Michael “They think we’re stupid! Taking Monte out is a big flashy move. I came here to make smart moves, NOT flashy moves.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

9:55pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – I talked to Michael and he is thinking about keeping noms the same but he wants the house to back him and he wants Monte out. Alyssa – Perfect!! Jasmine – but look.. but look.. I had to do a lot of work up there! Your girl was working! First I was talking to him alone and then Brittany came up and she wants him out too. So its Me, Brittany, you, Indy, Daniel.. oh and Kyle but I don’t know if we have Kyle. Alyssa – I already talked to him about it. Jasmine – we need to have 5 votes.. So listen you need to go up there and tell him that you have his back .. and that if he keeps noms the same you will vote him (Monte) out. Tell him why. He is a big threat and he could go against you. And he needs to make a deal with Daniel so that if he wins HOH next week he will not go after him. Indy joins them. Jasmine tells Indy that she needs to also go talk to Michael and tell him she wants Monte out.

HOH room – Terrance, Brittany and Michael.
Terrance – I was digging deep for that one (Veto).. only because I see a bigger move and if we don’t take it I do not know how we will make it past .. because its working out now but now you’re injured. You can’t play next week. What real allies will we have? We still want to face something that we don’t want to face. And when would we ever have a clear shot like this? A clean.. clear shot! But today something just came over me.. in my head like .. I was like Michael has to win. Come on! It will be freaking iconic! Michael – hypothetically if there was a bigger move would one be talking about someone that was HOH last week? Terrance – yeah, hypothetically that would be familiar to me… because I just .. that is too much of a threat to keep in the house. We don’t know when we will ever have this opportunity again. Not only access and the numbers. We got the numbers! Michael – so hypothetically if there are 3 on the block there are 8 .. so a minimum of 4 to send a tie breaker to me. Where do we think we can get the magic number. Terrance – I believe we can get Jasmine, you will have Daniel, I can count on my girl Britt and we would have Indy… we would have it lock stock and barrel. We will never get this shot again. Michael – I think we all see the threat that he poses. One this is when he was HOH I promised him I would not come after him next week.. so there is the fear that the house would look at me different in terms of being good for my word or not trustworthy. I would definitely want to talk to everyone that we think and if we can get even more than four that would be awesome. And then it would be a house decision.. to take some of the pressure off me. Its a lot to think about .. but I definitely see the risk he poses. Things are aligned and when are they going to align again? Terrance – your resume would be so ridiculous BRO! I am a fan! I just think that we could ride this wave. I don’t think it would ruffle any feathers.

10:08pm Terrance leaves the HOH room. Michael and Brittany talk.
Michael – “I haven’t talked to Jas yet!” Oh really!?!? Brittany – no.. oh my god! Michael – they think we’re stupid! Like I said taking Monte out is a big flashy move .. and I came here to make smart moves … NOT flashy moves. Brittany – you’re right we would be at the bottom of that chopping block. And they have no loyalties what so ever. Michael – there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t just throw both of us up there next week anyway. Brittany – in this game everyone is lying their faces off! No loyalties at all. Michael – If I couldn’t have conversations like this I would go crazy! Brittany – a game without you is a game I don’t want to play. Michael – we need each other. I am curious what Kyle will say? Turner joins them. Michael – we definitely need to all try and meet tonight. I am being pitched ideas that confirm our suspicion that those 5 are all together. Turner – would you be cool with sharing any? Michael – they want noms to stay the same and Monte to go this week. Jasmine and Terrance just came up and pitched it. Turner – DAMN.. Terrance too? WOW dude! Brittany – they have no loyalty to anyone! Its impressive to watch but you can see right through it.

10:20pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Kyle showmances showmancing..
Kyle – you’re so hot!! Alyssa – you’re so hot! Kyle – you’re so freaking hot though. Alyssa – you’re hotter than I am.

