Nicole “Do you know what you would do next week?” Ian “Its whatever you want to do.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony -Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
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7:35pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – Kaysar said that Cody said that Dani is going after her. Cody – going after Day? Did he say were he got that from? Enzo – I think he is at a point where he doesn’t give a f**k. Cody – so we don’t know the extent of it. I am going to ask Tyler.. why .. DaVonne ran up to Enzo .. that Tyler told me that Enzo told you guys. Did you say our names to her? Because I want to know if she was using that to press you or not. Enzo – I don’t know if Cody knows it. Enzo – Christmas came up here and said that she wanted to tell me before DaVonne had a chance to .. that Dani is coming after DaVonne. Cody – yeah we were all up here when he said that. I am not dealing with this sh*t anymore. Enzo – me neither. I should have just put up Dani and Nicole.

Backyard Hammock. Tyler and Dani.
Tyler – things are going to turn .. soon they’re going to be so clear.. right now everything is so blurred. There aren’t that many blindsides that could happen. Dani – are you close at all with Christmas? Tyler – I am trying to be .. its just so difficult. Dani – I felt the exact same way. She is very guarded in this house. Tyler – guarded and like out there. I think her and Memphis are pretty close. Dani – but I also feel like she would turn on him .. because there are a lot of things that she doesn’t like about him. How are you and Ian? Ian really likes you. He talks about you a lot. It is really weird. Do you guys have a secret final 2?! Tyler – if we do.. I don’t know.. but I’ll take it. Dani – I am not kidding he always brings you up .. like its really weird. Its totally a good thing. Tyler – he might just be doing that with me and Cody because you’re the only one that tells me that.

8:15pm Backyard. Enzo, Cody and David are playing pool. Meanwhile in the hammock – Ian, Tyler and Dani are chatting about random things.

8:35pm – 8:45pm Hammock. Ian and Dani.
Ian – I heard that David was the replacement possibility. Dani – I feel like everyone is trying to use him as a scapegoat. Do you feel like that? Ian – yes but he does say a lot of weird freaking things. Dani – no I agree. Ian – Do I think so yes! Absolutely! There is no question about it. Dani – what would your ideal week be? Ian – like HOH and then run it kind of like Enzo did. Dani – yeah but getting who out? Iam – I guess match Nicole’s idea. Dani – yeah I think it is good to get out a pair. A pair before jury too .. you know what I mean. The risk with that too is having two people that are really close and two votes. Its really risky. Ian – if you won HOH who would you put up? Dani – If I put up Bay, I don’t know who I would put up next to her. David .. I don’t know. (So you’re okay using him now?) Ian- you could tell her that she is the pawn. Nicole joins them. Dani leaves. Ian – if it (HOH) came down to me and you.. Nicole – you want it? Ian – yeah. Nicole – oh yeah I’ll throw it to you definitely. I trust you so I don’t care. And I wouldn’t do that with a lot of people.. that is for damn sure. Nicole – do you know what you would do next week? Ian – its whatever you want to do. I think we have the same wave length. Nicole – would you do the back door approach? Ian – I haven’t even started to think about that. Not even considered yet. Nicole – the thing is .. when you win .. you don’t have a lot of time.

Hammock. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – what were you going to say earlier about Christmas? Nicole – she was telling me.. because she said something about Bay told her that if she wins HOH she’s got good information. Do not say I said anything. Dani – I want to know what information? Nicole – I asked what is it? And she said that she wouldn’t tell her until she wins HOH. Like what kind of strategy is that?! Bay thinks they’re (Bay and Christmas) really close. Dani – who do you think she would throw on the block? Nicole – I think you and Cody. I think its going to be something that she is going to make up about Cody. I think it is something juicy! I want to her to win HOH so that we can find out what it is. Christmas is going to get more info and get back to me. It benefits Cody to have Day in here not Bay. Dani – he is actually pretty close to Bay. Nicole – everyone thinks they’re close to Bay. We need Bay to give that info to Christmas.. I know its about Cody. I 100% know! Dani – I have a feeling that at some point in this game they might expose our alliance. If that ever happens .. we will all deny it. Because that just puts them two in a spot.

