“I don’t want DerekX to go home.. Let me work my little magic spread some seasoning on the cookout.. “

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nominated DX in his place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Flip is in the air.

1:20 pm Kyland, Tiff

Tiff says if she wasn’t worried about the 6 being mad at her she would say “F** them I’ll do what I want to do”
Ky brings up if two Cookouts were on the block this week everyone would have blamed him. Ky says it was Hannah that told him what to say to DX to prevent him from playing in the roulette.
Kyland brings up Hannah saying to him there’s someone in the 6 not on the same page for who they need to send home.
X and DF join them in the kitchen.
DF says for him both the nominees tried to flip the votes to send his a$$ home for him it doesn’t matter who it is He’ll go with what the 6 wants.
Df – I’ll vote out DX just for the fact that I can’t beat him in anything
X wants them all to agree before he goes into solitary tomorrow.

Tiff – I don’t have a whole lot to say I’m perfectly fine with whatever the decision is. I’m fine.
Kyland – is there a game thing or is their personal stuff
Tiff – It is perfectly fine I don’t want to put myself into a position where you view me as the trouble maker, the flipper, the emotional person, the selfish person, the personal gamer. So it is obviously umm.. not in the best interest that is perfectly understandable. It’s a dead situation to me we don’t have to keep having a redundant conversation about it
Tiff says if it’s the 6 decision she’s perfectly fine with it
Ky – we have all proven none of us are trouble makers
Tiff – you all have proven you will do what it takes in this game. I don’t have a leg to stand on I’ve done nothing. I haven’t won anything. I haven’t done anything I’m in no position to call any shots.
Tiff – you guys are the ones that will take all the shots that need to be made so I don’t have anything to say. I can’t call a shot and be able to back it up. therefore I don’t have any information to back anything I would say that needs to be done this week

Kyland leaves.
Tiff says she doesn’t want to come off like she’s bitchy and moody
Tiff says there are pros and cons to keeping each nominee.
Tiff – when I stand in the middle looking at you guys and my side.. I’m a girl so my relationship with DX is different. I know he’s not looking at me, Hannah, Azah even DF in the closer future. I don’t personally think he wants.. If his game relies on him not going after you I believe he wouldn’t. He has been wanting to work with you guys for the last few weeks.
Tiff – one of the things he was scared of going after Christian is you coming after him. He wanted it to be you, him and Kyland
Tiff – I’m willing to let Claire go this week.
Tiff says she would put Claire on the block She’s not afraid to do it. She doesn’t want to do it but if she has to she will. Tiff says she’s loyal to the 6 and if Claire is the last person she’s HOH she’s taking the shot at Claire.
Tiff – this is a game for me it has to be done.
Tiff highlights that DX is not untouchable. They had no idea that SB was going to be the one that takes him out.

Tiff says “honestly” if it wasn’t for the six it would be “balls to the walls” for her to keep DX.
Tiff – I’m not going to do that out of loyalty to you guys (sigh feeds could have been so much more)
Tiff – I am like of course we all set our personal games aside and we’ve put a lot of blind trust and faith into each other in the hopes that we will all get to where we are trying to get to at the same time we don’t know the unknown.
Tiff – Claire has been very distant to me this week to where I am like what is she thinking. I don’t know all of Claire’s thoughts right now
X – that is unsettling
Tiff – she snapped on me twice the day of the veto where I was like I’m just going to leave her alone
Tiff says she doesn’t think Claire to do a whole lot but she could win HOH and if she does Tiff is sure what she will do. tiff adds that she knows what DX will do
Tiff – he’s still a shield for Alyssa.. there’s a lot of thoughts in my head.
Tiff says because she hasn’t won competitions so she can’t back up what she wants she’s going to do what she does best and sit back and strategize.
Tiff – I create relationships with people and try to get them to do things we want done, Essentially that’s probably what this house calls a manipulator. I am fine with that.
X calls that a “mist-er”
Tiff – I call it..
X – playing the game
Tiff – playing the game.
Tiff – I still think Sarah Beth should have gone home. She’s going to f** around and keep going and we going to sit there looking like how the f** is she still here. Especially if we get down to five and she’s still and we’re down to 4 and she’s still here and we’re down to 3 and she’s still in this b1tch. I’ll be mad at y’all and we won’t be friends after this game.

