“I can’t do sh1t I’m hoping for an eating competition at this point”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nominated DX in his place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – X enters Solitary today and won’t be released until the vote tomorrow.

1:46 pm Claire and Azah
Claire says she wants to work with Azah. “both me and DX can be loyal people and I have been burnt by people I have a purpose to go after people”
Azah – you mean SB
Claire – yes.. I mean Ky and Sb
Claire says Ky had put her on the block he’s not loyal to the queens.
Claire – if I’m HOH next week I’m also in a weird spot. most people assume that there’s only one person that can win Coin of destiny
Azah – there might be more than one
Claire – with HOH there might be more (Chances to get money)
Claire – I know what it feels like to be used as a pawn. I don’t ever want to play scared. using pawns is playing scared and I don’t like that. that’s not what I came here to do
Azah – if you won HOH how would you put up? I won’t say a word to anybody
Azah – I’ll tell you who I would put up. Ky and Sb
Claire – I will do the same. I have an excuse to. Ky told me when he put me up I could use him .. Chuck him up
Azah – if Ky won [veto] who would you put up
Claire – Alyssa.. what is important is next week we hold the power. I don’t see the purpose of putting X up next week
Azah – I think he’s cute
they laugh
Claire – X makes me a little nervous I think he’s in a good spot but it doesn’t make sense for me for him to go home next week.
Claire points out it’s a little tough to win Competitions when there are five people that have won all the HOH’s and Vetos.
Claire – DX is one of them, the other four I worry about.
Claire says one of those four have to go next week (Ky, Alyssa, Sb, X)
Azah – did you really get 50 dollars?
Claire – I really got 50 dollars the first week. I didn’t get 50 the second week.
Azah – I have a feeling DX won 100.. DF won 100.
Claire nodded she got 100 “It makes me convinced that America does not like Ky and Sb because I was shitting on them”
Azah – well America don’t f***ing like me either
Claire – America is trying to send a signal you f***ing need this money
Azah says she wants Claire to stay.
Claire – the odds that Tiff and I hit the block next week is pretty high
Claire says it’s really her, Tiff, Hannah and Azah
Azah – I don’t like Kyland and I want SB outta here.
Azah – BRAH if Kyland wins HOH I don’t know what I’m going to do. (The OBB Boys are not ready for a Kyland HOH it’s full Kraken at that point)

2:28 pm Claire and DF
Claire – my pitch to you I can’t f***ing win a comp
DF – you don’t need to pitch a lot to me the thing I need to figure out is if you won HOH where’s your head at?
DF – do I need to worry am I a pawn to you? Where do I stand?
Claire – I will be upfront and honest.. I know what it f*ing feels like to be a pawn IF I win HOH I am not using pawns you don’t have to worry
DF – ok ok ok that’s how I feel I’m going to for the BIG DOGS.
DF says he feels like there are more people with the money for the coin of destiny.
DF – I can’t do sh1t I’m hoping for an eating competition at this point
Claire says people lied about the BB bucks they got the first week.
DF mentions how people lie about playing in the High Rollers last week
Feeds cut. when we’re back they continue talking about the power.
Claire says if the HOH assumes he has it they might do what he wants. “they don’t want to have to risk if you use it”

DF – I’m hoping if I get HOH the coin of destiny I’ll have to play to endure my noms stays the same. I hope I’m HOH so no matter what I have control over it at all times.
DF says he’s telling her the same thing he told BabyD it’s still up in the air.
DF – I feel like me and you, we’re at the bottom and I’m just tired of feeling picked on and tossed around and sh1t ..
Feeds cut When we’re back.
Claire – you are someone I want to start bouncing ideas off of. I feel you see a lot of what is going on in this house
DF – I do (from the couch in the yacht room)
DF – if you ever want to piggyback off of me and try to figure out stuff. I play across the board fair with everybody I try and play a logic and honest game.

2:56 pm Sb and Tiffany
Tiff says she feels like next week she’ll be on the block with Claire
Sb doesn’t think Ky will she doesn’t know where Alyssa nad X’s head is at
Tiff – their actions show me where their heads are
Sb – BIGD has made comments about Claire he thinks Claire tried to flip the vote. He’s also told a lot of people he’s going after Kyland. He told DX he’s going after Me and Kyland.
Sb says it’s hard to know where BIGD’s head is at.
SB – me and Kyland feel unsafe too depending on who wins.
Sb says she didn’t want Claire to go home this week and the big reason why she’s up against DX is because Claire would have been evicted next to Hannah, “DX is not coming after me but I would rather Claire ultimately”
Sb says there’s an opportunity for more BB bucks in the HOH. She doesn’t think production wants just one person able to play.

