“The nerve medication f* me up.. Made the tip of my tongue and my lips numb”

10:28am Sleeping Everyone

11:38am WTF is groundhog day wearing?

11:44am Outdoors

11:44am INdoors

1:25pm Josh sleeping

1:36pm They wake up for a bit..
Groundhog day – My foot doesn’t hurt today
Paul – that’s good
Paul – are done taking medication
Groundhog day – yeah, I’ve been done for like a month. Or longer .. I dunno it’s been a while
Groundhog day – I stopped taking that Pain medication and then the nerve medication f* me up just as much
Groundhog day – it like made my.. the tip of my tongue and my lips numb so it’s got..
Feeds cut

When we’re back everyone in the kitchen making food..

Paul – I got a kink in my neck
Groundhog day – it’s called christmas

Christmas is making eggs for everyone.
Paul complains about an avocado that’s gone missing.

2:13pm they sit down to eat.
Paul calls Josh “raven”
Josh calls Paul “Kevin”
Paul – I would rather be Kevin and Matt than Raven… so you played yourself
They start to tease around.. how Josh is grumpy in the morning until he’s got a coffee and an hour to wake up. Groundhog day says she’s got it the worst cause she has to put up with the two of them.
JOsh spins his fidget spinner …

Josh – I’m going back to bed
Paul – maybe you’ll wake up on the right side this time.. (LOL)

2:47pm they crawl back to bed.. Groundhog day starts rubbing Paul

Paul – that hurts so bad but good…

3:44pm BAck to sleep all three


Josh in the kitchen singing.. β€œ Do you like Taco’s when you wake up… do you like tacos when you sleep.”

Paul on the hammock practicing his finale speech.

6:04pm Groundhog day and Paul

Groundhog day talks about getting hooked up with a ghostwriter to write her book
She goes on to explain the process.. She get’s a ghostwriter, they pump out a chapter and shop it around. People come to her with offers.

Groundhog day – my first book I had 12 meetings in 2 days..
Paul – did you do well
Groundhog day – Yeah.. I was picked up with harper collins
Groundhog day – My second book I stayed with harperCollins umm… but that’s if you go the traditional route .. you can self publish
Paul – is it a good business move
Groundhog day – Business move yes.. but it’s not very lucrative.. I mean it can be but it’s not normally
Paul – interesting..
Groundhog day – it’s really just a bullet point on your resume for status

Paul – like I wrote a book
Groundhog day – people can publish things all the time but.. you write a book and it’s on the shelf at barnes and nobles people look at you differently it’s a different credibility (Which you sh1tmas away by being on this show)
Paul – that’s dope
Groundhog day – thanks, I kinda was really surprised about this..
She says her first book was 4 years ago her second hit the stands right before she got in the house
Paul – WOAH.. damn ..
Groundhog day – it was May

Groundhog day talks about her assistant being the polar opposite of Paul’s assistant. (Who are these people with assistants)
Paul – she’s 22
Groundhog day – just turned 23… July 6th..

6:50pm – 8:30pm FInal 3

9:20pm The final 3 gather in the living room for Paul to read a card. Paul – Dear house guests except for Josh… Josh is a B***h. …Dear house guests, You’ve played the game so well we want to see how you do with some others. Here’s tumble towers, dominoes and cards … but if you’d rather warm the bench sit out with this popcorn and candy. Your friends at POP! Josh and Christmas start screaming. They head into the storage room to find beer.

9:30pm – 12am The final 3 sit around the kitchen table playing card games and drinking beer.

12am Josh, Christmas and Paul layout in the hammock. Josh after the hype we need to make sure we see each other twice a year. Christmas – twice a year.. are you trying to get rid of us? Josh – I’m just securing it because I know we’ll get busy. Paul – okay I’ll pencil you in Josh. Josh – no more than that. Christmas talks about wanting to go to Europe and Brasil together. Paul – what do you want to bet that Josh gets pick pocketed in Brasil? Christmas – all the money.

1:30am Christmas talks about how she can back squat Josh. Josh – you can back squat 235lbs. Christmas – yes.

1:50am – 2:05am Josh and Paul head to bed and talk about how Christmas told both of them separately that she wants them to do what is best for their games. Josh – its perfect. Paul – its perfect so that if one of us have to say we have to take the other we can say its best for our game. It doesn’t usually happen like this, its friendly .. its friendship. They talk about how they hope she gets America’s Favorite. Josh is scared of noises in the room and starts freaking out.

2:45am Christmas gets out of the diary room and they all go to sleep…

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Guy From Canada

Okay Simon &/or Dawg, I missed something and I’m too a lazy to read back, why is sh!tmas Groundhog Day?


