Jozea knows .. I just don’t want Vic to be prepared and go an win HOH and put me and Corey up. Frank says part of me doing this was to get the heat off you and James. If anybody is going to catch heat for this, its me and James. If Natalie & Bronte tell him that I told them this ..then the heat is going to come back on me because all week I’ve been telling them the opposite. They’re still going to be blindsided because the still think the have Z and Day’s vote. Nicole says they don’t think Jozea is going home. Corey joins them and says that Day and Z said it was getting heated up here. Frank says Tiffany and I just got at each other for a minute. Tiffany says I didn’t say anything. You got a little freaky. Frank says no you started grilling me .. its fine. Tiffany says her style of communication is different from his and I can explain it unless you don’t care to hear me out. Frank says I really don’t right now. Tiffany says see that’s the attitude.. I can’t stand you. Tiffany leaves. Nicole says you can’t tell a girl you don’t want to hear her out. Davonne joins them. Frank says it doesn’t change anything if she votes the other way .. if she does she can go next week. Day says that Tiffany is fragile and cracks under pressure. Nicole comes back and says that Tiffany is crying and is very pissed off at you. Frank says when I came into the safari room she jumped down my throat and I told her I don’t need to be grilled by her. Frank says I just can’t f**k deal with it. What’s she going to do, jump on the short bus? Honestly I wanted her to stop because I can’t deal with it the next few weeks. She acts like I was doing something bad and I was doing it to get the heat off you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 03-03-29-409

1am In the bedroom – Tiffany, James, Nicole and Bridgette. Tiffany is pissed off about Frank. Tiffany says guys and their god damn egos. You say something and they can’t take it. Like they’re being 1 up’d. I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I’m f**king smart and I know what I’m f**king talking about. F**king Idiot! He’s a male chauvinist f**king a$$hole! That’s what he is and he’s done this twice to me already! He’s threatened by me and its so f**king obvious. Because you know why .. because I have a brain and know what I’m saying. And he feels like he has all the girls. I’m sorry I’m not one of those girls. I know what the f**k I’m doing and he’s playing with f**King fire is what he’s doing right now!! He’s f**king rude! He’s a male chauvinist and I can’t stand that sh*t! At least Jozea isn’t like that… he’s going home but he’s not like that. I don’t know if he’s going home but whatever! He starts yelling and I do not respond well to that because I will f**king 1 up you! He did this to me the wine night. The whole thing started and I didn’t even raise my voice. F**k me over once shame on me, what is it ..f**k me over once shame on you, f**k me over twice shame on me. I’ve studied psychology .. I know what he’s doing. Nicole says I understand. Tiffany says this is great now America is seeing this. Nicole leaves. DaVonne and James comfort her. Tiffany starts crying. She says that she doesn’t really think he’s a chauvinist.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 03-06-07-403

2:30am Paul and Jozea are talking in the safari room. Jozea says he can’t sleep with all these people walking around and hustling. They better hope that if I go home, that they don’t keep me for returning because if I pop back in I will cuss them out. All of them! They bring back the strongest and someone that will make things happen. And the only one is me. She can’t do it.. And all of the returners would be a waste of time to bring back. They won’t bring back a returner. If they bring back anybody it will more or less be me. I would have it out for every single last one. I would walk in and be like you’re on my hit list, you’re on my hit list, you’re on my hit list.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 03-26-39-837

3:40am All the house guests are sleeping except for Paulie ..

8:40am lights on but Everyone sleeping
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 03-39-27-189

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-30 09-18-50-935

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BB Draft

Tiffany is giving me BB 17 flashbacks. That Vanessa game isn’t going to work this season.

Awesome Man

She should just smile when people treat her like a dog like everyone else in the house. Too bad she only lets someone walk on her twice before she’s had enough.


If I were Tiffany, I would tell the other side that Frank was the Road Kill winner, and put up Paul and Bridgette. That would shut his big fat mouth up real quick…

nicole's diary room voice

I would trade Tiffany’s spot in the 8 pack for Paulie ASAP. I can’t take two summers in a row with all that Russo crying over dramatic BS.


agree a hundo × 100%!!!!!!


So quick to jump to the male chauvinist accusations. How about you where the only one throwing shade at Frank. The others were chill about the whole thing. Van 2.0.

Tiff has daddy issues. She is what happens when you have a father that has had 6 kids with 4 different wives.


Did you not see Nicole and Michelle questioning Frank? You would have to be blind and deaf not to see and hear what they were saying.


Did you not see Tiff was the only one to overreact and cry about?

If anyone has the right to be mad, it is Paulie and no one else. He still on the block.

Tiff is just being a whiny crybaby.


I did see her cry. I also saw Michelle literally sob in bed because she thinks she’s “gained weight”. I also saw Nicole bawl for what seemed like an eternity because she thinks she will now be victors target.