2:11 pm Tiff and DX
Tiff – Look, honestly I think X is who you have to convince. We’re going to have to talk later but I got a pitch for you
DX – okay
Tiff – let them know HEY I know you guys are close to Sb and Alyssa but at some point, you are going to need to take them out who is going to take them out for you if you think you are going to get Hannha, Azah or Tiffany to take them out they haven’t won anything yet. It’s better for us guys to stick together it’s an all-girl Jury. You want to send me to Jury with the rest of the girls when I could be here to help you guys out. Let’s get down to the next two evictions. Let’s get Sb and Alyssa out. I know you are all working with them but at some point, you have to let them go. Let’s get them out then send me the f** to jury. I won’t come after you for two weeks you have my word let make a two-week deal.
Tiff says if they come back with him being in the royal flush and taking out Christian say that wasn’t a deal “that was an alliance I got brought into I didn’t f**ing know I was brought into the royal flush next thing I knew I’m in this so what I have to be loyal to somebody I knew was targeting me since week one”
Tiff tells him to bring up using the veto on Kyland

2:17 pm Tiffany to the camera
OKay so.. I promised Ky and X that I won’t say anything to them regarding campaigning to keep DX here and I won’t Not to them. I didn’t say In won’t help DX build his campaign so my mission for the next two days is to give DX his campaign pitch For Ky and Xavier for him to stay.
I won’t say anything to them I don’t want to hear ohh she’s only caring about her personal game she doesn’t care she wants to keep him she hasn’t won any HOH we’re going to have to be the ones that take him out.
Sarah Beth got his butt on the block anybody can get his butt on the block Nobody in this house is untouchable.
Let me work my little magic spread some seasoning on the cookout and I’m not giving up never quit don’t give up I don’t want DerekX to go home. this is a game this is Big Brother I want to have some fun I was ready to flip it for Christian I’m ready to flip it for DX and this time I might just do what I want this is Big brother I’m not here to lay down and sunbathe and just let everybody do what they want to do I came here to play a game. OKAY

2:50 pm X and Hannah
Hannah wonders if Tiff is made at her she did voice to Kyland her concern that maybe not all of them are on the same page this week on who to send home.
Hannah wonders what Ky retold to Tiff because she said it was frustrating for her to have to justify why her person goes. “why do I have to be the one that breaks that down to other people”
Hannah – Tiff came by me in the kitchen and said I’m sorry for burdening you with my emotions about DX going home.
X says Tiff is just overall frustrated she’s not mad at anyone.
X – if she is she’ll get over it
X says if there are valid reasons to keep DX here he needs to hear it.
Hannah – for me I’m down to keep him here.. But that would take, Tiff, Azah, and Kyland. I’m not going to take a shot at him even if it comes down to 7 of us.
Hannah – I can’t I would lose his Jury vote.
Hannah says if Ky, Azah and DF come to her and say they are all down to take DX out later in the game then she is down with keeping him. They can use him as a weapon to take out SB and Alyssa. “Without Ky having to do that and without you having to do that”
Hannah – if Ky and Azah can’t promise that then we can’t keep him.
X says no one is willing to take out DX “unless I win everything”
Hannah – you would have to win Veto and HOH in the same week. If I won veto I would be expected to use it on him and I would
X – that would be the same case for Azah and Tiffany
Hannah points out that Tiff is so attached to DX now what will it be like in 2 weeks
X – This is why we took out Bri to bring Azah and DF back into the fold. they were too emotionally attached to this person
X is saying that DX is the better play to take out for the 6.
X mentions that Tiff told him she is willing to take a shot at Claire he knows now that her judgment isn’t there.

3:00 pm Kyland and Azah
Ky – if two of us were on the block this week it would be on me. The accountability of this week was on me I kind of want this vote if I can but.
Azah – that’s fine I am completely fine
Ky says thank you he appreciates it they hug.

