Monte to Nicole “The target is Taylor 100%”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

1:30 pm Nicole and Monte
N – the reason why I haven’t spoken to you is I felt like I needed to give myself space and I needed to give you space. I think that Daniel is so set on getting her out of this house.
N – I have been walking around here prior to going on the block campaigning. I truly appreciate you coming to me and having that conversation with me.
N – even though we don’t know what will happen or at least I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow I’m glad you had my best interest at heart.
N – Daniel and I are not a couple so any decisions he makes he’s trying to make for his long game. He has hie heart set on getting him out of this house.
N – I don’t know the conversations that happened between Kyle and him I will say that he is dead set on getting her out. The conversations I’ve been having over the last few days I feel good but at the same time, I still have what you said about the three girls in my head.
N – I’m not a drama-filled person. I don’t like confrontations I think I’ve displayed that very well when with Me and Taylor in the bathroom. I’m not a yeller I’m not a screamer I’m not someone that creates that friction
N – If I go out I’m going out with my head held high.
N – the hope is to stay and to get HOH next week
Monte – year yeah that would be sweet
N – You want Taylor out of this house?
Monte – yeah yeah that is the plan
N – if the vote is split down the middle you are going to keep me?
Monte – you think it will be split?
N – I won’t trust Daniel.. you told me I didn’t have the votes to stay
Monte – I hope I didn’t frame it in a way.
N – I feel like you did
N – we’re at 5 to 5
Monte – you are you considering the 5
N – Turner, Michael, Daniel, Terrance, and those are my positive Yes.. and Joe those are my five.
Monte – the other five are shaky
N – yes
Nicole – I’m at a 5 to 5 or a 6 to 4
N – it’s a 5 to 5 have you decided?
Monte – The target is Taylor 100%
Monte says he thought the vote was going to be 6-4.
N – I’m not lying I have no secrets. I purposely positioned myself next to Taylor so we can get her out of this house I did this for people. She was never my target I was doing that to make my game better to show people I was aligned with I’m willing to do that for them.

Monte – I’m thinking about the Numbers.. whos left.. pretty much all the females in the house.
Nicole says Ameerah was the first woman she thought was beautiful but not attracted to. “I felt it was a friendship that was solid”
Nicole now says she’s glad Ameerah is gone “she is clearly saying things that weren’t lining up with what she was telling me. There are clearly things she was doing that I didn’t know she was doing”
N – I feel that she POOCHed herself from day one and put us all in a position that can we trust.
N – she was trying to make this whole house her b1tch
Monte – she was doing a good job she had me convinced

Nicole says if she wins HOH she’s either putting up the girls or Turner/Jasmine. “I’m trusting your word over there’s for sure”
N – if I am here I want to join Brittany and Michael
N – you know I won’t throw a comp, you know I’m a fighter and you know I want to win. Let’s go.. Why not?
N – I trust Michael 110%. He’s so magical to me he’s like my little unicorn. The conversations we’ve had over the last couple of days have been so amazing. I feel super safe with him. I feel like he has my back.
N – I don’t like Drama, I don’t like Screaming I don’t like yelling. It’s not who I am. I want to play an honest game. If my loyalty and integrity and grace get me kicked out of this game then I’m not meant for Big Brother (GRACE?)
N – with who I am physically, mentally, and socially we can rock this out.
Nicole says Terrance is her “best friend” and he’s on Monte’s team.
Monte – joe?
N – you have my son.
they laugh
Nicole – me and Michael we’re like BEASTS.

4:24 pm Showmance

4:26 pm Monte, Joe, Kyle
Talking about crazy Nicole saying her confirmed votes are the guys and she doesn’t trust the girls anymore. If Nicole wins HOH she’ll put INdy and ALyssa up or backdoor Jasmine.
Kyle – She’s lying.. it’s us 100%
Joe – unless they truly think I’m a f***ing idiot like I’m just running around here with my tongue dragging on the floor there’s no shot she can be that comfortable that she has me (Vote)
Monte says Nicole is trying to blame everything on Ameerah.

