Paul “Pots & Pans motherf**ker! Nicole “Evil Dick did pots & pans” Paul “Evil Dick has nothing on Evil Paul”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 00-14-39-424

12:10am HOH room – Paulie, Corey and Michelle are talking. Paulie says the way I look at it Tiff goes home this week and if we can get Frank or Bridgette out next week. Then the following week we go after Day .. then take care of Bridgette and Natalie. Bridgette will then have no one and if she does have any information it would have been from Natalie. Corey says yeah we need to keep our eye on Natalie.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 00-35-36-902
12:15am Paul talks to Corey & Nicole on the backyard couches. Paul says to Nicole Yo guys when I win HOH next week I am just going to start clipping you guys off. Nicole says try me. Paul says ya’ll think you’re cute in your couples!? Yo, homie (Frank) is going to sh*t! Day made a good point. I think he (Frank) is starting to not trust me which is why he threw my name under the bus. Nicole asks how do you know he threw you under the bus. Paul says he went to Paulie and said the same words that he said he put into my mouth that he said that I said. After he threw my under the bus he came out here and told me I’m a strong competitor, they’re just using you. All this sh*t. He was like I can trust you right, you’re not going to f**k me. SO he’s getting a little insecure and covering himself. Guess what, next week, pots and pans, on the block. You’re pissed, one of Ya’lls going home. You’re f**ked, I don’t care! Dude if they’re have not, I’m going to wait until the third song is over, then I’ll give him 15 minutes to slip back into REM sleep then bang the pots and pans. Pots and Pans motherf**ker! I want him so mad so he is playing full on emotion. You play with emotions, you lose! Nicole says Evil Dick did pots and pans. Paul says Evil Dick has nothing on evil Paul.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 03-43-04-878

Nicole tells Corey that Michelle makes me nervous. I was over there talking causally just about the whole Bridgette thing about the shaking her head rolling her eye’s thing. That was just something I mentioned briefly. And then she ran and told Paul and then he came to me. James joins them. They talk about how Michelle crying. Corey says Michelle said if Tiffany stays, I’ll be going out next week. Nicole says I think she (Michelle) thinks Tiffany can tell us something. James says he is going to know Thursday .. we ain’t all with him. Paul says well there’s going to be a show tomorrow. Day is going to call out Tiffany. Then I might also call out Paulie. James says so we’re just having big shows tomorrow. Nicole says I can’t wait to watch. Paul says that planning on going after big players.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 03-43-32-647
1:25am HOH room – Paul, Z, Michelle and Paulie are talking. Michelle says I just can’t forget the resuscitate me comment. Day says when she wins she is going to say to Bridgette “Good Luck resuscitating your game” Paulie says once Frank is gone, Bridgette is going to be easy to get out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 03-57-16-059

1:40am Frank joins Nicole and Corey in the backyard. Nicole asks if you win veto are you going to say I wish I had two of these jokers? Is that season 14? Frank says yeah .. it would depend on if Bridgette and one of you two were up there. Frank says lets just make sure that doesn’t happen. Where we’re on the block together. I want 1 more team competition so we can control things a bit longer. I think the consensus is that whoever doesn’t go home this week, goes home next week. It would be nice to have a chill week. Frank heads inside.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 03-52-52-567

3:25am Nicole, Michelle, and Z. Nicole says I kind of want to cuddle him tonight. But I don’t want to go up on the block because of it. Michelle says there are bigger fish to fry.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-18 04-08-48-936

All the house guests are sleeping..

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Well at least they are keeping it interesting and making some good TV drama for us this year. It could really go either way. I am glad, I was sick of the whole “we must vote with the house” crap. Even though I am not a big fan of Tiff or her game play (and drama) a lot of what she said to Frank is the truth. as much as they deny it they did have a final 4 with the 2 couples and day as a 5th. (don’t recall if they gave themselves one of those corny names) and Da was pissed about it. I thought she told both Tiff and James about it and even said she didn’t think it really included her but Z just added her on there to make her feel included. They can get rid of Tiff down the road, getting rid of Da knock Don Paulieone down a peg. Guy thinks he is the best at everything and can beat everyone.

Glad everyone not voting the Same

This season of big brother is the sh-t. The previous seasons used to piss me off cause everyone would pick one person and everyone in the house would vote them out. Even if they were friends with the person on the block. It was so predictable! This season has a backbone and even the previous players said this season is a different beast. Having all the emotional and chest bumping trainwreck is just what the doctor ordered. Julie Chen is a Staple for big brother but I wouldn’t mind her only doing the shows season finale but let somebody like Chris Rock,Bill Murray, Leslie (from snl)or somebody that is more entertaining and funny when the house guests get evicted host the regular evictions.