3:36 pm DX and Azah (Hard to follow some of the strategizing with the props plus feed blocks every 20 seconds doesn’t help)
DX mapping out the game using chess pieces “wheres your head at with what’s best for you game”
Dx says if he wins HOH he’s putting up Sb and Ky.
DX points out that the coin flip argument doesn’t hold as much weight with her because if he doesn’t win then DF might. Neither will be putting her up.
DX – If I stay this week I will never go after anybody here
DX says he cares about Hannah, Azah, Tiff, and Claire and he wants them to go far in this game.
BabyD starts to cry..
DX – what is the worst case if I stay
Azah – Kyland winning and putting me up
DX – why wouldn’t he put me up
DX – it’s going to be those four vs me in their head (Ky, SB, Alyssa, X the monarchy)
DX brings up yesterday when he was in the HOH listening to music he saw DF, Ky, and X walking out of the have nots. He’s been seeing them all including Alyssa talk to BIGD more because they all think he’s the swing vote.
DX – I feel stupid because America was sending me money they wanted me to play the roulette wheel and I let them down.
Azah says she’ll need time to think this through. Seeing what he’s proposing on the chessboard makes it easier for her. “I was using fruitloops before”
DX asks her why the strongest players want him out. It’s because they know he’s the biggest asset to the other side.
DX – should I talk to BIGD
Azah – wait until Wednesday I’ll talk to him a little bit.
BabyD leaves

Azah – OH MY GOD I felt so certain until 30 minutes ago.. he brought up some really really good points goodness gracious. Number one I got a bone to pick with y’all. Why not give me money.. why?
Azah – what did I do to you I did nothing but if y’all think about me the same way you think about Kyland and SB we have a problem ok I don’t like them neither
Azah – y’all shouldn’t be putting me down with them in the 50’s I don’t like them neither (LOL do something)
Azah – he brought up some good points he won HOH BOOM BOOM Alyssa/ SB out he would do it..
Azah – he said he’ll talk to the house. the house is the cookout we’ll tell him to send Alyssa home

4:35 pm X tells Claire he’s leaning more towards voting DX out. Claire says she’s willing to work with him and Alyssa.
Claire says she wants to bounce ideas off him sometimes she feels like he’s got a level head. Claire notes that sometimes when bouncing ideas off Tiff they veer into Conspiracy territory.

4:52 pm DX and Xavier
Dx pulls out the chessbaord
X – Jesus
DX – you are the only person in this house that I know will hit the block next week.
X – unless I win the HOH
DX – I am guaranteed to play the coin of destiny next week. If I do win it I already told you Alyssa won’t hit the block. Hannah won’t hit the block either the first thing is you cannot win Veto.
Dx – you probably can but let’s say you don’t if there are three nominees you only need two votes to tie with Alyssa not on the block and Hnanh, not on the block that’s already two votes for you with me as HOH I would be the tie break. If I was anonymous HOH I can guarantee you will not go home that week
X – does the anonymous HOH break the tie
DX – YES, anonymous
DX puts SB, Ky, Alyssa, and Sb on the chessboard. “if you were to be working together. this would be a very strong group. the logic there is everything goes currently you can run competitions take out people one by one and this is a final 4”
DX – Do you think SB will ever take out Alyssa?
X – no
DX – Sb is a very calculating player if I see this logic she will too. If she goes into the final 4 with this it’s 50/50 for her if her or Ky win she’s final 2 but if you or Alyssa you going to final 2 a 50/50, a coin flip
DX – if I was here I wouldn’t want to go in on a coin flip. For her the biggest threat is Alyssa. If she goes final 3 with you and Ky and her she’s guaranteed final 2
X – I Knows what you are saying more likely I would take SB over KY
DX – I don’t think she’s making that move at final 4 the same reason why she’s making the move on me.
DX says he had a good relationship with SB so good he didn’t sping the roulette
X – you said you and SB had a good relationship do you not remember your HOH week?
DX says if he stays in this game SB and Ky will always look at him before X “Do you think that’s true”
X – sb definitely Ky toss-up

5:03 pm Tiff and Hannah
Tiff – she is playing the perfect game.. she knows when to turn her emotions on she knows when to turn them off. To win this game how to you play just like her.
Hannah – her preventing DX from winning that 5K put a target on her back
Tiff – everyone forgot about it.
Tiff doesn’t think X or Ky would take the shot at her. The two of them will but they have to win first.
Tiff – DX will take the shot but he gotta go. Claire won’t take it.
Hannah asks who Claire will target.
Tiff – just like we are sticking together don’t expect them to not stick together (Doubtful)
Hannah – ok
Tiff – they will realize they are the minority in this house they can trust us if they want o it’s not going to last long
Tiff tells her DX is not a vengeful person he’s not going to take a jury vote away from her “I have a higher chance of losing Claire’s jury vote than you have losing DX’s jury vote”
Tiff says she’s sold on the fact DX is going home she’s not pushing it anymore she doesn’t want to have conversations about it everyone else can figure it out.
Hannah points out how they have no shot of winning the final 2 against X if he keeps winning and takes out BIGD.
Hannah – do you think X, Ky, and BIGD think they’re carrying us?
Tiff – They don’t think we do sh1t. that’s why I want them gone once we hit 6. There’s no way they would be walking around safe if it wasn’t for us keeping their names out of people’s mouths. We are doing things to keep them off people’s radar..
Tiff – My relationship with Claire is not as.. umm.. trusting as.. I trust DX way more than I trust Claire. He’s a lot more naive and a lot more gullible. We can convince him to think a certain way.. I can’t get her there.. I had her there but she’s picking up on everything I don’t know how much longer she can be here before she gets it.
Hannah – then brings SB and Alyssa into it but the guys think they have SB and Alyssa on lock
Tiff – the guys think they have everything

