“They want you to apologize. You got two black women on the block what kind of guy are you?”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto: Kyland
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland did not use the veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Kyland did not use the veto Hannah and Tiffany remain on the block.

10:00 am Hannah, BIGD, Ky and Tiff
Feeds return after an early veto Ceremony. Kyland doesn’t use the veto. Nobody seems mad just joking around. Kyland gets called to the Diary room
Tiff – they want you to apologize. You got two black women on the block what kind of guy are you?
They laugh..
BIGD – Girl I loved your speech though.. that’s what I love about you

They start talking about sharing the winning money.
BIGD says he would give everyone 5K for Christmas.
Hannah says it might not be legal.
Tiff says you can’t make deals about the winning money. You can do whatever with it after.

10:06 am BIGD and X (BigD is all about sharing the money now)
BIGD – If I.. let’s say. If I won Whoever was in sixth like who went out at six. I would still send them something. Like even if it’s the same as 5th if that makes sense.
X – I don’t think you are allowed to say that.. it’s colluding with the jury to say hey vote for me. It’s like you’re bribing the jury. You can’t say that. I get what you are saying.
X – you say that out loud you get into trouble.

10:42 am Azah and Kyland
Azah – before I talked to you I told Tiffany yes I would but I can change that with her
Azah – Before talking to you I said Ohh Yes, of course, I got you but I have no problem telling her that’s changed. I was planning on going with what you wanted
Ky – thank you I appreciate it

11:16 am BIGD trying to read the bible On the other feeds Hannah was going on about wanting Sawggy-P and Davonne to spend the day in the house with them. (Yikes)

11:20 am
Azah – right after the veto ceremony he comes up and says Can I sit next to you. I said sure and the first thing he asked me is are you okay with voting my way. He wants to make sure I am following in his footsteps. maybe he feels like he’s turning on his charm and it’s working. You know where my heart is my heart belongs to two men in this house, you and Xavier.
BIGD – he’s using his charm
Azah – yeah he’s using his charm.

11:44 am Xavier, Azah, and BIGD talking about Tiff/Kyland. They’re cut from the same clothe. They go on about Tiffany and Kyland being selfish in the game.

11:58 am Tiffany and Kyland
Tiff – BIGD wants you on an island by himself that way you have to choose him. If you have me then he knows you have me and him and he could be expendable at some point but if you only have to keep him. He knows you don’t have Azah.. He doesn’t know if you have Hannah but he knows you have me so if I go you only have him. He will not change his mind.
Tiff – the only way I can work on him is that he feels you have him more than I do
Feeds cut.
They talk about DX’s HOHS room and how messy it was. Tiffany had to clean it for him one day. DX mentioned how if she thought that was messy wait until she sees his Appartement. Kyland says they found his one flaw.
They talk about construction going on outside. (I believe the double on Thursday is not live. Therefore feeds will likely go dark on for some time)

1:23 pm Slow day on the feeds. BIGD and Kyland are studying while doing the dishes. In the other room, Hannah is chit-chatting with Xavier.

1:55 pm Tiffany anad BIGD
Tiffany asks him if Azah offers a final 3 with her, Azah, and BIGD.
Tiff – I’m not coming after you
Df – I have made .. just like I talk to you I talk to Hannah the same way. I told Hannah hEy…
DF says they made an agreement not to come after each other.
Tiff – Hannah is going for the money Hannah is cutthroat.
Df – I know she is
Tiff – I don’t even need to make it to two I just want to get me and my son some money
DF – I have to think about what I said to her and what I said to you.
DF says Hannah started talking to him when they got to the six.
Tiff – Hannah has deals with everybody
Tiff – Azah won’t work with Hannah like Azah will work with me. Azah doesn’t trust Hannah.
Tiff – I would always be with Azah. Azah’s my sister.
Tiff – Hannah is not playing this game with her heart at all she’s playing with her head.. she’s young she can do that.

DF – you and her both made valid points.
Tiff goes on about how she doesn’t want to go back home with no money for her son.
Tiff – I’m too old to come back and play this game again.. Hannah is 21 she’ll come back several more times.. I am done.. I can’t keep doing this.
Df – you have Azah’s vote it’ll come down to me and X’s vote.. I don’t think he’s made any promises.. I told her I wouldn’t get rid of her when we hit the six.

