“Those 4 have started to .. Tyler, Cody, Dani and Nicole.. they are starting to get a little too comfortable”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony – Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
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8:27 am Memphis wakes up .. walks around for a bit you can tell his back is really bothering him.

9:12 am Memphis and Christmas
Talking about the HOH is coming down to the two of them. Memphis says David is his main target right now
Memphis – He’ll win an HOH eventually.. I would say he’s more on my radar
C- you would you put up next to him, can’t use Kevin
Memphis – I would be more willing to put up a pawn at the beginning and a David then wait for him to win the POV and if he didn’t win teh POV it’s David. If he does win POV backdoor someone else.
Memphis – if F***ing Bayleigh win next week it’ll be a f***Ing sh1t show I don’t mind sitting in the side lines
C – Who does she have a beef with
Memphis – I dunno
C – My list changes.. doesn’t mean I don’t keep my eye off certain people
Memphis – those 4 have started to .. Tyler, Cody, Dani and Nicole.. they are starting to get a little too comfortable.. I don’t mean in our alliance our goal is to get us to the 6
Memphis – Every time I look up
c – they’re hanging out
Memphis – i’m like dude be smarter about this..
They talk about how close those four are and everyone in the house is noticing.
Memphis – I was talking to Bayleigh the other day as far as Bayleigh is concerned i’m running solo .. at the end of the day if we can float to the
C – six
Memphis – the chance of all of us making it to final six
Memphis – all it will take is a Bayleigh and a Da’Vonne to win back to back HOH to turn this house upside down..
Christmas says she doesn’t think that four have anything solidified but they have their four. (Bay, Day, Kevin, David)
C – I feel like throwing it to Dani and letting her get in it
Memphis wants them to plan for those four getting back to back HOH’s

Memphis – I’m confident in the committee but if someone goes down we’re not thrown in with that bunch.. that line will be drawn eventually

Christmas is going over her speech for Thursday. “good evening beautiful Julie amazing CBS and my dear dear dear houseguests… it’s eviction night and you cast your vote for someone to stay and I hope you vote the HOH way. My work here is not done I still have a lot of competition to deliver and fun. So when you go in a Julie says what do you say.. please vote for this Christmas joy to stay” (barf)

10:48 am Ian and Bayleigh
Bayleigh – lemme say this if you are thinking nucleus.. accurate.
Ian – here is what I think. I think its like an octopus. A Head and there’s a bunch of different arms.. and I think that in every season that is like this there are common themes. 12, Rachel and Brendon were a big distraction and 19 it was Cody and jess.
Ian – this season it was Janelle and Kayar they are the big distractions .. everyone thinks they are tight tight.. with ….
Bayleigh – who actually is or does it even matter
ian – doesn’t matter. I think it is possible that .. ohh man.. we need to kinda .. I don’t know what your nominations would have been.. I hope it doesn’t include me. I’m thinking
Bayleigh – how do you take a swing at that though
Ian – we all heard what we heard..
Feeds cut.
When we’re back they’re agreeing to talk later.

10:54 am Ian and Kevin
Ian – so I had an idea last night.. so you know how we can’t bring everything out in the open we have a lot to lose. I know someone that doesn’t. Kaysar
Kevin – that’s what I said house meeting
Ian – have him bring things to light
Ian says Bayleigh told him theirs one person connected on all angles.
Kevin – male of female
Ian says Male and he’s in the backyard right now.. (Cody)
Ian – it’s going to get volatile soon
Kevin – I have your back
Ian says the problem is they have sh1t for power it’s hard for them to control anything without it.
Kevin – if the trend continues I feel like David will be on the block.. i feel I would be next to him
Ian agrees about David isn’t sure about Kevin “Cody just looked at me weird”
Kevin – it will be me, Day ..
Ian – I don’t know about that.. Could be me
Kevin – Mmmmm not this week maybe the following week
Ian – mmmhmm
Kevin – have you connected at all with Tyler?
Ian – no, I need to I just connected a little bit with Bayleigh
Kevin – between me and you I’m a little cautious around bayleigh .. cautious
Ian – I agree.. I didn’t give her much
Kevin – there’s some people here.. have you noticed that some people have fallen into their patterns they did on their seasons.
Kevin – some people they have a middle game strategy not long term so they burn fast. The way they burn fast is they talk too much.. or they feel liek OHH I just need to get one week at a time.
Ian – Cody was just eye balling this conversation BIG TIME