Hannah asks where the fourth vote to keep DX will come from, “BIGD or Ky?” (Hannah, Tiff, and Azah are the vote to keep BabyD)
Tiff – I think we can convince both BIGD and Ky
Tiff says DX needs to convince Xavier.
Hannah – Xavier is not going to be convinced.
Hannah points out that Alyssa was SB’s number two target this week so there can’t be too much trust there.
Tiff – I’m not going to say Keeping DX jeopardize us getting to the six I think it will jeopardize all six getting to the 6
Hannah – mmmhmmm
Tiff – that’s the player in me I really want to play the game really bad but I can’t. I’m limited in my play.
Tiff says if they send DX home and Alyssa wins it’s the two of them on the block, “She’s not putting up Azah, BIGS, Ky or X”
Hannah – if Alyssa wins Claire would see herself on the block but if Claire wins [veto] then yes they will be on the block unless X can convince her to put up SB
Tiff – those guys think they got those girls, those girls got those guys

5:50 pm X and Hannah
X says DX made good arguments but he’s not convinced keeping him is best for his game. Says they went through 18 scenarios.
Hanna – I told him his arguments don’t make that much sense for you and Alyssa
X – he made good points but they were too easy to counter based on the dynamics in the house
X – he’s a smart kid unfortunately there’s not much I can do for him.

5:56 pm X and Azah
X asks her who she wants to stay this week.
Azah – BAbyD would be best for me to stay.
Azah says she was fine to get him out until she had a conversation with him “I want to make sure everybody gets there the six. I do worry about Tiffany and Hannah being exposed like that if BABYD is gone”
X – how would Tiffany be exposed with Claire here
Azah – she can’t win Competition
X – We don’t want someone outside of the six that can win competitions
Azah says what if Alyssa wins the HOH and Claire wins the veto there will be three people from the cookout on the block.
Feeds cut. When we’re back. X is saying she is trusting DX more than she should.
Azah – everything he’s promised me he’s given me. His target is Ky and SB he wants SB out. He thinks that’s the person to be afraid of.
X isn’t convinced Brings up how hard DX will be to get out. “From a game standpoint” getting DX out now is the best play.
X – he’s making too many promises with people he won’t be able to keep at some point he’ll need to get his hands dirty he’s told me for his personal game it benefits him to keep me and Ky around. When we get to 7 he’s not coming after me or Ky.
X – there’s something Tiffany alluded to today and I want to make sure that isn’t a thing.
X says she hinted that they are dictating things within the 6.
Azah says she doesn’t think that at all.

6:36 pm Dx and Tiffany
Dx says he’s got a pitch for Ky that he wants to run by her.
Dx says X has some late-game deal with Ky.
Dx pulls the chess pieces out. (again hard to follow)
Dx – here is the important thing I got out of it.
DX says there’s going to be a double and a random competition coming up otherwise the days don’t work with how many people are here.
Dx – where X’s head is at is if they take a shot if they take a shot Ky and Sb are shielding him
Tiff – he doesn’t want Ky or Sb to go so he can stay shielded
DX – exactly, He thinks him and Alyssa are really shield and honestly he’s right
Dx – my pitch to him that become ineffective. the person I need to sell is not X the person is Ky
Dx – Ky doesn’t want to be a shield for X. My pitch to Ky will be if I am out of this house you and Sb are shielding X and Alyssa. BIGD even if you feel close the only two people that have put him on the block is Ky and SB
Dx – next week X is guaranteed to be on the block lets say X goes next week then we lose the week after that. the most likely scenario is Ky and SB are on the block. But here is what changes if Ky and Sb are on the block you don’t go home because that week you need three votes to stay. Ky stays (because of DX, Tiff, hannah’s vote)
Dx goes on about scenarios using the chess pieces as props. Says he’s convinced now that he has to sell this to Ky while X is in solitary confinement.
they go back to playing pool.

