“The remnants of the girl’s girls.. three in the city” ** updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

The Situation

Michael will be using the veto to nominate Kyle and Daniel. Daniel is the target. The leftovers appear to be solid once again. I wouldn’t say Daniel being evicted is set in stone there is always a chance Kyle will spiral out and get himself evicted.

11:55 pm Alyssa and Michael
Alyssa is saying MOnte hasn’t said a word to her since AMeerah left. Mentions how she heard he didn’t want the veto to be used last week because he wanted her to be evicted.
Alyssa says she would support Michael if he didn’t use the veto and she’ll support him if he does use the veto and puts Daniel up.
Alyssa about Monte “He’s a big threat”
Alyssa says if Monte goes to Jury he would vote for Joe to win because Joe is his “boy” whereas Daniel is more about the game “He’s game-oriented… and Nicole was too”
Alyssa – I appreciate people who know the game and want to play it
Michael – Same
Michael – everyone sees how big of a threat Monte is. Things are lined up right now potentially. Do we get a shot like that again?
Alyssa – I don’t think so look at the numbers

Michael says his options are to leave the nominations the same or put up Kyle/Monte. He’s not putting up Alyssa’s group or Jasmine. Says that It’s jasmine’s father’s birthday next week and he wants her in the game.
Michael – if it stays the same we have 8 total people voting we need a minimum of four that’s a shot I cannot miss.
Alyssa – Jasmine, Indy, Myself, Kyle, Daniel, Brittany.
Michael – Brittany would be on board if I said I was on board

Michael – if it was Daniel and Kyle where do you think votes will fall then? I don’t want to put Kyle in a spot where he goes home on my HOH.
Michael – The votes to get out Monte would also be the votes to keep Kyle?
Alyssa – I would think so, Me, Indy, Jasmine, and hopefully, Brittany.
Michael – I think she would
Alyssa – Taylor wants Daniel out..
Michael says if Monte wants Kyle out Joe will back him on that. “Would Terrance go with that you think?”
Alyssa – probably

Alyssa – whatever you decide I have your back. I’m excited for you you control this week and it’s an opportunity to make a big move whether it’s Daniel or…

12:10 am Kyle and Michael
Michael says from Alyssa’s perspective she has a reason to want Monte out over Daniel “it makes sense why she would pitch that”
Michael laughs that Alyssa kept saying she had Jasmine and INdy’s vote “So for not getting along very much they seem awfully certain where they are voting”
Michael laughs again and says INdy told him she’ll support his decision as long as it’s not Alyssa or jasmine.
Brittany joins them.
Michael – Alyssa does have valid points for saying she wants Monte out, Monte lied to me, didn’t fill me in, He put me up, Daniel said in front of the whole house that Monte was trying to get me out and he never came to me and said that’s not true after.
Brittany – she’s the remnants of the girl’s girls.. three in the city
Kyle – That sets my mind at ease I was freaking out about that other alliance that Monte and Joe have with their plan B. I think with this week that’s just .. with today that destroyed that whole thing. If we can solidify the trust with you using the veto taking them down that will build trust. If I go up and Daniel goes home that will solidify the trust more it’s not Taylor being the pawn it’s one of the MAIN Characters being a pawn.

Michael – Terrance tried to throw the veto to get Monte out there goes trust with Monte.
Brittany – next week Michael you can’t play and I have 6 stitches in my knee
Brittany says it would suck if Monte and Joe take their shot next week. “We had the chance, we had the whole house on board it would have been the easiest thing ever we didn’t take it and Monte/joe decide to switch on us and get us when we were super vulnerable”
Brittnay – the whole house would follow them on getting us out.

Kyle asks if Michael got any indication on who he would like to work with down the road out of the non-leftovers.
Michael – I think they are all together as it crumbles I think I would gravitate towards Alyssa the most. Seeing how Terrance and jasmine completely throw Monte under the bus after the first chance they get.
Kyle – which is crazy monte and Joe were vouching for Terrance HARD.. no we have him he’s our guy he’s solid with us. NOw for him to flip so quickly and easily especially when he doesn’t have the numbers and is in a risky spot.
Kyle – his game right now is to suck up to the alliance stay under the radar let us pick off two threats
They’re all supersized Terrance threw Monte under the bus they thought Terrance and Monte were close.

