“There’s three people that can **** us in the @$$ real hard. It’s Nicole, Ameerah and Taylor” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Noon Ameerah and Monte
Monte says he feels they are all safe next week regardless of who wins HOH.
Monte – INDY is someone the house can vote out and it’ll be a unanimous decision..
Michael joins them.
Monte – I like how inconspicuous this group is.
Michael comments that Turner and POOCH are spending all their time together and showing everyone.
Monte – they are showing their cards. I told Kyle they are trying to work with you and you..
Ameerah says they were trying to last night.
Monte – the next 2 weeks I think it’s pretty obvious.. INdy is a not talking game with anybody the house will vote her out. We love her of course but at the same time she hasn’t really been in the game. Then after Brittnay said those things about you
Ameerah – what the f** was up with her.. what happened you are friends with her?
Michael – what did she say?
Ameerah – she went to POOCH and said I just want you to know I am on your side and if you protect throw this thing (Backstage) I’ll give you information
Ameerah – he’s like what’s the information.. She said someone is coming to get you.. He was able to find out Me.
Ameerah – he sore on his father fireman thing.. Why would she do that?
Michael – she’s desperate.
Monte – she feel socially isolated
Ameerah – I like Brittnay I would have protected her.. I’m shocked she did that.

Michael -I am close to her on a personal level but when I look at the six and Brittany,. What is going to help my game. Brittnay is … unfortunately it’s bad for me to be associated with her.
Ameerah says she’s been working with Nicole and figuring out what Nicole is going. “She’s working with Daniel and they are trying to pull in Terrance and get something brewing”
Monte – you see POOCH and Turner are like this and you see they are going around building alliance with anybody that breathes air.
Michael says he’ll put Turner and POOCh up if he wins HOH. “The other day he was up here talking at me”
Monte – that’s what he does.
Monte – if any of us win HOH other than Michael, Indy and Brittany are choices.
Monte – even though I love Brittany she shot herself in the foot.
Monte – I think Paloma is back on track. This morning she’s been a little more clear headed.. Yesterday she was stressing me out. I got one grey hair from her yesterday and probably lost some of my hair line. It’s crazy how much she’s been
Michael – we need to babysit her for bed time, GO TO BED, Stay in bed..
Monte – stop talking because it hurts your throat.. Sit down.

Monte – POOCH tried to form something official called the OASIS, JOe, me, Daniel, Turner and POOCH. That is an alliance he has formed. I am loyal to this. (Mamba)
Monte – I’m showing you my cards. We just need to keep tight with what we have keep forming alliance that get thrown at us. Keep all the information siloed here. Kyle and I feel like our games are similar.

12:28 pm Ameerah and Michael
They talk about Brittnay.
Ameerah – and to tell someone you don’t have an alliance with.. just a random person. I’m not going to go to Terrance ne be like I heard Brittany is trying too get you out.
Michael – I can’t believe it what did that accomplish
Ameerah – I’m not going to be mean to her.. but she just lost my trust. I’m going to be friends but when it comes to votes. she doesn’t have mine
Ameerah – within our six Paloma and Alyssa have a final 2
Michael – Paloma in her chess strategy probably has a lot of final 2’s
Ameerah – not that I care but once we get to teh final 6 (makes cutting symbol with fingers)
Michael says when they get to 6 Kyle and Monte will start taking them out.

12:50 pm Paloma, Taylor
Paloma – its like a frat house in here.
They talk about Sonorities
Michael joins them. They talk about whether or not they are in a simulation.
Michael talks about a ethics course he took in College “Contemporary moral issues”
Paloma – you’re speaking my language. you know what you’re talking about?
Paloma – You’re talking about.. we’re the metaverse is pissed at us right now. You are talking about the f***ing metaverse. We’re about to take down Bitcoin and the F**ing metaverse. The whole goddamn world with this experiment. What you are talking about is the metaverse. We are a social experiment.

Michael – Taylor who said it that God is my sugar daddy that was the funniest thing ever
Taylor – either Indy or someone next to her
Paloma – GOD is player 17 for sure. he’s talking to me at this point all the tea bags I read he send me messages. I’m not even phased. … we’re on the same NFL team at this point.

2:06 pm Indy, Alyssa and Ameerah
INdy says Paloma spend all the time
Indy – they ask her to go so many times.. isn’t that weird?
Alyssa – it’s the Paloma show
Ameerah – it is
Alyssa – she’s in so many places.