I have to agree. I may not like who gets saved or who got the boot but it’s nice to be a little surprised on Thursday night. The last couple of seasons, you knew who was gone Friday or maybe Sunday after the PoV was played.

Justin b3av34

I hope 5hey br8ng back frankie


And the rest of us hope you are able to get off of the crack pipe soon. Him and his donut licking sister are not welcome here!

no name

Amy Schumer would be amazing!!


I too am glad that unanimous voting with the house is gone this season. However, the third person on the block is just as unsuccessful this season as it was the last time they tried this. I like that in a way they leveled the playing field for all the HG’s to have the chance to be the nominator. But no one is taking advantage of having a third nominee. Pretty much they all act like there are still only two people to vote for with the third person not even bothering to try and get votes or do anything to flip the vote. I know BB is trying to create twists and shake things up with things like this and Battle of the Block, but I don’t think they work. Furthermore, get some new competitions. Doesn’t it tell them anything when the HG’s come into the house and already are expecting the same comps they’ve used for the past 7 seasons?

Madness, I tell you...

Can’t wait for this game to change. Let everyone play their own game. END THE TEAMS!!!

Detective Derrick

If they only had 2 nominees Bronte would still be in the house Tiffany might have gone home. If they still flipped the votes Paul would be gone. The roadkill is a much better 3rd nominee then the MVP was.

Saving Tiffany

That girl is such a hot mess, and “everybody” hates her. She would be the perfect person to take to the end. Who’d give her the money.


I love that people are into Michelle being a rat. Hope she gets evicted soon. Also, Paul’s game of playing both sides is starting to fall apart. Gotta love this.

Still hoping for the house to flip on Da this week

Fuzzy Num Num

Which eye is Corey keeping on Nat? The left or the right? Because the left one gives me the creeps.
I will say this. I’ve not seen a group be this paranoid, this soon in before. I love it!

Tears on my pillow

Dating myself a little bit here…but Corey reminds me of Dick VanDyke!!


Lmao @ that pic of Corey….
Keeping an eye on Natalie….and the other checking out the guys


What season was he on?


Frank reminds me of a male grown up version of Annie


I seriously laughed out loud…best post ever…ill never look at Frank the same again

Powder Puff Girls

me too! lol


Felix the Cat coukoo clock

Big Jim

Shut up Paul you’re not going to do shit


Paul is like a 14 year old boy telling his friends how hardcore he is


Haha Evel would have loud mouth Paul shaking in his boots.

Sgt. Hartman

I’m so sick of that short man syndrome little turd.


And I haven’t seen him win shit either! I think he is only on the show looking for the one thing he has never had in his life…………Friendship. Yea that is what “your boy” needs friendship. If he doesn’t find it he may just tear off his balls and glue them to something. running around talking about WHEN he wins next week he will be doing this and that and telling this one and that one off. First he would have to actually win HOH which is doubtful but if he did he doesn’t have the balls to call anyone one out or do any Evel dick type antics. I was with him trying to blend in after him and his gang thought they were running the house and got beat down but now……just a rat.


