Bay “Sorry I have anger issues.. I really will k!ll somebody or I will lash out!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
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6:35pm – 9:11pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

Lounge room. Christmas and Memphis.
Christmas – I would like to know that Dani is all in. Memphis – well she doesn’t really have anywhere to go. With her game she doesn’t really have any other angle. So from that point of view, I don’t think she is going anywhere. But I do think that she is going to f**king piss someone off. Christmas – I just don’t want her to blow up our sh*t. Memphis – the only way someone would do that is if say me and her were on the block and she knew she was going home or I knew I had the votes and she wanted to just f**king blow it up. But I don’t really see a reasoning behind that. But I don’t know .. do your thing .. think about it. Christmas – thanks. Memphis – I really don’t have any input. Christmas – good talk.. thanks so much.

Outside the HOH room. Bay and Day.
Day – are you okay!? What the f**k?! Why?! Bay – Sorry I have anger issues.. I am walking through the kitchen and I was already irritated because of the whole Ian thing .. so apparently he is going back to Nicole and saying I am so sorry it spiraled out of control and I spread all these rumors to Kaysar. I told him that Bay and Day were coming for me. And I made up a lie that you were the one that told me to do it. He just spills everything. And this week I thought that you and Bay were in an alliance and that you were conspiring against me. I just went off the handle. So I get up and I walk out and I am walking through the kitchen and Dani is staring at me. So I just go HEY, I don’t know what I did to offend you but I apologize. And she just goes .. (silent). So I go into the bathroom and Cody and David see me and ask what’s wrong. I say nothing. I go into the bathroom and then kind of punched the wall. I cried. That’s it. I’m fine! I really will kill somebody. Or I will lash out and I don’t want to do that. I really don’t want to do either. Today already hasn’t been the best day.. I am dealing with some stuff and then I come back in here and ya’lls bullsh*t. I don’t have time for this. Day – why did you apologize to her (Dani)?? Bay – I know I didn’t do anything to her but she obviously has a chip on her shoulder and is obviously upset. So for me the way I deal with things is I defuse them. I don’t know what I did to piss you off but I am sorry. It has to be something personal. You’re obviously mad. I genuinely want to fight her. I have feelings and emotions.. I hold them in until I explode. Day .. I can’t do it! I am CRAZY!!

Lounge room. Christmas and Tyler.
Christmas and Tyler celebrate by dancing, giving fist bumps and a hug. Christmas – are we ready to do some savage sh*t!?! Tyler – whatever you want to do. Christmas – oh my god. Okay! Tyler – just let me know what you need me to do. Christmas – the obvious play is put up Day and Bay. Because that is like .. Dani is losing her SH*T! Tyler – oh they (Bay and Day) are coming for Dani now. Christmas – they are? Tyler – for sure! The can’t even look at each other. They are gunning for Dani. I really do want some input. Tyler – they are for sure coming for each other. Christmas – that is awesome for us. Tyler – that is awesome. Does that mean we should get one of the three of them out because they’re coming for each other or will one still be coming for the other one? Christmas – I just want to walk through my options. Tyler – if you put up Bay and Day and one of them goes .. the other will assume that you and Dani are super tight and if that one wins next week .. then you and Dani would probably go up on the block. Christmas – I personally think that Bay should go first unless she wins the veto. She is the most vocal, emotionally driven and a better raw competitor than Day .. that I’ve seen. Day seems to by much more level headed. Respectful of the game. Understanding the complex levels of the game and not an emotional voter. Tyler – absolutely. 100%! And you don’t want someone like that (Bay) in jury. Christmas – What about Bay as a pawn.. Dani as a pawn.. because then I can be like look I don’t know what is going on .. this week we have to figure it out. The only challenge is if the other (Day) wins veto or if Dani doesn’t believe that she is the pawn. Tyler – it could drive them closer. If they’re still in the game ..they are going after Dani and not you or me. Tyler – I think the comity can stay solid. You just have to be prepared for the wrath of Bay .. put her up and then go up to your room and lock the door.

