“If I were to go after this specific person [Daniel] I think a backdoor would be the best option”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor


So far Michael wants to Backdoor to Daniel. He’ll likely put up the pawns Joe, Monte, and Terrance. Cracks are forming all over the leftovers.

1:11 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle – Michael, and Brittany are strong competitors they are very smart they know the game. they don’t have a close connection with Taylor, Monte, Joe, and Terrance. They don’t have that tight connection and I guarantee they will start realizing that group could be dangerous. That when they will look for people like me, like you, like Turner.
Alyssa thinks it’ll be the boys (Joe/Monte) nominated or Jasmine/Turner.

1:40 am Monte and Joe
They agree they can trust Indy.
Monte – as much as I wouldn’t want Terrance as a worst-case scenario going
Joe – neither do you
Monte – If you are talking about strictly game strategic?
Joe – Alyssa, Indy, and Taylor go up.
Joe – I just don’t want them to think we’re running the show scared to go up on the block
Monte – and Taylor this would be her 5th time on the block. She’ll probably hate us. Michael and Taylor are very close to Taylor and empathise with her
Monte – if it builds trust we’ll do it (go up)
Joe says Taylor told she thought it was best for the two guys to hit the block.
Joe – I told her Yeah.. but dude you never know in this game if the veto changes or they make it a one-person thing. We would be showing our cards so hard because let’s say Kyle and Daniel have to play. Let’s say they win and it’s me, you, and Terrance up there. Daniel says don’t use it he knows he would be backdoored. It would mean Kyle overrides it to save me you and Terrance. that screams alliance
Joe – Kyle saving Alyssa screams I’m saving my love
Joe – for us moving forward we need to offer us going up. We’ll give them the other option.
Joe – I’m hoping it is so obvious there’s another route they pick it
Monte says if Kyle and Daniel win veto and take themselves down the replacements would be Jasmine and Turner.
Monte – I’m not in any rush to get Jasmine out, especially with the trust we’ve built with Indy and her
Joe – we go up. it’ll build trust anyways
Monte – now that Michael came up to me, Taylor came up to me, Brittnay came up to me all three saying how thankful they were I’ve been very transparent through this whole process we’ve come together to make decisions.
Joe – say to Michael I didn’t put you up I don’t want you to feel you owe that to me because we trust you
Monte says people were suspicious of him because he didn’t put Michael and Brittany up last week. If Michael puts them up it’ll dispel any ideas they are working together.

Monte – it could change that whole narrative of me and Michael working together.. whatever his speech is he could weave something in there, ‘Fight for your life whatever he needs to say’
Monte – hopefully we can pull off the veto
Monte says they would have Michael, Brittany, and the 3 of them in the veto even if Danie/Kyle wins the veto Kyle can override Daniel use the veto, and take them down.
Monte – Michael would put up Alyssa, Indy, and Taylor unfortunately.
Monte thinks if it’s a team component in veto kyle could try to throw it.
They agree the festie bestie twist will be over this week.

Joe says he talked to Taylor and she would rather lose Alyssa over Terrance.
Joe adds that Taylor told him if the guys go up and kyle/daniel wins the veto then she is fine with going up so they can get Alyssa out.
Taylor – she was like if I have to go up so be it it won’t be my first rodeo.

Monte says it’s getting tough for the two of them if they win next week “There’s no one I feel great about putting up”
Joe – if I had to put up Indy and Jasmine I would kill myself bro. If I put them up I’m not getting their votes.

Joe wishes they could have worked with Jasmine and Indy but Ameerah got to them before they formed the leftovers.
Monte says someone in the alliance might want to offer themselves up as a pawn so they have less blood on their hands.
Monte – Ideally either Kyle wins HOH or Turner, Brittany or Taylor and they take those shots for us.
Joe- then we win HOH when it counts
Monte – how do you feel about the pound.. I still feel solid
Joe is solid he doesn’t see Kyle linking up with “those two”
joe – I think Taylor, Brittany, and Michael have a thing going on.
Joe says when that HOH comes and they’re down to 7 one of the POUND needs to win “A strong move is one of those three get it and put up me and you”

Monte – Michael.. BRO.. if you saw that kid gliding (During the HOH comp today)
Joe – that kid does something else other than making escape rooms.. he might have played Hockey.
They speculate that Michael might be an ice skater.
Monte – his ankle stability is crazy bro

Joe – they call it The Pound Town in the DR
They laugh..

