Josh – “If you want to go on TV, this is the most respected show to be on”

Power of Veto Ceremony Results
Paul used the Veto on Alex. Xmas nominated Kevin as the replacement. Jason and Kevin are on the block for eviction

9:23am Failed Coffee making attempted

Jason – this f*ing Coffee pot piece of F*ing sh1t
Xmas comments that it rained outside.

9:36am Everyone back in bed but Jason.

10:10am JOsh and Jason Backyard couch

JOsh tells him everyone in the house he likes even Kevin with all the shit he’s pulled Josh likes him. Josh thinks Kevin is a great person but in the house he’s not himself.
Jason – we’ll see
JOsh says he trusts tiger (Alex)

Jason goes one about how great Alex is at this game.
Jason – She’s really good.. I got luck.. you got lucky

Josh – no one knows how close we are.. if they can’t wind of it they’ll know instantly

JOsh – it’s going to be a rough week.. Kevin’s going up today and he’s losing his top
josh – do you think he’ll know he’s going
Jason – once he’s on the block he’ll know he’s going.. once Paul pulls one of us off he’s going to be like OHH SHIT..

Jason says Kevin will either blow up for a second then say f* it or be so upset he doesn’t say anything
Jason – i’ve been basically wrong on every turn this far (Actually you’ve been more right than Alex)
JOsh says Jason has been a real asset to the team

Jason goes on about Kevin caling Alex the puppetmaster..
Josh – it’s not true

Jason – everybody wants to be the boss but nobody wants to put the work in to figure out how to be the boss
Jason – I don’t mind being a worker.. That’s how I win.. I don’t quit.
Josh – in this house a lot of people try to discredit your intelligence
Jason can’t wait until the season is over so he can figure out “What people really are”

JOsh says Jason was one of the more entertaining people this year. JOsh sys Jason will be a favorite for America’s favorite Player.
JOsh adds that Kevin really wants to get it. Josh doesn’t care if he’s hated.

Jason – I got think I fully comprehended the size of this thing..
Jason – 3 days a week.. it’s an hour each time, that’s 3 hours a week that’s damn near a soap opera
JOsh – it’s it’s one of the biggest most successful running.. and I think the most respected
Josh – If you want to go on TV this is the most respected shows to be on.. (This may be the funniest thing)
Jason – I didn’t know anyone that watches Big BRother.
Jason explains then he started asking people after the casting process started.
Jason – everyone is secretly obsessed with it.
Jason says his neighbor he’s known for years, “I’m going to stand up on his wedding.. Ole is the ring bearer”
Jason goes on about how big of a fan this guy is and he never knew.
Jason didn’t tell him he was going to be on the show. HE told Holly to be there for the premiere and record his face when he finds out.

Josh tells him a “Secret” he’s a secret Superfan.
Jason asks him why was cameron voted out
Josh – he didn’t fit in, he was the odd man out..
JOsh says if he didn’t grab that Apple it would have been him evicted.

Feeds have been down for the POV Ceremony

Power of Veto Ceremony Results
Paul used the Veto on Alex. Xmas nominated Kevin as the replacement. Jason and Kevin are on the block for eviction

Josh, Paul and Jason talking about Kevin “going home”

Paul’s stupid floaty has a hole in it.

11:56am Kevin telling Jason he knows Alex won’t vote against him

12:10pm Kevin and Paul

Paul – be cool.. actually be a little not so cool
Paul – maybe be a bit worried
K – Yeah I’ll act worried I don’t talk to nobody..
K – She ain’t going to vote against him Paul
P – Doesn’t matter
K – Everybody else is
P – no more questions Kev please..
K – I’m just going to walk alright

12:19pm Josh and Xmas HOH

Josh – as a fan I see the game being played..
JOsh goes on about Paul’s game being obvious to him but since Xmas and Paul are his rock he’s going to stick with them
Xmas – we’re tripod

Xmas – [Paul] literally went to school to think this way
Josh – I would rather sit on the block over him.. it’s better for me to sit on the block
Xmas – it’s better I sit on the block
Josh – I have a stronger bond with the people in this house

