“The odd boys need to win instead of the picture perfect big boys.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

11:15pm – 11:40pm Bedroom – Terrance and Daniel.
Daniel – I just want to see… get filed in… you know like I don’t want to be in the dark. It obviously doesn’t matter, I do think I’m going home. Terrance – I don’t think that though bro! Daniel – well I am definitely going to talk to him and do what I can. He seems pretty level headed about the game part. Terrance – everybody was upset in a sense it was kind of like .. they felt like she was moving like POOCH in a sense. Like with the things that were said as far as she said she was going to put Turner on the block, she told Monte she was going to put him on the block. Like as pawns or whatever. Daniel – yeah she didn’t run it by me.. not that she had to. But if she had I would have been like hold on. Daniel – I would never just roll over and die. Terrance – Oh I know you’re not going to do that. We don’t know what the F**k he’s going to do. And she (Brittany) is his f**king secretary bro! Daniel – I am so proud of him. Terrance – just talking scenarios.. I know he is going to put up pawns. Daniel – I am definitely going to do my pitch and just hope for the best. Obviously I would rather play than be backdoored. Terrance – and I would pitch that to him too .. like just give me the opportunity to play. Daniel – yeah. Terrance – we just have to do worst case scenarios. He is powerful! Terrance – he is, he definitely has. We just have to get past at least this week. Daniel – that’s it we just have to get to jury.. I’ve got your back. Terrance – I got yours.. Lets get past this week and figure out someone else. There is always somebody bigger. There is always a better option than me and you. I think he will understand your pick of they’re going to run away with the game. Lets go! So that’s a pitch. You’re good I promise bro.

11:57pm Bedroom – Joe, Alyssa, Jasmine and Daniel are chatting about random things.

12:08am Bedroom – Joseph and Daniel.
Daniel – I don’t know what will happen this week or whatever it is I just hope you guys don’t .. like we can’t hang or anything. If this is my last or maybe I have two weeks who knows. I just want to still enjoy the week. Joseph – the game stuff is separate. Daniel – I appreciate it. Joseph – even though there was tension no one was being disrespectful. It was an awkward conversation and it was confrontational but it wasn’t disrespectful. Like you were both maintaining your cools. You both just de-escalated it and stayed quiet. Daniel – yeah he did well too with that.

12:14am Bedroom – Monte, Kyle and Taylor.
Taylor – was it you he called a sheep? Kyle – yeah he called everyone a sheep and our shepherd (Monte) over here. Monte – let me manipulate all of you. Taylor – its not me anymore.

12:22am Bedroom – Indy and Joseph
Indy – Taylor is in that room with Kyle. I DON’T LIKE HER! Joe – stop! She is your festie bestie.. and I was talking to Alyssa .. you need to be happy she joined you because even if people put you on the block .. you don’t have skeletons in your closet. So nothing, unlike Nicole you’re not going to have all these alliances and promises and sh*t that comes up and makes everyone switch. And I don’t know everything about Alyssa.. what she’s done and what she does but one thing about Taylor .. whoever goes next to her… her game .. she will always bring out the truth of whoever is put up next to her.. so you if play an honest game and you didn’t lie. Indy – so why is she talking with Kyle? Joe – I don’t know, I’ll ask Kyle. I’ll ask her too. But Indy, DO NOT BE HOSTILE WITH HER. Its not going to help your game. One, you have nothing to gain. You’re all about love and peace. Two, she’s your festie bestie and if you go up on the block… two of you are going to come down. Don’t make her team up with Alyssa. Do not cause problems with her. I do not think its smart for your game. Indy – I am not causing any problems. I just don’t like her! And I hate that she joined me. Joe laughs – Alyssa doesn’t care that she did. The thing about Taylor .. like if I have to go against Taylor, I feel fine because I have not lied or cheated or like if I did have to lie, it was for the house. Anyone that goes against Taylor .. if they have skeletons in the closet it comes out. Because with Taylor .. the one good thing about her, she is not playing the game. She sits in her bed all day and lets everyone lie and cheat and then when they’re on the block everyone sees it.