Greetings from Europe.
Sorry if this is a controversial topic, but I have to say I’m kinda shocked at the selection of women of BB18, and what image they convey to the world.
According to BB18, women are “weak, babies, irrational or invisible”. Is that the strategy to be successful in the BB game? Is that an “acceptable” display of character in the 21st century?
The “baby in a grown woman’s body” type has – as far as I know – NEVER been as numerous in BB history as it is in BB18. Did Allison Grodner only have such baby-women to choose from, or was it a conscious decision? Bronte, Bridgette, Nicole and Natalie would usually be competing for 1 spot on the cast, the role of “cute Baby Spice”.
Bronte has the voice of a 6-year old. Or, as Paul rightly pointed out, as someone who has been “sucking on helium her entire life”. Sure, her lungs are small, her natural voice is higher than average. BUT KNOWING that sounding like a 6-year old is just not OK in today’s society, she should obviously just speak with a lower pitch. Everyone is able to, just as many men and boys have forever made a conscious effort at sounding more “macho”, lowering their voice pitch to appear more manly / grown up. Even if she felt the ‘burden’ of lowering her high pitched voice was too tiresome, she should make a concerted effort not to “BE” the 6-year old that this high pitch implies she is, by at least using a grown up vocabulary and mannerisms. In the contrary, when she opens her mouth, she acts like she wants to talk about rainbows and unicorns(!), really trying to BE that 6-year old in a grown woman’s body.
Same can be said about Bridgette: Her giggle alone is something out of a children’s comic – in that comic, it would be the character that’s OBVIOUSLY exaggerating the childishness to sound as weak and naive as possible. No way such a way of trying to portray a “young naive child” with her constant “a-hi-hi-hii!…a-hi-hi-hii!” and her overall demeanor in the house would be acceptable for a proud grown woman.
Nicole plays the “I’m a weeeak, sad, cute, innocent little puppy dog” routine ad nauseam. Instead of trying to avoid a situation where a (male) HG is angry at her, she rather just does what she wants and if there would be any consequences to her actions, she just says “I don’t want you to be mad at me”. But she says it with this whole “I’m so small, weak and cute, you just HAVE TO not be mad at me. And I expect you to.” voice and demeanor. Her “I don’t knooooowuh!” with that cute baby pout replaces smart gameplay. Sorry, she was already on BB 2 years ago, she has not shown any sign of being more grown up this time around.
Natalie is playing the “weak princess that needs to be saved by a strong prince” card, as well as the “I’*m just weak as a BB player anyway, so just don’t waste an HOH on getting rid of me!” card. Sorry, but pretending you’re a worthless pile of goo just laying there on the side while other human players are competing, is NOT acceptable imo for an adult. I think it’s cute how she interacts with James, but her constant and extreme submissiveness is unbearable to me. The only logical next step would be for her to proclaim that “a woman only belongs in the kitchen”. Yup, that’s nothing more or less that the constant “I’m just a weak woman, I need you strong man to save me!” speach.
Michelle acts as this year’s “bull in a china shop” girl – displaying how awkward, uncoordinated and generally untalented she is at everything. Everything. She basically puts her foot in her mouth when she opens it, and can bankl on the “they’re not going to target me anyway because I’m OBVIOUSLY just this worthless”. She’s Victoria, just showcasing why it would have been a stupid idea to bring Victoria in on any of the alliances in the house.
Zakiyah has – whether from the get-go of after a short learning curve – decided that being invisible was her best bet. Not very “I’m a strong proud woman” from her. Sure, she gets noticed for having a (pseudo-?)showmance. And for having said “I’ll pretend I like him just so I can reap the benefits. Don’t worry girls, It’s not real feelings, I’m ready to slit his throat when necessary.” Call it what you want, but to bank on seduction to get further in life is way too similar to the oldest of professions, a profession that has been labelled unethical in many countries around the world. Apparently, it’s “ok” and “smart gameplay” to mimic an escort in Big Brother in the year 2016.
Da’vonne and Tiffany have been brought in as the “crazy irrational players”, Da’ more as the petulent proud 12 year old who just won’t back down and think for a minute in what is supposed to be a strategic game. Tiff is the spoiled 6-year old, expecting people to gift her with everything just because she pouts and cries and whines and blames “the mean world around her” for all that is wrong in her life/game. Remember: SHE’S 32 YEARS OLD. If she really is this unstable, then it’s borderline unethical for BB to have let her pass the so-called “psych evaluation”.
I’m not saying that these women really are this embarrasingly pathetic in real life. All I’m saying is that the image they think is OK for them to project on a show watched by many millions, would be called “anti-feminist” and “an embarrassment to women around the world” 20 years ago. Even 40 years ago.
I find it disturbing to witness, and I wonder if the US really are that different from the rest of the world, or if for some reason, BB has evolved into some magic fairytale world where it’s necessary or ok for women to pretend they are, in fact, 6 year old girls. Scary and disappointing to me either way.

Blast Radius

Zip it, frog.


Our chosen attention span is four to six sentences tops. Like most dissertations, you will never get read.


Speak for yourself JPearson.


I scrolled past it at lightning speed. There’s absolutely no reason to have that much to say about Big Brother. Someone is taking themselves a bit too seriously.


you’re not paying enough attention to what you put into your brain.

u nailed it

i feel so dirty


I don’t think you can base your opinion of the average American woman on a reality TV show. Big Brother picks people hoping they will be good TV–so the more “crazy” the better. And I do think Tiffany has some sort of real mental health disorder. There should be laws against exploiting these people on TV, but I don’t think there is.

sunny dee

replying to Frenchie there mostly

In order to get cast on the show, most (especially superfans) know they have to be a character so they have to pick that character and dress and act that character (probably to get more airtime). Bronte picked overalls and barettes, and you can bet production will not let them spend too much time out of character. So Bronte would be reminded, hey you are the (equivalent of) bow tie nerd character, where’s your hair clip and overalls for DR?