I love how everyone is bashing one houseguest for crying, but ignoring the other two that cried for less. Give me a break.

Min O'Pause

If she’s upset now I wonder how she’ll be when she hits 50+? Things that should be wet will be dry, things that should be dry will be wet, her boobs will be bouncin’ offa her knees and there will be hair growing in places that shouldn’t be growing hair. Not that I know about that….

Jon Snow King in the North

are you kidding? What Frank did is selfish. He is in a group. That should have been a group decision. He is trying to get Natalie on his side. ALL OF 8 Pack should have scolded him, not just Tiff. Or at least they should all discuss this together and tell him to consult with group. NOW I remember why I did not care for Frank his last season.


No one scolded him but other people did question him. In fact, they said way more than Tiffany. Actually, he did get scolded by Nicole and Corey, but that was after Tiffany left the room.


I am not kidding anyone. There is a difference between fellow alliance members questioning his motives, which others did do in a calm fashion. Versus, getting in an argument then running to a bedroom crying and claiming male chauvinism. She has issues with men, it is quite clear.

Nicely Done

I loved seeing Frank shut her down. That’s the way they should’ve handled Vanessa last season, but they were too afraid of upsetting the crazy lady and that allowed her to gain more traction in the game than she deserved.

Franks' farts

Frank is trying to pull a Derrick. Cozy up and protect the girls, get a strong, dumb guy to take you to the end. Lets see if he can stay off the block all season like Derrick did. So far he is nobody’s No 1 target.


Derek sucks Derek was guided Derek’s season was phony wake up
Frank sucks


Whoa!!! Where is all this hatred for Derek coming from? It’s not his fault he’s the best. Frank is just trying to use what he learned from watching him and Dan who is second best. Bring back Derek!!!!!

Detective Glenn

Wasn’t Glenn supposed to be your Derek 3.0, Van the Lawyer was Derek 2.0, now Frank’s Inquisition is in play without the college credentials, he can be Derek 3.5


Your mom’s name is Frank?


Frank should have just kept his mouth shut and Paulie should have campaigned at least a little bit so he wouldn’t look so comfortable. NO ONE is ever that comfortable with going home. Just shows how clueless the dark side is.


Frank not only ruined the blindside for the 8pac…he ruined it for the viewing public! Because of his big mouth we will not get the perfect blindside reaction from Josea & his crew. Thanks a lot Frank…I, for one, am going to hold this against you….
He did it for purely selfish reasons. And yes, I know this is BB & most reasons for doing things are selfish. But when called out for it by Tiff, he resorted to bullying her by yelling & cursing at her. I was rooting for him early on, but now…no. I don’t like bullies!
So Frank, it is my sincere hope that “what goes around, comes around” & when it does, we see the blindside you deprived us of with Josea.

Capt Obvious

Telling someone you don’t need to hear what they think is bullying!?!
You sensitive puss.


Stop throwing around the ‘bully’ word. You give it less meaning when you use it because someone gets mad at someone. Bullying is a repeated or habitual behaviour. It happened once so not bullying.

Smart Guy

Last night was the second time Frank has lashed out at Tiffany in 2 days. How many times does something have to happen before it’s considered repeated behavior?

Guy From Canada

If Tiffs behaviour is the same, and Frank gives the same reaction, is it bullying or habitual? Not justifying treatment, trying to understand why Frank is talking that way. I still remember from bb14 right before Frank and Boogie walked into the hoh room to create the silent 6 alliance on top of the quack pack……The way Frank talked with boogie then in a rude condescending manner was just him being himself to his closest ally and friend. I think he is just being himself, and not putting up with stoopid…..


If Frank wanted to “throw himself on the sword” and protect Nicole and James why wouldn’t he just say he won Roadkill? Or has he? i think that would surely piss off the other side of the house more and piss off his side of the house less rather then talking about the votes with Natalie.

Fact is he’s not protecting Nicole and James or taking any heat off anyone. And anyone actually believing him in his “8 pack” should self evict. When has anybody who knows how to play Big brother ever taken more heat to save someone else?

Smart Guy

Her outrageous emotional outburst occurred at: 6-25 8:58 pm Cam 1

Frank knew he was wrong, that’s why he came out groveling, phony as it was, at 9:28 pm Cam 3.

If only she could control her hysterical outbursts!

Holy snapcrackle&pop

Frank is losing my support quickly. He reacted toward tiff with anger, not because she was “grilling” him but b/c he already did not like her and he had to cover the guilt he has for singlehandedly blowing the blindside. He did it so he could be the guy the other side runs to after the evict because “he was trying to warn and protect them”….no not really! He’s just trying to play both sides and the angry outburst at tiff took the spotlight off what he did and threw blame on her. I would hate him and feel antagonistic toward him if he went off on me twice too! Some posters here have the same prob that the players have….they don’t see Tiffany….they see her sister. Frank was just being a dick.