DX – you think those four can stay strong?
Tiff – I think they think they run this house.. without you they do
DX says he talked to X for 30 minutes and he had a rebuttal for everything.
Tiff – he’s been thinking about this for a long time.
DX – I talked to Azah today
Tiff – I wonder if he’s been thinking about this since Christian left. Maybe he’s got a vendetta.. or maybe it’s just game.
DX – I would be surprised if it was he’s not that kind of player.

7:45pm Derek X and Tiffany playing pool while talking about what each other should have in a significant other. Meanwhile Ky and Hannah are playing chess.

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Hopeful for a Good Season

Can Tiff just go. Not loyal to the Cookout not loyal to Claire. And she has won nothing. All Talk. Take the talk to jury.


She is always trying to calculate how to get further. That almost got her in trouble when Christian & SB were on the block but otherwise has served her well


Trying to calculate how to get further is exactly what each player should be doing. That’s the game!


Tiff has played as hard as any comp winner! Strategy is her strength & hopefully it will be recognized. She’s the one that orchestrated the shield for each member of the CO. It was shown on feeds & brilliant to watch. She’s gotten them to the end in my opinion.

The Beef

To me Tiffany has been just as important to the Cookout’s success as X or Kyland has, and certainly a lot more productive and important than Azah and Big D. Strategy is a HUGE part of the game, and while both X and Ky are good at it (Hannah too, but maybe with lesser influence due to her age) it’s clearly Tiffany’s forte’, so much so that she seems to get carried away with it sometimes.

If DX is able to pull this flip off, it will be in large part because of Tiff’s help in working through the strategy and developing his talking points in convincing the others to keep him. I like Claire too, but it’ll be a LOT better game with DX still in it IMO, so I hope he can manage to pull a rabbit out of his bucket hat!


I agree 100%…Tiff is strategy magician


I like drama but I don’t want a Christian 2.0(Aka Buella) I guess it would be boring if there wasn’t any campaigning. I am confused about Claire?


What is confusing about her?


I get being on the block pawn or target against someone your working with sucks but she still needs to show people why they should keep.

another name

She just tried doing that with X. It wasn’t a great message, hit and miss in a way.
Meanwhile, Azah believed DX when he said he wanted to make a big move…. and said he’d target SB. How is SB a big move to anyone but Tiff and Az? She’s the easy move, not the big move… but said to the person most receptive to disliking SB (as Tiff pushed). However, she noted that as a cookout member, having Dx mention 2 members on the block was bad (he mentioned X as a renom option, then said ask the house… she thinks the cookout is the house so they’d tell him Alyssa… she’s making up justification).

The Beef

Hell, ALL the big moves are CO members, so he can’t really say those names to other CO members can he? The only problem is he doesn’t know about the CO (wink wink nudge nudge sideye), so Tiff has to steer him away from saying those names to people in making his pitch, although I guess they’re okay with having him put Ky OTB with SB, since they would control the vote and could take her out. OUR maybe not in Tiff’s case – and possibly other’s too, since her primary reason for keeping good ol’ DX is to take out Ky and X, they just might take that opportunity to evict KY!

It would be nice to see them start playing the game to actually WIN instead of just trying to see any black person win this season. It’s a little late, but they seem to finally be waking up to the fact there’s only one winner, and now that they have the jury firmly locked and in favor of a black person winning, maybe they will finally focus on their individual games.

another name

I think once Xavier goes into Exile, it’s safe to write it in pen that we will have a Buella.
The fan votes of the last 2 weeks have essentially guaranteed that.
Anyone saying that Tiff isn’t playing for social media should clock themselves.
There’s nothing to be confused about with Claire. She’s saying she thinks she’s safe but she’s checked out. She has been since the noms that made no sense and the individual timed veto. She’s a feed watcher and a twitter watcher who follows some of the Twitter BB commenters. She knows.
Re-listen to her girls night toast. She knows.


Oh yeah, Claire knows. She’s just waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, and making sure she doesn’t say anything to enrage BBTwitter and get herself cancelled in between.


what did her toast say? I tried to find it but never found it

another name

It was about wanting to come on the show and work with a bunch of kick ass women. The tone sounded very good luck moving forward. To me it sounded very much resigned.