Kyle tells them the other side is united and Daniel is expecting a flip to get Nicole out will happen.
Kyle says he will tell Alyssa he’s voting out Nicole if that makes it back to Nicole and Daniel he’ll know she broke that trust.
kyle – if she keeps it low key then great I can trust her

Kyle says when Nicole talks about Terrance it’s ride or die with Terrance and Daniel. “he’s (Terrance) sick of you guys (Monte/Joe) trying to play the card hey we saved you last week”
Monte – REALLY
Joe – this is why I always said I don’t know about Terrance.
Turner joins them.

4:40 pm Nicole and Alyssa
N – I told him because I wanted him to believe what I was saying I said going into next week you, Indy and Jasmine would be my possible targets because you guys don’t trust me
Alyss a- ok
N – I would never put you up
Alyss a- you promise?
N – I’m telling you I will never put you up as a pawn. I’m telling you everything they are lying about is lining up. I have literally fed Monte, Michael, and Turner the same lines, and Joe.. Basically saying I trust the boys more than the girls.
Alyssa – I believe you and trust you it’s just last week was scary
N – it is smart for me to join Brittnay and Michael’s team because then if we go up on the block they lose two votes.
A – but if you win (HOH) who are you putting up Jasmine and Turner, Me and Indy, or the boys?
N – the boys are my target PERIOD. think of this if Jasmine and Turner go up we have the numbers to keep Jasmine. You Indy, Terrance, Daniel, Kyle.. five people that’s all we need for next week.
N – Daniel needs to get HOH then he’ll put up Brittany/Michael or Terrance.
A – Brittany and Micahel would me you
N – if I went up with them they are losing two votes .. do you see where I am going with this?
N – we have the votes to send home who we want to send home. You will not touch the block.
N – who is on your side of the house, You, Kyle, Jasmine, Indy, Me, Terrance, and Daniel that is 7 people. If I don’t go home we keep 7 people if Taylor goes home they only have 5 people on their side. I told Monte going into next week my targets would be, you, Indy, or JAsmine because you guys told him you don’t trust me.
A – which makes no sense.
N – I have to lie to keep myself safe and I also have to lie to convince them that I’m after you.
N – Alyssa I am swearing on everything
Nicole – the 6 people I saw up there last night are in an alliance. Turner, Brittany, Michael, Taylor, Joe, and Monte.

5:12 pm Britt and Michael
They’re talking about Nicole where the pitch was she could join Brittany and Michael and the two trios could be an alliance.
Britt – last-ditch attempt
Michael – sorta like what POOCH did make alliances.
Michael – she also told me her target would be Alyssa and Indy.
Britt – she told Turner her target would be him and Jasmine.
Britt says POOCH, Ameerah and now Nicole was so messy. They were scrambling.
Britt – part of this game is not overplaying.
Britt says apparently Terrance is wavering now. “Monte caught wind and is upset”
They agree Indy is a lost cause but they can get jasmine to vote out Nicole.
Britt – Alyssa and Jasmine go whichever way the wind blows. They don’t have loyalty to anyone.
Michael – if Nicole did join us then we would.. we would be down to 6. we wouldn’t have the votes.
Michael had considered keeping Nicole but when he worked the numbers it didn’t make sense.
Michael – we lose the alliance. It’s always worth talking through.
Britt says they have to take a shot but not this week.
Michael – I don’t want to lose Taylor
Britt agrees “I feel good about her”
Britt – Nicole I don’t trust her.
Britt is worried about Daniel winning HOH.
Michael speculates its questions, “I think we can beat him”
Britt – if he does win who does he blame the most?
Britt – I think it’ll be Kyle but Kyle is his Bestie. So who is second? You would think Joe and Monte. But Monte warned him.

5:34 pm Terrance, Brittany and Taylor
Britt asks if Nicole thinks she’s safe.
Terrance laughs and says yes.
Britt – WOW she’s really playing hard.

5:40 pm Nicole and Daniel
Daniel – I’m in the BB fun house with a bunch of clowns.
Nicole – I hate that none of these people know how to play this game. I hate that I’m not in a house full of super fans.
Daniel – I want to start asking them who their favorite player is.
Nicole – they all say the same thing. they all have only seen for the most part season 23.

