“There will be a emotional reaction, take out the second one next week and we’re good”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
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1:00 am Nicole and Christmas
Nicole going on about Kevin being “So weird”
N – he is flipping. I really love Kevin
Christmas – he’s going to be really upset tomorrow (Kevin is a nom)
Nicole explains that he’s flipping like one minute he likes her one minutes he doesn’t “I wouldn’t put my game in his hands”
Nicole says she should leave soon people will start thinking she’s “hypnotizing with with my nominations I’ve been running this game since day one doing nothing getting too much credit”
Christmas is excited that she gets to play in the veto
N – I hope it’s the prices one
Christmas – me too momma needs a vacation

Bayleigh comes up having found Christmas’ water bottle
Nicole says that was a nice thing but it was also a “Spy move” Adds that Bayleigh is going to be saying “Nicole is up there
Christmas – people know we hang out.. whatever they are pretty open about their friendship
Nicole says he can’t hangout with any of her favorite people.
Christmas – have you and Ian ironed things out
N – yes. I don’t trust him fully. I trust you the most
Christmas – I trust you big time
N – I trust him but don’t trust him if it was that easy for him to get paranoid in thinking weird thing I thought this could happen again
Christmas – you guys didn’t break you just bent
N – I told him let move forward everything is good he’s really happy you won HOH
Christmas – I told him when we left the yard we’re good
N – He thinks he’s Covering for me..
Christmas – what they are telling him is he is your shield
N – he’s covering for me because he opened his move and told information he shouldn’t have told and people are mad
N – he has it in his head he’s doing me this big favour but really it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t opened his mouth
Christmas says she loves Ian. “I remember him playing this game. He knows what he’s doing. He stepped up and made a performance when he needed to his season”
Christmas – I love him but he is not in our alliance
N – I know
Christmas – he’s a close friendly from what Bay has told me they are friendly too
N – He’s playing everyone
Christmas – which is why he got so freaked out with that horn because he thought he thinks his name can get thrown out there really easily (WTF)
N – mmhmm, yes so. I have to check in with him every 6 hours.. is everything good? I’m just use to it. I let him talk to one person and he’s trying to blow up my whole game.
N – like Christmas saved you what are you doing
Christmas – before this sh1t happened we were talking I told him.
Christmas explains she told him she gave him safety because he was close with Nicole and wanted to let him know that door was open between them.
Nicole says Ian is playing all sides
Christmas – he’s playing all sides and it backfired
N – he’s playing on our side more
Christmas says she’s not playing all sides. the other side is just giving her information.
Nicole says Ian has told her no information that has influenced her game “I feel like I’m always looking out for him”
They agree Ian threw the competition today
N – it makes me so angry.. he didn’t want it at all that means he thinks he’s safe. He has a photographic memory

Christmas says 1/2 the house threw the HOH “No one in our Squad. Bay and Day didn’t”
Nicole says Ian threw the HOH because he didn’t want to pick two people “Would have shown his cards”
Christmas – really sad
Christmas – you don’t think day threw that last question
N – she might have
Christmas – to me.. on the last one she answered wrong
N – no way she threw that
Christmas – hear me out. I’m just saying 95% sold since she does feel so good with me and so does Bayleigh. Now thre’s this other ruckus going on she felt she didn’t need to (win)
Christmas says her and Tyler we last picked
Christmas – you can’t throw sh1t in Allstars (This is far from allstars hun)

1:26 am Cody, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh
Cody complaining that this past week there was a lot for him to deal with than having Kaysar do what he did in eviction it “Boiled my blood” (snapped in the DR about the wall yeller)
Cody – I was so made it was about to come out I was like I’m going to f***ing snap
Cody backtracking to why he picked Da’Vonne “Not that I was angry at you.. it was like Kevin f***ing eh .. i was f***ed up in the moment and I picked you”

Feeds flip to Kevin in the bathroom saying to himself “bayleigh and Da’Vonne need to act calm. I do not want to be stuck .. oh my god. I literally don’t know what to do. I’m not going to push an agenda on a person”
Kevin – she literally told me I’m save this week so

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne join him.
Da’Vonne – there’s a very thick line drawn in the sand the mindset yo need to have is I might be going up I need to win the veto. Thats where I’m at
Feeds cut .

1:38 am Nicole and Ian
Ian – I think we need to be more cognizant as a house in linking them all the time like. I felt really bad when Bay pointed that out.
Nicole – I do understand the whole linking them together but I do understand they’re each others number one
Nicole – when I talk to them I talk to them like Janelle Kaysar like a pair
Nicole – they’re each other number one that is the only reason why I link them.
Nicole – I care about you so much you and I will be friends forever. I want to make sure you are ok. I am so sorry I stepped on your toes and came across as aggressive.
Ian – it’s fine
Ian says when the whole bullhorn thing happened he felt a little hurt
Nicole – I should have been more sensitive and figured it out.