Ian – can you make sure if one of them were to get HOH I’m not in the nomination. can you do that
Kevin – of course. can you with Nicole
Ian – for sure

11:12 am Cody and Ian
Ian – this weeks vote is pretty obvious.. what do you think going ahead?
Cody – who are the biggest threats to your game
Ian – I haven’t give it a ton of thought.. but the name when I talk to the core 4 .. people have said Bayleigh and Day
COdy – would you do that
Ian – I could do that.. will you help me if ti’s knockout?
Cody – ohh 100%.. I got you
Ian – I want that room
Cody – how is your relationship with David
Ian – it’s good I like him a lot
Cody – he messed me up with Da’Vonne
Ian – how so
Cody brings up the David drama with Day, Tyler, Cody last week but it involved events that went down during week2 (I’ve typed this out 40 times now.. )

1:35 pm Cody and Enzo
Cody says Da’Vonne came to him about what Tyler said to Dani. She filled him in and when he was asked he “Played Dumb”
Cody – I was like Tyler said it to me .. dude I played Dumb .. she was like ohh really really oh sh1t..
Cody – I told her I was so happy this week because Kaysar is going home.. why don’t we relax
Enzo – I like Bat, Da’Vonne whatever
Cody – I talked to David too. Day is f***ing up Bayleigh because she’s lying. Bayleigh said to me last night that David went to them and said there’s an all guys alliance. I’m in teh all guys alliance. He didn’t do that I talked to him on the couch..
Cody says David thinks the trust is broken with Da’Vonne not him
Enzo – that’s it we’re good

1:40 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
talking about Dani trying to get one of them to explode.
Bay – what’s her issue
Day – she wasn’t us out so her and Nicole and swoop in she’s uncomfortable. let her continue to be like that she would they all want her a$$ out, Goodbye
Day – she’s trying to get you to erupt.. they don’t deserve it.. You are playing one of the best social games I’ve seen in a very long time.. Sh’es not worth it

3:00 pm Enzo and Cody
Cody brings up Dani was saying “Ohh I don’t know”
Cody – about outside or in here.. in here
Enzo – worried about what
Cody – the only thing and I’m not going to get paranoid. Da went to them and said something which made us look bad Tyler said he said something about us.
Cody – or Tyler went to her and was like YO I think Cody and Enzo ..
Enzo – yeah that’s it. I think Tyler definitely did that. I think Tyler pinned everyone against each other when Tyler finds out about Nicole finding and knew we knew he went to Dani and f** us up ..
Cody – it could be that
Enzo – Dani definitely went to Ian said something about me to Ian
Cody – no I don’t think she said anything like that
Enzo – I’m all about the core four

Cody says Tyler gets bent out of shape because he thinks Cody is close to Dani
Cody – the think about Tyler is he feels on the outs because you knew that Nicole knew (slick6). I knew. he’s the only one that didn’t.
Enzo – and Dani did that purposely.. Between me and you I’m going after her

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another name

those 4 damn kids are looking like a little gang of hooligans always hanging out together on my lawn.
I tried to tell them to stay off my lawn.
I’d like to thank the academy… and remember to do everything the HOH says, because that’s how we play civilized big brother. Don’t make me shank you.
runs through the yard, head spinning, asking for the mother ship to retrieve him. Babbling about Janelle secretly running the game from home and sending ninja after him.
had another dream. Dani and some invisible man were pushing her through a door and Da’ was yelling, “no julie girl, i’m not going.”
has decided to apply his knowledge of physics to the hammock in order to create a giant sling shot to travel back in time to remember the rest of the conversation he had with Kaysar two weeks ago that he is currently presenting as brand new never conceived information.
rubbing Nicf’s hair and telling her “you is kind, you is special, you is important.” Once she hears about what Tyler is doing, she’s going to make him a pie.
still in the shower with his nuts in his hand. perpetually until everyone comes in and tells him every conversation they’ve had since night one, just like they did for Derrick.
still standing there watching Cody with his nuts in his hand. Awaiting further instructions.