Josh – as long as you keep me I’m safe on the block too

Xmas – worst case Alex wins HOH she’ll put up Kevin, Raven or me
JOsh says he can do damage control with Alex, “i can be like Tiger I have no one.. I will fight for you”

Josh – Alex thinks she’s this big mastermind player..
JOsh – what’s your damage control on her once we evict jason
JOsh – we can’t have the same notes
Xmas – I’ve been doing damage control for a week now.. girls power.. I’m amping all that up.. I’m riding that wave

Xmas says she can’t wait to hangout with Paul after this
Xmas – We’ll have so much fun it makes me so excited.. (She’s giddy 12:26pm flashback cam3-4)

JOsh says raven is annoying as f*
Xmas – if only she was chill
Josh – she told me she’s s great actress
Xmas says Raven is not going to go anything this season.
They think the Jury is going to be biter.
Josh – they’re all fans.. they’ll be you ruined my dream.

Raven comes up .. my headphones stop working

1:36pm Paul, JOsh and Xmas

JOsh – i’ve been thinking about what you were saying nobody will vote for us next to her (raven)
Josh – top 3 she will crank it
Paul – we’re kicking her out at 5
Paul – at 5 she doesn’t want to win that HOH .. I can keep pumping to her don’t win at 5 because we gotta play at 4
Paul – if you want me to take you to the end

Paul – she won’t want to win 5
Paul – it’ll be … and Kevin and if I can convince Kevin to throw it .. then it’s you two.. actually it’s best case I win this week
Josh – Ok I’ll win 5..
Paul says he doesn’t trust Raven
Josh – we can get in her ear
Paul – she’ll come after me and Alex
Josh is saying he’ll volunteer to go up as a pawn to make sure xmas and JOsh stay off.
Josh – we have the votes to keep me
Paul says they don’t have the balls toe taek a shot at him “dude”
JOsh – I don’t think she dose that’s worst case scenario.. we’ve never seen that girl in power we have no idea what’s she’s thinking

Paul says if Alex wins the veto next week they take out Raven
paul – I’m 100$ next week is BB comics

Paul talks about last year how he lost it
Xmas – I remember that

Paul – I thought this plan through it’s going to work..
Paul starts giving them some lines that he’ll throw out to Josh when they do the fake fight
PAul – what the f* brow
Josh – don’t say anything about my word..
Paul – no no .. I’m never going to do that..
JOsh – you’re a big guy a big man
Paul – trivial stuff..
JOsh – I don’t owe you an explanation
Xmas – i’m done fighting.. i’m done..

Paul says Alex goes next week.
Xmas leaves..

Paul tells Josh if he wins the next HOH he might put up Raven and Kevin .. That’s what he’s been selling Alex. She won’t play hard for the veto so they win it and take her out
Paul – if I put her straight up she’ll be like what the f*

Paul says he’ll explain to Raven that he’s been telling everyone he’s putting her up so if he doesn’t it’ll look weird.
Paul – even in the worst case scenario we’re voting out Kevin
Paul says when the vote comes out 2 to 1 against Raven she’ll think it was Alex and will go to Jury with that
Paul – you gotta really really focus bro… really focus
JOsh – yeah

Alex joins them..

1:49 outside..

2:47pm Jason and Kevin chit chatting about bulls
on the other cam JOsh and Paul playing chess

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Now what Paul?


It doesn’t seem that DR has told anyone about Thursday’s Double. I would really like to see it be a surprise and catch them off guard. But I still can’t imagine what kind of comp Kevin could win.

Jason is Cooked

I think I remember the houseguests talking about Thursday being a double eviction just the other night. I think it was Paul who mentioned it.

BB Fan

I think they were speculating if DR had confirmed Paul would have HOH POV NOMS all picked by now and everyone would know their parts.

Sick and tired

Unfortunately if he did win he will do whatever Paul tells him to do. It is literally unwatchable

Love it

Well played!

Paul's enemy

I can’t wait for Thursday! I really want to see if Alex still thinks Paul is all about their “friendship” after Jason’s eviction. Bye Bye Whistle!


