Tiffany – “Da is a piece of Crap… f****g b1tch.. she basically F***ed my whole game.. Mamma demon”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 20-52-06-526

8:50pm Paul and Frank

Talking about the possibility the showmances are in an alliance together. They are thinking it’s highly likely that the showmances have a final 4 plan, “Why wouldn’t they”

Frank says IF Bridgette wins the HOH they’ll go after Tiffany if she’s still in the house. If she’s not in the house they’ll go after Da.
Frank – that way everything is calm that’s what the house wants.

Paul – you know if I win I will get swarmed.. Like bees on honey
Frank suggests he doesn’t win competitions unless he has to the reason he’s been on the block is he showed people he can compete well and they want him to compete well against the target.

Paul asks why isn’t he on the block this week. Frank says they were giving him a break.
Frank goes on coaching Paul about fundamentals of Big BRother. Loyalty is more important than social game and Cop wins etc etc..

Frank – loyalties key.. I think you got it in spades too

Frank that’s what I like about you, you think logically.. It’s all about strategy

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 20-54-12-520

8:52pm Michelle and Nicole
Michelle says Frank is really been trying to play Bridgette down.
Michelle – He really likes that girl
Nicole – On the cupcakes she wrote their name on them connected with a heart on the end.
Michelle- Where is it
Nicole – he ate it already .. He showed me
They start singing “sitting in a tree K I S S I N G “

Paulie joins them.. They’re snickering about Tiffany..

Michelle – “I heard about a new alliance, Frank Tiffany and Bridgette and it’s called the Idiots.. That’s what I heard on the streets.. “

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-08-48-831

9:08pm Michelle saying Tiffany has made up all these lies.
Michelle – She said Da and Frank had a final 2 deal
Michelle – She said that Paulie and Corey, Zakiyah and Nicole and Da were in an alliance it’s like she makes up all these lies..
James says he’s solo in the game he’s renegade.. Claiming eastside and westside
Michelle – ok that’s good to know
Michelle says Frank told her about the fatal five … JAmes gets up and leaves “we’re too obvious”
Michelle – ya?
James – T’YA
James leaves…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-12-09-918
9:11pm James and Da’Vonne
They are both unsure about Michelle
“She’s being a little.. Mmmm hmmm.. She talked she talked.. I don’t know.. “

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-16-40-926

9:14pm Frank and Tiffany
Frank says he talked to her earlier today and she told him she’ll vote his way if he has the votes .
Tiffany wants to know what MIchelle has against her.
Frank says it’s petty something she heard you said thru Da, “Something like I hate that Girl or some other bullshit”

Tiffany – Da is a piece of Crap…
Frank – I know she is
Tiff – You know what she said up near the showers… She was like So you know what I like I like the fact that everyone that’s going to jury is going to be fun everyone before that sucks and she’s like right when I’m in they’re. THinking I’m leaving.. f***g bitch

Frank – I can’t wait to flip it…
Tiffany – She’s a f****g b1tch
Frank – Paul I think we got his vote 100%, all we need is two I think we’re close
Tiffany – should I talk to Michelle
Frank – not yet.. Not today.. Don’t want to press too hard.. I’ve planted a seed with everybody but Zakiyah and JAmes yet.
They agree not to bother talking to Zakiyah
Frank – James will be an easier sell than most people.. Like I said it’s early

Frank – everytime she sees me talking to somebody her fuse gets shorter and shorter..
Tiffany – I think she thinks you won.. (Roadkill)

Frank doesn’t care Da lying about game but she was lying about personal things that pisses him off.
Frank says Da can’t win competitions, she doesn’t have a good social game her only ability in this game is to lie. “She’s not that fun she’s always got a pissy look on her face”
Frank – One thing you, me and Bridgette got to do is stay spaced out.. We got to have ears everywhere. We want to keep them from talking..

Frank says Michelle is too hard on Bridgette and it pisses him off
Tiffany – so rude to Bridgette
Frank – Bridgette is a sweetheart and it pisses me off
Tiffany – Michelle is insecure and petty.. She’s been talking shit all season.. Especially to me when I have done zero sh1t to her.. She was my girl in the beginning
Frank – I think she’ll vote with me
Tiffany – does she know Day is the renom
Frank – ya i’m pretty sure

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-21-22-916

9:17pm Paul, PAulie and Corey

Paul says Frank is throwing next week’s HOH if Da is out of the house.
Paul adds that Frank is going to strike Tiffany next week and Corey/Paulie during the double.
Corey says Bridgette and Frank are more of a couple than Nicole and him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-31-14-418

9:30pm HOH Frank and Paulie with Corey lingering around
Paulie wonders if Paul is upset because “Brionte got Clipped”
Frank says he sees it as a positive long term..
(They’re just bullshitting each other)

Frank – DA f*** up the whole 8 pack.. If she had never made up that Lie between us… think of it BOOM BOOM BOOOM… everything would have been smooth.. They’re would be no uncomfortableness in the house..
Paulie – Yeah
Frank – like I was saying the reason day says that ..