5:46 pm Terrance and Monte
Terrance – my vote is going towards Nicole and I’m being 1000 with you. I’m going to go with how you want to move BRO. ONE you are HOH, TWO I want to establish this relationship between me and you, and THREE you know what I’m saying we are festie besties we have to figure out how it goes and how we going to move forward as this part two. I don’t want to be you know on the chopping block, You know for anything else.. you know .. you know those are the three reasons you know.. how you want me to move is how I’m moving you know. That’s real

Monte – I’m trying to figure out who is telling me 50/50.. if it comes down to where it actually is 50/50 it’ll be up to me. If I decide to keep Taylor what will happen all that attention will be brought on me and I’ll be public enemy number one which sucks because it means we may be sitting on the block.
Terrance – real
Monte – if I decide to keep Nicole and evict Taylor. I would have felt good about that this morning but after this morning…
Terrance says Nicole doesn’t have the numbers she doesn’t have Jasmine, and Indy is iffy. I don’t know how Alyssa feels. Kyle hasn’t had a good conversation with her so it’s like.
Terrance tells him that if Daniel or Nicole win HOH they will backdoor them, “that’s me to you”
Monte – you have confirmation
Terrance – MMhmmm it’ll be a bullshit person put up there probably Daniel and Kyle secure the veto, you know what I’m saying
Monte – they are willing to risk your game in order to come after me and Joe I am assuming?
Terrance – it’s a risk to my game anyways.. why are you gettign rid of my people? these are my festie besties. I’m rocking with them right now.
Monte – recently?
Terrance – recent that’s how they are going to move. If Nicole stays it was presented that I do not compete to win the HOH. I’m supposed to throw it. BRO, If you’ve been in the house BRO, F*** your chance to get a picture of your wive.. and letter.
Terrance says they told him they have the votes to keep him. “did you have the votes last week?”

Monte – if it’s a 50/50 vote I’m not Keeping Nicole I’m voting her out
Terrance – it won’t be a 50/50 vote. I’m letting you know that.
Monte – if it is it’s telling me something that is very interesting. I would like it to be 9-1 or 10-0.
Terrance – this is POOCH number 2
Monte – this morning she POOCHED herself
Terrance – this is pooch number 2 bro. we’ve literally had a class this is what not to do.
Monte – and she ran the same play

5:50 pm Indy and Joe
Joe – we need to talk to Monte I think she was telling Monte.. Monte was asking her who she’s going after next week and I think she said you guys
Indy – I don’t give a f***. Even with that, I prefer Taylor to go.
Indy – I am more afraid of Taylor than her
Joe – Yeah me too

Joe – Monte says there was the thing he only told Nicole and Ameerah got it.
Indy – I told Ameerah I didn’t trust Nicole. who does Nicole knew?
Joe – he (Monte) says there are things he only tells Nicole and some whoe everyone in the house knows

Joe – he still.. Taylor is still the problem but he’s like setting it up because he doesn’t know how he feels about Nicole
Indy – I’m voting Taylor out
Joe – he still prefers Taylor
Indy – Nicole only has Daniel

6:26 pm Turner and Jasmine
Jasmine – my plan right now is to vote Taylor out but it could change. I feel like just like last time it changed at the last minute.
Jasmine – I just refuse to be on the wronge side of the f***Ing fence this week.
Turner – if there is word. I don’t know if there is or not. If there is word this what I am going to do. My vote is an easy f***ing flip because I heard if she wins HOH it’ll either be me or Alyssa.
jasmine wants him to at elast tell her.
Jasmine – I never got along with the females in high school. That is why Alyssa means so much to me because it’s very hard for me to connect with females. When I have friends girls those are my riders because it’s just not that easy for me.
Turner – for sure.

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Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

How can she read people when she never shuts the hell up? ZERO self awareness. All about the drama and aggressive energy. Also talks about EVERY one behind their back. Do you, but “own it”.


I have said the same thing, she never shuts up, she talks so much she ends up contradicting what she just said, and she does not realize she’s messing up.

I am so tired of her saying she is playing an honest loyal game, she is lying every time she opens her mouth. I hope they do end up evicting her, I’m tired of hearing her voice.

