DaVonne “He’s promised everyone final deals. I want to try and get him out next week.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Tiffany, Bronte, Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 00-00-24-252
In the kitchen – James whispers to Nat Nat that they (BB) asked him about them in the DR. Nat Nat says they asked so what’s really going on? James says I bet you laughed. Natalie asks what did you say? James says wouldn’t you like to know? Natalie says I’ll find out when we get out of here.

Nicole and DaVonne are talking in the safari room. DaVonne says you’re right we have to be extra smart about it because if we miss it will be real bad. Nicole says we shouldn’t be seen talking.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 00-11-10-876
12:10am Storage room – James says that Frank filled him in on a lot of stuff with Corey. Ncole asks about what? James says like they’re wanting to do something with him, Paulie, you.. Nicole asks you’re kidding me right!? I have not made any deal like that. Nicole says I heard Zakiyah told me that he was trying to get her, Paulie, him, me and Corey in a final 5. I don’t know what he was roping around lying about. Nicole says its me, you, DaVonne and Frank as far as I’m concerned. I want to make sure you don’t think I’m doing anything behind your game. I want to make sure we’re good. I’m not doing anything behind your back. He is trying you to go after Corey. Corey would not say that! Nicole says I swear to god that I wasn’t in the room when Frank revealed the eight pack. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 02-40-27-742
12:30am – 12:40am In the safari room –Frank says Corey wants us to all get to the final 7 or 8. Which might be every reason to snake out Paulie. I just can’t be the one that does it. Like keep Corey and then BOOM .. as soon as we get a chance. DaVonne says yeah okay that’s later on down the line when we get a chance. Frank talks to Zakiyah and DaVonne. DaVonne asks so I just want to make sure we’re all on the same cord. Next week is Bronte? Frank says Bronte and then Tiff. DaVonne says gotcha. Zakiyah asks are you going for the HOH? Frank says yeah I’ll try for it and if we get it, I’ll give it to Michelle because she’ll do what we want.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 02-47-12-233

1:30am DaVonne asks did Frank promise you a final four? James says yeah. DaVonne says he promised me one, he promised Nicole one, he promised Zakiyah. One with him, Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey and Nicole ..that’s five. He’s been promising Bridgette one. He’s promised everyone final deals. I want to try and get him out next week. James says WOW! I was actually thinking that last week. He’s created too much stuff. DaVonne says and he’s rubbing the women the wrong way. He’s spanked me on the a$$. He’s spanked Zakiyah on the a$$. He’s called me and Zakiyah sl*ts. He’s rude to Nicole. He’s just rude and nasty and the women are tired of it. James says I felt bad because when they asked me who my favourites were I said Derrick and Frank. They asked why Frank.. he just want to work with someone. DaVonne says he’s so different than I thought he was. You know he told Paulie about the eight. James asks without us?! Frank wants me to take Nicole and Paulie out. He wants me and Corey to throw the HOH next week. DaVonne says he wants to keep his hands clean. DaVonne says don’t get me wrong .. but Bridgette is a vote for him and he is trying to get he to the jury round to be a vote for him. He’s got to go and it sucks because I wanted it to be us four. He’s playing too hard and he’s throwing us under the bus. He is playing very selfish. I don’t know if its too soon or not but I want him gone. I’m not afraid to pull the trigger but with him we can’t swing and miss. James says its going to rattle the whole game. James says Frank the Tank… Now I see why no one wanted to work with him. He was probably doing the same thing. DaVonne says yup. James says if we’re going to do this we need to wait till he takes out his targets and then we take him out. Davonne asks who Tiffany. James says yeah, then we take him out. Nicole joins them. What are we going to do about Frank? James says he wants me to take Corey and Paulie out .. so when he throws it to me .. then biam we take him out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 03-29-36-472