Brittany says if the girls to Terrance try to persuade Alyssa to get Kyle out hopefully that will be the final straw where Alyssa is WTF “She’s not going to vote you out.
Brittany – I can see the girls though wanting to convince her she’s way more valuable to them without you You have all of us and you have her.

Taylor and Turner join them.
Michel goes over parts of his conversations with Alyssa where she had reasons to want Monte to stay on the block. She kept saying she had “Me, Indy, and jasmine” as votes.
Michael – confirms everything for me.
Brittany – the remnants of the girl’s girls. Did you know the original name was six in the city
Michael – that’s genius I love it.
Brittnay – INdy came up with it it’s pretty good..
Feeds cut when we’re back they are downstairs..

1:50 am There’s been a lot of chit-chat going on in the backyard.

1:42 am Kyle and Monte
Kyle – Terrance threw the veto to keep the noms the same.
Kyle – Alyssa, Terrance, Daniel, Indy, and Jasmine went up there and pitched the same thing. they came to me and said you need to do it to
Kyle – Alyssa was just weird I went to say goodnight.. I wonder if it got back to her that we are all like what the hell is this? it’s insane bro. Michael is taking it all in getting as much information as he can. That five is still really tight.
Kyle – they are going so hard to keep the noms the same what will they do when Michael takes you down and puts me up? Are they going to start coming after me to keep Daniel?
Monte – maybe, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised there’s not a lot to incriminate you on. with me they have everything
Kyle – HOH
Monte – exactly
Monte says the other side doesn’t operate on trust they operate on fear, “They fear me, they fear you and Michael”
Kyle – it’s so sloppy
Kyle goes on about how solid of a group they have.

Turner joins them.

They talk about the other side still being united. They are glad they snagged Michael up when they did.
Monte about the other side “The way they are playing is so sloppy. Textbook not how to play Big Brother”
Kyle – we have a day and a half before the veto ceremony and they are bugging about it. Don’t think this will get back to me and Monte?

Kyle says if this is the “gameplay” the other side has then they made the best play getting out Ameerah and Nicole.
Kyle – I can’t believe Indy and Terrance were so quick to turn on you.
Monte – it’s a survival tactic too. No offense it’s a game. indy loves to play this ‘my Loyalty is everything if you and Joe every f** me over my friends are going to come after you … all this bullsht’
monte – low and behold she goes up there and throws my name to the dogs.
turner – Terrance does this whole thing my word is my bond .. Jasmine does the whole I’ve never lied to you. All three of them play that weird thing whatever that is. it’s transparent. Bro..
Kyle mentions how daniel is saying “I really need the money I want to make it to jury”
Monte – isn’t that a rule violation?
Turner – that’s uncomfortable
Kyle – I told him you can’t say that it’s like a pity thing.
Monte- he stooped that low.
Kyle – did he tell Michael that?
Turner – yeah
Kyle – even after I told him
Monte – this is the wild wild west gentleman.
Monte points out how big of a target Michael is having won so many competitions.

2:30 am Indy and Joe
Talking to the camera.
Joe is going on about running out of “Hoodies, Tank tops, and sweat pants”
Indy wants bikinis because Big Brother took all hers before entering the house.

2:46 am the guys can’t sleep.

2:47 am Joe, Turner and Monte
Joe – they are coming for you
Monte – that sucks we had hope for Indy.. Terrance too..
Joe – whatever we have left with Indy is through me.
Joe – Jasmine came up with the whole idea. That broke my heart.
Joe – we don’t have as much pull as we thought with Indy and Jasmine
JOe – It will probably have to be Daniel this week, and then Alyssa.
Monte- At this point, the order doesn’t matter.
They talk about how surprised they are with Terrance Joe points out it was Taylor and Monte that would vouch for Terrance.
Joe – Terrance might have to be next.
Joe – Kyle is going with Alyssa and indy. It equal outs the votes

Joe now says if the festie bestie is still happening it has to be Alyssa next or Indy but Alyssa is the bigger threat.
Joe says Alyssa and Terrance are tied for their threat level, “they will take a FAT hit on us”
Joe – Terrance clearly has no problem taking a hit on you and me like none
Monte – he wasn’t even going to let my black ass make it to jury
Joe – he really tried. they regrouped pretty well.. this is a decent move. It would have taken just Taylor or Brittany switching.
They agree if Indy/Jasmine win HOH they would go after Taylor and Brittany.
They go about the next target. If Festie bestie is over nominations would be Terrance/Alyssa if not it would be INdy/Alyssa
Joe called to the Diary room. Michael joins them.

