Tiff “What are we going to do about these guys?! They think they’re carrying us.” Azah “They kind of are, but I don’t mind it.”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nominated DX in his place.

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8:45pm Bedroom – Hannah and Azah
Azah – I go back and forth between the vote. I get back to what we all agreed on. Hannah – have you, Kyland and Tiffany decided how the votes are going to go? Azah – I talked to Kyland. He wants to vote for .. we agreed about 5-2. Hannah – okay. Azah – he asked if he could be the two. I said okay. I mean I am open to an opinion, what do you think? Hannah – To me I don’t have too strong of an opinion on it. I wanted to do 4 – 3 but just in case someone flips. Azah – that is what worries me. If somebody flips. I am completely fine with 4 – 3. I think that is the best move honestly. Hannah – honestly if we shoot for 4 – 3 and somebody flips that kind of tells us what we need to know. And that’s that we don’t have our sh*t together so if we do 4 – 3 and someone ends up flipping Hhmmmm.. I don’t know. If we did do 4 – 3 and someone ended up flipping it wouldn’t be the worst thing for me, you and Tiff. Sure we would be unprepared but we would also know that the cookout can’t get its sh*t together and we should probably rectify that. Some could argue that, that is better than not knowing. Whether people can stick to the commitment that they’ve pledged to if that makes sense .. Like if we’ve all said this is how we’re going to vote and it doesn’t turn out then we know we have some issues and we know we have to address them. But also just to be on the safe side so that things can continue going according to plan I guess we should just shoot for the 5 – 2 and then if it ends up being the 4 – 3 we will deal with it. The only reason I was thinking 4 – 3 is so that the Cookout is evenly divided between votes to keep Claire and votes to keep DX.. and that way he won’t suspect that there is a ton of us working together. Azah – yeah that is a good point. Hannah – just in case there is a battle back. Azah – yeah. That is a good point. Hannah – but just to keep it simple we keep it a 5 – 2 vote and if someone flips and if it ends up being 4 – 3 vote we obviously have some issues that we need to fix but it won’t change the outcome and DX will still go home. I guess if its 5 – 2 maybe DX wouldn’t suspect anything because maybe it would be me and Kyland voting to keep him. Tiff would obviously have to vote for her person which is Claire. And you can say that you’ve voting with Big D or you can say that you know he doesn’t have the votes to stay.

Azah – maybe .. because I am going back and forth too because I am trying to figure out what is best for non-cookout Azah. What would non-cookout Azah do?! Hannah – well non-cookout Azah, non-cookout Hannah and non-cookout Tiff would 100% keep DX. Azah – and non-cookout Ky would not? Hannah – I don’t know about non-cookout Ky. I guess it would depend on who he trusted more DX or X. Azah – DX already has his reservations with working with what he feels is that powerful group of four. (Ky, SB, Alyssa and X) Hannah – yeah but if the cookout didn’t exist I don’t know if Ky would be aligned with X. That is why I am saying it would depend on who he trusted more. For me I can’t push for DX to stay because I wouldn’t be willing to take that shot against him. SO we could keep DX another week or two weeks or however long but if you win HOH, if Tiff wins HOH, if Ky or Big D win HOH they would have to agree to putting him up on the block or if they win veto.. then you guys would have to agree to not use it on DX. Azah – I already.. I had a one on one with DX today and I was completely back to where I was at the end of the week. Which was okay DX is finding out a lot he probably needs to go next week. Then I talked to X and I got back on DX needed to go. So I am still objective of DX needs to go .. I am just trying to figure out votes… of ideally what I would like is 4 – 3. Hannah – just same. Azah – if the only reason why we are doing 5 – 2 is because we’re afraid .. that is concerning. I don’t want what happened with Christian, to happen again. And what happened with Ky, happened with Britini again. I just want us to you know vote out who we’ve expected to vote out if we’ve come to an agreement. Hannah – we can talk about votes but as of right now you’re pretty set on sending DX home? Azah – after talking with X about it.. like I said I had some where I came from .. its not looking out for one person or you or Tiff being too exposed but he brought up a really good point.

