“The vet, dominating competitions, has sick social game, arguably he is the number 1 threat in the house”

3:24pm JOsh and Alex
talking about how boring Matt was.

Alex says Kevin hates that Josh isn’t influenced by his sh1t and he hates the two of them are close
Alex – Hates it

Alex says if Kevin wins Fans favorite she’ll be pissed
josh thinks it’s either him or Alex, Him because he’s a goof ball and Alex because she’s a badass
Alex says it’s between her, Jason, JOsh but they might go final 2 so maybe Kevin.
Alex says if Kevin wins AFP she’ll “Sh1t on national television”

They talk about Raven’s changing accent.
they talk about Jillian and how there is no way she could pull her along to this point

Alex laughs – “I couldn’t pull her, and Jason.. .and You ”
Alex says one reason she hates Kevin is the only fights she’s been in with Jason have been over Kevin/
JOsh says Kevin knows if he gets rid of Alex he’s got jason

JOsh and Alex agree if Raven goes to the end she’s winning.
Josh – first of all we’re hated
Alex – yeah
Alex – I sent 1 and xmas sent one and JAson sent 2
Josh – I fought with every single one

Alex’s goodbye message – “I do remember day one Kevin when you were the old man sitting in the couch with 16 people and no one gave a sh1t about you and I was the only one that brought you ice water to see if you were OK and sat with you” (a mother teresa)

Alex – so why don’t you remember day one

Alex – I took care of him and he doesn’t remember that
Josh – I don’t know when he turned on you
Alex – I became HOH, he was always working with Cody

4:10pm Paul working out.

5:03pm Josh and Raven Bathroom
Josh – I’m in a worse position than you.. you’re in a really good position, I’m telling you that..
JOsh – it’s not smart to take a shot at him first.. you’ve shown me nothing but loyalty

JOsh – You and me we’re good.. and I got your back..
Josh – gimmie a hug.. I stink..
they hug

JOsh – we can’t spend a lot of time together.. Once Jason goes everybody is split up
Raven – we have to win
Josh – Yeah
Raven – my mom is really sick..
Josh – you’re making her proud
Raven – I haven’t won anything
Josh – you’ve kept your word, YOu’ve stood up for all the right reasons..

5:12pm Raven thinking…

Alex laughing “Dude did you see kevin’s rash on his back”
Josh – no
Alex – he’s being creepy and annoying
Alex – he’s trying to listen in on our conversations

Josh – he’s trying to stay calm.. but you can tell he wants to jump outta his f*ing skin
Alex – you can tell he thinks we’re stupid too
JOsh -…. yeah (lol)

6:10pm Xmas and Josh HOH
Xmas tells him about the final 2 scenarios and how Paul has a HUGE disadvantage because he’s a vet.
Xmas – it is not good for him
Xmas- he’s played a really great game but he’s a vet, people don’t want to see the vet that got second place last year win this year
Xmas – he gets a double bonus, he should have won last year
Xmas – your Ex, you called people out.. but that’s also a strength you didn’t bullsh1t anybody. . you should incorporate that into you speech

Xmas says Alex and Jason have convinced themselves that what is happening isn’t happening
Josh – it hurts me seeing how naive he is..
Xmas says Jason is going to be popular with the
Josh – you’ve played a flawless game
Xmas- I can’t say that
Xmas – I had 1 f*ing leg and I Was loyal to my group from day 1

6:17pm Josh says he knows that Paul needs to protect himself.
Josh – because he does have a huge target
Xmas- yeah
Xmas – you and I we’re the underdogs
Xmas – he’s still the vet, He’s still dominating competitions and he still has sick social game so, arguably he is the number 1 threat in the house .. or target

Josh – i would not be happier with one of us winning .. like this season cannot be.. no one can take it but one of us three.. we all busted out a$$ from day one..
Xmas – between the three of us we’ll take top 2

Xmas says that Cameron had “Weirdness written all over his face”

7:32pm Jason and Xmas..

Xmas – she’s (Raven) a pathological f*ing liar 100%
Jason – yeah
Xmas- are you an olympian.. where’d you train, what Olympics are you going to
Jason – can you explain what inverted spine is
Xmas – show us your inverted spine
Xmas – show me your hard kneecaps
Jason says when she says something and you listen because you don’t want to be rude. It just makes her want to talk to yo more because “someone listening”

Jason – I don’t want to be the insensitive one but … (spins his finger around his head.. implying Raven is crazy)
Xmas says compared to Raven “Matt was a goddamn saint”
Xmas – Matt knows that she’s a pathological liar
Xmas doesn’t think Matt is really into Raven. He didn’t come to play the game he just came for the experience. He met Raven abut then found out about all her medical issues. Xmas adds that Matt probably became sorry for Raven because of all the insecurities she has.

7:50pm Raven she didn’t gain weight while being on the show. Above you can see her tonight and her July 10th.

8:30pm ….. .

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Mad Bum 49

I’m not the first (nor the last) to eagerly look forward to Alex’s harsh return to the real world.


Alex has been played by Raven since day 1. I’m surprised she has fooled everyone but she has.

You go girl.


Is there another show that I haven’t seen? Raven’s been getting stupped for 70 days. She finally emerged this week b/c Matt was gone otherwise she hasn’t duped anyone, she wasn’t even playing unless Paul told her to yell at someone

Franks Fumes

There it is folks Alex saying she’ll shit herself on stage at the finale if Kev wins AFP……..we must vote Kevin for AFP….they all will hate it……the perfect FU to this shitty cast.


Give AFP to Cody if you really want to see them sh*t on live TV. Vote Cody!!!