Agree 100% So disappointed with Frank. He knew he stepped outside the alliance. He’s too cocky for his own good…that’s why he was so defensive with Tiff. Hit a nerve


The problem with Tiffany is that she is an emotional player. And even though people in twitter are saying that not because she is showing emotions doesn’t mean that she is an emotional player, she is a big nutcase. Once she heard something that isn’t a part of her grand scheme of things, she questions the one delivering the news to her and/or the other person involved on the news. Realistically, if she only kept to herself what Day said to her about James, she will gain herself brownie points from her, instead she stormed off and immediately talked to James, in the eyes of the already doubtful Day. She could’ve just passed it off and try to build and mend bridges quietly with him in the next few days (say today). In today’s incident with Frank, she is the first person to actually see through Frank’s motives, and had she just waited for a fatal five meeting, she could exposed and point out what Frank is doing (which is building an army). If she had done that then people may have actually tried to listen to her instead of just coming across as one big trainwreck needed to be consoled. As of now her words meant no bearing because people are just seeing her as having a vendetta towards another player who shut her down.


I mean that’s all well and good, but you’re watching from the outside and know the extent of what’s happening. She doesn’t. Frank was being a douche, I would imagine it’s frustrating when you can’t really say what you want back to him because you’re trying to avoid being a target.

And honestly, you’re calling her an emotional train wreck when you have Michelle literally sobbing under the covers because she thinks she now weighs 115 pounds, and Nicole crying her eyes out for 30 minutes straight because she’s afraid she’ll be Vic’s target now. At least Tiffany had a legit reason to cry lol


Why is anyone crying? Just stop.


I agree 100% that Tiff needs to control her anger/emotions.. however like Vanessa, she isn’t letting it affect her actions in the game- she didn’t blow up any information which is the key (unlike Frank). Nicole was actually the first to call out what Frank was doing, so she sees exactly what Tiff sees. The difference is she played it cool in front of Frank. That being said, Nicole is going to fall into the same trap she did her season.. she is putting way too much trust in Corey and is scared to do anything about Frank AND is letting other people persuade her too much about how to look at a situation.

Michelle and Day both told Tiff last night that her approach is off.. she will take this info and use it I think. Although Corey and Frank may try and target Tiff in 3 weeks, I don’t believe Day and Nicole will (although Corey could persuade her). Regarding the James thing… she talked to Day about going to James AND she kept her word to Day about not mentioning her- Day double checked this with James. I think Day does trust Tiff, but much like Austin did with Van is just using her name as a shield for her.

All Frank’s actions did yesterday was put a target on his back from ALL the girls that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. He overplayed and outed his true feelings about Tiff (which she was oblivious to before).


Frank is being an @ss. And she is right, Frank’s saying way too much. I really don’t understand why he’s doing this. There’s no real reason. All he did was make Natalie more cautious of him. Stupid.

Big Movez

Frank wants to be a big mover in his F2 speech to win the game. He’s gonna keep making “slips” gathering minions cuz he doesn’t want James, Nicole or Day to win or James to even make it to Jury. He loves Nicole as block bait, first returner to go. Notice he’s afraid to talk game or tough with guys, he & James kiss up to Paul & Vic & throw Nicole utb to “stir things up”. Frank is losing it, playing too hard too early will bite him, Day won’t go down on his ship


Unfortunately, I agree. Frank was my favorite going in, but it’s playing too recklessly and aggressively too early. It’s a 180 from his last appearance, so i appreciate the extra effort, but damnit Frank…get it together!


I have to admit I haven’t been a strong supporter of Tiffany’s until now, but she is right on some points when it comes to Frank. He should have kept his mouth shut. But he had to go that one step further with Natalie. Plus Frank does have a lot of the girls wrapped around his finger and it’s only for his benefit. He is only looking out for himself. I am not buying his excuse He was doing this to take the heat off Nicole and James – He was doing this because he knew his name was being floated out there that last few nights as a possible target !!!
Also for him to not want and even try and have a civil conversation with Tiffany about it but rather swear at her and dismiss her the way he did – Rather left me with a bad taste in my mouth .
Like I said before Frank is playing way too hard right now, But after the way he spoke to Tiffany – Nope get GRIP Buddy !!!! – Even she didn’t deserve that.

Capt Obvious

“He is only looking out for himself”….
BBAlias, I’d like to introduce you to a television show. It’s called Big Brother.
It used to be an amazing show until the Sensitive World took over blogs and what used to make contestants legends now makes them “terrible or nasty people” who should lose their jobs, be kicked out of college & where they live, ect.