11:17pm Backyard. Dani and David.
Dani talks to David about her daughter and all the little things in life that she loves. Dani – who would you go after if you won HOH? David – who would you go after? Dani – I don’t know right now.. but I’m not afraid to do anything. And I am definitely trying to win .. I am not like I am going to throw it because I don’t know. I’m not like that at all. Are you and Memphis cool now or no? On a game stand point? David – I mean I don’t know .. from a personal stand point I really felt uncomfortable. Dani – yeah I don’t blame you. David – but since then .. that isn’t the case. David – would you put me up? Dani – no! Would you put me up? David – no. Dani -see you can’t even say it with a normal face. David – I said it without looking away. You looked away when you said it. Dani – I look away.. I do that in the DR all the time. Its just who I am.

11:20pm Kitchen. Kevin and Kaysar.
Kevin – I really do feel like there is a good probability of America’s vote thing. Kaysar – that I am going up against everyone that is evicted.. what do you mean? Kevin – Like this week there was no suite because there is something happening. When I would watch I loved it when very likable characters .. the only way they can survive is with a power. And then I felt like as America I could play with them by giving that person a power and influencing the game.

12am kitchen. Cody, Bay, David, Tyler, Kayar, Enzo are hanging out chatting about what celebrities are watching big brother.

12:13am Bathroom. Kaysar, Day, and Bay.
Day – if you’ve got something .. let me have it. Kaysar – have something like what? Information? Day – yeah, anything! Kaysar – I already told you everything I know. Day – who does Enzo want out of here .. right behind you. I already told you about Ian. Dani is trying to double deal. Her sole alliance is there. David can’t make up his damn mind. You know where he stands. He badly wants to be accepted by them. Enzo is not entirely with them. You have to be careful because he did say that the women in this house freak me out. I tried to convince him.. dude do not go there. Its not in your best interest. Memphis does not want any alliances till after the first half. Day – if you would have your way for a fairy tale ending who would leave right after you. Kaysar – honestly the biggest mistakes that take place are people over calculate and don’t get the big targets out. People are like oh no I want them in the house. That’s what we did in All Stars one. Saying you want to keep Chill Town because it keeps the attention off you but what ends up happening is it f**ks up your sh*t because they’re the ones that are driving sh*t. Everyone is gravitating towards them. Giving them information. Helping them win comps. Take out the main heads. Bay – give one name. Kaysar – Tyler or Cody .. I haven’t decided. You know who the scariest person in this house actually is.. Dani. But you can’t take her out yet. She has a lot of power. She is very covered. She is buried behind Tyler and Cody. The ideal scenario .. if you had one shot to bust it up.. that is it.

1:30am- 3:40am Kevin and Day in the hammock.
Day – when I say this is a can’t say sh*t …this is a can’t say sh*t. Dani is trying to get me out of the house. Kevin – why? Day – Tyler comes up to me and is like you know Day, I have to tell you something. Dani has been going we have to get her out. Kevin – okay. Who else? Day – Enzo knows and Cody knows. Remember Kaysar said something about David is playing for third place? Kevin – I don’t get that. Day – basically that he needs to detach from me and Bay because he is playing for third. Kevin – how do you know that came from Dani? Day – that is my intuition. Kevin – but you don’t have receipts on that. Day – don’t you see how Dani is all over David right now. What if Tyler and Cody are working together. What if Tyler is telling me something about Dani and Cody is going to tell Dani… Day is trying to get you out. You get what I am saying. Kevin – no, that’s what it is Day. She is like a secondary to the alliance. Day – no she is not. Who are the primary members? Kevin – Cody, Nicole and Tyler. Dani is secondary. Derrick pre-gamed with Cody and Nicole before coming into this house. Dani wasn’t a part of that. Day – where are your receipts. Kevin – I can’t say, I promised I wouldn’t. This tea is certified. We need a long term game in this house. This is manipulated for middle game. Day – I am not going to let this go .. who said it?! Kevin – no. Enzo is being included .. he is getting played to some degree. That nomination did not come out of his brain. Day – tell me. Kevin – no I have to live off my word. Day – then trust me!? Give me the first letter. Kevin – no. If we get power what do we do? Day – Ian and Nicole and then backdoor Cody. Out of Nicole or Cody which one are they going to pick. Ian is going to take himself off the block. Day – if she has been planting seeds in David ..she is going to use me to tip the ice burg.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Snooze fest boring disappointing especially in CBS no twist no battle back no hope

Houka Inumuta

Ian is winning this game again. I can feel it.