9:40pm – 9:55pm Bedroom. Cody, Dani and Tyler group hug.
Nicole joins them and is crying. Dani asks her what happened now? Nicole – I just tried to talk to Bay and it did not go well. She was just kind of sticking up for Kaysar. She then said that multiple people confirmed that I am coming after her. Who are these multiple people?! Dani – Kaysar. Nicole – Day won’t look at me .. and won’t talk to me. Dani – do you want to join the slick six?! Come one Tyler wants to lie about it more. Dani – don’t worry they won’t even look at me or talk to me anymore. There is going to 1000% going to be a twist tomorrow.. it will either be really good or really bad.

10:30pm Lounge room. Christmas and Dani.
Dani – so Memphis lied three times. I asked him why the hell did you pick me? He went Ah, ah, who was I supposed to pick? And I go Somebody NOT in your alliance!! And he goes I didn’t even think of that! #1 – Lie! Then he takes a minute and goes I picked you because I thought you could beat him. #2- Lie! And then ten minutes later he says he picked me so that people wouldn’t know our alliance. #3 – Lie! WHy are you lying!? Why are you making up all these lies!? That’s weird right?! I was like really mad! Christmas – he is on his own island. Dani – what is he doing?! He thinks we are always going to have his back and he never has to have ours?!!? Christmas – I have no idea. I am glad he didn’t win.

10:40pm Bedroom. Ian and Nicole.
The feeds switch mid conversation. Nicole – I didn’t know I did that to you. I am sorry. Its a good thing I warned you about it.. Otherwise you would have been blindsided. I could just tell it was going to be awkward all day long. And you who I trust .. I was like I can’t afford to have Ian talking crap about me. So I am really glad we cleared that up. Ian – the fact that I am owning it now. Nicole – that proves everything to me. That I know you didn’t do it intentionally to hurt me. Nicole – Kaysar went to Bay and said that I’m trying to make you put Bay and Day up. And that you don’t want to and that you want to be good with them. I forgive you and know that you wouldn’t intentionally hurt me.

10:47pm – 11:10pm Havenot room. Nicole and Day.
Day – I need to know what is going on. Me and you had a very direct conversation right before the competition .. we had the competition and Kevin does whatever he does.. Nicole – I think I assumed that you had something to do with that. That is why I was a little pissed. Day – but why!? Nicole – because if I am being honest with you .. he stood there he looked and then I thought he looked at you ..I thought you went like this and then Nicole and Cody and it hurt my feelings. Day – no he literally stood up there and said I don’t know what to do. I actually looked at Memphis. Memphis and I had eye contact. I didn’t look at him at all! Nicole – I talked to Kevin and said that I was hurt by that because I said I would not put him on the block even as a pawn. I thought he looked at you and he went like this. Day – no, no, not even a little bit. So then Cody picks me and then Dani picks Me and Bay. And I am just like I am getting hit by Cody and I am getting hit by Dani. WHY?! Nicole – I blacked out after and don’t even remember what happened. Day – so after when I loose .. the way you darted up there in celebration!! Nicole – I knew you would think that. Some one asked me and I was like I would have done that for Day too. I could tell you felt a certain way. I was the first one to hug everyone in the comp. I was happy a girl won. I am friends with Christmas. I would have been happy if you had won too. If you had put me on the block I would have been blindsided by that. I would have been happy either way. Day – this level of communication is very important to me. Nicole agrees.

11:50pm – 12:30am Big Brother blocks the feeds. During this block Christmas got her HOH room.

12:45am – 1am HOH room Nicole and Christmas
When the feeds return – Nicole is talking to Christmas about her HOH letter. Christmas – tomorrow is going to suck. Nicole – I know. Christmas – I love them and I don’t want that type of friction. Nicole – it is going to be uncomfortable. Christmas – I can tell that they think that they are.. Nicole – golden. How did their convos go? Did they throw anyone under the bus? Christmas – no. Nicole – when they ask why you put them up what are you going to say? Christmas – I’m going to say that its not personal.. I need to flush through somethings .. they are a known alliance. I can’t say that we were put into a room multiple times and no one followed up with me. So today Bay was like I can’t wait to make something more official with you. So why did it take until I won to make it official!? Nicole – if they didn’t approach you that means they have something else. Christmas – so I am not in an alliance with them.. they are each others untouchables .. if I hop in an alliance with them then I am the first to go. Nicole – in all reality they’re coming after our alliance .. but you can’t say that. You have to come after the people that are coming after you. Christmas – what are they doing to Ian. Why is he so freaked out? Nicole – I don’t know he is freaking out.