2:09 am Who wants to see my HOH room

2:15 am HOH room smiles
Michael shares a story about meeting his husband online and on their first date he found out he had cats “What a green flag”
They laugh.

3:05 am Jasmine and Michael
They’re laughing at Kyle screwing around on the HOH Kitchen Camera.
Michael – anyone in particular that you want to see go up?
Jasmine says, Daniel.
Jasmine – I would never put you on the block
Michael – I’m going to ask everyone this. If I were to go after this specific person I think a backdoor would be the best option so I will need to put a beastie group up as a pawn where would your comfortability level be
Jasmine – nobody wants to be on the block, to be honest. You know I’m a Big Brother fan.. Pawns go home you know what I mean.
Jasmine suggests he put up someone that has gone up already “then there won’t be more blood”
Michael – my initial thought is whoever I don’t put up there’s a 1 in 3 chance of playing in Veto so there’s a good chance the people I don’t want could be picked I would like a strong Veto not that I don’t think you are a strong competitor but there might be competitions you aren’t medically cleared for.
Michael tells her he’s not thinking the best idea is to use Jasmine as a pawn.

Jasmine – the way Daniel reacted today I don’t think I would. it’s just a game, not life or death. I don’t know maybe he felt really close and she was the only person he had. I’m not faulting him for that.
Michael – He could have saved her and kept things the same.
Jasmine – because he saved Indy and Alyssa he kind of thought they would vote the way he wanted to vote.
Jasmine – am I somebody you want to see in Jury
Michael – yes

Jasmine says she’s not “100%” with Turner
Jasmine – I’m not close to him that’s just what it is no offense to him we just don’t talk game. I’m cool with him but I don’t talk game with him

3:35 am Michael and Kyle
Kyle – Joe, Monte, and Taylor have extremely strong connections with Indy, Terrance and Jasmine

Kyle – we have 7 they have 5 we take out Daniel this week that will likely be what everyone pitchs then we are left with Alyssa who is closest to you, Me, and Turner. We also have Jasmine who is close to Monte, and Joe and we have Terrance VERY close with Taylor, Monte, and Joe. They had the conversation to have Terrance join their threesome early on
Kyle – Indy Very strong with Monte and Joe
Kyle – Best case scenario Daniel goes home they have 4 people on their side 7 on our .
Kyle – our alliance was formed based on necessity. Our backs were against the wall there was not a common purpose like the cookout. (after daniel leaves) We don’t have the common threat against us so these four I’m thinking are looking for like opportunities.
Kyle – Monte, Joe, Taylor see Terrance, Indy, Jasmine. Three easy people say one of them win HOH I guarantee those three get brought into the same room they share very common purposes for being in this game. That’s where I’m like Maybe.. I’m a little worried they pieced that together seeing how Taylor plays Chinese checkers. every move is thought through and methodical.

Kyle – If I am on the block with Daniel, Taylor will go through all the options until 5 am with Joe if we keep Daniel what are the numbers if we get rid of Kyle what are our numbers?
Kyle – Say they keep me and Daniel goes home. Then we’re left in a scenario where it’s 7 to 4. It is not needed to keep our 7 they see those 6 and it’s me, you, Alyssa, Turner, and Brittany are left with 5 against their 6. That is what keeps me up a little bit.
Kyle – those 6 look very much like the cookout.. (Terrance, Monte, Joe, Indy, Taylor, Jasmine)
Kyle suggests Jasmine to go out.
Michael – where do you see Taylor being super close with them what am I missing
Kyle – I just see her and Terance are tight and within our alliance, she’s gravitating towards Monte and Joe more than others. Joe is sleeping next to her staying up until 5 am every morning
Michael – Joe wants to have the best relationship with every single person outside the alliance saying I’m doing to help us
Michael – maybe but it’s also really helping you

3:50 am The leftovers meet. They go over scenarios to take Daniel out this week.
Monte – Joe and myself had a conversation with indy she’s trying to get something started with me, her, Jasmine, and Terrance. Not Alyssa she doesn’t trust Alyssa apparently. (Yikes Cookout 2)
Monte suggests Joe, Monte, and Terrance go up as the pawns this week.
They talk about Daniel losing his cool today after Nicole left.
Monte stresses he doesn’t want outside influence to affect their group.