Oh, she will! She’ll be convinced it was just Christmas and Jason that got him out.


Really good that it’s a double Paul will not have time to reel Alex back in. Hopefully she’s pissed wins HOH Puts up Paul/Xmas/Josh. Can’t stand the girl but would like her to screw up “the plan”.

Pauls Mist

Paul will probably cause a tie so even more blood will be on Xmas hands but she still will think Paul’s a saint smh

social experiment

Paul already said that is the plan, it is why Josh does not like it, Paul good guy, Josh bad guy. I think Josh should swirch teams and tell Alex the truth because she is the only one Paul is afraid of beating him in comps. Josh could be final 2 with Alex or out at 3 with Paul. And Josh could be link between Alex and Kevin. Go Alex, Jish Kevin against Paul, X and Raven, now that is a show Alex seems the better choice.


Plan is to tie it and Xmas vote out Jason so Paul’s good with Alex. He’s gonna say he didn’t know what Josh and Xmas where up to. That’s why Josh is pissed because him and xmas get the blame. Now I would love to see Josh go rogue i n the vote screw it up and blame Raven. Don’t think he has the balls to but that would be good TV.



I wish that Big Brother Production would give Jason or Kevin the Coup D’Etat.

With Jason and Kevin both knowing that they and everyone playing BB19 has been playing for Paul to win the game.

With the Coup D’Etat the nominations are changed to Paul and Paul goes.

Jason realizes and tells Alex “you have been my ride or die during this game … I trusted you … if I keep riding with you I am (in terms of my game) is going to die … listening to you almost got me evicted … Kevin is the only person that told me I was in danger of being nominated/voted out.”

Josh has voiced his concerns to Xmas and Paul — Paulmas continually dismiss Josh.

Hopefully Josh will see that in the Paulmas tripod – Paulmas was only using Josh to play the fool and “get all the blood” on his hands.

Josh/Kevin/Jason can work together (after Jason/Kevin and BB19 being saved by the Coup D’Etat) to take out Paul, Xmas, Alex, and Raven.

Josh/Kevin/Jason as F3.


These people commenting positively about Jason, don’t they know about his rape comments?


What happened to “Expect the unexpected.” A tree only one person used. Where’s the golden pov? And why does everyone say the trust Paul. Trust is earned and if someone, anyone would just compare notes they’d get Paul out. They really don’t care if they don’t win and go up on the block for Paul? What is Production feeding them?

Team Ahole


One of the posters said that Christmas works for Paul’s Mom. Do you know if that is true?

Team Ahole

Thanks Simon.


Raven and Paul know each other also but are keeping it quiet. Paul was asked about it and he denied it. Raven told Matt and the dummy didn’t even question it. There are pictures of them together. Sham


They don’t really “know” each other. From what I’ve gotten from it she just took a picture with him at one of his shows as a fan.

Butters Mom

She claimed to Matt that they were friends and that he was the only one she had revealed that to in the house.

Not Jason's Holly

I think I would have secretly popped all the floats they were wearing while they slept.


Take that damn float off Paul. Now Raven too with that…so juvenile and annoying.

social experiment

they think the more they wear them, the more they can sell them for on ebay…so Paul


Ohhhhhhhhhh!! I thought it was to distract from his odd shape.


Paul’s stupid floaty has a hole in it.
This is the best thing that has happened in the last several weeks LMAO the floaty deflated itself!

Yep Yep

The floaty self evicted couldn’t deal with these people!!!!


Today’s best comment

Jason is Cooked

I bet that floaty was a suicide. Anything to get away from Paul.


For a New York minute, I actually thought Josh was gonna tell Jason who the real puppet master is and fill him in on the reality of what’s really going on. And maybe just maybe, enlist his help in overthrowing Paul. Oh well – one can only hope.

Wasafanuntil this season

At this point josh not telling anyone what he figured out is stinkin like production interference….why they think viewers are goin to like rhis is beyond me and does anyone think that Alex will appreciate being pulled off the block?


Josh questioning Paul in the first place is production interference. “Hey Josh, how does Paul’s plan help your game, or does it just help his game?”