Frank – People are asking me why is Day lying.. I’m like it’s easy.. I’m like she’s not very sociable, She can’t win competitions so her only game is to f****g tell lies..
Paulie – it’ll be easy to get her out next week..
Frank – we’ll get them both
Paulie – Either way two weeks go by 2 girls go home.. Then they’re only 4 left not including Bridgette
Frank – exactly

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-32-17-680

9:44pm Michelle, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Michelle – he told me to be nicer to Bridgette
Da’Vonne – why
Michelle – I don’t know why .. I will never ever never work with that girl…
DA’Vonne says she’ll put Frank and Bridgette up if she wins HOH..

They go on about Bridgette being a super playing super fan and lying that she’s not.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 21-56-14-424

9:47pm Tiffany and Nicole..
Nicole says she heard from somebody that Tiffany HATES her and Corey
Tiffany – that was a lie I don’t hate you guys .. who said that Da..
Nicole – we worked our butts off to keep you in the house
Tiffany – wait until you see what Da is doing..

Nicole says she felt extremely hurt
Tiffany – Da told me all this bullshit.. She said you and Corey wanted me out
Nicole – well Corey wouldn’t have gone home this week..

Tiffany and Nicole talk about Da’Vonne making a lot of final 2’s in the house.
Nicole thinks Da was trying to keep them apart.

Tiffany – I was true to Fatal 5 I was true to Da

Tiffany – It’s not a secret i’m putting her a$$ up
Nicole – you’re putting her up tomorrow
Tiffany 100%

Tiffany says that Da told her Nicole and Corey had a final 2.
They go on about Da’Vonne games
Tiffany – “she basically f***f my whole game’

Nicole says Da’Vonne assumes she’s going up “She’s got lots to hide “
Tiffany – she’s a liar.. They called her Momma demon last season
Nicole – I didn’t know that

Nicole – I can’t believe you put him up (Corey)
Tiffany blames it on Da’Vonne says Da was telling her Corey and Nicole were coming after her.
Tiffany says DaVonne has lied to every single person in this house.
Nicole says Da’Vonne really played up before the nominations that she was going up she put on a show. Tiffany says that Da’vonne knew she wasn’t going up Tiffany has told her prior, ‘She’s a actress”
Nicole says she has never felt more mad than when she found out Frank was telling her about those things Corey had said, “I blacked out.. isn’t that crazy”
Tiffany – that’s water under the Bridgette whatever..

Nicole about Da – ‘Sometimes she tells me stuff.. it doesn’t add up’

Nicole says she always wanted to keep Tiffany because they are on the same team.
Nicole about Da “She put a wedge between us.. she wanted you to herself she wanted you to not trust me.. I can’t believe she told you that and that she had the votes to get him out (Corey)”
Tiffany says Da wanted Corey gone to get closer to Nicole.
Tiffany says Da was trying to get Paul out last week, ‘Lies and deception.. I feel bad for Zakiyah because she trusts DA”
Nicole – In know…

Tiffany blames being a nervous wreck on Da’Vonne, ‘I was a normal person getting long with everyone the first week.. her f***G lies she’s playing way too hard”
Tiffany says Da’Vonne throws Nicole under the bus all the time.
Nicole asks what she says but Tiffany can’t produce an example.

Da’Vonne joins them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 22-32-49-495
10:27pm Corey and Michelle Hammock
Corey says he likes Da but he knows she told Tiffany to put him out. Michelle tries to defend Da’Vonne. Corey says Da’Vonne told Tiffany sensitive information, ‘Why the hell are you telling Tiffany …
Michelle – I’m fine with getting her out

Corey says Da told Tiffany she was in an alliance with Nicole/COrey/Paulie/Zakiyah, ‘Which is totally not true”

Corey – Tiffany sucks she doesn’t know how to make an alliance
Tiffany – I’m still scared of her

Michelle is proposing they keep Da this week and use Frank and Bridgette to get Tiffany out next week.
Paul comes by, they tell her that Da’Vonne is sketch

Paul – right now Tiffany is a way bigger fish to fry because she’s nuts.. Then Frank is a way bigger threat..

Paul and Corey says Tiffany is going home 100%
Paul tells them if Frank win HOH he’s taking out Da or Tiffany and during double eviction he wants to take out Corey or Paulie.

Pual – they trust me.. I’m going to blindside them next week.

Michelle tells him not to talk to Tiffany because she’ll just tell him lies
Michelle e- she hasnt talk to me
Corey – she will
Michelle- i’ll call her out on her bullshit.. she’s desperate.. if we let her slide again.. it’s another number for Frank and least now we have a number for Day.. she won’t win HOH..

Michelle says Da will put up Natalie and Paul
Corey – I think she’ll put up me and Pauli
Michelle – then I’ll win Roadkill put Natalie up there.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 22-43-37-260

Nicole comes by says Tiffany told her “A bunch of Crap”
Nicole says Da told Tiffany that Corey and Nicole were gunning for her
Michelle – do you believe her thought.. she’s spreading lies.. don’t talk to her..
Michelle – you’re still voting her out right..
Nicole – ya
Michelle – because that would be devastating

Michelle says After Frank and Bridgette Da should go
Nicole – sure whatever you want
Michelle did she tell you any crap about me
Nicole – no..
Nicole says Tiffany swears to god she never said she hated Michelle.
Michelle – she’s lying to god on camera.
Paul tells them he’s only talking to the other side to get information they are telling him and relaying it back.