Control Freak Frank

Frank blew the blind side, putting everyone’s game in jeopardy without regard, after telling everyone else not to bring up the Vic/Nicole “truth” until next week. On feeds Frank was Pissed Tiff was talking to Nat, which has been everyone else’s right, she gave nothing away, but he complained who does she think she is trying to “make a move” without me. Da, James, Nicole, Zak, Corey & Paulie don’t ask permission before every convo they have with the other side. Michelle spends all day combing her wig & crying about her appearance. So Frank has to threaten Tiff with eviction next? He’s never done that with anyone, for “questioning” him? He’d rather she go hide & cry like Nicole. His F2 is showing big time, but Tiff’s tantrums that announced Joz is going home or in the open sealed her Fate as dangerous, even she knows she didn’t want America to see the Rousso Show. If she’d only gathered the girls or Fatal Five to plot moves about his using them as expendable info agents & block bait. There is no way Frank did this to protect Nicole & James, he was 8-packs downfall.


Vanessa’s sister will or at least should be looking to pick up the other newbie girls to form her own group. She can pass it off that the guys don’t take them seriously. She just needs to calm down a bit and I think she’d have a good chance once Jozea is gone. Perfect opportunity to bust things up with the road kill thing.


Frank is the same scumbag he’s always been.

Jimmy 64

He still acting like mike boogie
That guy was a bad influence on him !!!


I am beginning to see what I have suspected for a few days now. Frank has been building trust and relationships so that he can pick up pieces from each side of the house and form his own little team to go against the other two sides.

Misty Beethoven

And that, my friend, is how you play Big Brother. You know, the old the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Hell, we’re just at the beginning. By the end of the season, Michelle could be in the cat bird seat (God forbid), Frank and Paul could be best friends in jury, and Nicole could have a pixie cut. We just have to see who slips and who survives.


And lets not forget that Frank is not in Fatal Five. Even though his mega alliance is sitting pretty, he is not in a power position. He needs to make a move at some point and to do that he needs to plant some seeds around the house. If he just sits around and puts all his eggs in the 8-pack basket, the Fatal Five will dump him as soon as the herd thins out.


How can tiff be EXACTLY like her sister. Wtf production how much did you pay her.

Motorboat Natalie

I love Frank but he’s really made 2 major mistakes recently. Telling Natalie any information about the vote is stupid. They don’t need her vote so why would he give her that info. Makes no sense. His dealing with Tiffany was also a bad move. Everyone knows she’s unstable and emotional as hell. My gut feeling is that she might be even crazier than Vanessa and I didn’t think that was possible.


He is building trust with the other side, if you look at it frank is potentially in the best position out of everyone. In the current situation, no matter who he is sitting next to, he will stay. Not to mention that he is actually building an army that will blindside and eliminate his targets in 8 pack (Day, Tiff, Michelle) in case the revolution wins hoh. If you listen to frank, he wants Victor and Bronte and then Tiff out, that gives him a six (Bridgette, Paulie, Corey, James, Natalie and him) person alliance against the remaining girls. He also mentions of potentially picking up Paul. Unless Davonne and Nicole listens to Tiff (which I doubt they will because she is a loose erratic cannon), they are in for a disaster against Frank.


Except now Natalie doesn’t trust him. He took it too far. He actually had the opposite effect because Natalie is a bit more observant than he seems to think. You could tell by her conversations after Frank’s little talk with her that now she’s starting to question him. He would’ve been better off just staying quiet last night.

Frankly Disloyal

Frank proved he refuses to keep a secret & LOVE Natalie for telling him she’s not going back on her word top her group, while Frank blubbers she’ll never be a target for going against him. He knows he blew it, he knows she proved him untrustworthy and THAT’S why he blew up on Tiff, because he knows he blew his credibility & integrity. There isn’t a chick in that house that will trust him after threatening Tiff with eviction for having the balls to question him. Tiff should be the girls rallying point, at least undercover. Frank appears a closet misogynist for sucking on Newbies Boobies while throwing every girls game on his team under the bus. Day, Zak, Nic, Tiff, Michelle, Natalie, Bridge, Bronte (8) won’t forget it. And Day will tell James, Paulie & Corey (11) that Frankly Disloyal wants James out before Jury… time to reorg these alliances & see how Frank & his BFF’s Paul & Vic pull battle of the “we can’t handle chicks” off.

Awesome Man

She’s not really emotional as hell, she’s just the only one that’s been repeatedly talked down to. Her reaction to being talked to like a dog is pretty much what anyone would do. That’s why the people in the room were getting on to Frank after he got his panties in a wad again. He was wrong then just like he was wrong to expose the plan so he could look like the good guy to the other side after the vote. Too bad he hasn’t talked to Da that way, otherwise, it would have been on. She’s not emotional, though, that’s why she was in 2 blowouts 5 days into the feeds last year.


