“I have as sneaky suspicion that Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are going to out the six”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony – Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

3:36 pm Dani and Nicole
Dani – Christmas talked to Bayleigh again for a long time.. in the hammock
Nicole – ok I’ll get with her.
Dani – I need to get it together so I can do rounds. I feel i haven’t been talking to people these past 2 days
Dani – at least I’m not snapping on people like they were last week
Nicole – better to lay low than to do that
Dani – people are like whats wrong whats wrong. I’m starving to death that’s whats wrong
Nicole says there’s no one she would want to talk to right now anyways.
Nicole – I know I need to act normal but I need to lay low because of that whole thing.
Feeds flip to Kevin and David..
They talk about Tyler.
Dani – his strategy is to lay low and win competitions till the end.
Dani – I told him look you can’t win that way.. we need to focus on keeping targets ahead of you
Nicole – what did he say
Dani – typical Tyler whatever .. these boys are stupid what are you going to do win every competition then we will be here and you won’t. Like there’s only so much we can do to protect you. Like I’m doing my best but if you are acting like a fool there’s not much we can do
Dani – everyone in this house will want them out before us.
Nicole – yeah
Dani – I talked to Ian to and I kept putting in his head they’ll come after him
Nicole – he wants to win bad
Dani – he thinks if you two go up he’ll leave.. which is true
Nicole – only like 50% of the house is going for HOH
Dani – Ian thinks this week is knockout
Nicole – don’t think about not throwing this HOH i’m just going to say that. I just don’t wanna go up
Dani says Da’Vonne cannot win, “I told Cody do not let her win”
Nicole – are David and Da’Vonen close or not close
Dani says Day claims they aren’t but they really are.

3:53 pm Bayleigh and Dani
Bayleigh – Kaysar is clearly the target he knows he’s the target.. what’s happening next week
Dani – is he even going to campaign
Bayleigh – I don’t think so I think he’s just enjoying himself he knows he’s going home and him and Christmas are pretty cool so I really don’t think he can campaign at all so that means this whole week is done.
Dani – Memphis out next week right
Bayleigh says people have changed their opinion of Memphis now that his back is broke
Dani says she thought Bayleigh in particular wanted him out because he said her name
Bayleigh – he said my name he said I was one of 6 .. having him here with a broke back he’s not a threatening .
Bayleigh – I’m just waiting to see what pops off. I know something is going to POP off
Dani – has to
Bayleigh – I wonder how Christmas will be handling things I didn’t know if she knew she was going up
Dani says Christmas had a inkling
Bayleigh – she said she was a little surprised maybe that will put her on the defense and she’ll win something..
This conversation comes back on the feeds around 4:30pm. chit chat.
At 4:37pm they start complaining about the food and gaining weight because of it.
Bayleigh says there’s so much bread
Dani says all the food in the house is garbage “everything is unhealthy unless you sit down and cook every freaking meal which I just don’t want to do”
Bayleigh – I don’t have the time (LOL why you have work in the morning?)

4:16 pm Ian and Da’Vonne
Chit chat..
Ian says he misses watching Finance news “Crowns Crypto cave and CNBC.. all that good stuff. that sorta thing is interesting to me”
Da’Vonne says she’s excited to see what is new on Netflix
Kaysar joins them . Says he’s fasting because he feels disgusting. “I want my slop body back”
Chit chat ..

4:42 pm Cody and Dani
I want some Cody and Da’Vonne time.. i’m like YO .. she’s like can you come up and grab me.. I don’t have f**Ing time for that.. I’m in his house I don’t have time to run after people to make sure I get my one on one time because you’re paranoid.
Cody – I’m hitting a wall and getting really f**Ing tired
Dani – I have as sneaky suspicion that Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are going to out the six..
Cody – to who
Dani – anyone that gets HOH that’s not in the six
Cody – what makes you think that.
Dani – we have to make sure you me and Tyler are on the same page
Cody – Tyler makes me nervous.. everyone keeps saying stuff like you’re super tight with Dani.. yeah I’m tight with Dani
Cody – why is it a problem that people in your alliance are tight.. I’m getting fed up with the paranoia
Cody says Da’Vonne and Bayleigh told Enxo this
Dani – what is Enzo’s deal he’s tired of being HOH he’s been acting funky these past two days
Cody- he’s bent out of shape with the David thing
Dani – I sore to Nicole I wouldn’t tell you.. for reals do not tell a soul
Dani – Bayleigh went up to Christmas yesterday and said I have some information but i’m not telling you until HOH (Christmas told Nicole this)
Dani – she’s not telling her until she gets HOH..
Dani says Bayleigh is going to throw someone under the bus.
Dani says Bayleigh keeps saying how next week is going to get messy “Why?”
Dani adds that bayleigh is now walking back from targeting Memphis, She’s not targeting Kevin, David or Ian.. “What are you going to do.. me, Nicole, Christmas and Tyler that’s the only options so you are telling me they are going to flip next week”
Cody says Tyler is being super sketchy
Cody says Tyler has an ego and people are not telling him everything like they did on his season.
Dani points out that Tyler has nobody else and it’s not like they are after him
Dani is worried Bayleigh will out the 6 with Christmas. Says if Christmas finds out we are in another alliance she will be “pissed.. pissed”

Cody – I’m done with the slick 6 I have no problem winning and putting them on the block
Dani says Da’vonne is easier to read and easier to get two steps ahead “do you agree with that”
Cody doesn’t think so “I’m barely around Da’Vonne”
Dani – is this knew
Cody – I never was.. this whole paranoia thing i’m over it..
5:22 pm – Dani saying that Enzo trusts them way more than he trust Day/Bay
Dani thinks the HO after next will be a double and it will be questions and she sucks at questions.
Cody says he sucks to didn’t win one questions competition on his season.
Dani says Tyler won the questions during the double his season. Adds that Ian will be good to win to.
Dani thinks if Day/Bay do not go after them this week coming up it will be during the double
Cody points out that everyone is banking on Christmas winning HOH. Doesn’t think people should do that there’s a good chance she won’t win.
Dani says she only one that last safety suite because she was against 3 people.
Cody – maybe it would be good if David finally wins won
Dani – who will he put up Memphis
Cody – maybe.. you might be able to get him to backdoor ..
Cody says David never heard Memphis and Christmas “They were literally laughing about him”
Dani wants them to synch up their stories for when the slick six gets outed.
Cody – what’s our reasoning to do that right now.
Cody says their alliance is teh worst alliance every “It’s worse than the bombsquad.. I’m part of the two worse alliances ever”
Dani brings up The Regulators they went out 1-2-3-4

4:53 pm Nicole enjoys a snack.