Tiff says she has a feeling this HOH will be luck. She’s not a lucky person the only times she’s been lucky is getting on Big Brother and having her son Christian.
Feeds cut.

3:40 pm Claire and Hannah
Claire says that BIGD alluded he would go after BIG threats and BIG targets.
Hannah – I could have enough money (for the Highroller)
Hannah – I have 25 how much does Tiff have? (hannah has 150)
Claire – 75, I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you that she’s been trying to keep everything close.
Hannah – regardless you aren’t going to have enough money to play (Claire and Azah have 100)
Claire – what if something comes up during HOH a chance to get money
Hannah – that changes things
Claire – I feel like I have the next most..
Hannah – the only person we know for sure can’t play is Alyssa and X can’t play.
Claire – Sb, and Ky might have 75
Hannah – you don’t think there’s any chance they could have gotten 100. Oh they played last week..
Hannah – what would you do if it’s Slip and Slide?
Clair e- go for the money I would never get that HOH win
Hannah – for me there’s no way I will get the money to play so ..
Claire – go for the HOH yeah
Claire thinks Ky will go for the BBbUCks.

3:53 pm Dx and Azah
Azah is still struggling with her vote this week. She doesn’t want to let SB get what she wants. DX says he can’t say but he has three votes.
DX if she’s taking a shot at the other side when she wins HOH and she’s taking a shot at the other side by keeping him what is the difference.
Azah – I told Sb I am honouring her wishes I’m thinking of jury management too .. If something happens if I win HOH and put her and Ky on the block I’m not breaking any deals.
DX – if I win this week what I’ll start with is those four. The reason I don’t see them breaking is X and Alyssa are tight with SB.. SB is the glue.. Ky is tight with KY. Ky will never take a shot at X and Alyssa otherwise he losses SB.
DX – those two will never take a shot at Ky because they’ll lose SB. They will ride that to the final 4.
DX – if you can win HO hand take out SB maybe there’s a chance in the statistically more likely scenario based on past events. One of Ky, Xavier or Alyssa..
DF walks in to grab his water..
DX – in a scenario where one of those four wins and takes out someone from this side. It’s down to BIGD, you and two others that’s four V four.
DX – next week there’s 5 people voting you only need 3 to win.. If one of them is off the block they control the votes. You will have to bet you entire game on them winning HOH next week.
DX says he has a higher chance to win HOH but even if he doesn’t win HOH the following week he’s the person that goes.
DX – what is your path to winning this game if I leave this house
Azah – Sb or Ky
Azah says the jokers have been a punching bag. “I hate floater games. I think my path to winning is being a floater”
DX – if I can miraculously stay through this week you can still play your floater game at that point you can have a choice at the type of game you play
DX – why does SB trust matter? I fell for the same thing I worked so hard top gain SB’s trust I gave her 5000 I didn’t spin the wheel I did so much and she backdoored me.
Azah – SB trust mattered this week so I didn’t hit the block.
DX – the reason you didn’t hit the block is because I was in the house. The reason you weren’t on the block is because she had a bigger target.

Azah – do you actually have three votes?
DX – yes but they won’t tell you
Azah – Ky, Tiffany, and Hannah
DX says if she decides to keep him can’t she tell SB she is not voting for him.
Azah – lie?
DX – with Hannah, Tiffany, and Kyland in this game I will never hit the block with you. If you want to play the floater game with me in this game you would have the perfect setup.
DX – if I leave this week and if any of these four win they are not going after each other for 2 maybe three weeks if not riding it to four. If they are not riding it to four they are riding it to five with BIGD

4:28 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies. X must be going into solitary.
5:28 pm Feeds return but no audio..

5:31 pm Audio returns X still in the house. They got to see Clips to study probably for tomorrow’s HOH.

5:35 pm Jokers trying some studying
DF says he’s a great visual learner that is how he did it at school.

5:53 pm X goes into Solitary.