2:50am – 4am HOH room – Zakiyah talks to Paulie about the eight. Zakiyah says that Frank just wanted to come clean about it to save himself. Zakiyah says that DaVonne is a really good person to talk to. I trust her. Paulie asks who was the one to suggest the eight thing? Zakiyah says Frank. Paulie says see Frank said it was Michelle. Paulie says I’m not going to stress about it. For now I’m just going to just chill and win. He says he appreciates her telling him. Paulie says I feel like Nicole and Day Have something to say to me .. all they need to do is pull me aside. Michelle and DaVonne join them. They talk about how Frank came up with the name eight pack because Corey has an eight pack. Paulie says he (Frank) said Michelle came up with it. Michelle asks ME?!?! I’ll take it, its a good name. Zakiyah says I don’t trust him, he is securing himself from all angles. I can read bullsh*t .. he’s a professional bullsh*tter. Paulie says if it came down to it I would be down to ride with a group. I don’t want Natalie, Bronte, or Bridgette here just because people want them locked in for votes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-06 03-50-15-613

3:20am – 4am Safari room – DaVonne is talking to Michelle. If we need to take him out so that we can get her back with us, I’ll do it. Rachel won with Brendon in jury. Jordan won with Jeff in jury. So let that boy go to jury and stay here. He is going to pin it so that you win HOH and make you HOH … and then try and control your HOH to put up Tiffany. Michelle says I wouldn’t unless you guys wanted me to. DaVonne says James doesn’t trust Bridgette. DaVonne says if this was like what he was in BB14 …then no wonder they wanted him out. Michelle says he’s going to be really hard to get out. I think the best time is during the double eviction, right before jury. DaVonne says I almost feel bad .. I want to get rid of Corey and Paulie so we can get our girls back. Davonne says I think he (James) is a little insecure and he doesn’t even really see how much Natalie likes him. He was flirting with Nicole and she got up and stormed off.

**** updates are coming another hour and they will be up

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BB Draft

Made the mistake of watching some of the older seasons, now this season seems ultra dull.


Realistically BB hasn’t been that fantastic since season 11 imo. Doesn’t mean i hate the newer seasons, but yes BB isn’t as fun as it used to be sadly.

Still this is only week 2 of this season, i’m willing to wait it out, there will hopefully be some backstabbing and drama eventually being that we still have 2 months left of the show.

BB Draft

I’m not going to stop watching. I am going to watch and hope that it gets better, but some people have to step up to make that happen.


I think the older seasons are better because they picked older contestants and had more variety. These last few seasons are filled with 20 somethings, and some token “old” contestants. Also older seasons had the original format and not some roadkill battle of the block crap.


The worst thing that BB did is making Allison Grodner in charge of this show, she’s beyond terrible. Someone should let her go because she is someone who always does this show for her own pleasure and doesn’t know what’s best for the fans and always puts herself first before them.

Almost in the same way Jeff Probst is doing that to Survivor in a sense, but at least he’s somewhat listening to the fans now and is coming around a bit on that show. Grodner still has shown no humility in that aspect and being the narcissist that she is, i don’t think she ever will get it.


Just a heads up the new updates will be slow coming in until this evening.


Thank you Simon and Dawg
Y’all are what makes big brother so much fun. We all appreciate all that you do!


No worries, I hope all is good with guys.


Hooray !! – James finally has a clue as to what Frank has been up to this entire time.
The good thing about all of this is that he came to Nicole first with questions, so now she is aware James knows and so is Da. Nicole can no longer play middle of the ground between Da and Frank now. She either has to say yes I want Frank out or No I don’t.
Does it mean Frank will get evicted anytime soon? – Maybe , maybe not. – But it will be fun to watch the House draw some lines in the sand going to war over it if they try.
( Personally , I think, Nicole is the Weak link to go after Frank. She doesn’t have it in her to stand up to him !! )


Nicole talking to James and Da’Vonne about her having conversations with Corey to ensure he is on board with them and not Frank… Nicole talks about how Corey is sensitive to women trying to influence him and admits that sometimes she doesn’t hear a word he said because he is so darn good looking. Wow, really! You go off into fantasy land over half naked Corey. You cast a spell over YOURSELF. You spill your guts because you are in your own personal fantasy world where you are speaking to your lover / partner who you trust with your life; and not the actual guy that has a future Mrs. Brooks back home who is playing a game for 1/2 a million $s and has been aligning his game with Frank since the game started. Thanks for the deeper understanding as to why your game is so terrible.