Franks Fumes

Can’t stomach Cody he’s a ass as well…….besides Kevin has had to put up with them twice as long (lol)


Vote Cody.


Ugh. I would be disgusted if Cody won AFP. You cannot say that you dislike Paul, Alex, and Jason, because of things that they have said and done, and then say that you want Cody for AFP. How can you completely ignore the fact that Cody has made comments about “trannies” (Jessica even put her hands over his mouth when he said it), that women are dogs and that he calls people stupid and fat? That’s hypocritical. I mean, if you don’t want to vote for Kevin…that’s fine! But I would hope that people would vote for Mark or someone else who is actually a decent person.


Cody winning will be the biggest f u to all of them. I like Kevin but I’m voting Cody. He’s the only one that tried to save us from the Paul show


I like Kevin but he has 25k from the first comp. Give it to Cody for AFP. He at least tried to play the game against Paul. Cody had Paul’s number from day one. They should have listened to him. He served our country and has a daughter, bet he could use the $.


Either Kevin or Cody for AFP would make the HGs’ go insane. At least Cody was on to Paul and all this manipulation since day one and tried to do something about it. Kevin has been put in a house with people as old as some of his kids and has been treated badly. Cody was harassed to try and get him to have PTSD from serving his country. A vote for either would show the HG’s their behavior was despised by the fans.


We have to find a way for these idiots to read all these comments so they see how fans REALLY feel about their dumbasses


I checked Xmas instagram and it’s as though she has someone fake commenting there a lot about how great she is.

Smitten Kitten

That’s because she’s paying someone to post the pictures & they delete any negative comments left on that post & leave only the positive ones.

Although, the person posting / deleting negative comments only does it like once a day in the evening, so all day long there are REALLY nasty comments left on the post of the day & then sometime at night her good little employee comes along & deletes any evidence of the hate filled comments.

Its really funny, if you look at her all of her previous posts since she’s been in the house, they only have like 20 or so positive comments on them each, however of you catch her post of the day BEFORE the negative comments get deleted, there are like 200 hate filled comments & then somehow the next morning only 15 positive comments are left, lol.

It’s pathetic.

Franks Fumes

That was really creepy when Paul was snuggling with Assmas last night……she’s got it bad for Paul has all season. I swear that mean ol hose-bag of muscles is a Witch…..so vile and in love with Paulhole…match made in hell (lol)


she tried Kevin first but he was not having it she is a dirty douche bag


Wow, calling the HGs bullies when people like you have been more mean and disgusting in their comments than the HGs, and now can’t wait for HGs to read the vileness. Cyberbullying at it’s worst. Some of you will probably be happy if a HG reads all the hate and offs themself. What’s happened to OBB, taken over by haters who call the HGs out for bullying when they are 1,000 times worse.


Umm no people here are not worse than the houseguests. If you have spent enough time here you would know that. The people currently in the house are so awful that the only way to get through the season is to share in our hatred of them. They deserve all the twitter hate they will get getting after this.

Paul's Gallery of Ghouls

Troll ………. your a waste of perfectly good skin.


Nice try.


I doubt you are watching the show judging by the ignorance of your comment! These HG’s, minus the one being bullied currently, are monsters! No offense meant to monsters.


Believe me, these idiots won’t be able to stop themselves. They think, they are all loved!!

Paul, most of all, will love the comments…negative or otherwise. In fact, I unfortunately believe, that he ( Paul ) will love, that most commenters despise him. He gets off on it. ( being compared to Napoleon, Hitler, Manson, ) To someone like Paul, this will make him feel like a Big Man! Yeah Right!!!
Hope I’m wrong!

Mad Bum 49

Kudos to Josh for making a play to Raven — probably too little and too late, but he get’s credit for being woke

Captain Crunch

Alex is delusional if she thinks her or Josh is winning AFP. I cant wait till they get out and realize how much people dislike them for they bullying, harassment and their nasty ways this season, there in for a reality check.

social experiment

I think it would be good for them and us to call them back together in a few months and ask what they thought about their BB experience, what they learned, how this will make them different. Now that is how follow up to a social experiment works. MTV used to do that after Challenges

Pauls MistPauls

Yes it would be great to have a BB reunion show where they had to watch clips and answer questions about their behaviour


That would be great. But I bet CBS had HGs sign a non disclosure contract for certain things they can’t comment on. In the beginning of BB they would have all the HGs, they still do, but it was longer segments and each HG had the chance to clear the air and vent. CBS hasn’t done that for a while. You maybe hear one or two safe questions to the hgs that are not in jury and come back for the finale.




Will get America hatest player


Who the check is T?

Paul's Deflated Flotation Device

How can they think that Paul will not have the votes?? Everyone likes him, he makes a play for the jury vote every chance he gets, and he made it to final two as a vet. Who wouldn’t vote for him? These people are so ignorant to this game!

Player A

I hope so.


I do as well. But I don’t think they will.

It would spell the end of Paul and put Raven in the driver’s seat.

She is a strong woman.


Strong woman? I’m very sad that you have lived a life without experiencing an actual, strong woman. They are all everywhere…just not in the Big Brother house.


Is she high AGAIN? Her logic makes no sense. Can’t wait until this show is over and done with. I hope it gets taken off the air, rebooted and brought back to the original format because this season was a huge pile of crap and a joke to the Big Brother franchise.


Actually liked her better when she was high.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Production feeding it to Josh — if they air this latest thread questioning Paul, it’s totally going to work for Josh in AFP voting (easily the most entertaining, and annoying, of this cast).