5:36 pm Nicole in the bathroom talking to Ian in the shower.

5:40 pm Christmas and Kasyar putting the awnings. Making jokes..

5:55 pm Tyler and Cody have been doing Bro chat about Bro splits in the backyard. There’s nothing interesting going on.

In the kitchen. Kaysar talking to Dani about the course he use to teach he taught “UX design” his degree was economics he taught himself Design.
Dani asks him what he was going to do with economics.
Kaysar says ideally wanted an entrepreneurship program but they didn’t have that so he took the theory part and figure the rest out. Adds that he was really interested in computers so he took some computer courses. “I loved computers but didn’t like to program. In hindsight I wish I would have figured it out I think everyone should learn how to program.”

Feeds cut. ..

6:10 pm Ian and Kevin
Kevin – I’m still going to nudge Da’vonne and Bayleigh
Ian – I think Bayleigh in particular
Kevin asks if he talked to Da’Vonne
Ian – that party got crashed by Kaysar..
Ian – what are we going to call it?
Kevin – I don’t know
Ian – Light ring .. (the lights in the room)

6:13 pm Ian and Kaysar
Ian says he doesn’t like seeing him go. says he feels he’s in danger and will be going out next week
Kaysar – no one is targeting you
Ian – I’ll tell you more later.
Kaysar- why do you suspect this
Ian – I get told bits of information to fuel paranoia
Kaysar – who .. Nicole
Ian – yeah
Ian – do you .. you know you’re going.. have you resigned.
Kaysar- I’ve been seeing if I can get some votes i need you, Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Kevin, David and Memphis.. the thing is they have no loyalties to me so I don’t know where to begin.. My strongest relationship is Bayleigh and Da’Vonne and they’re not even giving me their votes. So how am I even supposed to make headway with the people that are the toughest to crack. .like David. he’s trying to get in good with the people that are just about to put him out the door. He;s trying to kiss their a$$
Kaysar – where does that leave me I haven’t been able to play this game yet I’ve just been hanging out
Ian – I have theories tomorrow I’ll tell you everything
Kaysar – what’s your hesitation
Ian – I don’t want it to. I’m not willing to stick my neck out of I’m the only one
Kasyar – someone has to take a shot at Cody and Tyler and it seem likes no one has the backbone to do it.
Ian – If I had gotten HOH I wouldn’t have nominated you
kaysar says he would have nominated Cody and Tyler and that is why he’s on the block
Ian – knowing what you know from the other day? (the yeller)
Kaysar – yes .. yo think Cody and NCiole
Kaysar – Nicole’s game play is to lay low until half way in the game and she’ll then make a opportunistic moves. Or she’ll wait for Alphas to do a lot of work upfront. She’s not doing anything she’s transmitting information
Nicole comes in says she’s looking for tweezer because Cody has a ingrown hair
Kaysar – you’re doing that for him
Nicole – I’ll do it for anybody .. you got any zits..
Nicole leaves.
Kaysar says Dani is in the best position “she’s really good at this game”
Kaysar – do you think Nicole and Cody have a final 2?
Ian – I dunno about that
Ian – I’ve known my position in this game and it’s not good.
Ian says he hasn’t had power yet so there’s nothing he can do. “I’ll explain it Thursday shortly before but I’m pretty sure I have the whole thing mapped out”
Ian doesn’t think there’s “a Four”
Kaysar – what about Enzo
ian – he’s similar than mine
Kaysar – that’s what I thought
Ian – I think there’s a lot more than A four.. I think there’s fours.. many people that believe ..
Kaysar – their in something and it’s all really messy. I see that but typically one takes preference
Ian brings up his theory that Kaysar and Janelle were a distractions to make everyone feel there was a common enemy and a common foe. Adds the same thing happened with Brandon and Rachel, Jessica and Cody (told Kevin this in the AM)
Ian doesn’t think the Dani, Nicole, Tyler, Cody alliance is that tight “theres a worm in the ointment.. im 95% sure I have everything clocked”
Kaysar – can anything help me to stay this week
ian – no.. you’re not flipping 7 voters against Christmas..
Kaysar – yeah didn’t think so
Kaysar – is there someone that is playing everyone and is working with this side of the house.
ian – I thin we heard that.
Feeds cut..

When we’re back .. Ian is saying the two winners this season were lumped in.
Kaysar is trying to get Ian to tell him the big information now and not wait until Thursday.
Ian – lemme just think about this.
Ian – anything I have is a guess
Kaysar – that’s fine everything I have is a guess too

Ian – I think there’s a fake boys alliance. It’s only real for a couple those in the know, know it’s fake.
Kaysar – David.. correct
Ian – Enzo more so than David.
Kaysar – yeah I can see that
ian – David is the outer of that ring .. Enzo is slightly higher and Tyler is a ring higher than both of them
Kaysar – Is Tyler not in the inner circle
Ian – when that noise came we looked at each other and saw fear (Tyler)
Feeds cut (Goddammit)
When we’re back ..
Kaysar says he tried to get Enzo to get David up
Ian – he thinks he’s in a boys alliance
Kaysar – he said he can’t do it he’s good with him (David)
Kaysar says he told Enzo about the Dani, Cody, Tyler, Nicole alliance he was extremely interested “makes sense would mean Cody was double dipping”
Ian says he can’t tie the ends back to Tyler “I don’t think he’s involved.. he’s a inner ring but he’s not core”
Ian – he’s very close
Kaysar wonders is the play is Cody and Dani and watching the feud.
Ian says he’s going to try to get the HOH this round “Big time”
Ian – sucks you’re probably not going to be here.