Bridgette for the win


Bridgette lost me totally and forever with that Thursday speech when she was on the block. “I still haven’t perfected my peanut butter cookie recipe.” (said in 6-year-old’s voice)


Did Frank really not think that everyone would start comparing notes and realize what he’s promised everyone? He definitely has played too hard too soon and way overplayed his hand. Frank is the puppet master this season. It’ll be fun to watch to see how soon he finds out what’s going on behind his back and who blows the whistle which is why they need to get him out ASAP. Loose lips sink ships.


Granted the HGs don’t know the first 5 evicted HGs battle to return but you do. Is your comment in context of wanting Frank to have a chance to get back in the house?
Personally, I want Frank to reap what he has sown and not get yet another chance handed to him. He was done in his season until a twist saved him if he gets this chance he will have the equivalent of 4 chances to redeem himself. In my mind, that is 2 more than he deserves.


Frank the puppetmaster? Have you read or watched anything going on? A puppet master controls people without anyone knowing what they are doing. It took 1 week for people to figure out Frank’s game.. he is TERRIBLE at this game. If he weren’t a comp beast he would be one of the worst ever.


Frank won 6 competitions and favorite jury member for a total of 7 wins in season 14, while Andy won 2 regular HOHs, parts 2 and 3 of the final HOH, 2 POVs, and the entire show for a total of 7 wins in season 15. Does that mean Andy’s a comp beast, too?


Yep, couldn’t agree more. I have a love/hate relationship with Frank. One minute I like him one minute I don’t. Lol. He made the same mistake on his season. The difference is, he had Boogie. He knew he could trust him 100%, so he used him to talk game with. I remember after Boogie was evicted he was talking to Brittney and said I’m gonna give you a gift, I’m gonna start talking game with you, but you gotta get up early. Lol. That’s what he needs this season. Since he doesn’t have a Boogie, he’s talking openly to way to many people. It will definitely be his downfall. Him and Da’Vonne both.

Doran Martell

Yea I’ve always liked Frank. He knows how to hold a grudge. Idk, we’ll see how far he gets this season. Although he’s kind of digging a hole for himself.


The picture you’re painting could very well come to fruition…but I think you’re making the mistake of thinking HG’s see all that we see.

Just consider this: By talking game with everybody, making deals with everybody, one does create an insurance in the sense that if discovered, there will still be people who thinks he was being honest with them and lying to the others. Call it willful ignorance, but it’s a reality in the real world, so forget about the prison-esque BB house. In some ways, it’s a loyalty test. If I tell everybody I’d go to the Superbowl with them, the ones mad I over-promised are the ones I couldn’t count on anyway….while the ones that stand by me confident are ride or die

One of the big reasons people say it’s too soon is this dynamic. Does it really serve somebody who thought of him as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th ally to dump him out instead of the other 6 people who are at best throwaways or at worst somebody they fear are somebody else’s 3rd, 4th, 5th ally and would nominate and vote them out? After all how does one find out Frank’s playing everybody unless they’re doing the same, unearthing game info?

I mean if I’m playing, learning an ally is making final deals now means nothing to me. I’d think it’s dumb…which actually makes me more at ease that somebody I eventually will need out lacks tact….but as long as he’s not telling people he’s targeting me or a close ally, he’s a problem that can wait. And if everybody knows what he’s up to, thinks he’s shady, then it’s no problem at all. That person is a heat magnet. I’d be an ear for those like Da and anybody else who vents, manage it, then when the time works for me, put a spark to the gas. I get out the people not on my side, then let Frank go to war with everybody else, and beat whoever is left.


Really good post. just to add to it……….

Frank would have been my 1st pick to ally with based on his BB14 season. That loyalty thing was key along with his competitiveness. Now lets take Da for a minute. She sure is no comp threat to this point. She sees her strength in a girls alliance, thus numbers. She just wants Eudy out so badly when he appears to be the ultimate shield plus his comp ability. She’ll be trying to win the whole game with 13 left next week. How many noobs have tried that before. Franks no better with his whining about getting Tiff and Da out along with James. If things happen next week as Da wants then Frank is going to need James.

Question for everyone……”BB is a social game”….. so who are the real player this season? Or is there even 1 person we could point to?

Backdoor DR door

Plan already ruined by DaVonne going to James. Smh.

Frank is safe next week now and HIS plan stays intact. HUGE mistake if they don’t get him out next week. I can”t even believe how horrible this crew is at the game.