Tiff joins them. Hannah – you said how you were talking with X earlier today. Azah – he brought up a really good point which was .. I really really love DX and want him to stay but he seems to be resigned like he is not going to win but that he wants to take out as many people as he can which is good .. but the point at the end of the day .. he is so good at competitions.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Hannah – one of us three need to win (HOH) so that we can be sure to take that shot against SB. Tiff – SB needs to go next week. Hannah – yeah and then Alyssa needs to go right after. If not Alyssa, then Claire .. just one of the two. Hannah – the only issue is that if there is a Battle Back and DX came back DX would be more likely to work with Claire. Tiff – we just have to watch Cliare, SB and Alyssa teaming up together. Tiff – what are we going to do about these guys?! These guys think they’re carrying us. Azah – they kind of are.. but I don’t mind it. Tiff – THEY’RE NOT! Azah – AH… I’m a joker, I’ve been getting hit left and right. Tiff – listen we are all protecting each other. They wouldn’t still be here if they didn’t have our numbers to keep them here. Azah – I agree with that. Hannah – its a team effort. Tiff – we all doing our part in here. Azah – yeah we all doing our part. Tiff – what I am hoping doesn’t happen is we get down to 6 and they say BYE! BYE!

9:50pm Hammock – Claire and Derek X.
Derek – I low key wish tomorrow was Thursday. In a weird way. Claire – I know. Me too. Its like okay tomorrow I need to campaign to everyone and I know they all talk about it so I am like.. Derek – I know. I feel like when X is shut down (solitary)… which is good for us it is one less person to worry about. Claire – yeah. I mean it is just X and Alyssa’s votes are locked. Derek agrees. Those are not my peoples. Claire – we’re both just really working Big D and Azah. Derek – facts! You’re like turning me into Christian. Claire – why? What do you mean? Derek – Christian tried to work Big D. Claire and Derek laugh. Derek – This is why like.. if you play a floaters game you’re always at the mercy of everyone else. Claire – like as they go further and further.. like next week.. two votes.. like they can just tie the votes. Two votes become stronger and stronger and stronger .. that is why we were so scary. That’s why next week Me and Tiff or Chaddha and you are still going to be scary.

Derek and Claire realize this is the last night they can hangout in the hammock together. Claire – that is really sad.

10:12pm – 10:20pm HOH room – Azah and Sarah.
Sarah – this is a tough week because obviously Derek is a great guy and I get along with him really well and he looked me in the face and said I am not coming after you and I believed him. I don’t think he is coming after me or KY. But I think it was the best decision to put him on the block looking at the situation.. I talked to Big D earlier and explained that my goal was not to send either of you home this week. I did put Big D on the block but with the expectation that he would be taken down before even the veto because I had a pretty good idea that Derek X wasn’t going to play and save his money. I didn’t think Chaddha would play but if she did, she said that she would take down who I wanted. And Alyssa said she would take down who I wanted. And then I thought you would probably plan and take him down. Azah – yeah, I thought I would play too! Sarah – so I had a pretty good idea that he would come down. I realized that DX has a really strong competition game but also a really strong social game. And fortunately Claire did end up on the block so that does separate Tiff’s vote from him. And like who knows when there would be another chance to take a shot at him. I know you are close to him so I know it might be tough for you. Azah – I get it and I get your reasoning. I plan to go with what the HOH wants. I don’t want to be looked at as the person that is making things difficult at all. I am just being open with you .. I am struggling with it but that is just how it is. I am not having talks with people or trying to campaign for either side. I plan to completely respect your wishes. I know that sitting next to him in final two I would never win.

10:40pm – 11:10pm Kyland gets the camera. Big D plays Sarah and Derek at chess.