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Day and Bay were sitting pretty good, until they decided to step on Dani’s toes. Dont mess with the Queen….Bye bye Day


Have you been watching. Like Kaysar said, it’s all fine when Dani was talking about Bayleigh from day one when she was with Janelle. Even putting a rumor out there that Bayleigh stole Janelle’s clothes.
Day and Bay didn’t say anything about Dani until the guys told them what Dani was saying. Xmas is not in the group like she thinks she is. Lol. And their going to look stupid when that secret room pops up to protect Day and Bay. Lol.
Here is Nicole again playing the victim crying. Same ole’ Big Brother over and over again…..


Same old crap just a different day. I knew by letting Kaiser go Day and Bay would be the targets. How unbelievable that Dani and Nicole get offended for every little thing, the 2 biggest snakes in the house. I’m sick of those 2.


Ha! What up, troll


day is just terrible. every time someone approaches her for an alliance she immediately tries to flip on that person and shoots herself in the foot. i get that big brother is seriously lacking in black players so i understand her inclusion from a representation standpoint (and it’s really sad that she’s one of the most high profile black players), but she’s so bad at this game and not worthy at all of getting a third try after a week 2 eviction followed by barely making jury. wish they’d just left it at bayleigh and picked a different woman of color to replace day.


Problem with her is that she thinks she covered by this one stupid six alliance so she doesn’t need a side alliance. She thinks she’s information gathering, to snitch only. Bey as well. Like open your eyes you two morons. Day is hilarious and that’s all. No business playing BB


You are the moran. Their eyes are open. The odds are against them though. It doesn’t matter which Black person they include unless they even the amount of Blacks and minorities they will always be the target. Folks on the show mad because Bay and Day talk. What because the only two Black women on the show talk they need to be targeted? Yet all of the white folks get to talk together and it’s ok. Bull. Day and Bay are a great combination. They at least, won’t allow the others to berate and target them without standing their ground.


Bull. Day is great.


The Queen left last week… You must’ve missed it


Hopefully ABWs Day or Crayleigh go

PAblo BB Fan

Queen is love by everyone. Dani is more like an oger lol


Here’s what Dani is queen of in the BB house — winning comps and playing sloppy.

If it weren’t for her dad in BB8, she would have allowed her crush on Nick to bring her down. In BB13, her dad left, she turned on her alliance early, and her crush on newbie Dom was her undoing.

This year it’s her seed-planting. Her social game has always sucked; her comp game has always been by far her strength. When she tries to plant seeds, people talk because she doesn’t take time to build relationships first.

Being snotty and snide doesn’t count as a social game. Neither does cowering in a corner saying, over and over, things like “this sucks,” “shocker,” and “Julie Chicken.”


Except she’s not winning comps right now!


You watching the same show? Dani targeted them from the beginning and tried to hide her hand. I hope she goes next. And both her and xmas should get that the boys are playing them. And like others they are playing right into their hands. As experienced as dani is she should know better which is why she never wins.

Kid Rock

Well, the ones who are winning are the ones who are winning.

Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

Go Ian


Hate the pre-game alliances the most….. the fact that Shitmas won HOH by literally not lifting a finger is whack

What up Kaysar!

I guess you missed the foot race HoH on BB19 then.


People dont understand BB here

My 2 cents

I hate this game then.


tyler is in such a great position its unreal


I think literally every single person in the house have already said ” Tyler is good and nice with everyone and that’s his game”.

His game is not even a secret to anyone, he is just so boring that people dont even care to get him out.

This game of having a final 2 with everyone did not work the first time and wont work for a second time.


i kinda struggle to see how he gets past 3rd. he has a lot of great trios but he is 3rd in all of them.