Tiff please stop laying low and start playing before it’s too late.

My god they didnt take long to f**k up the plan did they. “Oh its not the right time” Nicole also pushing that crap.

I’ve about had it with these people. lol. Is it BB16 bad? Not yet but they don’t take Frank out next he walks to final 3 mark my words.


Tiffany is laying low because she’s on the block. That’s what she needs to do until eviction is over. And James made a comment earlier in the day about Frank, it’s obvious he was already thinking along the same lines. So I don’t think it’s a mistake to go to James. James won’t say anything to Frank.

The biggest problem with getting Frank out may come from Nicole. She’s the only one out of all of them who seems afraid to do it.


Nicole was the only one with balls to bring up Frank’eviction in the first place, she heard all of Frank’s F2’s his acting add if he’d owned the house, demanded everyone throw all their HOH’s to him replacing 8-pack with Bridge, Nat & Paul. Nicole risked everything telling Corey then Da’Vonne & Zak &Fatal 5, Corey told Paulie then Nicole told James… who wants to take Frank out himself when Frank throws it to him to put up Corey & Paulie. Nicole wants to control it, execute well because it could backfire. Everyone owes their game to her, bc steamroll wad gonna happen. His cruelty to women was her icing on the cake, he betrayed his true intentions to take the Mean Girls to Finals while controlling power through humiliation.


Plan was already ruined when Nicole went to Corey and Frank. Actually James is the only Vet that has tight lips, talking to James isn’t bad. Da’Vonne talking to Nicole blew up the plan. Frank was the first to screw over the other Vets, Then Nicole and Da’Vonne was the last. James shockingly as it may seem has played the best Vet game.

The truth is once you find out that Frank is blowing up their games… he should be primary target, because he is the toughest one to get out. Right now the only way to get Frank out is to backdoor him with NO shot at the Veto and somehow on Thursday have him sitting next to Corey and Paulie. You would have to take out two votes that are guaranteed to not vote against Frank, by sitting them next to Frank. Then make sure that the lines of communication are open and never leave Frank alone with anyone…. stay on his ass as a group. That is the only way to take out Frank. He is that tough.

Pauls advantage with having Vic gone and Jozea gone is that he is losing two big mouths and he can bond with Corey and Paul… at the same time keeping his head down. Tiffany is kinda screwed, the weird thing is Frank betrayed the team and Tiffany got the heat…. that should make them afraid of Frank.


Poor Da’Vonne. She wants to time Frank’s eviction to prevent him from having a chance to get back in. Unfortunately, she is assuming the first few jury members get that chance when in fact the next 3 evicted get that opportunity along with the previous 2. Fatal flaw, assuming BB will repeat itself as opposed to switching it up.


yeah, i never understand the logic of keeping someone around until after they can’t come back. getting them out twice seems so much easier, cuz for 1) they’re not guaranteed to come back anyway (plus the comps usually favor people who were in the house more recently) and 2) if they do come back they’re at a serious disadvantage in terms of the information they have. keeping players around means that they could even pull people together to work against you. basic strategy should always be getting threats out asap, and let floaters float til like final 5 or so. instead everyone wants to play awful rachel reilly, target floater strategy. people realize she only won because of the stupidity of lawon and the pairs pandora’s box, right?

Slop says

I’m ready to see Frank’s game have to change because everyone is catching on. One way or another, I do believe it’s about to get very entertaining. I also think this might be a game changer for many of the house guests if they utilize the opportunity. Fun times!


So who is Frank’s real top 4/5 alliance? Does he even know? He must have a chart to keep all his different alliances/lies straight.


Wait. Frank also told me and Buggers (my pitbull) that he wanted us in his final 5!! Are you saying he’s made deals with others as well??



I think people are reading a bit too much into what’s happening in the moment….but the fireworks should start soon. I know some think production “fixes” results, but I think in reality it’s the nature of being sequestered, where your only outside connection is the DR and the paranoia causes everybody to “interpret” the questions asked.

BB is a TV show 1st and a contest 2nd. They need to tell the story that is packaged for TV….so the natural upcoming story is Da leading the anti-Frank charge. That’s the story with sizzle and everybody today will be going into the DR today, asked dance around questions to enhance what has been picked from the live feed about Frank or Da that are wide open to get them talking….but will be read as a clue.