1:44 am Enzo and Christmas
Christmas – Tyler is really by the book for this game he doesn’t let his emotions get in the way
Christmas – I hope my game is similar to his
Enzo – taht’s who I’m playing this season
Christmas – and don’t cross me
Enzo – if you are loyal to and you already proved that to me I proved it to you. I got your f**ing back whoever we f**Ing take out we f***ing take out
Enzo – Ian’s awesome like him
Christmas – he got in some mix today. this whole day has been weird.
They agree Ian threw the competition today
Enzo – he didn’t want to choose anybody
Christmas – that’s why
Enzo – he has it good right now
Christmas – I feel like it’s a little too good
Enzo – he’s a champion
Enzo says he was sitting in the back and he “saw it all” Ian picked the wrong question on purpose
Christmas says Kaysar had a fixation with Cody.
Enzo says the main thing with Kaysar was Nicole and Cody “I think he said Dani at some point”
Christmas says Dani was floating with everybody “I know she was letting the girls know they’re safe with her”
Enzo – in my HOH she was throwing them under the bus
Christmas points out that Dani and the girls are at each other now
They agree maybe it’s best to keep them in the house so they go after each other
Christmas says she’s not worried about Dani she’ll sink her game on her own.
Christmas – Ian sparked my interest but I’m not really worried about Ian we’re on really good terms so he’s a friendly .. I’m keeping my eye on him keeping him close.
They agree they like Memphis.
Christmas says Day got picks constantly during the competitions “What is she doing. am I missing something”

Christmas says Day has never once come to her and offer they work together and now that she’s HOH Day come up and offered it.
Christmas says week one she told the “girls” that if she won HOH none of them had to worry “that was first week”
Adds that they’ve never said or done anything since that.
Christmas – they haven’t been like lets make it official
Enzo points out that Day got mad at him when he gave her the plus 1
Christmas – she said I can’t wait to start officially working with you .. too late baby girl
Christmas – Kevin I think he is sincere mostly he was.. had he been telling you he wants to work with you

Enzo – since the first week
Christmas – said the same thing to me and Nicole and suddenly today he came to her and said he wants to make it official I really want to work with you but he never followed up
Christmas says Kevin is also really close with Day/Bay.
Christmas points out that Kevin chose Nicole and Cody in the knockout “Nicole asked him what was that about and he said we’re not officially working together”
Enzo – he could have pinned it on Kaysar. \
Christmas – he was like I want to work with you I want to work with you now we’re not official
Enzo – players like that get to the end of this F**ing game.
Enzo points out that Kevin got to third place his season he was one question away from winning the whole thing
Christmas – I want to keep him in our eyes
Enzo – you got options
Christmas – for me personally on my game its similar to yours we have a lot of friendly’s
Christmas says she’s got a good working relationship with Nicole, Ian and they have Kevin “I want to trust him but the things he says”
Enzo – make sense because in the beginning he wanted to work with me.
They agree it’s week 5 if someone hasn’t picked a team yet “get outta here”
Enzo says he’s backing her up no matter what she does “whatever you do I’m with it”
Christmas – there will be a emotional reaction, take out the second one next week and we’re good (Second one?)
Christmas – I’m set with what I am going to do. It makes sense to me it’s obvious.


Enzo says peple will ask him what Christmas is doing
Enzo – she’s going to do what she’s going to do that’s your baby’s momma
Christmas – momma is going to run wild.
Enzo – she’s going to tickle where she’s got to tickle let her tickle away
Christmas – they won’t like my tickling tomorrow
Christmas – on a personnel level I feel back about how this will affect them ON a game level it’s the only f***ing move

Christmas says the fact Da’Vonne adn bay were called up so many time in the knockout makes her worried about that they are doing
Enzo – Da’Vonne got called up 6 times.
Christmas – they are the only ones that pitched to me we’re good..
Enzo says they never win anything says this is a business ‘You have to earn your keep.. I don’t want any floater going back and forth winning this thing”

2:17 am Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – if I would have won HOH I would have reason to nominated all three of them (Dani, Cody, Nicole)
Da’Vonne – I didn’t win HOH that’s OK. Christmas is in power the plan is to get Christmas to do all the work. We’ll see what happens with that.
Da’Vonne says Ian, Nicole and Cody are linked
Da’Vonne – Step one go to Ian let him know I don’t know what you’ve been told but I got your back. we’re in this together I’m not coming for you. Ian is the telephone man so he’ll run that message back
Da’Vonne – I’ll plant the seed go water it
Da’Vonne – Step 2, talk to Cody. Cody is somebody that is the nucleus of all these alliance he’s at the core. I have to make sure I don’t completely piss him off. Today I let him know I know you’re coming after me so I’m coming right back at your a$$ but I didn’t win HOH
Da’Vonne – go to Cody say my feelings are hurt. why did you do this.. I don’t understand help me understand what did I do.
Da’Vonne plans on saying that Dani, Cody’s friend was also coming after her.
Da’Vonne – Make him tell Dani now Dani feels bad for even thinking of coming for me then make him feel bad for coming for me
Da’Vonne – step three I have to go to Nicole let her know What are you doing. Have to make her feel bad with how she behaved today . Girl what was that about you showed all your cards in a matter of 2 seconds.
Da’Vonne – Reassure her I got your back I’m here for you girl
Da’Vonne – the reason I’m not talking to Dani is I need to make her feel like sh1t. She needs to feel terrible. To call out me and Bayleigh I take that as a shot.

2:38 am everyone sleeping

7:19 am Lights on. Memphis and David up.
8:30 am everyone is up

8:43 am Correction Bayleigh/Da’Vonne/Ian still sleeping.

8:45 am kitchen
Kevin – I’m so stressed out why am I stressed out
Dani – Guilty conscience
Kevin – I’m excited to see what this room is
Memphis – I don’t thin it’s going to happen today.