you’ll notice when she went on the block, the hair bow and overalls went into storage, and she looked and acted a lot more ‘normal’. Z already has a rep for sleeping all day, and not doing much of anything. I don’t think it is a strategy, i think she’s genuinely lazy. but she still wants to be part of the group, which is fine, she is this seasons’ pretty but useless character. There’s always one and they almost always link up to ‘captain america’ guy, and they tend to go quite far not for any particular reason. you’d think Corey would be Captain America guy but really he’s this season’s Austin (big guy nice guy but not really winning anything guy, assumed he’d do better but for some reason he isn’t so he ends up going far just because others actually win, on Frank’s season it was Frank, who like Austin starts getting targetted, then starts having to win to save themselves. just like Corey did). Nicole didnt have to pick a character, she’s ‘returning vet’. Day is what she was on her season, what there often is on every season, bible thumping loud strong black woman character, often a mom. if a black woman comes along trying to be ‘nerd’ or ‘all amercian athlete’ or ‘brainy’ they probably wouldn’t cast her. They all have to be a character role, which is too bad because after a dozen seasons we who have been watching the show forever start calling it out..


Made me laugh. You are on point on quite a few statements here. Now write about the boys, I mean men. I find it funny the gals always call the guys boys.


It’s not representative of the American woman. But it is representative of the oppressive culture towards women that exists in this country. The media choose these stereotypical models to exploit that the public will respond to negatively.

Just my observation

From what I’ve seen most of the men AND women are playing using whatever assets they have to stay under the radar while gathering information to make the necessary moves to keep them safe. The ones that act strong trigger concern/paranoia and usually go home first. Derek knew this and used it to win.
So what if the girls act shy and naive and cry to get farther. If they don’t the men fear a female alliance and send them home. It doesn’t mean they’re all weak or stupid.


Too long really hated myself after reading. The “Greetings from Europe” should have warned me. You might as well have said “Greetings from Planet Condescending A$$”. First off who cares if you are in/from Europe? How does that impact your thoughts on the current game play of the women on BB18? Oh that’s right your brilliant superior European mind has concluded that 8 girls on a US game show represents the mind set not only of all US women but US society as a whole. FYI I won’t be judging all of Europe on one asinine opinion.


Sorry I’m the only reason you hate yourself.
The assumptions you make are completely taken out of thin air. I only said Greetings from Europe to make it known that I’m not American, that I was genuinely curious as to how americans would feel about this. I also specified that they might exagerate or completely act out these traits.
As you’d know if you had read and understood before jumping to a conclusion.

Sorry if this post was too long. I’m not a fan of comments like “Frank’s a prick!” or “Tiff is crazy!” without explanation. They don’t make my day.
But then again, you call me a condescending a$$ and asinine. So I guess you won’t understand my reasoning for explaining anything.


I give you credit for making it through the whole thing! I gave up about 1/2 way through.

Just Sayin'

Your comment is really just that of a mean girl/guy who in my opinion just has a low opinion of women in general. Maybe US women in particular. Calling them 6 y/o and babies? Bronte should somehow fix her voice? They are supposed to carry the feminist agenda forward on a game show? The men are all pigs who could not possibly have any real interest in working with these gals if they don’t play the submissive? You sound like someone who has experienced a lot of rejection. Over analyzing is your way of distancing yourself from your personal pain. There how does it feel to have yourself all figured out as a person after just one snapshot in the film of your life.


Yup, 3 weeks of live feeds 24/7 and 1 post. Same thing. You’re spot on.
I raised questions, and said that I didn’t like that this “type” of character had been cast so often on 1 season. I noticed facts, you just tried to twist the meaning of my words and be insulting.
So to answer your question, I’m fine with a keyboard warrior such as yourself insulting me. Makes you look bad, not me. Have a nice day.


I was a big Nicole fan and now she’s on the bottom of my list. I knew having a showmance with a guy who thinks lighting live goats on fire is funny would be bad for her but she’s turning into a mean girl. Everything Tiffany revealed about Nic was true but not from Da, she got it from Frank. Instead of deny deny deny she’s using it to torpedo Da. Guess she learned how to be a Rat from her season with Christine.


But what I don’t get is why people who play the game receive scorn here.

Nicole is playing the game. She has Corey to basically do what she said and a few alliances of descending importance to rely upon. It’s a good spot. I don’t know that I “like” anybody on this show because it’s a show, a game in a deprivation tank. But if you force me to pick favorites, it’s the handful playing to win, of which she’s one.

It was shortsighted keeping Tiffany and blindsiding Frank with the contrived close vote and it’s now looking like a game shift. Nicole is responding to the events as she sees them because she knows there’s information out there that has to be shaped….and if she can shape it to pit players against each other, while she moves between them, that’s great….that’s the game.

I don’t know if you’re just mad that she’s not loyal to your favorite or is willing to work with the player you hate and you’re dressing it up, but nobody is perfect, nobody can see all we see, but at least she’s playing the game and can adapt in ways that cause some entertainment.