Michael – I guess you’ve been filled in with everything that happened.
Monte – everyone is on board with keeping the noms the same and me being the main target.
Michael – yes
Monte – Daniel tried to throw out that he needs the money.. which is not legal it’s breaking a rule
Michael says Jasmine was the first one that came up and said she had the votes to take a shot at Monte.
Michael – Terrance came up afterward.. same thing he had Indy, jasmine, Alyssa, and Daniel’s vote
Michael – funny how you both came up back to back with the same plan.
Michael – indy came up later .. She was hinting around it.
Michael – Alyssa came in she actually had reasons. Saying you lied to her before the Ameerah vote.
Michael – I can’t believe how pro-Terrance you have been. Part of me wishes that Terrance was the bigger threat than Daniel..
Monte – the way they play is so bad
Michael says the other side had a bad pitch they wanted him to join their group of 5 so he can take out Monte for them.
Michael – all this is happening to save Daniel of all people
They agree the plan is the same get Daniel out. Monte and Turner head to bed.

3:35 am Zzzzz

9:09 am zzzzz

10:22 am houseguests getting up for the day.
Daniel gives a shoutout to his friend who made the game Planet Flipper
Daniel – there’s a chance I can stay. Michael is a great player he’ll keep his mind open to hear everyone out. There’s a possibility tomorrow the nominations stay the same.. so hopefully.. I don’t know we’ll see.
Daniel is called into the diary room


Taylor enters the backyard. “and the hammock is in the shade WOW”

10:30 am Taylor ALone
Taylor – Keep Daniel another week? no there’s no way.. We’re getting rid of Daniel.
Taylor – the only way I keep him in this house is if I know I will win the next HOH and put him up on the block myself
Taylor – there’s no way in HELL NO WAY I keep him
Taylor – I would rather go on the block and preferably send Indy home than keep noms the same and send Terrance home.
Taylor – that sh1t was crazy.. trying to get me to get rid of Monte..
Taylor says she’s not going to evict Jasmine “I’m here to reward black women for playing well I can’t evict another one I can’t do it”

10 49 am Jasmine and Taylor
Jasmine – if noms stay the same how do you feel about that?
Taylor- that would be WILD. Th eonly two upsides I see with that he goes and I have a chance to take out Daniel myself.
Jasmine – and we have another target in this house for you to take out. He’s (Daniel) alone who does he have?
Taylor – the house has always wanted MOnte out I wanted Monte out.
Jasmine – when would we have a better time? he might win another HOH.
jasmine I just want whats best for Michael.
Taylor – I need to think about it.. it’s very very appealing to me
Jasmine – Monte?
Taylor – mmmhmmmm
Jasmine – I’m so surprised you would be ok with getting Monte out
Taylor says she wanted Monte out since the beginning. “There was never a love connection that the powers that be expected. There was never a real friendship connection from the jump”
Taylor – The second I walked in and saw Monte I thought.. these mother f**8ers I know what you are doing here (He looked like her ex)
Taylor – I’m surprised you don’t want Monte in Jury
Jasmine – who me? he’s no good for me.
Taylor – I think he’s good for everyone in Jury.. He’ll be a fair jury he’ll be chilling in the house
Jasmine – I don’t know..
feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Jasmine – from what I can see he’s very honest and very.. it is what it is.
Terrance joins them.

10:52 am

11:03 am They’re checking out the trees..

11:24 am Taylor and Michael
Taylor says Jasmine did her pitch again on her. She adds that Daniel still won’t give her any names of who he will target if we won HOH.

Michael starts running through scnerios Kyle Vs Daniel “Worst case 5 to 4”
He’s running through some scenarios next week if Festie bestie’s is still around. Says the best case is if the Boys group (Joe, Monte) wins and takes a shot at the girls (indy, Alyssa) or vice versa

11:40 am Indy “happy SUNDAY everyone”

12:10 pm Flirtmance

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un autre nom

did this happen?
Did Kyle say that he went to the D/R and begged them not to let him go on the block… but he can’t talk about it.