Production interferes when fans aren’t happy, like right now. Production isn’t going to interfere to help someone in the house that is hated by fans, it doesn’t make sense. They want to keep fans, not lose fans.


And yet they interfered by having everyone throw the HOH comp for Xmas, who everyone can’t stand. They just thought it would be funny to see someone with a broken foot win a sprinting competition. It wasn’t, it was just boring and made it hard to not throw things at the TV.


How was she even medically cleared for that comp? Not that she did anything but?


Probably because every houseguest told production they were going to throw it so they knew she wasn’t going to have to run, and told her if it comes down to it just hop!

In the running competition she can hop and be perfectly fine. The competitions that she isn’t cleared from are ones where she could literally fall off and damage her foot by landing on it. The whole competition is made to make them fall

social experiment

the HGswere,really clear all week that,everyone of them would throw the comp so why would,production pick that particular comp for that particular time unless they wanted that show and to help Paul


She didn’t need to get cleared, she could have hopped on one leg instead of running


No, Paul convinced everyone to throw the comp because they are THAT BAD.


Everyone throwing that comp was awful for the show, the fans and the history of BB. I’ve never seen all the HG’s ok with throwing a comp. Where’s the game play? Did CBS promise Paul last year the $ this season if he took Nicole to the f2 last year, so a female could finally win against a man, which had never happened in BB history? Nothing against Nicole, I’m just wondering because this season is ridiculous and unbelievable.


They are probably invested in Paul somehow financially so are doing everything in their power to make him a star. Plus, he sold his soul to BB and is willing to say and do whatever they say. It’s like when they had a houseguest be a mole a few seasons ago but more obvious.


They should have invested in Victor…


That is why they did not show it on the live TV show, they knew it would be terrible to end the live show with. So came up with excuse of rain. The plastic they showed look dry, with no puddles on it. How would Julie have narrated that joke of a comp? lol

Joel Cairo

Why even build the sets for the competition , or the temptation tree? Just tell production that ” we’re throwing it to Christmas , don’t bother building the set”


That’s BS, Production do in fact help certain HGs whether we like them or not. Remember Rachel Reilly? The season Rachel won, she got help from production more times than Paul this season, & America hated Brenchel. Production have always helped certain HGs whenever they wanted but since season 11 they’re making it more obvious then ever before, making that slogan “Expect The Unexpected” mean nothing, we as the “viewers” know it’s really “Expect The Expected”. Whenever Vets are involved in the game the “Twists” always benefited them more then the noobs. Frankie’s season the twists benefited him because of his sister Ariana Grande.


This show has been a scripted reality show. All they need is Heidi and Spencer to star on one of the seasons.


OMG they’re fighting over who is more loyal to Paul by saying they’re OK being on the block rather than their Master:

“Josh – I would rather sit on the block over him.. it’s better for me to sit on the block
Xmas – it’s better I sit on the block”

Are you friggin kidding me?


I’ll admit I haven’t seen every BB season. Has there been any other cast member who was worshipped like these house guests have worshipped Paul? I hate Boyz2men mostly bc he refused to play and gave up his game for Raven. Literally everyone in the house except for Kevin is willing to do this for Paul. I mean go on the block so he doesn’t have to? Throw a comp bc he wants you too? Can someone actually come up with a worse season?


Kevin threw the comp also and he didn’t even know what the plan was…he is the biggest Paul puppet…

Was a fan until this season

Serioisly? Have you watched the show? ( to person who said production wouldnt help a person who is hated ).
Of course production is going to help people in the house that are hated IF it helps their plan for what is going to happen. No conflict No game


“No conflict, no game”

There’s no conflict if everyone in the house is doing exactly as one person says. Your statement doesn’t make sense.

Was a fan until this season

For the person who said my comment no conflict no game made no sense :

We were talking about whether production would help a HG if they were hated and I said of course they would and do…the more polarizing a HG is for good or bad ( ie Josh for his pot banging , Alex for being mean as dirt Paul for being an officious little prick etc) the more production would help them because when they act up and create conflict the more reaction from viewers be it good or bad. So yes there has been conflict despite the fact they are all zombie sheep. That is what my statement was referring to.