2:07 pm Monte and Joe
Joe – everybody is talking. They’re starting to come to me now
Joe says POOCH is doing a great job right now “He’s getting a lot of the outside people good to who aren’t as good with say me and you”
Joe – Whoever F**s with me F***S with you because we’re the pair. if someone has something with POOCH and Kyle they’ll be like we want to go after someone strong well then it’ll Joe and Monte
Monte – with the OASIS we have a good backing.. You know what I mean?
Joe – it’s solid but it’ll talk one of those girls to put two of us up. We’ll definitely win that veto and correct it. There’s one girl we’re tight with outside of the OASIS to randomly f*** shit up
Monte – Nobody is making that move for the next two weeks. I talked to POOCH about what the next two weeks look like. You heard about Brittnay and how she throw Amerrah under the bus?
Monte – that was a last minute ditch to save herself.
Joe – She wasn’t lying.. Ameerah I love her she’s so smart and strategic… Bro she 100% like.. you know lets talk.
Joe goes on about Ameerah being the type of person to rally the girls
Joe – that’s a problem.. she’s on point.. I respect that. Bro she’s so damn smart I think Ameerah did dabble. Brittany didn’t pull that out of her a$$.
Monte – if anyone in the six wins HOH in the next two weeks …
Joe – Chill
Monte – chill.. outside of that
Joe – we might have a problem
MOnte – how are we going to finesse people outside of the alliance.

They agree Paloma and Alyssa are not coming after them.
Joe – they are going after some other girls
Joe is saying POOCH is doing a lot of work talking to people and building relationships if the girls come after them they are relying on POOCH to save their asses.
Monte – we have enough of a social game.
Joe brings up INdy coming to him asking him and Monte to back her saying “I’m going to be honest with you I’m here to have some fun. You to are the only ones still playing the game like me but not some WILD.. She’s more of a clown.”
joe – I do see the similarities that you and I are more genuine. She’s a genuine girl
Monte – Indy has a target on her back because people coming up to her and want to talk to game and
Joe – she ignores them
Monte – yeah

Joe is certain one of the girls will take a shot at the guys. Doesn’t think that will be Indy.
Monte – lets lay it out.. Nicole is the won that worries me the most.
Monte says he has a connection with Nicole but “She’s a savage”
Monte – Daniel is part of OASIS so we’re good with that.
Monte – Jasmine is close to Alyssa. Alyssa won’t put neither of us up.
Monte – Brittany?
Joe – I don’t think Britany will attack me but I have influence over Brittany to keep her in check
Monte – I feel good about Brittnay
Joe – she will go after Alyssa and Paloma
Monte – Or Ameerah. They might have a cat fight or whatever
Joe – I want Brittany to win HOH for that reason. She will go after Ameerah
Monte – I don’t want Terrance to leave
Joe – neither do I. I love that man. I am not joking.
Joe – there’s three people that can f*** us in the a$$ real hard. It’s Nicole, Ameerah and Taylor Those three are Killers the next runner up would be Paloma.

Monte says the OASIS has to get to Jury then they can start turning on each other. That leaves 3 none OASIS members
Joe – Paloma and ALyssa would be good as long as they don’t cross us.
Monte – Maybe Jasmine or Ameerah
Joe the longer Ameerah stays she will blow this up.

2:40 pm Terrance and Joe
Terrance – The girls are super tight to.. you know they are having the same conversation about us
Joe – 100%
They start speculating who Terrance should take out if he wins HOH, “Soft hit vs hard hit”
Terrance – when you take the shot everyone else is getting their guns together to take the next shot.
Joe – that’s why you have to be smart with it
They agree it’s too “Stupid” for them to turn on each other.
Terrance – I have no alliance with anybody but that’s my motherf***ing girl (Nicole). Daniel campaigned to save me and speaking good on my behave. I’ll keep it at 1000.. that’s my word.
Joe – you’ll be a clown if you were (Put Daniel up next week?)
Joe says Daniel and Nicole will call him out and nobody in the house will trust him
Terrance – I wouldn’t want to hurt them.
Joe – They’re cool as f***
Joe – Taylor.. Sweet ass girl but do you think she’ll backdoor someone if she had to? you’re damn right
Terrance – I hear the apology but that girl is still who she is BRO.
Joe – I respect it but If it’s between you and her I would rather work with you

Terrance – I need you. I am loyal to the point I can only do so much. You are a young man you guys eyes and ears motherf***ers listen to you. you got the young girls in here. You can maneuver in rooms I can maneuver
Joe – the one thing that worries me is when the boys start pointing guns at each other. It’s gonna happen. When one of us wins HOH that’s what scares me.
Joe brings up the scenario during week 3 POOCH wins HOH and puts him up ‘I respect it because he’s getting out someone similar to him but.. ”
Joe – no I’m starting to see who I want in my corner
Turner joins them.
Terrance – if you won HOH who would you put up?
Turner – good question.. You.. just kidding..
Joe – who was POOCH thinking?
Terrance – Brittany and Indy
Turner – are you close to Brittnay
Terrance shakes his head “But neither one of them are easy to get rid of”
Joe – Brittany is talking game but not really game.

