“She’s so f***ing stupid.. Bayleigh cannot be in Jury dude She’s gotta f**ing go”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani have two of the powers. Christmas’ lets her block renoms. Dani’s let’s her pick an HOH and enables them to play in the next HOH.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

1:28 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne in toilet stall
Bayleigh – everyone is just so scared of me I don’t know why
Day – you can’t carry that weight.
Bayleigh is crying.
Bayleigh “I’m trying to conduct myself in a way that is well received”
Da’Vonne – baby you can’t carry that weight ..
Bayleigh cries
Day – that’s deeper than me and you you can’t carry that weight
Bayleigh – I’m trying so hard
Bayleigh – I’m feeling so much pressure
Day – that’s deeper than me or you you can’t carry that..

1:30 pm Cody and Christmas
Cody is complaining about Kaysar saying he was in a love triangle with Nicole and Dani.

Memphis joins them
They talk about the competition.
Christmas – I was at the podium when the last one was found it was me, Him (Memphis) and two other people maybe ian and Nicole.
Cody leaves..
They talk about Kevin and how weird he’s been.
Christmas – I asked him already. I’m trying to get him to do some recon sh1t to test his loyalty and i think he’s failing.
Memphis – he’s just bad at holding his emotions

1:41 pm Dani and Enzo
Enzo wants to get out of the Dani/Bayleigh Drama. Bayleigh asked Enzo if Dani is coming for her. Bayleigh heard from “Muliple people” that Dani was targeting her.
Enzo – I want nothing to do with this sh!t
Enzo – I said go talk to Dani about it. You and Nicole know everything about my game. I’m not f***ing that up.
Enzo goes on about how he’s all about the core four.
Enzo – now we got to worry about three f**Ing powers
Enzo – just consider the slick 6 is f***ing done.

Memphis comes in

1:47 pm Kevin and Christmas
Kevin – it is a distraction, People caused this because now we’re talking about Dani and Bayleigh .
Christmas – whose the source
Kevin – not Dani and Bayleigh
Kevin said Dani and Bayleigh are mad at each other based on what someone has told them.
Christmas – was it Kaysar
Kevin – I don’t think so
Kevin says Bayleigh/Da’Vonne were told that Dani was coming after them and Dani was told that Bayleig/Da’Vonne was targeting her, “Now they are bickering”
Christmas – and it wasn’t Kaysar
Kevin – I’m 99% sure.. Kaysar was confirming it to a certain degree. He was like a cornered animal trying to save himself.
Kevin – it is a distraction
Kevin says there’s people in this game that are made to feel like they are important but in reality they are just a shield and a expendable piece. (her)
Christmas – so i’m a fifth Wheel
Kevin – I don’t know where you are at.

1:57 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne – I love you
Bay – love you to, I appreciate you caring
Da’Vonne – you’ll be just fine
Bay – Just need to redirect my energy to something I can do .. I’m ready

1:50 pm Cody and Tyler
Tyler – I hope to god Christmas is not feeling bad for Bayleigh.
Tyler says bayleigh all makes herself the victim
Cody – did she do that on your season
Tyler- yes on every season . She always wants to be the victim
Tyler- Bayleigh cannot be in Jury dude She’s gotta f**ing go. We need to get her out of here I’m telling you
Tyler – Nicole said Ian was about to go home last night.
Tyler- Bayleigh was corning him making sh1t up like Nicole was coming for him

Tyler says he Dani thinks it was him that told bayleigh, “I asked Dani who did you tells that you wanted to go after Day and Bay. she said she didn’t tell anybody”
Tyler- ohh ok. . not me, not her?
Cody – I was taking to Ian and I asked him who is he going for he said Day/Bay he got that from Nicole
Cody – I didn’t say that to him you didn’t say that to him
Tyler- they were talking about the whole Ian conversation and I was like thats where it was coming from the Ian thing
Tyler – But Bayleighs dumb a$$ went and said multiple people

Tyler about Bayleigh “She’s so f***ing stupid” (See gif)
Enzo joins them
Enzo – yo I talked to Dani
Enzo – she knows yesterday Bayleigh came to us I said yo Bayleigh you better talk to Dani about that. Bayleigh knows who did it.
Enzo – Bayleigh didn’t tell her who it was she (Bayleigh) wants to know if we heard it to.. i said YO go talk to Dani too I’m not getting involved.