Michelle about Tiffany “I hate her SO much”
Michelle – she (TIIF) told me Frank and Da had a final 2
Nicole – Da told her me and Frank and a final 2
Michelle – she’s making up any crap she can

Michelle goes on and on about Tiffany going home..
Corey and Nicole ask he why she’s being so weird about it.. don’t worry Tiffany is going home.

Michelle keeps going on and on about Tiffany being dangerous
Corey – Michelle she’s going home OH MY GOD”
Michelle – I just don’t want her to sway you guys.. I know how good she is”
Corey – She’s not really good.. Michelle seriously what are you so afraid of..
Michelle – her staying..
Corey counts the votes, “I already talked to Frank Frank is voting her out it’s going to be 8 to nothing.. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-04-19-167

11:00pm Corey and Nicole
Talking about Michelle freaking out
Nicole – everything Tiffany told me made freaking sense
Corey – I told you
Nicole – I’m so game.. She needs to get out of this house .. She is evil.. Is it ok

Corey – i’m down with sending her home me you frank bridgette..

Nicole – Everything made sense.. T
COre – I told you
Corey – when Da started crying I knew it..
Nicole – I didn’t know she was crying..
Corey – I assumed maybe you would go up..

Nicole – I want everybody to be onboard somehow..
Corey – it would be good for our game for Tiffany you stay .. Frank saw it too man..

Nicole – you know how pissed Michelle is going to be.. .she was going to cry ..
Corey – Da and her have something going on.. MOre shit is going to go down.. I guarantee ..
Nicole says Michelle is just like Christine, “This is deja vu.. I cannot put trust in this person

Corey – Michelle is sketch her mouth is HUGE
Nicole – and the way she looks at you..
Corey – I saw we get Da out..
Nicole – and she’s asking if she’s acting sketch YA she’s acting sketchy..

Nicole is going to have a serious conversation with Bridgette because she wanted to put them up. Corey says Bridgette was thinking of it.

Nicole – Paulie is f***g good at this game..
Corey – He’s got a big mouth
Nicole -He’s going to shoot himself in the foot.. he wins comps like crazy

They agree they could use Tiffany to win competitions for them but on the flip side she might put them up.
Corey says they need to win HOH next week, “I would put up Natalie and Bridgette.. “ He would make the house think he’s backdooring Frank but will put Da up if she’s still in the house.
Nicole back to Michelle saying it’s freaking her out, ‘What if she’s secretly playing for Christine to get me out”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-18-32-825

11:14pm Frank, Nicole and Corey
Nicole says she talked to Tiffany and all those crazy things she’s saying is making sense.
Frank – I know

Nicole explains da called Frank a douche bag then he turned around and called her a sl*t
Frank – In that context it’s a joke.. I didn’t call her a sl*t outt meanness..
Nicole agrees..
Frank adds he thought da was telling people he called her a sl*t after he popped her in the butt
Nicole says Frankie called her a C**T
Nicole – I never did anything to him.. He said mean stuff about Victoria that was way worse than that..
Frank – he seems like he would have been kinda dirty like that..
Frank – Bridgette.. Bless her heart.. She thinks everybody hates her.. Alotta the girls..

Frank says Bridgette really likes Nicole because they are both nurses, “Michelle hates her.. She thinks Bridgette is fake but I think Bridgette is the realest person in the house:

Corey – She really is that happy.. Just to be in they’re and bake..
Frank – she made the have nots slop pudding
Frank comments tomorrow will be a full moon and Da will be on the block.
Nicole leaves..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-27-53-073

Corey says he’s been in heat lately..
Frank says he did it in the shower does it once a week..
Corey did it once on Day 23
They agree Tiffany’s story makes too much damn sense.
Frank – the damn fatal 5..
Corey – I think that’s fake..
Corey adds that Nicole swears she has no ideas what it it. COrey thinks it was something Da’Vonne made up.
COrey – I definitely want Da’Vonne outta here..
COrey – Honestly dude we really need to get Tiffany out of here.. Tiffany I don’t know what she is going to do.. I would like to keep her and have her go to work.. I can’t trust her zero percent.
Frank – I don’t trust her either
Corey – about da 100%..
Corey explains all other information coming from Tiffany is fake because nobody tells her anything. Frank says that is why Da is more dangerous she knows the game, competitions and she knows what’s going on.
Frank wants iof Da wins HOH she’ll be putting up 2 of the guys.
Frank – says Tiffany is on an island nobody is working on her “She thinks she’s working with me i’ll put her ass up next week”

Corey – as much as I stick up for the 8 pack i’m getting sick of it.. They were all freaking out for me winning the comp

Frank – trying to talk you into not wearing it..
Corey – right
Frank – let’s cut some f***G fat.. Dead weight
Corey – I agree
Corey – Nicole is pissed at Da’Vonne.
Corey says they both have not been positive about Da’VOnne for awhile.