12:56am Havenot room – Joe and Monte.
Joe – I talked to Daniel real fast and I was like YO, I know you and Monte have your difference. Like it sucks, your homie when home. And he plans to come talk to you. I tried to plant the seed for you like its just a game like you don’t have the full picture. Kind of like you can’t blame it all on Monte. He thinks you’re the mastermind on this whole grand scheme .. you swayed it we’re all sheep. Whatever Monte says goes. Its because he thinks we’re all idiots. Monte – which is really a shame because you guys have been the most input that I have gotten in all of my decisions. Joe – but let him keep thinking that. She (Nicole) said it in her speech .. if you guys keep me I will now play a game of integrity, honestly. Which she is implying she has not been the game… and what was the quote .. “it lit a fire under me”.. Indy joins them. Because it was Daniel’s homie that went out the door he needs a finger to point at. Monte – oh yeah.

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So Daniel is broke, but he still wants to be in jury with people he hates!!? Why can’t he just get a proper job like a normal person!? How popular can Elvis possibly be 40+ years after his death??

un autre nom

Graceland has an annual income of approximately 10 million a year.
Elvis’ estate earns roughly 25 million a year.
There’s still people claiming he faked his death and they’ve seen him eating in greasy spoons.
If that’s any indication of his following or popularity.
As far as Daniel? the difference in pay between pre-jury and jury is significant enough that he’d want the bump. the difference is roughly 11 grand pre taxes as of 2019.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Well since my baby left me well I found a new place to dwell well it’s down at the end of lonely street at Heartbreak Hotel. Where I’ll be I’ll be so lonely baby well I’m so lonely I’ll be so lonely I could die.


Hilarious! Anyone else sick of the Festie Bestie twist? Just let them play the game. I am ver this twist (now that Detective – Detect Nothing Nicole is gone!)


I’m even sick of that name, it’s ridiculous. Like the Nom Won hat, it was stupid.


Extremely popular to those of us who loved him!


I don’t like bullying anyone in the house, or making them feel they are not welcome. Now with that being said, Daniel just told Joe he hopes he will still be able to hang out, and enjoy being in the house, he hopes that he will not be ostracized.

Why didn’t Daniel feel like this whenever Taylor was on the block, or just with Taylor being in the house. Don’t cry poor me, I’m all by myself, I just want to enjoy my last week being in the house. Daniel has issues with owning up to how he treats people.

That works both ways, why not treat everyone with respect, but still play your game, you don’t ostracize anyone, belittle anyone, bully anyone, make them feel all alone. Daniel has played a very emotional game, he has a tendency to act like he’s the smartest person in the house. Everyone else, as he said are clowns, but now he wants to not be ostracized.

Daniel is too emotional, I don’t want to see him treated badly, I just wish he would think about how he treats others in the house, if he would have won the HOH, I bet Daniel would not be saying he does not want to be ostracized, he would rain hell on the women he felt he could get away with treating bad.


One last thing for tonight, I’m so sick of Terrance. On the live feeds, almost every other word out of his mouth is Mother F2cker, F@ck that or them, Terrance tries to act as if he’s really playing the game, Terrance, you are doing nothing.

Terrance does not see that he’s just a vote, he’s a floater, yea he will be in jury, but it’s not because he made it to jury by winning a comp, game play etc….

All Terrance does is talk like he’s really going to do something, make a move, but all we see is Terrance Floating around the house using profanity, talking about if he wins, blah, blah, blah. Nice guy, but he’s a total Floater !!


He did pretty well with the impersonations.


OMG! Spot on! The excessive cursing is a turn off because he did not act like that in the first couple of weeks. I am ready for him to pack his bags and make his exit.


Literal Jasmine comedy right now, lol. I am hoping the whole muffin thing makes it into an episode because she is back at trying to catch the person and Turner is listening as she concocted her plan….


Brittney is so goddamn annoying I can’t listen to her for more than 5 seconds at a time.