Feeds cut for 30 minutes.

2:30 pm Da’Vonne and Christmas
Christmas talking about her season was easier because they all knew what to do
Christmas brings up how the twists are freaking her out. “I want to nap but it’s just not possible toda”
Da’Vonne- you have to be alert.. they’ll want to do DR’s then noms
Day says that someone is trying to get them against
Christmas asks if it was Kaysar.
Day “We could all be getting played”
Day says some people tell her the source was Ian some say it was Kaysar.

Day – I know you have some tough decisions to make. It’s long term not just know you have to think of your future game and I get that
Day – Yesterday was an elimination game so you wanted to get out the people you didn’t trust I had 6 opportunities to pick you and I didn’t I only picked you at the a$$ end and when I didn’t have choice.
Christmas – yes mam
day – I felt safe with you, me or Bayleigh
Christmas – yes mam (wtf)
Day – I don’t know if that means anything to you I just want you to know the same security I have I don’t think it was foolish that security I have in you being HOH I hope you have that same security with me.
Christmas as- yes mam
Day – just wanted to extend that olvie branch.
Christmas asks her why didn’t she get that question right “We hit the button you were a split second faster”
Day – I don’t know
Sh1tmas – i will continue to listen to what people need want. Not to collect information just like. Explain, do my due diligence I don’t want to walk away and be like ARGH I should have like explained to them more. I want people to be able to ask me hard questions you know.. this is a position of service (ZOMG) not power like.. by default people think it’s powerful yes. I’m here to serve in a weird way (new school)
Day – I got you
Christmas – no matter who would go up I can’t tell you before hand I hope that makes sense
Day – i gotcha.. either way I got your back ..

2:31 pm Dani and Tyler
Dani crying.
Tyler comforts her says he’s been through it with the same person (Bayleigh) before (still trying to figure out exactly what happened between Dani and bayleigh when the feeds were down for 5 hours)

3:00 pm Feeds down

3:10 pm pm feeds return
Dani – My power is trash.. it’ literal garbage.. I’m going to start crying now I’m so disappointment
Dani says she has 3 weeks she can have a person play the HOH “again” means if they win HOH they can play the week after.
Dani – Christmas, if I want her to play in next weeks competition she can play
Nicole – Ohh my god . are you sure that is what it is
Dani – it’s literally trash ..
Nicole – Cody gave me a really weird look . .Almost like desperation he needed to talk.
Nicole make a comment that she’s with Ian all the time right now and it’s exhausting
Dani brings up Enzo acting sketchy
Nicole says Enzo is not playing them
Dani wonders if it was Enzo and Cody that told Bayleigh
Nicole says There is no way it was Cody and and Enzo

Dani says Tyler is “shaken” he’s lying so hard I’m going to throw him under the bus so hard and you will be driving the bus
Dani – Nicole this is what we’re going to to we’re going to deny everything
Da’Vonne joins says that Bayleigh almost self evicted
Nicole says Ian almost self evicted

Da’Vonne says that there’s bigger sh1t going on here and they need to get everything in the open.

Christmas and Tyler come in the other leave to the have nots room to hash it out.
Dani – I swear Da’vonne i have never ever ever said anything about getting you out
Dani says all she said that she would want Bayleigh to go if it was Da’vonne and her on the block.
Da’Vonen say’s her only source is Tyler.
Dani says bayleigh told her 3.
They start comparing notes about Tyler. Dani says all season he’s been saying thing about Bayleigh how she’s playing the same game she played on his season.
Da’Vonne lists off a bunch of things Tyler told her about Dani to get them against each other.

they start scheming on how they will get Tyler out
Da’Vonne asks them how will they convince Christmas to do i.