Frank brings up MIchelle being mean to Bridgette again
Corey – yeah I don’t know why Michelle hates her so much.. She don’t like Tiffany either
Frank – that’s fine.. She wins put her up..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-37-06-966

11:36pm Michelle and Paul
Michelle is freaking out that the house will flip, she thinks Tiffany has what it takes. Paul reassures her that every single person he’s talked to says they are voting out Tiffany.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-40-35-760

11:38pm Zakiyah and Nicole
Nicole going over parts of her conversation with Tiffany. says that Tiffany is claiming it was Da’Vonne that pushed for Corey to get nominated with the roadkill.
Nicole – I don’t know if there’s truth but everything she said made sense
Zakiyah WOW…

Nicole brings up Tiffany making a final 2 with Da’Vonne
Nicole goes on listing the points Tiffany man.
Zakiyah – damn it makes sense..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 23-47-31-100
11:47pm Michelle and Corey

Michelle crying because Tiffany will put her up if she doesn’t go home. Michele cries that Nicole made her feel like a bad person for not talking to Tiffany “I’m not a bad person I just don’t like her”
Michelle says there’s still 4 days “For that girl” to come up with schemes and lies against her.

Michelle now saying she didn’t know until today how shady Da’Vonne is. Corey says it sucks he doesn’t know if all of it is true.
Michelle says James and “Everyone” is acting like Tiffany did nothing wrong.

Michelle says Paul and Zakyiah want Tiffany out.


Michelle says PAulie is going to yell at Frank tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony and Call him out and PAul is going to yell at Tiffany.
COrey hadn’t heard anything like that.

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Big Brother Is Life

Omg no Corey are you dumb Frank won’t vote out Tiffany omg lol. Really hope nothing changes once day is on the block Tiffany needs to go this week. Also we barely saw Tiffany in competitions. So we don’t know if she’ll win the battle back or not. I personally want Victor or Bronte back cause than things would be different. I mean tiff coming back would just be a repeat week.


Still not rooting for Nicole & Corey, but definitely pumped to see if they can flip the script and keep Tiffany!! Da has to go & Paulie needs to be humbled.


Yes Paulie and that rat face Michelle on the block…with plan of putting up Z if either go down


I hate Paulie he is such a hypocrite. He wants Tiffany out mainly because she is Vanessas sister while he is Codys brother. Cody made it father in the game


Pretty sure he wants Tiff out because she’s a psycho, he knows he can’t work with someone that’s that unstable.


Trust me, Tiff is psychotic, what you see is what you get. She is a unstable unpredictable mess, and if you guys enjoy Vanessa 2.0 then by all means knock yourself out. I personally think she’s a buzzkill and cannot wait for her to leave the house for good. EXHAUSTING!!!


Donald, there you go again. Too preoccupied with Tiffany. You’re just jealous she has managed to keep herself from getting evicted. Find another past time other than writing about how much you hate Tiffany.


Yes she is….but I don’t watch feeds to be bored…bring on the drama whores and messes! I’m not going to be besties with any of these people, just entertained with their crazy in a box. Every season they say in the house..’it will be calm if such and such goes’…why the f would I pay to watch a calm house? Brady Brunch reruns are free!


That’s not what I saw. Paulie actually admitted he wants to be “the last sibling standing”. This is more about the sibling thing than anything. Well and his obsession with Vanessa. Although the van obsession may just stem from the sibling crap he has going on in his head too. No ones cares which “sibling” goes out first. But apparently this is a competition in his mind.


Hate wow it is only a game


I hate Paulie. He is such a hypocrite. He wants Tiffany out because she is Vanessas sister while he is Costs brother. Cody made it farther in the game.


Tiff is a b#tch.

Please cry

Meech is

Corey's shifty eyes

No… Michelle is the bitch

Poor meech

Cry and shaking! Lol cry meech cry


My impression of what people here dislike about each HG (i.e. not my personal opinion of them):

Tiffany: Unstable, poor social skills
Frank: Overconfident, slightly disgusting
Bridgette: Slightly mean, follower
Paulie: Overconfident, goes on power trips
Corey: Dull, poor strategically
Michelle: Bitchy, overplaying socially
DaVonne: Too many lies, playing a bit dirty
Nicole: Slight follower
Zakiya: Bitchy, not much strategy
Paul: Loud, low on every group’s totem pole
James: Floater
Natalie: Floating, virtually no strategy

Would like to see lists from more informed people (I don’t watch feeds only after dark).


Nicole and Frank lies a lot too both of them play dirt as well. This BB all part of the game. May the best lie win!


Tiff is really good, she has made everyone believe that Day has told these lies…. are you people watching? Half the stuff she is saying she made up… Day never told her to put up Corey or that Corey and Nicole are coming for her. Vanessa is just playing the game now! She even has some of you believing this crap! The majority of her claims are false. Pretty good lies… I actually hope she beats them all, yhey would be so pissed for keeping her after all those times on the block.


Erm, don’t have to believe it, I witnessed it on the feeds. Is Tiffany exaggerating parts? Yes. Nicole made a final 2 with Da’Vonne on Jun 27th. Then on June 28th Nicole made a final 2 deal with Frank. Frank and Da’Vonne informally agreed that they wanted to go to the end together. Da’Vonne did make multiple final 2 deals (and so did Frank and Nicole). Da’Vonne does want Corey out so Nicole might be forced back closer to her. Da’Vonne did offer to Tiffany that Corey would be a potential option for eviction because people might vote to evict a showmance over Tiffany. The bigger of Tiffany’s lies is why Nicole put Paulie OTB… although she had residual guilt from the Cody thing in her season and thought Paulie might take her out for it… Nicole wanted Jozea out; not Paulie. Most of the rest of what Tiffany is saying is substantively accurate.