Those open to getting Frank, but hedging about timing will likely break hard one way or the other based on their own psychology and how they hear the innocuous questions. Will the guys hear the girls leading the charge to eliminate a 4th straight guy, step back, and think they need Frank short term and can beat him when the time comes? Will the girls hear that they have far more immediate threats and risk a good spot making a big play that only benefits others….or does everybody think the questions only confirm Frank is the biggest danger to everybody?

The DR’s are the key because it’s where we really hear people thoughts, not just what they tell others….and how left to their own devices they try to find info that isn’t there, except in their mind.


Production may not technically fix results but they certainly slant them a certain way by the questions they ask in the DR and that in and of itself is swaying the contestants one way or another. Of course, production has to create drama for the TV audience but it’s one thing to ask questions to get more info and another thing to deliberately ask questions to incite chaos. Which, of course, is fun for the audience.


Or the DR may be more performance than any other part of the game.


This is true. Johnny Mac, Cody, Shelly, and several others from just the last few seasons have mentioned they spend so much time in there being coached for a specific attitude, phrase, or whatnot. The DR is no longer remotely the house guests honest feelings. It’s probably as authentic as that cheesy intro montage of them in the bathing suits.


If the others (everyone except Frank) can actually control their own HOH and roadkill I would be fine with Frank staying for 2 more weeks. The rest of the group wants to stick to the plan-after this week take out Bronte and Bridget. If that happened Victor would possibly have a good shot at being the one to come back and the following week they could all join up to cut Frank’s BB throat. He wouldn’t be expecting it, he wouldn’t have a chance to come back and he would be the last evicted before jury starts. My but that would be a bitter pill for Frankie to swallow.

Along with the truth about Frank coming out, I wish the truth would come out about Tiffany-as in, all the lies that have been told about her to make her look like something she’s not. I like Tiffany. I don’t care if that’s not a popular choice. But mostly I just want her to have a chance to play fairly without this huge target on her back and the reputation of being overly paranoid. It’s a little ironic that the people who ruined Tiff’s reputation in the house did so because of their own out of control paranoia (DaVonne and Frank.) If she screws up her own game that’s on her but, thanks to Frank she hasn’t had a fair shot.

We need an 8+Paulie Pack meeting minus Frank where they lay it all on the table. Corey and Paulie seem to want to stick to the plan of getting the other side out, then Tiff, then the 8 of them are left. Paulie needs to come clean that Frank wants to replace James, DaVonne and Tiffany with Bridget, Paul and Natalie and that, even worse he wants to cut James and DaVonne before final 5. Then James needs to lay it out there that Frank said he absolutely does not want Corey and Paulie in final 5 but he wants someone else to take them out so his hands are clean. DaVonne needs to stay calm and just give facts, don’t embellish. Tiffany needs to be included and also needs to stay calm. Nicole, well….the first week there were so many times I wanted to say “Victor, stop talking. Just sit in the corner and hush. You’re really pretty to look at when you’re not talking.” So Nicole-You’re game is all over the place, you’re incapable of making a decision and the decisions you do try to make are usually bad. Sit in the corner, listen, observe, soak in the information and then let the adults make the tough choices. You just show up to vote and that’s all you need to do.


I don’t have any thoughts about Vanessa’s sister because she’s done very little game play. She seems to either be extremely like Vanessa or production is pushing her to dress to remind folks of Vanessa. Although with the hoodie, glasses and all, she’s reminding me more of Audrey than Vanessa.


Other than liking Tiffany pre season, I don’t have an opinion on her yet as a player. She didn’t start with a power position in the alliance to influence group decisions and she hasn’t had power (HOH, POV) to show us what she would do. I just hate seeing people’s games sabotaged by others. Lying to keep your own secrets, protect your alliance, not give away your game plan doesn’t bother me but when people deliberately lie about other people just to screw their game it pisses me off. I just want her to have a chance. After that I can be fairly unbiased. I have loved past house guests on a personal level but knew they played terrible games (Jordon) and hated people on almost every level but was willing to admit they played a great game (Boogie-all stars season.)