Tiffany first with the big tears, next she will break out with pimples. So Vanessa…


Frank is a total screwball, just when I was starting to like him. The cat is out of the bag, it will no longer be a blindside, Frank ruined that. Frank says he did it for Nicole, but really all he was thinking about was his damn self and getting some brownie points with Natalie. Now that he’s totally pissed off Tiffany, she might change her vote and that could influence Za and Da. Well it could be a blindside after all, with Paulie going home. Would love to see the expressions on Nicole and Frank’s faces when Jozea stays.


Ha this will not happen- Paulie and Tiff are working together, she would never vote him out. She could try and flip it so Bridge goes, but that also isn’t a smart move. She will take this information and use it later- for example to get Natalie on her side. Zak doesn’t like Tiff so she won’t ever take her side (she is jealous of her relationship with Paulie). Day knows its too early to go against Frank- her plan is to plant seeds and get the target put on Frank, James, and Tiff so she can last longer. However, she won’t ever be the one to target any of them- she is just setting them up to eat each other.

Mrs. Mac

Ahhh, there’s the crazy. Welcome back, Vanessa!!


I hope it all blows up in Frank’s face. I would not buy his BS that he threw himself on the sword and blabbed to save anyone but his own self. He is just doing damage control so that when Josea goes home the players loyal to Josea won’t come gunning hardest for him for lying so glibly to them for A WEEK! Making them look like fools on national TV. He is actually doing the opposite and throwing the heat on to James and Nicole. Then he acts all high and mighty when someone from his alliance DARES to question him for going off script and making executive decisions for the group. Who is the Queen of Sheba now?

Mastermind Frank-instein

ITA Frank has outed himself, screaming threatening his own team-mates with eviction, floating which vets are going before jury, sucking on Newbie girls while yelling he’s the only one making decisions & moves and he’s too superior to answer questions or another point of view? James & Frankie-Monster#2 already threw Nicole utb to rankle Vic, Paul, Joz & SpyGirlz since their charm couldn’t buy a vote. “Keep my secret” while he throws everyone else’s game to the wolves won’t make him popular.

Paul is a douche

Tiffany needs to self evict and take Jozea, Bronte, Bridgette, Paul and Victor with her.


Yeah… that would make for an exciting season…


In a game to win half a million bucks, do whatever you can to win.


Did everyone know that Tiff is Van’s sister???????


All of the 8 pack know plus Paulie. I doubt the rest of the people in the house even know who vanessa is. Don’t think they’ve watched much big brother lol

BB Camera

If she’d stop apologizing to Vanessa into every camera in the house, she might have kept it a secret. Calling out all the Rousso flaws, dressing like her with that & glasses indoor spy get-up doesn’t convince anyone she’s playing her own game either.


Uhhh she didn’t want to keep it a secret. In fact Van told her to be upfront about it.

Too Bad

1) BUT she didn’t tell everyone
2) It’s not working out for her per vets w/PTSD
3) she’s trying not to put on a “Rousso Show”, her words
4) keeps talking about how America will hate her after another meltdown
5) Already called out on her “shady” looks by Newbies
6) Announcing she’s Bi didn’t go over well with Paul+ etc as manipulation


Frank was definitely being self serving b/c he didn’t just have the convo with Natalie he also had it with Bridgette in the room. He’s been warned repeatedly about Brig and chose to ignore it b/c he wants to have those 2 girls with him Paulie, Corey, Paul & Zakiya. I think his goal is to try to play the vets 4 but take out all the newbs he doesn’t have a connection with.

The problem is Natalie wants a girl to win and while Frank isn’t saying he won’t help Bronte, James is being straight up with her. He is the one who has always told her the truth (and remember I said it yesterday I could see them switching out Tiff for Nat? Well they are already discussing it).

Here is the flaw in his plan. Once the Fatal 5 talk and recognize what Frank was really doing they will initially be angry but Day will work her charms on Natalie who wants to work with girls. Corey is super close to Nicole as is James.

At some point one if not all the vets will go to Frank & say do you recognize it made it look like you were making the decisions for the group? and we haven’t done that all week.

I think Frank’s over playing will cost him as it’s more likely Nicole will be able to pull in Corey and James with the girls than Frank will (including Natalie). While Frank may gun for Tiff she’ll be driven to win and gun for him now.

Bottom line, it was a completely unnecessary move and if he really was doing it for Nicole/James he would have told them prior (like EVERYTHING else they’ve done all week).

Day is way too smart not to see through it and I suspect she’ll be the one to pull him back into focus. And while Frank may still think he can have his 2 sides this overt action for his own gain only served to spotlight what he was attempting to do. Sad part is he could have achieved the same result without being overt.

Watch Day, Nic & Zak work their magic on Natalie now to pull her in and have James and Corey in line with them over Frank. Even Nic has a good relationship with Paul who’ll change a ton once Jozea leaves and esp if Vic leaves next.

