Ameerah “I would vote Brittany out over Taylor.. So we have to suck her d**k for little bit longer.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


7:15pm Bedroom. Pooch, Joe and Ameerah.
Joe – out of us three if HOH is going up, who wants it? Ameerah – I would put up Brittany and a pawn. Joe – no, no.. I’m saying. Ameerah – no, I know what you’re saying. I’m just saying that’s who I would do. Joe is my pawn. Joe – hell, hell no! Pooch – Joe is the veto nominee pawn. Ameerah – but you would kill the veto. Joe – That’s one thing if you come for me, you better come for the neck because I will kill the veto competition! If anyone pawned me or put me on the block and I am still here .. If you think they’re scary.. I am so much scarier than they are. Pooch – how do you feel about someone being a pawn? Joe – I respect it. Here is the thing, I don’t have an alliance or anything to back me up. If you pawn me, I’m here now and I am going to be f**ked low key and that is my problem. Pooch – I don’t mind being used as a pawn until I think about .. people are like well he’s up on the block ..and that’s why pawns go home. If pawns are used correctly it throws people off because they don’t know what to think. Ameerah – I know. Pooch – its risky. Ameerah – Its very risky. Pooch – if it works, it is next level. Joe – pawns are way later in the game. Ameerah – it would have to be later in the game and I would have to know where I stand.

7:20pm – 7:50pm The house guests are playing pumper pool and sitting around the dining table eating.

8:06pm Bedroom. Jasmine and Ameerah.
Jasmine – Then she might be like damn I really am f**ked. Ameerah – Well she is f**ked already.. she is f**ked! I just want her to go home.. Big Brother switches the feeds away and then back. Ameerah – who would I rather have here right now.. Taylor? Or Brittany? Honestly Taylor! I would vote Brittany out over Taylor. Jasmine – yeah. Ameerah – because what is she doing?! Its one thing.. to go to other people to get intel but you don’t go to them and talk sh*t about us! Jasmine – does she not get it!? Ameerah – she was trying to get in good with Pooch in the bathroom. She was in there laughing with him and stuff. Jasmine – girl get out of my face.. I mean not you but her. Ameerah – yeah so I definitely can’t be confronting them together. Now they’re going to start saying they going to put up Indy but that was all her idea. Can you imagine if I told Indy that sh*t!? Ameerah – mocking how Brittany talked to them about how they have to trust each other. And we all put our hand in there. She’s cracking under pressure… so I hope she gets some sleep and some help! We need to figure out a way to get her out without blowing up our alliance. So we have to suck her d**k for little bit longer. We need to figure out some new targets. I’m going to ask her target is, I want her to name people because I want blood on her hands. I need her to name people. Jasmine – I could go ask her because she doesn’t know that I know this. They head out to talk to Brittany. Jasmine – perfect timing. Ameerah – who do you want out next week? Who do you want to target? Brittany – I thought we were going to do ah Pooch and ah.. Ameerah – I don’t think so. Brittany – how come? What changed? Jasmine – there are just mixed reviews within the alliance. Brittany – ok, honestly I don’t care. Anybody. Jasmine – what if you won HOH? Brittany – honestly I have been so focus on this (backstage) that I haven’t thought about that. Jasmine – don’t worry about that. Brittany – I am open. Ameerah – so there’s no girls like Indy or.. Brittany – no, I’ve changed. I feel like we’re all on board now. You don’t have any feelings? Ameerah – I don’t want to do Terrance, Pooch or Turner.. we have to make sure we’re sticking together and we’re getting intel from other places. Brittany – other than you guys no one has ever approached me to talk. That’s why I have to win whatever this competition is..