6:21 pm Everyone studying

6:32 pm Claire and Ky
Claire – my memory is really bad so I’m a good bet for tomorrow if you want to win HOH
They laugh.
Claire goes into her real pitch. “Our strengths don’t overlap.. you are good at physical stuff I’m good at puzzles”
Ky pulls out some puzzle pieces and goes through DX’s campaign.
Claire – him and my target are the same for next week. If he stays he’s a person that will beat you in comps. If he goes all of us have a better chance to win comps.
Ky brings up Claire wanting to flip the vote on his HOH. “I don’t know how to make yo feel better about me” (Don’t put her on the block)
Claire says that week there was a lot of paranoia and there wasn’t a lot of talking going on.
Claire says when she was going up as a pawn he told her all these names of people that were going to be the target. She says he told her DF, SB, Birt “So I was like OKay does he not know who his target.. is it me?”
Claire mentions him telling her BIGD was the target which didn’t seem realistic to her.

6:39 pm X shows off his living space.

6:56 pm Tent-o-potty
BUcket Toilet.

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Assuming that DX does go home tomorrow, who do we vote for to give BB bucks


“They will both nom the same people and both will get all smug about it.”

LOL!! Well said!


TPTB missed an opportunity — they should’ve allowed exiting hamsters to will their BB Bucks to another hamster. Presumably Azah would get Brit’s Bucks & Tiff would get either of Claire or DX’s Bucks (that could make for an interesting anonymous HOH lol)

j w



Yes give the bigger amount to Sb Alyssa and Claire just to see the looks on the cookout girls and big d’s faces.


All we need now is for Ky & SB to lock themselves in the HOH room while he explains philosophical existentialism to her, so that the other four CO members can discuss their options without his adding a massive dose of confusion into the mix.


I want the next HoH to tell Kyland to leave the room and get some sleep so there is not a repeat of last Friday morning


I know it’s not popular opinion but I’m missing my winner pick X. I know he’s only be gone barely but I’m silly. 😉


It may or may not be popular; but, it is your opinion. And, you are entitled to who you would like to win. Just don’t shove it down our throats! LOL! 😉

Sir Kirby Williams

Well said!


I didn’t know I was forcing anyone :-/


I am sorry you misunderstood my attempt at a poor joke. 🙁 After rereading my comment, I can see how you could question my statement. I apologize for causing you to feel uncomfortable and making you think otherwise. In no way was it directed towards you. I was referring to another member on here, who at every opportunity, has derogatory things to say about one of the houseguests. This person has carried it as far as to insult several other members on here while doing so.


Maybe Frenchie was onto something with his nominations of Ky & Alyssa Week 1. LOL. I’m surprised Ky isn’t holding his (er, SB’s) HOH one-on-ones again today. I swear that man will be doing one-on-ones in the jury house.

Susan Sholly

If only Derek X hadn’t used that first veto!! What a different game this would have been!!


No Sh***t Big D! You’re realizing now u can’t do sh***t ?!


The Fact that DF is still there, hasn’t been voted out makes me sick! What are we doing people? Promoting Mediocrity?! The man is useless, not bright and on top of all that, he is arrogant! DF can’t even say ” I vote to evict” . I understand the narrative of keeping him bc he can’t win anything therefore he won’t beat anyone…but it’s not fair to people like Britini who worked her butt off competing to be voted out…I don’t believe CBS picked him bc they want to promote diversity. I think they picked him to humiliate him. I am not hating, I am a black man myself but something is just not right ! DF shouldn’t be here, he should be home taking care of health.


He is there because he is Joe Frazier’s son. Same as how Frankie Grande got on the show.


I wish BabyD was up against Hannah instead. I don’t want to see Claire leave… She’s so likeable 🙁


Well at least you don’t have to worry bc Claire is staying this week so that’s good news.


We shall see

Scott Ellsworth

I’d like Claire to explain AI Engineering to me.Smart girls make me HAPPY.


TPTB fingerprints are glowing in bright day light.

With X telling us on TV episode he never intended to touch the block this season that could be the hint as to why he was pissed at production.

Now they drop a memory comp on the house – sure that doesn’t point to anything hinky HA… We’ve heard about hamsters disappearing to practice for upcoming comps in previous seasons so the fact X is going into 24 hour lock down doesn’t reek at all. (right).

That also seems to point to the vote flip with Baby D staying. From a plot perspective everything lines up – X gets to study in room alone all night, house flips to keep Baby D and then TPTB have two players vying for COD (DX/DF).