11:02pm – 11:25pm Backyard – Derek X and Big D.
Derek – where is your mind at? I see you getting dragged around all day. Big D – yeah I am getting dragged around a lot because everyone wants to know what I am going to do. And I am still trying to figure it out because I am still 50/50. I have talked game with you. I have not talked game with Claire. I know Claire is your girl. I know you guys are friends. It is hard because both of you guys campaigned against me.. you know to send me home. SO to me I am like I don’t care who goes at this point. Claire I can understand because I don’t have anything with her so I 100% get that. With you is where it is hard for me because me and you had that conversation. You know I gave you that heads up week one.. I thought we were on the same page. I obviously thought you, me and Ky were on the same page. So I am just trying to think what is best for me game because I am at the point where who is going to fight for me?! Derek – yup. Big D – and that is what I need. Someone that is going to fight for me and win these comps so I don’t have to worry about going on the block. I don’t know if that is a lot to ask. I will say this, Claire hasn’t talked to me once .. so maybe she might not even need my vote. No one else has been like.. you need to vote this way. Derek – no one has? Big D – no one is going to tell me how to vote. EVER! Derek – that is good to know because I thought people were pressuring you. So here is my question .. would you rather have me fight for you or Claire fight for you? Big D – well the answer would be for you to fight for me… but then on top of that you have to understand that I gave you my word. I am just trying to see what is best for the future.. Right now when I look at the house its SB, KY, X and Alyssa are working together. Derek – and if I am out of this house.. do you see a path to winning this game? Big D – I don’t, I don’t. I mean I kind of do but I don’t. If things go perfectly I believe I will have enough to play in coin of destiny. Derek – so on the coin of destiny thing.. I also have enough money to play. Big D – I believe you do. Derek – I am only telling you.. because right now if I leave this house .. everyone knows you have coin of destiny. Big D – correct. Derek – and everyone is going to know you are the anonymous HOH. If you take out a target, they’re coming for you. You got that blood on your hands. If you keep me in this house.. just tell everyone.. bro I will throw it. You can take the shot that you want and I will throw it but you can just tell everyone that I took it because I am already a target, I don’t care if I am a bigger target. They’re coming for me. Its clear. Big D – how do you feel about Ky. Do you think you have his vote? Derek – I still have to talk to him. Big D – I feel like you have his vote to stay. I think who it is going to come down to.. I would rather .. if you come back in this game. I would hope that you will point your targets at the real people that need to go in this game. Big D – I believe you have Tiff and Azah.. X I don’t know. Alyssa I don’t know. Derek – I only need 4 this week. If I stay in this house, I will promise you… you will never hit the block, you will never be my target, and I will fight for you and I will fight for Azah. Big D – no I know that. Its hard for me .. because we made a deal. I am like whoever goes, goes because both of you were willing to keep Brit over me. Derek – there are relationships that I never turned my back on. Ky is one of them and you’re one of them. I never campaigned. Big D – it wasn’t campaigned. The problem is that girls talk. The girls all have big mouths in this house.

12am Living room – Azah, Derek X, Claire and Sarah are chatting about random things. Derek talks about dopamine deprivation and wonders if it will be like that when they leave the house.

1:34am – 2am Chess room. Kyland and Derek X.
Derek – He (Big D) told me he was 50/50. I feel like he is lying to me. I would believe if he was a no. Kyland – yeah then he is lying to one of us. How did the other chats go? Derek – I still don’t feel hopeless but I feel like I have to pitch to you. I don’t have anything locked not even Chaddha. Kyland – really?! Derek – if no one else will I don’t see her voting for me. Kyland – if she doesn’t, I will. Derrek then plays out different scenarios using the chess board.

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If your down to six or five if your not HOH and a guy is HOH you maybe in trouble


These girls are not thinking straight. They should listen to Tiffany this time and make sure DX stays in the house to work with them to take out KY and X. Otherwise, exactly what she thinks is going to happen…will happen. They will pick the girls off one by one. KY will try to keep SB there as long as he can but she’s gotta go too.
Why can’t they see that?


Agreed! Here’s hoping her and DX can solidify the flip during X’s confinement.


Derek X would very likely beat those three in the final competitions as well though.

So they need to get lucky to eliminate the three competition winning males.

One is basically out the door this Thursday so they might be better off getting him out and team with the non-Cookout girls. Of course that won’t happen since they are so for the Cookout that they are basically screwing themselves later on.

Like if Tiffany won HOH she really should target Xavier and Kyland NOT Sarah Beth and Alyssa.

Only time will tell if they make the right call or not.

Just Sayin'

Azah has already said many times she doesn’t care about winning and would be fine with second place. Sigh. And Hannah has been a big disappointment to me, she literally could not care less about trying to save Dx. It’s crazy to me that tiff is the one trying to save Dx and not Hannah, he would be such a bigger asset to her game moving forward then Claire. Not even to mention jury management, people keep saying Hannah is so smart but honestly I’ve haven’t seen that yet.


Hope that question is asked of her, why?

The Beef

It’s not that she’s not smart, it’s more that she comes off cold and heartless. She doesn’t seem to care about DX at all, saying things like “Of course I’ll miss him, but he has to go for the 6.” and things like that. Hell, Tiffany seems to care a lot more about him than Hannah does, and Hannah is the one that was supposed to be his “cuddlemance” or whatever you want to call the relationship they supposedly have. I would call it a relationship of convenience for Hannah – one in which she used his obvious attraction to her in order for her to be able to use him for Cookout business, and nothing more than that. She’s probably afraid she’ll be called out for that in the real world, especially since DX is so popular.

I don’t want to say Hannah is conniving, but in the way she’s used DX, she obviously is.


Am I crazy, but does anyone else think that Hannah reminds them of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex?????? Especially the character she played on Suits.