At least it changes the dynamic as I think Frank’s line drawn in the sand proved he had no intention of working to F4 with the vets!


I tried not to hate tiff because of her sister but she is her stupid sister.
I hope she gets evicted next I never want to see a russo ever again. The whole family must be must be crazy.


And your whole family must be internet trolls. They must be so proud of you.

Good luck with rooting for Paul and Jozea for final 2. Lol. Your season ends tonight. Oh well. U can always troll the Amazing Race boards.


Wow, aren’t you defensive anf agressive, they just said they don’t like Tinessa’s game style and you are calling them a troll. Eek, pretty sure you are the troll’in, eek, now you got me troll,in. Just chill, people can have their opinions.


Im going for Paul and Jozea for final 2 give the US the winners they deserve.


I hope that was your attempt at sarcasm.


It’s probably jinxed now… Everyone is So sure Jozeas jerk butt is going home, he sadly probably won’t… Sucks…

Melodie Veaira

Who wants to be a (half) millionaire? As one of the twists, a houseguest could get to “phone a friend” for advice. The “friend” could be a former hg that gives them advice on their game. Someone like Dan G., Rachel, Ian…
Tiffany could really use that reward. She’s not looking too stable. The fact she’s Van’s sis makes her outbursts more suspect.
Bronte could like call someone, like, and like talk to them, like, about how smart she is, like for sure, like her spy girls will like dominate -final 3!

Smart Guy

Her reactions to being provoked are very stable. That’s what anyone in the house would do if they were provoked twice in 2 days by the same person.

Smart Guy

It was actually twice in 4 days.


Oh Crap on Cracker… I am starting to remember why some of these vets went hoe when they did. Frank: was on the block partially because of Boogie, but, also because he was an arrogant ass that did not know when to shut up and make allies. Nicole, playing better than most vets she has a strong ally this season. Mamma Da actually doing way better ally in Zak (Note: What is happening now is what took out Mamma Da in week 2 last season her ally’s sucked and started to turn on each other and she got screwed. Mamma Da was not a good target it was a misstep that hurt her team later on. Thanks Audrey.), James stop the pranking, it is what is making him a target.

That being said… Stupid is what stupid does. People have big mouths. When you do not have the numbers locked in and solid… shut up, Campaign to get votes, Paulie should know that he can play double agent really easy, he is a highly desirable commodity that both sides would be willing to keep… way more than Bridgette (Sorry Girl) and that he could get the vets and enough Newbies vote to saving him. He has Zak that is friendly with Jozea and Paul, it would childs play to convince that it is better to evict Bridgette…. get two votes over Vic and Paul over to evict Bridgette… it would not hurt for some vets to embrace and be supportive of Bridgette it would scare Vic and Paul over to vote Vic out. They didn’t do that and it is biting them in the butt.

So now How it looks:

Paulie: Paul, Victor, Bronte and Natalie (4)
Jozea: Corey, Frank, Da, Zak, Michelle and Tiff (6)
Bridgette: (o)

There are huge cracks One crack makes a tie and two cracks gets Paulie evicted.
The good news is next week this whole thing can flip like a dime depending on the HoH and the roadkill, but I will say that the only allies set in stone are Paul and Vic… Nicole, Corey, Da, James and Zak…. I did not include Frank because he has already shown that he is in it for himself, he backstabbed 2 ally’s and counting. Should be fun to watch. Tiff and Michelle are feeling betrayed already and the other girls are kinda playing make believe right now… I don’t know where their heads are.


James doesn’t get to vote?


James is getting kicked to Hong Kong.


Thanks Hmm, I forgot James was being kicked back to Hong Kong by Bronte!!

The Usual Suspect

So does this mean James is abstaining from voting?


Da’Vonne went home because when she got caught sneaking around the house she caught serious attitude and basically told Clay/Shelly and the rest of them to not question her and she didn’t need to tell them anything.


Dear God Tiffany and Vanessa must have been a couple of pain in the ass kids to raise.


That or they are pain in the ass adults because of how they were raised!

Bolt Uprite

Tiffany is just like her sister, she just hasn’t had any power yet. They are both emotional messes, paranoid, every difference of opinion is a betrayal, a mere remark or suggestion is a hidden plot, their minds sway around wildly with imagined slights. At least she hasn’t been afflicted with the Pustules of Power yet.

Chill Town 4Life

One thing Frank has going for him is that Tiffany is a head case. Frank can play that card up amongst the other hg’s if he has to. Even with this move, Frank, is attempting to make moves for down the road. Sure, it may all blow up in his face, but in case things don’t go his alliances was, at least, he is attempting to cover his rear end.


People here still butthurt over Vanessa. They can’t even hide it they just keep typing her name showing she still in their head.