Dani – I’m so glad we like hashed this out because you’re right we will all look like freaking idiots having these boy trample us in the game.
Nicole – there’s only 5 of us left.
Dani – and we’re 4 of them
Da’Vonne- there’s only 5 of us and now we’re about to go to war with them
Dani – happens every season (Ohh shut up)

Da’Vonne trying to rally them “there’s some strong a$$ women in this house.”
Da’Vonne – I dont know who to get to CHirstmas are you close to her
Ncioel says she’s friendly “why what do you want backdoor”
Da’Vonne is proposing they backdoor Tyler
Dani – it’s an hour or two before noms
Nicole – we don’t want to piss her off.

3:25 pm Christmas and Tyler
Comparing notes
Christmas – they won’t reveal their source. So who is their f**Ing source
Tyler- Day and Bay? Dani.. so basically Dani went to Day and bay
Tyler- I think it’s Ian, Ian was apologizing to bayleigh or something I thin it’s from Ian and from Kasyar.
Christmas – is she going to cut me when I put her up
Tyler- who
Christmas – bayleigh
Tyler- I literally try so hard to talk to down today and it was impossible fo rher not top be victimized..
Christmas tells him she’s got a power. called “thes blocker” she has the next 3 vetos to block herself from being a renom. If she wins the veto she can use it on another person. Like all powers it can only be used once.

3:43 pm Nicole and Christmas
Nicole – oh my god..
Christmas – are you ok
N – yes I’m ok
N – I od’nt even know where to start
Christmas – they both heard they were going to come after each other
Christmas – whos the source
N – I swore to secrecy .. they want to backdoor the person this week.
Christmas – I have to know
N – can you pretend to not know
Christmas – yes
N – it’s Tyler .. he’s apparently pitting them against each other good luck.. they’re like how do we get Christmas to backdoor him
N – I as thinking Oh my god.
Christmas – all he said that he told on Dani that Dani wanted to get those two on the block he didn’t mention us
Nicole adds that it’s more Da’Vonnes idea to backdoor Tyler
Christmas – he’s in our alliance
Nicole – I don’t think it’s a good move to put him on the bloc today
Christmas – NO. If it’s true.
Christmas – if worst case scenario Tyler did say that he may have been doing that to activate the girls and put them at the top of the house list..
Christmas – no matter what happens we have the number sin the house.. the girls are showing their cards and they are talking and put them in a position to be the targets a little bit more clearly.
Christmas – he’ snot going to put anyone in the alliance up.. we have to stick together, I don’t want Dani to pop off
Christmas says she’s thinking about putting up Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.
Christmas says with Bay or Day going it helps them because they are not part of their “team”
Christmas doesn’t think Tyler was the source says Kaysar was the source. Says Kasyar was trying to get Dani backdoored last week this was his plan.
Christmas says Dani has to suck it p and work with Tyler unti lFinal

(No exciting never)

3:55 pm Cody and Enzo
Enzo – if she’s not putting up Da’Vonne and Bayleigh who is she putting up
Cody – whatever can f* us this week is the power.. so if the power does than what the fuck ever.. i’m not going to spiral out of control because of these power. (See image)

4:00 pm Dani, Christmas and Nicole
Christmas about her nominations – I’m going to get shot or something someone is going to put a fork in my face today
Dani laughs.
Nicole – they’ll stop that
sh1tmas – not if it acts fast enough.. I’m scared and i’m not easily spooked.
Nicole – I don’t know I feel very Tugged (LOL oh my tuggy)
sh1tmas – this is the first nominations that shit’s going to get rough
sh1tmas – I need you guys to diffuse the bullsh1t that is going to come out with this
Nicole – I’m going into hiding (Of course you are)

Nicole leaves at one point. Dani and Christmas talk about wanting Bayleigh out over Da’Vonne.