3:51 am Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa
Jasmine says that the target is Daniel but doesn’t know who the pawn will be.
Alyssa – when Daniel was yelling at me he said you couldn’t even give her a vote.. I said I’m sorry. She said NO YOU’RE not don’t even say that to me right now
Alyssa – he screamed at me after the vote. You’re a liar, get out of my face, you’re playing this game for other people, not yourself.
Alyssa – I started getting emotional.. then he blew up on Monte
Indy – if he screams at me I’m going to make sure he hits me and I’m going to make sure he’s going to go home with you (Yikes)
Indy – the favela is going to come out my friend
Jasmine – we have to win the next HOH there’s only been one girl HOH this entire season.
They talk about how close the head of household competition was today.

Jasmine says Michael will ask them who they want out.
Indy – I don’t care about Taylor.
Jasmine – he’s the best option to get out he’s alone (Daniel)
Jasmine – some people might like that ohh come join us
Alyssa – he’ll go after Monte which is an option.
Jasmine – there was a 5-second difference.. he almost won tonight.

Jasmine – Taylor, Monte, Brittany, Turner, and Kyle were waiting for me to leave the room then Kyle went in. So I think they will be the crew for tonight.

4:08 am Showmance
Kyle – you never look bad it’s unfair


4:30 am houseguests heading to bed..

4:37 am Michael alone in the HOH watching Turner take Jasmine’s cookie/muffin and put it in the freezer. He then pours water into the bag.

4:48 am All feeds on sleeping houseguests.

8:16 am Zzzzzzz
9:25 am waking up

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Jasmine gonna kick Turner’s muffin when she finds out!! ?


Unrelated but Related. I sure wish CBS Big Brother would give us one more season of BBOTT. I loved how EVERYTHING was Live 24/7, Dairy Rooms, POV, etc. NOTHING was Edited. I had never seen so much infighting with Big Brother Fans. We were consumed with the show. That’s all


YES YES YES!! I loved that season. I have wished for another season of Over the Top.


Why is Monte so focused on getting Alyssa out? It doesn’t make sense to me when there are way bigger fish to fry. I think Daniel is good for TV at this point. I just want to see Kyle make it to Jury because he deserves to. I hope Michael & Brit see that that group (Monte/Joe/Terrance/Indy/Jasmine/Taylor) needs to be disbanded because that’s heading for a disaster in the next week. I get why they would be hesitant at this moment because they are still safe with the 7 but if they form up with Kyle, Alyssa, Turner, Daniel + Mike & Britt & maybe even Taylor if they could trust her? Then they would be the majority once they boot lets say Monte or Jasmine out the door. It would be 5 vs 6. They would always have Daniel at the bottom, ready to boot when they need too. That would be sweet & make the game more exciting.

un autre nom

Monte wasn’t focused on getting Alyssa out until Kyle convinced Monte that Alyssa was some social game master that was going to figure out the alliance and win the game.
Add to that Monte noticed the showmance coming and didn’t want Kyle to put the showmance before the alliance or before Monte.
It’s Kyle’s fault the alliance wants Alyssa out because he told them multiple times a day how dangerous Alyssa was in the game.

Rachel not Rielly

Kyle is playing his cards too early. He should have chilled on that for a while. I am liking him the least out of the left overs. I hope hes the first of them evicted. But lets get evil elvis out first and jasmine. I cant handle that played up accent and her compairing Julie to food anymore.

The Beef

That whole country ass bumpkin routine is grating on my last nerve. She claims to be a “social influencer” but I don’t know who the heck would pay her to peddle their products when she comes off as a hick from East Bumblefrick, Mississippi and is constantly turning single syllable words into multiple syllable ones.

Rachel not Rielly

Yess! I dont get it why she is trying to lay it on so hard. If it was just her naturally (like Donny or Sam) it wouldnt bug me but she is just so fake.

Good Vibes

As fake as those insane eyebrows every eviction night.

Rachel not Rielly

Yess literally the worst!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Fake and mean.

Buh Bye

Production has to be behind that over the top fake southern accent. I’m sure they’ve told her it’s charming and to play it up. I mean, Grod knows exactly what the people want …. not

Team Taylor

Can you imagine a Daniel HOH had he won?? What a difference 5 seconds makes.

If he doesn’t become the target, the next best option is Jasmine. And Turner can use his eviction speech to confirm he ate the muffins.


Lol. I flipped the feeds on to see if anyone was awake and discovered that the bad snorer is…..Monte.


ive been a die hard BB fan since the beginning, and I’m still following the season, but this festie bestie thing is woooomp womp, no thanks from me! It takes away the days of campaigning bc you are surprised just being up on the block. Kinda takes the fight out of the game and no one is working hard anymore bc they just rely on their bestie to win or keep them safe.