Didn’t Natalie have a crush on Victor just yesterday? Now James? ????

Misty Beethoven

Oh, that was so last week!


Stop you guys, you know Natalie is a precious angel.


Natalie did say he was not the kind of guy she would be win in RL so it may be that she was using him assuming he would be a force with Paul and Jozea but when that fizzled and he hurt her feelings (by being a dick and not a butter kisser).
According to Natalie, James is more her type… although Corey does look good to her at times…
wait for Nat Nat showmance 3.0


If they vote out Frank next week he will come back…I mean who’s going to hear him Jozea. lol of course they don’t know that

Victor Wants Him Bad

Frank will come back only if Production rigs it. While his world falls apart & he tries to blame Tiff for the Revolt, Frank wants Victor out baaad cuz he knows he can’t beat him. And like “genius” Frank said himself while the Vets try to warn him, “they’re not having a buyback, and whoever comes back never stays long”. He’d go up and back out the very next week, that is if Victor & Production let him win. Clueless bum-kisser James who he tried to recruit to get out Corey & Paulie says I wanted him out last week, no wonder no one in his season wouldn’t play with him, I felt sorry for him.

If only Frank would listen, Lol he’s determined to go out earlier than his last disastrous season. Remember when he got disqualified from Veto Comp for cheating with Brit? Same idiot, playing live like one big-time fraud wrestling match. Mom & Dad must be proud. Glad he trumpets his own worst moves, sunk by his own mouth by a bunch of people he calls idiots in a game with lopsided rigged twists just for him!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

I am really enjoying Zakiyah’s and Da’Vonne’s sense of awareness. Makes me feel like there is somebody playing this game…


Looks like Frank’s days are numbered. But Da also needs to tread lightly. She is winning this battle of influence but to some people in the house (Nicole, Corey, Paulie etc.) she put a bigger target on her back after Frank is out the door.
They both may have sunk their games last night. Da may have a little more staying power but I don’t think she has much of a chance to win now.


Wtf is going on with Frank… he’s out of control now, it’s like the moment Jozea left it’s like he somehow entered Frank’s body as he left.

Frank #14 HG Ranking

Was it the horrible insults he heaps on the girls (fat, rat-haired, janky teeth sluts)? Was it constant farting the contents of hid bowels in their face & while they eat, literally forcing everyone to eat his sh*t? Was it his demand for laundry, sandwiches & cleaning his messes if the girls wanna make it to Jury? Is it his fake insult/compliments “no really you’re really the queen of sheba” criticizing “babies” that can’t take his “jokes”? Or threatening his own bro’s to take out other bro’s members of his alliances, refusing to negotiate or listen to another pov? Was it handing out orders of who can speak & eat? No one buys this misogyny by accident or ignorance, this is why he can’t keep a job, Nicole screams Fraaaank & they all cringe & run, except super-fake-fan Michelle who will get the last laugh waiting on him til he’s evicted first.

Robin K-ASSting can’t keep up with the complaints on Twitter & blames AG for not giving warnings about harassment that’s illegal in any workplace or frat house, she only recruits “talent” she doesn’t manage them once the “show” starts. Well now, despite biased editing and all Production’s help, even Boogie man won’t cop to such bad play, though Frank brags he learned how to dog & insult HG’s from the best. Now he’s just above Jozea on HG Rankings, impossible for him to scapegoat anyone else as the resident psycho! Women Producers & Julie Chen better not keep this creep & his abusive behavior under wraps, reinforcing it’s dangerous for girls to speak up. Because they’d allow their mothers & daughters to be treated this way by King Frank or anyone.


I don’t get the live feeds, just follow updates. Tell me Frank does not really direct farts at people while they eat!


I sort of love that of all the things on the list of horrible things Frank does, this is the one you call out. Haha!


Can’t they just play a hoh as individuals so that they can’t throw it for their whole team already


get frank out asap ya big dummies ! why would they wait unless wait … ya they are dumb . then get rid of the that nasty james . he disgusts me and I have to ff BBAD when the show him . just nasty all around , ick

Smart Guy

For anyone wondering about the ‘argument’ Tiffany had with Frank about the wine that Davonne was talking about yesterday 7-5 at 4:36 pm Cam 4, it was on 6-25 at 8:58 pm Cam 1. I tell you what, Tiffany went toe to toe with him and really got under his skin. She was having a pure meltdown, I tell ya! Blood everywhere!