What could throw a wrench in the plans is if Hannah or Baby D win HOH b/c they are also strong memory players. So is Ky but if he wins HOH the CO females might lose their minds b/c that will be interpreted as him trying to save SB again. Mind you all TPTB have to do is give X all the questions with some arbitrary image or sound byte to remember that the other hamsters wouldn’t have caught (or tell him the answer to the tiebreaker).

It will be interesting to see how the CO explains the flip – my guess is they blame Tiff (b/c they were already planning on saying she won COD even though she doesn’t have close to enough money) so this one is a no brainer. Ky will tell X that Tiff told him one thing & did another maybe. OR perhaps the group will do what they did for the Christian eviction and tell X all five agreed to keep DX b/c he’s targeting SB & Ally.

Meanwhile this should send SB over the edge (keeping DX & her not getting to play in a memory comp).

another name

Has the flipped happened yet?
I fully expect it to happen of course, but don’t know if it has yet.
I’m guessing Ky’s excuse: Claire said she’d take out X.
Tiff’s excuse: i thought it would be 4-3, i had no clue… blink blink.
Azah’s excuse: I thought it would be 4-3. i had no idea… blink blink cry.
Hannah’s excuse: you told me i was one of the 2 votes. I didn’t know anything.


Nope – I’m in & out (working on NBA posts — why aren’t there more hours in a day lol) But I’m reading social media & it is leaning to NO right now – but still plenty of time.

Earlier DX/Tiff convo suggested Hannah, Tiff, Azah vote for him & Ky was either on board to “pretend” he didn’t know he had 3 other votes as he gives the “sympathy vote” but it was confusing to follow. And Baby D was saying “we’d have to pretend Ky didn’t know”.

Clues it won’t happen:

  • Ky saying “I need to have a few more conversations” (that should take at least another 15 hours — eye roll). Ky told him to run through the chess board with SB. That’s disconcerting b/c then he’s showing SB too much & she’s not ever going to shift. DX could tell Claire’s primary target is you – ask anyone and/or DF is freaking that you’ll know he’s anon HOH b/c his target is also you. I’m not suggesting he should tell SB that – just that it still wouldn’t matter.
  • Tiff giving Claire tips on her pitches – back to sharing some intel with her (can read this either way — jury management — or she was only playing up the flip for TPTB)
  • Azah told him she told SB was on the side of the HOH

Clues flip will happen:

  • Ky told DX to talk to DF again b/c he’s worried there isn’t another person to play COD. For all his “b*tch has gotta go” he doesn’t want her to know he was the one who orchestrated it.
  • Azah likes Claire but you can tell she prefers DX — & her dislike for SB is almost what’s keeping her invested b/c she doesn’t want to give her what she wants. In their recent chat DX said just don’t tell that you kept me —Azah didn’t seem keen to lie but said she doesn’t need to talk to her again.
  • Seems odd to me none of Tiff/DX or Hannah have even tried to sway Ally. What would she do if DX told her SB knew all week Christian was back door plan & was happy to cut him.

He should tell Ally she was initial target (& say you can prove it from convos she had with others). Baby D needs to reach deep here & say – I know you think you have a tight bond with SB but I gave her $5k, kept her fully involved in my HOH, didn’t play Roulette b/c she asked me not to, bought into being safe & LOOK what happened. And perhaps the capper… I don’t know if you’ve had a tight F4 all along BUT if you just made that deal this week I’d be questioning it b/c she made a F3 with Ky & I last week!

A LIE might work – he could tell her I don’t play a dirty game but it was Ally & Chris who told me even before noms to put you up & before POV they wanted you gone.
Feels like it’s either going to end up being (as you suggest) the “surprise sympathy” vote ends up being more than one person playing that card. Or else some “production fed item” causes an uproar & switch.

I don’t get why the five CO conduct a vote (at worst it’s 4-1 with DF being the negative) and tell X they did it just like they held the vote for Chris. Probably isn’t happening b/c other than Tiff they are ether scared of X or seeking his acceptance.

What I do know is if they evict DX & there isn’t a battle back they may as well write X the cheque.


Thanks Simon & Dawg for all your screenshots and feed updates.


You’re welcome! We’re glad you’re enjoying our updates 😉

big brother lover

why is x lockdown for ?


Punishment from Veto will be back tomorrow for eviction vote