Tyler is already putting a target on his back and Memphis (only one targeting ian) is public enemy number 1.

Ian FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Impression

May Ryuko Matoi slay you with the Scissor Blade.

Houka Inumuta

Not until Lady Satsuki strikes her down.


Well there goes any shot Ian had of winning…


Hmm, that’s funny. But as they say in the Deep South, “even a blind hog gets an acorn once in awhile.”


I still can’t believe so many people don’t like season 2 or think that any other player is better than Will Kirby, he pretty much invented most of what makes the game great: small and fun alliance that convinces other are part of the larger, then cuts them when they know too much/get too close, entertaining DRs, even down to the smallest details of always sitting/posing differently, various degree of emotion/gameplay/strategy/reasoning; he always owned what he was doing and made sure we knew before it happened and he pretty much puppet-mastered the production by leading them as a director by telling them watch this and make sure you get it on tape; 24 hour fast; loved being on the block; controlled the game even when he was on the block; the list goes on.
Dan is second. Will was a complete and near-flawless player, Dan emulated Dr Will. Dan had 9 seasons to study, including a true all-star season of all strong players who were playing to win. Will had season 1 as an introduction, which was a completely different game.
Will was the template for EvelDick, ED just took the villain to a different level, inspired by the Evil Dr.
Derrick had his background and 15 season to study, including Will and Dan having to play twice and Janelle and Boogie playing 3X (the study factor is huge – how did they respond in this situation? How did they use information? What to do when the biggest target is on you? How can you go from biggest target to virtually unseen and safe within days and without a veto/power/etc..)
Will is also the only person able to ever get Janelle to lower her guard and become a puppet. Truth is, the way he played her then probably has a lot to do with how much stronger and assertive she is now. She always was, except around him; she tried to play him, but she fell for him and became his new toy the “Fembot”. He friggen got her to get rid of Marcellus, her alliance, everything. The reason he is near-flawless, is because he should have stayed tight and playful with her that fateful night, instead of letting her have girl-talk with Erika over a bottle of wine…

As people are posting that they are done with this season and venturing back to seasons of past, watch season 2. Keep in mind that it was the first real season of BBUS, then watch the master go to work. If you liked his game in 7, you have to watch 2 just to get the full understanding of him up on the balcony, trying to get into the locked HOH then looking down at the rest of the house around the table, with Kaysar yelling “Don’t get too comfortable”, then Will up to the camera with “They don’t even know what’s about to hit’em.”

Lady E

Will’s line alone set up the tone of Season 7. That was the ultimate All-Stars. Chilltown was the craziest BB duo, ever. The Renegades were a “cleaner” version, but I’m still a huge fan of Season 10. They went back to basics (all strangers) and Dan won by a unanimous vote.


Watching All Stars now makes these new school seasons even more sad. The game play and strategy of that season was on a different level. The way people were not afraid to make moves or sit on the block and save themselves is a far cry from the go with the house or cry when I’m on the block mentality of new school. The conversation between Will and Boogie of how they would put Janelle up but help her win the veto to mask their alliance was brilliant.


To all the people who say that Will has a weak endgame, in s2 he wins no matter who wins hoh at 4 and 3. If he or monica wins at 4, he’s in the final 3. If Nicole wins, Will 100 percent convinces her that Hardy might take Monica to f3 over him due to their earlier alliance, so Will has to be the one not on the block to ensure Monica’s eviction. Then he gets out Hardy and sits at the f3 with Monica and Nicole. Everyone is taking him to the end and he beats both. In s7, he is only in a bad spot because of the very specific arrangement of comps being: Erika wins f5 veto, Boogie wins Hoh, and Janelle wins veto. If any of these comps went a different way he wins the game for sure. There was a 1 in 60 chance of this happening btw. Then, Janelle gets pissed at Will since she felt used. The only way to remedy this would be to sleep with her to make her feel like he would pick her over Boogie which is an impossible task if he doesn’t sleep with her. I just wanted to clear that up haha.

Golden Gate Granny

Fully agree!!!