Since her name is a holiday, posters have fun call ing her different holiday names ie; “So what’s April Fools doing now?” or “Thanksgiving is so far up Paul’s butt!” etc., etc.


Since her name is a holiday, posters like to have fun by calling her different names ie; “What is April Fools doing now” or “Thanksgiving is so far up Paul’s butt!” etc., etc.,

BB fan

Why do you guys call Christmas as Sh!tmas or Groundhog Day? It is rude.., please refer to her as her real name.
Thank you.


Well considering she’s rude…sh!tmas it is!

Jingle my balls

I call her krampus


Because posters here like to call everyone bullies whilst bullying people worse than anyone on the show ever did.

I don’t like Christmas. I never have. Her and Alex have always been my least favourite in the house, yet, because I’m a grown up, I don’t feel the need to call her by some other name.

“Well… well… she was mean on the show so I’m going to call her a mean name!”

I guess everyone here is still in Grade school?


Posters here aren’t bullies bc they aren’t saying it to their faces to get something from them. They are commentating. Get it straight.


How would YOU like to be called a nasty name by the posters??


I don’t care. Call me all the names you want πŸ™‚


Ok for the person who wants to go on and on how calling xmas shitmas is rude and bullying :

Why dont we then focus on her overuse of the c-word or offerring to give the boys ” agressive shotguns” or the fact she cannot chew with her mouth shut to save her life or that she has likely made a deal with the other two for part of the winnings and THAT is why she is so happy to let whatever happens happen. She has said it all…its not bullying , its not conjecture so pleeeze find something else to fixate on!

No one left in that house has played a nice game all of them have bullied harassed made up shit the other one has said and repeated it to further their game. They took it way too far and production not only let them but encouraged it (xmas said it yesterday that all production wants us to do is kill each other ) If someone needs a new name made up about them its PRODUCTION!! lets do it!


Happens all the time
I could care less what others say but I’m a adult, lets see if we can make it easier for you, Sticks and stones can break my bones but ____________________________________.
Come on you can do it.


I get called nasty all the time. LOL

A glimmer of hope tomorrow! ……..

We already know the 1st 2 parts of the 3 part final. Wasting about 40 minutes including commercials.
We may have a few laughs when the jury get together happens. After Ravens delusional she was a “puppet master” comment last jury bit, I never laughed so hard all season, perhaps Raven has a few more gems of “wisdom” for all us fans. ROFL(That line had to be fed to her by production surely) Even Matt couldn’t stop laughing.

Part 3….. I’m hoping for a Baby Huey win and by extension Paul finishing 3rd. I don’t think Paul loses so that will be moot. Any chance Paul takes Shitmas, likely not.
Jury votes and Paul wins easily. Maybe even unanimously. Huey gets 50K and Thanksgiving NEVER wins AFP legitimately.
AFP….. I’d like to see Cody 1st off just for the reaction from the 3 turds. If Paul finishes 3rd and Cody wins AFP the whole season ends in utter joy. Mark winning is fine IMHO. I’m not a huge fan of Kevin winning. Though it is favourite so if he gets the votes good for him. I guess at the end what I’m saying is I’d like an AFP winner that shoves it up the 3 turds backsides.

Go home Paul

Yes….gnome @ 3rd place would be sweet. And Cody AFP cherry on top!


I absolutely agree. Looking forward to the finale for just two reasons: 1) the most vile season of BB finally comes to and end and 2) we find out who wins AFP. I really, really hope it’s Cody and that the top three aren’t Paul, Josh, Xmas or Raven, just to see the looks on their faces. I think Xmas, Raven and Alex all think they’ll win AFP.


So doing it behind someone’s back is better??? Did you really just say that, and then follow it up with “get it straight”?

If that were the case, then you and everyone who liked your comment would be saying that all the things Paul, Christmas, and Josh said about Kevin behind close doors is okay because… well… it was behind his back and not “said to his face to get something from him.”

None of it is okay. How they acted isn’t okay. How you commenters act isn’t okay. You aren’t better than them just because you’re doing it when a camera isn’t recording you but it just so happens they have one on them. You aren’t better than them just because “they did it first” (google hypocrisy STAT).


Behind their back? It’s a comment section. It’s open for the entire public to see. Nice try though!


Did you read the post you are commenting on?
Do you need to ask them if they said what you just read?
Do you get offended when the sun comes up?
You are bitching at us for bitching at them “superiority complex” (google sit down and shut the f*ck up STAT)


She was leading the gang of hate with mob mentality antics. She is shameful and not who she says she is. Mean, and hateful. Hopefully she owns her behavior on the outside but not holding my breath. She’s delusional.