Ian says there’s only two people in the core alliance. “Dani thinks she’s in an alliance with Cody, Nicole and Tyler”
Kaysar – what about Tyler
Ian – I don’t know where he fights.. somewhere in the boys alliance
Kaysar – this is based on things you’ve seen?
Ian – yeah and they were all in teh camera room in the beginning.
Kaysar – what about it
ian – every single person was in there that first round of play, David, Enzo, Cody, Dani.
Ian – NicoleF is with Cody he was tasked with rounding them up, Nicole was tasked to getting me and tasked with getting Christmas.. Divide and conquer you and Janelle were set up as distractions.. Kessha was unlucky..
Ian has no clue where Memphis sits.
Ian – we were given a gift and to not consider that is foolish..
Feeds cut.. When we’re back..
Kaysar – Cody needs to go
Kaysar wonders if Dani or Tyler have figured it out.
Ian doesn’t think there will be a battle back. “it’s too big of a risk”
Kaysar – to be honest this has been a little bit of a lackluster season .. there’s been a couple groups and not a lot of drama.. from a production stand point this has been a snooze fest..
Ian says if he gets power he’ll smash thing s
Ian – I ain’t going to campaign for it.. guys if you don’t want this thing to die a boring death you need to give me it (A power)
Kaysar says Ian is safe with Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. I told them you’re good they know that Nicole is working with Cody.

Bayleigh comes in says Yoga and meditation is starting soon.

6:55 pm Feeds go to stars

8:25pm The feeds are still blocked.. Kaysar is probably getting pandora’s box, diamond power of veto or a coup d’etat..

9:30pm Still nothing..

11pm No feeds for you..

11:55pm Still blocked..

4:23am The live feeds return to all the house guests sleeping..

7:13 am Kasyar is up. everyone else still sleeping. Memphis not being up right now is suspicious
Memphis, Kaysar, and David are up no word on the outage.

No idea about the outage last night. So far Nicole, Kevin, Memphis, Kaysar, David, Sh1tz are all up. slow start just chit chat.

you want a screengrab

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another name

So I flip feeds to this conversation:

David: It’s like 2 fingers. The girth.
Tyler: I Don’t Know about girth.
Cody: It’s like a thumb and a half.

I’m making that emoji ewww mixed with clenched teeth face. saying don’t wanna know.

wasn’t until a few minutes later I found out they were talking about
a chocolate bar.

In other news: Ian and Kevin are in an alliance. Called the Light Ring.
Really? Light Ring???? Why not just call it what it is: a nut and a bolt.

another name

Imagine the announcer (don?) trying to say the Light Ring with a serious tone.
Or Julie trying to say it without looking at the camera with her head cocked to the side hoping to make it all the way to her next but first without cracking.
Might as well have called it the spectrum rainbow alliance.


Not cool!!!!

another name

one is on the autism spectrum
one is a member of the lgbtq2s community
they’re in an alliance.
Those are undisputed facts
what’s not cool ?
The facts not sounding good as an alliance name?
And seriously, in order to pre-empt the next obvious statement, if you’re going to say something about having issue with autism or being a homophobe… don’t. Ask me what my stance is on the issue of autism or human rights or whether or not i’m a member or an ally of the lgbtq2s community, or love someone who is before you jump the next obvious gun.


Kevin is just as sneaky as the the core 4!

another name

Kevin thought the house had formed one mega alliance with the sole purpose of eliminating Kevin and NicA. That’s what we have to remember.
Sneaky is irrelevant. He’s popped one too many poppers / kookoo for coacoapuffs.

Dixie Rekt

The Perfect final two would be Memphis & Dani.


i have never disagreed with anything more lol


I would love that.

another name

Do you mean final 2 on the block next week after veto?
Sure. That’ll work.


Memphis does deserve it. Even ian can’t see his game. And kaysar. Memphis is doing great.

Frank's Fart

Enzo saying Kaysar looks like Count Dracula was hilarious. He totally does. Or an evil magician. He always looks like he’s ready to kill someone haha.


And Enzo looks like he’s on crack!


He may be

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I saw Enzo earlier in the show(week2?).He was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses,looked remarkably like the Unabomber.Yo!


if a hoodie and sunglasses are the only criteria, then a lot of past HG’s would qualify


David just had a hoodie and sunglasses on


Awww I think he’s kind of handsome. Those eyelashes! I just wish he was better at comps. Oh Janelle, you played your hand too soon. Should have just watched, listened, tried to act oblivious, not hang out all the time with Kaysar, and the lasted a wee bit longer. Ahwheel.


First time ever buying the live feeds, definitely the last. Most boring, arrogant, self absorbed group. Cody telling Dani that Tyler is arrogant, OMG! Listening to Kevin and Day play each other is painful, neither makes eye contact! Kevin- did you hear my name come up in any conversations? Day- none! Kevin talking about Kaysar! They are all snakes!


Cant argue with that but the feeds used to be fantastic years ago


Yeah i found it extremely funny when cody said tyler has an ego. Tyler has one of the smaller egos in there while cody has the biggest one. the reason cody is saying he has a big ego is because tyler has clocked he is low on the totem pole and he didn’t like that. The audacity of tyler to not just accept that cody wants to win and follow the eviction order derrick gave him


It’s also that Cody is unbalanced – HUGE ego, but high insecurity.

Cody buys the Porsche, but is too scared to drive it or leave parked anywhere but his locked up garage. Tyler takes his bike and skateboard everywhere he goes, selling jewelry from a cart near the beach to save up for a Volkswagen Camper Van.

This is the same Cody, who to a lesser degree than younger bro Paulie, is still a hot-head, short fuse, low patience, more bark than bite, the guy who would grab someone to pretend to hold him back while he mouths off instead of stand his ground. Tyler is balanced, if he is unbalanced, it is because he is low ego and high sense of security. His only blemish this game (which is big and he knows it), was feeling safe with who he was aligned with while taking out their targets for them.