Dr. Will “Circuits and wires covered with skin” is 100% the Master and Professor of BB and always will be. I just can’t fathom any way for him to be dethroned no matter what kind of “unexpected” is attempted now… 20 years later.

Sooo… the OG Pa & I actually went a step further and studied the 1st season from a “Will” perspective of only having that season to go on after our revisit binge/s of S2 & S7 (we’ve seen all seasons and have been live feeders since 2001-S2 to present). It was mostly painful, S1, and being 70 episodes long, S1 took dedication to plow through. We did get a lot of “Aha” moments in/of Will training himself, as we’d hoped.

I’m also a former DishChick from BB Dish. I’ve been in Simon and Dawg’s fingertips, aching spines and brain stew.

***Please hit their donation button. I noticed yesterday Simon stating when the pool duck died… so did his computer he uses for us. Let’s have his back. I’m gonna send him (& Dawg) $50 today.

Thanks for your dedication guys. We appreciate you!

Who else is hittin’ the donate button TODAY?!

Feeds Gold

ian(with the help of kaysar/janie and wall yeller) to kevin on the hammock:

“its like an octopus…cody and nicole are at the core of everything”

“brigade 2.0”

“this is what derrick was doing pre season he was setting them up for success”(feeds cut)

well done ian, good to see him willing to turn on snakeole, but trusting kevin with this is very risky


Who can Ian trust.. the only person who could is on the block and the others are already gone. They tried to tell him too but he listened to Nicole. As soon as he found out he was not in her alliance that should have been it. They do NOT have the numbers anymore.

Feeds Gold

as ian always says, hes gonna need alot of luck

an ian hoh would be interesting

ian was planning to work with kaysar…its a shame we dont get to see them team up

The Beef

They COULD have the numbers, if the people outside of the power six were smart enough to work together to save Kaysar, but they would have to sway Memphis to join the five of them in order to do it (Day, Bay, David, Kevin and Ian), and then be willing to endure the possible blood war that would come with taking on that powerful side (Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Christmas, Dani and NicF.). I don’t see that they have a lot to lose, as they are going to get picked off one by one anyway. Why not go to war and at least go down fighting?

Einstein Memphis probably doesn’t see it that way, as I’m sure he sees himself as top three in the power alliance, whereas if he would just wake up and smell the damn coffee in his ginormous cup and take a look at the house dynamics, he would recognize he is no better than number 7 at best.


Right. That is the problem. They will not be able to pull Memphis because he thinks he is at the top. He and Ian both should have teamed up with J/K but this new lets do what “the house” wants..urgh!!

Feeds Gold

kevin to davonne 3.09am in the hammock:

“derrick is puppet mastering us from home”(feeds cut)

to those that say the wall yeller had no impact…it upset and woke ian up even more after kaysar/janie initially laid it out for him…kevin now believes it…potentially davonne…so its made people think, and will create doubt/paranoia for future rounds

hes refusing to tell her who told him the tea re derrick, nicole, cody and their pregaming plan…so good for ian, for now(davonnes first 2 guesses were “was it ian?” and “was it enzo?”)

i think i heard ian say to kevin in the previous hammock convo that he wants to meet with kevin, and possibly others in the morning…keep an eye out for ian in the morning, and if he does another solo hammock chat to the camera

Golden Gate Granny

Ah. Another good catch. Thanks for the timestamp too!


Then Ian needs to get his sights off Day/Bay and turn them where they belong. He needs to cut ties with Nicole while pretending to still be with her. They need to save Kaysar then Ian and Kaysar need to lead that group.


Is this before or after the “I will do anything you want if I win Hoh” to nicole f?

Golden Gate Granny

Good catch. Thanks. Is your comment a close timestamp to flashback find that convo?


Thanks Feeds Gold.. just listened to it. Ian’s on track!


Enzo – “ I should have just put up Dani and Nicole.”

No sh!t Sherlock!!


Enzo saying he should’ve put up Dani and Nicole….stfu you had your chance and you f*cked it up, meow meow p*ssy

Nicole's Vagina

Hey Cody, please stop licking your mustache. If you’re going to kick anything, could you please lick me instead?


Seriously, wtf?!?! This is disturbing and disgusting, YUCK!!!