8:30pm – 8:56pm Brittany – we want to keep this alliance a secret. If its secret that means you’re telling other people what they want to hear. Indy – but never tell anyone about us. Never ever ever. Ameerah – I just want everyone to keep my name out of your mouth. Jasmine – mine too! Ameerah – I don’t want nobody bringing up my name to nobody. Jasmine – because if I found out.. Ameerah – its a f**king problem! Jasmine – everyone knows I want to play an honest up front game. If I find out.. no .. you don’t want sweet country Jasmine! That is all I am going to say! I am a very loyal person. If I find out its not like that, not only is that hurtful, it just takes it to another level. Brittany – they might try to break us up. Jasmine – but they don’t even know we’re in an alliance. That doesn’t even make sense.
Ameerah – there is a rumor going around that I am trying to get rid of Pooch. So I have only told you guys this so like! And it wasn’t even that I wanted to get rid of POOch, I was just offering up people that we could nominate. I know who I talked to about this and it was only you two plus our alliance. I dont want to flip out .. we just need to make sure we’re aligned and on the same page.. like don’t try to join other alliances. This is it. This is our group. And if we have Michael too .. then we are solid. Brittany – we have Michael. Ameerah – so Michael knows then? We should just bring him in. Brittany – just bring him in. Ameerah – do y’all want to go with me and we’ll ask him (ask Pooch who told him Ameerah wanted him out)? Jasmine – what if he tells a name? Brittany – this is what I am so afraid of that they’re trying to concoct this stuff to get us all like this.. Ameerah – if he says that he doesn’t want to say.. Brittany – this is sketch sh*t… lets just put a pin in it but seriously consider him for next week if we get the chance. Its like he is trying to take a hand grenade and throw it into our alliance. Alright its done.. don’t say anything to Pooch .. lets just drop it. And if I win I am not putting him up because that would just look crazy. Done. Brittany – done.

9pm Bathroom. Paloma and Brittany.
Paloma – I am getting concerned we’re in a dream. I am thinking we’re in Inception.. All I am saying is we are putting a chair by the pool and trying to wake our a$$es up. I think Dick Heart has processed my body. A thousand year old philosopher. His moto is what I know is that I know nothing .. and that is what this game is about. I shouldn’t have watched Inception in Mexico.

9pm – 11pm The house guests are still sitting around chatting and laughing. Pooch gives Joe a massage. The house guests are telling each other about their first impressions of each other when they moved in. Lots of compliments and laughing.

10:36pm – 10:50pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Jasmine.
Alyssa – I think we should get Brittany out .. but I really like her. Jasmine – you think we should? Alyssa – if it came down to it I would be like sure. Jasmine – if there was one that we had to in our alliance she would be first for me because my top people in there would be you and Ameerah. I could not see myself in here without you and Ameerah. Who do you think would be final five? Alyssa – I hope us two, Monte, Paloma because she is in with everyone. Jasmine – oh my god she’s playing the best game. She is random as sh*t but she is smart! She is very smart, she went to Berkley. Alyssa – Kyle I could see (getting far). Jasmine – I love him. Alyssa – I think Ameerah will make it far too. I think she is smart. Jasmine – if Taylor goes home .. then a guy needs to go next week. This is going to get harder and harder. Alyssa – Daniel always makes comments I never see you. Jasmine – well now you know what he is thinking so you can make those efforts. Alyssa – or get him out.. he’s a strong competitor. I don’t even talk to Monte but I don’t get the vibe that he is coming for me. Jasmine – I want to know who he would be gunning for if he won HOH. Alyssa – probably Brittany. Jasmine – who would you do if you won.. Would you put her up (Brittany) and then try and win the veto? Alyssa – I would probably put up Terrance and Turner. Jasmine – why, you don’t like Turner? Alyssa – I would have to put up to strong guys.

11:10pm First Impressions continue..

11:30pm Bathroom. Jasmine and Indy.
Jasmine – she just told me that Michael was with us, that he really likes us. Indy – I know. Jasmine – yeah he is so sweet. Indy – I know he is with us. He gets along more with us for sure. You know what is good is he can be with the guys and hear this stuff and then.. Jasmine – Bring it back to us.. and he is in the havenot room.

12am Kitchen – Michael and Taylor
Michael – you’ve been nothing but good with me. Taylor – It was said in front of everyone that you’re hurting people and need to apologize for things and as of yet everyone is saying the same thing you’re saying. Michael – so what are you thinking for votes? Taylor – I know there’s you and Turner. I told everyone that keeping Terrance is the better game move like I told them before the replacement nominee was going up so I am like oh sh*t! Michael – well if keeping Terrance is good for their game you just have to show them that keeping you is better. Taylor – I don’t want to bank on the backstage situation. I can’t put my game to chance like that. Taylor – I just need 3 more. Michael – today is Monday.. Taylor – so much can happen in the next few days. Michael – don’t frea kout or look like you’re giving up. Just be positive and nice ..that will at least keep you having conversations. Let me know if you need anything and pull me aside id you want to talk.