I think Brittany is awesome.

un autre nom

Leftover cracks

  • Joseph: he’s telling Monte he wants to work with Jasmine and Indy. In other words, he’s thinking nobody is voting either of them to win. For all of his flirt with Taylor for camera time / storyline purposes, let’s be clear here: he sees her as someone he beats in final 2, and talks her down to people outside the Leftovers quite a bit. My week one opinion of him hasn’t changed. He’s just better at hiding it now.
  • Kyle: itching to make the pre-emptive strike against his alliance. Strategically that’s a choice… but a better choice once he gets at least one more non leftover out. In terms of numbers, that’s what makes sense. He’s not crunching the numbers, he’s trying too hard to perfect game and strike first. He is also still the same person i thought he was week one, and he ISN’T hiding it nearly as well as far as I can tell.
  • Monte: Let’s face it, now that Nic is gone, he isn’t that invested until the next woman’s name comes up as a house target. He’ll go for Daniel, and play the grand gesture leader role… but remember, it was his lack of leadership that allowed Daniel to scoop up Terrance, and now has the women openly commenting on voting him out.
  • Britt: when you talk about cracks you have to include Britt because she’s yet to find a silver lining that she can’t turn into a dark cloud. Tbh the alliance only took her because they didn’t think they could get Michael without taking her too.
  • Taylor: trust level is going to end up about zero with many in her alliance because she’s been asked to prove her loyalty, and she has. But her value is seen as sheild and pawn not ally.
  • Turner. most loyal to the group… but. Entertains the dissent of Joe and Kyle. I think he’s still more loyal game wise to the Pound because they’ll take him further.
  • Michael: yes protecting Britt is what he says, but he’s more interested in coming up with something more stable. He’d easily make another alliance excluding her and sell her out. He’s a little too attached and influenced by Kyle, and that could be his downfall. He’s forgetting: never trust the guy that never trusts his allies.

As far as Joe and Indy, I can’t tell if he wants to work with her because he is attracted to her or if he is using her obvious attraction for him

Palm Oil's Meds

meh. I think Joe is the type of guy that uses his looks and charm to manipulate women. He tried to do that with Ameerah and Taylor too. I do think that Indy wants Joe AND Monte all while having a bf at home.


Everyone is salivating over what Production gave Michael as his HoH food/treats, lol. We will see how fast they disappear


At least, unlike other seasons, Daniel came to see Michael’s HoH room and hang out.

un autre nom

Monte and Joe are back to being Pound… oh yeah, and those numbers we pulled in.
They’re worried about losing Indy or Jasmine or Terrance prejury.
They want Indy, Alyssa and Taylor on the block as pawns. You know neither of them are going to say that to Taylor’s face of course.
Joseph wishes they could have pulled Jas and Indy into the Leftovers… wasn’t the object to stand up against the …. oh right, that was just pr lip service bullshit. eyeroll. Now that Nic is gone mission accomplished? I said what I said.
Kyle is back to Kyle doesn’t sit on the block… and upset that he doesn’t get the HOH
loveshack… does he think they turn off the cams in there?
He wants anyone but Kyle or Alyssa to be on the block as pawns.
Turner? He doesn’t mind if Jasmine goes if they can’t get Daniel. He’s agreeing with everyone to be agreeable until the plan is decided.

Michael is going to have to be declarative, set the plan and tell the team this is what we’re doing this week. Yeah, I don’t see him doing that. He’s going to try to lead as a people pleaser while still trying to get others to agree with what he wants.
Britt will find some way to overshare to exactly the wrong person form a place of safety because of course she will.
Taylor has been told she’s not going on the block. Britt will hyperhypnotoad to Taylor at some point. Waitforit.

Okay, I admit, i’m a bit crabby tonight. I’ve been attempting to conceal my skepticism about the reality of the Leftovers given the existence of the Pound, and my worry that a lot of what we’ve been hearing has just been for corrective damage control. I mentioned it once, and tried not to mention that much more.
Listening to the way they are talking tonight? I’m more skeptical about the veracity of the Alliance as anything more than a storyline plot device to correct week one’s media attention.


I’m feeling the same about the leftovers.


How much of it is the “ I don’t want to be on the block ever so I will just keep suggesting the same person” syndrome. Joe’s “Just stop!” conversation with Indy was interesting. I am still forecasting Indy as a bitter juror

un autre nom

I’m not able to disregard week one behavior and the existence of the Pound.
It’s kept me on guard and watching for cracks in the masks.
There are cracks in the masks.