Nicole and Dani are targeting Bay, Day, and Christmas now??? The sisterhood id dead and those two are competing to see who gets to be the Brittany or the Victoria. The guys will take them out and no one will care… and they will be froze out because that is how Cody plays. The only debate is right now is what floatter will Tyler drag until the end…. uggh this season is annoying.


As a woman, it really is infuriating to see Dani and Nicole consumed with jealousy and insecurity, so much so that they attack or put down the other women in the house. The fact that they didn’t ride or die with Janelle and Keesha just shows how weak they are, grow up b*tches!


But isnt that behavior typical?


From weak women.. yes!

Jan Nan

NicoleF looks like she’s aged 20 years since the last time she played. She’s also uglied Victor up. He went from a man women drooled and lusted over to women saying, nah she can have him.

Just Sayin'

Lmao right? Like what the hell happened to Victor? He is just one big turn off now. And Nicole’s nose has clearly had one too many procedures in the last few years…..


3:56-58 a.m central
“somebody’s down there getting high….who’s smoking weed…”
meanwhile I just left my bathroom(smoking section) and snuggled in bed, and think “It is me, It is I that you speak of.” ???


Why the question marks and why not the emojis I commented?


This really is a BORING, PREDICTABLE season! NO surprises! Pretty soon the petty people in charge will start going at each other. Kaysar really is a sweet, thoughtful man!


Uncomfortable truth #2

Ian was never a great player. We remember him fondly as being a decent winner from the last good season 14. He gets more credibility amongst live feeders for that reason instead of being a great player.

Golden Gate Granny

Except for the he has an Eidetic memory part.

another name

Hm. First long full night sleep in a week. what did i miss?
oh. nothing really.

At least the pregaming we all know about is coming out more and more around the house.
Hey Ian… who told you exactly what was going on on the couches a couple of weeks ago?
Oh right. Kaysar. But you just had to believe Nicf because she talks to you like you are a five year old. Good going. So you’ve been sitting in on the dynamic between Nicf Cody and Dani for two weeks, and it takes you a wall yeller to realize? Oh. okay.

I’ve decided to watch for diary room calls that end with a house guest having a grand epiphany. cough cough Da’vonne’s dream yesterday. Yeah, I remember people having a lot of ‘dreams’ in season 18. Those dreams usually involved trusting Nicf. Seriously. We all need to be watching out for post d/r sudden realizations.

another name

Okay. Everyone is giving… KEVIN… information.
Okay. Everybody has taken idiot pills.
Enzo and Christmas gave Kevin stuff he didn’t spill. Now Ian has talked to Kevin. Kevin’s whineface is spinnnnnning.
i give it about… ten seconds until kevin spins it around and turns it into an anti-kevin conspiracy…. and ruins every game that could have changed this season.
i’m serious.
He’s going to try to help his good friend Cody, and he’ll tank Tyler to Dani, and in the process Tank Da’vonne and Bayleigh. In a week he’ll say… but what went wrong…. I don’t understand.

another name

Kevin and Da saying they need Janelle back.
What Kevin and Da need to do is stop talking to each other.
He’s a bag of cats crazy, and feeds all of her worse mental instincts.
Her house read goes down to zero after ten seconds in a room alone with Kevin.
That’s his superpower. Idiocy that spreads like herpes.

Reminder: Week one Kevin approached Da’vonne, Bayleigh, and Dani separately to be his muses to help him focus his intuitive powers. Dani fed the distrust toward Janelle, and used Kevin as an information source. Kevin thinks she’s still Team Kevin because Dani was trying to turn him into the perfect drag along to win the game.
THIS is why Kevin has a must keep Dani turn in his talks.


I had a dream that Christmas won BB 22. More like a nightmare. So weird, hope that dream doesn’t come true.


I hate how the guys turned on Dani no quickly. I gave Enzo and especially Cody the benefit of doubt that they could work with girls this time around, but of course I was wrong.

If Dani does not win HOH on double eviction she`s going up. This game is so unfair.