8:48 am Sh!tmas and David
Sh!tmas – I wanted to prove to myself why they chose me the first time. I wanted to .. like for me I needed to show myself I deserved to be here.
Sh!tmas – and then i wanted to be able to the the way I wanted to play that the way I had to play
Sh!tmas – show the house you are an asset and not a burden or just a vote
Sh!tmas – for me I had a lot of self doubt on my performance to you know to get to final 3 (you don’t say)
Sh!tmas – I couldn’t physically do anything and even then my brain was foggy
Sh!tmas – did I get here because I actually did have a social game (Nope) and like aligned with the right people and did what I needed to do or did they just carry me along (yes)
Sh!tmas – Now I understand that I participated I earned that spot
Sh!tmas – I see what they see in me

9:00 am Christmas and Kevin
Kevin – Christmas whatever you do I support you don’t feel any pressure remember to focus on your game
Christmas – thank you thank you
Christmas – I’m scared because of this twist and I just I genuinely love every F***ing person in this house
Kevin – it sucks
Christmas – but we’re playing a game I really do have to separate those. Those are two different highways you know.
Kevin – I’m glad we made that arrangement before this started before you had power..
Christmas – I appreciate that so much as much there’s a few people that have been like I want to work with you, I want to work with you.
Christmas called into the Diary room
Kevin – let me know how I can support you I got you
Christmas – yes we’ll reconvene.

10:32 am Feeds have been down for about an hour.
Noon No feeds
1:30 pm feeds return

Spoiler – Sounds like Da’Vonne/Bayleigh are targets Kevin is pawn.

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another name

If this were BBCAN and Christmas was walking into the nomination room,
her short list of 4 would be:
Bayleigh, Da’vonne, Kevin, Dani.

SCENARIOS (assuming the power has to do with noms)

  1. Enzo isn’t pushing anything because Cody told him about Committee. So pushing Dani is a bust. If he got the option of replacing nominees or something he’d put Dani up and maybe a former winner*if that was an anonymous secret power.
  2. Tyler stopped pushing Dani once Christmas said that Bay and Da said they were okay with the Kaysar/Ian plan of put up Tyler and Dani, backdoor Cody. * If he got a power he would go after Dani and Nicole anyway*if it were an anonymous secret power
  3. Cody would be quite happy with Bay Da on the block. Unless he could take aim at Tyler or Ian secretly.
  4. Memphis might be fine with Da and Bay. Or he might push Ian and David. He’s Memphis. if he could do it secretly. Like it would be so secret.
  5. David would go for Memphis and perhaps Dani. and probably reveal he did it.
  6. Kevin would cry. probably put up david and himself because nobody would expect that.
  7. Dani would have no use for changing noms.
  8. Nicf would have no use for changing noms
  9. Da would go for Nicf and Dani if it were secret.
  10. Bay right now… Dani and just about half the house. Maybe Ian.

IF the basement power had to do with noms. I’ve probably jinxed it.


Another Name, Is now the time for any of the nominees to suggest both Cody and NicoleF on the block together? Is Ian no longer a player since he is going for America’s Favorite Player and not to win All-Stars?

another name

Is it time? To suggest it to Christmas? Who has gleefully taken on the position of Nicf’s bff?
I don’t think it’s time. Wrong HOH.
They are supposed to forget everything they saw and heard.
As much as they can. And blame it all on Kaysar’s theories.


stfu,blah blah blah bbiitchh

BB SmallStars

Bay and Day are toast. They were warned this would happen…multiple times. But didn’t listen bc they thought they had this all figured out. Yeah…sure , you had this so figured out that you did exactly what they wanted you to do by “voting with the house” and reduced your chances at having a shot at this game. Bay was so fixated on being “disrespected” by Kaysar when he was trying to tell her what was going on. Well, you dug your own grave and you’ll be thrown in there next week by your “alliance”. Maybe she’ll have one of her screaming meltdowns when she’s put up as a nom which will be her memorable game move. Bye Bay…good riddance.


I guess you’re overlooking that Kaysar missed the fact that Memphis and Xmas, whom he fed information to wasn’t on his, bay, or day’s side. Bay is just one person up against core alliances. Knowing that others are spread out trying to figure out who has the most power in the house. It’s easy to judge the cast members from outside looking in and there’s a lot more happening that we don’t see or hear bcz the live feeds have been interrupted so much this season, and we know the live shows are edited to make some players look worse than they are. Bay shouldn’t have to give up her game to listen to Kaysar speak about how smart he is? She already sees and knows what he’s revealing bcz he has said multiple times to her. Kaysar, Bay, and Day just don’t have the right back up for this game. Those other people only look out for themselves and listen to who has the power that week bcz if you don’t have the numbers why put your game on blast?. I hope both Day/Bay receive power, especially if Xmas nominates them.


They did have the numbers at a point but decided to vote their numbers to “go with the house” instead of rally. Bayleigh looks silly now because she shunned Kaysar as if HE was the one who didn’t know what was going on while she was clueless being faithful to a fake alliance. She can’t blame anyone but herself.

Meow Meow

It wouldn’t be possible to make Bay look worse than she is.

The Beef

Kaysar had it 90% figured out, and Memphis is a minor player in the power group. Christmas has done nothing in the game so far, up until this point, and even won this HOH by just standing there for two rounds and watching her opponents MISS the questions! She now thinks she’s confirmed her position in the game by doing that, which just goes to show how aware she is of the reality of things. Any real competitor would acknowledge that this HOH was basically GIVEN to her!

When you are not part of the power, you’ve got to realize that and try and do something about it, or risk being picked off one by one, and run out of the game. We are witnessing that happening right now in this season of BB. Why is that? Because those NOT in power lack the gumption or guts to try and DO something about it! They apparently would rather sit back and be picked off, then ban together and fight. Sorry, but this makes no sense to me. I’d rather die on my feet, than crawl out the door on my knees. But this group seems to want to play nicey nice and vote with the house.