LOL! She said all of 3 words that you could barely hear and they weren’t directed at Frank. Da is something else. smh

Smart Guy

How is this comment getting thumbs up for pointing out what my comment above was pointing out, but I get thumbs down? Hmm…


Smartguy, I’d like to welcome you to the internet!

Let's wait

What are they doing? James says “let’s let Frank take out his people then get him out” DaVonne is like “U mean Tiffany?” He says “yes” DaVonne says “ok”

I hope she doesn’t fall for this crap. Michelle James and Nicole don’t want Frank out now because they are morons. I can’t stress this enough. You have to get him out this week or he goes to finale and final 3.

I need Tiff and Paulie to team up. Those two need to sit down and compare notes. Paulie fell for the house smear job on Tiffany and hasn’t talked to her since.

Frank needs to go next and then Paulie and Tiff need to lay it all out and swear allegiance to eachother and take the game over. I think if u have a final 2 of Tiff and Paulie my choice would be Tiff but the jury would vote Paulie for win.

She is totally someone he should take to final. He is thinking Zak cuz no one would vote for her.

Ok I’m ahead of things…if I see anymore “let’s wait. And take out Bronte next” talk. I am going to lose my mind. Frank will also flip that to Tiff next if they wait.


Frank just thinks these people are dumb, like how can you go in and think you’ll be able to tell everyone what to do with their HOH without them realising it’s for your benefit?!


These people are dumb but so is Frank without Boogie. This is the third year running that the cast is dumb as a bag of hammers!!!! I haven’t made it through a season since 2014. Watching Paulie and Corey try to think is painful.


Paulie’s got a major case of HOH-itis…Paul’s got a major case of humble-itis…Tiff’s crazy…I like that there are no super fans (except Michelle)…makes the game spontaneous.


I kniew Frank was playing way too hard. Thought is was going to be easy, the 8 had their targets and in what order. Frank and Da ruined all that with Frank talking way too much and Da on the Tiffany witch hunt. That’s where players make their mistakes. The orginanl targets; Paul, Nat and Bronte are no longer topics of discussions and now just have to lay low. I really think Frank was trying to play a Derick game and use Paulie like he did Cody and a weaker female ………… way too much and way too fast.

Not Cute

Michelle sucks. Ever since James corrected her on using the word “midget”, she’s been running his name through the mud. She can go.

Say What You Will

Frank’s playing he game atleast, every other HG is just chillin in there trying to float another week or two. Frank is being himself and he’s still alive in there so He’s the last bit of entertainment there, The Nat/James showmance is gonna freeze James’ gameplay, and steal his attention. Face it, he lost before and his life wasn’t over, he could lose again and still be just as happy as last time. This time he may get a fling out of it, that’s why he won’t care. It’s all about Nats attention now. Without Frank KA backstabbing and sabotaging this season may just turn into the rest of the HGs taking turns losing comps and then conceding defeat with open air Voting politics Ugh boring Just thinking about it

Smooch ma Gooch

He’s playing, alright. Like Ronnie the Rat and Brian and Willie and Devin and Audrey and all of the rest that had the game won in the first couple of weeks.

If You Call Crop Dusting Strategy

What about spraying noxious sh*t out his @$$ in everyone’s faces while barking orders & threatening eviction if you don’t laugh at your humiliation constitutes “gameplay”? He’s getting evicted 4 weeks earlier than his Booger-Bunch season without a fiend in site and his 15-pound flubber has nothing on the 8-packs, that’s why he wants them out first, so he can float to Finals on the shoulders of the girls he hates most. He’s no player or comp beast, and he’s no Derrick either. He’s a tempermental toddling tyrant & the minions have figured out all too early the “King Frank” has no clothes.


Damnit, Frank. You were my favorite…now you’re probably out next week.

Smart Guy

If anyone was wondering about the ‘explosion’ that Tiffany had in the HOH room that Da kept going on and on about on 7-5 at 5:22 pm Cam 4, the ‘explosion’ occurred on 6-26 12:24 am Cam 1.