Da certainly did tell Tiffany that Corry and Nicole were coming after her…on several occasions. Tiffany hasn’t lied about anything. Probably not benefiting her but it’s true. Not a Tiff fan but the fact is she’s not a liar.


for Nicole i’d add “frighten squirrel” scared of her own shadow


OMG!!! Would you people get off of Nicole’s back? Don’t you know Christine sent Michelle there to get rid of her?


Hahaha. Good one. OMG Nicole, it makes sense. (the HGs definitely knew you were going to be in the house Nic… they knew weeks in advance. Heck some knew you were going to be in the house before they knew they were going to be)


Nicoles voice makes me sick, whining all the time. She sounds like she talks with a clothes pin on her noice. All she talks about is Corey. He’s a typical Dallas guy, total player…Girl, he’s not in too you for real!!!! Yo Z, put some clothes on!!!!! You da BB Ho, ? She doesn’t do anything but primp around the house, and float through. No wonder why Vanessa is crying… She’s locked up with a bunch of conceeded, or cry baby idiots. They find the most annoying people to play BB, but I watch every bit of it!!!!!! Haha….


i’m hoping they put up da, but they’re gonna need a lot of help from her blowing up her own game to send her home, and while da’s social game is bad, i’m not sure it’s that bad.


i hope they put up Day too, they need to blow up her game right after the POV ceremony while everyone is still in the room, and they need to bring up Day not wanting to be the fifth wheel for the couples alliance


I honestly think things are starting to sway towards a possible Da’Vonne eviction this week. Frank and Bridgette are on board, that’s 2 votes right there. Corey seems to be coming around to the idea, as well as Nicole. I think if the Fatal 5 (Paulie/Zakiyah/Corey/Nicole/Da’Vonne) alliance is confirmed to the house this week it’ll be enough of a reason for Corey and Nicole to pull the trigger on Da’Vonne. Once those 2 start proposing it I’m sure they can get the last vote they need to send her home, either with Paulie, Zakiyah and James.

Also, it seems like people are also starting to comment about the back and forth Paul is doing. While he is obviously team Paulie and the showmances, people like James and Nicole have noticed (James even called him a chameleon). While it might not come to bite Paul in the ass for a few weeks, it could definitely tank his game mid-jury.

Finally, I’ll start off by saying I’ve never liked Michelle. She’s a hater, always talking crap (and on a personal nature) about people. She’s jealous she doesn’t have a man in the house and has even resorted to trashing Natalie to James. Who knows how the Natalie and James relationship goes, but they do seem to enjoy each other’s company and their showmance definitely seems the most plutonic in the house. But back to Michelle. As I’ve stated, I don’t like her, but I do give her tons of credit for staying out of people’s mouths. People in the house really just didn’t notice what she is doing, but I do think some in the house are finally starting to catch on. I can see this slowly snowballing over the next few weeks to the detriment of her political capital inside the house.


Michelle has been safe because of the team twist(like Frank has also) so its much easier for her to not get caught with all her crap. Nicole has started to get what she is doing, Michelle just like Paul are playing the same game being the snitches who go and tell one side what the other does. Michelle is expandable she sucks at comps so she is not an asset for anyone. I have no idea why this girl hates so many other girls in the House…what is her issue with Nathalie? other than she is jealous that she is not in a showmance? her sudden vitriol hatred of Tiffany came out of no where…Michelle was part of that flip vote that kept Tiffany last week. For me she brings absolutely nothing to the show, her game is weak and will get caught soon

Big Brother Is Life

Me when you can’t say Michelle sucks at comps. What conp have you seen her in? Also let me remind you and others that every single person had to earn their way into the house. Michelle’s team won one of the hardest HTR comps they did. And she did good as far as I remember. None of the comps have yet to show who sucks or not except for Davonne seeing she has had many chances. And Zakiyah. But not Michelle. Also there is nothing wrong with playing the rat game. One side has their back and that’s all they need. They keep that side informed and aware them of the truth they need to know and in return they are kept safe. Paul is a clear example of it.


Well said I think now would be a good time for Michelle to put on the brakes and lay low for a few weeks.


I love how 3 hours later and Michelle is breaking down because the house is slowly flipping and she isn’t going to get what she wants. Michelle has been in the majority the whole game, been on the right side of the votes, and she’s finally going to experience being on the wrong side of the numbers for once. Nicole and Corey have caught on about her, and once they have a few conversations with other people in the house the entire house will know what Michelle is about in 2 days. It sounds like Nicole and Corey are 100% down to evict Da’Vonne now, so their 2 votes plus Frank and Bridgette, that’s 4 right there. Only need one more, and Nicole is already working on Zakiyah (who has been doubting Da’Vonne of late anyway). Corey could also persuade Paulie, or I bet even James would be receptive if presented with the right arguments, especially since a guarantee of Da’Vonne being evicted is also a guarantee that Natalie stays. Right now the only one’s really pushing for Da’Vonne to stay are Michelle, Paul and Paulie. Michelle because she’s tight with Da’Vonne (which is starting to be exposed), Paulie because he’s obsessed with Tiffany (aka Vanessa) and Paul because he is so far up Paulie’s butthole (3 blocks north and 2 blocks east lol).