I cannot believe Terrance the floater, he’s considering voting for Nicole when she voted him out last week. Terrance is floating between Jasmine and Nicole, he brings nothing, he’s just in the house trying to talk like he’s doing so much, Terrance is nothing but a Floater.


Terrance is such a big disappointment. He acts as if his age is the problem. Hello, Cliff from season 21 was older and much more interesting and intriguing than most from his season (and even this one). Terrance needs to go.


I loved Cliff.


Terrance is an extremely immature adult. I remember listening to the way he spoke about his alcohol usage on the live feeds. It had the feel of someone who is in complete denial of many issues in his life and is just unwilling to take a closer look. Kinda sad, actually.


I agree with EVERYTHING that was said about Terrence! What a waste of space!

Team Tay

I missed this. What did he say about his drinking? Not surprised


Watching the show: Omg this veto animation and narration is so cringe lol


Ok, watching the Power of Veto Segment, I have a feeling some of the DR sessions took awhile so that the houseguests could voice the cartoon segment on tv


Are we being buffaloed? Either there are some pretty decent liars in the house or Nicole is delusional. She prides herself on being able to read people but she hasn’t done so well.
I think and hope that the Leftovers are still strong. They may pick up some additional votes from Squeaky Wheel and Couch 2.0 to help get rid of Cruella d’chef.
Or is my read off?
Regardless, can’t wait for tomorrow night eviction!


It’s hard to figure out whether Jasmine and Indy will vote the same way as the Leftovers. Right now Monte and Terrence are slightly bullshitting each other. I can’t believe that Daniel is questioning whether other people in the House are good players when they managed to outsmart ( partly with sheer dumb luck but still…) Nicole Ameerah and others


He should take a look at himself. He is the reason that his bestie is on the block. He put her there! He’s the dumb a$$!


He’s a CLOWN which is ironic because he claims he is living in the circus with many other clowns…

The Beef

All he needs is a big red nose and a pair of those big ass black shoes and he’d be all set! Can’t help him with the nose, but he should contact Jeff Schroeder for at least one of those shoes, as I’m sure he probably kept the one that got him booted in Season 13 (Veto Comp – Clowning Around) when he inadvertently ejected it from his box while searching for it.


Joseph’s Family/Friends are on Twitter asking BB fandom to help get his Instagram Followers up. You may follow Joseph on Instagram at Joseph.Abdin You can also follow Joseph on Twitter @Joseph_Abdin


I will follow him for sure, he’s so cute!


So catching a bit of the live feed now, if Nicole goes it won’t be a surprise and Nicole and Daniel let the game get in their heads because they are talking nonsense right now. Honestly I think Daniel dragged down Nicole’s game


SIMON DAWG Just Donated!!




I feel like I am being spoiled. Ameerah last week. Nicole this week. If Jasmine goes home next week. It would be the best 3 weeks ever.


I prefer Daniel to go next


Hopefully both in an early double eviction!

Fred Sanford

How many days has this Jasmine woman been using a skooter? Accident prone. Passes out. Anxiety ridden. If the wind blows, it seems she will bust a hemmorhoid or something. Honest question, if she passes out when on a harness to do puzzles, how did she pass CBS physical? It’s literally written in every show. Is she just a diversity pick? Hand out the participation trophies?


All fair – – the one pass she probably gets is fainting b/c apparently the hamsters had to put on their own harnesses & she didn’t put hers on right – I think what happened is when they tried to raise her up it hit at the wrong spot in her neck (essentially it was strangling her I think- oops).

So – although she was the one who didn’t follow the instructions correctly & annoys the F out of me – I’m going to give her a pass on that one.