The rate at which Cody and Dani are running their mouths, NicF breaking down because of the yellers, a few days until eviction, and Enzo running hot on HOHitis…Tyler could see a better path with Bay and Day, and if he-Kaysar-Ian link up in some convos, maybe we see that blindside?


Tyler? The same guy who refuses to allow people in the house to do much as speak his name, has a small ego? He clearly thinks everyone should just hand him the win while he sits on his precious ass and tries to look cute for all of his followers. I don’t like Cody but do respect that he is willing to actually work for the win.


I’m just as upset as every one else that janelle got sent home last week but they said tylers name as a target. Then he targeted them. That doesn’t mean he has a big ego that means he is taking someone out of the game who wants him eliminated. Hardly someone who “refuses to allow his name be said in the house.” Go ahead and applaud cody. Talk about ego when dani told him and enzo that she and tyler talked it out he snapped back “I didn’t tell you that you could talk to Tyler.” He literally thinks he can control who talks to to who.


Again whatever pregame conversations occurred, I believe gave Cody the impression he is the Ringleader. All performers go through him. The “Derrick” of BB22 pulling the strings.

Big Sister

He sounded so juvenile, “my name in his mouth.”


Yea. sounds like Cody is turning into a real SOB.


Nana1 that is because you’re not watching the feeds in the context of a strategic cutthroat player vs player game of elimination. Once you do that you’ll be addicted to feeds


There is no cutthroat going on, that would be worth watching. The minute there is a good conversation they cut the feeds. I didn’t pay to watch fake small talk. It’s a bunch of arrogant jerks thinking they deserve to win, picking off the spineless players who are too stupid to vote what’s best for their game. (Oh yeah, let’s vote out the person that is on my side cause that’s what the house wants) it’s ridiculous, I miss the days where you voted to keep the person that’s best for you and your game. Instead they sit there like dumbasses waiting to be evicted by the same 6 people. God forbid they had their name in their mouth, that’s just stupid.

Golden Gate Granny

Do some surfing during the down times? I used to only purchase the feeds exclusively but with it now being a part of a much larger “All Access” I now see the feeds as the bonus and not the bait. And the “No commercial” few bucks is soooo worth it. I love so much of the content beyond the feeds. Binging any/all past seasons we long forgot many details of was/is fun.

Play with it Nana. Sooo much to discover.

Oh and Pro-Tip: The PC and app versions of the feeds are different. I still prefer the PC version, but the app has its merits. If you have any questions I (and many of our lil Fam here) would be happy to help. Most folks here are super helpful.

***Hope the feeds light up for you tomorrow and you get some of the enjoyment side of ’em. 😉


Do what I do. Skip the live feeds. They’re way too boring. Instead watch the early seasons. Even with knowing who wins, they’re way more entertaining. I have been watching season 6 the last few days. Still see Kayser and Janelle and don’t like either of them of them.

another name

Say Ian had had this conversation with Kaysar about what he has noticed (based on what Kaysar told him week one) in week two.

Think about it. Ian saw that he was pulled in with Nicf Cody and Dani, but not Tyler then. He even asked about Tyler joining.

One of Ian’s original game alliance members was on the block with their possible fourth that wouldn’t commit to being in the group (because he was hoping to be in with the Alpha Boys).
The move would have been made to stop mentioning Tyler. In week Two.
That would have removed Tyler’s reason for targeting Janelle and Kaysar for his own game. He would have been more open to two people with Cody’s name in their mouth staying. Long game Tyler and Cody want each other out, and they both know it.

If Ian hadn’t waited for a wall yeller to verify what he already says he knew… where would the game be?
But sure, wait to tell the guy on the block that he has no chance of staying but thanks for your initial intel that has led me to my current theory that i’ve been keeping to myself for two weeks.

Just so we’re clear:
Ian’s epiphanies and da’vonne’s dream vision are going to be used to cover the wall yeller so that the episode doesn’t have to explain actual context.
The edit will make Ian look one million times more insightful than he was… because i don’t think the episodes covered Kaysar and Ian on the couch talks in week one. I don’t…. think they did.

another name

The talk with Kaysar with the “tears” at the end.
Ian’s idea of stage acting in case a fan vote is coming.
He knows the Kevin talk wouldn’t get the same kick in a vote
but the wall yeller really told him: damn i’m on the wrong side.
So he’s sharing a moment, trading plans with the martyr to get votes.


You could be right but it worked on me. I just dislike Ian less than everyone elseat this point.


This is the same Ian that talked to Kaysar on the couch about the two aligning, then running into forming the Prime4 and try for Prime5, while spilling about Kaysar…

another name

Which is why i’m saying the entire conversation with Kaysar is an artificial intentional set up by Ian in order to get more fan votes if a vote is coming.
He’s playing the feeders with his supposed tears.


I’m with ya.

If Kaysar goes and there is a fan vote the week after, who wins it? Who would be best to win and use it successfully? Tyler?

The only exciting part about a power would be the HGs all talking to the feeds about how deserving they are for the power, how much they need it, and how much they convince themselves that they are going to get it.

Cody: I was a Hitman, of course they’ll vote for me

NicF: play even more of a weak, innocent, fraile, victim on her deathbed, begging to be saved.

Xmas: How many “but first, (pose, glance, direct to other angle) vote me the power; let’s have a merry Christmas. “Santa baby,….”

Ian: we are already seeing the plea

Enzo: simple. “Like, give me the power, yo. I’ll run this house, yo. Power moves, yo. Meow Meow wants the pow pow with the yo yo”.

David: He won’t understand what’s up until a week or two later and begin asking for votes after the power has been awarded, played, and revealed to the house who had won and played it.

Dani: throw a fit and tantrum for the power, come back later and speak of how she dethroned Janelle and is now the new queen, and therefore should be given a power for her coronation.

Kevin: gets bundled up in covers and blankets, cries and begs for power.