12:10am – 12:20am Bathroom. Nicole and Taylor.
Taylor – I passed Monte in the bathroom… quick game talk for the first time. I was like I feel good about the guys and girls that were on stage with us. Later on a day or two later Paloma said I think the guys are upstairs plotting about the girls. And I was like no don’t worry about that. Ran into Monte later and said hey, Paloma thinks all the guys are plotting against the guys .. have a conversation with her. And what I meant was have a conversation with her and put her mind at ease because we both know that isn’t happening. Nicole – those weren’t your exact words? Taylor – no, not that last part. Monte took it as which doesn’t really make sense to me because why would I tell someone to go have a conversation.. So he went to Paloma and assumed all the girls are targeting the guys upstairs. Paloma got heated and was in a room full of people.. riled them all up. So Paloma thinks I am running my mouth with her name in it. Nicole – that sucks. They talk about talking more outside.

12:25am – 12:35amTaylor talks to Joe. He tells her about the moment they were all being vulnerable at the table and she said she would stab them in the front and back. There’s a time and the place and that wasn’t really the time. Taylor – I can see that. Joe – I think you’ve had more.. we’ve all had miss communications with everyone but I think you’ve had more. You’re righting your wrongs and that’s respected. It is a joke but Taylor it also shows that you’re a savage player. Me personally you’ve never said anything to upset me… and if you did I would tell you. Joe – everyone is extremely unset that this is going on. It kills me because both you and Terrance are so amazing.

1:22am Storage room. Taylor and Pooch
Taylor says that she wanted to give each person the opportunity to talk to her and find out if there was anything she did to them. Taylor – every this is an opportunity to learn. It was a gift that Daniel said what he said to out loud to me.

2am Some the of the house guests are still up chatting in the kitchen.

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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Day time updates will be sparse Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our efforts will be on the nights and the Thursday to Monday day feeds. Much like last year.


Makes sense. These houseguests are pretty much night owls. Who is on the midnight – 3am PST shift?


Depends on the day. I’m doing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

This first week is way less wacky than last year.


Well, that was because of Frenchie, lol


As always, I appreciate your scholarship and will be showing my appreciation with my yearly donation to the cause. Cause, dayummm I couldn’t do it!

Dementia Joe

Thanks for hanging in there for us Simon. We really appreciate it.

un autre nom

Jasmine: tells everyone Joe is flirting with her and as a married woman it isn’t appreciated.
Also Jasmine: spends an entire conversation with her back to Taylor until Joe comes in and sits next to Taylor, then flips around and leans forward to show as much cleave as she can. His body language moves back and away, and she keeps leaning closer and forward.
It’s harmless, to be honest, but I point it out as yet another instance of bass ackwards that seems to be Jasmine’s world.
I’m biased in this instance, I’ve already said i don’t like her much from a gut level. I’m trying to figure out why. The fact that she has already exaggerlied about nongame things that ‘could’ affect outside world perceptions on multiple occassions? Not helping the gut level dislike.

Girl's Girls=Karens

This is the first season where I think the girls are worse than the guys. A bunch of catty petty women.


Did you watch season 15?

Girl's Girls=Karens

You’re right! But I could see the potential in these girls become as scary as those horrible women in season 15.


Wish Helen, Candice and Elissa would play again tbh, rest of them were awful

Just a viewer

She’s mean, loud and aggressive. To be a grown married woman, she’s childish and a bully.


DITTO — literally wrote about that (posted on previous page lol).

She’s also the one who blew up the double-zero comment to Daniel. Joseph said to Taylor “you should model’ & Taylor said – no they’re all double-zero’s (models). This was while Taylor was putting on outfits she’d just gotten back from production (which the girls encouraged her to do). She said to them all – you can wear whatever you want.

Jasmine took that & went to Daniel & told him Taylor was bragging about being a double-zero & belittling her for being a bigger girl.

This whole Joe flirtation thing is the crux of the matter – sure it’s innocent flirting but when Tay, Jas & Joe are in a room together Joe is drawn to Taylor (and Jas is jealous).

Btw, Tiffany did a podcast with Hannah & Azah & they said that whole Tay fashion show is perfectly normal (Hannah/Tiff did it last year with each other when they got their clothes back & put on their finale outfit to show each other).

Girl's Girls=Karens

It’s what I’ve been saying. It’s not about who is considered prettier by society but more about who gets the guy’s attention. I have had girls that were considered more attractive than me get jealous when their crush liked me more than them. That type of jealous energy becomes insane and the envious girl will find any excuse to hate you.

I hope Jasmine doesn’t become the new Christine from season 16. A married woman that loses her husband over her crush on Cody (who doesn’t want her). lol I remember Christine was very jealous of Amber and the other girls that Cody flirted with.