The Beef

Come on now TTO! Do you honestly think production (and OSHA) would allow them to put those amateurs in harnesses like that without a professional expert there to check them out first before sending them up to ensure they were wearing them correctly? I mean come on now, think about the possible law suit if she or any one of them fell from 8 to 10 feet and landed on their head, broke a leg, or (the horror) SPRAINED AN ANKLE or something! 😉

I know you have good sources, and maybe you’re 100% correct, but that doesn’t seem right to me just thinking about it. A multi-billion dollar corporation like CBS cutting corners like that and putting themselves at risk just to save a couple of thousand bucks for a safety inspector? I think she just chicken-shitted out, and basically admitted it when she said she was afraid of heights, but that’s just my opinion.




then Taylor next and all the girls of color will be out and you will be like a pig in sh*t, a racist pig!

un autre nom

While episode was airing, the Terrance floatgame was continuing to be exposed.
Terrance went to Taylor to cover his ass in case of a vote flip. He fed Taylor the same type of shit he fed Nic.
Britt intervened in case Taylor gave Terrance too much. Terrance tells Brit he has said a lot of crap but has never wavered (Dan told Terrance Britt is voting to keep Taylor, so more float coverage). Let’s just go back to the idea that Britt just stopped someone else from hyperhypnotoading to the wrong person…… whu?
Michael had considered keeping Nic, but the numbers would mean the Leftovers would give Dan and Nic house control. Britt also reiterated they can’t lose Taylor and Michael agreed (final 3 deal).
Monte and Terrance are now clearing the air. Terrance now knows Nic is the target 100%.
He reveals Nic was planning to target Monte and Joseph and told Terrance he was a pawn going on the block.
Nic is saying the girls would never touch the block now to Kyle, and saying Kyle would be the next out the door if Nic left.
Nic saying Kyle is clueless about the game. She’s been trained to tell objectively when someone is lying, remember? Eyeroll. Pull up people convicted on her testimony is all I’m saying.


It’s no accident that Dan and Nic became a pair. They are the two people in the house that are the most arrogant, emotional, and so stuck on themselves that they can never be wrong. Those types gravitate to each other. I hope Daniel is the next one to be evicted. As much as I can’t stand Jasmine, I can’t stand him more.


Hello my friends,

This is my 1st comment this season! Yay.

I’m not – once again – watching the live feeds so I avoid reading spoilers because I wanna give myself a chance to be surprised when watching the actual episodes. Still, there’s some things I’d like to ask you and check if my reading is good or not:

— Is it just my impression or all the hate Taylor has gotten from the begging was due to mean girl jealousy? That girl Paloma — what a piece of work! — started hating on her from day one because of how Taylor socialized with the dudes and because she was once a pageant, and I just thought the whole thing was super hypocritical because Paloma and the other women were always spewing girl power this and girl power that, “women for women” and blah blah blah, but they never skipped a chance to gang up on Taylor (behind her back of course). Suddenly everything was Taylor and one blink from Taylor was a menace in their view. On TV Taylor never came off as being full of herself, but I don’t watch the feeds. So…what’s the consensus on here?

— All this brings me to the moronic Daniel (ew): going all super macho, all up on Taylor’s face and screaming to defend Nicole – the one that said no one has the right to tell her to give up (lol). Besides showing condescension and that horrible image of a fully grown @ss man screaming at a young lady, he made his pal Nicole come off as a “oh my girl is so fragile and you won’t do that to her.” Da hell, people? What’s wrong with those hypocrites?

— I peeped and saw some comments so I guess I don’t need to write much about how I think Nicole is a clown. Always thinking she runs sh!t and that her group is – oh, so strong – and she still has not realized that everyone is playing her like a fiddle. I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow and Daniel’s… who was in the end being told the truth by the HOH but decided to risk his friends’ life thinking he’s gonna expose Monte to the house when in fact he’s gonna expose how dumb he is for sacrificing his final 2! Thursday can’t come soon enough!

Oh, and also: I hate people that come onto reality shows and air dirty laundry, bring their personal lives into the show, and then screams and lose their cool if someone mentions things they themselves said it in the first place. Ugh….

I’m enjoying this season so far. I started watching BB on season 15 so I’m not much of a specialist like you that can rank all seasons. But I felt that all those plans changing through the weeks and not being set on stone from the go has been super cool and refreshing. It’s also interesting to see that the bros in The Leftovers don’t see Taylor as disposable… or the whole alliance. Well, so far at least.

Don’t forget to click on ads and support our amazing Simon and Dawg!!!!