All Stars???

By winning the final HOH and deciding who to take to F2.

The Beef

Exactly! One thing Tyler can do is WIN comps, especially physical comps, and the first part of the three part final HOH is usually a physical comp, which would get him to the final comp, the BS know your houseguests crapshoot questions comp, where he would have a 50/50 chance at winning and picking who goes with him to the finals. He is in as good shape as anyone right now, except maybe Enzo.

Dick Vermicelli

I’ll correct that for you, “Tyler is such a doucheb*g, it’s unreal.”

Dixie Rekt

Tyler is gay.

another name

Good for him, because gay isn’t an insult.

Miss Impression

Why are you insulting gay people?


Why are you taking that as an insult?


The original poster meant it as an insult.

hmmm hmmm

You may be correct or you may be wrongly inferring based upon your own bias.


”Sorry I have anger issues”



This season is absolute garbage! I mean Christmas winning HOH without even hitting a buzzer, what complete horsesh*t. Hopefully the feeds will be interesting with Bay and Day going after Dani and ratcole. I’m so sick of Nicole whining and playing the poor me routine, grow up you whiny little beep!

another name

Look out Kevin.
Nicf is coming for your crown of tears.

whiny pug trolldoll has an ally as HOH for the 5th time in a row. She’s still boohooing how things aren’t fair. Talking about how other people pregamed. oh FFS. Really? Her real life best friend sitting next to her, a guy that she considers family also in the house and the three of them have mentioned their pregaming and side calls… and she is talking about other people pregaming? Nope. b-word, puh-lease.

Backseat Driver

What a bunch of knuckleheads…….


Didn’t even watch tonight. Rather come here and get the run down.

Lenora Sampson

Me either will come here to read about just can,t stand to look at these wannabes

another name

Bayleigh already ticked at Ian. They converse.
Ian slips and calls her Da’.
That goes over as well as you think it would.
Bayleigh takes her leave.
Tells the others they are evidently interchangeable in Ian’s mind.
Da’ tells Kevin there has been a plan going to take out Bay and Da.
Kevin plays dumb. or Kevin plays Kevin. Who the hell knows.
Thought Da’ was gonna smack the back of his head when she told him she’s been telling him this for days.
Da’ Bay are convinced Ian set a trap for them, and they walked right in. They have to explain the entire thing to Kevin. A LOT. Why were they chosen to go against each other in HOH? Kevin STILL doesn’t get it. Well…. did you expect him to. While Da’ and Bay are wrong about the cause, Ian selling everything out to Nicf does give the same effect.
The idea of the non core pregame alliance banding together is dead. No way Da’ or Bay want a thing to do with Ian. Period.
Enzo is scared to tell Xmas to get rid of Dani. Cody told him about the Committee, remember? So even though he has a side alliance with her he’s of course saying yo idon’tcaregedouttaheeereyo.

Christmas btw… is 100% team committee. remember when she wanted the entire house to barge into the HOH and demand that Memphis renom Janelle or his game was over and he was out the door? Yeah. That Committee.


Cue the Sam Jackson interview…


Another week of same shii different day. It’s amazing the one side of essential left overs form see they are being picked off one by one. Who always goes up as a pawn, who’s up against strong competitive players? K and I have been used this whe time and the other side is smart to cover D and B by having an alliance with them they don’t think a damn thing. More than their buttt are covered so they don’t care either way til they need to. If put up now D and B won’t have a chance in hell. Won’t see it coming because they think they are covered and weren’t outted by Kaysar. Dani is a wench and looking back on her seasons. She did horribly without her dad the second time. Following his lead the first basically and winning because she had no other choice. She’s way too comfortable and that girl with a fight is long gone. Some of my faves I now hate. Jenelle and Kaysar won nothing previously..or now. But doing something right to be true all-stars they are still talked about as if they are around. Also I’m really pissed off they now have a friggen twist.. couldn’t help J or K but as their gone let’s now shake it up? God help me if it’s in favour of coin slots or bones. Atleast flip the damn house power of we are going to do shii liek this. Not that D or B have sense. I never want to see a returning houseguest again ever. This is a major waste of every ones time


I couldn’t agree with u more . No more all stars


Safety suite helped them.
And they could of won hoh or veto and they failed.