Frank is way over playing for first 2 weeks. He is on a lot of ppls radar now and will have to win comps to stay next few weeks. I don’t see the older dough boy Frank winning 3 POVs in a row like on his season. His days are numbered.

Tiff has laid back and observed. And now will gather her troops to take deep in the game. Michelle and Natalie and Paulie as of now. Paulie is buying a little of Franks B.S. but that will change when Tiff maps out for Paulie how Frank is actually playing.

Day fears Tiff but I even think Day did not like how Frank came at Tiff. Also Day knows Tiff has done nothing really wrong. Day knows it’s her Day that has led to the negative Tiff banter. Day could serve herself well rolling with Tiff and pick off Frank.

Johnny Depp

Tiffany is no different than Dayvonne being paranoid ALL the time, Nicole and her whiny voice over a date and who’s target list she’s on and Paul panicking about the Roadkill pick…I could go on but a lot of people are playing on emotion this season…she just shares Vanessa’s last name.

Butters Mom

Why does Bronte give Nicole mean looks and why does Nicole care so much?


I’ve been watching and I really wish I knew what da and Frank have against Tiffany. Until now I haven’t seen her be very emotional at all. I’ve heard them call her that and tell everyone she’s emotional but I have yet to see it. Seems like everyone thinks that because frank and da keep saying it. I don’t know why he’s so rude to her

Smart Guy

In Frank’s case it’s called Psychological Projection:

“I just can’t trust Tiffany. I just can’t trust her!” “I think I’ll go tell the other side of the house about the vote.”

And in Da’s case it’s called Propaganda:

Tiffany: “Who said that?”


Da: “Wow, Tiffany is so emotional! We need to keep things from her.”


I really like Tiffany’s boobs. That’s about it. Natalie’s boobs are like rocks.

Biggest Boob Job

Neither are bigger boobs than you.

Breast Mode Cowboy

Rocks describes central casting’s mental capacity, this shows demographic & Paul’s unused torn off manhood.

Smart Guy

Da has done a really good job at pumping the “Tiffany is so emotional” nonsense. Every chance she gets she’s talking about how emotional Tiffany is when she isn’t even doing anything. All she has to do is ask a question and she’s met with “CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN!” when she’s already perfectly calm.

Da’s game plan looks to be to keep repeating the nonsense over and over so Tiffany is never trusted by the girls, while feeding into Frank’s paranoia until he attacks and makes Tiffany react emotionally, and then sit back and say “See, I told you.” Tiffany has yet to do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done in the same situation. Of course, if it had happened to Da it would have been on like Donkey Kong. How do I know? Because today is the anniversary of the 2nd blowout Da was involved in last season.

Spreading propaganda is kind of a low down way of keeping people from trusting someone, but some people are just low down.


And it is not like the other girls haven’t had crying spells too. Within the last 24 hrs Z had 3 bouts of crying, Nic had one and even Nat had a small one but somehow only Tiff gets hammered for hers. IMO Tiff’s case was more justified than any of the others. Someone that is suppose to be on her side spilling to the other side then getting berated for calling them on it.

just sayin'

I have no idea why anyone would have trusted Tiffany in the first place.
1) Her sister was/is an annoying nutcase and I would be worried about family nutcase traits
2) I would never trust anyone that was constantly wearing those stupid hats and sunglasses all the time. If you keep hiding your eyes, you are surly hiding more than just your face.

Smart Guy

Yeah, she shouldn’t have told Natalie about the plan. Oh wait, that was Frank that told Natalie about the vote. My bad.


I swear production is pushing Vanessa’s sister to wear all the crap. Much like Donny’s beard, he normally only has it during the winter but producers wanted him to keep it for the show.


hahaha these people everyone needs to calm down. Tiffany starting the waterworks and it’s only a matter of time before she becomes the emotional mess her sister was lol….Also who the heck cares if people know Jozea is going he’s going…get over it and move on…Also no surprize that Franks an a*s he’s always been one!! I think it’s sooo funny the newbies hate James, learn to take a joke people you just look stupid not being able too, this is Big Brother!!!


I think the problem with the pranks is they seem constant. You have to space them out for them to be fun. Also he should try for a little originality.
James is another one I think is taking cues from production to do stuff to make it exciting or fun but it’s just getting tedious.


I think both Vanessa and Tiffany may suffer from PMDD. I noticed her face breakout like Vanessa often had. PMS can wreck lives, jobs, marriages because it makes a girl feel so horrid and causes her to spew nasties. It’s like an uncontrollable beast and a cry for release from it. I bet she will act differently next week, poor girl.


Usually at this point, there’s someone I’m wanting to win. I’m not real excited about any of these people yet. Maybe after Jozea leaves and the newbies realize it’s not newbies vs. vets, people will start to shine. I usually go for the underdog but that may be Victor or Paul…there’s no way I could root for them. Something significant would have to happen before that.


