Bobby “I don’t trust Godfrey. Goodbye! You cross the chop shop you get chopped”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 05-20-12-241

8am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. On the living room TV it states the Power Of Veto Ceremony is Today. Sarah says that me, then Parhar, then Bruno got woken up at like 3am in the morning. Bobby and Bruno head out to the hot tub. Bruno tells Bobby we need to talk. This didn’t come from me, so you know I was talking to Zach. But supposedly Godfrey went up to Zach and threw us under the bus. Godfrey went to Zach and told him to put up me or you. Bruno says Godfrey thinks he’s going to use it but he isn’t. Bobby says good. He is pretty predictable. Bruno says he was telling JP he was going after Kevin. Bruno says I didn’t even ask Godfrey. Bobby says I don’t trust Godfrey any more. He was kind of dicey even in the beginning. Bobby says my game move is to be quiet and lay low. I know Zach is trying to mend all of these relationships. Bobby says for our penta-cut plan to work we need 10 people left in the house. We just need to get rid of Godfrey and Cindy. Bobby says when Godfrey’s back is against the wall he’ll sell you out. Bruno says I haven’t even talked to Godfrey yet all I’ve asks is have you talked to Zach? And he says oh no I think he’s doing this. Bobby says Goodbye Godfrey! You cross the chop shop you get chopped. Bobby says the best plan is to still stay loyal to the chop shop. Bruno says I am so sketched out by JP. Bruno says I didn’t worry about Godfrey but I do now. I can’t believe it. The problem is the girls will put up the guys, the guys are putting up the guys. Bruno says if I won HOH I would put up Sarah & Cindy. He then says he would do Sarah and JP. Bobby says I would have to do Britt and someone.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-19 05-40-52-684

9am Cindy sits down with Jordan. Jordan starts massaging her legs. She says she requested muscle cream. I want to put that everywhere. Jordan asks in the places I can’t get to? Sarah, Willow, Jordan, Kevin and Sarah head to the bedroom to take off all the sheets to be washed.

9:15am – 9:25am Out in the hot tub room – Jordan tells Brittnee that he is staying up on the block. I might talk to Zach again. Brittnee says she wouldn’t bother since its the morning of already. Jordan says she’s probably right. He says its okay we still have the votes to keep me. Brittnee agrees.

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9:45am – 10am Out in the backyard – Kevin and Jordan are studying. Kevin says that Sarah is very insecure about herself. Jordan says very insecure. You always have to tell her how beautiful she is. Kevin says that Brittnee said she needs a showmance or her mom would be disappointed. They comment on how insecure Brittnee is and she’s a model. Kevin says I feel bad for Godfrey. Jordan says I know. He made his pitch to Zach last night. Jordan says Zach was just doing his yeah, yeah, yeah’s. Kevin says he’s (Godfrey) just a lost puppy looking for a home. Jordan says we should have given him a home. Kevin says ideally you or I win HOH. Jordan says actually B or Sarah winning would be best for us. Sarah joins them. Jordan says that “Coach” from Survivor said once that the only things people want are Love, Respect and Admiration. And Godfrey didn’t get that from anyone.

Kevin and Jordan are out in the backyard. Kevin says he heard so many conversations last night I was just like go to bed. Zach says I know I can’t wait to get this over with so I can just turn my brain off.

In the living room Bobby massages Cindy.

10:30am Bobby asks are we still on plan for the thing? Zach says yeah Godfrey. Bobby says I’m scared he’s going to say something to Kevin. We have to make him think he’s safe. Zach says he’ll think JP is going. Bobby says I trust you more than anyone in the house. He (Godfrey) threw me under the bus and I’m pretty close to him. I’m always that weapon in the hole. The weapon in your back pocket.