Sorry. I was half asleep when I wrote this. Sorry for typos.


Typos are required at obb


Can’t wait to see what this basement is all about. Wonder how the houseguests are going to find out about it. Sounds like they are going to let them go in, in the dark, either individually or alone, to see what they can find? At least it will add some excitement to the season, we hope…

Dixie Rekt

Dani is hot.

another name

Yeah, being demon spawn from hell tends to include flames and brimstone.

Miss Impression

I don’t know which pic is worse Krampus celebrating or the unholy 3some.

another name

Ian is yesdearing and grovelling to Nicf. Gee. That would look great for those fan votes. Where’s all the cameras focusing in now???
Da’vonne and Nicf talk. Da’ calling out Nicf for the way she darted out to hug Xmas as a thank god Da’ didn’t win. Da’ plays victim of first Cody then Dani attacking her.
Nicf tries to blame Da’ for Kevins picks. Da’ having none of that. Says she was watching Memphis the whole time because she wanted him out. Da’ is asking why Cody and Dani were gunning for her. Guilt tripping Nicf. So far up to 3 guilt points.
Nicf blames Kaysar and Janelle for the talk that Ian was asked to target Bay and Da’. Da’ says as long as Nicf is with Ian and Nicf and Da’ are working together, Nicf would keep Ian from targetting her. Another guilt point.
and another guilt point is coming… will this one work though. Da’vonne says if Nicf and Da’ have each other’s backs and Dani is Nicf’s friend saying target Da’vonne, Nicf should be giving a heads up to Da’ before things get out of control.
Guilt only works on Nicf if you are the HOH and she’s not in a direct alliance with you, or hasn’t given you a handjob. So this is a bit of a waste. But scored 5 guilt points that will be irrelevant nonetheless.

In Da’vonne’s favor: Christmas has nothing on Da’vonne saying anything. Bay is the one that blabs to Christmas. Not Da’vonne.
Out of Da’vonne’s favor: Da’vonne is female. Nicf tends to naturally want other females out of the game.

This talk will not keep Da’ off the block. This talk will just be more victim noise for Nicf.
The entire crying self pity thing disappears when she’s celebrating Christmas’ win.

Better be some pretty cool basement powers like a hacker secret third nom mixed with an extra allison butt veto from bbcan 2 mixed with negating 3 votes (3 times the power James got in season 6) in the eviction. Anything less is just going to be pointless.
(my opinion: these superpowers will be pointless. Anything else could endanger the pregame 3 ).

another name

Nicf visits Christmas in HOH.
Nicf has been to the d/r recently (i shit you not)
tells Christmas that tomorrows secret power could change the noms or something.

Big Baby

Thus far what are the likely nominations for Crapmas?
Who does she nominate this week and who’s most likely to leave this week?

another name

The NicfCodyDani are pushing Bay/Da with Bay leaving.
Tyler tried to say split the difference put up Da and Dani both as pawns maybe.
Christmas is leaning to doing what NicfCodyDani and I believe Memphis want so she is loyal to the Committee (the alliance production keeps wanting to make the new fetch).
At the same time, She is holding on to the thought of a Dani nom as well. She remembers that Dani told Janelle to nom Christmas. Confirmed by Kaysar.

Big Baby

I will be so pissed if it’s Cody and Enzo in final 2 ugh

Miss Impression

Don’t worry it’ll be Cody and Nichole.Hope that makes ya feel better.

Feeds Gold

bay to day talking about dani: “I genuinely want to fight her”


(in my best enzo voice) thats what i keep tryin to say…the fans want some fuckin action yo, some fuckin fireworks yo…lets fuckin do this…thats it


Janelle and Kaysar have been telling them what was going to happen since DAY ONE. I don’t feel sorry for Bay or Day because they just refused to listen. Now they’re probably going on the block and at this point, I hope they do because then they’ll FINALLY realize how dumb they were. Four straight weeks of “going with the house” because they were too afraid of becoming targets… congratulations… you’re both targets.

