Natalie to Vic “I have a very strong Feeling Paulie is going to be safe tomorrow”


POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

9:05pm HOH Frank, Tiffany, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Tiffany is telling her about the conversation with Natalie. Says Natalie doesn’t like Victor anymore.
Tiffany is convinced Natalie will vote with the real house majority.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 21-18-10-220

9:19pm Frank and Da’Vonne
Both of them Very Suspicious of Tiffany.
Frank says she’s fine with Tiffany get cut these next few weeks. He wants Victor out first then Tiffany.
Frank – Natalie and Bridgette aren’t threats.. I’ll tell you what i’ll do i’ll win the roadkill comp put her up not tell anybody..

Frank says Tiffany is awkward, “I Don’t think she has much of a strategy..she just wants to piggyback onto big moves.”
Frank hopes Natalie flips and the vote comes out 9 -2
Corey comes up tells them he talked to Nicole and said by tomorrow everything that happened about the Victor date will be forgetting old news.

Frank brings up Tiffany how she’s “Really out of the loop” After Corey leaves Frank and Da’Vonne go on and on about Tiffany.. Frank really doesn’t like her wishes she was more like Zakiyah

They both agree they can trust Paulie more than Tiffany.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 21-33-13-533

9:30pm Bronte, Jozea, Paul and Victor

Jozea – once all the generals are gone the sergeants have no powers..
Bronte is thinking they should put up James and Nicole.
Paul – don’t you think if we put 2 verts up our vets will be scared
Jozea – No… I talked to them

Paul says his goodbye speech will be something about him and james never being able to play Chess but Paul was playing cheese all the time “Check mate b1tch” but her won’t say b1tch,.

Paul – I’m going rambo mode tomorrow.. Literally blood in my eyes mode
Bronte – it sounds like they are really setting something up .. fancy (HOh comp in the backyard)
Bronte says james is a creeper she can’t understand why America voted him favorite, ‘He straight up made a lie”
Paul – Nicole likes me for some reason, i don’t know why
Bronte – Paul we have the numbers (ZOMG)
Paul brings up Paul being nominated day 1 she has to have wanted him out.
They go on and on about how creepy James is.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 21-48-41-705

9:47pm Tiffany tells Michelle, James and Zakiyah about her conversation with Natalie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 21-54-55-833

9:53pm Bronte telling Jozea and paul they cannot keep pushing Bridgette and Natalie for their vote. They know the only chance of a vote.

Paul wants to pots and pans Michelle, “I want to drive her insane so she never watches Big Brother Again.. Because she’s such a super fan”:

Jozea can’t stand Bridgette because she’ll press the red button, “every Big Brother that happens there going to be a red button..”
Jozea now tells them there was a season of Big Brother where if they pressed the red button more than 1/2 the cast came back into the game.

Tiffany comes in joins the conversation. Says if she was on the block she would press the red button. She tells him only 2 seasons had a red button.
Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 22-02-45-084
10:02pm Zakiyah joins them says she never talks to JAmes, “i can sense the divide”
Paul – where’s the divide..
Zakiyah – Da’s on our side..

Jozea asks her what she thinks the Paulie situation is
Zakiyah – I flirt with Paulie.. He cooks for me..
Zakiyah – he thinks he has me in the bag.. I was really drunk last night y’all I’m sorry..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 22-17-52-747

10:05pm Natalie and Bridgette
Talking about all the drama that went on with James
Natalie doesn’t give a f*** that Victor asked Nicole out on a date.
Natalie wonders why this is coming out tonight.. “Unless they are trying to sway my vote” Frank and James.
Frank joins them.
Natalie tells him she’s fine about what happened today, “I’m good as gravy”