I find their gameplay truly nauseating. Like what game are you playing because it isn’t BB. Literally turned down offers, talked about what they would do if they won(LOL), knew what was actually happening and best to do. Yet does the opposite. This whole house together strategy is garbage. This ” it’s what the house wants nonsense’ should not be a move of any sort. Especially this far in. They played themselves by aligning with people that couldn’t care less for them and yet they thought they were making moves. How? Where? When? You discussed who to vote out and your vote counted to save the larger group as those were THEIR targets you got out. None of the removed players would have been after them and they had too many opportunities to flip on their stupid alliance and make this large core alliance eat shii. But no. People know they are idiots and predetermined to follow like sheep. There we have it


I so agree with you BB Smallstars. I am so glad that I don’t give a care about any of them. Not a one. I just don’t understand this playing with the house thing, doing what the house wants. Heck, you need to protect yourself because the house is definitely going to come for you and then what cha’ gone do. You voted out anybody who might help you.

Sheila Schepp

I hope Ian wins

Sheila Schepp

Yessss…l.How many times did Kaysar and Janelle try to get them to commit? They kept saying they weren’t sure or they needed to wait. Also, Day saving David early on.

The Beef

It almost makes me happy to see them get what they deserve. A big old heaping serving of ChickenShitDeluxe Salad served on a bed of lettuce to be eaten with a big old shit sandwich! I hope they both enjoy the taste of both of them! Kaysar has been telling them for four weeks what is coming on the menu, but they ignored him and as you correctly pointed out, voted against their own best interests and “with the house”, so f*** the both of them, and they can go home next. Maybe squirt a few tears as to how unfair it is on the way out the door. Morons!

Kid Rock

No question… Cody is King

another name

of What?
Clapping back at people? oops no. he just says he’s going to.
Making his bed? Hasn’t done that this season.
Talking like he’s a big move guy?… he took out Keesha. Huuuuuge move.
Going to D/R and throwing tantrums then sulking and becoming a paranoid mess? We have a winner.


you forgot to finish the sentence…..No question… Cody is King Douche

Just Sayin'



And he’s so sexy

Sheila Schepp



Cody is such a waste of space. He doesn’t have an interesting bone in his body.


Yeah King of the douches .


Predictable scared ass Cody and Nicole!


Well didnt take long for bay/day to pull the race card…. they got out played and are salty about it. U know that victim mentality is strong when u have too insinuate that ian is racist because he accidentally called you Day. In my opinion christmas putting bay/day on the block with Bay as the target is a smart game move for her

another name

You really think that the guys are going to go after the survivor of Da’ v. Bay on the block?
For Christmas? Hell no. They’ve discussed it multiple times. Get someone outside the guys to get rid of one, pull the other in closer. They aren’t going to have Christmas’ back. She’s expendable to over half the house. The fact that she’s so tight with Nicf is even giving Tyler pause because she’s lied to him multiple times, and he knows it.
Christmas thinks she is doing Nicf a favor. She’s actually doing the guys a solid. And if the survivor of Bay/ Da puts Christmas up and she can’t save herself? It’ll be a blue Christmas.
Who are the people Christmas was after for her own game until 3 days ago? David and she was sketched by Dani.
It’s not a smart game move for her. It’s a bloodless move benefitting the guys and Nicf. A move that won’t be reciprocated.


The survivor of bay/day has to worry about dani, Christmas and nicole f along with ian… Christmas is being targeted by no one except davonne or bayliegh, whom ever survives. She’s betting neither bay/or day can win comps moving forward no matter who stays regardless. She knows people within her own alliance are going after each other, so its smart to keep dani off he block because she is a bigger target for the house later on. On top of that dani isn’t coming for Christmas, they are friends in the game


putting up bay/day is still probably best for xmas’ game. it gets no blood on her hands and allows her to continue to float. she still needs to figure out how to get out of the midgame, but this is still a very safe path to at least get to the midgame (something da’vonne is looking like she will continue to be 0-3 in accomplishing).

another name

Floating requires 2 sides. Where is the second side she is floating between?
On the block during her hoh.

The Beef

This is hilarious you posting this NOW, after our discussion just last week!

Maybe Christmas “thinks” she’s floating? Maybe she’s trying to stay out of the power struggles within her own alliance (which the “put up Dani” suggestion from some, certainly is one)?

I said in an earlier post she wouldn’t put Dani up for exactly that reason, and it appears she’s smart enough not to do that. Not sure that makes her a floater, but your own charts show plenty of alliances within the power group, both fake and real, that would make putting up someone like that a sticky proposition for anyone.

Soon, there will be a “break-up” and sides will be chosen. Not gonna happen this week, but it will happen soon. Then the real game can begin.

another name

Check out that episode Chen stuff. Memphis the mastermind?
Grandpa’s in bed by 10. all plotting game discussions happen at about midnight.

Joe Hiden

Look on the bright side Simon at least they didn’t invite Frankie or Jesse.


I agree but whats the rationale?


“Big brother Small Stars”, James Rhine.

another name

Julie Interview says the Basement powers are unlike anything she’s ever seen in her 20 years on the show. They will practically make it impossible to strategize.

Shit. The powers are going to be a dose of whatever Kevin is on being pumped through the air system.

Boring Ass Season

I am hoping the powers don’t save DayBay. I don’t think the “powers” are a good idea. Too many.

Tyler on Top

Too bad both Day & Bay can’t go this week.

PAblo BB Fan

Oh dear Xmas in a few weeks you will be in Day and bay position lol this fools never learn. If you don’t take a hit a the sharks right now they would eat you sooner or later lol I feel Enzo is also playing the same game during his season. Hope not. Like meow meow.