My eviction order:

7. Jason
6. Alex or Kevin
5. Kevin or Alex
4. Xmas
Final 3: Paul, Josh and Raven

I don’t think anything can stop Paul from final 3, and I think he ensures Raven wins HOH at 4 and convinces her to put up Xmas and Josh, with Xmas being the target. She poses the biggest threat to him out of the 4. No way Paul can stand sitting next to Kevin to the end, though his getting the $25k and lying about it is enough of a liability for him to think about it.

Josh winning HOH in the double on Thursday would likely seal the deal for Paul. Josh may want to try to take Paul out, but won’t have the time or the support to get it done. Watch for Paul to try get everyone to throw the comp to Josh. If Alex happens to win HOH on Thursday during double, Kevin goes (she will put up Xmas next to him), and Josh will win next week to take Alex out.

You don’t have to like the fact that Paul is heading to final 2, but you cannot question that he deserves it.

Yep Yep

I hate it when people say that about Paul. He has CLEARLY been favored and given clear advantages by production over others… so does he deserve it. What has happen now (thanks to production interference) is that he has gotten rid of anyone that could have challenged him. We are now left with people (much like a recent presidential election) that we will choose based upon who we dislike less,,,leaves you with $hitty options ,but by the end production will make you feel less bad about THERE pick because you will think its yours…Wow I’m thinking to much I need to go drink the koolaide


I think I accidentally blew my wish on Pauls floatie getting a hole. ? It would be really funny if final 3 are Kevin, Josh and Raven. Kevin wins and Josh gets 2nd. Cody AFP. The look on Paul’s, Alex’s, Christmas’s and Ravens face….. Priceless.

Cody for afp

Omg best case scenario ever would be nice!!!


I think the wish rule is that you get 3 wishes. Good going on the floatie. I like your second one.

Bats and ball

Really? You dont wanna question the 4 weeks of safety he was gifted?
Doesnt sound diserving to me .

sunny dee

the safety is and always was irrelevant. there was no chance he would have been voted out anyway, if cody had been able to get him on the block. at that point, too many fans and not enough alliances working on one goal. cody also screwed up by putting up people who his alliance thought was working with them, rather than simply choosing a ramses, who was not. he alienated his group, and they would not have voted with him for that reason alone, just as they didn’t vote with him for getting xmas out.


If Paul was on the block week 1, I think Cody and Jessica would actually have rallied the cast, Cody didn’t shut down until he understood production intentionally screwed him. Josh, Kevin, Mark, Elena, Ramses, and several others would send Paul home before Jillian. Of course production wanted Paul to stick around so…


You think Cody and Jessica could have convinced THIS cast to vote Paul out? You can’t be serious. They worship the ground Paul walks on.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

First, someone had to take the $$$ temptation for him to re-enter. Production had to know it was highly likely, but not a definite.

Second, sure he was gifted by “America” the 4 weeks of safety, but why didn’t someone target him the week after that was up? It wasn’t because production forbid them from doing so — it was because he played the game and got them to like him. One could say production made it easy for Xmas to stay in the game after her injury as well (you know they had high hopes for her from the beginning too).

Every season this board always talks about how production manipulates the outcome, and sure you can see they contrive storylines/encourage showmances/plant seeds but the fact of the matter is the players do control the final results (otherwise, there would be a huge regulatory problem). Last year Paul absolutely deserved to win over vet Nicole based on how he played the game (he was marked for eviction early if you remember), but in the end the jury didn’t give it to him. So they gave him a chance to do it again this season. But he still had to play and do the work.

This week alone showed why he deserves to win: he convinced each person separately to throw a physical comp to Xmas when she would have easily lost. In each instance, the person he convinced believed that Paul had their best interests in mind, and when Jason gets evicted, no one will think Paul was behind it. That is how you are supposed to play BB. It doesn’t make him a good, likable person. It doesn’t erase the douchebaggery he has unleashed this season and the level of disrespect he has openly
shown towards people like Kevin and Josh. That could possibly derail him with the jury, but not likely.

You can dislike Paul on a personal level. You can hate the cast for being sheep. But don’t hate on Paul for being the shepherd when they let him.

Grodner Hearts Paul

It’s hard to respect a win by someone who got so many advantages. Having a year’s experience vs. all new players, a lot of them were already fans of his, one of them already knew and fan-worshipped him, got 8 safety bracelets to buy friends, plus secret safety that destroyed the game of the one player who ever opposed him.

After they saw what happened to Cody, everyone knew Production wasn’t allowing anyone to target Paul. If they had, another “twist” would have been introduced to save him and ruin them, I’m sure.

As much as I hate him, I’d like to see Paul come back again next year…with no bracelets or safety or advantages of any kind. Let him prove himself on an even playing field with no help, If he won like that, then that would be impressive.

sunny dee

let’s face it, he deserves the win. i doubt if anyone in jury will not see that.

and he is capable enough to win when it is going to matter.

Franks Fumes

Paul deserves the win but he also deserves a bag of hammers upside the head…..figuratively (lol) and I enjoy Paul.


Can this cast get any more delusional? There is no rationalizing their “beastly behavior”.
I guarantee if Paul gets to the final 2, he wins. He is going to say.. “I was all alone”, “I manipulated every HOH” etc. etc. (AG & production were with him all the way)
Josh, Alex, & Jason I think have a better chance of jumping over the moon, than winning fan favorite.
Xmas, the one legged wonder. “I have been loyal”…………honey that doesn’t give you the game. However, it did help you to get HOH and stay in the game.
This cast is going to be shocked when they realize how much “ugly” was seen by the viewers. No misting this crap away!!