I’m sorry but Nicole hasn’t played yet. She hasn’t won a competition either. Her HOH was given to her by her team when Corey won the comp. She has not had one idea to present to her “alliance”. She goes with whatever plan the person who’s in front of her comes up with. She’s infatuated with a guy that couldn’t care less about her. She even made the statement that Michelle might be a plant here by Christine to get her out! Joking maybe but how does someone even let that enter their mind and then say it out loud? She’s terrible


You make valid points but they might be stronger if you did not open with a factual inaccuracy. Nicole completed the coconut challenge well before anyone else on her team. Tiffany finished it second but not really close to Nicole and Corey came from behind to finish before Glenn. Yes, the team agreed to give HOH to Nicole (which she wanted despite the guys all pushing Corey to take it. Nicole did a great job of making Corey suggest that Nicole should take it – storage room conversation).


The majority of criticism isn’t about people playing the game. It’s about them being horrible as people.


True. Game play I enjoy. The constant tearing down of one’s looks and personality is hard to watch or read about. Michelle is the biggest mouth right now and the meanest girl.


Michelle has been this hate spewing being for years on reddit. She has been hypercritical of BB HGs in every season.


The house generally brings out the worst in the HGs, and also in viewers. Viewers overreact, instead of remembering the context. This is what the network expected when designing this show with their psychological experts. So the cattle will follow. Observers need to remember, though, that in their responses they are just another manipulated part of the social experiment that drives the profits for the fat cats. Better to play AND watch with a cool head.


Better for whom? From what we’ve seen on the boards for years is that plenty of people enjoy the escape in myriad forms. I for one support their right to enjoy the experience in any form they choose. To each their own. Some of the big reactions are quite entertaining but no matter whether the perspectives are insightful or not; whether I agree with them; or not, I support everyone’s right to Big Brother any effin way they want!

String Cheese Theory

I’ve never like Corey. I remember early on he was talking about some frat boy shit, a drinking thing where everyone would drink very fast and then vomit all over the place and he thought that was hilarious. I hadn’t heard about setting goats on fire but I wouldn’t be surprised. He looks insane to me.

I liked Nicole because she is to me like the girl next door all cute and sweet but the way she treated Tiffany just kind of irked me. I know it’s a game but the other night on BBAD she was crying because she thought Corey was mad at her. She said she didn’t like to make people mad etc. but she didn’t have that same compassion for Tiff when Tiff had her meltdown. Only Nat (at least what was shown) showed any compassion for Tiff.


Here is what Frank/Bridgette/Tiffany are misreading. Getting Da’Vonne will be tough.

Michelle, Zakiyah, James, Natalie and Paul will vote Tiffany out in that scenario, although Paul could be a swing vote. But they certainly cannot count on him.

Nicole might be their best option. (1) They can’t trust her, and they already know that. (2) They might have the votes — Frank, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, James and Natalie. (3) They kill a showmance.

Question is, would James flip on Nicole. I think he would — as he’s discussed getting out Paulie and Corey ASAP.


nat’s on the block so they don’t have the 5 they need for nicole (paulie, paul, michelle, z, and corey would all vote out tiffany).

there really isn’t a good option, so best best is to put up the most emotional player (who i’d argue is da) and hope that player blows up their own game. i don’t think it’ll work, but that’s really all they can do.


Good point. Forgot about Natalie being on the block.

Three people is one too many.


James wouldn’t flip on Nicole yet. Da’Vonne on the block is going to start stuff and she’ll likely blow herself up.


Nat’s up the best option might be James actually. If you are really looking for a hail mary to save Tiff. I’m like most responders and think Da cannot get evicted because of the votes. You need 5 as Paulie appears to be voting out Tiff if it’s a tie. Same problem with Nicole IMO. James maybe gets the “girls rule” votes combined with picking off a ” returning” HG vote. IMO he is the best choice to save Tiff. I’m not saying it would work either but Da might see an opportunity to get him out as to tempting to pass up.


I’ve watched every episode of every season and I love a good strategy but the floating rat game Paul, Michelle and Z are playing really irks me. Paul is the most annoying little punk I’ve seen in a while. His constant threats about punching someone in the face amongst other annoying comments would be entertaining if he would actually say them to the persons face instead of behind their backs. Paulie thinks he’s bred for this game because his brother rode derricks coattail to the end but in reality he’s as big of a coward like his brother! I hope he goes soon!!


OMG, you read my mind!!! Paulie is a classic cardboard gangster acting like the “Don” of the house — Cross me and you’ll get “clipped” and paul is just the annoying court jester!