Tiff – Hannah is coming after you she does not want anyone to take you to two. She does not want to give you that opportunity I know that for a fact.. I’m telling you all now you don’t have to take me to 4 take Azah and Kyland to three.
Tiff says if Xavier makes it to final 2 he’s going to win, “everyone respects him, everyone respects his game. He hasn’t lied to anyone on that jury”
Tiff – everyone will respect the game this is BIG BROTHER it’s about who played the best game. Xavier played a flawless game. I do think he will win over you, he’ll win over me and I think he’ll win over kYland.
Tiff – people will like you and be like DAMN BIGD made it.
DF thinks the jury will have a tough time picking between DF/Tiff and Xavier. /(LOL)

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DF – “I just want to make it to jury.”

2 weeks later – “I just want to make it to final 5.”

2 weeks later – “Take me to final 2.”

Now – “If you give me the win, I will give you each some of the money.”


Yeah – I touched on the same thing recently (except this brand new thing about sharing money). If Grodner wanted to actually do something to push the ratings & make fans happy – she’d disqualify DF for trying to bribe hamsters about to leave for jury & cite it as rules violation.

How great would that be? lol


It will never happen. They have been allowed to break all the rules. It’s normal.


it is hard to figure out who is a bigger slimeball between Big D and Tiffany. Probably Tiffany.

The Beef

The guy is disgusting. Begging for people to throw him comps. Lying and saying he’s the mastermind behind the CO, when he’s had literally nothing to do with any of the strategy, nor is he responsible for taking out even ONE player from the game, other than voting with the group. Taking money in a veto comp and passing on any chance to win, when either him or his supposed #1 ally (Azah) could have ended up OTB, if the right person had won it. Now he’s begging the other better players to give him some of their winnings, which is totally against the rules due to jury bribery reasons (and I can’t believe TPTB haven’t said anything to them about it). The guy is a total douche, seems to think people owe him something simply because he exists, and seems to have totally missed out on his father’s work ethic and competition genes somehow.

And now with the veto ceremony over, the veto unused, and the three of them safe, the conversation suddenly changes between X, Big D and Azah to how “selfish” Ky is – all of a sudden he’s just like Tiff – and he can’t play for HOH next week! I wonder who the next target will be and why? lol


“Begging for people to throw him comps. Lying and saying he’s the mastermind behind the CO, when he’s had literally nothing to do with any of the strategy, nor is he responsible for taking out even ONE player from the game, other than voting with the group.”

BUT Ummmmm?
Did you forget the he consistently EVOTED people home?
Did you forget that he sometimes cleaned the kitchen?
Did you forget that he personally kept that couch company all summer?

Sheesh. Ungrateful. LOL

Srsly, I wonder why they didn’t do the HIDING game this year – or do you think it will come later?


Big D would say hiding comp was not made for guys his size, would just “hide” whatever it was by dropping it inside the door, be stunned that it was found immediately & tell everyone how close he came to winning it. The guy is a trip…or trippin’—-I’ll leave it to you to choose.


Let’s don’t forget his use of the n word or his twerking when he did leave the horizontal position for a minute. He is a disgusting, narcissistic wanna be actor who probably is a complete embarrassment to his family.


He was the best at evoting people. Cracks us up everytime


Did you see the most recent where he (and X) got all bothered when Azah & Hannah discussed how good DX was. Big D took real exception about DX being entertaining & humorous enough for fans to like him. Azah tried to say there can be more than one lead on the show & they can be entertaining for different reasons like Beyonce & Rihanna — Big D scoffed at this & said “I’m the Beyonce & DX is the Kelly” it came across as delusional with a big side dish of jealousy (wait until he gets out & discovers he’s not even the Kelly!)

The Beef

I missed that but I’m not surprised, given his deluded opinion of himself all season long. The fact is production HAS tried to set him up as the comedian in the house, and that’s fine, but that’s not what the game is all about now is it? Part of the game is social, but it’s not how funny your DR’s are to the TV audience. It’s how you interact socially with the other players, and how you game with them strategically, and Big D hasn’t done either of those things.