How can he say he was all alone when he’s been working with Alex/Jason, Matt/Raven, Josh/Christmas and Kevin….I’m sure he would not use those words to the jury when he’s linked to everyone but Cody, mark, and elana


They know how much “ugly” is shown ! They know about the live feeds. And if not, Paul told them about it.
This Season was rigged from Day 1 and will be until the very end.
Unless, hopefully, the evicted house guests will be talking in jury.
Just like Elena got it once she was out.
Then, and only then, do we have a chance at a real Big Brother ending.


Did you all see how Paul talk to Kevin don’t ask me anymore questions yeah Kevin you shouldn’t be worried about your game you should only be worried about Paul’s game … It boggles my mind that Paul is so disrespectful maybe when he gets out of here he’ll learn to be a little bit more respectful and have a little bit of humanity and him but I doubt it …


Doubt it! See his behavior in the house….flipping people off…he is just the same on the outside. He still lives at home with mommy, I’m sure he has no respect for.


Well, I hope production brings the toilet paper. Alex is going to sh*t on the stage if Kevin gets AFP. Lol! Wouldn’t that be something!


I would rather give Jason AFP because of his upcoming kid


Can’t give Jason AFP after his multiple rape comments. NEVER!

The kid announcement was awesome. His diarrhea of the mouth and partnership with Alex – not so much.

I would like to see it go to whoever pisses this cast off the most – maybe Kevin, maybe Cody, maybe Cameron or Maybe Just Donate the Money for Harvey and have Julie say America hates all of you!

Bats and balls

Jason is probably a nice enough person and what he said about kevins family wasnt what he meant, but comments like that should neve be rewarded.


Nope just cause you can procreate is no reason to give you money. That’s called welfare.

Justin Beaver

TMZ just reported that Alan Thicke is Raven’s secret daddy. That proves that she is half Canadian, which is what I thought since I found out her eyes change color. That’s a Canadian thing. Even Canadian dogs do it. Raven is so cool, even when her mascara runs. Peace to all you out there.

So happy



Kinda corny, sorry.

Not Raven's Mom

God stop bringing Canadians up as having anything to do with that POS Raven. She’s 100 per cent Arkansas sassy in bred from her original ancestors who were on the Titanic. Somehow a brother and sister survived and great family was born. Maybe that’s the root of all the medical issues?

Not quite

Actually the brother didn’t survive… in order to carry on their superior genes and give scientists the opportunity to research the diseases only they have, he heroically knocked his sister up just as the Titanic sunk. Then his impregnated sibling floated to the shore using her dead brother’s body as both a food supply and a raft.

Not Raven's Mom

Haha like your scenario


If Raven was even remotely Canadian, she’d be living here and milking our healthcare system for all its worth. F#&k Raven.

jamy hosn

swear on your piece maker

This is so wrong

The biggest shock for them will be….
1 hearing boos in from the audience.
2 having Cody winning AFP.
Our best revenge for them being the worst cast yet is seeing their faces when they realize how disliked they our.


Cody Exposed. Search it on YouTube and see if you still want to vote for him.


Everyone vote for Kevin so we can watch Alex take her dump on the stage, could be the most entertainment we had all summer. Well since Jessica and Cody left with their bed shots.

Bad smells

Alex has an incredible fixation on feces. She wanted to defecate in Kevin’s bed(nixed by production)and then defecating on stage if Kevin wins AFP. She has probably had this issue since childhood.I can hear her now (as a child) telling her friends,”let’s go get in some Sh1t”!

Caca girl



Please don’t vote Kevin I for one would not like to see Alex shit


Haha she is going to lose her mind if Kevin wins. Instead of Tiger she will then be known as “Turbo”…Short for “Turbo sh*ts”.


“Alex says if Kevin wins AFP she’ll “Sh1t on national television””

Well, then the tv only viewers will finally see what a disaster of a person she is. She thinks she can win AFP?? Delusional!!

Kevin has burrowed under her skin & made a home there. She is obsessed with her hatred of him. The weird thing is Alex, he’s never done anything to you.


She wanted to take a shit in Kevin’s bed and DR told her she couldn’t so I guess doing it on live TV is the next best thing.

Alex loves shit

She’s obsessed with shit.

Ian's Lament

Paul saying that he is going to set up Matt and Raven if they come to LA. Where? In your mom’s basement with you?

watching since chicken george

Used to be one of my favorite summer shows sadly no longer. I will still PVR shows and after dark but will spend a lot of time fast forwarding or deleting. I usually come on this site to see if I should bother watching or not. I think it started going downhill with me on Frankie Grande season and the OTT on line for the first time with vet Jason was the worst until this Paul fiasco. I will probably tune in again next summer but if nothing has changed it will finally be time to tune out.


This whole cast is sick if anyone folds for Kevin to get America’s favorite player they don’t have live feeds
If Paul wins this game it’s because production gave it to him found the stupidest people they can find
For Christmas to see if she is a great player she’s delusional we are sick of seeing her broken foot ass still in this game she is a real cold hearted bitch
Raven is just plain nuts
Josh tried everyone has used him to their benefit
In my opinion Jason I wish was in final two he would win it because this cast knows Jason would win not only competitions but America’s favorite player they are dumping him

Min O'Pause

So everyone vote Kevin AFP so Alex shits herself on national TV!

Tetti Dew Korti

I hope Paul gets backdoored (on the show) and ends up in the jury because 1) I hate him and 2) I want to see him in the house with Cody. See how he acts when he knows Cody can’t get kicked off the show for fighting.


Paul volunteers to go up as a pawn knowing no one will vote him off. Expect the unexpected America votes Sorry Paul you have been evicted!

Min O'Pause

Kevin wins AFP, Alex shits herself and the audience pelts her with Depends.