Boy, did she explode! There was fire coming out of her nostrils and steam was shooting out of her ears! She’s so emotional! Everyone was sitting there as calm as could be and she just lost her mind. At least that’s what Da would have you believe, but we have the feeds and can go back and watch what really happened.


Best case scenario for taking out Frank… initial noms of Paul and Bridgette, roadkill puts up Michelle, POV winner and HOH make a deal with Paul that they will save him if he votes out Frank, backdoor Frank as the replacement. Now you have two of his fans (Michelle and Bridgette) on the block with him.


Hoping James and Natalie work out. They seem like they would a good couple.


Paulie wants to have a one on one with Nicole because he didn’t want to talk to her in front of Michelle. That’s not good because Nicole will tell him half truths and tell him what she thinks he wants to hear which may make him doubt everyone BUT Frank. He should wait until Frank goes to the DR and have a meeting with Da, James and Nicole. Then if they all lay out the information they have and decide what direction to go in they can fill in Zak, Mich and Tiff.


Too many competitions. Not enough time for them to really get under each other’s skin. And the teams thing was just a horrible idea.


Corey still harbors resentment towards Paul because Paul yelled, “That’s right bitches” when he won POV. Keep in mind that Paul wasn’t calling anyone specifically a bitch, just celebrating his win. But Corey thinks that because he said it in front of DaVonne and Nicole that it’s inexcusable because you just shouldn’t talk that way in front of women. It’s good that at least there is one gentleman in the house.

Oh, wait…that’s right. Up until yesterday, when he found out Frank wasn’t really his bromance, he was fine with Frank treating and talking to the women in a demeaning way, calling them hussies and sluts and slapping their asses. And then there’s the goat…

What a tool.


I can’t get behind this snugglemance/whatever between Zak and Paulie. He might get an infection and I hope he knows she’s playing him hard. She’s a professional manipulator of men.


To me it looks like she’s more into Paulie than he’s into her.


Yup Zakiyah is dying of thirst for him, with the petting and the flirting. One time I saw her hug him on the feeds and she would not let go of him! He was stuck there being hugged for like two minutes!

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

These houseguests are awful.

Between Franks web of lies that blew up his game quicker than Audrey’s and Devin’s blow ups.

Nicole’s constant loud mouth.

Day’s paranoia.

Michelle’s catty green envy.

Paulie’s and Correy’s meat head brains and delusions.

And Bronte’s voice and spitefuleness.

I can’t root for any of the above at all. At this rate I am team Natalie, Tiff, or even James whose humor was never for me.

Bridgette has potential as well maybe but all in all this was a lemon of a cast.


I think zak will be out before frank they will turn in tell frank
I think paulie will do it cause frank on his team in he want to be safe
that when frank vr dav come in to play I do not think day going to wins this game people will ‘
catch on to her the deference with her in frank is we know frank can win a lot of comps but we don’t know that about day in I was going for her at the begging but I change my mind yes frank got these deals but the real person turn against the vets was day she put this all in motion


want this be funny if frank wins hoh an Tiffney tells him about zak an day saying about him in pualie comfirmes
it in they make a deal with bronte an pual the two people who they think frank take out


The thing that bothers me most is that BB is being played much like T-Ball in that everyone gets a turn at bat. Who’s going to throw it to whom and who do we pick for HOH this week. There doesn’t seem to be any of them that are hungry enough to say fudge that, I’m playing to win…if you want a turn at bat go win a comp yourself.
I find I’m just less interested in watching the feeds this year. This group thing is killing it for me personally.


This season is a snooze fest. It appears even the hardworking people who keep up this blog can’t even write any spoilers since there’s NOTHING going on.


I saw Da tell James in the have not room that Z told her Da that Z, Paulie, Nicole , Corey Da in Finial 5 . She starts to cry (Da) said that she does not to be apart of that 2 showmance. Is that true or is Da lying.


I saw Da tell James in the have not room that Z told her Da that Z, Paulie, Nicole , Corey Da in Finial 5 . She starts to cry (Da) said that she does not to be apart of that 2 showmance. Is that true or is Da lying.


There’s always some talking going on… please update us on something


Frank you came in like a wrecking ball and all you ever did was wreck wreck your game!