I don’t remember hearing that when I was up again and they were finally going to sleep

un autre nom

It was from earlier. When Kyle was in HOH. I think Turner and Michael were there, not sure about Britt.
I disregarded it at first. Then later thought waitaminute….
I couldn’t find it when i tried to check back.
That’s why I’m asking if it happened.


WHAT? are you serious? I didn’t see that.

I did see him tell people in the HOH room that a “main character” would be going on the block this week not Taylor — like seriously WTF is that?

His face tonight was so telling. His eyes were wide & showed panic. He kickstarted this process by planting seeds early they should keep noms the same & take out a big target. He spoke to Dan about it & introduced it early in the process to Michael along with the intention to create his bizarro white cult alliance.

Unfortunately, nuance is NOT a word or action the NON-Leftovers understand or appreciate.


What he meant is there’s an “inner” alliance = Monte, Kyle, Joe & Turner. The others were brought in to form The Leftovers.


Questions for this new day: 1) Will someone be blindsided by whatever decision Michael makes 2) Will Jasmine stop hiding snack food 3) Will the ants as a colony add to the Houseguest mischief and move Jasmine’s hidden food around 4) Will someone ask Turner where he got the ‘60s hippie glasses from 5)Will Joe make a decision that will make Indy become his stalker when they are out of the House

Sonya McCray

I want Taylor to win

Keri Helen

Wellllllll 1) Leaning towards yes and I hope it makes people sweat 2) Not in this life 3) Fingers crossed they actually gain enough strength from eating her hidden snacks to pick her up and move her straight out the house…just carry her to the diary room door, ring the bell, and March on through with her and don’t stop until you get to the outside world and drop her in an Uber 4) I know I’d like to know 5) Fairly confident he already has so if he has a pet bunny I’d recommend that bunny go into some sort of witness protection program.

It's me


It's me

I want Turner to win


Why on Earth wouldn’t they take Daniel out or at least Ratty Lazy Boy?


I’m glad Evil Elvis is still leaving.

Alyssa needs to go soon.

Her problematic man can go a week after…

They can fuck like horny rabbits for a week straight which is what they really wanted anyways.

Maybe when Juror # 3 comes they will have broken up.

Hopefully BB sterilizes the jury house before Juror # 3 shows up because Lord knows if you went around with a black light it would be popping..

indy's gross mammeries

No matter what move michael makes, whether he uses the veto or not, or which alliance he chooses to align himself with, he still has a footlong target on his back. He will be a target no matter who wins HOH next week, cause brittany sure isn’t going to win it and she as HOH would be the only one who would ensure michael’s safety.


I think Taylor would protect Michael on her HOH. Maybe she would take out Jasmine (puhleeze).

Game fan

Taylor says she’s not going to evict Jasmine “I’m here to reward black women for playing well I can’t evict another one”
she wont..maybe just because of the twist // but if it ends she would try and protect her
but i agree she would keep michael safe


Playing well????? Jazzy????? Wake up…..she would have sent you packing!

Palm Oil's Meds

I think Taylor needs to accept the reality that the black people this season are nothing like last year’s Cookout. They hate her. Jasmine literally put her on the block.


For a more interesting gameplay, Big Mike just needs to leave the noms the same & vote out Terrance, while the others are thinking they are voting Monte. At least there would be some interesting gameplay instead of let’s all just vote out Daniel. That would be lame.

Not Jasons Holly

I was coming here to say this, too!

I don’t like the idea of Daniel staying, but would be great to have another blindside! How can these people be this dumb to keep asking to be put up or to stay on the block? They are slow learners, for sure!

Palm Oil's Meds

No, Daniel and Kyle on the block will be interesting. Daniel will blow up Kyle’s game to the house. And Kyle will be in manic mode. Paloma 2.0

Rachel not Rielly

Kyle is very quickly becoming less and less likable. I still feel the smartest for Michaels game would be to get rid of Daniel. But out of all the leftovers kyle needs to be the first to go.
Im excited to watch the veto comp. It sounds like it was full of injuries.

Good Vibes

Hey Danny Boy, when you’re back in the real world on Friday just drive down any street in Every Town, USA. The help wanted signs are all over the place. If you’re so broke, give up the low rent Elvis impersonation.