If he wants to be the seasons clown, well I think he’s got that award sewn up for numerous reasons, none of them being good ones.

moaning myrtle

San Diego Gal and Another Name you nailed it yet again! I don’t know why, I have to think about it more but for the very first time I am not rooting for any one of them. It is not because I dislike them ( well DF, and Ky’s personality traits… Tiff was right he and SB are “cut from the same cloth” and Azha. Umm I appreciate and recognize her gifts as a person but this is not the show for her and she and Big D should no,t but will be, in the final 4 come this Thursday, then tossed and Azah will remain clueless yet grateful for it) or because I know it’s inevitable that X will win… it’s just the joy of rooting for anyone one of them is missing for me too.


You forgot one thing: If he wins, “it’s MINE, ALL MINE!” Not quite at the Gollum stage yet


the couch is trying to get more money because he knows he ain’t winning


I honestly think he thinks he’s winning. He certainly believes he SHOULD win.

another name

The things that stretch believability this season:

  • everyone that pretty much figures out the alliance suddenly forgets about the alliance. Strangely enough a D/R visit is often involved.
  • the vetoes. Just in general. If you can predict who is going to play in them by storyline process, then how can you believe the results? An awful lot of them have been individual style. That’s worrisome
  • Tiff’s change of mind about the alliance or self involved play after a lengthy d/r
  • Claire forgetting just about everything in the house after a lengthy d/r
  • the programming change to two doubles coincidentally occurring after Ky and X complain they don’t want a triple. Add them to the cookout fans mad they won’t get that 10 second celebration of the final 6.
  • SB’s HOH week. Don’t think she was supposed to win it, and wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been on live. The D/R calls alone were suspect.
  • Tiff’s HOH week. Don’t think she was supposed to win it, and wouldn’t have if it wasn’t on feeds. The D/R calls again were suspect.
  • The predictability of the twist comps. Add to that the bizarre way certain people would know the rules to the comp before the comp was played.
  • The votes for the bbbucks. Ain’t nobody buying that.
  • That nobody has told Ky to STFU or finish a sentence and then STFU.

These are the general things that I have had a hard time in reconciling.

Zachary Chenault

I think everybody is forgetting who Derek F dad is. World renowned boxer Joe Frazier. The fact everyone is surprised he got $100 every week had me baffled. Similar to rachel sister winning that twist she won.

Lmao SB and Tiffs HOH were not supposed to be won? What does that even mean lmao. SB just got misted by Ky and showed how bad if a BB player she is. Your target #1 and your grand plan is to take out the only other threat to the cookout in DX. The control over the -+1 won the cookout the game. Along with earky HOH wins by KY and X to set the tone of the game (getting two threats and white men out in Frenchie and Brent), not because of race, but because thats who would target the Cookout first. Just great gameplay this year.


Regardless of who is Dad is, he is a sorry ass player and did nothing but lay around and complain. He deserves nothing! At least Rachel’s sister won some comps!


DF’s father being Joe Frazier just highlights what a disappointment DF is. DF had advantages that his fellow CO members did not have (he talked about being chauffeured to school). But what did he do with those advantages? He chose to become a lazy, entitled, arrogant, condescending, hateful, spiteful, bitter, mysogynistic free-rider. Yep, I just said that. There is no way that DF won $100 two weeks in a row. Scroll through BB social media forums. There is lots of love for Tiffany, Hannah, even Azah, and recognition of gameplay by X and Ky. Not one single DF fan exists on the Internet (well, I guess there is the guy running his Twitter account for him).

As for SB and Tiff winning the comps they were not supposed to win… that is BB production at its finest. BB production has changed comp results for years. Contestants have even admitted it on the feeds. But production can’t change the results of an HOH or veto being played live on national television, hence why SB and Tiff won, which was not in the production playbook. They both paid a price for refusing to fall in line with the narrative.

another name

I’m not forgetting who his dad was.
I’m also not forgetting the power of the episode only viewers.
I’m also not sure if the rules for voting in the us have the same out clauses as bbcan (the company reserves the right without notification to discard votes during or after the voting process *supposedly to stop bot voting… when they already have captcha on votes).


“Despite his boxing glory, Joe’s net worth was not as impressive at the time of his death. As of 2021, Joe’s estate only had an estimated net worth of $100 thousand ….and none of his 11 kids paid for his funeral – Grand Rapids native Floyd Mayweather offered to pay his respects by covering the cost of the funeral services for Frazier”

Just sad.


DF is an adult and should not expect his Mom or anyone to pay his bills! Get a job like the rest of us.