Week 1: Keesha was a number for your side to fight the majority alliance. Instead, you keep Kevin who has been absolutely useless this season. This man has been a PAWN on All Stars… TWICE.

Week 2: Nicole A. was also a number on your side, especially if they had gotten rid of Kevin who was making Nicole A. go insane. David literally told Da’vonne that he was in an alliance with Tyler. But y’all refuse to vote him out because he’s black?! That’s racism… Y’all even said he does nothing for your games???

Week 3: Get rid of one of the other side’s biggest targets in Janelle. If they kept Janelle, that would have been public enemy #1. Instead, they do the dirty work for them. Plus, Janelle was much more likely to win a comp than Kaysar was.

Week 4: At this point, it was too far gone. They don’t have the votes anymore and the only way this season turns around is if someone on the other side wins anything which is looking less and less likely.


Bay and day never had the votes to make bold moves especially when it came time to save Janelle they were always going to be a target they just prolonged the inevitable Day screwed up last night she didn’t answer the question correctly otherwise if she had it would be a totally different game . The problem is nobody is winning other than the other side of the house .

another name

The problem starts here:
Da’vonne resented Bay and Janelle in week one. So she pulled the whole fake vote split vote flip. Then blamed Janelle. Result: Christmas firmly against Janelle and Kaysar and closer to Nicf. The rest of the house amplified negativity at Janelle.
The biggest problems the rest of the house had with Janelle (excluding Nicf and Dani) completely stem from THAT ONE ACT.

Da’vonne is completely responsible for the quantum alterations to game that happened after that choice.
At that point end of week one into week two a block alliance could have been formed that included NicA, Bay, Da’, Janelle, Kaysar, Christmas. Because Christmas was willing to flip.
It didn’t. Because Da’vonne got petty. That’s 100% the reason. Petty.

She has created the entire situation that she finds herself in. Because she made a boneheaded overplay move week one. Just to get Bayleigh to herself.


There is no “other side”, only people who aren’t in the big group.

another name

Oh hell.
Da’vonne and Bayleigh and David are trying to explain Big Brother 22 to Kevin.
Someone gonna die.
He doesn’t have a signed contract from them. Nothing makes sense to him. He doesn’t believe Dani is after them. He doesn’t know why they think they are in danger. He doesn’t understand he’s a pawn not a target, and he doesn’t understand he’s been playing a rat with dementia game.
I swear. Someone gonna kill him.
He’s making tea analogies. He wants them to divulge their entire game and all their tea to him. but he doesn’t feel comfortable divulging his game, and he’ll give them tea when he has it but they have more tea because he’s not in conversations. Da’vonne says they can brew up all the tea, but they have to let it sit overnight before Kevin is ready to drink it.
Really. They gonna shove a damn teapot through his sternum and out his spine soon.
David wants them not to be obvious. Too late Davie. They pegged you four as an alliance the first time they saw your four faces. Don’t @ me there, three of them said they have to be an alliance…. because…awkward hem haw. Week one.
Kevin is sooo invested in playing the game scared, that no amount of talk is going to make Kevin a valuable ally. Kevin wants them to go apologize to Ian for Ian calling Bay Da’. The whole ran back to Nicf and sold them out thing he was told about an hour ago didn’t even dent his makebelieve reality, did it? And David is too busy thinking he’s a jedi (where’s order 66 when you need it).
He thinks if they sink into the shadows… the other side won’t notice them. Kevin minimizes the name mistake by saying HOH’s have been confusing David and Kevin for weeks. Hmmm. (maybe that should have told you something about your place in the game and get you to work a little harder at getting a clue).
Bayleigh has asked twice if Kevin is for real when he’s left the room. The others tell her yup. She thinks they have to be shitting her, nobody can be that far from the loop.
My thought: Kevin is so far from the loop he’s not loop adjacent, he’s not even on the page… he’s one of those other people on a where’s waldo page. He’s inside the fold of one of the back covers of Mad. Filler that has to be discarded to see the real message.