YES — that’s the perfect example – and I think it’s more than just about Joe it’s with anyone she feels close to including the females with each other.


I thought I would like her but she is showing her true colors. Not a fan.

Just a viewer

Ameerah and Jasmine are lowkey threatening Brittany and production is saying nothing. So, Brittany is not allowed to play her own game. They have thrown out Taylor’s name repeatly but if someone mentions their’s, threatening language begins.

un autre nom

I’ve got to be honest, Britt totally deserved to be called out. She is a rat tbh. There is nothing that is said that Britt doesn’t repeat. Alliance mate? Who cares, she runs it to non alliance so fast she leaves a cartoon dust cloud. She had the Ameerah information for less than 2 hours before she ran it to Pooch. She ratted out an alliance mate to curry favor and got busted.
She isn’t the only one in the house, but she is one of the fools that can’t actually determine which information to hold until needed, and which information to expose immediately. She doesn’t see that line at all, and dumps everything.
It isn’t Ameerah and Jasmine at fault for confronting Britt. It’s Britt at fault for running her yap, yet again, and getting exposed.
We can’t be mad that nobody went to Taylor to get her side of the story, and then be mad when someone confronts Britt to get Britt’s side of the story. That makes no sense.
Ameerah SHOULD have been mad. Britt SHOULD have been confronted.


That’s a fair stance.

To your point, Brit doesn’t draw the line between need to know/nice to know/helpful to move my game, etc. Everything gets downloaded although she seems intensely protective of Michael (and he smartly doesn’t say too much that would put him in harm’s way).

Maybe our original thoughts she’d be a loose cannon were more on point than we thought. Britt is so worried about this Back Stage Pass Holder twist which might have accelerated her actions today. It was brought up apparently at the ceremony so odds are she got even more paranoid – but to your point we seldom see her retain information so she would of ratted out Ameerah anyway.

I think the difference is who she shared intel with prior wasn’t telling others (or confronting others with the intel) but Pooch trusts Amee more than Britt so he went right to her to spill the beans. It was a poor choice on two fronts by Britt – ratting out her ally & trusting someone she had no agency with.

I’m wondering how the house will view America saving her b/c casts always seem to put a certain amount of value in who gets voted for. Who knows with this cast if they’ll be moved by players the fans make like (vote for) or if that increases the target on their backs.

I have a feeling there will be a read by the house if Paloma isn’t saved more so than Britt being who is saved. Perhaps they’ll simply write that off as America liking underdogs but putting Pal in danger won’t go unnoticed by the smarter players.


I think she can feel she’s not part of that “group” and is trying to make her own way. Nothing wrong with that. She owes nothing to those girls and they sat her down and tried to intimidate her. They are wrong for trying to tell her what to do and it shows that they are not nice people.

un autre nom

She’s in an alliance with them and she’s telling their business to non alliance members.
She was trying to be a mastermind by proving her value to people she has no alliance with by throwing alliance members under the bus.
She got snitched out.


She’s on the bottom of that alliance a d she knows it so she was trying something different. Again, nothing wrong with it and she doesn’t owe them a thing.

un autre nom

She got caught naming names.
Of course they should be putting the screws to her.
Do i like Ameerah or Jasmine as people much? nope.
Is Britt the victim here? nope.

Just a viewer

Confronted, absolutely yes. But her and Jasmine went about it like they’re in high school, ready to jump somebody. Brittany IS talking too much but Ameerah and Jasmine have been showing bullish behavior since day one. At first I thought they were playing too hard to early but after a couple of days it’s apparent that, they have joined BB list of “mean bullish” females.


Yeah – and the interesting thing is they spread lies about Taylor & never fact-checked with her on Monte or Paloma’s story. But Ameerah DID say that about Pooch & she’s been the MOST AGGRESSIVE about targeting males from the jump. Now she gets caught for what she really said (NOT a lie) & this is how she handles it.

I called her cutthroat – but man she’s worse than I thought.

No Name

Some thoughts……
Why start a girls alliance that targets other girls for eviction?
Why does everyone think Paloma is brilliant while watching her have a mental health crisis?
Production might want to think about rigging this backstage shit to get rid of Paloma because they will have their work cut out for them propping her up as their chosen one.

un autre nom

I refer you to every wingaling and dingdong of every past season that was not removed.
My go to: if they didn’t remove an addict going through withdrawal, they aren’t removing anyone.