The Beef

You honestly think Frenchie would target the Cookout first? After all of his blustering about getting out the “meatheads” and protecting the minorities and women? It’s hard to really tell with him since he did initially put Ky and Alyssa up, but Travis (a WHITE man) is the guy he ended up sending home in the end, not a CO member, so that part of your statement at the very least has already been proven wrong.

Your right that Frenchie was white, but he was targeted because he was an idiot and his HOH was a total cluster f**k. He was probably the easiest target all season, due to the fact he lied to everybody in the house, his total frenetic game play, and he played WAY too hard in the first week of the game. Brent was aligned with X, Big D, and I think Ky via the Slaughterhouse, so I don’t think he was looking to target any of those CO members either. His ego more than anything was the thing that got him ejected from the house, but he was white, so I’m sure his alliance buddies knew he had a hard on to evict the black house guests, just like you seem to know that.

another name

I honestly think that the balance beam hoh was not supposed to be won by SB if I’m being honest. I think it was an error but was live on tv.
I honestly think the rope comp hoh was not supposed to be won by Tiff. I think she broke with storyline on purpose.

Backseat Driver

Another Name……you summed it up beautifully!


CBS was the winner this season.

Zachary Chenault

Nobody is defending DF here, the dude is completely delusional. But yea he get ways too much screen time and is fat so i do believe he received pity votes as well.


Haha, you could be an accountant with all that reconciling you are doing. I tend to agree with you, those are some pretty big irregularities
Enjoy your posts, AN, always worth a read.

Game fan

everyone is telling big D to shut up and he keeps going !!!
he is probably already knows he isnt gonna win so he is trying to get money
from the future winner


He’s a POS…thinks he’s entitled because of his father, talks to women like they’re trash, lazy…
We could all go on and on about him, right? I have been waiting for him to get sent out of the house but it seems like he might be the winner. A joke(r).


Yesterday on the episode I can’t believe we heard Hannah say that “anyone that hasn’t targeted X yet is foolish”….. geeze Hannah speak for yourself that couldn’t have been anymore of an insult towards yourself and Tiffany. You pretty much have yourself to thank for that one being foolish and wanting to protect X and sky. That is the reason why you and Tiffany are leaving.

Houka Inumuta

Hannah is going to win. She got X out on September 16 2021.


I hope she does get him out because clearly that is the best move to make and would secure her the win this season.

But then I hope Kyland wins the final 4 HOH and or final Veto. I’d say it would be a sort of a nice surprise if Azah or Derek F shockingly won the final 4 HOH/Veto but I have my doubts…

I just want Ky to win so as much as I would want it to be Ky/Xavier/Hannah in the Final 3 that means he won’t win.

So if Kyland wins that final HOH he has to bring one of the Victorias of the season to the Final 2 with him or he will get Cody’d/Colby’d/Woo’d (for Survivor fans)…

The Couch would probably be a better call due to the composition of the jury but ugh he is the worst…


Ahhh, Houka! Welcome back. I’ve been waiting & waiting for your new prediction. Hannah is as good a choice as anyone, so you might just win one. At any rate, congrats if you do, yearly condolences if you don’t. At least you’re consistent.

The Beef

I thought you said SB was gonna win? Now you’re going with Chaddha? Damn Houka, you can’t pick winners for sh!t brother! 😉

Hopeful for a Good Season

Congratulations Xavier!


Um, how do they not know that X is a lawyer when he’s using sentences like:
“It’s colluding with the jury to say hey vote for me. It’s like you’re bribing the jury.”


X being a younger athlete type that played college sports, probably not giving him enough credit to be a lawyer.


When I laid out the calendar for the season the current timing never made sense. I don’t ever recall a F4 & F3 week both running an entire week. But if this Thursday (16th) the F6/F5 hamsters leave it would mean a drastic change to what BB have typically done . Sure the Friday show could be the F4 season review but it’s still a ton of time to fill with a full week until F4 eviction (23rd) and almost another full week until Finale (29th).

In most seasons F5 eviction occurs the Thursday prior to the Finale — they play HOH that night, do noms & POV on Friday, followed by an early eviction on the weekend & jump right into Part I & II of the Final HOH.

Could BB23 emulate BBCan9? (F6/F5 battle back?)