4:10 pm Cody and Enzo

Cody saying he doesn’t trust Dani or Da’Vonne
Enzo says he’s not sure who Christmas is going up she never told him
Enzo – I don’t know if Christmas is trying to pull a fast one
Cody – YO if she does than we’re on the block and one of us has to win the veto.. I lie i’m so tired i’m not going to run into a room grab someone say what were you talking about Cody says when bay and Day are on the block they’re going to be pissed at Dani and Nicole.
Enzo – I told you we made a mistake aligniung with them bro we made a mistake
Cody says they have to get through this week
Enzo – and start over.
Ian joins them.


4:18 pm Kevin and Da’Vonne
Kevin bring sup that Dani was crying “it was the most awkward interaction ever in my entire life.. ”
Da’Vonne – as much as this pains me burns my soul. Sets my whole spirits on flames of fire.. you were right. Tyler is a liar.
kevin – yup
Da’Vonne – he was starting sh1t he was telling her and Tyler me different things.
Kevin – Yup
Da’Vonne – here’s the gag he’s trying to backdoor bayleigh
Kevinb – yeah
Da’Vonne – ohh you know about this
Kevn – makes sense
Kevin adds that Bayleigh is overly confident in her abilities. “she doesn’t know when she get played”
Da’Vonne – multiple people were talking about backdooring her not just Tyler

Kevin – Christmas low key has a reason to get Bayleigh out
Da’Vonne – why
Kevin – she’s acting like a fool in this house
Da’Vonne – she’s not
Kevin – she’s no understanding today is nominations day..
kevin says he’s shocked these conversations are happening on nominations day .
Da’Vonne – why are you so confident she won’t put you up
Kevin – because i asked her and she said no I’m not going to be a pawn this time. Point blank period I’m tired of being on the block.
Da’Vonne – ok not you she told Daivd no.

Kevin – I could be wrong though (you don’t say)

4:36 pm Nicole and Dani
Nicole says Enzo and Tyler are freaking out
Nicole says Ian is to but that’s nothing new.
Dani is worried that Cody is planning to evict her
Nicole tells her Cody said the three of them are solid. ‘
Dani says Da’Vonne is right .

Nicoel syas she wants to work with Da’Vonen she thinks it’s a “Cool opportunity” for them to work with her but Nicole can’t trust Bayleigh
Danio – we’ll they’re both going up
Nicoe – If Bayleigh explodes on Tyler he’s going to want Bayleigh gone.
Dani – he might call me out

Dani says she wants to win a competition and get Tyler out of the house.
Nicoel says she hopes Da’Vonne to stay so they can bond. Nicole is certain Kevin got a power.
Dani says she trust Nicole and Christmas “I’m not letting anyone else int”
Dani – why is Enzo so wigged out he had to be doing something sketchy
Dani – I’ve never seen him act like that he threw me under the bus
Nicole goes on about being strong to the core 4

4:56 pm Dani says she wishes she was more like “Derick and Dan they were like scumbags and didn’t care”

5:12pm HOH bathroom. Christmas and Enzo.
Enzo – are you f**king stressed out? Christmas – It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with my HOH. That’s between them and whoever else is feeding them sh*t. I am stepping out. I don’t want to be caught in some crossfire. I don’t want someone to leverage my HOH. Enzo – No one hangs out with you and then all of a sudden they want to now that you’re HOH. I see that! Get the f**k out of here with that sh*t! Christmas – people are terrified to be seen in a room. Enzo – exactly.. get the f**k out of here. Christmas – did you get a power? Enzo – no, I wish I f**king did! I wish I f**king did! I couldn’t see nothing! I couldn’t see sh*t. Christmas – I was ferocious. It was exhausting. Nicole literally lost her pants. Enzo – who do you think got the power? Maybe Ian.. I don’t know or Tyler .. because he was clean. Day was still looking for sh*t at the end. Christmas – I think Kevin did because he didn’t say anything. Enzo – I think he did too. And he was very happy and talkative when he got out. They speculate on who won the power and what it might be.