I was REALLY annoyed about how the baby talker was going to put up DX but it’s his own fault. NEVER trust a baby talker who whined $5K out of you. AND you elected NOT to play for safety. BAD MOVE, DX. [smh] Soooo Sad.

And it’s true, Tiff is the only fighting to keep DX. Those ladies are on the way out if the guys have anything to do with it.


This season of BB has become a reality show about people pretending to play in a game show.


Tiff is just spewing that junk for ratings. She does it every single week and never plans on following through. The game is predetermined. Last 6 will be black players with X or Ky for the win. The fix was in from day one.


I agree, except I am not sure TPTB care which Cookout member wins. I think when it gets to six, it is every man or woman for themselves and God help the women.


I’ve been saying the same thing all along. I’m going to return to watching past seasons of
BBUK. I enjoyed them way more than our version. They are a lot different where the houseguests have to do challenges to get food – it’s not just given to them like ours. The people are often hilarious. I wish it was still on.
This totally scripted show is crap IMHO. I expect it has all been set up for Couch to win. I can’t understand why anyone his size would enter into a competition based game. He can’t even say his vote right. Why is he there?


You are right there. There has been a plan from the first to get the white people out and have a black win. They talk about it between themselves on live feeds. Game is fixed this year.


Agree.. I don’t understand why all these people are playing for another person to win big bucks. I mean the other Derek isn’t even playing. Just hanging out and wathcing the show while winning money.


Ok I’ve been hearing all around that they believe Claire and DX know about CO. But if they knew the CO existed then why would they fear Clair. At this point only Tiff May fear Clair. I’ll admit CO is scared of DX and they have reason to be. I’m hoping more women win HOH but as much as I like them, my winner pick at the beginning and still is X.


The bigger question is why the heck these two didn’t mention it to SB when they knew DX was going up? Even if SB said something to someone..at least go out fighting. I think it’s more they don’t want to get dragged on Twitter after they leave the house..jmo


At least Azah knows and said out loud that she is being carried by Xavier and Kyland.

She already said in the past that she would be happy with second place so yeah…

I can’t really root for someone who is okay with that.

Make some moves to ensure you have a shot to win. At least give yourself a chance. Who wants to lose 9-0?


What a sad, deplorable season. Just think, four floaters go to the end with two of them never getting out of bed.

Game fan

Why four ? Tiffany isn’t winning but she is def not a floater


I still think pretty soon X will stop throwing the comps and then the CO will dissolve.

Game fan

He won a veto this week.


I think he’ll win more soon but not tomorrow because he wants his punishment out of the way.


Have the CO men really been carrying the CO women?

The first CO HOH win was Ky hitting a golf ball into a giant shark’s mouth (Week 2), so not exactly the height of physical or mental fortitude. The next CO HOH win was X answering a mental comp question that Hannah intentionally missed, so that Brent could be put OTB (Week 3). None of the CO won veto pre-jury. Enter the jury phase and we have Ky winning his 2nd HOH on a knock-out, so I’ll give him that. Then, X wins veto by betting some $ against a 24-hour solitary and 3rd nomination.

I guess my point is that Ky & X haven’t exactly been beast-ing their way through the season. The early comp beasts were actually Christian (W3 veto, W4 HOH & veto) and DX (W1 & W2 vetos, W5 HOH), and they were both persuadable to do the CO’s dirty work. I could argue that Tiff & Hannah were as pivotal in guiding the other HGs to do their dirty work as X or Ky.

So, I’m not fully buying into the CO men dragging the CO women to jury. I think the very nature of five people and a Couch manipulating their respective plus-ones has been the key to making it to F9, not two alpha males dominating the season cuz their wins aren’t really that impressive (so far).

another name

Have the men been carrying the women?
Regardless of how they got power, they have been HOH for half the game.
That means three weeks where, due to the understanding, the women were safe.
It’s a lot easier to go out and manipulate when you have a safety net that the non cookout people don’t possess.
Who were spongebrain’s targets before the night of stockholming? 3 cookout.
I’m not saying that the women haven’t been doing work to keep the cookout out of everyone’s crosshairs (to varying degrees because Tiff’s been aiming her sides at cookout for weeks and then saying oh no. don’t. wash rinse repeat weekly).

If the women are serious about taking a stand and keeping Dx, they’d better alter their priorities. Here’s Tiff and Azah talking about keeping Dx when their target for next week is… Sarahbeth. Really? They want to get rid the guys as their mission purpose… but the name as target is Sarahbeth. That’s like saying let’s declare war on Mars. But let’s bomb Iceland first…. that’ll show Mars.