Memphis knows he’s not getting it so doesn’t try or care. Just sits and drinks coffee, ices back.

Bay and Day campaign together so that one of them gets it. They finish second and third in votes.

Who will win, find out next Sunday!

another name

If Kaysar goes? What… he’s going to stay seated in the eviction chair and refuse to leave?
(little secret… that’s always been my plan if i was on bb and they evicted me lol. like i’d be first boot for making a deadpan sarcastic comment… but they’d have to draaaag me out that house kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum the size of Cody’s ego).


Have you applied? You should as you are a fan that seems to have a passion and understanding for the game.

another name

I WOULD need a turnstyle at the front door.
So i could walk in, Open my mouth and say every wrong thing imaginable… and right back out.
I actually do edit a little on here…. imagine the unedited that comes out of my mouth.


Holy crap this made me cackle, it’s all perfection!! My faves are David and Memphis, but they’re all solid gold. A chef’s kiss!

Miss Impression

another name, I really enjoy your posts and even find your tinfoil hat quite fashionable, however,pointing your cynical typing fingers at Ian crosses a line,he is our only hope for saving this season.He has enough people working against him don’t be one of them.

another name

I’m not against Ian in the game.
I am pointing out what ian is doing and why he’s doing it.
I’ve pointed out the boneheaded moves of every person I’ve supported.
So i’m going to point out the actual reason why Ian is talking about this to Kaysar.
He already sold out Kaysar more than once. he’s making no attempt to save him. Therefore why even talk to the dead man walking about the plan?
I never said it was wrong. Give him your votes. He’ll aim at Cody, and then try to scoop up Nicf for his own final 2.
I’m calling it what it is. Artificial.
That doesn’t mean I’m against him, and actually I appreciate the strategic awareness of manipulating the fanbase. Doesn’t mean I won’t point it out every time.

Miss Impression

After Thursday Ian will have no strategic sounding board to talk to.There is no saving Kaysar there never was ,same for Janelle.David Kevin Day and Bay are not gamers,no one can rely on them for anything.All the credible players are associated together at least for now so to survive you have to work within that control group.

another name

actually. there were ways to save most of the people that have been evicted.
It would have involved dropping the notion of follow the house.
So they made choices. bad. choices.

Miss Impression

Which goes to my point that all choices involving NicA David Kevin Day and Bay are bad choices.Any involvement with those people are unworkable as Kaysar and Janelle have learned.They never had a chance against Cody’s preseason alliance.There was no hope.

another name

I’m not prepared to go the no hope so let’s pity route just yet.
The strategic analysis part of my brain won’t go there. It’s about forward trajectory and data and charts.
My sarcastic to entertain myself because i’m bored part of my brain would just poke it with a stick and laugh.
The human part feels bad when people i like are evicted. I don’t feel sympathy for the idiots that let it happen and then cry a week later that they should have made the opposite choice. and then do it again. and again. and again.
That route includes Ian by the way, you can’t leave him out of the bad choice club. he has voted against his interest and with the house just as much as the others. He doesn’t get a pass if i won’t give one to the rest of them. He was in an alliance with Nica and Kevin. And was approached by Kaysar and by Da’vonne in the first week.
He chose to abandon them for Nicf. And voted against self interest. No pass there.

Miss Impression

There is one flaw in your logic,half of the players walked into the house allied or were pulled into the association,NicF Cody Dani Tyler Enzo Memphis Labor Day and Ian.It would have been suicide to turn against that power and protection for what?When the “other side” consists of 2 players (Kaysar and Janelle) and the other losers who can’t be trusted to open a paper bag.In reality there was ever only one side in that house and that is the side everyone needs to play on.Having said that,it is now exposed to seemingly everyone with a functioning brain stem that the only real alliance is Cody/Nichole/Dani,Memphis is his own island but partnered with Cody,Enzo will play the middle while talking about making big moves yo,so that leaves only Ian and Tyler pick up whichever losers survive long enough to make a move against Cody/Nichole/Dani and still the odds will be against them.


We need more wall yellers to spice this thing up.


This convo with Ian and Kaysar right now…..so close to figuring it all out. For anyone who doubts Derrick and Dan’s involvement in the months of pre-gaming, look at how organized and complex the spider structure of the Cody/NicF final 2…other than Ian and/or Kaysar, who could have thought that up and carried it out within a day or two, and how smoothly it went…Cody can’t even remember the name of Dom’s alliance even seconds after it is told to him (either that or it shows how little detail he pays to each convo he has…)

Bayleigh trying to get Kaysar to blow shit up….remember when he and Janelle were giving you all this info and NEEDING you and Day to help them out and build a strong alliance during the first few days, then again the next week, and then again last week? Now you don’t want to fight to save him, yet have him blow stuff up? Are you kidding? Him talking and leaving does nothing, you still need his help and vote.
Remember when Day wanted to keep Uncle Tom, err…David, safe in the house for non-game related reasons, and the dude would sell each of you out in a second to hang with the boys, just like he tried to do last year! Hey Day, remember when “that man” didn’t do a thing to stand up for or stand by Kemi? David’s role in the house is to work for the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies, while suffering from Little Big Man complex….

Please, let them the BB Gods highlight to the house-blind how safe Xmas feels and that it is because of the spider web. (Maybe the rumour of NicF being a witch and threatening to curse production if she doesn’t get on the show, is true!…the Arachid Witch Queen)

If they wise up to Xmas feeling safe, a comp threat, playing well socially, in close with all the big athletic boys, then if they know anything about how she played socially and strategically in 19, the heavens should open up and reveal the true plan to evict her and beginning parting of the seas.

Is it possible that Ian, Bay, Day, Kevin, Tyler, and then David could all vote to evict Xmas? All of them need Kaysar in the house.


“Uncle Tom?” Really?


David only talks about the movement and the cause to gain social media followers for himself. He just wants to be the first black man to win, but he wouldn’t want it to be someone else.

He even talked on the feeds about hanging out with Jack, Jackson, and Nick between seasons to get his instagram followers up. Same guys who targeted Kemi hard, while David was trying to bro out.