Being hated by all is the same as being loved by all in terms of ratings since all the haters will still watch hoping for a downfall right up to and including finale


I wish Josh would throw his vote to Jason and blame Raven. Paul and Christmas get pissed and show their cards. Jason wins 2nd Hoh puts up Christmas and Josh backdoors Paul.


“Paul’s stupid floaty has a hole in it.”

Paul, needs.his “blowup doll” taken away.

Just me


Ian's Lament

At least we have gotten to the portion of the season where these idiots finally realize they have been played. Unfortunately Paul will tell them before the vote so we won’t get a true shock reaction. Thanks Paul for sucking all the life out of this season.


Before we give Josh too much credit, this fake fight Paul is planning is too get the rest of the house to put a target on Josh’s back..I think Paul knows that Josh might be on to him and that he needs to go


Remember meatball Paul thinks 10 moves ahead and you are volunteering to go on the block…you’re getting played


Xmas said that Paul was literally trained for this type of thinking/mind manipulation. Can someone tell me what his training was?


Production telling him, we got you this season…


Great line! Probably true too.


Paul has a double major in philosophy and political science from Peppedine. (How’s that for alliteration?) He does plan on being a lawyer. SsssssssSssss

Franks Fumes

Political Science and Logic Pepperdine University


I’m not giving Josh any credit.

I’m giving production the credit for getting in his ear.


Josh is currently saying he won’t go against Paul or Christmas until final 3 on the live feeds.


Hair bows, cat ears, inner tubes, tutus, pigtails, goofy hats, suspenders with shorts….
Spoiled rotten bad-to-the-bone adults that try to look innocent and childlike!

Team Ahole

Team Snowflakes.


Jason gross go to the jury looser

Our education system is failing us!

Before you call call someone a name (loser) learn to properly spell that word!

Spelling Police Police

Before you call someone out for a spelling error, make sure you aren’t repeating words (call call)!


Respectful? These people are stupid!!!! They don’t know what respectful is.


Gotta say, I was never a fan of comments comparing the cast to a cult and always thought the Charles Manson comparisons were a bit extreme.

But during last night’s episode, I truly felt like I was watching a cult documentary. It was eerie, watching every single person in the house, without hesitation, basically say “I trust Paul, and if this is his plan, I’m 100% on board.”

Even Kevin and especially Alex. These people don’t know what it’s like to doubt Paul. They’re all brainwashed beyond belief.

Wasafanuntil this season

Course if production is scripting or at very least directing what happens then they are just doin what they are told for a paycheque…their per diem


Don’t they realize only two go to the final? No one is questioning who his real ride or die is when he can only have one? Somehow they ALL think they’re going to be in the final with him?

social experiment

Paul’s first choice will be to not let anyone go with him, he will not take the chance of someone else winning, But second choice witll be Raven who he said never did one thing and will be happy with 50k. Read somewhere that Paul and Raven knew each other before the show and he did pro ise to help her raise money…voila, Raven F2


They’re not brainwashed, the show is just very scripted this season. They needed to give people watching something to talked about and to show something different. They run that competition every season but have never had not one race actually ran, so decided to go with that and see if it would get people excited about the show again. It didn’t.


“Raven comes up .. my headphones stop working” Simon, was that your headphones?

You’re hilarious!!!!!!!


Every single one of these idiots are absolutely starving for attention of any kind. They are all pathetic wannabes . Just delusional. I can’t wait for the reality to set in on what fools they are and what public opinion really is.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Where the CBS audience is not allowed to ‘boo,” hopefully they will be DEAD SILENT when Raven is evicted. I want that trailer trash out of the house so bad.


I really don’t understand how they can enforce no booing

Team Ahole

By putting employees in the audience.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I agree Carrie. However people who come on this website who have been in the audience before have said the audience is told they aren’t allowed to boo. I don’t think it’s right. I think dead silence for Raven would be awesome anyway. I’m betting her bum of a family won’t be in the audience. They know how America not only feels about Raven but about their entire family.