Hopefully somehow Day goes to Dani and they realize what the boys are doing, and they can win HOH and send one of Enzo,Tyler,COdy home

another name

Enzo has been trashing women on this season since first night of feeds. All he wants is one woman to be his Britney. The rest, he wants gone.
Cody? Cody has always been a chauvenistic dick. Trying to use the excuse that having a girlfriend means he can’t be close to women. No… general attitude about women that don’t suck up to him as superior and in need of protection is why he can’t be close to women.
Both have always expressed the attitude that a woman with an opinion has to be evicted.


I couldn’t agree more.


Dani dug her own grave, she sucks! She deserves to get voted out, when she started talking crap about Janelle she lost all her luster. I see what you are saying about the guys not working with the girls, but the girls won’t work with the girls either.


you missed a great convo of ian breaking the game down for kevin. pretty much spot on for what is going on in the house.


yeah I noticed that.. Dawg’s probably operating under the same assumption if Kevin is on the feeds flip the channel.

another name

It’s usually a safe bet unless you want to see what the long term effect amyl nitrite poppers on a human brain.


Omg, OH MY GOD. Kevin is driving me nuts. Everything this guy says is absolutely wrong. Day’s intuition is leading her in the right direction. Dani was part of that pre-game alliance and is a primary in that alliance. But here comes Kevin again making someone doubt what is right in front of them. If Day doesn’t ignore him, he may ruin her game the same way he ruined Nicole A’s.


Agreed. That is the one strength that Day has had in these games.. her intuition and she can usually get a pretty good read on people but her trust in Kevin is spinning her in circles.

another name

Thought pattern.
Why is Tyler suddenly playing all or nothing style so openly?
It’s week 4. week 5 is last out before jury.
Tyler is trying to make sure that either the house dynamic is where he wants it to be pre jury… or get his ass sent home because he doesn’t want to be ON jury. In other words, targeting Dani pre jury loses Cody one of his guaranteed votes. Tyler thinks Dani is trash.
He doesn’t give 2 craps about choosing who gets to win if he is sent to jury. If the house dynamic is set up so that he can’t win, he wants to go out with a bang before jury begins.
He risks nothing. He doesn’t like the season. He doesn’t like many of the people. He is aware of the pregaming (beyond aware, he got a reach out).
So. If Tyler is found out and made the target pre-jury and gets sent home… all of Da, Bay and David get at least jury. HUGE monkey wrench to the plans of a few of them including Cody. And Tyler still doesn’t have to sit around for weeks with people he doesn’t like in a jury bubble when he could just go home.

Tinfoil Hat perception:
Tyler got a reach out to Cody through Derrick pre-game (Tyler and Derrick met in a rooftop bar to discuss how Tyler played the game previously). That’s when Tyler did some reaching of his own to David Christmas and Bayleigh. Problem: Christmas is a whackjob that loves the idea of being a member of a bully club. That’s her nature. She’s one of those walks out of the house saying it was just a game it has nothing to do with my character people.

A Secondary thought conclusion:
If Production is going to knowingly allow pregaming, they should bring back every all-star to vote on the winner, even though they’ve got outside information.
THAT would even the scales.


It would be entertaining for someone to yell over the fence, “America hates you Nichole F and have deleted you from their social media accounts!!” That would be funny because she knows the backlash is harsh. I think she came back to “improve” her social media standing, proving she deserved to win against the beard. She makes these comments about America would hate this and that………


Ha! That would be funny, can you imagine the whiny breakdowns though? People will self evict just to not hear her crying and nasally whining.

Golden Gate Granny

Her superficial ego would immediately & deliciously dissolve.

Ms. Taz

Did I miss something???? Wall yeller?
I’ve seen that a lot in the comments? What is this all about?


couple nights ago a wall yeller said Nicole and Cody are working the entire house. A bunch of people heard it.

Ms. Taz

Thank you. Now I understand the scramble


I think there was another wall shouter right before the veto ceremony. Feeds went to stars for a long time, then to puppies for the ceremony and when feeds returned they were saying how theyre never going to get the yard back if “this” keeps happening. Has anyone else picked up on this?

Golden Gate Granny

Skippy sure is quick on the StarScreen switch around Ian this morning. Oof.

Did I overhear another wall screamer a lil bit ago? I was busy atm, but thought I may have overheard another one.

another name

Hey let’s get Kaysar to blow up everyone’s shit before he leaves.
or you could keep me.
No our way is better.