Welcome! First the hate that Taylor got from the very beginning, I call “ Mean Girl Syndrome”. Daniel ended up being a worse player than I thought that he would with his rash actions. As far as Nicole goes, she was playing a good game and then with one setback she started going downhill and not thinking as clearly ( Daniel actually has made her gameplay worse because of his partially Paloma -inspired emotional gameplay) . I think that you should watch early seasons of Big Brother because as far as excitement the early seasons were good for that and this season seems to be as exciting as the early seasons

Project Clown World

“— Is it just my impression or all the hate Taylor has gotten from the begging was due to mean girl jealousy? ”

No it’s because Taylor is black and the other HG’s are racist, didn’t you know? it was all over Twitter so it must be true



un autre nom

Turner put in some pretty subtle work on Jabba. Well as subtle as you can be with a woman that is only concerned with how many chicken wings she’s eating at midnight.
Basics: after that convo with Nic he’s not sure about her. Taylor is no threat to Jabba and Turner. He doesn’t give a shit who is evicted, he’ll just make up his mind on the couch like the Pooch vote, but tell Turner if the vote shifts.
He has Jasmine questioning, and admitting she doesn’t get along with other women. Sideye… oh they really cast women who hate women to be the all woman alliance didn’t they? Not that we didn’t already bin knew for weeks, but now they’re just out and out saying it. I mean, a woman’s alliance that only names women as targets is…. Grod’s wet dream. Look at the winners in the past few years and tell me Grod doesn’t have a type.

Buh Bye

During the next HOH, Monte needs to be on the sideline with a basket of chicken wings. If it looks like J’azz’ is in the lead, just start flingin’ out the wings!

Just a viewer

Omg LOL!!!!

un autre nom

Someone please tell Kyle that you CANNOT use RAID on a stove / oven.
Then again, a fire and Jabba without a Scooter? ….. nice brain evil brain conflict.


Subtle? I swear that it helps that Jasmine has been having part of his protein shakes that Production said that he needed to have while on slop (I am saying his because I don’t remember anything where Production said that she should have those shakes too). I hope she is on slop again because of the way that she has been treating some houseguests as if they were her servants (they had openly commented as such)


Actually, they’ve always allowed the hamsters to drink protein shakes while they’re on slop – – some of them barely eat the slop & just drink the protein shakes until they realize they need more substance.


You know when Turner was hanging out with Pooch I was get this kid outta here. I’ll OWN IT, I was SO WRONG about him. It’s been a very long time since my initial reaction was the polar opposite of how I felt a few weeks in but Turner was that guy for me.

He’s been among my absolute favorites this season. He doesn’t say much – but when he does I pay attention. Even the non-game stuff I find interesting & he’s very genuine -perhaps standing out b/c of the two nit-wits who keep insisting they’re playing with clowns while applying their red noses & face paint.

He’s very adept, & subtle in his manipulation when he does speak – in a manner we’ve seldom seen. Like during his HOH when he would hint at something but use precise wording that couldn’t come back on him – how the people reacted led to them exposing themselves. Sort of genius in a manner I seldom recall having seen utilized in this game w/o the player being tagged as shady – but again he’s so genuine & calm it’s impossible to not like him.

I was hoping he would make his F2 with Michael b/c I’d love to see them discuss strategy & dive into the semantics of the game. Hopefully, we’ll get some of that from Kyle & him (my favorite chats this season have featured Michael/Kyle & Michael/Britt) so if Kyle can pull himself away from Ally long enough maybe we’ll get a few treats from this duo.

There’s the outside chance we get the Michael/Turner convo though since Kyle suggested the F4- either way I’m eager to see more from him.

Anyway, I’m a fan & hope he goes deep in the game.


Thursday can’t come soon enough! I can’t wait to see Daniel & Nicole faces when she gets voted out!

un autre nom

1127 pm EST Wednesday
Nicole leaves the diary room.
Gee, has someone been screwing with her head in there?
Let’s watch.
deadpan stare with head cocked on a 30 degree angle.

un autre nom

Nicole: “If I go home tomorrow everyone’s gonna fuqing regret it.”

What’s she gonna do, send every feedster that thinks she’s trash her burnt chocolate topped carrot loaf recipe?


I love how Pooch is the most talked about houseguest because others keep Pooching themselves.

I cannot wait to see Cruel Chef walk out that door and for Evil Elvis to spiral!