Audience full of CBS employees.

sunny dee

they are going to be gutted when they hear the cheers for jason, that’s for sure because i bet they heard the lacluster reception when matt was evicted.

Ravens inverted spine

It’s too late for Josh. Guy figured it out but looking at who’s left he still is better in this spot.

Let’s say he tells whisle the plan. Let’s Paul vote for Kevin and then flips and votes against Kevin as well.

Kevin goes. Now his team is Alex Whisle and him. They are going to take each other to final two. He boxed himself in.


Would hate to see Kevin go. However, if Josh does team up with Jason and if Josh/Jason/Alex are willing to form a strong alliance with the determination to take out Paulmas — great.

Kevin can wil Americas Favorite Player – and leave the torture of BB19 with 50,000 plus stipend.

Viewers can watch Josh/Jason/Alex take out Paul (hopefully during the double). Next, Josh/Jason/Alex can take out Xmas and Raven.

Someone please blow Paul's game up

Flipping on Paul could possibly earn Josh America’s Favorite and a little goodwill when he gets out. As it is now he will get no respect… and that includes self-respect after he watches this season and goes online.


Glad to see Paul’s floatie can’t stand being around him!! At least the floatie had some sense to get off this loser season.
Josh I am happy to tell you, you probably can get a job anywhere, as the “Town Idiot”. To know what is going on and still be fine with it…………… are no fan of BB.
Watching only one person play this season stinks!! Especially Paul………..he just is not entertaining, holding up your finger is not amusing!!


I was thinking the same that they will tell Jason before eviction so the surprise factor will be non existent. Hate they do that now. But. There are still a few days for josh to freak and end up telling jason everything. So there is that.

Jake K.

This season is just like Survivor One World. A cast with tons of potential but all of them too blind to realize the one person playing harder than the rest. And unfortunately just like that season of Survivor, this season will go down as one of the worst. Paul is playing just like Kim. Doesn’t mean I still don’t love every minute of this show, but I’m surprised CBS didn’t take note after Survivor One World years ago and how one player taking so much control can really bring down a season.

At this point I want to see Paul steamroll them all so I can see all their dumbfounded faces on finale night.


I think they’re all resigned to giving the win to Paul.

They appear to be mentally ill.


Paul is not playing hard, he is just saying the lines that he is getting fed for the cameras. Production is the puppet master, Paul is just their bitch boy.

Welcome to the most scripted season in BB history. I guess it had to be known for something, or it would have been completely forgetable. BB saw that they casted a bunch of duds and are trying to do everything they can to make it watchable. I don’t blame them, they are just doing their best to do damage control when they realized that if left to themselves the houseguests turn into a pack of rabid dogs.

Survivor One World was creepy, but it was real creepy, not scripted creepy. They aren’t acting like cult members, they are just acting like people who have no business being on television.


I thought the survivor where Boston Robb finally won was the worst season on survivor. Returning player with a bunch of star stuck groupies. Was extremely cult like.

Finale night faces

They will all be smiling ear to ear finale night because their bestie Paul won. That has been their mission this entire season! Friendship!!! Excuse me while I go vomit now!

Team Ahole

Yeah it was sickening listening to how excoted they are to hangout with Paul after the show.


Tremendously HUGE move. I was taken aback.

Totally, totally, totally UNEXPECTED!

It’s obvious that these players have all been playing possum … and are now preparing to strike. Prepare to be dazzled by the Big Brother ninjas!!

… or not.

Justin Beaver

Raven is so cool. I think she must be part Canadian.

Suddenly Glad Nicole Won

Please don’t insult us Canadians like that, thank you ??


All the dumb Trump voters, they got played worse than the HGs. BTW, this is a Canadian site.


Take politics and shove it straight up your butt. No one cares.

Team Ahole

Maybe all the snowflakes should go to Canada so that you won’t melt so fast. Although I’m sure Canada doesn’t want you either.

This season can still be a success as long as Paul loses.

Paul's Beard

Hey, it’s not cold here all the time! Going to be close to 100 this week. Get to know your neighbor to the north.