There. Is that about it?

Eric L

What’s David been up to?

another name

Telling everyone he’s in the house because he can read a room. He’s currenly saying this to a pineapple and a broom.

The Beef

Some of your best stuff! Both of these posts – Love them! All you need to say now is “I’ll be here all week! Remember to tip your bartenders and servers!” lol


Omg thanks for the laugh, that is about it…unfortunately.

These girls!!

Da’vonne, Dani, Enzo , funny!

Golden Gate Granny





What a garbage of a season. Definitely not an Allstars. Should of been called HasBeens vs NeverWas.

#Dr Will best player ever hands down.
#Dan G. best game move ever (Dan’s Funeral) hands down
#JediJani best competitor ever hands down.



Sheila Schepp



This is probably wishful thinking, but what if those not in control continue to piece things together and Thursday we get a massive blindside? However unlikely, imagine if Ian, Day, Bay, David, Kevin and Tyler all decided last minute to flip and vote Christmas out. The house would go bananas and it would hilarious to watch the look on sh!tmas’ & the others faces as they are SOOOOO sure they are running the house and have nothing to worry about.


I’m not sure if that is all that far fetched. Tyler just needs to full on turn and get reassurance from kaysar that he isn’t his target. Tyler would be the swing vote and he has also been privy to a lot of the info. I just don’t know if he wants to turn on Christmas just yet. He definitely wants to turn on dani and nicf and if enzo tells him cody is blaming him for all this he turns on cody. Really in the end i think if enzo says to “just calm down yo. Cody is thinking you are trying to break apart our alliance yo. Yo think you can just like reassure him yo. I like you two the best yo. We can get dani out on the next hoh yo but we gotta get cody on board yo” (don’t know if i captured the yo’s) and Tyler will full on flip and they just need to make sure Ian is with them.


Wouldn’t it be loverly.


I wish this would happen so bad then they win hoh and put up Nicole and Cody or Dani


The problem is Tyler wouldn’t vote Xmas out to keep Kaysar —- b/c aside from Cody/Enzo Tyler’s preference is Bayleigh & Xmas to go deep in the game with.

Tyler knew losing Janelle was a bad game move for him (big target) & now he knows the only reason J/K were putting his name with Cody was likely b/c of convo’s Dani had with them & he knows Cody is covered on all sides.

Unlike Enzo who hasn’t figured out Nicole is Cody’s ride or die with Dani in the mix, Ty recognizes Cody is protecting them and deflecting to target others.

Then factor in he heard the wall yeller & is smart enough to know that’s real. Ian is also onto it but the only way anything happens is if those 2 can find a path to working together & knowing it would probably mean forfeiting someone (for Ian – Nicole & for Ty I’m guessing Cody).

it will be interesting how they navigate the coming week(s) b/c Tyler wanted Enzo to backdoor Dani & he was gung ho to do it but acquiesced to Cody orders.

So – it’s doubtful anything changes to keep Kaysar.

The smartest play is to hit Cody where it hurts (Nicole) if he was on the block with her he’d snap. Problem is I’m not sure who would go there b/c most Cody noms include Tyler sitting beside him not her.

another name

i’m 99 on Tyler keeping Christmas. Not 100.
My logic:
he already knows he can’t share info with Christmas anymore because she lied to him about volunteering.
He already knows that Christmas has gotten too close to Nicf (the Ian save, and her denial about motive).
he’s already asked Enzo why they aren’t in an alliance with Christmas (digging for Enzo to confirm Christmas is with them. Enzo didn’t confirm). Enzo later pushed for Christmas to be in their future group with Cody, themselves, Bay and Christmas (Cody was tOtally lying in that conversation btw).

While I’m 99% he keeps her because Kaysar is too loud about speaking his name… I can’t hit 100% because she keeps sketching him more every time they talk.