Frank telling her she needs to float their way for the vote tomorrow.
Natalie – why haven’t you asked me before hand.. Why do you ask me today
Frank wanted to find out where the majority is first.
Frank says he’s bringing something to the table..
Bridgette – I don’t understand it
Natalie – what are you bringing to the table
Frank – the truth I told ya..
Frank tells her he’s risking himself even talking to her.
Natalie – Ya.. you’re not being nice to me right now.. You are being weird.. You’ve made promises to people and you won’t keep them you don’t think that’s weird..
Frank says he can’t trust Jozea he lied to his face.
Natalie – I just made a promise that’s my thing
Natalie says it’s not her style to go back on something she said, “I knew from the get go you wouldn’t vote against your own team mate that’s common sense”
Natalie – I’m still seeing who I can trust
Frank – no matter where you vote tomorrow you won’t have a target on your back
Natalie – Who knows you are not lying to me right now
Natalie keeps repeating she’s made a promise and when she does she doesn’t go back on it
Natalie says she has a very strong feeling Paulie is going to stay tomorrow. She’s not going to say anything because she made a promise.
Frank doesn’t want her “Gunning after someone” if she wins HOH
Natalie says she’s going to throw HOH

Frank tells her it doesn’t matter where her vote goes tomorrow.. “Don’t let it be used against you”
Natalie – how do I know you are not lieing to me
Natalie says Paul and the guys don’t tell her anything.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 22-36-09-957

10:33pm Paul and Nicole
Nicole says she just doesn’t want to be around Victor and James because of all the drama.
Nicole says she doesn’t have a vote so nobody talks to her.
Paul thinks everyone is going to vote out Paulie.
Paul says he doesn’t want to put Nicole into a tough situation and be the vote that forces a tie. Nicole says there’s no way it’s going to be a tie.
Nicole – nobody is going to vote for Bridgette to go home.
Paul says he’s more loyal to Victor than Jozea.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 22-43-46-813

10:43pm Victor, Bronte, Natalie
Victor tells them Nicole is controlling COrey.
Natalie tells him Jozea is going home tomorrow she really feel it. she says it’s obvious from who has been hanging out together in the HOH this week.
Victor doesn’t think so says Da’Vonne and Zakiyah know each other from day 1 before Jozea was on the block.
Natlie – you really think Frank is voting against Paulie
Vic – Yup.. he’s been with us from the beginning

Natalie and Bronte leave to bake. On the way to the kitchen they invite James to join them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 22-52-28-341

10:52pm Frank and Natalie
Natalie says she will keep what they talk about private, ;’I do need to think about things.. I’m not trying to be a flip flop”
Natalie – I do see where you are coming from.. I just need to take in all the information.. Bronte is my best friend in the house.
Natalie – how do we know we’re safe (her and Bronte)
Frank – you have to trust me on that
Natalie says Paul, Jozea and Victor run their own thing they just come to her for votes, “I wish you had come to me earlier to secure the vote”
Natalie says she knows where the alliance is in the house
Frank tells her there’s no alliance people are still clumped up with their teams.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 23-07-41-483
11:09pm Nicole and Victor.
They want to act like the drama today never happened.
Victor tells her she is not the target. James and Corey will be going up over her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 23-13-36-688

11:13pm Natalie and Bronte
Natalie says Jozea is going home.. someone has told her that.
Natalie says James and Frank are voting to keep Paulie in the house
Bronte – the only way that Paulie will stay is if Z and Da flip
Natalie – I’m voting for Jozea to stay but after tomorrow we have to collect our thoughts.. we need to see who’s honest.. Don’t talk to the guys about anything.
Natalie – Tomorrow we’re going to find out who the house it.. I’m keeping my word i’m, voting for Jozea to stay.
She adds that the guys in their group are all targets.

Bridgette joins them says they really have to be careful “with these guys”
Bridgette – Frank is on you
Natalie – on like Donkey king
Bridgette – Him and James are talking and the subject didn’t change until Corey was there.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 23-39-42-465

11:36pm Bathroom Paulie, Corey, Frank, Nicole
Frank says he told Natalie Paulie is staying. Frank says even if Jozea, Vic and Paul find out tonight they are not to beleive it they stil lthin kthey have Da’Vonne’s and Zakiyah’s vote.

They continue to count the winnings.