5:24pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony..

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Production Intervention Coming

I hope the next four to go are Bayleigh, Dani, DaVonne and Kevin.

Julie's gerbils

I’d much prefer it be “kkk”
Kole F

My 2 cents

I’m still trying to figure out what happened to put Ian in the dog house and caused him to grovel by Nicole’s bedside last night. It was pathetic and gag-worthy. I am so lost and confused…just like Kevin.

another name

Ian felt bad that Nicole was so upset by Kaysar’s speech.
He caved and told her what he’d been up to. He suspected that it had gotten out he was acting against Nicole.
He threw the hoh.
He drove a bus over Bay and Da thinking hey, they’ll be target not me.
I think this all came out because someone else mentioned Dani and Cody putting people in the crosshairs, and Ian’s name probably came up.

My 2 cents

Got it! Thanks! Not one of Ian’s better moves. Sigh. There’s so much other stuff going on tho, he’ll fade back into the woodwork.

another name

Considering both Ian and Bayleigh have requested to leave more than once, but production won’t let them leave… meh.

The Beef

How the Hell can production stop them from leaving if they really want to? They are adults and in charge of their own affairs, not slaves. They might have to forfeit their contract payments. There could even be other contract issues, but I can’t imagine a contract so iron clad that if someone felt strongly enough that they had had enough of this so called game, and wanted to walk away from it and go home, that production could stop them from doing so. I would think it would be like any other job – if you want to quit – then just quit!

It’s been done before, so it wouldn’t be the first time.


We are all confused like Kevin, we can’t understand how production turned this season into literal crap right out of the gate. I mean who the f*ck can we even root for, everyone’s game is crap.

My 2 cents

Memphis is playing the best game right now imo, by virtue of not actually playing. He’s pretty much a piece of furniture at this point (aka the “mastermind” in the Julie Chen version.)


Tyler is showing his true colors


What are his true colors?

Big Baby

Bayleigh completely trashed on Kaysar last week in the bathroom!

Her being in hot water this week is karma for how she treated Kaysar and how her and davonne have failed to realize that they both have been doing the dirty work in who they got rid of and evicted in the house!!!

That proves that they’re not great players !!!

I knew week one getting rid of Keesha for both Bay and Day was so dumb!

Especially for Davonne when she was an Uber fan of Keesha as well !!!

And the moves of Bayleigh And Davonne are clearly showing
Because after 4 weeks Bayleigh And davonne keep voting with the majority!!!!!!

Keesha was with Janelle and Kaysar all along !!!

Along with NicolaA!!!

Bayleigh and Davonne willingly let Keesha, Nicole a, Janelle and Kaysar Walk out the damn House!!!!

Those 1st 4 evictees would have been strong numbers were they could’ve had at least a six person Alliance !!!

They Would’ve had a real Alliance did not know Foe fake alliance this slick six crap.

Bayleigh And Davonne have completely shot themselves in the foot by voting. With the majority for four straight weeks and have no one to blame but themselves!


is it really that surprising how horrible they’re playing? along with david and kaysar, they’re the only people in the cast without a top 4 finish. in fact they’ve never even made top 10. they’d need to make such major adjustments to their game to succeed and it’s clear they have no interest in doing so.


Ok but my comment wasn’t talking about bay, day, or kaysar? Or their game play, at all? All my point is, is that is the Tyler we saw his first season. He can play nice, and get a really good edit to get afp, but he can be down right mean.


Hes so boring and plain.....I dont think he has even any colors on him
Hes game is made of in the Dairy Room, CBS puts it like hes really running the house, when he`s doing nothing really.