Something is very fishy with Nicole & Ian’s relationship. Ian behaves like Nicole’s little pet ferret. Nicole behaves as if she’s the Ferrets owner and trainer. It’s clear they had some sort of arrangement prior to coming in the house. Their relationship did not develop organically. It sinks to high heaven.

another name

Ian was pretty pronounced about formerly having a crush on Nicolef.
They are friends outside of the house.
She talks to him like autism means infant.
he tweeted pre-season about the person he’d have an alliance with in all-stars would obviously be nicolef.
They definitely talked pregame. That’s why he’s butthurt. to realize he’s the fake alliance not the real one.
BUT he won’t take a crack at getting her out of the house.
I think he bets if he takes out her big alliance she will run back to him the way that he always thought it should be.


even Tyler when talking to Enzo about a Dani BD, was telling Enzo they shouldnt do it this week

another name

Tyler said to throw her up this week twice in the convo. when Enzo was wussing out Tyler was saying fine, he’d do it next week. He’d already prepared the nom speech.

Julie's gerbils

Or they may not even need Tylers vote. If Dani unknowingly throws a vote to Kaysar like she did for Janelle & her vote is what tips the scale and he stays, that would just burn her biscuits.

Golden Gate Granny

Ohhh now THAT would be delicious!!! Go hinkey Dani go! LOL =)

The Beef

Yeap! But the only way this works is if they keep their Kaysar votes to themselves, and nobody knows they aren’t “sheep” voting this week. Dani and Cody were laughing last week about the “what if” scenario, if Bay and Day had voted to keep Janelle (the supposed two “hinky” votes) and “they” had voted hinky too! Then it would have been a lot closer “Hahahahaha”! That’s the problem with hinky votes and assumptions. There’s always the chance people may not vote how you think they will.


Would be epic but unfortunately Enzo is all tuff guy talk and no balls. The rest of the sheep are morons and don’t have the ability to think strategically. Idiots.

The Beef

I like it, but think Memphis is more likely to flip than Tyler, because he is lower on the power alliance totem pole than Tyler is, and is more likely to be “woke” to the fact his chances with that group are slim to none. Memphis does seem to be pretty close to $hitmas though, so the chances of either of them flipping and keeping Kaysar seem to be slim.

We are here to pull for our favorites, scheme and hope for the best though, and something needs to happen to shake up this so far dismal season! Maybe, just maybe somebody can get to one of them, and the other five can pull it together for at least this one vote!


This exactly the problem. No game moves. No blindsides. The rest could easily flip the house but won’t. Allow the “powers that be”… To Just be. Absolutely ridiculous. The larger alliance is just skating with the followers following and everyone is content having their hand held by others and sitting quietly. All thinking they are advancing because of the 40 side alliances. But no one’s making a move for themselves. Straight waiting to be picked off and sitting in hopes to be dragged like a dead body to the finish line. So far every week has been predictable and it will continue til it’s just them to be picked off. So ridiculous. Worst season. I’ve been watching old BB. This is trash. Also they have nothing to air. No competitions.. no game play talk. Segments full of shii. Xmas and her pillows.. a friendship segment on Dani and coin slots. Who cares?!!?!? Just proving they all had outside alliances, friendships and backing with that garbage. Vetos and HOH is played in seconds. Where are the comps at the very least.. who’s in charge of this trash heap?


They should.
Like seriously, do we keep the one who can win comps and no one talks about (danger danger) or vote with the house to evict an old guy who can’t win and has no one (pick him up!)


From your lips to TPTB!

Boring Ass Season

Can’t wait for the drama.


This is totally not All Stars. No one is playing any kind of game. Enzo said he would not be afraid to get mud on his hands or stir things up. Then puts 2 people on the block that everyone wants on the block. He is so stupid. Would love to see Cody and Enzo on the block. Let them squirm but Dani needs to step up and play the game!!!


Show sucks so far and see no future for it. Still waiting to “Expect the Unexpected”. That was the show’s byline… Seems like all we see now is the predictable. Booooring…#Snoozefest!

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Byline has been changed,” we may not have a very good cast but they aren’t real bright”!.