(The confidence is getting a bit much)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 23-45-53-689

11:44pm Tiffany’s new do

11:50pm Bathroom Paulie, Corey, Tiffany
Nicole and Tiffany pointing out that Bronte knows Jozea is going she’ pissed. Nicole tells Tiffany Frank told Natalie but she sore not to say anything.
Nicole reminds them it’s not a blindside if everyone knows.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 23-54-27-559
11:51pm Bridgette, Natalie and Bronte
Bridgette – 1/2 the house has Frank.. in the end what’s best for us three
Natalie – stick together.. we need to wait for tomorrow don’t put targets on anyone.
Natalie tells them there’s a bigger alliance in the house, she thinks Zakiyah and Da are flipflopping, “We have to be careful they are gunning for the guys on our team.. ”
Natalie and Bronte say they are voting Paule out.
Natalie – we have to be careful
Bronte – yes if Joeza goes home we have to figure ot
Bridgette says she doesn’t trust that whole side of the house, Corey, Frank, Tiff, Nicole,Michelle, James, etc..
Bridgette – If Paulie stays it’s too strong
Natalie says the other side’s plan is to get her against Victor because they want to take out Victor next.
Bridgette – I’m playing the stupid card.. people drop shit around me there never think i’ll know
Bridgette says it was good for Natalie to stick up for herself because Frank was berating her.
Natalie pleads with Bridgette to not throw them under the bus
Bridgette tells them she trusts frank but only because he’s keeping them safe.

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Frank is literally so smart!


Whoa….Natalie looks beautiful yo!


Natalie is looking mighty fine.

Natalie's Boobs



As in, she looks beautiful with those 4 huge wrinkles on her forehead? Sheesh! She looks like she’s 40 trying to fit in with the youngsters. Wait a few more years and she’ll look 60. She’s not fooling me!


Frank accomplished his mission but also fucked up. I think natalie and those girls trust him but his own alliance will start to doubt him because they wanted a blindside


Okay why is victor saying he’s gonna throw hoh so they can put up James ? Isn’t that team safe another week?


No, they had 2 weeks of safety. One week was for Glenn and the other week was for Jozea (hopefully)

Just Me

Actually they were only safe for “the next two eliminations” which was the Glen elimination and who ever gets eliminated tonight.


Wow, is this amateur hour? WHAT ARE YOU DOING FRANK??? I mean telling Natalie will have zero impact on the vote tomorrow, but Bronte and Natalie will run with that information that Frank gave them (after tomorrow’s eviction). I understand Frank trying to cover all his bases, but he is OVERPLAYING…relax dude. Also, I think Natalie is a nice person (and nice to look at I hear ya on that Simon) but this whole thing with her being mad at Vic because he asked Nicole on a date after they get out the house???? Are you kidding lol are we in high school??? And then when she is asked if she has any feelings whatsoever for Vic and vehemently denies it…SO annoying. These newbies are obnoxious so far, still excited about this season though!


Some stupid, high school lie that Bronte started. Bronte is a jealous mean girl that Natalie needs to be careful of.


Hello everyone! I’m veeeeeeeery surprised to see I’m apparently the first leaving a comment on this post. LOL! Anyway, it’s good to be here reading the site and reading comments from people I “met” during previous seasons of BB in this very same comment section. I’m not gonna be around much because I’m not a Feedster and I certainly wanna give the regular episodes a chance to surprise me. But you know: sometimes curiosity may get the best of me, and I might stop by to read what’s going on. LOL! I Just need to say that I like the changes this season (rest in hell Battle of the Block – yikes!) and that it’s the first time I’m rooting for the big alliance. I LOVE that they brought back some cool players – especially my dear MamaDay whom I missed so much. She learned a lot and doing terrific this second time. Her diary room commentaries crack me up every time. Now, to conclude this, I must share that I’m also appalled by this creature Jozea. Is he for real? IS HE FOR REAL? Hardly ever in life I’ve seen someone so clueless, so delusional, so naive to the point he makes me question if he has ever had access to formal education! He’s sooooo stupid! So stupid that he makes my coffee table look smart! Part of me wants him out of the house tomorrow because it will be beautiful to watch, but part of me – the masochist one – wants him still inside so we can watch him on a power trip thinking that the house is indeed controlled by him. LOL! Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. I haven’t read all of the posts, but I truly hope no one is running their mouths about the big plan.

See you around. Enjoy the new season! May we all laugh a lot!


? huh ?