Considering that Kyle said we now no longer have a common purpose in terms of the Leftovers, that alliance is about to fracture


And…..We have another damn meeting in the 3 am West Coast hour!!!


Me hearing Monte…..Taylor needs to win the next competition….

un autre nom

One on Ones:
never said anything bad about Michael and if anyone says she did they’re lying. She wants Michael and Britt to make it far in the game. Suggests Michael put up people that have been on the block before as pawns to go after Daniel (so Jasmine just suggested Indy/Alyssa and Taylor). Jasmine doesn’t groove with Turner 100%. Michael should wait for people to come to him not search people out for 1 on 1’s (like he’s bedridden and everyone has to cater to him?) So she lies a lot. we knew.
Implicit bias has led him to believe the cookout is real in the bb24 house, and they’re all out to get Kyle. Let’s call it the BBQ. He is convinced Taylor keeps Daniel over Kyle. Here’s where his argument falls apart… both are identified by the house as white. Is Kyle just whiter? Paranoia and absolute pathological fear of EVER being on the block mixed with his week one bias. It’s not pretty. Michael agrees that Joe is trying to form outside of alliance relationships tighter than the rest have, but he’s got to be wondering just how much of this is Kyle Pooching.
And Kyle IS Pooching. He’s admitted that the alliance wasn’t about common goals, it was a necessity to get rid of Ameerah. So the savior edit is… oh. We knew that when the pound formed btw. leave the high horses in the stable where they belong. Remember: Kyle and Monte said bring in Taylor for the Ameerah vote, get rid of her anytime because she can’t be trusted. We knew this stuff. It’s just coming out in manic form tonight.
The Leftovers interrupt Kyle’s one on one.
Kyle already tried to kick Turner out. The group files in.
Daniel has to be backdoored is the group concensus…
Turner volunteered but what if Jasmine sits out of veto? Sorry Turner. Turner: damn it!
Monte pros and cons the boys or the girls going on the block.
Taylor did volunteer if if HAD to be done. they count votes to get out Terrance and realize it would be a tie and Michael would break it.
Monte mentions the alliance that Indy and Jasmine are trying to make with Monte and Joe.
Oh Kyle has to be shitting every shit he ever shat with this… his paranoia has to be at Pooch to the 12th power. You’d think this would relax Kyle… but Kyle wanted Michael to keep Daniel and bring him in to the Alyssa,Turner, Britt,Michael Kyle alliance to combat the BBQ.
The initial plan:
Monte/Joseph/Terrance will be the pawns. Kyle if picked for veto is spared any sticky situations. Daniel and Kyle are planned renom.
Kyle asks the alliance if they will keep him. He likes Alyssa and wants to enjoy whatever time they have, but she isn’t a priority over the alliance.
Monte doesn’t want external influences coming in about doing things on the side. (Reminder Monte only wants the jurors he has the best relationships with on jury). The comment was aimed at Kyle, but lets be real, he means he doesn’t want anyone other than himself and Joe to have external ties.

Michael Turner and Britt are bonding over early game alliances they were in . Six in the City (girls’ girls) Motley crew (inception) and Mamba (pos) are all discussed. The three of them like Taylor, and not in the disposable pawnshield way. But they acknowledge she’s got to be a social media fave.

Blindside Butterbeans

Why are they so afraid of that bread loaf Indy?

un autre nom

Because she can get bitchy with an accent.
No really. It’s because they are afraid she’ll throw tantrums and curse at them in another language.

America’s Favorite

Daniel will pull a Paloma before he Pooches himself. I can’t with this man. I’m so disappointed with these people. I started out liking all of these people, and I didn’t think I would start disliking these people so early in the season. Michael and Brittany are the only thinking people in this game. I need Michael, Brittany, Taylor, Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa to make a side alliance this week. Even with the back doors, I’m so bored!

Cee Dee

Indy is to immature and hateful to ever team up with Taylor


Daniel stfu. Anyone is equally entitled to win. It’s about how you play and the person you are. Not how you look.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is being selfish and cowardly.