People are just really rude & mean on this site. It sucks that this has become a hateful, people bashing, attack site (not Simon or Dawg – they are great) instead of discussing the Big Brother game. I guess it’s the times we live in, the youth have become so entitled and disrespectful. The erosion of decent people is real, and is witnessed by many posters on this site as well as going out into the world and seeing it first hand. Just awful & sad that the one place I’ve been coming to for like 10 years has turned into this.

Let’s Play Fair

If anything, Big Brother House players have shown to become more and more true representatives of the hateful, personal bashing, mentally corrupt, morally shallow population in our world. They reflect the social media world we live in with its players so entitled, disrespectful and rude. The ever diminishing number of decent people chosen to be on the program is a true commentary on the state of the current world!

Not Jasons Holly

I believe she’s referring to the people who are commenting on this site. However, I must not have read the same comments because I haven’t seen many mean posts.

Palm Oil's Meds

Right! For the most part, the comments here are actually not as bad as some other BB outlets. And we usually joke about the people that deserve it like Jasmine. lol

Just Sayin'

There’s no way you’ve been coming on the site for years if you think this year is bad lmao. Some years get ruthless haha, but that’s the fun of having so many different kinds of fans on this site. If you think this is bad at all I’m almost scared to tell you about Twitter…. maybe big brother just isn’t for you anymore?


I have to disagree.
Sure, there are a few commenters that are “hateful and people bashing”. I do believe that any comment site will always have a few. People are entitled to their opinions after all.
IMHO, this site seems to be more mature thinking than most others. We are here to discuss the social habits of houseguests on a social experimenting program.
I appreciate this site and donate to it as many of us do. Remember, if you find it so distasteful, you don’t need to participate or even look to see what is going on.
Bye Alissa…


It’s the personal attacks on people’s character. It’s ok to dislike someone, but the group-think, gang up mentality is just sick and mean. It’s like everyone jumped on the bandwagon with saying the HG’s were being bullies towards Taylor, but the people on the outside became bullies on the others.

The Beef

I think you’re looking at things backwards. What happened was the people in the HOUSE decided they didn’t like Taylor, almost en masse. They came together and began to attack her like a pack of wolves attack a lone sheep that strays from the flock. Those of us who either watch the live feeds or keep up with what’s going on in there via this site, and know she did nothing to deserve that treatment obviously didn’t like that, so we tend to defend her and denigrate those who are making the unjustified attacks ON her. For that you say we’re the bullies, when in fact we’re merely defending the lone sheep being attacked by a pack of wolves?

Granted, things sort of changed with Turner’s HOH, but given the nature of alliances and the need to keep things secret, not really, as TOS still didn’t know about the Leftovers, so they continued to think Taylor was the #1 target in the house and continued to talk sh@t about her. In fact, Jasmine, Indy and Daniel continue to do it to this day, and you can bet had Ameerah and Nicole not been evicted, they would be doing it too.

Galatians 6:7 basically says “You reap what you sow.” and those people are getting a heaping dose of what they have sown, and IMO it’s well deserved.


Sure this is not the 1st time someone has locked themselves out of the HoH room, is it? Part of me is all for Michael having to do the POV ceremony in that robe 🙂


Jasmine, Indy and Joe were talking late last night in the back yard, Jasmine was questioning Joe about the type of woman he is normally attracted too. Joe blew Jasmine’s mind when he said Taylor, maybe Indy, and also Jasmine yuck!!, but Taylor was more his type. Brittnay reminds him of his mother, that’s why he’s always so nice to Brittany.

Somehow they then started talking about Indy thinking Monte is handsome, Jasmine then chimed in and said she does not think Monte is attractive at all !! She said Monte is not a handsome man, he’s just not attractive to her.

I had to laugh, because the way Jasmine was laid out on the Lounge chair, the camera was behind her, all you could see is how big her backside is, and her large thighs, flat big butt, and she is talking about Monte not being attractive ?

I’m not body shaming Jasmine, I’ve just noticed Jasmine really does not have many nice things to say about people who she selects as not worthy of her time. Jasmine is a mean, sneaky, entitled, annoying, lazy lay around all day and night, person that will always find something to complain about or judge.

Yet when they were all talking a couple of nights ago, about some of their fears coming into the BB House, Jasmine was worried everyone would think she was too fat, or ugly, funny how this is something she is doing.