Enzo, Cody and Tyler only pick on girls.

another name

Dani got a power.
one down. HOH can potentially win 2 weeks in a row with her power.
two to go.

another name

Christmas got a power.
Basically Tyler’s cloud power from 20 to be used in a pov ceremony.
She can block herself from being a renom or if she uses the veto can also protect someone else.
one to go.

another name

how nicf’s best friend and her newest bff both got powers the week after she went and cried to production about how the yellers and banners were ruining her game.
Just. odd.
I see you Grod.

another name

Anyone else get the sneaking feeling that Da is lying about having a power?
Maybe the safe from noms power from 20. Must be activated before nominations?
She seems to want a heads up pretty bad.
She’s asked Kevin to explain why he thinks she’s going up. Twice.


Wouldn’t be the 1st time someone lied about having/not having a power

another name

well dani lied to enzo about having one.

Production Intervention Coming

Grodner probably handed it to Day. The fix is in.

All Stars???

Someone who can keep their mouth shut must gave the 3rd power. Memphis? Enzo?

Barny Rubble

Cody or Ian could keep it on the down low but I would bet that Production has made sure that DaVonne got the best power.

another name

but….. neither of them are connected enough to Nicf…. lol.


So what’s with the turnaround with wanting Dani out? I mean Enzo and Tyler were all for it last week,Tyler even told Day and Bay that Dani wanted them out to stir sh*t up. Seeing Tyler go on and on about Bayleigh and targeting her hardcore all of the sudden kind of sucks. When are we going to see some big moves, I want Dani, Nicole, or Cody on the block, not putting the low person on the totem pole up crap. Tyler isn’t looking ahead, he needs Day and Bay, along with Kevin and David, when the house splits, because it eventually will, when that happens who will he have on his side? Cody, Nicole, and Dani are solidly together, freaking Enzo will follow Cody and take his side piece Sh*tmas with him, it looks like Ian ran back to Nicole too. Tyler will be alone, up on the block, and kicking himself for putting up Janelle and Kaysar, and then not striking Dani and Nicole early.


Welp, after reading the Dani and DaVonne convo, it looks like Tyler might be up on the block way sooner, unless he ends up winning some big power, which he probably will


Did u really think Enzo, Cody and Tyler would have the balls to get Dani out???….TO get her out they will have to call Hayden, Derrick or Kaycee to do the dirty work for them


Sad, but true

Luci in the Sky

Everyone knew what to do on Xmess’ season because Paul literally told them what to do. My lord! Woman think for yourself. These people are all idiots, everyone of them!


I don’t understand why Paul isn’t on all stars – he’s very much deserving.


he was so toxic in his most recent appearance that while i can see him making appearances as a comp host or something, i doubt we’ll ever see him again as a contestant.


I can’t wait for nominations lol. Once Christmas puts bay/day on the block, she really needs to take Tyler’s advice and lock herself in the HOH room. That will allow bayliegh the opportunity to dig her own grave. She basically would wreak havoc on the house creating more enemy’s, and making the target on her back that much bigger. Bayliegh is unstable emotionally so this should be entertaining atleast


and that is why I cannot stand Tyler. Is it really necessary to be so ugly about it. He is one of the people to tell Bay and Da that Dani and crybaby was coming after them. He is afraid Bay is going to say so.

Nicole's Teardrops

bayleigh self-evicting
Pro: She’ll forever be shunned by the network as “the quitter” and black-balled from all reality TV worldwide.

Con: She won’t receive the money from winning to pay a surgeon to fix her lisp.

when they go low...i go high

How rude…she’s a happily married women with house, car and everything paid for…. no debt and a husband who adores her…she really doesn’t need the money and her lisp is just fine…where’s your pic?

Nicole's Teardrops

In Forbes magazine, wheres yours?

The Beef

A husband who sets up charity events to “help” cancer victims, and then “pays” himself more money than he gives to the charity person he was supposed to be helping? What great character these two have going for them!