One of the biggest disappointments so far is Nicole. I really thought she had the goods to be a quality player but the more I see the less I like (or respect) her.

She was Taylor’s best friend in the house & after initially laying out to Daniel why they should protect Tay & let the others (alphas/women) go after her b/c Tay would never put them up & could be their shield when things blew up she did NOTHING to confirm the frame up story or try to be logical about the situation.

The fact it doesn’t even bother her that Daniel takes NOTHING she says into account should be a big red flag given she’s supposed to be his F2 partner. But how she dealt with the Taylor situation is equally alarming.

Taylor spoke with her tonight & asked her if she was aware (Tay) was going OTB & Nicole lied through her teeth saying no. (nice friend)

See above for the chat they had in bathroom where Taylor clarified the conversation with Monte (and CONFIRMS what Nic herself said – why would Tay tell Monte to talk to Paloma if she was causing sh*t or saying P said she was targeting him?) This clues in Nic that Monte essentially put the blame on Pal (by saying you know how Pal gets worked up).

She also told Nic that Amee was the one who revealed why she was nominated. Since Amee is also working with Nic – & KNOWS that Nic knew everything on Saturday about Tay going OTB, it had me wondering if Nic was worried Tay was a step ahead of her (or could still find out she is lying).

The question is whether Nicole is smart enough to separate this intel to realize how dangerous Monte is b/c SHE KNOWS HE ORCHESTRATED HER NOMINATION so pinning it on Paloma shows just how dangerous he is AND whether she’ll share those concerns with her F2 Daniel who bends his knee to every alpha male.

Odds are she does tell Daniel – who then tells Monte.

It’s so sad for Taylor someone she thought was a friend is a spineless, coward.

Nic has all the intel to see the forest and the trees but she’s refusing to be logical b/c she just wants to be safe & pretend she fits in with the cool kids. Actually, it’s worse than that b/c her & Daniel’s reads of the house have been TERRIBLE despite her having intel to show her the truth (and the right connections to dig for the truths she doesn’t know).

Nicole is another narcissist. Every time someone talks to her about a vital game situation the conversation inevitably gets spun to something about Nic or how it affects her (tunnel vision). She’s a mid-game boot or an easy pawn in the early game – – unless she starts dropping some killer meals or making amazing slop concoctions to change her exit date.

As for her relationship with Taylor – she should be ashamed b/c Tay just gave her all the details that proved her innocence & confirmed what Nic already knows — Monte plotted to get her out. But b/c she’s a spineless coward she’ll probably use that information to bury Tay.

Nicole is one of those players who never cares about anyone being on the block & shows no empathy but the minute they are in danger gets very emotional & indignant that people are ignoring them, not caring or helping. Lucky for her this cast is terrible otherwise her expiry date would be sooner than later.


Drag her!!!

Just a viewer


Just a viewer



Joe is an odd duck player.

He is constantly with the women, hugging them, consoling them, bigging them up & serving as their sounding board.

But he’s adamant with his bestie (Monte) & the other men about women always being the targets. Although he has a great relationship with Taylor and KNOWS she wasn’t lying he has been the main pusher to Monte that she has to leave b/c she would target Monte for being the one responsible for her going OTB.

In the past few hours he’s cited Britt, Jas, & Indy all as being the next to go & Ameerah b/c of how intelligent she is & is planting seeds about Paloma too. Of course, these are also the females he’s been hugging up on & throwing out compliments to all day.

He’s such a bro’s – bro & the irony of that is Monte won’t even go out of his way to protect him unless it’s a choice between him & Pooch/Turner who he would push leaving ahead of Joe but Kyle & even Michael (possibly Daniel) will be safe ahead of Joe.

The fact he’s not taking his bonds with the females to improve his position in the game proves how much tunnel vision he plays the game with. He could easily be in Michael’s position with the women fighting for him to stay but instead he’ll be one of their first targets alongside Turner & Pooch.


Nicole is Daniel’s anchor that is making him look at details clearer right now (why do these major things happen when it is time for me to get ready for work,lol)

un autre nom

Here’s the problem in my eyes.
Nicole’s opinions as Daniel’s anchor have been dismissed at every turn.
Today when Nicole pointed out that the boys had a motive for going after Taylor, and the story never added up Daniel was VERY antagonistic about defending Paloma and saying Taylor called Jasmine fat.
Daniel KNOWS there was another motive before Taylorgate. He’d already caved to the boys when they said Taylor is a strong player they need to cut now. That was 6 hours before Monte went around the house, and then to Paloma to create the justification that he thought saved himself and the other boys from the block.