I for one will be so happy to see Jasmine up on the block, Taylor made a comment about she hopes Jasmine can stay in the house for her fathers birthday next week, as a tribute to her father, because they both watched he show together.

I hope the mean girls hear about all of the nice things Taylor has said about them behind their backs, even though they were treating her like crap, not talking with her, making her feel unwanted as someone to hang out with, but Taylor still says nice things about them.

Jasmine has been the main mean girl keeping the Taylor and Brittany hate going in the house. I think Indy and Jasmine come across as jealous, vindictive women who are not comfortable with women who look better than they do.

Really sad, but yet they wanted to have a Girls Girl alliance, but you have to meet their requirements or you are not included. Send Jasmine and Indy packing.


I was happy that Julie told Nic that while she was bashing Taylor, Taylor was praying for Nic’s mother. The look on Nic’s face said, “I am so f..ked when I walk out the door!” Hello real world. ?


HA ha ha ha! There you go, Cruel Chef, how do you like them apples? Sour, eh?

Palm Oil's Meds

Jasmine has shown hints of colorism in her past comments. I don’t think she she likes darker skin hues like on Monte or Taylor. But it’s ironic that she’s so picky because society thinks overweight women are unattractive.


Terrance JUST had this conversation with Jasmine in the bathroom:

“This is gonna be such a power move”(about getting Monte backdoored).

“SUCH a power move”

Terrance: “and before jury… we’re here to play!”

These two nitwits have ZERO clue what’s going on — I think that they think they’re actually on Survivor, that’s how bad they are at BB…

and yet, for some indelible reason, they think that THEY’RE pulling all the strings.

Reminds me of that delusional dumpster fire Raven from Paul’s season.
Christ on a cracker was she an idiot… she’s a real mastermind (in her own mind). ?


I had forgotten about Raven. She definitely was something else!


She was in Mensa though!….

un autre nom

While Michael is working so hard to protect Kyle from himself, I’ve got to wonder, Is that much different than Kyle overdoing it to protect Alyssa?
Names Daniel named: Kyle Alyssa Turner Terrance.
Names Michael reports: Indy and Jasmine.
Names Alyssa named: Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Daniel.
Names Michael reports: Indy and Jasmine.
Michael has never ONCE mentioned or tried to count votes in a Michael / Kyle final 2.
The entire get Monte plan was from Kyle’s crazy alliance schemes that made it into the vernacular when Michael floated the possibility in one on ones after talking to Kyle.

This is a really dangerous line to be walking.
Let’s say Daniel doesn’t blow up Kyle (even though he has the ammo)
Let’s say that there’s a future point where Kyle feels threatened.
Kyle will throw Michael to the wolves saying he was the one that put the possibility out there (get Monte) in his one on ones and omit after Kyle told him to.

Putting your faith in an ally that has no trust in his allies is dangerous.


I’m not a fan of Indy, She stalks Joe, if he is not in her site, she goes all through the house looking to see who Joe is hanging out with, walks into the room, stays maybe 5 minutes, then she leaves. Joe has mentioned how Indy is always keeping tabs on who he talks with, or hangs out with, why isn’t he with her, you need to spend more time with me etc….

Indy cooks, but this season I’ve seen the men in the house have shown their skills with being in the Kitchen preparing meals. Indy, or when Cruel Chef was in the house, they were not needed to provide meals for everyone on a daily basis.

I’m bored with Indy making the heart symbol to the camera, blowing kisses to the camera, complaining about needing more Bikini’s, because BB took most of them away from her, maybe because they were too revealing for TV.

I get the feeling Indy thinks displaying her breasts or skimpy outfits makes her more attractive, that’s she seems to be her game plan, it’s the oldest trick in the world.

Indy did not know who OTEV was. Indy is still pissed off Monte put her on the block, even though it was as a Pawn, she’s upset, cannot let that go, so she is ready to evict him now.

Does Indy understand this is Big Brother, you nominate 2 people as a Pawn, or an actual Target to be evicted every week. Due to the Festie Bestie, Monte used her and Alyssa as pawns, he made it very clear at the nomination ceremony, they were not his actual target.

Daniel or Nicole told Indy, Monte did want her evicted. Hell, Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa, they all said Indy is a wild card, she’s dangerous, she can be irritating, they all said they would not mind Indy being evicted.