10:25pm – 10:40pm HOH room – Taylor joins Brittany, Turner and Michael.
Michael – its surprising that Terrance wants Monte out.. granted he doesn’t know what’s said behind closed doors but Monte has been very pro Terrance. Taylor – I know. They continue to talk how how they’re not going to take out Monte to be at the bottom of the totem pole on the other side. Taylor – well its going to be a nice easy week. Kyle joins them. Michael fills Kyle in on Terrance and Jasmines pitch to get Monte out. Kyle – That’s what Jasmine just told me. She can’t be this bad at Big Brother. Michael – apparently she is. Kyle – she can’t be that bad! She can’t be that dumb! There is no way! Kyle describes how Jasmine came in to the bathroom with Alyssa right there and laid out this big backdoor plan to get out Monte. Its .. that’s scrambling! Michael – they just made it abundantly clear that those 5 are working together. Kyle – it just show that we made the right moves to get Ameerah and Nicole out.

11:28pm HOH room – Joseph, Turner and Michael
Joseph – I am going to be so interested if they’re going to tell me like hey.. Like have you brought up me at all? I don’t know if they told you that they want Monte out. Michael – they said they want Monte. Joseph – so are you going to be like do you guys plan on telling Joseph? Michael – yeah that would be interesting to see what they say. Joseph – see if they trust me.. They’re all so good.. Michael and Turner – they’re not good. Joseph – no, no obviously they’re sloppy because we can confirm it .. like we had a suspicion but they can’t confirm we’re an alliance… like they still think that Kyle and I are floaters.

11:47pm HOH room – Indy and Michael.
Indy – I won’t take long.. whatever you want to do.. I will back you up. Michael – okay. I appreciate that. I know things change hour by hour .. day by day.. and a lot of people yesterday were thinking Daniel so if anything does shift in the house I would like to know because I don’t want to piss everyone off this week. IF any one has changed their mind I am open to hearing options. Indy – I think it is pretty open. I am fine with him (Daniel). My only concern is who is next? Michael – and that’s definitely something to think about and consider. Indy – let me know your and we follow with a plan. Michael – okay thank you. You obviously have nothing to worry about like I not going to use the veto and put your group up.. like that is obviously not going to happen. So have fun the next couple days, you have nothing to worry about. Indy – I am literally relaxing like I don’t want to talk to people.

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good job michael, hope monte out, and jasmine next

Palm Oil's Meds

That’s dumb and disloyal. Monte protected Michael during his HOH. it’s too soon to break up the LO. Also, Monte has won the same amount of comps as Turner and jasmine.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Michael the smartest DUMBA$$ in the house.

Rebecca Jones

Why do you say that? If he doesn’t stick with the alliance, he will be out next week the other side will have the numbers to take him out next week especially since he is showing off as a veto comp beast

orwell the out of work bbad owl

He’s winning comps he doesn’t even need to win. He’s making himself look like a bigger threat when it’s unnecessary. He was talking about axing Monte which would ruin the leftovers. He’s over playing just to have some kind comp record to impress Janelle. I’m pulling for the guy but I see him getting voted out sooner than later.


I kinda wish that Michael wouldn’t have filled Kyle in about Jasmine and Terrance’s “master plan”, maybe filled in isn’t the right word, I wish Michael would’ve played it off to Kyle like he might entertain it, just to see how Kyle reacted. I feel like if Michael left the door open for blindsiding Monte, then Kyle would’ve shown all his cards and just how quickly he’d turn on the leftovers. If I were the leftovers, Kyle would be the first one I would vote out once it’s time to start taking each other.

I’m hoping that Michael, Brittany, Taylor, and Turner can make it to the end. It’ll be tough for Michael since he’s proved he truly is a comp beast. I want Daniel out, I wouldn’t mind Jasmine getting the boot either. Next week I’m hoping for an Alyssa HOH, just to shake things up. Hopefully she wouldn’t be petty and go after Taylor, but rather target Monte or Joe, just to keep things interesting.


I feel she targets Terrance and it wouldn’t actually be all that interesting a week

Christime Ahrens

He can’t play and is Teo faced like Derek Frasier was last year


Kyle reacted perfectly:

Michael fills Kyle in on Terrance and Jasmines pitch to get Monte out. Kyle – That’s what Jasmine just told me. She can’t be this bad at Big Brother. Michael – apparently she is. Kyle – she can’t be that bad! She can’t be that dumb! There is no way! Kyle describes how Jasmine came in to the bathroom with Alyssa right there and laid out this big backdoor plan to get out Monte. Its .. that’s scrambling!