If anything, whether Taylor leaves this week or not, I think a realignment of alliances are in play. The part of the feed I listened to around 5 am EST had him talking with Nicole as to who else to align with to protect themselves (whether or not Alyssa is a good person to align with remains to be seen)so he does recognize some warning signs. Right now I am trying to decide who would have more of a train wreck of an HoH, Pooch or Joe?

un autre nom

Joe would do whatever Monte told him to. As long as it’s 2 women.
Pooch would think he’s the house voice of reason and the de facto leader of all he surveys. He’d have HOHITIS so bad. I mean…. baaaad.
Both Pooch and Joe seem to have 100% adopted the thought process: men good. women bad.
Given that the women had one meeting as an alliance, then started targeting each other the next morning (remember the should we ditch Indy convo the next day)? Hard to disagree.



I can’t think of one suggestion/insight Nicole has given to Daniel that he’s taken yet. Their attachment to Turner/Pooch came via him as did the guy’s alliance (with Dan never mentioning Nicole as someone to include until much later & then more as “I have her”).

She wanted to align with Terrance & Taylor -you know … two of his three nominees this week!

Nic wanted him to try to talk to Michael (who went out of his way prior to noms to provide him a tangible offer), dealt with being OTB with grace, & kept in touch with him throughout the process. Evidence of Dan’s obvious closed mind to Michael comes courtesy of the first episode when Michael came in the room pre-noms & compare it to how Dan looked at him versus how he looked at Pooch, Paloma, or Ameerah (night & day).

He talked all this smack at week start & then lied to everyone:

I don’t have a target (LIE – it was ALWAYS Michael)
I don’t care if either leave if one wins POV (LIE – he always wanted to save Terrance)
I’ll do what’s best for us (to Nicole) – LIE – he was putting up Taylor before Nicole even left the room.
To Taylor: you’re not my target – I just ask you keep me safe next week & I do want to continue working with you (PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSE)

This morning he had the audacity to say can you promise not to make me a havenot b/c I had a really stressful week. WTF— how does he figure that? He put up a pawn who (b/c of his F2 partner) won’t target him, a target who luckily for him has other targets ahead of him, and a house target (that would NEVER have put him on the block).

He never left his HOH room, complained no one came to pitch him & when they did he cut them off (unless it was Paloma, Pooch, Monte, or Kyle) mid sentence.

The most annoying part about his gameplay is he spouts off about being this super fan & how he/Nic are running the house but went into a full-on fetal position to do what the alphas wanted. And on top of that, he treats Nic terribly as his F2 partner – I’m still trying to figure out why he picked her other than they have the same hair!

He’s not just a coward he’s also wants to micromanage anyone not in the cool kids club (like Nic, Terrance).

All I get is a buffoon with a crush on Paloma, with a mad desire to be part of the cool kids club and is desperate to create a new subset of targeted hamsters called the 6’3″ club (insert eye roll).

He’s one of my most disliked hamsters & that’s saying a lot considering this cast. I was OUT on Jasmine & Turner on Day 1 but I’ll admit my first gut NOPE was to Daniel within the first few film segments of his intro (I have no valid reason – just gut instinct & it proved correct).

un autre nom

I’m not stupid, I’m 6’3″. Daniel
If that doesn’t assess his game perfectly, nothing else will.

I’m Mohamed Ghandi. Paloma.
My body has been possessed by Des Cartes. also Paloma.
Somebody get the butterfly net, because….. wow.

I still say Turner’s only in the bromix because apparently putting 10 roach clips on your face faster than 4 other people makes you a comp beast. Or that’s why he was initially added. Why is he staying attached? Pooch has decided Turner is the one he can beat at the end, so better carry him along.

Nicole…. Remember when Jun practically chained herself to the kitchen to gather as much intel of houseguest movements as possible? The chef isn’t doing that. Remember when Sgt. Porkchop kept everyone so micromanaged that he knew everyone’s plans and what conversations were happening at all times? The former officer isn’t doing that. In fact… Nicole is pretty much doing bupkis. Her read of house dynamics comes from the Helen Keller school of observation mixed with the Inspector Clouseau school of detection.

I’ve already had my say on Jasmine. She’ll say one thing and it’s exact opposite as fundamental truths in the span of one minute. Leave it at that.