Eyerolling Conclusion Left Me Blind
Oh good they formed an alliance…. Kevin suggests naming it Team Seasoning (he might as well suggest team toilet brush cus all of them are circling the drain). NOPE. Bay isn’t here for the Seasoning.
My suggestion from the look of things: TOUUNT *Three Of Us Until Next Thursday. David left… if he’s in it’s FOUUNT. That’s what i will call them no matter what name they come up with.

Sheeeez, take all the powers out and lock Kevin in the basement. That was just painful.

I’d almost have rather listen to Dani making fun of Christmas’ pathetic default win in the HOH, and how she’s going to be bragging about being a comp beast for standing there looking stupid. Dani wants each of Tyler, Nicf, Enzo and Cody to get receipts of her Bragging so Dani can laugh at her.
(Yeah… that seems to have been happening while this theatre of the absurd Comic Room crap was spinning around like a helen keller presentation of Waiting for Godot).

another name

Kevin gets his alliance he’s wanted.
His response a half hour later: Bay and Da’ have to go.



I think if Day and Bay go on the block at the same time their heads will explode. What a mess but it might be fun for us.

Miss Impression

Those 4 are so bad they not only sabotage their own game but anyone who tries to work with them.

another name

Oh Kevin sold Bay and Da out the very next person he spoke to.


At some point in time someone in the out group has to win. If they dont win, it just isnt going to matter.

Another boring week.

I mean, i dont blame the people in the dominate alliance, they want to win and this is how they are doing it… but it is just boring.

another name

I don’t blame large alliances for doing what large alliances do. I just hate the tedious boredom of all the people with rotten personality traits always being the large alliance.
I don’t like when production helps specific members of large alliances (these I have a feeling sessions immediately after d/r have to stop).
I don’t like brought to you by chief wiggum pregame alliances (18 and now 22).
I don’t like that an ostensibly irrelevant alliance is given maximum episode and chen treatment… when the members of that alliance have had to be convinced by production to even be involved. And that’s the large alliance.
I hate that the voices of reason are always out pre-jury.
I hate when irrelvant members of large alliance are given too much credit for game. Memphis? Grandpa hasn’t been involved in an alliance decision since his HOH.


Ian is quitting the game

another name

Wants to.
He’s said it multiple times.
Don’t buy it until he’s gone.

another name

Da’vonne talks to camera.
She’s been playing victim intentionally with Ian, Nicf and Cody.

She hopes all her stories have matched up around the house.

Fact: Da’s stories match. But Bayleigh’s yap-o-matic to Christmas has screwed both of them.

Gee. why am I suddenly expecting something stupid like David winning a basement prize as his redemption for going out in the first in the dark comp? It would fit what they have been doing for the redemption arc people, wouldn’t it?


Absolute worse season ever! I was so looking forward to this but really don’t care at this point. I hope Ian, Day or Kevin win but probably not. I cannot stand Dani, Nicole, Cody really just the rest.

another name

day 30?
week 5 begins.
partnerships and alliances that have existed for weeks are finally getting names.
Alliances not attached to the irrelvant Committee are dropping like flies.
Anyone that doesn’t see where this is going is being willfully blind.
Ian has talked about quitting again. He won’t. he’ll just sink back into his hole again after throwing an HOH with an eidetic memory, and running back to Nicole, throwing Bay and Da under the bus as he went.
The course correction is complete now. Everything is back on track to where production wanted it before the wall yellers and banners.
I don’t expect the basement power to really impact the game as greatly as we are hoping.
Come on. Keep expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.
That’s my new BB mantra instead of expect the unexpected.

bb22 DAY 30.jpg

Okay, so. . .
Am I gonna have to start rooting for fking Tyler!?
Ian is giving me life but NO ONE is sleeping on that guy- he will start going up soon. Tyler though?
This game is pissing me off


Now dani is fake crying boo hoo. She starts the drama, Targets Bay and Day and now is acting like she is the innocent one. And of course the men are buying into it and blaming Bay who was targeted from the beginning. Bull.