He talks the cause, but he walks away.

I’m surprised no one caught the bit about him working for Red Cloud and Spotted Tail, having Little Big Man complex…Crazy_ _ _ _ _.


Tyler no way.


My heart would scream with delight if they evicted Christmas. I think all may do that except David, poor sap wants so much to prove himself to that group. David tries a little to hard, I’m not a fan of his.

KimK in NC

I missed it… what happened with the teller from outside!?

another name

yeller1 a week ago yelled about save janelle or f**k Nicole or some such.

Yeller2 from two days ago yelled NIcole and Cody are playing everyone! twice.

yeller3 from tonight didn’t get a chance to yell. security pulled up while they were in their car, and quickly the backyard was closed.

Julie's gerbils

If security hadn’t picked you up, what were you going to yell?

another name

I’d yell something ridiculous that would alter this week.
“Christmas is lying.”
Doesn’t have to be true. Doesn’t mean anything.
but everyone tied to Christmas would question why.
and she’s on the block.


OOerrrr! That’s brilliant. I love a diabolical almost indecipherable taunt. “Lying? About what?” …”Who!?” Or…..one could Yell.

“Christmas in Memphis made the Meow Meow Cry”

Enzo’s bro-ness would be bruised. Memphis might have to ….something other than pretend to have a morning show, and Christmas well, she could go home. How come someone didn’t try to blow up the house? Shake it up? I hate the early days when people are so scared to make a move. Ho Humm….

Thank you, @AnotherName – I’ve been wondering about the details on the backyard yelling!


I’m hoping (praying!) that a miracle happens and Tyler realizes his group totally sucks and he pairs up with Ian, Kevin, Bay, Day, dumb David, and Memphis and vote to keep Kaysar. One of them wins the next HoH and puts Dani and NicoleF on the block, if one of them comes down put Cody up. Or screw it, put up Cody and Dani, one of them have a better shot at winning POV more so than NicoleF, they would take themselves off and then NicoleF is on the block. Pure craziness for a whole week. Kaysar knows how boring this season is, why not shake it up for some good ole awesome chaos

another name

1) Memphis keeps Christmas. Memphis thinks his 6 that even production gave up on is real. And production is pushing hard for them to reform. It’s been mentioned 4 times on feeds in 24 hours. it hasn’t been mentioned since week 2 really. It was only ever real to Memphis and Christmas… and now everyone is saying it is the good alliance? PRO—-DUCTION.
2) New School. HOH said Kaysar was the house target in the veto meeting. New School can’t vote against the house. It’s like a rule or something. eyeroll.
3) Memphis has personal ties with Dani. Memphis has personal ties and a final 2 he thinks with Cody. He sticks with that over the others. Memphis will think he’s the real final 2. He’s Memphis.
4) Memphis NEVER sides with Ian.


Totally agree with you, I’m just hoping Memphis would see some sort of allure with Tyler. I know what I want is never gonna happen, it’s all just so disappointing and BORING!!! I just hate that a show I’ve loved since day 1 has jumped the shark and couldn’t find its way back with an Allstar season featuring Janelle, Kaysar, and Keesha- true big brother OGs. They’re getting voted out first 4, what in the actual *#@$?!?!? F*ck 2020 has sucked so bad and I really wanted Big Brother to pull me out of the funk, instead I’ve got to watch dumb*ss David, whiny Franzel, grade A b*tch Dani, wannabe Derrick dad-kissing Cody, and ignorant f*ck Kevin. It’s all just so lame, freaking depressing, time for the Kraken (Cry emoji and woozy face emoji)

Big Sister

Best response this season!


If the greatest season ruiner ever is mentioned – Derrick

another name

Don’t let Dan off so light. The 2 of them were the heads of the snake in most of the preseason chatter. Derrick’s just done it before so knew he could get away with it.


Funny how their social media is staying fairly clear of this season…

another name

well one of them is stupid enough to have had his phone number in his bio (I think he removed it) and isn’t used to getting hate.
the other? He’s porky pig.


its kind of funny the house has flipped and they don’t even know it. ian bay day kevin tyler david on one side and dani nicole dani on one side with x-mas enzo and gramps in the middle and they might fall on the ian side when they see the numbers


The Ian side needs to clue in and keep Kaysar, he’s a guaranteed loyal soldier to the very end. He’s aggressively targeting the other side and will keep a target on him. He will gun to win everything (might not win much, only 2 career HOH’s, no vetoes) and take shots and drop bombs. Even from how Ian perceives Xmas’ game, Kaysar is a guarantee; where as she is, at best, a maybe.

A few days are left, if Ian and Kaysar can get Tyler, Bay and Day will definitely align, David comes with Tyler and a chance to make better with Bay and Day, and take a shot at Memphis. Kevin will float over because getting rid of Xmas is getting rid of a better competitor, Kevin has beaten Kaysar in comps when it mattered most, and Kaysar will still be a target.

There is hope, but if we had more actual players and All Stars, we would currently be getting excited for the first blindside and also save Kaysar (which would make it the Grand Canyon of blindsides – HUGE and amazing to see). Instead there is still a higher probability that everyone will vote with the house because it is still too early, way too early…more developed?


It would be great if Tyler would orchestrate a flip this week. He did that more than once on his season if my sucky memory serves me correct. I doubt that will happen but hope I’m wrong.



Jack Mayhoff

I’m hoping Bayleigh’s Boobs pop out at some point. Those things are huge. It sure would spice up this boring season that’s for sure.

another name

Feeds have been down a while.
right before feeds went down there was a lockdown announcement.
right before feeds went down some woman posted on social media that she was outside the wall in her car and security had pulled up in front of her.
her photo was of a bullhorn on a car seat.