People on Twitter hating Kyle and dragging him right now because he said something like he is afraid of a “Cookout 2.0”. The Twitter people want him gone. They said he is the only one to bring up race. Most of the people on the block have been POC so I don’t know what is problem is. He’s not that likeable since he got into that fake showmance with Alyssa.

Cee Dee

What I don’t understand is how is it the cookout 2.0 if indy and Joe are involved? Am I’m missing something?


He added them later. He didn’t say their names at first. Trying to cover his tracks as not to appear racist. His name on Twitter is now KKKyle


So absolutely ridiculous that this is even a thing.

Look, the black people in the last season used their skin color to “stick together”, but if a group of white people purposely used their “skin color” & did the same thing, it would be the KKK. OMG what the idiots don’t even realize is what the “Cookout” did WAS RACIST! So racist…..they’re racists!

Just a viewer

Lol! The Cookout got people like you spooked!


That’s hilarious that you would think anyone would be “spooked” as you say it. Just pointing out the obvious.


They were the strongest large person alliance in BB history. Your just salty


Sadly you are missing the point but based on your comment, that is to be expected.

Cee Dee

What the cookout did was not racist but to the single-minded I can see how it may appear that way. First you said that white people never made an alliance out of race. I doubt that is true. I just think what’s known doesn’t need to be said. So you’re upset that there was a cookout and you or people that look like you weren’t invited. Lol. Well let me explain, you see there are black churches, hbcu’s black colleges, black gay pride, black sororities and fraternities and blush lodges. There ate people like you that like to argue that’s its racist to have those things while ignoring the obvious. They only reason those things ever existed was because black people weren’t allowed to participate in the white ones. Whether it was through law or just plain principle and hatred black people could not crack into those events and organizations. So out of necessity black people created their own church’s, frats, sororities, gay pride, colleges etc. However any white person can attend these events and organizations. The only reason the cookout existed was because of the 23 previous season of BB when black people were bullied, excluded, ostracized and couldn’t break into an alliance no matter what they did or said or was always on the bottom and the 1st out. Year after year. So bb decided 50%of the cast members must be BPOC instead of their usual 1 or 2 to try to even the playing field. The first time black people had numbers and they decided not to try to join up with others but to link arms to get 1 of them to the end. 3 if then sacrificed their games greatly to do this. It had nothing to do with, they hate white people or did not see them as equals or animals etc. They literally were force together to do something that should have been done a long time ago. If bb had always had a 50/50 split I don’t know if a cookout exists. It always amazes me how white people cry racism when black people join together to accomplish something or participate in something. I mean, you don’t want black people to have a fair shot but then you hey mad when we join together to create our own. So black people are damned of they do and damn if they don’t. Now that’s REAL racism. Fyl, racism is discrimination based on the belief your race is superior. The cookout never showed or stated they felt that way. It was actually the opposite. They felt genuine care and friendship with people outside the cookout. Necessity is the mother of invention. Stop making black people feel bullied, excluded and marginalized and then black people won’t feel the need to have to create groups, colleges, churches, organizations events and yes alliances of their own.


Yes, yes and yes! I was about to chime in but then I saw your comment. You summed it up perfectly. I’m white and I haven’t experienced the hatred and abuse a POC has, I’m not ignorant or purposely blind enough to not know that it exists. (I cannot imagine the conversations I would need to have with my children before I let them go out the door if they were not white.) It’s not too late for someone to educate themselves.

The Cookout alliance was long overdue Unfortunately, I’m not surprised to see that there are still people crying about it and trying to play the reverse racism card.


Break *clap* it *clap* down *clap* for the people!!! You explained this so well.

White watchers get mad at a race-based alliance when race based alliances have always existed (meanwhile there was never a black bb winner before the cookout…). It was unspoken- the SAME way race is unspoken in the real world. So many non black players subconsciously played the game this way. The Implicit bias was always obvious in casting AND filming.

So it’s okay to have an all male/ female alliances but when black people create an alliance it’s the end of the world?? The black people on BB have a HISTORY of being VOTED out FIRST. Why is this?? It’s called implicit bias my lovely bb friends. YouTube & google are free, learn something today. I’m sorry race conversations are showing up in your fav shows, but that’s life! The is post-George Floyd and CBS (Survivor, BB, Amazing Race) have all pivoted to include diversity- long overdue! Black people watch CBS as well. It took a long time to be represented on my fav shows.