I Have My Own Finger!

Xmas likes to finger JOsh when she berates him.


I have quit watching the show and I am now just getting updates here. Not that CBS needs my ratings but I can’t stand to watch the sugar coated version of this game anymore as I know how awful these people are. The stupidity is overwhelming! It’s going to be Raven, Josh and Paul. PAUL will take Raven to the end and that little scam artist is going to get money. So sickening! I wonder what Ravens family thinks of her edit as a big lier?

Thelma Lou

The BB19 cast can learn a lesson from the Andy Griffith show (Andy of Mayberry)

Andy thought he had a job as sheriff in another town and didn’t renew his application for re-election, and Barney was the sole nomination (Barney being the hapless deputy).

Andy didn’t get job, and would be jobless so Barney convinced Andy to submit a late application and the town folk to vote Andy, but when he realized every-one, including Thelma Lou, (Barney’s girlfriend) was voting for Andy he started bullying them, then he outed Andy as a bad sheriff….

Soooo, trying to make this short and sweet, Andy had a good rebuttal to Barney’s claims, and even Barney agreed he was voting for Andy…

Why can’t these people open their eyes to their own arguments as to why Paul should not go further? My whole adult life was driven by good financial moves, and handing $500,000 to any-one, even my best friend, when I didn’t have two $100 bills to rub together was not an option.

Worst. Season. Ever.

Ms. Krump

Yeah, but remember how it backfired every time Barney tried to do anything without Andy?

Jessica's Birth Control

I remember the episode When andy had a threesome with Aunt Bee and Floyd the Barber. Cripes those hillbillies are nasty!

Franks Fumes

Thelma Lou was way to hot for Barney….she wanted in Andys britches!

Jessica's Birth Control

There was a good episode where Andy was banging Emmitts hot girlfriend in a vacation cabin. Andy and the chick would sneak out for walks for a few hours and leave Helen and Emmitt pacing around the cabin wondering where they went. Andy had another 6 gun besides the one in his holster…


Well now we know what production has been feeding Xmas, “Paul has no chance of winning because he’s a vet”. Where are they living in the upside down, that’s why he WILL win if he gets there. Confirmation, Xmas is a production plant actively making sure that Paul makes it to the end. According to her reasoning Josh should take Paul and not her if he gets to choose at the end.


Paul has said this several times this season and these idiots believe him.


I hate this group but seeing how they are treating Kevin is really pissing me off. It was bad with Cody and Jessica but they could dish it out also, but Kevin thinks these idiots have his back and Alex is pure satan


Complete List of Raven’s Ailments, Lies, and Claims

From this article: https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/comments/6xrf6b/complete_list_of_ravens_ailments_lies_and_claims/