What's in a name

Don’t think calling Christmas other holiday names is in any way bullying. It’s done in jest to someone who has been a vile person in the house calling others much worse!! Don’t like it, don’t read it! It’s called free will.


“We do it because she says mean things and we don’t like it!”

Google hypocrisy. You’re welcome.


Yeah we bullied you right into a corner and made you read this, we suck.


To each their own. Chill out, it’s humor. Cracks me up every time!

Darrell from Oklahoma

If your so grown up then why dont you post your real name i stead of anonymous?


Oh brother. RUDE is what Easter is. Not Simon/Dawg.


At least you acknowledge it’s rude!

A side note – it’s funny to me that when you say it’s rude you get a ton of likes, but when someone else says it’s rude they get a ton of dislikes. Oh to be a follower!

I’m not the original poster asking you to stop, I do, however, find it rude. Now watch my comment above starting being proved in t- 2 seconds… lol


Calling her sh**mas is mild compared to what she has called almost every person on the show. Between her and Paul wanting to ‘break’ people and push them over the edge before voting them out was the worst part of both of them. I have no mercy for either of them. Not sure where all these people come from in the last minute but it happens every year. I think this forum is the best of any out there.


Simon you are definitely someone I could have some beers/Kracken with, you are smooth at times and just blunt at others but funny none the less.

It’s hard to have any sympathy these days everyone is so easily butt hurt, literally by everything and anything no matter how trivial.
Sad really


I’mma pots and pan you now! Just after I make some fries for some friends.


YAY Simon: Love you Bunches. She will always be shitmas to me:)


So sick and tired of these people coming outta the woodwork to defend Kwanza. You’re the moderator, Simon, and quite frankly, “it’s your hot body, you can do what you want.”(South Park) Seriously though, Hannukah is one of the nastiest specimens I have ever seen in the Big Brother house and to compare our rants about this absurd season of BB with the bullying by Friday the 13th and her two stooges is laughable. Keep up the good work. It’s you and Dawg, as well as the countless intelligent peeps that respond in these forums, that help us get through these lackluster seasons. Lackluster isn’t a strong enough word to describe what this season is.


I just had a really good laugh! Thank you @hysterical_ handle_please_laugh_ now.


Its a joke, relax. Whats stuck up YOUR ass?

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

A Christmas Stocking?


I don’t know if I have told you this yet but I love your name……

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Thanks, I just threw it out there and it’s stuck for a while.

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

I just got this weird feeling Y’all are about to vote me out .


I believe it should be A Christmas Stalking…


It is also rude to limit others speach


You’re absolutely right. Festivus deserves respect and I for one will not stand for humor on such a serious TV show….




You know, guys, Halloween had no problem cuddling up with Kevin simply to use him and manipulate him to get farther in the game. What did she care if his poor judgement even cost him his marriage? She’s on the record that she will eat souls if need be to advance herself in a silly game. But Halloween will fly into a rage or fall into depression when she realizes that Paul is simply using her to advance his game and get her vote. It may not sink in right away…but when it does there will be much more talk of eating souls and cutting throats wide open. You want to feel for her but she makes it so hard. One of the highlights for me was Halloween telling us what a good idea it would be to trigger Cody. Even mindless Matt looked at her incredulously and asked: “you really think it’s a good idea to trigger a guy who has served in the military and had to kill people?” So many soldiers come back with post traumatic stress disorder. Let’s see if we can trigger Cody. Halloween, you’ve lost so much signing up for this game and reality will hit you hard…we want to feel for you…but you make it damn near impossible.
As for Paul…those of you who cannot yet see that he will lose to Josh need only reflect on one simple question. Somebody in the jury is going to stand up and ask this world-class douche: “Paul, how many people did you have a final 3 alliance with?” His lies will bury him if he continues to “not have blood” on his hands. If he comes clean…the next question is: why vote for you if your strategy is to promise final 3 to everybody? You just stacked the jury with people that feel betrayed by you. Paul will know his goose is cooked before the votes are counted.


I disagree with your Paul assessment. He played the game. It’s a game people.


No, Paul is a disliked Globetrotter and the rest of the cast are the Governors. Is that a competition?


I just pray that josh gets to do his speech and answer questions BEFORE Paul because if he gets to go first he is likely to throw himself on his sword before Josh gets to throw him under the bus and say ” it was all game play you cant blame me for playin the game” or some other excuse Josh needs to be first to speak without a doubt.