Then why are you bringing up politics from the U.S?




dont u dare defile us canadians with that disgusting statement even if its in jest


The way they treat kevin is gross


Watch out Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, Raven Walton is in town. The great actress?? Give me a fucking break. Raven the WHORE needs a reality check real soon.


The floaty committed suicide


This is the most intense surprising season of all time!!! I never know what is going to happen and I am always sitting on the edge of my seat! My fingernails are all but gone…just 10 bloody raw stumps left…i wish i had an inverted spine ..then at least I could start biting my toenails…but for now i guess i will start biting my dog’s nails!!

What The Hell happened to BB?

I have been watching BB since the first season and frankly this season is THE WORST ever. These people are lame, despicable, trash, rude, and darn right nasty. CBS needs to find more reasonable and less vile people to fill in the blanks here and go back to what the show used to be. fun and enjoyable. The last HOH was a joke and a pure insult to past cast members and viewers of this show. Really people? Disgusting!

No more BB vets, please

Paul’s presence on the show ruined this entire season for me. I was extremely disappointed when Paul first appeared as the consequence for Kevin taking the $25,000 temptation.
I hope BB Production doesn’t play this dirty trick on us again in the future.

Mag hopes ravens munch mom gets outed

It’s a good thing that Arkansas Adult Protective Services has at least s few weeks to get a case file going t o put her into protective custody from her mother when she gets our. She had proven that being away from contact with mom, has showed the world that she had no illness. She eats everything , everything that is bad for someone with dietary needs and apparently without consequences ·we may be able to save her since she is so young. Just need psychiatric care to keep mama munch away from her. Raven might eventually be able to make something of herself if she is completely separated from mama munch. We can pray for a medical for her to see her mothers done this to her but still have to deal with the mom taught compulsive lying. Maybe we need a team of APS agents to manage her after the shop. There might be hope


Raven is an adult.. Protection Services won’t get involved, sadly.


Raven could be the biggest liar on reality show history.

Jessica's Birth Control

so much for xmas big game moves. Kevin goes up and alex comes down

alex is now indebted to paul for saving her
kevin is indebted for paul for saving him
raven is indebted to paul for keeping her out of this cluster
jason likes paul for putting up the real target – kevin
And when jason gets voted out, jason and alex blame xmas and josh for a double cross!
Cmon kevin wakeup! You know there are people making plans, but you are completely excluded from the conversations. Get with josh and raven and start comparing notes. dumb asses


I have a feeling that Production is just as shocked as we are that this season turned into “Big Paul”. Not saying that they didn’t give him advantages and probably wanted him to win. But I think they really thought they picked a cast that would give him a run for his money. They cast people who were extremely smart (at least career-wise) – Cameron and Dom. A few superfans who supposedly know the game – Josh, Ramses, Jessica, Mark. Strong male competitors – Cody, Jason, and Matt (who proved to be a disappointment). And two strong females – Alex and Christmas. Plus a few characters for comic relief and filler – Kevin, Elena, Raven and Jillian. On paper, it looks like a pretty good mix. Problem is, the “smart” people went home early. Quickly followed by the “superfans,” with the exception of Josh who has finally figured out Paul’s game, albeit too late to save the season.

I agree the cast had a ton of potential and they made a mistake bringing back Paul. I really think Production (and Paul) are shocked at how gullible and sheep-esque they truly are. It really is a study in cult formation and has been both an eye opener and a disturbing display of mob mentality. Hopefully, lessons will be learned from this – not just for the cast and Production, but viewers as well.

sunny dee

they are going to be gutted when they hear the cheers for jason, that’s for sure because i bet they heard the lacluster reception when matt was evicted.