Powder Puff Girls

…meanwhile Michelle keeps floating under the radar she appears to be in the best position of the house.


Michelle is a hate-filled little turd who isn’t liked or trusted by anyone at this point.

Powder Puff Girls

Has Paulie, Corey, Da, James, Paul turned on her? Please fill me in. I thought she was sitting pretty at this point and she was not on anyone’s radar. I do not watch the feeds only after dark.


For the love of me I have no idea why or how anyone can be cheering for Michelle. This chick brings NOTHING to the game, all she does is talk crap about people and be the snitch that runs and tells what others have said. She sucks at comps, her DR sessions are some of the worst I have ever seen Victoria from BB17 had better DR’s than her. She looks so bitter and miserable on the feeds, all her convos are about is how she hates Tiffany, Bronte, Bridgette, Nathalie….wtf is her problem? for me she needs to be on the block and out of the House the sooner the better

Powder Puff Girls

I just wish the HG’s would see this!


Zakiyah isn’t much better.


Wait…Victoria had diary room sessions?

Michelle is done

I will enjoy MOST seeing these people booted from the house. I will stand and cheer!





Michelle, Paulie and Paul I will scream and cheer when they leave.

Hopefully Corey and Nic vote out Day with Bridge and Frank. They just need to pull in James. Paul and Michelle are both such snakes its not even funny. I CAN NOT STAND Michelle and Paul!!!!


Sorry you forgot NICOLE!

Joe Kerr

God Michelle is a garbage player. Jen City called, Michelle. She wants her game back.


The chick is straight up nasty….I watch her on the feeds and every time she is on its to talk crap about someone. She hates Bridgette, hates Bronte(why I have no clue), hates Tiffany..the same Tiffany who she voted to keep last week. She talks shit about Nathalie, what has Nathalie done to her? I rarely see them even talking or interacting with each other. She looks so miserable on the feeds all the time…can she just self evict? I have had my load of her…If she talks shit like that about people she barely knows imagine how she is in real life…smiles to your face and once your back is turned talks crap about you..thats Michelle. If at least she had the balls to stay it to the persons face i could give her a minimum credit of being up front…but she is not even that

Poor meech

Renee speaks the truth! Meech is a poor human in general I think. Nicole is a snake in the game but big meech seems like the little nerd that never fit in, so she hates on other people and tries so hard to fit in with the cool kids

Please cry



Shit getting good….. my girl Day needs to laylow and keep her big mouth shut


I think also she would be helped by coming clean about a few things, just to throw out an olive branch. Up till now she refuses to give out information and people see that.



Big Jim

Does anyone else gate Nicole and Michelle or is it just me?


“I’ll just win roadkill…”
Okaaaay, Michelle.
She’ll be the biggest floater this season, guaranteed.
She really bugs me.


who’s going home on thursday day or tiff ?
Thumbs up for day thumbs down for tiff

Dr. Wills Stethoscope

I will have a tad more respect for Corey and Nicole if they manage to do the blindside and flip it


I believe If Nicole and Corey really push for Da to be evicted… will happen…. nothing michelle will be able to do about it……

…… Tiffany going to call Da out on everything, in front of everyone after Da is put on the block…… more fireworks coming:)


In my eyes, the 2 meanest girls in the house are Michelle and Z and I think they both do it because they are too comfortable…they haven’t felt the pressure. Both have been safe – Michelle because she’s on Team Category 4 and Z because she’s tight with Day and Paulie and both because of the war between Tiffany and Frank. I’m looking forward to both of these chicks getting the full BB experience and watching how they respond to real pressure in the game, when their life vests fall off.


It really wouldn’t shock me if eventually Michelle becomes the fourth house guest to get booed. She is nasty.


It annoys me that Paul is secretly getting information from Franks group but, it is great to see that kind of strategy in the house. I think the last time I saw that kind of covert operation was back in BB7 all stars. I wish it happened more often where people set up a big act and try to infiltrate other groups. Risky of course.

I also think it puts Paul in a good position because even if Frank finds out that Paul was leaking information, Frank won’t go after him because there are so many other targets left.


I agree with you about Paul playing both sides, it’s a good strategy for him. I disagree with you about the last time we saw it done well. I think Shelly in BB13 was also an awesome snake 😉


What you mean not since BB7?

Andy the rat his whole game was playing all sides and running back and forth snitching on everyone. He won the damn game doing it. Paul is no Andy though. Paul is just a little wanna be who now thinks he is somebody and he feels he is back in the cool group of the house. He is same cocky wanna be pathetic needy loser he was when he thought Jozea was running the show. Insert Paulie for Jozea. Same douche nozzle Paul.


Sorry I should’ve been clearer. I don’t mean just snitching, I mean where you do rehearsed fights in public etc. to join in with another ‘gang’. You know what I’m saying?

To be honest I can’t even remember if that happened in BB7, it was just a feeling I had. I might be thinking of when Will & Boogie were playing Erica and Janelle, although that is a bit different.