Bruno talks to Godfrey. Bruno asks why were you saying he might put up Bobby? Godfrey says I don’t know. I was just thinking if he doesn’t put up Kevin maybe he would put up Bobby. Bruno keeps asking why Godfrey thinks Zach might put up Bobby. It just doesn’t make sense. Godfrey says if he doesn’t put up Kevin and he’s not going to put up the girls. Godfrey says I couldn’t get him alone last night. I’m going to try again today. Godfrey asks if it stays the same do you think I’m okay? Bruno says I don’t know, we’ll see what we can do. Do your thing bud. Godfrey heads inside and asks Jordan how he’s feeling. Jordan says I don’t know. I don’t think he’s going to use it. I’m just getting a bad feeling. Godfrey say wow! That’s messed up. Crazy messed up!

10:40am In the bedroom – Godfrey tells Bruno and Bobby that JP just told him Zach isn’t going to use the veto. Bobby says well then Jordan goes home. (He’s lying they want to vote Godfrey out.)

Willow hugs Jordan and tells him she loves him. They both talk about how bad they feel for Godfrey. She says she would tell him (Jordan) if she thought he was going home. Jordan says I trust Zach. He wouldn’t have put me up if thought I would go home.

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from last night’s feeds, i see a ssb+kevlar+jp vs chopshop
thats 6 vs. 4 in wednesday’s hoh


RIP Jordan

Garunteed Bruno and Bobby will switch targets to JP after the veto meeting. Just think it will be take out the threat and HG’s will vote out JP over GOD. worst HOH in 3 seasons BB can IMO if Jordan goes out the door. Well played Zack…. run back to chop shop the door will be shut.


Is it just me but does anybody else think that they would make Canada HoH next week? It is the official top 11 after all.


Hated Sindy in the beginning but her return brought a lot to the table and the house is finally divided.Even though this house may seem to have a unanimous voting strategy until the end, there is a clear division now on who is loyal/stucked with whom.

Anyhow, the JP and Sarah talk last night is epic, both are fishing for information and thinks that they are playing each other. Had Arlie and Neda teamed up last year I imagine they would be in that kind of situation.


I must admit that I didn’t care for Cindy and was pissed she came back,
but now… What a firecracker! … shook the house up good. I’m liking her play.
As far as Narcissist/Egomaniac I mean Zack .. watching him implode is great!
Every-time Zack opens his mouth it’s Me or I.
I really hope the others obliterate the chopshop.


zachs the canadian cody

new Derrick

100% BUT at the end of the day, he is no Captain Canada.


Godfrey can use his original plan and plant a ring in Ashleigh or Jordan’s bag, get either Ashleigh out of Zach’s ear or make jordan look bad


Thats exactly what I was thinking the moment Sindy questioned Jordan’s age. It’s perfect but he’d have to do it today to make it grow legs


it makes me sad seeing Godfrey and Bruno like this, no trust left there. I feel a little for Godfrey becasue he felt like Bruno and Bobby were not going to help him anyway so he tried to flip on them as a last resort. And now Bobby and Bruno are using that as an excuse and defence to not try and flip the house against JP to help Godfrey. They didn’t let him in the Chop Shop so i can understand the desperation of Godfrey…


I can’t quite feel bad about Godfrey leaving, he put all his eggs in one basket and did not explore any other options. He haven’t even tried instigating an alliance or even talked game with any of the female players. As a last resort he even threw his own alliance under the bus just to save himself.
The thing with him is that he has been literally sleeping in the game and was waiting for the right moment to wake up and be the mastermind that he thinks he is but sadly time has run out on him. Especially in this season where almost half (if not all) are fans of big brother, what he has been doing is a big disrespect to the game.




I have little faith in Bruno…but I have absolutely no faith in Bobby. Bobby is a blubbering idiot. The whole house thinks Godfrey is the stupid one, when it’s actually Bobby. Bobby is so unaware and oblivious..I rather he be like Pilar and say nothing. Actually he kind of reminds me of Caleb (BB16)…loyal to his disloyal alliance to a fault.