He could of said yeah! Let’s do it! Or what do you think? He plainly said DUMB MOVE!

The Beef

What did you expect him to say to his alliance member about a move by a non-alliance member to try and get another member of his alliance out? All BBP1Day1 was saying was IF Michael had played it more like he was actually considering making that move, then maybe, just maybe Kyle would have shown his hand and supported it, as we all know he DOES support getting Monte out before getting Daniel and Alyssa out (at least he does right now). The fact he lied and as you say “reacted perfectly”, doesn’t mean that’s the way he actually feels or thinks, just that lying is part of the game of Big Brother and he’s playing that game.

The Beef

If Alyssa wins she can’t target Taylor since they’re festie besties.

Christime Ahrens

Michael needs to shut up


YESSS get Monte out now!!!

Palm Oil's Meds

Why? He’s loyal and not that good at comps.

un autre nom

Kyle: do you like pet names?
Alyssa: i love them.
Just be happy his dog’s name isn’t fang.

Injury list: everyone in veto has 20 to 30 small cuts on their hands.
Turner: dislocated Knee. Reset.
Britt: cut on knee requiring 6 stitches. 10 days.
Joe: sore knees.
Terrance and Jasmine: the taste the soles of their shoes.
Monte: fractured ego.

The Test:
Kyle did try to prep Alyssa and Indy, but didn’t prep them very well or for long enough.
Indy: anyone except Jas, Alyssa, Joseph.
Alyssa: maybe take them down to earn trust. She should stop here….but Monte wanted me left on the block last week as his target…so that’s an option too. names votes INCLUDING KYLE. She’s trying to keep Kyle off the block is her premise.
(Alyssa has just shown Michael that Kyle talks game to Alyssa if he bothered to listen. Britt already clocked it).
Kyle’s back to hear the results of the test… and Britt joins to use her Kyle detection power that Michael sorely lacks. Oh… wait… i think they drugged her to give her stitches… something is off.
Kyle is upset that instead of Taylor, a main character has to play the pawn. He… he just called himself a main character. I… whu..
He’s happy they are so loyal to one another here in leftover land, and wants everyone to lock it in with their loyalty oath before he gets on the block.

I still contend the plan to get Monte out COULD have worked IF they waited until tomorrow, one person went in and earwormed.
NOW… Kyle may actually end up in trouble unless the plan changes tomorrow and Kyle miraculously stays off the block.

Production has backup showmance plan B back in motion. Just in case.

Not Jasons Holly

I heard Joseph and Taylor flirting in the bathroom or gym last night! Taylor said something and Joseph said she just needed to stop because he was going to end up kissing her! She was game!

That’s not going to sit well with Indy!

The Beef

Does anybody know how old Indy is? Just curious as to me she seems a bit older than Joe.


She said 31…she looks a bit older than that to me.

Palm Oil's Meds

Why does Indy feel entitled to Joseph and Monte’s male admiration? Despite her having a boob job, blonde hair and being Brazilian, she’s not hot. She looks like she’s 51. lol


Only because they were in the bathroom, and Jasmine came up to them and talked to them both at the same time about getting out Monte. She has no clue Kyle is in an alliance.

un autre nom

Actually, it’s because Kyle has been pushing the BBQ alliance concept to get rid of Monte and save himself or Alyssa from the block…
and now the ‘those people’ are after Monte too, meaning he could get outed.

un autre nom

Kyle is turning on his pivoting charm with Monte.
Monte has a blindspot for Kyle that is huge.
Expect it to work.
Even with the three slips Kyle has made trying to throw Jasmine utb, while protecting Alyssa… Monte will likely retain that blindspot.
Monte talks in front of Turner and Kyle about Michael’s growing target again.
Dude. Eyeroll.


if he takes monte out his game is over.