Where is Christmas is masculine looking, Tyler is feminine looking. Nicole is just ugly to look at, Cody and Enzo are asses, Ian is a lost cause, Memphis is a idiot, Bayleigh n Da’Vonne dont realize whats going on, and I wont even go there with David and Kevin, Dani is just a bitch.


And to think production thought that this would be perfect for an Allstars cast, smh


Aside from Janelle and Kaysar, this is the preschool cast because the actual All Stars cost too much money so we are stuck with this cast.

Terrible Horrific Season

So so done with this season. This is no All star cast. They should have cast more like Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will, Britney some other old schoolers.
The rest of season too predictable and not entertaining to watch.


There WAS an all star cast, now the three are gone that meet the criteria and we’re left with a bunch of turds.


Or at least some people who are fun. All of these people are just so unhappy.

Cat Scratch Fever

i would of loved to see Britney,Donny, Will, Jeff and Jordan.


From what I’m reading, the reason why Tyler is now mad at Bayleigh is because she essentially told people that he was the one who warned them that Dani was coming for Day and Bay. Now Day is down for a plan to backdoor Tyler (who rightfully warned her about Dani because Dani was planting seeds) and is on board with Dani who is the real snake. I have never seen someone repeatedly be on board with getting rid of potential allies like Day has this season. Such bad gameplay.


day does this every season she’s been on. she is terrible at the game.

The Beef

She’s a damn fool! She has proved it week after week this season, and this is only confirmation of what was already known of her game play in her previous seasons!

She was laughing like the court jester before voting after Kaysar’s blow-up speech, but still couldn’t bring herself to vote to keep him, even though she knew it was in her best interest to do so. Just goes to show she and the other sheep playing this game don’t have a strategic mind at all, or maybe just don’t have the guts it takes to play this game.

The guy

It’s bc No one is doing anything else…. Tbh… This is the safest bb season I’ve veerseen


can someone tell who go the 3rd power????? give me hope 🙁 I know xmas and dani have one who has the last????


Hopefully not Bay or Day because they’ll likely use it against their true allies instead of Nicole, Cody or Dani.


u think so???


Half joke, they’ve been making dumb decisions all season

The Beef

Bwaaaahahahahaha – So true! Maybe even against each other!


Definitely one of the guys…. history shows that no woman on BB has EVER been able to keep her mouth shut. Powers, secrets, they always have to tell someone.


Of course it did not take any long until Dani figured it all out. I wish Day, Bay, Nicole, Dani and Xmas would form a alliance and get all the boys out. Problem here is that Xmas will never turn on the boys as she`s hoping they will carry her to the end. I bet she will throw the girls under the bus.

Next week Dani, NIcole or Day wins HOH and send Tyler home…..Enzo, Ian and Cody goes next.


Barny Rubble

What would the HOH competition have to be for Dani,Nicole or Day to win? Questions about Bubble Guppies?

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

This is going to get real ugly if Christmas puts up both Day and Bay.The CARD will no doubt be played.This decision needs to be thought out very carefully.

Barny Rubble

What are you wearing?

Linguini Pants



And the stereotype she’s gonna kill me she’s gonna stab me these people are idiots and Tyler cussing about women wonder if that makes Angela proud


Tyler also said, while talking to David, that women never get enough credit like they should and that Angela deserves all the credit for everything they have built together. I’m sure she is very proud.

Janelle’s lipstick

I’m not a Tyler fan, but I can’t stand Baylee. I hated her on her previous season and even though she’s controlling her temper, she still is a brat with a sense of entitlement and not a nice person. She slept with Skaggy after being in the house for two days and then blamed him for ruining her game. The way she spoke to Kaysar is the person she is. I agree with Tyler on this one.


$h/tmas: “Her season was easier cause they all knew what to do.”

Yea…w/e the F Paul told them to…sprinkled in w/ bullying and treating others like crap.