At least we getting a better sense that Natalie isn’t completely stupid and is aware that if the same group of people spend a lot of time in the HoH room, then they are together in something. She also noticed Zakiyah and Da’Vonne spend a lot of time up there but even then Victor doesn’t see it.
Natalie’s looking for someone to throw a line to her and she’ll jump ship.

limp wrist

Jozea wants Frank
Frank would let jozea
You can bet the bank
He gets that bootay


Can you imagine coming home every day to that gorgeous little mama Natalie. WOW


What’s more is I expected her to be stuck up but has actually turned out to be a really nice person. It made her that much hotter.


test try


If you’re wondering, Simon and Dawg must approve each comment. Sometimes there can be a long delay before they are able to get through the mass of comments, or they are being selfish and working or sleeping. If either of them are working right then there may only be a few minutes of delay.



Slop Says

Simon…thanks for the updates:-) NATALIE should probably ditch Bronte and just move on. Bronte does not seem like a girl’s girl and is going to believe whatever crap Jozea, Victor, and Paul are feeding her because their numbers don’t lie ???? Can anybody explain to me why Tiffany is not liked? I must have missed it. I have to say, I like this cast, even my non favorites are entertaining as they are so very naive. I think the best players have yet to show themselves. Frank should probably simmer down a bit, but is more fun to watch him play this season. James is the best for laughs and makes me smile. I would like to see Nicole put Victor up in the block if she gets HOH again because that just seems like a fun time. Excited to see alliances bust up as things move forward in the second week and dynamics shift! Whoo hoo…tis the season of BB!


I think the biggest problem Vanessa’s sister has in the house is the fact she’s Vanessa’s sister. They may see her as sketchy as her sister.


Everyone is cracking me up over Natalie. So I’ll join. She is stunning !! But can someone explain to me what the heck Frank is doing ? He doesn’t need Natalie and Bronte. I’m confused. Was it just to try to gain her trust and convince her to throw the HOH ? Did I miss something ?


I believe Frank is playing the long game. He may think he can use them when it’s time to break the 8-pack. Everyone will readjust after Jozea leaves. There are several folks who are going to be free floating and realize they are not in a dominate group. Several have already made some headway to pulling in their new crews.


Natalie, yup.


natalie figuring out the alliances not only beautiful but smarter then people thought sign me up for the fan club

Guy From Canada

I’m not as active this season with a new job, but thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates ???? Looking forward to read back on the James and Victor fight now…..and to confirm that the tv edit of Frank is off…..again.


If everybody came to “Jozi from the block” and told him they were voting him out he would think they are lying to him. Keep up the good work Simon show as much of Nat as u can, she is stunning and smart!


Can someone fill me on what Tiffany has done to bring on all of the constant BS from Da and Frank? I’ve watched the feeds and I can’t see what they’re seeing. All she has to do is ask a question and Da freaks out about how she’s emotional and they need to hide things from her. James hangs out with Natalie and Bronte all day and they say nothing, but as soon as Tiffany plays chess with Natalie for a fraction of the day, she somehow committed a crime against her alliance. Wtf?

Smart Guy

Yeah, and Frank tells Natalie about the way the voting is going tomorrow so he could be the good guy, and no one says anything. That’s some high-level disloyalty in the first week of the game, but as long as he tells everyone with a smile on his face like it’s a joke, he walks away and no one questions anything. If Tiffany had done that, she would be hanging from the rafters right about now. The hypocrisy is through the roof and it’s only week one.


I think Da is on a mission regarding Tiffany simply because she’s Vanessa’s sister, she’s threatened by that apparently. Tiffany has not done a single thing to warrant Da’s constant jabs on Tiffany to other people. In fact Tiffany really wanted to work with Da.

Tiffany impressed me last night. Her discussion with Natalie was good and when she was grilled by jozea, Tiffanys responses were perfect. She did very well. She’s already made somewhat of a side alliance with Paulie and now she’s laying groundwork with Natalie.


And… there it is, Tiffany going full Vanessa with this meltdown.

On the bright side at least she has a new hairstyle to show Julie when she gets bounced out of the house next week.