Cody, Mark, and Elena all got loud cheers… the houseguests didn’t care.

sunny dee

one of the main problems is the superfan fanboy reaction to paul obviously, but in addition to that is the fact that in his own season he was actually someone who made a promise and stuck to it and followed thru when he could, and remained loyal, but whatever he did he got suckered. so they are basing their interaction with that paul, not based on what he is doing this season. they can’t fathom the idea that he might change his approach, so it has really enabled him to change his approach. each of the pairs/groups have consisted of a newb to the show and a superfan, so the supers are convincing the non supers that paul is 100
% with them and reliable and believable, even tho the non supers are saying it is all too good to be true.

supers can’t imagine a world where paul treating them special and might also be doing the same schtick to everyone else, because when it comes to this kind of thing, everyone wants to be ‘special’.

what they should have remembered is that the solo vet that entered the house for the OTT BB also remained in the house through the whole season, and ended up F2.

Turtle Toots

Did they ever catch the rat? (I don’t mean Paul)

Brontë's Zen

I really don’t want to live in a world where Josh Martinez is the winner of BB19.


What if Raven wins…


It’s Ragnarok! I wonder if Raven is going to have a line of creepy clown dolls…they can drop dead at random and you can use the special hand towel to wake them up!


Isn’t Christmas handy car the funniest thing when you here it squeekie squeeki on the show. So funny.


The rat is hiding in Christmas handy car. Squeeky squeaky squeeky


These people are so disrepectful I actually don’t know anyone that watches it anymore. Several stopped because they were tired of CBS not holding any of them accountable for their actions from the constant swearing, the bullying and even Matt not following the rules shocked they didn’t step in and do something.
Hope the ratings drop for them and We can do that by all bounding together lets show them we are tired of this bs.


Ok I’m going to say something that will be a bit unpopular…BUT…

If you watch the feeds/BBAD, the show WILL be predictable. Being a BB fan, I watch the feeds, and I am resigned to the fact that I will already know what is going to happen on the aired show.

Writing AG is not going to do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leak these things to TMZ to get even MORE attention. Do you think she will sit and read those letters? The more you write letters, the happier the producers will be!! Before you watch the feeds, there IS a disclaimer stating that it is a live show and some things may not be suitable for all viewers…they are covered! The most controversial shows that are constantly being talked about are some of the most successful. If anything comes out of writing them (which I highly doubt) it will be to shut off the feeds and they will edit the show however they see fit and no one would know any better, just like any other show. Either way, I’m sure AG doesn’t give a rats A$$ as long as people are watching/talking about BB.

Lowest Common Denominator

Simon, did you ever think Josh would have the kraken bottle of hope?!

BB Fan

This has been the most boring season ever. No one’s playing the game except Paul and he sure knows how to pull the strings. And it doesn’t hurt that there are a bunch of followers playing the game. I can’t wait for them to get rid of Alex. I think she’s a nasty little twit. I hate to admit it, but Paul deserves to go to the end and I hope Kevin is sitting next to him. I just think he’s a real nice guy.


I didn’t think this was possible, but a year later, i wish more than ever that Paul had taken James to final 2. He would have won and they probably wouldn’t have brought this little sh*** back. I have seen this show from the beginning and this is by far the most despicable human beings that have been cast at once. This year’s “gameplay”=recurring incidents of harassment, usually in the form of multiple people ganging up on one person. Do these people have an ounce of humanity left in them??? I find myself laughing at the show for all the wrong reasons. This season may singlehandedly kill the series. Get ready, the Big Brother Apocalypse is coming. #RIP


Everyone is commenting that this is the worst season.
Did anyone watch BB Over the Top – the online BB last fall?
Those were the most disgusting people on this universe. Beside all the burping, farting, picking their noses and wiping them on the chair, and not washing their hands – they were cruel and spoke horribly. Jason and his gang were horrid.


What if no one watched the show and only read these updates, Ratings will go down and CBS will have to do something about this mess we have to watch. Hopefully the CBS brass read these posts because what they are showing really sucks


It’s feel weird that the person that I want to win is the person who I dislike the least……and today that is Kevin. It’s not that I don’t like Kevin, I just wish he would stand up to these people. That was the one thing I liked about Jess and Cody – They stood up to them. I hated seeing Mark, Elena and now Kevin bowing down and apologize to these people……


I’m betting these people will show up at the jury house singing Paul’s praises. Christmas, Raven, Alex and Josh have asked for daily testosterone injections so they can grow a beard and emulate Paul.