Indy is a cougar chasing Joe around the house, she’s jealous Joe spends so much time laughing and talking with Taylor, this is the reasons Indy wants Taylor gone. Indy comes across as a woman who is very territorial or possessive when it comes to the man she has her site locked onto. Indy has Stalker Qualities 🙂 I can see her as a Fatal Attraction.


Does Joe own a shirt? ? I mean seriously!

un autre nom

Because they’re discussing it:
I think maybe i was taught to make ice coffee in a different way than they describe:
at night before you go to bed: make a pot of coffee, take the pot out of the coffee maker, let stand for ten to fifteen minutes
pour into a jug, add one can of condensed milk, put in fridge overnight.
in morning crush ice put it into a glass, pour the coffee/milk over the ice.

un autre nom

It’s occurred to Alyssa that Kyle… really isn’t that much of a catch.
30, lives with mom, dances shirtless for tiktok as a job.
Gee, she’s the one that production promised a showmance…

Meanwhile Taylor has told Joseph that she is giving him and production the green light for a showmance.
Doesn’t it just sound like true love when they give production the green light?
Blink blink. eyeroll.


I have been thinking the same thing. Why does Kyle at his age still live at home with his mom ? Maybe this is why to me he comes across as being so immature when it comes to expressing himself to the woman he likes.

The complements he gives to Alyssa, you’re so hot, you’re so cute, wow I really like you, dude grow up. Kyle seems very immature to me, that would be a total turn off. I wonder what Alyssa’s friends, parents think of Kyle if they are watching any of the live feeds ?

I would not be to happy with my Daughter wasting time with a guy who throws her under the bus by telling his homies everything Alyssa shares with hm.

un autre nom

he was working in another state before the pandemic he said. That’s when he moved home to mom.
this is where i decided his behavior is an act.
he’s almost 30 and he’s lived away from home.
no waaay is this gosh gee shucks a real live girl routine anything but a ruse.


This is a GAME. It is not real life. They act certain ways to win money. This is the premise of big brother. People react to stress differently when they are under intense pressure. For the people who forgot,they are playing for $750,000! STOP bashing the HG’s when you have absolutely no idea how they are in real life. I see good in every single one of them! Look for that instead of the negative.

People take Big Brother waaaaay too seriously.

The Beef

So you think Kyle’s acting like a 13 your old barely post pubescent teenager when he’s around Alyssa is all an act to win $750k? You think Alyssa acting like a $45/hour hooker when trying to get Kyle to showmance her just last week, that was all an act too?

I gotta tell ya, they’d have to pay me a lot more than that (especially if I was her) in order to destroy my reputation via live TV/live feeds by throwing myself at someone the way that she did.

And I don’t think anybody here takes it as serious as you think we do, as we all know production steps in to control things, rigs competitions, and damn sure edits the TV shows so that what goes out across the airways doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s really happening in there. All the talk about being “blindsided” and “surprised” after last weeks Veto usage in the cast d/r’s should clue you into that, when we all know everybody in the Leftovers knew Daniel was going to use it, as Kyle told them beforehand. I won’t say the whole show is fantasy, but when they leave out certain alliances with absolutely no mention whatsoever, play/edit conversations out of timeline order, etc. to make it fit their narrative, you just know their not trying to TELL a story, but CREATE one that’s not actually happening.


As far as Kyle goes, he may not have a lot of experience with women because he was brought up very religious. He seems like a good guy to me and somewhere along the way Alyssa was taught to get attention from a guy you have to act like that which sucks because a lot of young women go through that. Anyway, you just answered my question. It’s not real, take it easy.


Just a day or two ago, mommy was feverishly un-liking all of the posts that Kyle had “liked” on Donald Trump’s Instagram page.

Sounds like both Mommy & Kyle should’ve cut those apron strings a LONG time ago…

Independent mind

Why is it such a big deal that he likes Trump? Half of America likes Trump. Is that now a sin?


So Joe was saying something to Taylor about wanting to swap. Was Monte snoring loudly again or did something else happen?

un autre nom

Joe and Indy discussed Joe’s bed being cursed.
Ameerah’s bed became Nic’s bed became Joe’s bed and Joe was on the block the day after he started sleeping there.


I am very superstitious but don’t believe that bed is cursed


Go Terrance! People laugh but at least he’s not a floater.