Ameerah the recruit. At least she did research. Oh she did research all right. Reached out to a couple former houseguests from the oldschool after watching some youtube clips… and followed spoilergirl. Problem: Her natural instincts don’t match her planned strategy.
The longer she’s in the game, the more we will see her natural personality take the wheel.
Be prepared.

Taylor? Okay, i’m going to buck the trend here a little. I’m not going to say 100% innocent. She was WELL aware that she was cozying up to the boys and ignoring the girls night one. Come on. She started trying with the girls when Niclouseau told her there might be a girls alliance, and they weren’t in it. So… day 3? Does she deserve the treatment she’s received at the level she’s gotten it? No. But does she bare some responsibility for her initial impression? I say yes as long as you remove Ameerah and Jasmine from the equation. Those two were just bitches from the get go when it comes to Taylor.

There. that’s it for my thoughts on the first few houseguests that popped into my mind.


I’m in agreement on most of that ^^^ (shocker) lol.

I called Ameerah cut-throat b/c she’s a killer so your analysis is spot on.

Curious – what are your thoughts about Ally? I know she’s not at the top but she’s more compassionate than her female allies & she caught on immediately that she hitched herself to the season’s psycho.

She was working to make inroads with other hamsters & while never trashing Paloma didn’t include her as part of those alliances. It seemed like she could tell there would be blow-back for how the house was targeting/ostracizing Taylor (see her convo with Nicole as an example).

I think she would benefit the most by Paloma being evicted b/c she’s tied to her & while Ameerah is higher up the ladder in Bleep than Ally & the alphas I think she’ll wear thin (be seen as a bigger threat to get out) than Ally.

The trick is what happens with this backstage situation and WHO picks the person that is involved. If it’s simply adding one as a nominee it’ll be her (b/c Pooch/Dan won’t select Pal) but won’t matter b/c Taylor would still be evicted.

I think it’ll be the evictee that picks to battle one of the two unprotected pass holders which should mean Taylor battles Paloma (that’s my guess).

That ‘Bleep” alliance feels like the strongest with Monte at the head attached to Kyle who made inroads with Michael. An interesting comment from Monte today to Kyle was Pal seemed to have calmed down — BUT — if she keeps going off the rails I’m still loyal to Bleep (but specifically you & Michael). Monte isn’t as enamored with Pooch/Turner (or Daniel) so his interests align with Mike who made the greatest strides this week in the house in terms of safety (with Tooch/Daniel the only ones who really want him out & even then could probably be influenced to target Britt/Indy and another female over Michael via Monte/Kyle/Ameer influence).

So long-winded assessment there – but back to Alyssa and another questions… Do you see her being the female who could become the safest since Pal is psycho, Amee will end up showing too much fight (and I think her being too close to RougeRats will cost her with Bleep), Indy/Britt are marked as first female targets & Jas is just not likeable (or someone who can win comps).

It’s either her or Nicole but I could also see the latter being someone who the others don’t necessarily trust (esp while Daniel remains in the house) so will likely always be OTB beside him & could be the oust if he wins POV to weaken him.

un autre nom

My feelings on the women this season if you want me to be 100% honest:
They took every negative female big brother stereotype personality (by that i mean all of the traits that keep women from succeeding) and used that as their template for what to cast.
Alyssa: any killer instinct she has strategically in the game is going to have to be from mirroring someone else. She is a bit of a mirror personality depending on which group she’s in. That means she can fit in social groups, and commit to group plans, but left to her own devices without a stronger personality type to emulate … she’ll flounder.
She wants to be shielded and protected by male players. Of itself, okay… but doesn’t bring anything to the table to make herself a leader in any way (or a relative equal to the males that she wants to shield her). That’s my gut read.
Monte is the one this season that everyone defers to. Week one sets a tone. The HOH went to Monte for permission, or followed Monte’s direction. Problematic if you aren’t Monte.
Nicole? As much as Ameerah says one of the girls group but not really in the group, that tells you where she sits. Same with the men: sort of with us but not one of us.
You know who gets that moniker a lot? People that end up evicted because someone more included is on the block with them.
Michael? Here’s my real instinct about Michael. Talks a good game about wanting egalitarian game play, but will drop those principles when he sees the mob form to get along. He lamented feeling guilty about it, but also admitted he hated being the last person in a room with Taylor so much because the house might lump him with her. On paper his principles sound wonderful, in practice they’re pipe dreams.


Yeah – that’s a great read on Ally and the others.