Paul is in a good spot right now but it’s a hard one to stay in. He needs split votes to keep it up.


I love Nicole and James


I love James but not Nicole.


OK! but have Nicole done so great that you love Nicole because she lie and dirty like the other house guest. She is very quite with her mess. But this is a game she can do all of this. May the best win

Franks fumes

I know its just a game but I hate Paul so much when he’s ratting it just fundamentally bugs me…bottomfeeder!


“Corey says he’s been in heat lately..
Frank says he did it in the shower does it once a week..”

Wonder if he was thinking about Da’s butt ….


Too much information! Just play the game.


I read that, I hope they wear shower shoes…


Omg I hate Michelle and Paul!! Michelle is so mean and paranoid! Paul thinks he can play both sides so well and he’s so annoying!

One mean mama

So now everything is getting pinned on Day…. Its cool when Nicole and Corey and the gang bash other people and scheme to get them out but when Day is trying to play the game oh she sketch.. Get out of here. Nicole doing what she did last on her season. Attaching herself to a man to help her get by.. Does anyone know how to truly play big brother without having a showmance? Day told them to focus. It seems Day is in trouble and she was a player I hoped would go far. She is now becoming their scapegoat. What’s going to happen is Day will be evicted, Frank will gather his minions and win HOH and attack the other side. He is going to try his best to take Tiffany to the end because he knows no one will give her a half million dollars. These people are so stupid. Nicole ugh is the phoniest of them all. No wonder Hayden left her weasel behind in the wind.

Powder Puff Girls

All the houseguests are sketchy nothing is getting pinned on Da’Vonne her secrets and gameplay has been outed. It is not all just about the show-mances her lies are catching up with her. I think she dropped the ball by stating she wanted them out too soon.

HG’s should be concerned of Da’vonne’s relationship with Michelle, Cory & Paulie, Bridgette & Frank. I think James and Natalie are the tightest duo to worry about. Corey and Paulie would drop their fake show-mances.


Amen! Nicole is no better and they all are playing dirty and will lie faster than Day. Nicole was going after Day first any way. Thank you for making clear where even a two year old can understand. You go One Mean Mama!:-)

Justice Enthusiast

It’s getting pinned where it belongs. She’s been playing lowdown from the start and hopefully it catches up with her this week and she goes back home and takes care of her infant daughter like she’s supposed to be doing.

you are wrong

Day have a right to be in the bb house and she is at work to pick up the paper for her daughter. Just because you have a kid you can still do things. Leave the kids out of this. I am pretty sure someone is taking great care of her daughter are she would not have signed up for the game. You should really think about what said because you are saying if you have kids you can’t be on a game show. Wow what’s wrong with that picture! Think before you speak!###


I hate when I have to hear Paul or Michelle talk on the feeds. I’d rather listen to Frank farting LOL


I probably have annoyed a couple people with my posts about Michelle sorry I just dont get what this chick is about. I have not watched all the feeds so maybe I have missed some convos but why is Michelle that nasty and bitter all the time? I do remember her saying last week I believe that she was not happy being with “these people”. If its the case she is not happy being on the show, its not what she toughed it would be then she should just leave. From day 1 its been constant shit talking about others(I get that they all do that) but with her it always feels like personal attacks. Its like she is miserable with herself, insecurities..if its the fact she is not in a showmance then I am sorry that is just a lame excuse. Where does all this hate for the other girls come from? maybe someone knows more info…I just dont understand her at all


You should read her reddit posts on past BB seasons… she hates on everyone! Always has.

production rigged it

I agree with everything everybody said about Michelle, I can’t stand her either she’s a lying 2-faced hypocritical b!tch. On a side note right before BBAD went off James and Natalie were talking and Natalie said she was annoyed and was going to bed. She said she was over it and didn’t care anymore. I don’t have the live feeds so could someone tell me what she was talking about. Did Michelle say something else to James about her I know she told him that Natalie was rubbing Paulie’s leg earlier.


Michelle needs to chill out! Why is she freaking out soo bad abt keeping tiff when shes the one who went out of her way to save her last week. All the sudden she hates tiff. She doesnt like most the girls in there and talks crap abt everyone… She was even crying over it, like get a grip its just a game… I will be so glad when the teams is over its just lame. You have these girls michelle, and z that think there just gonna skate till the end without having to do anything…


Because she’s been treating Tiffany like shit. Won’t even look at her or talk to her. Tiff has no idea why because they were close. I watch the feeds and still have no idea why either. But Michelle has been a real bitch to her. And now if tiff stays then Michelle thinks tiff will go after her because of the way meech has been acting. And I hope she does.


Why can’t Michelle be on the block.
Heavy sigh…


Well Tiffany.. that piece of crap is the only reason you’re still in the game..

While i like flips, i’d much rather see Tiffany the mess go than a supe stategic player and a leader like Davonne.

Whoever leaves should come back tough, just my opinion.

I really do not like Nicole and Corey’s games, i think they are falling for Frank’s spell..

Paul, great DR’ms, but clueless, he just wanted to fit in a group, until that group betrays him.

Z playing the best game, whoever ends up in power she’ll be able to find a spot in that group i’m sure.

I wish Tiff would tell eveything to Day and co and put up and evict Nicole.