3:12 pm Michael and Brittany
Brittany – I don’t think there’s anything I can do with POOCH I’ve tried every single angle. I don’t trust him one bit
Michael – I wouldn’t tell him anything it’ll get out
Brittany – I’ve tried being nice to him
Michael – Say you’re good with him
Brittany – I’ve already told him that twice.. I’m not telling him jack sh1t. I’ve been nice to him.. There’s nothing I can do
Michael – be positive with other people and not making them think you are paranoid
Brittany – It feels weird cause we don’t know to Campaign (Backstage) I feel good If Taylor stays up.. If Terrance stays up?
Michael – I don’t know what the house will do
Brittany – if it’s a double eviction me against Paloma or Alyssa
Michael – I would be worried
Brittany – yeah..
Michael – sucks That the two of them are friends.. They have the same group.

They talk about winning HOH
Brittany – we’ll do what’s best for us.. I’ll take the shot. I’m in my angry phase now
Michael – POOCH and Turner for sure
Brittany – for sure. There’s so many big targets to get out. That would feel so good.
Terrance – I trust y’all you are the first mother f***ers that showed me that energy. I’m not moving I’m letting you know. I love Nicole that’s the only other person. We’re too old people.
Joe – Nicole is not on my radar.. I call her mom
Terrance – I’m not f***ing with Daniel
Joe – you would look childish

Joe – I’m going to make sure you stay this week
Turner – For sure
Terrance – totally.. I did f*** up I was never talking.. Trying to be cool with everybody that was a f** up on my part. I got that wake up call and I’m here to play. I’m not no floater guy. I go you and you got me and I will go to war with you.
Turner leaves. Monte joins them.

Joe – you have my loyalty
Joe – don’t worry about backstage we’ll take care of you.. Still campaign but be careful who you make promises to. You winning HOH wouldn’t be that bad it’ll help your game.

4:06 pm POOCH and Kyle
Haven’t seen the chessboard yet this year.

4:08 pm Daniel and Joe
Joe – if there is any votes for Taylor I am immediately on guard. You and Terrance need to watch out cause that means they cross you both
Joe – if I want to face off on someone It would be you. You are a decent person I saw how you handled HOH. I loved it Bro. If I have to go neck to neck with someone I have no problem it’s you adn If you win it’s perfectly fine with me because that is a Solid a$$ person.
Daniel – I love it when players are lets just compete.
Joe – if the boy rally up can really dominate this
Daniel says next week they’re going to have to start showing their cards.
Joe – once backstage is done and I see the Taylor votes. It’s showtime.

They go about about the good vibes they feel for each other.

4:40 pm Taylor alone.
Taylor – I don’t want to be mopping.. I don’t want to be sad and mopping.. go out to the kitchen go take a shower..
Taylor – my only chance is if I get the opportunity to play an actual comp that takes me off the block.

4:47 pm Terrance and Michael
Terrance – I want to protect the older players.. otherwise it’s too easy for them to pop us off. I really want a older game to be honest. I’ve never seen one. It’s generally a younger person that is in contention to do this.
Michael – I’m 28
Terrance – you, Brittany, Daniel, me, and Nicole..
Michael – Indy and Ameerah are both over 30 as well
Terrance – Ameerah is on our side. I love her G she’s a beast.
Michael says when he’s in group conversation with people like POOCH “I don’t have a lot to add in.. ”
Terrance – when we’re in a conversation, me, you Daniel we are all talking. It does feel like sometimes I’m just sitting there taking up a space.
Terrance – it’s work right now.
Michael- it’s like they don’t know how to let the room breath for awhile. It’s like I’m being talked at.
Terrance – yeah and I don’t like that bro. Makes me feel.. you haven’t lived life yet and you’re telling me.
Michael – I want one of us to win HOH f***Ing for real. all guns blazing. I don’t give a f** what it is just go crazy. Umm.. because we have to take a real good shot. The shot we have to take will have to be a backdoor shot. Just execute it.
Terrance – a pawn and a direct hit. But the real target..

4:55 pm Michael alone
“I am feeling MUCH better about my position in the house and now I feel like I have options. Which is what I wanted. I’m not having to make and break deals with every single person. FINALLY people are coming up to me. FINALLY”
“Ok. I like this..”

6:10 pm Chit chat..

6:30 pm Terrance and Ameerah
Terrance whispering “On eviction night they give you your luggage back.. so you can pack”
Terrance – So only my luggage and Taylors luggage was back there none of the other girls.
Ameerah – they won’t tell us yet though

6:43 pm Ameerah and Nicole
Ameerah says Brittnay will be the first to go. (We missed the first part of this conversation)
They laugh
Ameerah – I confronted her about it. I said I’m goin got everyone because POOCH is saying someone is going around saying I want him evicted.

Nicole – girl you don’t have any power what are you doing running around with that shit.
Ameerah – it’s because of the backstage

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Just Sayin'

Terrance “I want to protect the older players otherwise they’ll pop us off.”
Michael ” I’m 28.”
Hahahaha I’m dead.


I busted out laughing when I saw Michael’s response too. So freaking hilarious! Poor Terrance, just trying to fit in and ends up digging a hole.

Just a viewer

Terrance wants to protect the married people AND the African Americans in the house AND the outsiders in the house, NOW the older people.

Only Reading Feeds

Who cast this season?