Soooooooooooooo it got me thinking since there is a two-hour show this Thursday & the Friday show (16th/17th) perhaps BB23 would look to emulate what happened in BBCan this season. They held a fake DE where the two evictees (Tera & Jedson) battled to return to the house.

That would certainly fit the timeline better – Tiff leaves at start of show – they conduct a full DE HOH with F5 player exiting & they then play in a battle back to end the show. One would return & then Friday would be F5 HOH & we’d get back on track to the full week with F5 leaving on Sept 23 — go directly to F4 HOH that night (noms/POV played on Friday) & early eviction that weekend. Final HOH Part 1 & 2 played on the weekend setting up for the Sept 29th Finale (part 3) and finish of season.

And this isn’t me looking for a way to keep Tiff in fact unless the goats (Azah/Big D) left at F5 it’s unlikely she would beat Hannah or Ky (the likely targets at F5) if they were the evictees but you never know b/c Tera beat Jedson. .

Anyway – it seems to align better with the calendar & with the prospect of X just sailing to F2 it would at least give us something to be excited about. Plus it would offer a heck of a lot more content. Imagine X screws Ky at F5 — if he won & returned there is no way he’s working with him anymore. Or if Han is cut & returns she’s looking sideways at both Ky/X for shafting her AND if by some wild luck Tiff returns with Han still in the house watch out!

It sure makes more sense to me —- Another Name, Simon, San_Diego_Gal ….. your thoughts?


Very interesting and quite plausible. As you know, this week’s two-hour episode was originally going to be TE to take the house from 7 to 4. But a combination of Ky/X complaints to the DR and fans upset that the CO F6 would not have a full week to celebrate caused the scheduling change to back-to-back DEs. That means production has another hour to fill, plus the hour on Friday.

Meanwhile, another reason that a battle back between the F6 and F5 evicted HGs is plausible is that production needs to ensure their pick is still in the game. An unauthorized HOH and/or veto win is possible in a live DE and their golden boy could be axed. It’s unlikely, since DF, Ky, and Azah have collectively crawled inside X’s @ss and are settling into an apartment there until finale night. Nonetheless, surprises happen in DE, so I could easily see production having a back-up plan.


Am I the only one who thought this game was on the up and up and not preplanned by production? How disappointing to think this is all orchestrated by production. I don’t know if I want to watch any more. I love the show but…….


It’s been going on longer than it hasn’t. Once I started watching live feeds it became glaringly obvious. Another Name is stealth in their reporting too — prior seasons noting when players complained about winning comps & TPTB changing the times or outcomes, taking players away for hours on end to practice for upcoming comps, DRs where hamsters were shown their contracts & the line that said “this is a reality game show for “entertainment purposes” & production reserves the right to change results.

It is what it is — unfortunately as long as Grodner is the producer she preplans who she prefers to win (read: who production will help) with little leeway for variations. Perhaps it’s a novel concept but if I was producing I’d be watching for fan favorites & players who weren’t getting the benefit b/c of a “cool kids club” & help them instead of ramming a predetermined winner down our throat. It would remove having three chauvinists left representing half the house.

Still, I love the game (concept) especially the strategy, manipulation, influence & social maneuvering (even when it means the underdog/best players rarely win.

The Beef

My daughter loves the show, and she believes (yes, she still wants to believe, like Santa Clause) it’s all real. Of course she only watches on TV, but she watches religiously, and when I suggested to her that things weren’t on the up and up, she got real upset with me! lol She knows I know better, so we don’t even talk about it anymore, as I don’t want to ruin her watching experience and enjoyment.

It really is almost like kids with Santa Clause. Once you know, part of the magic is gone. Once you know they are being “guided”, it kind of takes the competition and strategy out of it.

I was kind of hoping they might let them fight it out once they got to final 6, but it’s pretty clear the fix is in for X this year. Once Tiff is gone, I think Ky is going next (due to his “selfishness”), and then it really doesn’t matter since the field is clear for X. He should mop the floor with the rest of them.


X did tell DF he’s a lawyer already. Way back towards the beginning of the show. DF figured it out.


Wait, if the evictions aren’t live, do you think the feeds will be down starting Wednesday?


Why does everyone say X is on his way to a win. I think KY played a more proactive game. He did way more than X.