The cookout was necessary and I will live every day with a smile knowing that alliance did a steamroll takedown so eloquently. They had an innate trust that only can be compared to that real world bond. I’ve watched this show with my family from the first season and every season we were disappointed because black people were stereotyped and excluded.I actually stopped watching after the “Season that cannot be named” lol (Amanda ‘McRae) until the cookout season. I loathe big alliances but the cookout did it for America and the ancestors. I think some white people are so triggered, that they don’t face the room to comprehend racism. The world would be a better place if people just learned basic sociology. The cookout wasn’t a bad thing, it was long over due ??

Also, I rarely comment- so I want to take a moment to thank you Dawg & Simon!!! You guys do the real work, thank you!!!!

Palm Oil's Meds

Why is it racist when blacks work together, but when players like Kyle who purposely target and exclude all the black players, then Kyle is unfairly a victim of BBTwitter? So many double standards.


How about the best player for the win, no matter if they are brown, black, white, purple or blue. That’s the way the game used to be, now it’s all about identity politics which has completely ruined BB.


What you fail to realize is that identity politics have always been a part of the game, it just used to be ignored and not talked about by minority players. Please explain to me how it took a group of African American players to band together for the first African American winner to be crowned? Its never happened before because BB is a social game and race (whether subconsciously or not) plays a part in our social interactions. As an example, muscular African American men on the show have historically been targeted before muscular Caucasian men because its ingrained in our psyche that there is something more inherently threatening, aggressive or powerful about a large Black man. It may not even be conscious like I mentioned, but these subconscious (and conscious) biases inform social interactions and have historically made it very difficult for African American contestants to win. Ideally these players wouldn’t feel the need to group together based on race, but history shows they play at a significant disadvantage because of racial biases.


Whoever was sleeping in the bed next to Monte (Joe?) did not sleep well because Monte was snoring loudly. I can just imagine the “Can you please sleep in another room” conversation

The Beef

Wait, Xavier wasn’t a “Bro”? When did that happen?

Cee Dee

I don’t even know what that means. X wasn’t a “bro” ???

Just a viewer

Brazilians and Arabs have DNA of Africans. So KKKyle probably sees them all as black or some form of it. That’s why Indy wasn’t a part of his “us”.

Palm Oil's Meds

Indy said her father is black. I saw a picture of him on SM. He looked like a multi-racial latino.


I’m pretty sure he could care less what the “people of Twitter” have to say about him.

Just a viewer

He cares, his first two weeks he talked about social media, getting likes and have a large following.


I’m glad she is at least owning up to her sh*t now.


Parade really came for Cruel Chef so good for them!

The Beef

Another interview – another re-write of history. Yes, I saw them holding hands last night during the live show after the speeches, which frankly shocked me given Taylor’s speech, but she’s saying they were all “buddy buddy” all week leading up to that, and we didn’t really see that now did we?

I think she was de-briefed by production on what to expect during these interviews, and good for her for having the maturity and good sense to own what she said and did. I hope she has the same good sense to offer Taylor a public apology on the finale (if given the chance – the early boots aren’t usually given much talking time) for the things she said and the way she acted towards her. I guess we’ll see.


At this point I am almost indifferent if Kyle were to be blindsided this Thursday instead of Evil Elvis..

He is making too many errors… His thinking about a new Cookout is just problematic and incorrect because last I checked Indy and Joseph are NOT black…

I also want to know what is the term for a 6-8 person alliance with no people of color in it? A picnic?

Lord knows their have been MANY picnics in the history of BB so don’t start Kyle. It’s one thing to think it but don’t verbalize it…

Unless he wins a lot of competitions in the next couple of weeks I cannot see him getting farther than Juror # 3 now. He has only himself to blame.


“Picnics.” Love it!


I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I forgot KKKyle is a MAGAT and from Utah where only 1.7% of the population is Black. His true colors are showing now


Sadly he is earning his new name of KKKyle and I can’t defend of support him any longer.

Palm Oil's Meds

I heard Mormons believe black skin is cursed. So he probably has some type of superiority complex in the BB House. I also hate how he arrogantly claims he created the Leftovers. No, it was actually Joe. It’s such a shame because the LO was the first alliance I rooted for ever in a long time. I really loved how it consisted of Christians, Jewish, Muslim, and Mormon members. Kyle ruined it.


I almost forgot that KKKyle’s grandmother was racist ‘but it was ok back then’.

I think it’s safe to conclude that he’s her favorite grandchild…


Please keep bringing the facts!