1) She is dying of two terminal diseases. She has been sick since she was 8 (or 15). One is Raven’s Disease, which is so rare only she and a family in Sweden have it.
2) She, her brother and her mother need a new pacemaker every year.
3) She can’t have children because her uterus is too small and one of her ovaries is fucked. She needs a hysterectomy, in fact her doctor was insisting she have one before she entered the BB house. She wants $25,000 so she can freeze her eggs.
4) She needs knee surgery.
5) She has arthritis.
6) She has endometriosis, which she says is a rash all over her organs.
7) She had to get four, I mean five stitches when she fell down the BB stairs. She was checked for a concussion, and hurt her elbow, butt, and head.
8) She has one, I mean two years to live.
9) Her mother’s gastro was activated when she gave birth to Raven, but her brother’s hasn’t been activivated yet he has it, and will need a new pacemaker every year.
10) She has a mutated chromosome 10. She also has the gene that will pass the disease on to her kids, but her brother doesn’t.
11) She had to get 11 stitches when a pair of scissors got stuck in her leg when she was taking out some trash. Her friend who is an RN stitched her up at her house.
12) She has had 8 surgeries.
13) She has died twice on the operating table.
14) When her pacemaker stops working she will starve to death.
15) She has had a concussion.
16) Every nerve in her body will die, and her organs will die.
17) Her leg muscles deteriorate every year, she can tell a difference in them just from last year. She hurts worse every day.
18) An iphone will turn off her pacemaker if placed on her stomach.
19) She (her pacemaker) will explode if she goes under 10 feet of water.
20) She was being scouted for the Olympics, but unfortunately around that time she shattered her growth plates.
21) She can’t eat steak or she will die. Well, she won’t die but she will scream for hours. But hamburger is okay. She can’t eat chicken. (Yet she does.) She doesn’t like milk. (Yet she drinks it all the time and eats ice cream like there is a famine.) She can’t eat hot dogs.
22) She has an inverted spine.
23) She cut her finger when frying pans were flying all around.
24) She says she broke her hand and walked around with it encased in a ziplock baggie for several hours, but then it was suddenly fine.
25) Her mother says her parents have sold their cars and boats and mortgaged everything they own to pay for their surgeries, but Raven and her brother are driving brand new cars.
26) Tragic burn to her chest while cooking.
27) Coffee table knee injury, while nursing a hand injury. Yet managing to hold on to her feed bag.
28) Chipped tooth. Yet pushing through it by scarfing overcooked hard cookies.
29) Open, gaping holes left in her stomach after her surgery, in which she could see inside her stomach. There was blood and pus oozing out. After her scissor mishap, she could see the meat in her leg.
30) She is suffering through horrible cramps and pain from her period, hers is the worst because of her disease.
31) Her brother will pass away quicker from the disease, because it hits men harder than women, doctors don’t know why.
32) Her grandparents carry the gene.
33) Her hair is going to fall out.
34) Raven’s mother’s kidneys are not where they are supposed to be.
35) Her body doesn’t produce enough progesterone, and her nerves from her other disease are infecting it, so w/o the really expensive cream she uses she literally will be in the hospital every time she has her period, screaming.
36) They keep her for hours at airports, she was crying because they thought she was a terrorist.
37) She had chicken quesadillas at Outback Steakhouse and spent two days in the hospital with food poisoning.
38) She was awake during a surgery because the epidural was in backwards.
39) Random head injury.
40) She almost didn’t come on the show because her mother was at the end of her life, she was so sick and facing multiple surgeries.
41) She stopped growing at age 13. Her disease stunted her growth.
42) There is only one doctor who specializes in Raven’s Disease and he is about to retire, other doctors say it’s all in her head.
43) She was told she could no longer dance but she ignored doctors and went ahead and danced.
44) The FDA (although she said earlier that the device wasn’t FDA approved) had a bad batch of pacemakers and hers shorted out.
45) She signed her life away to live. Her doctor can do whatever he wants to her, he can cut her open for shits and giggles.
46) When she was 8 a serial killer knocked on her door, but she didn’t answer it. The previous night a neighbor claimed to have seen a masked man peeping through her bedroom window, but neglected to call the police (probably thought it was one of her brothers), and didn’t tell them about it for several days.
47) She has thyroid problems.
48) She was dropped during a ballroom dance and hit her chin, which resulted in a concussion (I believe this concussion is referring to #15, but I will add it again just in case), a brain bleed, and seven stitches. And another scar.
49) She has now self-diagnosed salmonella in her finger.
50) She tells Paul her wrists are fucked. Paul says, “Welcome to my world.” One-upper completely ignores him, saying, “This knee needs surgery, so…”
51) Her bones are disintegrating as well as her cartilage. She needs surgery on everything.
52) One of her ovaries is smaller than the other.
53) She has Rough Kneecap Syndrome. She has to get them surgically shaved down.
54) Christmas mentioned her problem going up and down the stairs and suddenly one-upper gets anxiety when she is on the stairs.
55) She already gets mammograms because her mom had a cancer cell removed from her breast.
56) Raven (the virgin) lived with a guy who also has a rare disease and could have died any moment.
57) Raven’s mom almost graduated law school.
58) Raven’s mom set the college record in the entire state of Arkansas for the mile at 5:50.
59) She played softball, but when asked what position she mysteriously said, “I was on the team, let’s just say that.”
60) If she touches an electronic rat trap her pacemaker will go zap and turn off.
61) If she goes through a metal detector her pacemaker will turn off.
62) Her mom has been struck by lightning.
63) Her doctor in Sweden diagnosed Raven’s “Raven Disease”, although they have only communicated through email.
64) Raven and her mom are in Mensa. When Paul asked what her GPA was she said “dance”.
65) In three years her hair will be completely white.
66) She has lost weight in the house.
67) She had to turn down Cody’s aggressive advances, but he told her it was for the best anyway because she couldn’t have children. She has also had other guys tell her they didn’t want to be with her because she couldn’t bear their children from her prodigious bloodline! So then Cody had to satisfy his lustful urges by just staring at her breasts and making her uncomfortable.
68) She has broken every single bone in her foot during gymnastics.
69) She has trained for the Olympics.
70) When the Big Brother doctor saw Raven’s cut foot, he didn’t even know how he was going to stitch it up!
71) In the house she burned her neck with a curling iron.
72) Also in the house she has shut her arm in the aquarium, coughed many times, broken her wrist (but not really), hit her knee on a coffee table, got a scar on her chest from cooking, cut her toe, hit her chin, got a scar on her face, hurt her wrist again, in fact all she has won are scars! (The only thing she hasn’t had is sickness from gastroparesis…)
73) Some people with gastroparesis can cure it with the right diet, but hers is so severe, the “highest”, and hasn’t been named yet.
74) She has vertigo.
75) If she didn’t have a pacemaker, food would just rot in her stomach until she threw it up. She can go a week eating spaghetti, then wake up and suddenly hate spaghetti!
76) If she won $25,000 she said she would pay off her car. Matt had to remind her that replacing her pacemaker is more important.
77) She made a will at 14.
78) Whenever she cleans her ear with a q-tip, she coughs. There is a name for it and it is very rare.
79) When she hit her head and got a concussion, she was temporarily blinded in her right eye.
80) Her veins are so tiny that nurses leave her IVs in until they blow the vein. She has scars from the infections in all the blown veins. One time the nurses couldn’t find a single vein, so they had to take her to an ER doctor to get an IV in her.
81) If she does have children she will have to watch them die at a young age.
82) She has seizures. One recently was brought on by Matt’s tickles.
83) She has had her colon removed.
84) Her mother has also had her colon removed.
85) She’s a model. When asked the name of her agency, she replied, “Agency.”
86) Side-eye disease. (This came up when others said she is always giving them the side eye. She can’t help it, it’s a disease!)
87) Her “hair follicles” don’t grow because of her Raven’s disease.
88) She had family on the Titanic
89) She was born vomiting right out of the womb (which was a sign of gastroperesis)
90) She spent 7 days in the ICU as a newborn
91) When brought home after being born, weighed 4 pounds. Her mom had to dress her in cabbage patch clothing.
92) Raven’s mom has epilepsy
93) She has no cartilage in her knees
94) She has autoimmune connective tissue disease.
95) Raven’s mom is getting “full knee surgery” while Raven is in the BB house
96) Raven had to be catheterized for her kidney problems as a young child.
97) Raven had a seven inch needle shoved up her rectum as part of a treatment for something
98) Her grandfather is 85 and works as a jet mechanic. He works everyday to make sure her mom gets treatment.
99) Her mom sold everything so that Raven could be on Big Brother. ?????
100) She has hyperthyroidism but the medicine she needs to take would kill her.
I do not take credit for compiling the list, I just copy and pasted it from the reddit site listed above


Geez and I thought I had it bad. I have everything she has but I never had a 7 inch needle stuck up my ass. Guess I am just lucky. Lol


Wow, just Wow….