We’ll see if she truly has class and grace …

I honestly fear for Julie. She might get that ass BEAT!

un autre nom

The ladyclown posse has learned that Nic is ‘now’ the target.
Alyssa doesn’t think they have the numbers, Monte is trying to trick them.
Indy is PISSED (remember, every second Joe spends with Taylor increases Indy’s hatred for her tenfold).
Jabba doesn’t want to be on the wrong side.
Britt comes by to say hey the house is flipping.
Indy has her bitchface on and is quite mad.

So even with the heads up they wanted if the vote was flipping, these fools still FOUTTE themselves up into a HIVE moment of thinking they control the game?
I wonder if Alyssa is going to tell Indy that her defiance puts Alyssa on the block WITH Indy? Probably not.
Indy’s root of annoyance? Taylor talks to Joseph. Monte put her on the block. So she is bound and determined that the entire house placate her because she doesn’t like them. Or she’s just being an entitled bitch. Either way.
Indy wants to vote “Her Truth”. Go back up to the entitled bitch line while truthseeking. Considering she was in the girls alliance, went to monte and joe and said she’s a guys girl, then jumped to nic and dan’s side because they stroke her ego (they said they stroke her ego so she’ll do what they want and it works)…. what is the truth?
Britt has exposed Terrance has committed to voting out Nicole because she ditched him last week and then comes expecting a vote? Jasmine forgot Nic told Terrance bon voyage last week. They were so worried about the blindside, none of them thought about the feelings of the one that stayed…. that they voted out. oh. hmmmmm (be honest, Terrance was going to keep Nic in one of his camtalks, but didn’t care which, he just wanted to know how the vote was falling).
Is Alyssa securing Kyle’s vote and making sure the flip doesn’t happen… only if she thinks kissing him will do it without talking about the possible flip in the slightest. Depends on if Kyle votes with his brain or his peepee (i mean really…. i’m starting to think he’s never been within 5 feet of a real live girl before… except his mom).
Isn’t it about time for Indy to make a complete scene? Why yes, yes it is.
She’s storming around saying she has a headache and she’s overwhelmed. To Nic.
Well this should start the crazymobile…. oh look Elvis is there, he can be her wingman on the beat in psychotown.

At the moment Terrance has flipped like a floater would. Jasmine is THIIIIS close to flipping and forgetting she ever met Nic. Alyssa… she’s miles ahead in the marathon flip event… because Indy ran the opposite direction.


If my loyalty and integrity and grace get me kicked out of this game then I’m not meant for Big Brother.’

Seriously – WTF is she talking about? She hasn’t played with an ounce of integrity & grace is something that may as well be profanity coming off her lips b/c she has zero understanding of what it remotely means!

America’s Favorite

Seriously. No one with integrity throws competitions and cries about it. I liked her at first, but she wants Taylor to lose more than she wants to win.

illegal smile

That Indy is a nitwit. Also for that Jas I’m a female and I don’t get the oh I just don’t get along with other women. Have you tried? True some can be difficult, but get them talking about their favorite people, places and things and it’s a breeze. Those 4: indy, jas, alyssa, and nic seems like they’d like nothing else but the guys to hold on to their every word. I’m sure a little flattery with those 4 plus EVIL ELVIS would get a few jury votes. Terrance you could probably just use a little jedi mind trick on or maybe just something shiny.


Why is Alyssa looking in the camera when she was making out with Kyle, she was making some weird noise XXX, She wanted take a shower with Kyle, RESPECT YOURSELF.

America’s Favorite

I’m not the biggest fan of the leftover alliance. Brittany, Michael, and Taylor are expendable to them and will be the first to go when they have to start eating their own. I would actually love those three to bring in 2 people from the other side and play both sides of the house, once this annoying twist ends. Michael is a comp beast, but the leftovers don’t see him as strong. They preyed on Taylor’s emotional fragility and will keep making her a pawn until they vote her out. Kyle and Joe aren’t strong competitors, but Monte will bring those 2 further than anyone else. Everyone in this house is seeking petty revenge instead of playing and aligning themselves with strong people. I was hoping that a woman would win this season, but I think Big Brother is setting this up for either a Kyle, Turner, or Monte win.