Hey everyone, sorry if this has been discussed already, but I went on twitter and decided to look up Janelle and she’s put out some classic tweets. In one she said “Just received my invite [For Victor & Nicoles wedding]. 3k for hotel so Nicole’s reception and hotel stay can basically be comped. Glad I don’t have to go. I hate cheap ass weddings where the go to song is Cotton Eyed Joe.” She added a picture of the invite haha. Also there are rumors that CBS is talking to her about being on Survivor!

another name

Well. hotels in turks are usually 200-700 a night in the central northern island area hub (except Amayara – if memory serves i spelled it correctly – the gated exclusive lux spa on the north eastern tip that ran about 2k a night last i had reason to check). 3 night stay for the wedding i assume? air fare extra would be my guess.
Oh yeah. If it’s 3 night excluding travel, the guests are def paying extra to offset reception and happy couple costs. Maybe even immediate family costs as well.
Gee, just showing up should be enough of a wedding gift if your payment is giving them the wedding.


You’re correct! She responded to someone else and said that was for the hotel as airfare would cost extra. Someone else asked her what does comped mean? and she responded with something in the ball park of “its a tacky way to make guest pay for your wedding.” Haha Janelle is awesome.

The thing that got me excited was the talk of Survivor possibly being in her future. I think she has potential to do very well there (barring most of the cast don’t know exactly who she is), though you never know when people are in those conditions. I guess her daughters tic toc leaked some info about it accidentally or something, but I didn’t look too far into it.


Janelle should send Nickolef a case of Hand sanitizer for a wedding gift.


Janelle confirmed that the 3k was just for hotel, didn’t include travel or anything else.


That takes a lot of damn nerve IMO. How could anyone ask or even expect their guests to spend $3000 plus for a destination wedding. I wouldn’t go even if I were a millionaire.


and she was just a simple country girl when she first was on BB.. lol


Still is simple.& annoying…..Same girl, no class, just more money.

My 2 cents

Don’t know why you got thumbs down for that. Any Nicole insult gets a big thumbs up from me!!

The Beef

Where do people get off asking their guests to pay for their weddings? Not just the wedding, but also it sounds like the bride and grooms hotel room and maybe their families rooms as well? I mean, I know we are living in the days of Go Fund Me for a lot of good reasons, but an extravagant wedding on a far away island resort, when you know the bride only recently won a half million dollars on a game show, not only seems cheap, but can you say classless?

I would NEVER ask my guests to attend my wedding and then PAY for the cost of that event! Especially when you are having a destination wedding, when they are already having to pay so much just to get there, it’s just a total lack of class on the hosts part, especially since everyone knows she won big bucks only four years ago! I just don’t get it.

another name

Event Facilitators are often asked by Cinderella on a dimes to hide or cover costs in things like group rates. It’s how they can put on events they can’t afford in order to look more elite.
That’s why I left career number 3. It was just too icky to be grifting that way.


Didn’t Jeff Bezos ask for donations to help pay his workers during this pandemic? Yet dude made over $80 billion since March…this is the world we live in. Just like the Comedian told Nite Owl 2, this American dream came true and you’re looking at it.


So tacky!!!!! I would rather go to the courthouse than do that. Shows her character; user.


ZOMG I miss Janelle.

another name

So does the house. without her to blame everyone is having to smell their own turds.

Purple Aki

Love the updates 😀
I’ll write that 40 times this season too

Golden Gate Granny

Simon/Dawg… new acronym:

***I’ve Typed This 40 times Already

With these circle jerks, just something for your back pocket.

P.S. Granny sent ya 75 cookies earlier. Made with love. 😉

Golden Gate Granny

Happy to contribute. What you do is hard work on so many levels. You guys are great, as is this OBB Fam. No desire to go anywhere else. Thanks for all you guys do.

Golden Gate Granny

LOL @ Memphis and Bay talking about transcribing the feeds like it’s a new thing. Bay thinks it could be automated. Uhhh no and no.

another name

Even automated transcription would mute Kevin.


It could be funny depending on how good the transcriber is. I’ve seen some shows with hilarious subtitles…they weren’t comedies though.