Agreed. I’m the biggest Derek fan on here but even I know Cody should have picked Victoria. He was loyal to a fault and that’s what’s going to get Paulie cut from this game. His “Derek” is Corey who is a complete moron. No help whatsoever in the mental aspect of this game. Paul needs to be taken down a peg or two but is just terrible enough to make final 2. He’s one step above Victoria or Christine.


I’m really enjoying this season more than I have any season in quite a while. I’m still rooting for James / Nicole / Corey, etc. But one thing has changed – I love Paul! Two or three weeks ago he was one of my absolute least favourite players, but he’s won me over on feeds. I genuinely like the guy and I hope he continues to lay relatively low game-wise and then make some big moves later on. Paulie is fine, too, he just bores me.

String Cheese Theory

well you must be in the minority because as of now there are 44 down votes

he’s too spastic for me.


I’ve got no problem being in the minority. I’m not here for likes. All I can do is state my own opinions.


I agree with you. It should never be anyone’s goal to always be in the majority opinion.

That being said Paul and Paulie are tools.


I’m liking Paul’s game more. It’s really the only play he has right now but he’s on point. Problem with it is, he can get caught easily.

Daisy Rose

I wish Paul would shut the hell up already. He ain’t no Evel Dick. He’s been running his mouth about pots and pans for 2 weeks now and all I’ve seen him do is talk, talk, talk. Go home.


Im still waiting for him to rips his balls off and throw them at people


Anyone who likes Paul has to be a complete Douchebag like him.

Grammar Nazi

If Paul, “Ain’t no Evel Dick” you’re saying he’s Evel Dick.


Rat Pack aka ” Andy Herren” alliance
#1 Paul
#1a Michelle
#2 Zakiyah

Honorary Chairperson Paulie
disgusting people that rival BB15 Queen B*tches Clique


SO funny that Nicole said Michelle reminds her of Christine! lol. But, honestly at this point I have no idea who is lying to whom.


I don’t see how keeping Tiff is good for anybody but Frank. First they save her to screw him and now they save her and help him? Have they thought about who Tiff would go after if she won HOH? She did win the Roadkill. It will no longer be Frank or Bridgette. Da will be gone so who amongst the remaining HGs will she target. Also Frank will probably be the puppet master behind the throne. Da might not win but she would definitely go after Frank if she did. The whole reason they kept Tiff over Bronte in the first place!!!! Idiots! Da might be sketchy and making too many deals JUST LIKE FRANK!! But Frank is the comp beast and Da…. well is not.


Tiff would also be a vote to save Frank or Bridgette if they were to end up on the block. Also she is a source of info whether truthful or not that could be used against any of them should they find themselves on the block. She is a self proclaimed free agent for sale and loyal to no one (except probably Frank for at least a few weeks). If they keep her that decision could be the single moment that many of the HGs can point to when they find themselves in jury.

Madness, I tell you...

Tiffany is a free agent. Vanessa cried all last year saying, I have no one. I am not in any alliance. She is so trying to play like her sister.


paul will go home before frank I belive if pual wins hoh in frank get nom in win pov pual in trouble
but I think tiffny goes home frank wins hoh tiffny comes back the perfect payback for tiffny in frank an brdiget
that what im calling next week

ESL Tutor on OBB

You are getting better at expressing your thoughts in English. Well done!
If I may make a suggestion: You have used the word ‘in’ to connect things. Although the correct word can sound like in when we speak it is actually spelled ‘and’…

paul will go home before frank. I belive if pual wins hoh (in)and frank get nom (in)and win pov pual in trouble.
but I think tiffny goes home frank wins hoh tiffny comes back the perfect payback for tiffny (in), frank an brdiget
that what im calling next week.

Thank you for your contributions.


I agree with some of your points Anonymous, but also think they know Day has the ear of the girls side. Although the guys thump their chests and posture about winning all the comps. we all know there are comps. they won’t win. With the exception of Paulie, none of the guys have been studying events of the house. If this next HOH is such a comp. and Paulie can’t play, the chance of Day winning goes way up, after all she studied with Tiff just last week. I think that the guys all know Tiff wouldn’t go after them. She is out to get the girls mainly Day, Michelle and Z. They screwed her around royally, and she wants revenge. I don’t care if they vote her out this week or not, because she has a chance of coming back. Actually if that happened, I think Paulie would have a stroke!!! I’d pay money to see that happen, especially because they usually get safety for a week.


There is always that possibility but from a strategic point of view Da’s game has been blown up so I doubt that her questionable influence of the girls is a bigger threat than Tiff’s disruptive presence in the house. Would be great though if Tiff got the boot and was the one to bounce back with a week of safety.