Meow Meow who professed wanting “ blood all over” him is a giant pussy


Why would Xmas go after Dani? I dont think Dani is after Xmas at all.

another name

Dani doesn’t like Christmas.
Dani has told two different people that Christmas has to go sooner rather than later.
Cody. and Janelle. Janelle week 2.
Cody week 3.


enzo seems to be playing a completely different game than his first season, which i don’t really get because he went far in his season (though he really screwed himself as far as endgame was concerned so maybe he’s overadjusting). but getting a core alliance of four, have those four each grab a buddy, prevent the buddy from talking to anyone while using them as a shield if you get in trouble before 8, and then flipping on the buddies is a really solid, albeit boring strategy. the trick is that enzo for whatever reason didn’t have a buddy his season, which cost him because once you get down to five you want you and your buddy to flip on the core (had lane flipped with britney he probably wins instead of going to the end with hayden).


Wow after a night like that.. first eviction with fire in how many seasons.. this is the fkn game play and talk. Wrap this season up. I’ll give one try on this new stupid twist (safety suit was trash thanks to Memphis) other than that, call it a damn year

Linguini Pants

I feel the same. Sigh. I was so hoping for a great game this year when I heard it was going to be All Stars! And then in walks mostly the D list. And so far it has sucked. This whole “group house” mentality takes the fun out of the game. It’s hard watching these sheep get played while being defensive and rude about it (Bayleigh), but that’s what happens when it’s not really All Stars. This is definitely not an all stars group of players, which is an insult to the term “All Stars” now going forward.

At this point I’d rather have a season of the very worst players just to see what they would do — a whole houseful of Davids, a Flock of Davids! Let the hilarity ensue. At least that would be more entertaining than this circle jerk we’re watching now. I’m almost to the point of zero cares of who wins.


I am hoping that DaVonne gets a very essential power and doesn’t miss the opportunity to use it this week. I wonder if one of the powers will be the ability to change at least one of the nominees

Backdoor Ian

I’m hoping DaVonne gets evicted.


Lol@ “pull a Foutte” classic


seems about right for this season .

C Swaggy

First of all I would like to state that I am a black man. That being said, Bayleigh is absolutely horrible at this game and deserves what’s coming to her. Let’s not forget how pathetic she was in her season. I understand everyone is scared to say anything bad about her for fear of being labeled a racist. So I will take one for the team and put it out there, She sucks, her gameplay is atrocious and the way she disrepected Kaysar was reprehensible. This isn’t about race but about sucking at this game. Good riddance to her.


She was so rude to Kaysar.

Sheila Schepp

Did you see her in MTV’s the Challenge? She was out of her mind.


You would be correct that pathetic game play is not a nod to discriminatory bias. We have see players who suck at the game represent every race, creed, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, political bias and any other thing one could identify themselves. Bad gameplay is always a reason to be evicted and one should not be be looked at as having any other bias other than not liking game play and seeing players who want to elect another player who puts their game at risk.


If I was xmas I would take a hit to Tyler and cody. You have 7 boys vs 3 girls. bros would stick to bros. Havent xmas learned nothing from her season when she was dumped by paul and Josh? From that group the one who has better chances of winning if he gets to the final 2 is Tyler. He has good friendship with everyone and he’s mentally prepared for every drama scenario. FYI cody is turning more and more like Paulie lol when did the good guys turn evil. Jordan is still my BB queen. Sorry Janelle.


Don’t forget that Shitmas was honored to have Paul go to final 2…. Her presence this season is one giant shit stain……still can’t believe she won an HOH doing absolutely nothing but she’ll brag how competitive she is …..she thinks she’ll host BB after Julie retires…. hahahahaha

Holly Hill

serious question do you have to go through some sort of mental test before being in the house? bay seems very aggressive and I have seen her in her season of the challenge, she get in peoples face and yells. I want to see that bay cause this season is a dud

My 2 cents

I got a feeling you’ll be seeing her soon! Maybe even today on the feeds if she’s nom’d. “Houseguests, grab a life vest and duck and cover!”


Alright, so hopefully I won’t get my head bitten off but I was thinking about the clip of Bay and Kaysar talking in the recent Veto episode.
Where she kind of snapped on him and accused him of being condescending.

I think Kaysar does unintentionally come off condescending to some people at times and that can rub people the way (especially in terms of the old school v. new school styles of playing).

But I’m wondering if it is something deeper than that that set Bay off with Kaysar and I think it may have something to do with prejudices she has about middle eastern/Muslim men.

Please feel free to correct me if m wrong, but during season 20 on the feeds, didn’t Bay make several fucked up statements about Fessy? I seem to recall several times her saying he was from Pakistan several times despite her knowing that he is not. I also feel like she said something to Hailey that Fessy would be a controlling boyfriend (in so many words) because he’s Muslim.

I had completely forgotten about this until that conversation she bad with Kaysar. If I’m misremembering her comments of season 20, my apologies.

I also realize that Bay is a person with a lot of pride and doesn’t appreciate being talked down to (fair enough) but if she has a history of prejudice and stereotyping against Muslim men then I feel like her reaction to Kaysar may have something to do with that history.

Just remember when ivette yelled at Kaysar and accused him of having ‘no respect for women’ when he literally did nothing to any of the women in the house and we all know what a raging bigot Ivette was/is. It’s that stereotype that Muslim men are automatically misogynistic or condescending/controlling of women. I don’t know, but I feel like that could have had something to do with her reaction to their conversation.