If I had to guess

The houseguests are currently being talked to about the possibility of limiting outside activities is my bet because the fans are sick of this bullshit season and are trying to grab control…. sort of like chief wiggum and funeral boy did for months preseason.

another name

If this was BBCAN i’d be saying oh look, they must have got booze… feeds will be back in 16 hours.

another name

has the curse of bbcan8 struck again?

guess live feeds is done..gif
another name

Tried to find out if there was any news.
saw a hashtag for strokeahontas.
Big Brother brain said oh… did Evel Dick come up with a new Franzel nickname?
No idiot… there’s a whole rest of the world out there.
my bad.
Janelle’s name necklace from the show on ebay for charity. bid is currently more than 6 wedding guests hotel stays. 18.300 last check.

Lady E

I think Memphis & Enzo might coast to the Final 2. Renegade vs. Brigade lol

Starry night

They’re probably all in lockdown in the HOH room while they widen the doors for Cody’s head


I read on Twitter Memphis self evicted.

another name

Feeds have been down. They haven’t returned.
The number one go to source for all things spoiler and deathrace hasn’t mentioned it.
When it comes to gamechanger spoils, if Dingo at hamsterwatch isn’t spoiling it, I’m not buying it until she does.

Golden Gate Granny

He has been having a lot of pain. Maybe something major medical happened? Something big for sure in some way. Hmmmm.

Hope they decide it’s another “Expect the Unexpected,”
with NO ONE getting evicted this week. Cody/Nicole/Dani with severe punishments for their obvious tanking of this season. They (CBS) are getting to a point of having to pull the plug or do some punative damage control/game integrity optics.

THE Rabid BB Superfans aren’t havin’ it swept under the rug this oh-so-fun year, methinks.

another name

I doubt there are any punitive damages to houseguests they gave special promises to in negotiations (as per Dani before a stars cut 2 days ago).
they cut feeds for 9 hours to punish feed viewers for interference. And they’ll do it every time someone bullhorns or attempts to bullhorn, or pulls off on the side of the road for any reason. To protect the people they gave special promises to, and to keep the fans from altering their plot and storyline that they crafted with full knowledge of the preseason alliance building.
In 7 they altered the first hoh to combat the preseason alliancing. Now? they make it the storyline.

Golden Gate Granny

Coexisting reality, (not personal), rant: WE, the viewers, foot the bills for this “game” in all manners of ways. From subscribing to All Access to simply paying our cable bills. So, when the lack of integrity has a glaring spotlight repeatedly shined directly at/on any and all undeniable CHEATERS?

People get pissed. Throughout the hands of time, no one has ever been celebrated for cheating. How many people throughout history has been shot on the spot for cheating, any kind of cheating, from simple cardgames to affairs?

Our country has recently become more Wild West than the actual Wild West was. People have pretty much had it with all manners of unfairnesses that have boiled to the surface. Right on down to the minuscule action now in/of killing the feeds to punish ALL the (paying) fans for the choices of a few (thank you!) wall yellers.

All I’m sayin’ is CBS needs to get a hold of this shit before it gets even uglier. This cheating has LOTS of light shining on it. Past years we could rationalize and tolerate the many lil shenanigans. They (CBS) just aren’t playing “wag the dog” as well as in the past and fans (again… who pay for this unprecedented level of absurdity) are rightly pissed about verifiable cheating.

Pent up and pissed off is an even more volatile populous. In today’s United States, even Mrs. “Be kind to each other” Ellen DeGeneres is being raked through the coals. She made her bed, now it’s biting her. CBS would be wise to pay appropriate attention to their mess.

Hope production uses last night’s feed kill time wisely. Their narratives need to be responsibly realigned or this could get even uglier.

Just my 3 cents. //hopping off soapbox

another name

Look into the history of CBS programs, and endorsed or covered up shenanigans in the past decade. NOTHING NEW TO SEE HERE.

Last season on Big Brother it was painfully obvious as of week one that Jackson was being crafted and gifted a win. I was Screaming from rooftops with Every example of blatant production influence and manipulation. To the point where some people were sick of my posts and thought I had a vendetta against Jackson when the vendetta was against season rigging. I hated Jackson, sure. admitted. but the Rigging is what got my goat.

The last time they let a season run it’s course without some form of production influence what happened? SEASON 15. And nobody likes to talk about THAT. That season and negative publicity had the network step in to ensure that production would get a handle on such things. With every season that handle became larger. To the point where they rigged a season for a completely undesirable douche, so that they could then take an even bigger stake in manipulating future seasons. And HERE WE ARE.

Golden Gate Granny

Production has always been known to do this. That falls under the category of expect the expected.

Obvious, verifiable, PLAYER cheating was my point.


Memphis is walking around in the backyard now and chatting with Kaysar

another name

When David told Dani and Tyler his IQ is 187, my brain said…. hey brain, you think it’s possible his IQ is 187? And Brain said well it’s possible, but i don’t think it’s feasible or probable. So my brain says to my brain… why not? And the answer was… he’d be playing a better game if his IQ was in the top 0.0035 percentile on earth… dontcha think? I mean, he’s got Einstein and Hawking beat by 27 points? And that’s the game he’s playing? mmmhmmmm.

Save the All Star Season

His IQ was 187 on one of those FB quizzes!

another name

oh. so a quiz for a reality show?
sounds…. official?
I mean.
That’s part of the psych eval for a program that has an incredibly dubious record when it comes to psych evals.
Yeah. I’m gonna stick with my mmmmmmhmmmm on this.

Golden Gate Granny

187 is also the Penal Code for murder. Maybe the witless wonder was making another failed attempt at appearing badass?


More like a sadass.

hernanday oleary

They say if smart people are so smart why can’t they get the dumb ones to like them? They also say many smart people often lack common sense and people skills. David might well be that smart. It would explain alot actually.

Daisy mae

I’m out of the loop a little bit his did Memphis break his back? If anyone in that house has an ego look at him such a twit!

Feeds Gold

ian to kaysar (talking about the backyard yeller and ian/tyler immediate reactions to it) –
“when that noise came we looked at each other and saw fear”

love that line…i enjoy the way ian describes things


Still no feeds! 2:20am PST its been almost 8 hours, right? What happened?

I am new to watching the live feeds is this typical?