Just Sayin'

Tiff put up Corey first for roadkill after consulting with Frank (she mentioned it to Da but it was Frank’s stamp of approval that got the job done). So who is to say she would exclusively target the girls. And do Paulie, James and Corey want to risk THEIR bird in the hand? No Tiff has the possibility of causing way more unpredictable drama than Da. The smart choice would be to eliminate her for everyone but Frank/Bridgette.


Tiffany is such a blatant liar. I am not sure if this is part of her game play or not but eventually her lies are gonna catch up ro her. Da NEVER went to her when she won roadkill…she went to Da while Da was in the shower and informed her that she won RK and was going to put Corey’s wack ass up. Also, clearly Da is NOT an actress. If anyone knows of any other show(s) she has she been on besides BB, please let me know. What I don’t understand is why haven’t these showmances been targeted yet. Also the number of floaters in the house is crazy. Nicole, Corey, Paul, Z, Da, Michelle, Natalie and James are all floaters. Nicole got HOH by a fluke and Corey won POV by a fluke, otherwise they’re all worthless. The only ones playing a legit game is Frank and Paulie. Skip the bullshit, fast forward and Frank vs Paulie final 2, who you got?

James for the win

Da is an actress……she’s been in like 65 productions. Get a clue.


oh me godddd, someone lied on big brother?!?!?!?!?!1111/1/1111/??!?!?!

I'm a Frank fan again

I took a couple of weeks off. But anyone who’s against Cory, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Michelle is ok in my book.


If only the 8 could have worked together Paul should be going home, but women have to back stab each other , so sad


Why would I want the 8 to work together? About 5 of them are scumbags.

Unbattled Block

Paul comparing himself to Evil Dick is like a guppy comparing himself to a great white shark

Bolt Uprite

Don’t forget that they shower every day and shave or wax their armpits.


Zero clue how Paulie is so popular here and Tiffany isn’t. I want Tiffany to stay, continue to shake things up, and can’t wait to see Paulie’s pompous ass walk out the door at some point.

The poll

Is outdated.


It was update Friday morning.

Fuzzy Num Num

Big Meh, Meech, Michelle, whatever, will hang around like Christine. She’ll be here another 3-4 evictions. Then she’ll be blindsides and go out angry. Paul is gonna go right after her. Both of them are playing a rat game.


I agree with the fuzzy one….


Is Natalie really hitting on Corey?? Haven’t seen this on feeds at all. Just curious if she actually does like James or people are just trying to cause drama for them. OR is she “trying” to play the game ie; flirtmance (& hurting James in the process — yeah i know….kinda his own fault too).

You answered your own question

You haven’t seen it on the feeds. I haven’t seen it on the feeds. Nobody has seen it on the feeds.

So no. Corey is full of it.


Uhmm…Corey has seen it. It was right after the unicorn jumped over bigfoot but before the aliens got the loch ness monster.


Hmmm Hahaaaaaa that is funny! Thanks for making me laugh:)


Thnx! (thought i may have missed it)


Michelle said that she seen Natilie and Corey flirting a few weeks ago in the Living room. I think he admitted to Natilie trying to cuddle him because Michelle saw them and he got caught. Every time I see them together the feeds always cut off. I remember they were in the storage room one time and Natilie asked Corey if he liked Nicole. He said no and the feeds cut off. I didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation. I don’t think they are making this stuff up. Corey said she rubbed his leg and then Michelle said she did the same thing to Paulie. I think there are some truth to the flirting but it might be a little exaggerated. Corey does seem like an honest person. Another thing Why was Natilie nervous about Paulie knowing her friends. There must be a reason. Paulie said he knew her ex and friends and the type of person she is. She’s using James for the game and I would say that is very manipulative but it’s his fault for falling for it. Meg did the same thing to him and he didn’t learn the first time. It’s big brother you got to do whatever is best for the game even if it hurts people in the long run. Natilie flirting has worked and she even said all the boys will fall for her flirting and it has so far. She’s made it to jury.


I love it when Cory says he’s playing dumb, playing? really. He ain’t exactly a rocket surgeon.


He’s really a method actor, so he had a spike driven into the base of his skull. Which also explains the eyes.


Nice touch with the spike comment…lmao

Justin b3av34

Cory sandusky


Does any behavior you’ve seen from her indicate that she wants to be on national television being seen as a cheat?


So at this point who’s going home Da or Tiffany? Sounds like Da but these players lie so much who knows!!!


I really wish production would change how the jury is made. Maybe they could just sequester everyone when they are evicted and then allow the viewers to choose or randomly select jury members from those evicted. I am tired of seeing people coming in and being happy just to make jury. I want to see people in there that want to WIN!