I genuinely hope I’m wrong.

But Bay also feels like she is allowed to speak to people however she pleases but they can only speak to her in a way that she deems appropriate. Typical Gemini 😉


She did make those comments in BB20. I’m not sure that we can make that automatic jump that that’s what this was, but the fact that it’s in her background means it may not be a stretch. Whether that’s it or not, the way she spoke to someone who was helping her and was ultimately correct showed an irritating amount of arrogance.


Totally. It could be completely unrelated but those comments she made on bb20 just flooded my mind when I watched her convo with Kaysar.

And those comments were gross.

And now I remember why she got on my last nerve on bb20. Remember when she told rockstar, her friend and alliance member, to repeatedly shut up. I was starting to root for her because I just dislike so many people in that house but now she is making the same critical mistake she played the first time so I’m over it.


I’m going to agree with Canadian here. I do remember Bayleigh making comments about Fessy but I hate to automatically jump to conclusion that her attitude with Kayser was about race. She was an arrogant self-centered temperamental ass on her season and also The Challenge. I’m not surprised by the way she treated Kayser and I’m sure she’s not through with showing her ugly side.

BTW, I just started watching BB6 again because I am longing for the good old days of BB. Last night I watched the episode were Yvette went off on Kayser. That was certainly uncalled for. I was reminded if how much I detested Yvette and Eric aka Cappy. She really had a weird, creepy obsession with Cappy.


I literally could not stand Ivette on her season. I recently saw a thread on twitter that showed all the times she made horribly islamaphobic comments about Kaysar during season six. Just awful. She was such a bitter person as well. & so self righteous.

I just remember finding it hilarious that they interviewed ivette’s girlfriend and she loved Janelle and also was like, ‘I don’t get or like ivette’s obsession with cappy.’ Hilarious.

Season 6 was so good. One of my favourites!

But yeah, I don’t want to jump to conclusions about Bay but I certainly think it’s possible that if she harbours prejudices against Muslim men then they may rear their ugly head in interactions with Kaysar.

My partner is Muslim and I’m not and unfortunately I’ve seen and experienced this shit first hand. Like people assuming he would have certain opinions about women or want me to dress a certain way or whatever (without even knowing him) and it can be exhausting.

Linguini Pants

I rewatched BB6 again too. So many good things that season, mostly involving the nerd herd’s complete dumbfu*kery in understanding why America loved Janelle so much when they clearly, in their minds, were the “good” people. Best part too was their reaction when Kaysar got voted back into the house!!!! They, being the great, virtuous people they are, thought for sure Cappy , the righteous warrior, was coming back. Hahahaha!! And April crying when Janelle got the phone call. Classic!! And Maggie, Yvette and April in the DR lamenting how unfair it was that Janelle got the trip out of the house, how Janelle was so “lucky” in getting all the perks. And it FINALLY dawning on them (insert bright shining lightbulb animation), if even just a little bit, how loathed they were by America.


Go to a pretty girls Instagram page and check out the comments by Indian and Muslim Men, it may shock you. Unfair to Kaysar but…


Men leaving creepy comments on women’s pictures isn’t exclusive to one race or religion. Trust me.


I kind of feel like Memphis might win the season. He’s not who I’m rooting for. I’m not even invested at this point. But if the cracks continue to deepen with all the overlapping alliances and sub alliances he might be able to just lay low and take it all the way to the end.

Ugh…this season….le sigh.

My 2 cents

Memphis and David as F2. Wouldn’t that be a perfect ending to this crap of a season?? Actually, I would prefer them to a Cody and Nic/Dani or Christmas F2.


Yeah, I feel like that is a very real possibility and would be the rotten cherry on the shit sundae of this season, but I agree, I’d rather the two of them than Cody, dani, or Nicole in the finals at this point.


????? !

another name

Well… they let her leave the house after her own tomfoolery caused her injury (nobody forced her to play bucking bronco on the back of an idiot). Then they let her listen in from the hospital on a chunk of the live show. Without having heard either noms campaign, she’s allowed to vote from the hospital.
She returns and stays. On high dose painkillers, that seemed to amplify her stupidity and her self righteous rage.
She isn’t put on the block because ooop… injured.
The house throws her a foot race comp.
Of course she deserves 3rd…
In a season that gave Paul 4 weeks of protection.
In a season where d/r told Josh what to say in his goodbye messages and d/r’s (Josh had to be physically restrained from leaving in week two). They told him when and how to act betrayed by Paul but still take him to final 2… and the idiot talked about it on feeds.
Sounds about right that a drugged out psychopath on a scooter would be third in THAT season.
And now calls herself a comp beast because of an individual time safety comp (we know what that means) and a comp where she stood there looking like an idiot receiving HOH because both Memphis and Da’vonne answered wrong. She never answered. At all. didn’t even move. Comp beast.

The Beef

I’ll agree with your premise on Christmas being given the HOH comp. She proved nothing in “winning” that comp. But I disagree when you say she never even moved. She did move to answer both questions, and in fact would have answered them both correctly, but she was just late in doing so. I went back and watched it on DVR just to see exactly how she “won”, so I know this to be true.


I honestly think Bayleigh has been really bad for Da’Vonne’s game. At many points Day has shown skepticism of the slick 6 alliance and Bay has been the one to ruin it by running everything by Cody. All this did was make Day not trust her gut while letting Cody (and others in the fake alliance) know that Bay and Day are skeptics. If Day were in there alone, she would have trusted her gut and quietly acted accordingly.


The feeds are down already?? Isn’t early for the nom ceremony or are they filming the twist?