Damn frank …. ugh couldn’t keep it in yah for at least 24 hrs now it’s not gonna be a blindside :(
Natalie isnt dumb like she leads on
But the newbies aren’t going to listen to her because they’ll say it’s ” crazy talk” so it could be a blindside ? calling it now Natalie will be the last newbie standing cause after a few more evictions (victor , paul,and Bronte will be gone)and after a while a double eviction comes up (bridgette & paulie or tiff will be gone) after that what’s left of the 8 pack will go after each other until there’s one last person and they’ll take Natalie to the finale . *I’d like to be wrong but hey anything is possible in the bb house ; )


Natalie is probably the smartest player on the newbie side and what will make her smarter is the fact that she won’t say shit to anyone on the newbie side giving her the opportunity to work with someone from 8pac and that person and her will make it really far wouldn’t be surprise if she makes it to final 3


People saying Natalie is smart for figuring out the alliances??!!! FRANK TOLD HER! , she did not figure out shit, Frank basically told her the votes are shifting and even with that she is not really 100 percent sure its true. and Frank just threw away the prize with that move, not a smart move Frank.


Actually Natalie has been questioning why certain players have been spending so much time in the hoh room etc. She definitely had doubts before frank said anything. But the other ding dongs keep blowing her observations off.


She’s been hinting at it for several days through multiple conversations but with Jozea, Paul, and Victor as confident as they are she was sure. Maybe she was blinded by the massive pile of stupid that spews out of their mouths.
Tomorrow will confirm to her that she was correct and that that group is as stupid as she thought.

I Know I Am Going To Get A Lot Of Hate For This...

Natalie may be attractive but she is a two-faced liar. She told Frank that when she makes a promise, she keeps it. She promised Frank that she wouldn’t say anything about Paulie staying (the vote) and then blabbed about it to Bronte and Bridgette. She hates liars? She’s got to be hating on herself then.


Frank is doing what he needs to do. The girls in 8-pack (Fatal Five) are working together and will eventually turn on James and Frank once the herd has thinned a little. He needs to make moves and build his army before it is too late. Remember that All-Star season that ED had to leave for personal reasons? At the finale, he pretty much ripped into Danielle for going after the vet alliance too soon, He said that she should not have gone at them directly. Instead she should have played nice to the vets face and allowed her rookie friends to do her dirty work for her when they got into power. This is exactly what Frank is trying to do. He can’t go after Da/Nicole/Michelle/Zay/Tiffany directly. He needs the new kids to do it for him. Even though 8-pack is in power, they cannot expect to win HOH/Road Kill every time. The others will win some of those competitions, and the vets who make it far will be the ones who can nudge the nominations in their favor. Natalie was freaking out after finding out the game has flipped. But after the vote she will trust Frank because he clued her in. Frank is playing the game within the game. Of course Fatal Five was pissed off that he ran his mouth. They are sitting pretty! They are the majority alliance within the majority alliance. They want everything to absolutely stay the same. They don’t want anybody talking to anybody. They want 8-pack to stay together as long as possible. Frank can see the writing on the wall. He even said to Corey very early on, once Joz/Vic/Paul are gone, the biggest target will be on Frank/James/Corey.


Natalie is ok but I think Nicole and zakiyah are much better looking. More natural. Natalie wears so much makeup


Does anyone know what happened between Natalie and victor. And why he broke up their Showmance?


The showmance wasn’t tracking well in the focus groups so the writers decided to have Natalie fly solo for a bit to give some viewers hope.


Nicole, Day and Tiffany. Tiffany is actually very pretty. Way better looking then Vanessa. Natalie wears that make up 24/27. And tons of it at that. Her pores have got be screaming. My aunt does make-up professionally and saids, that women who wear a lot of it, generally use even more as they get older to cover up damage from wearing so much. Just saying…


Natalie is very pretty, but she would be prettier if she were more confident about her appearance. She wears way too much make-up which actually hides her pretty face, obsesses far too much about her hair being perfect, spends hours perfecting every little thing – this really reeks of insecurity … I know, I was the same way in high school – needed every hair in place, every eyelash separated, everything perfect and it was all because I thought I needed to be perfect to be beautiful, needed to be perfect to be liked. It actually is both sad and annoying watching her primp and fuss so much. Natalie, sometimes less is more! You are pretty already – without all that make-up and fussing.