Her family also had a pet hedgehog with a nub for a leg

BB Fan

Okay I have a question. For BB Canada they hold casting shows in various cities across Canada. You can also submit on line videos if you can’t make it to one the casting cities. Is that no longer how BB US is cast anymore or is it just CBS recruiters picking people who have no interest in the show but have some kind of personal agenda to promote themselves. I don’t recall any of the Canadian players so far as having any kind of previous presence before the show. Of course other than a returning vet or a vet from different country. In those instances non made finals. Tim from Australia was the most like Paul in misting but he couldn’t pull it of in the end.


You can submit applications but you are more likely to be picked if you are desperately trying to build a social media empire and become a mogul.


When does the voting start for AFP? I can’t find it on cbs.com… Simon/Dawg will you do a poll for AFP just to see where people are at?

Kevin's back rash

Think Kevin has shingles on his back? I hope not. That would make one miserable man be more miserable!


My mother had shingles I would never wish that on anyone. To laugh at someone who maybe does just shows how despicable some of these people are. Shingles is a horribly painful condition that lasts far longer than the rash. All this friken talk about millenniums being the ignorant generation is bullshit. My daughter went for technical engineering degree had a lot of old school farts try to discourage her after three jobs and moves she is finally working for a company that respects her as an employee for herself. The problem with this season is not the age of the people but the attitude they have been coddled with. Sorry for the rant but I get so pissed at all this old school think.


LOL, I just noticed the cast photo of Josh in his red swim trunks……..dude is seriously sucking his stomach in.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Funny that Christmas thinks Paul is the biggest target. The only guy who would ever target him left weeks ago.

To be the biggest target, wouldn’t you have to be, well, targeted every once in a while?


Why would he be the biggest target if he can’t win because he’s a vet? I don’t think any of these people have any critical thinking skills.


Geez and I thought I had it bad. I have everything she has but I never had a 7 inch needle stuck up my ass. Guess I am just lucky. Lol


Alex is very,very,very pathologically ill! She needs professional help for the level of evil hatred she harbors! Where is her compassion? Kevin may have shingles and she is laughing? So cruel, very sad…appalling!


Is Raven proud of her disabilities? I don’t watch the feeds or the show (had to stop it was so bad) so I truly don’t know much about her. I just read the updates here and the impression I get is she likes the attention almost to the point of being proud of it. Is that y’alls impression?

Let me tell you, when I was 30 I got sick, fell apart and lost my job. I was tired all the time and had constant fatigue and bad headaches. I was working in a semiconductor test lab. I was in a good relationship. It was all going my way.

At first the Drs. told me I was depressed and tried to send me to mental health. It was ridiculous. Eventually I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and was put on disability. To this day I feel great shame having to depend on the fucking government for my survival even though it’s not my fault I got sick. I hate when I meet someone and they asked me what I do for a living. I haven’t dated in years because I don’t think anyone wants to be with a sick person.

My point is, I don’t go around saying look at me I have medical problems y’all, isn’t that cool. I actually try to hide it rather than showcase it. Granted my case is different from hers but still it’s not something I want the entire world to know about and I wouldn’t go on TV whether it’s a local TV spot or national TV. I don’t care is she is creating awareness.

It bothers me to think she might be an attention whore or worse. If she is overstating her illness or lying about any of it she’s just a disgusting person.

Just my opinion

I can’t wait to see Matt’s reaction when he learns that Raven is a big con-artist. I also can’t wait for Raven to read #ravenexposedparty on Twitter to see how much America hates her and has exposed all her lies.


*AFP= Kevin**AFP= Kevin**AFP= Kevin**AFP= Kevin**AFP= Kevin*
On Live Feeds – they are having a Labor Day bbq and playing games outside. All HGs are ignoring Kevin. He tried to converse a few times and gets shut down each time. Kevin is sitting alone while they are all playing a toss game having fun and he’s sitting alone. Power has gone to their heads. Paul, Christmas and Alex are the worst! Can’t believe I ever rooted for Paul. What a disappointment he turned out to be – as a human being he is a disgrace to humanity.
*AFP= Kevin*


Yoyoyo. Every time Kevin tries to be friendly they all accuse him of trying to be shady. I wish he would quit trying so hard and any time someone came near him tell them to get out of his space and f off.

Inverted Mensa

Wonder if Matt and Raven will still go to Sweden to meet the only other family in the world who has her fake disease? If he still believes her after the show, he’s a bigger moron than I thought. You could hear a pin drop when he walked out and told Julie what a wonderful player and person Raven is. The audience was not impressed and neither was I. I wanted them to boo him so bad for breaking the rules, but he’s not even worth it. Save it for Alex, they CAN’T clap for that tool. Girl is getting played like no other and STILL thinks she’s going F2. Or AFP…girl bye!! Talks about it all..the..time. Put a shirt on and shut the hell up!! This season sucks so bad I’m more interested in seeing them walk out the door and hopefully get booed than I am in watching them bash Kevin and make ‘big moves’. They truly think this is the best season ever. Bobby Moynihan must’ve been messing with them. It’s unbearable at this point, sheeple


Paul on the hammock with Christmas being miserable and complaining.
Paul said he got some personal news. How did that happen production!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe production told Paul how much he is hated on the outside!!! Wouldn’t that be great. Paul = Bully
Phony tears Paul…don’t buy them.