The Beef

I think so too, but slick talking X seems to have everybody (at least those doing the voting) thinking HE’S the one that did the most work, and I do think he did more strategic work than Ky (especially when it came to keeping the CO together – like it or not, he was primarily responsible for getting things back on track when it looked like things were getting de-railed, IMHO). Ky won more comps, and with SB’s HOH, had more influence on who ended up on the block, but since they all had the same targets anyway, and the only question was in what order are the white folks leaving, I’m not sure that’s as important as the perception that X was the man in charge. Whether or not that is right or fair, that seems to be the perception in all 3 CO members not named X or Ky (Big D of course thinks he’s been totally running the show).

The real question is what do the rest of the jury think? SB should vote for Ky and DX might as well, but he hasn’t been mind f’ed by Tiffany or Hannah yet. Claire has clearly stated her preference for X and we know Alyssa will vote for X. I think Brit will vote along with Big D and Azah in a 3 block for X, but Big D could surprise me with his crush on Ky (and if he thinks Ky will give him some $$$$$). I think Tiffany votes for X and unless something changes in the game in the next two weeks, so will Chaddha.

So against X, I see Ky getting a maximum of 3 votes, and likely only 1 or 2. But it appears X, Big D and Azah are going to use the “Tiffany treatment” on him, and evict his selfish ass in the second eviction this week, if he doesn’t win the veto, so all of that may be moot anyway.

Houka Inumuta

Don’t matter Hannah is getting out X THIS Thursday.

Ky is leaving NEXT WEEK

I know all this because I’m from the future!!!!!!!


One word—- PERCEPTION!

It’s not so much what you’ve done as several former losers can tell you – but how you are perceived as functioning in the game. Unless someone smart like Tiff was in F2 to lay out how X was shielded by three major alliances surrounding him –the super strong Kings team, the Cookout AND the Royal Flush (of which she brought in DX so he wouldn’t target X). Tiff could point to the one time Hannah went on the block & X was unable to stop it from happening (Tiff, Hannah & DX had to do the work to shift the target to Whit — & Tiff was the ONLY one in the CO who tried to get Brit put up but Ky/X just sat there while SB railed on & on that Hannah had to go. X can’t point to one eviction where he influenced a shift in the vote (UNTIL the very end — like now at F6). Even when he tried to save Chris he sent Tiff to do the dirty work.

That said– the IMPRESSION is he was super loyal — in many ways he was especially so to his Kings teammates. Ally wanted to target Ky (X did little to dissuade this just trying to also get up Claire). Chris wanted Ky FOREVER & probably wouldn’t have been held back another time if he’d survived which is why Ky pushed DX to target him even though it was terrible for DX’s game.

So while Ky has won 6 comps & had influence his transgressions were viewed as shadier & least trustworthy so he sits in a dirtier seat. Ky will be viewed as taking out DX, SB, and Tiff — all strong players but also ALL F2 partners to X whereas X will be viewed as fighting for Ally to stay & will prob tell her he intended to keep her.

In BB — PERCEPTION is everything – ask Cody & Paul — With Cody & Derrick they spent much more time discussing what to do as a team with D leading the charge while Cody won the majority of comps. But no one viewed him as a mastermind – rather as Derrick’s puppet. Nicole laid in bed, had production demand she not be nominated while Paul busted his ass to stay alive. So he expected to sail to the win & got duped then got nailed in his second season which was more understandable given how he treated people whereas Josh managed the jury.

The Beef

I sincerely HOPE X tells Alyssa he intended to keep her, and I hope he tells her exactly how FAR he intended to keep her (F4? F2?)! If he does that, he may LOSE several CO votes, and since they will be voting for another black person they can justify that vote change simply by saying he was NOT loyal to the CO by his own admission! Is he stupid enough to sacrifice 2 or 3 votes to save 1, 1 that will likely vote for him anyway? Would he say that to her merely to make her feel better about him, in an attempt to “be with her” after the fact?

I hope he’s that dumb……but I don’t think he is.


Ky has double talked Everyone. He wont win against X

Carlito's Way

Omg, are DF and Azah ever NOT horizontal? I thought Nicole and Corey were bad (they were), but this is beyond the beyond. These two lazy bums do not deserve to go any deeper in the game.


If white people would have done what they did we would have been called all kinds of racist!!

Dennis Chenier

I hope Derek F wins, to match this awful season. May as well make it a full blown joke.

Rayma MacRae

I want to see Tiffany to go out first. She has been manipulating everyone there. DF can go home next.