Please stop picking on Crazy Eyes Corey!!!

Rubber Ducky

There was rubbing last night. Either Corey rubbed off Nicole, Nicole rubbed off Corey, they both rubbed off each other, or Corey simply rubbed himself off on Nicole.


As is the usual case I won’t have spoilers up until after lunch PST.

Da’Vonne is going to be nomianted and the house will explode at one point either before the vote on Thrusday. LOL it’s gonna be good 🙂

Tiff for the win

As a Tiffany Alexis fan I am torn between her gaining her safety this week and her being evicted only to come right back in the house after the last battle back.

Coming back in she would for sure cause the house to flip out mostly Michelle, Paulie, Paul and Day. That would be grand!

But her getting Days lying self out this week would strengthen her immediate game. If she stays and let’s say Victor come back. Paulie will try to rope in Victor and take Tiff out. However Tiff could grab Victor in with her Frank and Bridge and take out Paulie. Or could send Victor right back out door in a week. Paulie is so fixated on and afraid of Tiff that if she stays he will kiss Victors ass or whoever comes back.

So do we wanna see her send Day out the door or do we wanna see her come back in guns a blazing and take out Paulie big head on small body boy?

I say whichever way gets Paulie Paul and Michelle out of that house fastest….do that Tiff!



Heh, Frank jogging in the backyard and still talking game. The guy’s a machine.

Paulie the pussy

Paulie is talking about shaving his beard. We all know he looks like a total douche canoe with or without a beard. He has also talked about just keeping a mustache. Heres a hint. You are 5″3 and your head is size of a small boulder. You look dumb as fk no matter what.

And your looks don”t matter son. When you open your mouth the true showing of who you are comes out. A little scared self loving pussy who is all talk

Even your brother Cody has shown signs of being ashamed of you on his twitter. And he is a pussy too but not as big of a one as you little midget.

Dana White

Be careful!!! Any street fighter as bad ass as Paulie can get touchy when you talk about him like that. I’m thinking about signing him to UFC 208 to fight Jon Jones. He’s so tough!!!!!!!


I’d pay to see him fight Frankie….


I’m not sure you know who Paul is vs who Paulie is….


should be first on sundays now and make them safe


3 big turning points in the game.. Davonne went with Paul instead of Paulie when picking teams… Victor exclaiming he and the newbies are going after Nicole (HOH) and the rest of the veterans… (After “tricking” the rest of the team to let her be HOH) … Allowing Tiffany to stay in the game and then not pulling her into their team after saving her… (Though that probably would have been much smoother had anyone someone beat Paulie in the HOH comp)


Imo, Paul is floating. Come next week, if Frank or Bridgette were to win HOH, Paul will be full on telling Frank everything Paulie says, and lying to Paulie about what Frank says. His loyalty is to the HOH, not to any particular alliance. The problem is if Corey and James know what Paul is doing, and if either actually considered flipping for real, they’d tell Frank Paul has been pulling the wool over his eyes. There goes Paul’s only leverage in the game.
Imo, Michelle is overselling her Tiffangst. It’s making her look sketch to too many people, like what does she have to hide that idgaf tiffany, free agent could blow out of the water. She should be less teary and more the Michelle that flipped the vote last week. Her motive and zeal for getting rid of Tiffany is apparently to show the house she was never connected to Tiffany. She’s going overboard.
What’s funny is these two actually have the best positioning in terms of the power struggle going on right now, but if they keep overselling themselves, that will cause early exits. But that’s just the way i’m seeing it.


Is it just me that finds it a little weird that people keep talking about having arguments, then coming back later to say the doctors (d/r) want them to have the fights later? First Paul talking about it to Paulie. Now Da talking about it as she exits the d/r.


D/R stands for Diary Room not Doctor.


D/R is the Diary Room…not the Doctor. Watch big brother much??


Paul and Paulie call it the doctor. Watch feed much?


Well now I just want to see Evel Dick come in and mop the floor with Paul, because there’s being confident and then there’s being delusional. I can see Paul doing a lot of things, but having what it takes to be a true asshole with no empathy or f*cks given? ED has that in the bag every time.

And this pots and pans business? Paul won’t be doing that because according to ED’s Twitter feed, he was told by production before he left in season 13 that’s no longer allowed. He may have been told this already and is just keeping it up so he can blame production for not being allowed to do that down the road, who knows. Paul just needs to dial it back down a notch or two again though. After Victor got the boot he chilled out and was blending in better with the house but now he’s getting too comfortable. The more comfy he gets, the louder his voice is and he’ll either be booted because his rat role is exposed or simply because people value their sense of hearing and don’t want anymore damage done to their eardrums.