Paul has to walk a tight rope between two shifting groups and has done pretty well with it so far. He has no group that fully accepts him as more than a number so his options are limited. He’s still in it though.


Actually Paul has been going to hard. Making up big lies and spreading them along with the real stuff… Paul needs to be more than he is and fails miserably keeping his activity on the down low. My proof: Natalie was on to him and what he is doing 5 days ago! She told James straight up that Paul is a liar going between every group in the house. Told him that Paul was feeding info to Bronte.

So anyway...

The only time I half way liked Michelle was when she was drunk. Sober she’s a bitch. I’m rooting for Tiffany.


Michelle is jealous of everyone , especially brig because she’s close to frank.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

The whole Michelle being jealous of and hating girls thing comes down to her obsession with and love of Frank. She is stage 7 stalker of this dude.

Ok why did and does Michelle have such a hate of Bridgette? Because she wanted to be Franks little lap dog but he chose Bridgette. That kills her.

When did her severe hatred of Tiff start? When Frank and Tiff became closer and started working together.

Michelle is bat shit crazy and a stalker and she loves Frank and any “bitch” that goes near him will pay!

Come on. She is crying scared Tiff will stay and throwing shit saying she “hates her” That is what deranged stalkers of men do over the women they feel are coming between them and their obsession.

She is jealous of anyone who is happy because she is so miserable. This why she wants to split up Nat and James.

The girls needs a team of doctors to helicopter in and evaluate her because she is the chick that murders a dude over her jealous rage. I’m not even joking.


Yes! Stage 5 clinger.

So anyway...

The only time I halfway liked Michelle was when she was drunk. Sober she’s a butch!


When I first saw Michelle, I thought it was Christine from BB16 lol. Man wouldn’t it be funny when she gets evicted, that she gets boos from the crowd like Christine did! I just remember Christine’s face of shock haha


Why would they waste their time trying to get James’ vote, the best they (frank, Bridgette, Corey, Nicole) could hope for would be a tie because the other four, as things stand, are voting Tiffany, so they’d have to convince Paulie? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong


“Nicole asks what she says but Tiffany can’t produce an example.”

You don’t say.

Also, I’m interested to see if Nicole and the sleepwalker are able to flip the votes to oust Da this week, mostly because I can’t imagine Paulie being very stoked about it. He’s been so adamant about evicting Tiffany this week, spending the last few days doing everything he could to rattle her and constantly reiterating to people that she needs to go this week without compromise, he’ll likely end up looking and feeling like an idiot (or more of one). To go through aaalllllll of that only to have her escape eviction once again? Man. Last week Frank was able to hijack Bridgettes HOH to get Tiff put up so he could get her sent home, effectively getting people to do his work for him. That backfires, Tiff stays, all hell breaks loose and now we have a similar case, with Paulie’s HOH slowly being pulled out of his iron grip fists thanks to Tiff and her roadkill nom. And again, doing Frank’s work for him. If Da’Vonne leaves this week Paulie if going to look like a big fool. Or, again, more of one, depending on your perception of him.

Also, is there some sort of Men in Black memory erasing gadget being used on people in the house? Everyone is spending so much time on the “did Frank call Da a slut” carp and the apparent 50 alliances/side deals she’s made with everyone that they seem to have forgotten this is exactly what they were all pissed off at Frank about last week. His big mouth and making different deals every other hour were a pretty big deal to everyone and now it’s like it never happened. I don’t know whether to be impressed with Frank or even more disappointed in these people. I /facepalm so hard listening to these people I nearly have bruises. This stupid team safety twist has kept Frank safe for the first few weeks of this game and the utter stupidity of some of the HG’s will likely keep him safe all the way to half a million dollars.

Tiff go home please

I m gonna have a similar breakdown as Tiff had if she wont go home…I get Mischelle, I dislike Tiff too and i m not able to change it, God knows I tried…


I think the best moment of the season will be the look on Michelle’s face when Natalie wins AFP.


I m tired of Tiffanny..I just can t anymore..if I was in the house I d probably also be obsessed w getting her out for my sanity…


Every houseguest this season is a sibling of a past houseguest that has been previously evicted. maybe, each of them needs to get the person out that played a roll in them being evicted.?


Is it just me or is Michelle the most annoying person not just in the house but ever I can’t stand her she is not funny at all and Nicole is right she is like christen from Nicole’s season just not all over a guy … Yet


Can’t wait to watch Meech City and Ztoria fall apart at the first sign of pressure.


I would love Da or Tiff to call a house meeting right after the POV ceremony and have the two biggest targets call each other out on their lies and possibly blow up some other houseguests games in the process.


Seeing Michelle sobbing is awesome.


Paulie needs to go in double eviction, get a reality check/his head bk in the game! Then win his way back in so, he can play the way he did his first HOH. He seems to be running his mouth more and listing less.


I swear I’ve never done it to any woman before. But I would totally drop the C-word on Michelle.


Is it just me or does anyone notice how Tiffany never showers ??


Like the HGs I was hoping Tiffany WASN’T Vanessa 2.0 but she is! Starts a fight and that tells you her target. She puts on the hat and glasses and Crazy Train Van’s words come spewing out of her mouth. Her voice, mannerisms and the way she attacks then plays victim…I just can’t!!