Golden Gate Granny

I tried automation for a class recently to see if I could take the lazy way out of actually taking my own notes… it was one long run on sentence with a bajillion errors. Good thing I decided on that trial run to do old school note taking simultaneously.

Humans are still better. Yay us!


Bayleigh the psychotic narcissistic bully is back. It only took her 3 weeks but she’s back. Shame on her and her annoying ass entitled self for the way she’s treating Kaysar. If he won HOH she would totally be up his ass right now. I really hate this game and what it’s become sometimes.

Jan Nan

Kaysar is too kind. I wish he would go off sometimes but that’s not who he is.
I’ve been a fan since the first time he played.
As a fan I love that man exactly the way he is


He has a good job (somehow) in the real world and youre telling him to yell at a black girl? Hed be fired so quickly. Hed get in trouble even if he stopped her from murdering people. Welcome to 2020.

another name

On feeds Nicf is currently telling Da’vonne that she is having such a hard time coming to terms with just how victimized and betrayed she was by that awful Janelle. She’s been so scared and uncomfortable that she’s been staying in bed and not playing the game at all and certainly isn’t up to anything sneaky or deceitful because she is and always has been such a sweet person that could never be underhanded. And now with that deranged Janelle fan yelling over the wall it’s almost like Janelle is still here and victimizing her more.

You realize she’s saying this to the woman that she backstabbed and talked shit about on feeds a few seasons back… who knows she did it and talks about how Nicf would hide every time she saw Da’vonne, and tell everyone she was scared and uncomfortable rather than apologize or thank her for her vote that won nicf the game…. right?

Just making sure we all see what’s happening. So when it’s on the episode we can all have our buckets positioned to catch the barf. Okay.


Cody has been planting seeds with Enzo that Tyler has been outing their shit to Dani. It’s all been lies to get Enzo back more with Cody than Tyler.
And to cover when Cody whispers to Dani that Tyler is gunning for her.
Dani walks in and Enzo says he heard she’s been worried about Tyler.
Dani said she talked to Tyler and everything is fine, so she doesn’t know what Enzo is talking about.
Cody snaps that he never told Dani she could talk to Tyler. Then stomps off.
Now Dani is bitching to Nicf about Cody’s toxic masculinity.

another name

Dani decides it’s Bayleigh’s fault because Cody has spent time with her, and her naturally intimidating and sassy attitude has rubbed off on him.


Oh shut the hell up Enzo you had your chance to do something big this week he’s all talk no bark!!! No one has impressed me with their game moves yet it’s all been sissy safe moves I want to see some action and we’re not seeing that so I don’t even wanna hear him say anything because he’s a little baby

Lady E

Flashback to “Friends”/Phoebe’s quote: They don’t know that we know they know we know.

Lol so many lies being thrown around & people can’t keep their story straight. Finally, some ACTION!


Lol I read that in Phoebes voice


I’m so sick ? f this mindless dribble. Yo yo yo, she’s coming after me yo, she’s coming after you yo. That’s it yo I’m going after her, meanwhile his dumbass nominates a pawn. What a spineless group of people, like sheep knowingly being lead to their slaughter. It’s so sad that this season has become a Mob of idiots! The bullhorn is not enough yo!


Could Cody be more arrogant, could Nicole be more whiny, could Dani be more manipulative, could Enzo be more clueless?


Its manipulation part of the game. I will give you the other 3

another name

When you think of Christmas….
she thinks the first thing you think is Loyal’s mom.
Not the drug addled bullying psychopath from bb19.
Not the production interference beneficiary of a season. Really? voting over the phone and hearing what Julie was saying for an entire clip? Really… a cart??
Not the former bb contestant that went nuts on her ex’s new gf’s car.

But mommy.

Who gonna tell her? Seriously. Didn’t even know/care she had a kid until it was on her intro. I just think of her as the deranged witch that wanted people to trigger the ptsd in the veterans on her season to get them to quit. And they brought THAT back as an all-star.

My 2 cents

You are on a roll today! So glad you haven’t given up on the feeds….yet! Keep ’em comin’


Does anyone know what day they do the veto? I like watching the live feeds but I don’t like spoiling it for myself