Side note: how dare Pilar say Godfrey doesn’t deserve jury…..when she has done absolutely nothing besides thinking she is on a second rate dating show


Bobby is an absolute Legend! Top Shelf player! He’s in really good with all the girls and the guys listen to what he has to say. Bobby is very intuitive and insightful as to what all the house guests are thinking and planning, too. He’s playing the best game Big Brother’s seen in years! …And then he woke up. The game that’s playing out in Bobby’s head is very different from reality. I feel bad for him, actually. He seems like a genuinely nice guy in real life. But Peter’s going to tear him to shreds.


Bruno has admitted that he knows Zach is just talking crap and can’t be trusted. Yet, he takes this information that Zach gives him and runs to Bobby with it. What kills me is that these people are so paranoid about being mentioned in other conversations that, when they hear that, they take it as gospel. Full stop. What they DON’T do is question the source. Bruno should have thought about it first before running off. That thinking should have been, “Even if it’s true, why would Zach be telling me? What’s his motive? It’s not to protect me. He’s trying to stir the pot with our side of the house and get us to doubt each other and make his position stronger. Did he get into Godfrey’s ear and plant information that isn’t true because it doesn’t sound like Godfrey to turn on us. Something more happened that Zach isn’t telling me. I need to talk to Godfrey, first.”

But, they all get paranoid about being mentioned! “Oh no! Sarah is targeting me? I’m surely going on the block next week then! She has to go NOW!” Never mind the fact that Sarah can’t win anything…

I want Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby to stay strong and stay together so they can attack Zach’s game. But these three are actually their own worst enemies in the game. Sarah? Seriously?


How come I see a lot of people writing this season off? It is just getting good! It would be great to see JP,. Voted out tho…I doubt it..


Sindy is the only right-thinking girl in the house right now. All the girls talk big but don’t back it up. Brittnee and Sarah keep saying they want to play with people who are willing to PLAY the game. But, when presented the chance to get Jordan out, what do they do? Cower in a corner. “It’s not a good idea. They’d know it was us.”

All they’d have to do is go to Bobby and Bruno, which SHOULD be an easy convincing. They wouldn’t even need Willow! Voting Jordan out would get Godfrey’s loyalty, especially since he’s “looking for a home, love and admiration.” Saving him would give him that.

Why is everyone desperate to get Godfrey out? Because he ALMOST won a comp? Seriously? Because he mentioned names? EVERYONE does! Godfrey is easily swayed and usable. Jordan is an actual THREAT.

This entire house is full AMATEURS!


some people don’t see JP as a threat. it blows my mind!


How are they hypocrites?

Sarah and Britt would not beat Godfrey in a physical comp. it’s better for their game to remove him now. Godfrey was closest to Bruno and Bobby who are so delusional about the CS they can’t see the game straight. Get the girls out? Seriously? Are you in f**king kindergarten?

What would be really fun to watch is JP, Sarah, Cindy with an S, Britt, Kevin, and (ugh I hate to say it) Pilar join forces against the remaing CS (Zach, Ash, Bruno, Bobby, and Willow).


They’re hypocrites because they keep saying they want to PLAY the game with people who aren’t afraid to play the game and make big moves. Then, when they have the chance to do it themselves, they cower in a corner. THAT’S what makes them hypocrites. They don’t practice what they preach.

They’re ALL playing/thinking like they’re in kindergarten, guys and girls. That’s what makes this season boring, even with all the twists.


im so confused where jordan stands


i want jp to team up with sarah soooo much


I used to like Zach but he’s being a wimp and not backdoor Bruno or Bobby as planned. Just because Sindy came back doesn’t matter. He needs to take out a big player. There might never be another chance to do so. I feel for Jordan as he was told he would be coming down with the veto. I wouldn’t trust Zach again if I was Jordan. Im glad Jordon told Kevin all about Newport and the chop shop. Zach is in trouble the next week. What a idiot.


I’m actually really glad sindy is back in the house, stirring things up. Plus her body is banging.


Much better than Risha’s. At least, it looks real.


godfrey has no chance in staying
chop shop (4 votes) + kevlar (2 votes)