The men having the HOH’s (who cares how) have allowed the women of the cookout the safety to manipulate and plant seeds without fear of being thrown on the block. That’s a big leg up.


LMAO on bombing Iceland first to show Mars. Your post is spot-on about the priorities. The fixation on taking out SB is clouding their judgment.

Game fan

Agree. Big D & azah are the one being carried

another name

Going to devil’s advocate for a minute.
TIff: Dx is more gullible and easier to control.

PRO: he wins comps and listens to her.
CON: he isn’t just gullible to what Tiff says, he’s gullible to EVERYONE.
So is she going to lock him in his room and keep him from talking to anybody else?
How does she get him out if she keeps him? If she breaks cookout does she just hope the members still vote for her because of mission statement?
Is she going to put the blame on Ky to the rest of the cookout (namely X)?

TBH that should have been an understanding bylaw. Break the understanding, you lose all the other votes. But I don’t think that’s in there. They had a hard enough time trying to decide if Ky and Hannah were even worthy (he was deemed an acceptable loss between noms and being removed with veto), and it took 5 weeks for half the group to consider Hannah a member. Make of that what you will, i’m not proffering a judgement with that, I’m stating historically accurate fact.

Risk of keeping Dx? draws a cookout line while there are still 2 non cookout women aligned with X and Ky in the house. He can win comps, but he also has rotten judgement about when to throw comps. So, the women of the cookout end up on the losing side of the numbers? Dx can’t save all three every week, and keep himself in the game while he still will fall for everything Ky says.
Risk of keeping Claire? Won’t win anything, will vote out the men without question. So the risk is the women of the cookout have to get their hands dirty. Hannah Azah and Tiff have to stop throwing and or losing everything.

With the way juries have measured game qualities for winning, they’d have to win something anyway. (HINT: new school juries would NEVER award someone that won zero comps. Strategy isn’t going to get the win. There has to be a rounded resume).
I feel the cookout was bound to break by week 8. In terms of storyline and historical reference, that’s when large alliances get antsy and jump the gun.

To me it’s still irrelevant which of Dx or Claire goes, but I’m STILL saying it’s Claire.

another name

Personal thought: If I’m Dx and Tiff keeps me, I’m still looking at how she did Claire, her shadow since week one, and thinking Tiff is loyal to nobody.
But I’m not Dx and wouldn’t beleive everything everyone says at face value.

Btw, i joked that Ky was probably nonplused by Alyssa not allowing him to get ALL the words in when they played foosball. He’s already griped about talking to Alyssa to Dx.


This season sucks. If DX goes, they’ll be no reason to watch.


DX DID let us down.
DX DID NOT go for safety.
That was HUBRIS.
I TEXTED for him to get $100
He did NOT use it wisely.
I’m rooting for TIFF to win now.
She is working – scheming – playing the game.
If not TIFF, then X.

Think how long long & incomprehensible Ky’s winning speech would be?

Big brother lover

So basically no one is going to flip

another name

So far, Claire has said all the right things to Azah. Agree with Azah that Ky and SB should be the targets. When asked for a replacement if Ky comes down, she’s figured out the code and said Alyssa.
Two things can happen, Azah can feel kinship to Claire regarding shared interest…
or Azah can try to get Dx to actually say Alysssa.
Third unlikely option, run to Alyssa and tell her.
Given that Alyssa just said she wouldn’t target Az/Couch, and might not target SB/Ky…. why would Az run to Alyssa? Hmmm.
Claire reveals she got 100 dollars the second week to Az. She says she and Dx figure America is giving it to the people in trouble or the people that shit on SB and Ky. (saying Az isn’t in trouble to explain why she didn’t get money? speculation).

Az says she hopes for a battle back so that Dx or Brit can come back. Claire agrees.

ATEOTD…. Sorry. I still think a late cast alternate isn’t staying this week. But so far that was Claire’s best pitch.


I’ve read that there will be a triple eviction in September. Does that mean there will likely be a Battleback?

Btw, I enjoy reading your posts. Even when the show sucks, I can find entertainment here. Thanks!!

another name

all that is known is there is a two hour episode on the 16th of September. the particulars are not known.


No battle backs but interested how TE will play out. People may complain about this or that but I can say though season isn’t perfect I’m enjoying this season a lot more than previous seasons. No season is perfect.


I’m hoping for TE


The friend I watch with says if DX is sent to jury there’s no point in watching the rest of the season. I’ll watch and take great pleasure when SB & Alli find out they’ve been played. SB told America they can wipe their behind with the money they gave her. She really belives she can win. Too funny.