DIssapointed !!

CBS and BB should be furious, they probably spent a fortune building the set for the HOH competition just to watch the entire cast roll over and throw it to an invalid, Christmass.
Same with the ” Tree Of Temptation ” Paul ordered everyone to NOT take an apple and so they obeyed.
Has anyone noticed the lack of alcohol this season? Or no special trips outside the house, no interviews at the houseguests homes… it’s just been a DUD of a season… I know it’s been said before, but this is the worst cast ever , and the bad part is that Julie just dishonestly goes along with it, the difference between what the TV viewers and what really goes on is like two different worlds… All the tweets that they show during the program are sycophantic and positive….Please no more returnees! And Please, Please… More mature players .

Whistling sissy

I’m glad someone finally mentioned the tweets right before commercial. It’s like looking at the eclipse and know you’re going to go blind. I lose what few brain cells I have left, every time I read “aww Matt, there will be cereal in the jury hizzouse”, or “HOH, Christmas you deserve it!!!” Unfortunately, these dumb fucking lame ass tweets are the best part of the show.

Jessica's Birth Control

Xmas is running an interesting play here. She seems very aware of production so she may be
1-messing with allison grodner and has a plan to take out paul.
2- Or she legit believes she can beat paul in final 2.
I actually think she can beat paul in jury. If CBS does not edit her comments she could drop an A bomb and remind everyone that the game was rigged for paul. That he was being coached in the DR. That paul for 4 weeks of safety. That paul was a vet. And she had a broken foot and had to battle HGs and production to make it to final 2 and was using paul in her game. Count the votes. I think paul has also made a few mistakes in how he treated people going to jury. Jury management may be his undoing.

Cody- hates paul and will not vote for him given production the advantages.
Elena- hates paul and feels that he engineered her and marks eviction. emotional vote
Josh- xmas fixation. solid vote for his girl. realized paul played him. emotional vote
Jason- xmas. She voted put him up but she was upfront. he may feel it was paul double cross. And paul controlled the votes to evict. emotional vote
Kevin – will feel paul double crossed him. Used as a pawn. discarded by paul. Ignored by paul. He may believe he can cop a feel with xmas. Liked Jess and Cody and it could be his chance to F paul over all of the shit and bullying paul engineered.

Raven- Knew each other b4
Matt- will vote with raven to get an aftershow BJ from her
Alex- paul fan
Mark – xmas treated him like shit at the end. But then again he may feel targeted by paul. This was a tossup so I threw it to paul.

Kevin for AFP

I can’t stand Alex now. She is so disrespectful of Kevin and it’s so unwarranted! She calls him old man…well let me say she shouldn’t disrespect getting older…it’s a privilege denied to many.

Raven's Lies

about Raven’s rapid weight gain. It’s obvious that Raven hasn’t eaten so well (junk food included) in her whole life. The girl definetely is delusional and Her mom obviously has Munchausen by proxy

This girl is so far gone it’s going to be quite the task for BB pyschiatrists to bring her down to earth again, and I think they should separate her from her mother for the first few weeks to try and stabilize her.

Only person for AFP? I have no one else to vote for but ….crap…Cody…..That’s my Canadian vote. Some one in USA please send one for me!

Jessica's Birth Control

Okay so in pauls plan, he needs a 2-2 vote and xmas to break the tie to vote out jason. that way paul can say he and alex voted to keep jason. This helps paul earn jason jury vote and helps him earn alex’s trust in the game. A win win for pauls game So the votes have to go:

Alex- votes kevin out
paul- votes kevin out

He needs raven and josh to vote out jason and xmas breaks the tie. If raven or josh vote kevin out, then paul is screwed. Kevin goes and he loses a jury vote. He also has 3 women in the game. If the vote is 3-1, then pauls plan is screwed because jason will know paul did not vote to keep him. His only vote was alex. Now if he tries to tell everyone how to vote, they will all see that it is a move to benefit pauls game. xmas and alex could be pissed. and will start counting jury votes like josh. This could result in a josh blowup where he outs paul and reveals how everyone has been played by paul and paul has the jury votes. With a double eviction this could be similar to Paulies blind side last year.


Does Christmas really BELIEVE the rubbish she’s feeding Josh about Paul?? Is she really THAT dense??
Has she ever seen a Big Brother finale? Unless a finalist has committed a series of axe murders, the jury will typically put aside the old resentments and give the money to the person they think did the best job of maneuvering through the quagmire of moral and ethical dilemmas, while surviving the competitions. They tend to respect how hard it was to make it to the end, even if they think it should have been them. They’ve had time to reflect on their mistakes and (note to Matt) even if they have no love for the final 2, they vote. Cody and Jessica are only two “potential” votes against Paul, and no matter who stood beside him, that person would likely get their vote (s). The rest of the cult members are “friends.”
My point is this: Unless Paul is on the jury, and as the most admired by the HGs, whether I like it or not, he is a shoe-in to walk away with the big money. And unless somebody can think faster than Paul during the double eviction, he will be unstoppable. Further, if Josh has truly awakened from his nap, what must he be thinking in terms of his bond with Christmas??… What to do… what to do…


Sorry. Computer glitch. The above was me, Talker.


Gee, to hear Alex tell it, she was some sort of Angel of Mercy who swept down on Day 1 to deliver healing water to a decrepit ninety-eight year old man, er, uh, Kevin, who was left to die in the desert. How old does she think he is?? And does she know that somewhere, some kid is looking at HER and thinking how OLD SHE IS???