Df – “I’ll vote out DX just for the fact that I can’t beat him in anything.” Now, that’s the kind of solid reasoning I look for in a bad @ss Houseguest (insert sarcasm). Looks like Couch is getting dragged to F3.

And Hannah going to X just reinforces that he is winning this game. Everyone in the CO gotta run things by X? Yep, cut him the check and line-up for your participation trophies.


Hahaha…he can’t beat anyone in anything!

Get it over with already.

Just give Kyland or Xavier the money and call it a day. This is turning out to be the most predictable season of big brother ever.


Don’t be too sure about X. Based on at least a couple comments he made regarding Production over the weeks, there is some type of issue between X & Production and I wouldn’t be surprised if Production if they try more things to try and get him out (I am convinced that they did the same trick casinos can do to make sure it was X that ended up being the replacement nominee by Alyssa’s “hand”)


If they keep him it’s better for them (Ky and X) since they made another alliance. At this point DX wins shit other than the others (albeit one genius forgets she was handed a pov and was the only one playing in the HRR) so he can do the damage of taking out the Alyssa and SB. Once down to that 7. Game on.


If they keep him it’s better for them (Ky and X) since they made another alliance. At this point DX wins s*** other than the others (albeit one genius forgets she was handed a pov and was the only one playing in the HRR) so he can do the damage of taking out the Alyssa and SB. Once down to that 7. Game on.

Resumbiting. Sorry I cussed Simon /Dawg


Azah – “what did I do to you I did nothing”

Correct Azah, you’ve done nothing. You are BB20 Sam getting dragged along by a big alliance


OMG … I just love it. No matter who the HOH is, or who their targets are, Tiff wil try and keep them. This time I hope she can keep DX so the game will remain interesting. SB & Claire(again) on the block next week would be boring. Why would anyone even bother to try for the special twist power. lol

Hopeful for a Good Season

If Dx campaign works and he stays. He will win the season, the cookout will be no more. Keeping someone with the power to play coin of destiny deserves him to go far. He will for sure target Ky or X and dominate rest of the game. I do hope Tiff is sent out next


Unfortunately the best pitch would probably don’t send the only Asian person in the game home yet. I really think that would be the best option for him. Please don’t get triggered.


Sad but true.

another name

Further Crack Development:
Tiff is showing her Muffy side (the my own game not cookout side), as she tells Hannah that not all 6 have to get to the final 6.
Will Hannah run this to X (the person Tiff is inferring should go if they keep Dx).

Reason Tiff wants Claire out goes back to the Christian flip introduction to Buella. When the numbers weren’t there without complete exposure and becoming target of half the house (Tiff didn’t face the same worry with the cookout watching her back), Claire said no, it’s off. and said no a little too forcefully for Tiff’s liking. Dx is more gullible. Claire asks why.

another name

Azah is finally pointing out the BBmath problem i’ve been having with throwing HOH to Alyssa.
IF Alyssa noms Claire and Tiff and X is already on the block… what if Claire somehow gets off the block… Alyssa won’t put up SB. Three Cookout on the block.
What Azah is missing in her equation is the coin flip, but that wasn’t going to help considering the options Couch has been throwing out there.

Xavier is talking Azah through the future plans… he’s going three weeks deep with scenarios in order to show her why Dx has to go. He tells Azah that Dx just said that Alyssa doesn’t touch the block if he wins hoh or coin flip. So say Dx is there and wins HOH. then the next week can Azah beat Dx in veto? So maybe he stays 2 weeks. Then he can play HOH again… if he wins the cookout doesn’t get to 6 together.

Both are missing variables. Of course they are picking which facts to share that make their cases most strongly.

Carlito's Way

Azah is completely worthless in the BB house. Don’t like to be so rude and negative but it’s frustrating! I just watched DX sell Azah very lucid, coherent reasons why they should keep him and she bit – she was ready to keep him. But X immediately caught wind of this convo, and made a beeline to Azah. He had her at hello – literally manipulated her to change her mind in 30 seconds as she batted her eyelashes and told him, “I have a crush on you,” yet again to which X had no response or interest (gawd, I’m embarrassed for her). DX is gone short of a BB miracle. I’m not an X fan but he deserves to win. He is the biggest threat yet no one but DX perceives him as a threat. Do these women in “the six” not realize the men in the CO will NEVER take a female to finals and they cannot beat them in competitions? What are they thinking? Next three out – DX, SB, Claire. What happens to them after that? They can’t do anything and the men will stick together and knock them out one by one.