It’s hard to tell if the reason the feeds are down is show, game, shenanigans, or the feed cutter guy just fell asleep on the button again related.


Christmas if far from shit.
I hate that nickname for her.
She is a very good social player and that’s why not even one person picked her to play at the hoh !
And not even one person is targeting her since day one
I think she can win this time

another name

She’s the trash that on her last season attempted to poke the PTSD of veterans to get them to quit the game. TRASH.
She was a target of Dani. Dani told Janelle in week 2 they had to target Christmas. Dani told Cody in week three that Christmas had to go sooner than later. She only stopped pushing for Christmas target when Nicf whined that she liked Christmas more than Bayleigh.

Kats Alien Bitch

The whole commentary on this season is bizarre.

Cody, Enzo, Memphis, Tyler, Christmas and Nicole are playing great. Either they won something, or they have built multiple connections to others.

The rest of the people, including those evicted, have won nothing and are mostly clueless. Both Janelle and Kaysar WENT TO THE FOUNDER of the alliance and outed the alliance, not knowing he created.

Most of the people are as likable as a used surgical mask, but they are objectively outplaying the others and by a wide margin. It isn’t close.

another name

The founder of that alliance is so clueless and ill informed that he doesn’t know about the other 18 alliances that have existed that were more involved in the game than his rinkydink back up crew.
The Committee alliance was irrelevant in every week but Memphis’ HOH, and his HOH style nearly caused a house revolt against Memphis.


Ugh, this season! What a letdown. I can’t bring myself to watch feeds so here I am. I appreciate you Simon and Dawg. I also feel bad for you, yo. Sending a little $$ your way. I would like to encourage everyone to send some because it must be torture to maintain this site on another very disappointing season. All Stars, smh, what a let down.


Over the last two seasons they’ve had comps with associated powers. In Tyler’s season (20) there was the initial comps that fans voted on and the hamsters who trended highest got the reward while the lowest got the “crap app” assignment like Faysal having to eat ham, Rachel got yelled at for a day while Haleigh had to read Shakespeare. .

The powers were Bonus Life: Allow evicted player chance to compete to return (the infamous Kaitlyn puzzle). Sam won. Cloud: Could keep himself safe from being nominated but had to be used prior to noms being made. Tyler won (never used). Identity Theft: Secretly replace original noms (who would then be immune that week). Bayleigh won but she got voted out before she could use it.

That was followed by the “hijacker challenge” that ran for two weeks (Haleigh/Kaysee won) allowed winner to make one HOH nomination, pick one POV player & nullify a vote

Season 21: Whacktivity Challenge:

Nightmare – force re-noms- Ovi won but got sent to camp comeback before he could use it
Chaos: force redraw of POV players – Jack won
Panic: DPOV pull someone off block & name replacement – Christie won – not used

As per above typically the powers vary in strength and ideally winners aren’t hidden unless they choose not to tell which RARELY happens.

For those hoping for a house shakeup cross your fingers that Day, Bay, Ian or even Tyler win b/c that’s the most likely scenario that would find any combo of Dani, NicF and Cody getting adversely affected.

another name

What will make things interesting: if the winner (s) of the basement power are given the instruction that if they play and win… the power MUST be used. Make them aware beforehand that there are gamechangers involved, but if you win one you have to use it, you can’t opt out of use.

One Opinion

I would like to know which “All Stars” didn’t get to play because of covid 19. Does anyone know? This can’t be the cast that they really wanted this season.


It’s only All Stars because of Covid. This was not planned for Season 22.

another name

Public statements or truth?
Public statements: Dan, Derrick, Paul, Dani Reyes. They were supposed to play and didn’t. Reality of it being Covid or not Covid related we’ll never really know.
Truth: Josh and Kaycee removed for either breaking quarantine or ‘false positive’
Rachel Reilly was approached, but due to being 2nd trimester pregnant was not allowed to participate.
Tbh I’m thinking every person in the house was supposed to have a counterpart from their own season in initial planning.


Josh Closet and KC were supposed to be on


Am I the only one who feels as if Bay is a bit of a bully?? I may not be the biggest Kevin fan but the way she was speaking to him on the feeds just boiled my blood. I know he would never be the one to say, Hey you are belittling me, don’t speak to me this way, but GAWD stick up for yourself. I didn’t exactly respect her behaviour on Season 20 either, but this just confirms that she is very volatile person. I’m betting she won’t be able to fake it much longer, she will exploded before she leaves.

Oh, and then there is the whole thing with Kaysar the other week. She needs to go. She maybe be reality TV gold because of this behaviour but I don’t think she should be paid for being this kinda of person to the core. Stop rewarding someone for being terrible and get her some help.


Yup she just held onto her fake cover longer this season but the real deals coming out now.


Da’s game is so frustrating. Everyone else is supposed to be doing the work. Enzo should give her the safety suite, now Christmas should do the dirty work. Exactly when does Da start doing some work in the game? Its really annoying to watch.


Chris winning HOH is like her last winning, were everyone laid down. This HOH winning sucks when she didn’t even try. All the comps this season suck and show how low BB has gone. Completely scripted. Abbot and Costello couldn’t have written it better.

another name

Last night’s put it on a loop because it had to be said a few times.
Nicf: So Kaysar told Bayleigh that Ian told Kaysar that I told Ian to target Bayleigh and Da’vonne, but I never said those exact words to Ian, So Kaysar was lying, because I only said those words to Cody and Dani and Christmas. And now Bayleigh and Da’vonne are mad because they believed Kaysar’s lies that he probably told to get back at Nicf for Janelle. So now we have to target them.