The only one I don’t agree about is Michael — and I know it’s my early bias but I feel he’s trying to balance being kind but not dropping socially in the game (AND he’s still staying in those rooms – he only said that IMHO to ensure if there’s a rouge vote that it’s not blamed on him).

un autre nom

If his biggest fault is fears the mob… Michael is still ahead of many of the others that actually depend on there being a mob. But it’s still his character fault.

un autre nom

Mamba is no longer Mamba’s name.
Motley Crue cannot be used as an alliance name (copyright/trademark). They want to call themselves Inception (also copyright/trademark?).

Danile (purposeful, not a typo) wants houseguests to promise not to make him a have not after the week he’s had. SOOOO much to unpack, but let’s just brass tacks it down to GTFO. No really.
Monte Micheal and Ameerah have met (Ameerah stayed up late with Turner and Pooch, it wasn’t on cam, it was after lights out in bedrooms). Monte says the rest of Mamba have to put up Indy and Brittany, but Michael can go for Turner and Pooch if he wants to.
Paloma wants an invisibility cloak, or is Harry Potter or some shit. She no longer suffers from fear of social media reaction to the show (?), and.. Okay, she’s going to start taking hostages for the Symbionese Liberation Army soon.
Michael now knows there is a women’s alliance (i think he already gleaned?). Ameerah has said more than enough considering she was pushing women’s solidarity so much when her name got spilled.
Half the house wants to throw to Turner and the other half to Michael is what is really happening here, wait for it. Let’s remember, a couple of the women don’t want to win an HOH… ever.
It’s been said.

un autre nom

Monte tells Ameerah that Turner and Pooch should be looked at as noms.
Ameerah tells the girls that Turner and Pooch have been greenlit.
Britt tells Pooch the word has come down.
Pooch goes to Ameerah and later goes to Monte.
Ameerah and Monte now agree Indy and Britt have to go.
They tell Michael he can still go after Pooch and Turner, but everyone else should target Indy and Britt.
Josepth tells Monte Britt wasn’t lying. Josepth wants Britt to win and target Ameerah.

Gamewise: this is your set up for next week’s plans.
Basically Monte sets things in motion, everyone defers or accepts his lead.
How can I say this bluntly enough:
Anyone not targeting Monte is an IDIOT.

un autre nom

I’m here to play and be a number. I’m going to go to war for you. Terrance.
Also Terrance:
I’m afraid i’m going to be nominated…. doens’t go to the HOH. Skips his one on one time.
Once nominated: I’ll throw veto for you (while on the block with NO backup renom plan).
I want this season to have a cookout understanding. Doesn’t gather everyone to talk about it.
Just sayin…. if Terrance is your secret weapon? Uh oh.

un autre nom

I’ve heard this five times today on feeds:
“Or everyone will gang up on you next.”
Tell me how this isn’t season 19 and 21’s lovechild.


Oh Joe. There you go complaining about being a Have Not and attributing losing a competition to it…..

un autre nom

Britt goes to Taylor to give her some peptalk / campaign advice. Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t quite get the strategic value of what Britt was trying to accomplish. Maybe she’s thinking if Taylor gets to challenge or replace a nom, she can get her to go after Paloma or Alyssa? I dunno.
Taylor thinks, after Britt leaves, that She might have to go to Paloma and beg forgiveness, and screw Britt to the wall.
Sorry, not going to gloss over it, it’s pretty screwed up.
The way this cast is constantly and consistently looking to suck up and play follow the leader is depressing.

un autre nom

CBS has yet to answer any of the media reports about week one. Grod is definitely in heaven. Any buzz is good buzz mentality. TBH, if you look at that person that does the twitter poll of houseguest popularity…. I’d have to agree. Usually if someone gets over a 1000 votes it’s remarkable. Taylor, last i checked, had close to 3500 votes (Michael and Britt and Indy had a few hundred, Paloma and Daniel had about 20 each).
Meanwhile, with her current talk of social media and legal ramifications et al, and the fact that Paloma was trending for 36 hours straight, do you really think they haven’t called her in to d/r to give her a heads up? I remind you of the d/r calls Aquadouche and Jackhole got in 21. They didn’t address the issue, but they gave people in the house a heads up.
Last season I kept saying 21-23 were a trilogy arc for pr points (something they could point at and say look at the change we made in the past whenever future bullshit happened). 21 defined the issue, 22 explained the issue, and 23 was designed as the correction / redemption. Now that they can point at 23, and say ‘see, look, we aren’t part of the problem’ the storyline and process has gone back to business as usual. I very much believe that this is going to be a mob rule season.