I try to remember how challenging it is to be in this house, with strangers, on camera 24/7, and know every move is going to be criticized, scrutinized, and mocked. I am 100% certain I could not do it – the one bathroom for all those people would do me in, first of all.
Howver, you signed up for this insanity, and doing research was your responsibility. Backstabbing, bullying, yelling, double-crossing, sucking up and showmancing is part of the game. So take a deep breath, take off the sunglasses and wonky hats (looking at you, Tiffy), and stop being a victim (Nicole), and take charge.
If not, you’ll be out of the house in time to see Ghostbusters while it’s still in theaters.


I don’t think Frank is being a bully. I think Frank is condescending when it comes to women (numerous comments about expendability, inability, emotional fragility, stupidity he’s made about female houseguests in the last week let alone his last season point in that direction), but i’m not ready to throw around the b-word because it’s become so over used.
So, what is the actual root of the Frank / Tiffany issue. In my opinion it’s rooted in the entire negative Tiffany / Vanessa comparison that was started by Da’vonne days ago. Is the comparison valid? In some part, but at the time it was made, the comparison wasn’t valid, it was more Da’vonne being Da’vonne. She talks of how loyal she is, but just like in her first season, she is the first person to throw shade and negativity at her own alliance members (she broke her own group alliance by targeting Clay and Shelli, she broke her own female alliance by targeting Audrey and Shelli) because her loyalty is fickle and present tense only. The Tiff / Van comparison becomes more valid as time goes on, because any show of emotion on Tiffany’s part is going to get people saying damn, get out the beanie and the perscription pad. That’s why she was cast. We’re doing it watching feeds, the hg’s that know are doing it in the house. We’re all wondering if lightning will stike twice, and anticipating the strike as soon as we see clouds.
I do think that there is a fatal flaw in Tiffany that she can’t keep her emotions to herself, and perhaps that is a socialization trait she shares with her sister to some extent. The difference thus far has been that Tiffany has been more set a course and continue on that course, whereas Vanessa had the constant set a course, look for justification, do a 180, look for justification again “logic” (?) loop going on.
So i’m thinking Frank isn’t a bully, but he does seem to have some pretty outdated opinions about women; Tiffany is getting more flack than she actually deserves because of wariness about her sister’s behaviour, though she does show diluted signs of having similar flaws; Da’vonne is stirring the pot against her own alliance members, because Da’vonne is still Da’vonne and can’t help herself from acting in her own nature. Is this where Chenbot would say, “welcome to big brother?”


Tiffany hasn’t shown any more of an emotional reaction than anyone else in the house who’s been provoked. Wait, no one else has been provoked. Nevermind.


I don’t agree that nobody else has been provoked. The week has been full of people pushing each other’s buttons and taking each other’s measure.
What i’m saying about Tiffany is that she would perhaps be better served by not telling so many people about her problems with her own alliance member. She’s talking about Frank not in front of just her own alliance members, but in front of the other side’s Bridgette as well. It’s going to make her own alliance unnerved given the sentiment regarding Vanessa’s emotions in the previous season, and the comparisons between the two that Tiffany herself has been wary of. Given that Tiffany is aware of the flaws attributed to Vanessa, and given Tiffany is aware that she is being compared to Vanessa, she should be keeping a little bit more in check.


Oh yeah, Paulie was provoked by Bronte and he had steam coming out of his ears for hours and kept talking about baiting Victor into hitting him after the eviction.


The heat from Frank’s disclosure to Natalie that the “house is turning” will actually come down on Da’vonne and Zakiyah.

Here’s why.

Team newbie knows they have lost the votes of Corey, Tiffany and Michelle and they know that they have the votes of Paul, Victor, Natalie and Bronte.

They are pretty sure they have lost James with the Paul/Victor/James blowup about the pranks. So that’s 4-4.

If Frank is telling Natalie that the house is turning, that’s all on Da and Zakiyah, who have promised time and again their votes to keep Jozea against Paulie. Those two votes switching, then, would bring the majority to favor the oust of Jozea.

In that case, a 6-5 or 7-4 vote means that those girls flipped. And the two people Jozea, Paul and Victor have been counting on since the noms were revealed? Zakiyah and Da. Why would they worry about the two of them? Every time there is a conversation, those two girls tell them they have nothing to worry about. Safety is the word of the day. Or not.

When Jozea is evicted, the newbies will be madder at Da’Vonne and Zakiyah than they will at Nicole, Corey, Frank or James.

Frank Says

That’s why Frank jumped first after making everyone vow they wouldn’t turn. He screwed everyone’s game a la Boogie.


One reason for the blindside of Jozea was to throw the other side off game wise with the HOH completion which immediately follows the eviction. Now Frank has ruined not only that but our much anticipation shock reaction at the live eviction. Thanks Frank!