another name

The women are aware that the men will take each other over them. That’s why Tiff is pushing for Dx to stay. She wants him to take out the men, then try to deny she had anything to do with it. Tiff has never been sold on cookout. It’s a vehicle for her to get to top 9. It’s never been more. Problem: the men know that’s why Tiff is pushing the angle.
Will Ky act out of self interest after X goes to the xile room? Probably.
X goes into xile tomorrow late afternoon. He gets out of exile within a half hour of the voting… so when shooting starts (except for tech rehearsal, he’ll be allowed to go to that I think).
I still think it is slip and slide week, with a second option to go for high roller dollars by filling a second container. It makes sense.

Chadda’s Fish Lips

Couldn’t agree more…… the CO women keep saying, “ when I’m HOH…. I’m gonna blah blah blah” though can’t manifest …. This is X’s game to lose…… he wins F2 against anyone imo……X is the #1 threat…… whoever takes him out deserves the win


Brooo exactly why tiff needs to cut Claire loose this week somehow and keep DX close. Hannah is doing too much! Trying hard to send her boy home! I sadly only don’t want the cookout to workout because I want DX to win! I like DX And Tiff as final two personally.

another name

Az and Ha briefly discuss the vote.
They beging with the vote should be 5-2 but a 4-3 isn’t the worst thing because it keeps the cookout hidden.
They agree a vote flip wouldn’t be the worst for the women in the cookout’s games, but seem to be saying for the cookout itself a vote flip would be bad.
(imo: hannah is trying to feel out whether Azah would be open to flipping the vote, but is being too subtle).
Tiff has joined as Ha is talking about how it isn’t the worst thing for the cookout men to think they are carrying the women, because their little comp wins mean little when the women are in the ears of everyone in the house.
Aaand it quickly devolves into a SB bs session. I mean I really think SB is a complete tool, but even I’m getting tired of this.
I’ve stopped even looking… it’s become pretty rare to see an Invisi-Claire sighting now that they are ‘pretending we aren’t that close.’ Oh wait, she and Dx are trying to decide how to campaign without screwing each other over. Playing in the roulette would have been one way. Nevermind. I said nothing.

If Ha had gotten to Az before X did, the vote talk would have been very different.
Just saying.

So what the Wednesday Waffle will come down to: Will Ky keep Dx?
Ramifications: Loses X. Loses SB.
Positive effects: Has someone to take out X and SB?

moaning myrtle

I appreciate the wisdom and wit expressed here by so many. Your comments seriously are more entertaining an insightful than the show sometimes no matter the season. I have enjoyed most of houseguest and they have given us game,etc. We all seem to agree that Xavier will win the season, I know I believe it’s a slam dunk for him. I am interested in seeing how Ky ( despite how condescending he is)manipulates others ( cough SB) to take out X, he knows he will come in second next to him. Someone here (?) wisely pointed out that Tiff is playing for history rather than for the grand prize ( despite how you may feel, Tiff deserves props for playing a super social/strategizing game. She has made some missteps but overall Tiff has been (and maintained) the “infrastructure” of TC). IMO Tiff’s recent camera talks reveal she knows her days are numbered . She knows X and Y will not take her to the end, she knows she can’t win comps, even Hannah is throwing subtle shade at her to X and H. Hannah knows her days are numbered too and she is trying to be the one taken to F3 by X and K. Although Azha is stunning, funny, has a lovely singing voice but can someone tell me why she is there? Will anyone ever tell her? Azah’s ” I am okay with being number two, oh my goodness she hasn’t a clue what game she is playing and judging by that remarks she is not to concerned about it, but wants America to send her $$!! Every time she tells X she has a crush on him he doesn’t flinch- it’s like watching reruns of Whitney trying to get a reaction from him. Come on Azah, he”not that into you, watch him watch Ally when she is in the room. If only Ally would give him a glance, but she is too busy praising herself. Big D, everybody knows is all talk. We may never know how he gets 100$ week after week. Does anybody have a thought about that? Yet K and X are smart enough to take him or Azha to F3 or F4 they can easily win against them. Will anyone be voting for Hannah for money this week? (! agree, I see her humor but not her smarts) Bye bye Derek X, you waged a good fight to stay, Claire, I had such hopes for you, super fan not a super player. She would be great for podcast etc. or wrap for the show.