Kaysar is right it has been a snoozefest, I really don’t look forward to watching it. I’ll watch but just because nothing else is on. Ian is the only help this season!


OK, it’s official for me. I want Ian to win cause hes playing alone. I don’t care that he won already. The conversation between Ian and Kaysar was by far the best of the season. Ian pretty much pieced everything together with a very limited amount of information. Like him or not you have to admit he’s a smart guy.


Yes but he will not put nicole f up. He hate that she is allied with someone else and not him.

another name

Feeds returned 4 hours ago to the houseguests asleep in bed.
First two up are Memphis and Kaysar.
Memphis talks about kids these days. OOOOOf course he does.
Kaysar talks about college costs.
Both talk about the generational gap and ambitions changing from career path to celebrity.
David has wandered by.
no reason for feed blockage given so far.
Christmas joins.
Starts talking about her crossfit business
and… i’m thinking to myself her business again… maybe stars weren’t so bad.

Bo Man

Why no screen grabs this sesson?

another name

I Think screen grab means video like a few seasons back before they really started cracking down on video????


Maybe a setting on a mobile device or some setting in whatever browser that prevents images from loading? I’m seeing pictures.

Bo Man

Animated gifs?


I hope Memphis has removed himself from the game due to back pain and they cancel this weeks eviction


He’s still there

another name

As the feeds died this is where the house was standing.
added feature this week to alliances is the internal power struggles (lightning bolts).

bb22 DAY 28.jpg
another name

While feeds were down:
Cody told Nicf that Dani is in danger. Revealed she’s been sketching Tyler out big.
Today Nicf says she’s going to tell Xmas to tell Dani that she shouldn’t throw HOH.
Dani says Xmas told her everything.
Cody is puffing his chest and telling Enzo he will go off on Tyler. uh…. huh. And going to interrogate Bay. okay sure there numbnuts.
Bay says if she wins HOH Nicf and Xmas are kissing the block.

Kevin is telling Dani next week they have to form a bigger alliance.
Told you. Kevin is going to completely be the reason nobody can have nice things.

Kevin is telling Da’vonne his intuition is that Dani isn’t after Da.
Da asks if they spoke about her? Kevin says no.
Yeah, Kevin is going to screw everyone because Kevin wants so desperately to be in the coolkids club with Cody Dani and Nicf. Who does he think his big house alliance idea that includes EVERYONE is going to target?


So anyone hear anything about the cast for BB23?

another name

If Kaysar were a dick. Final plea before vote:
So far a bunch of you have come to me asking me to blow up games on my way out the door. Enough of you that I could stay. Here’s your choice: vote to keep me or I’ll name who wanted me to blow up games on my way out the door and screw up everyone too scared to keep me and turn this house upside down.
Chance it works: not good.
Chance his current campaign works? worse than not good.
It would be the OLD SCHOOL FINAL PLEA.

Roisin Dubh

Yep. But he’s too stand up to do that.


To the powers that be (yeah we know you read the blogs).

Your show used to be a summer go to for hordes of adoring fans who anxiously awaited discovering the new version of Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Janelle, and Dan.

Unfortunately you got too involved in controlling your own narrative and took over the plot. For a few years fans were able to deal with the interference, hamsters who hadn’t seen more than one season crammed in preseason sequester and spoon fed diary room lines because you brought in at least a couple hamsters worth cheering for that weren’t just on hand to build social media careers.

So as we arrive at the second All-Stars season that fans pined for your heavy handed interference has turned off the most loyal fans — and this during a pandemic when there is limited viewing options.

Do yourself a favor save the season (and gain back your loyal fans) by doing what you do best – control the plot. —-

Put a diamond power of veto in Kaysar’s bed – allow him to stand up on Thursday and replace himself and Christmas with Cody and Dani so the house can vote one of them out (ideally Cody).

Then the house can realign and while we know Ian won’t want to give up Nic F plant enough seeds with EVERYONE else to get her out next. At least then the house can realign and PLAY the game.

another name

Sadly, I have the distinct feel that production has been telling the Memphis crew to regroup so that the preseason alliance people can go to battle.
With Enzo in Tyler’s place. That’s how they plan to fix it… by making it even more interference for the pre rigged.

They know all about the Dan/Derrick plot. They had enough advance knowledge to fix the first HOH for Cody. Grod loves her Derrick, and her Cody and NicF. She gives season 16 to all new houseguests to watch and study.
She’s not going to do a thing to take this season away from them.

The faster we accept that Grod is up to her season 18 and 21 tricks, the quicker we can just watch HOW HARD she screws the fans with her crap.

What… it’s not like fans can go crying rigged to the proper authorities. They already ruled last year that as a plotted reality based program in the format of a game show, Big Brother is not required to follow the rules and regulations regarding game shows. It’s categorized as a Reality Entertainment Program. Not a gameshow.

When has GROD every given two shits about right and fair? She rigged an entire season for an asshat racist last year. From week one. And we think she’s going to say oh I should listen to the fans NOW? nope.

Her answer would be, don’t bullshit me, you’ll be back next season. I have nothing to fear.

Golden Gate Granny

True and true. #ButFirst (lol) The ratings are her lifeblood and she’s many pints low this year.

another name

What’s funny to me about the article:
Keep that in mind. That perhaps this is how they are attempting to assuage the fans.


Yes, interesting. I missed the connection. They still didn’t paint the newer players in the best light if it is a company article.

another name

And that’s completely on purpose. TV Guide is trying to come across as a separate entity, and to capitalize on sentiment so that in future articles they can be seen as reliable as they steer the dialogue to match forthcoming story.
It’s like the press releases that go out for BBCAN seasons. written by a Global staff writer. Global is the network that airs the show. You can plot the entire storyline coming if you read what those articles are promoting in terms of what feed information they share.

Golden Gate Granny

Thanks for that 86. She pretty much nailed it. Hopefully, BB doesn’t end up in the “RIP: Shows ending in 2020” tab.


Any clue what the outage was about yet?

Holly Hill

I can’t stand dani. to be honest this season is kinda of a dud and boring.