The Beef

He’s not? You damn sure could have fooled me! Not only is he floating, he’s doing it badly, burning the people who have saved him in an effort to save the ones who voted to evict his dumb ass. Please don’t tell me Daniel voted for him to stay, as everybody knows that was intended to be a sympathy vote (even Terrance).

So however you define floater (to the power, or to the end without winning), he IS one, but just isn’t smart enough to figure out where the power is, or how to get out of his own way.

Game fan

Taylor says she’s not going to evict Jasmine “I’m here to reward black women for playing well I can’t evict another one

so kyle is not 100% wrong


The cookout & MOMMA Day created this race war monster – – that has ruined the game

un autre nom

She doesn’t want to be the one that nominates Jasmine for eviction.
That’s a HUGE far cry from everyone that isn’t white or wasn’t born here is coming to get us.
Jasmine doesn’t share the sentiment.


jasmine going would be the best.

Julie Chen

jasmine going would be the truth


Monte is a complete hypocrite
So Michael or anyone else can’t talk about getting him out since he’s a threat. but he can talk how Michael won so many comps and is a threat?

And not him pinning this on fucking race, not everything’s about your color!

I can’t stand him

un autre nom

Kyle and Monte discuss being told to watch season 16 and season 20. Kyle adds he was told to watch season 6.
A few of the others were told to watch bbcan seasons.
Let’s be clear here: as we’ve all come to realize, watching the tv edit of a bbseason tells you nothing about the reality of the season.
So… telling them to watch specific seasons is trying to get them to behave and strategize based on an already edit version of events.
And they wonder why things sometimes appear stale and contrived?


If those people don’t vote out Michael the first chance they get he’ll win!

The Beef

I just don’t get it.

Taylor says she’s here to reward black women for playing well and she just can’t evict another one.

Here’s the thing. Jasmine would evict Taylor in a New York second if she had the opportunity to do so. She doesn’t care if Taylor is black, white or purple, she doesn’t like her so she’s voting to evict her, period, end of discussion.

Now Taylor knows this. It’s not a secret. Hell, Jasmine put her ass OTB week TWO after she was already on the block week one, and only Pooch playing the Pooch game saved her. Jas has been denigrating Taylor to anybody who will listen since BEFORE the formation of the girls girls alliance on, what, day 2 of this game?

Oh, and please show me when did Jasmine start playing well during this season? Yes, yes she won the week 2 HOH, which was basically a pie eating competition that 60-70% of the house was trying to throw anyway, and all she’s done since is lay around eating chips, chicken wings and anything else she can get anybody else to bring to her (God forbid she has to get to the kitchen and rustle up some grub for herself). She’s done nothing strategically to help her alliance other than to follow the leads of Ameerah, Nicole and now apparently Daniel and Kyle, so I just don’t get Taylor thinking she’s playing a good game.

Taylor seems to be an intelligent woman to me, so I just don’t understand why the color of a persons skin is more important to her than evicting a person who is clearly against her in this game and who is NOT her friend now, nor unlikely to become her friend after the smoke clears.

Does she not understand all this, or does she just not care that Jasmine basically hates her and wants her out of the game? Does she think at the end of the day, all the black players are going to come together, sing Kum-Ba-Yah, and take out the other remaining players like the Cookout did last year, then settle things among themselves (I do NOT see this happening)? Is she worried about fallout if she continues down the road of assisting in eliminating black players (Ameerah, Nicole, Jasmine…….)? Personally, I would work with the people who wanted to work with me, and their skin color be damned, to get as far in the game as I could get, but that’s just me.

I really don’t get her thinking on this one.


Well you obviously don’t get it because you obviously aren’t black (lol). No offense, I like your discourse, but it lacks context.

I would vote out Jasmean too, but it is obviously harder for Taylor given the history of BB for black people. Due to implicit bias, it is harder for black people to win this game and the chances of them getting voted out pre jury is extremely high; this is not a coincidence. Not only did it take 23 seasons for the first black winner, but the alliance was extremely intentional and calculated to get it done. It just makes it harder for Taylor to make a move like vote out another black woman given the history. It’s more complex than “she doesn’t like me”. Begin with realizing your perception and life experience is different from hers.

un autre nom

So here’s the basics of what has been circling the minds of some of the houseguests in terms of how the game stands… and my response.

Game fan

this is AWSOME lol