Okay. So breakdown of Victimlogic to Real wold understanding.

She wanted Bayleigh and Da’vonne to be targets.
She told three people she wanted Bayleigh and Da’vonne as targets.
She insinuated but didn’t directly say to Ian she wanted them as targets.
It got out.
But Kaysar was lying because she implied it to Ian rather than inferring it.
It’s not Nicf’s fault.
It’s Bayleigh and Da’vonne’s fault for listening to Kaysar

Victimlogic is annoying.

In other news. Christmas wonders what Da’vonne did to be called up 6 times in that comp. What did Da’vonne do to get the whole house against her?
Da’vonne was called 3 times. By Cody. By Dani. Then by Memphis when there were 3 left to choose from.
Now go back to victimlogic and look who was told that Da’vonne and Bayleigh had to be targets.
OOOOOOOOOH. So the whole house is Cody and Dani. eyeroll.

Joe Hiden

I am really looking forward to Hurricane Bayleigh going off.


I’d just love it if she did something or said something that got her thrown out of the house! Go big
AND go home!


Just gotta say…I’m fiercely impressed w/ Keisha’s endurance and tenacity. She was the 1st evicted and keeps on climbing in the rankings. I guess it just shows how pleased we are with the game-play of the current houseguests. :p

another name

…..Keesha for afp????


Hahahaha. :p

another name

Feeds return to
Bay crying crying to Da’vonne that someone (Dani) told her she blew up a bunch of games.
Nicole saying production told her she could play that without pants.
Enzo is pissed at Dani
Ian is mad about crapshoot powers.

The basement game seems to have been played all at the same time.
Cody looks relaxed.
Nicf seemed… happyish.
Dani mouthed off.

I’ve got a nauseating feeling.

another name

Tyler Enzo and Cody are done with Bayleigh because Bayleigh revealed that they told her Dani was after her. If piecing together all the bits of retells to make something cohesive means anything.
They are all trying to make nice to Dani.
Kevin talks to Christmas about Dani and Bayleigh being set up by someone as a distraction. But won’t say who. Just not Kaysar. Tells her that the group that went to Janelle to target Christmas weeks ago: there was truth in that from multiple certified receipts at THAT time. Christmas hopes that opinion has changed. Tells her everyone thinks they are an important member of an alliance, but they’re actually disposable shields to the people causing the distraction.
But… Kevin kevin’d his way through that so it really didn’t make much sense.
Cody is still too calm not to have a power in my opinion.
Dani said she didn’t get one to Enzo, but Dani has been known to lie. A lot.
Tyler looks pretty comfortable. He’s covering bases but not jumping to cover.
Nicf is still not crying.

So the powers thing is likely a bust.
If Bayleigh doesn’t win veto she’s out.

another name

St. patrick’s day is holding one on ones again.
she already got Kevin. must have been like being looped on season 19 meds again.
Davonne is up. talking about how good they are because in a knock out you take out the ones you don’t trust, and she never came for christmas… so that shows trust.
Both Kevin and Da’vonne say somebody is wildly planting seeds around the house.
They discuss who is Bayleigh’s source? Psst: Tyler and Enzo. but Kaysar’s name keeps getting mentioned.

Meanwhile Dani is crying about whatever acid spewing harpies cry about. To Tyler, who is saying Bayleigh takes everything too personally and that’s on her. Ian joins saying this isn’t fun anymore (sad sack act, i’m telling you. he got caught going for star points, and now wants to sink into the background until two weeks from now). oh good. Now Kevin has joined. this should get loopy quick.

another name

Don’t @ me on this if I’m wrong.
The way Kevin is talking, and not crying, and not freaking out that there is a power…. very suspicious. He’d usually be much more dancing squirrell in a situation with an unkown factor like this.
Da told Christmas she didn’t get one… but would Da tell Christmas if Da thinks she’s a possible nom? She asked for a heads up if she was being nom’d. answer was a red flag. I am pretty sure Da’vonne didn’t get one. But Kevin is still acting too calm.

The comp sounds like three rounds of 4 people. each round had a power. sounds like they had to find some puzzle piece in the dark. with goop. *mix of that season 21 start comp with the CBB 2 comp.


Watching BB is like sitting outside (those that actually waste time watching the feeds) and watching your grass grow this season.
Those that do, you have a strong stomach and money/time to waste watching. Worst show worst season ever. This is how to kill a popular pastime

Terry Brown

I am so disappointed by this Big Brother All Stars. I have watched Big Brother since season 1 and this is the worst. I can’t believe Christmas actually thinks she won the HOH! It was given to her. Why didn’t anyone call her up to compete? She was given the HOH so she can do the dirty work. Why would you want HOH unless you really competed and earned it. This was a joke. She is being used and so is Enzo to further someone else’s game while they sit back and watch. So lame! Dani has some nerve saying things about Kaysar, she is a classless sneaky two face. If Christmas was smart she would play the game and put up a couple of the puppet masters ( Cody, Nicole or Tyler ) and give BB fans some game play to watch. Someone start playing you say your All Stars prove it!


Agree with everything you said, except about Tyler. I would replace him with Dani. She is making the rounds every day planting seeds of discontent while Tyler really hasn’t influenced much. YET


Damn Christmas is even more delusional than I thought

Backdoor Ian

She still looks good though.

Annette Galiazzi

I wounder what the 3 powers are


For me so far, a lackluster season. Except for the fact I got to see J and k reunite. Like true friends who have not seen each other for many years they just took off from where they left. That is golden to me. It warms my heart.