I disagree.,I think it would be better if Paul goes first and Josh can adjust what he was going to say to pull himself out from under the bus. Josh already knows that Paul was throwing his game under the bus to make himself look better to the jurors. I’m thinking he might do better than you think. That is IF he can keep himself from crying too much.


I’m hoping Paul goes first and stupidly tries to keep up the “I was only there to help, was on your side(s) the whole time and never dreamed I’d get this far” bullshite, so Josh can then point out Paul was far from innocent, he targeted each of them ruthlessly and methodically and Josh was right there by his side the whole time doing the actual work and getting the blood on his hands, but unlike Paul he has the balls to admit the truth and respects them enough to stop manipulating them at this point.


Not an answer to this question but Groundhog Day feels very apropos right now, as the feeds have been very repetitive the past 2 days yawn!


It is like she doesnt care about winning the game anymore. Guess Paul is giving her a nice bonus when they get out… guess she’s making more than 2nd place so why give it to Josh… wtf
I have never seen a BB where almost every player game their game away to one person. hmmmm sounds like a setup to me.


Apparently you can make millions doing meet and greets, meet all sorts of celebs like that guy who was sitting behind Matt Damon in that movie, and become a Disney princess if you just do what Paul says…

Time to Shoot This Horse

WTF. How many relatives does Raven have? She has cracked the 1.2 mark on the rating pool.

Somebody at work told me they voted Paul for AFP. When I asked why they said he is going to need the money because nobody will ever hire him. When I told him that his parents were rich he said they won’t be once Paul gets control of their money. Paul just might be the biggest ahole to ever play the game.


There’s the hat he never wears




Thanks for the update. As I cannot stand to listen to these 3 talk I have not watch any recent episodes on the TV.


Simon/Dawg – Any chance that Josh would pick Groundhog Day over Paul if he won the third comp?

Bye Paul

I hope this happens!!

Min O'Pause

Her tongue is numb from kissing Pauls backside all these weeks.


Why do posters so often make vulgar comments that aren’t even funny. She was talking about a legitimate side effect of a prescription drug like gabapentin that she was probably given along with the pain pills. If you ever have this drug you will also find it to be strange. By this time she should have been off all the meds for pain.


Why do the house guest make vulgar comments that aren’t even funny? Groundhog is vile.


Oh crap are we seriously gonna start talking about why s-mas is called groundhog again??????

Did they actaully have an earthquake last night? ( saw it on BBAD ) it was the ONLY thing that happened if it did!

They ae still wearing same clothes from the day before i would suspect a reshoot ((which happens alot ) if there wasnt a stich of conflict for them to have to work around whatsoever!


We had a 3.6 near Westwood, but I didn’t feel it. I live about 20 mile away from the epicenter.


Because they are salty.


Then why don’t you marry her. And bite us.


She is indefensible. She caused her accident. She’s a grown woman that hopped on a man’s back and fell and broke her foot. She brought on her problem by being stupid, then took it a step further by being vile. She deserves much worse than she gets. Truly.


This comment section is too low class & immature for someone as perfect & holy as you, so maybe you should stop reading them.

I feel it’s a far more efficient solution than you attempting to shame those that you feel are your inferios.


I believe it’s since her name is a holiday, posters like to have fun by calling her different names ie; “What is April Fools doing now?” or “Thanksgiving is so far up Paul’s butt!” etc., etc.,


My thanks and sympathies to Simon. ZZZZZ….
What is Paul saying in his eviction, oops, I mean finale speech? Freigning caring about others?


Josh asked Paul if they are supposed to give speeches and Paul told him ‘Yes, but just a few words because they don’t have time’ . I hope Paul goes first.


So far he’s planning on going with how he was the biggest target in dire peril from day 1 and week after week, so he was forced to work very hard all season to strategize and save himself, successfully kept the target off himself, won when he needed to and never touched the block, blah blah blah. No owning up to the dirty game he played. Personally I hope that will be a mistake on his part. As a juror I would have more respect for the truth.


I cannot wait to see the final two upstaged by Jessica & Cody. Will make this season worth watching.

Bye Paul

This would ba amazing to see!

Jimmy 64

Hey I survived hurricane Irma had no power and when I get it back
this has got to be the three worst people you could have at the end.
Are you like me I don’t really care who wins big brother 19 the shepherd,
the bully or the one legged bitch . WHO CARES


These three are bad but just think we could have Jess/Cody, Raven/Matt or Mark/Eliane and all their porn making. Oh sorry we also have that now only I will give them credit they do keep it under wraps better.
Haven’t watched for some time now was so glad when a Project Runway started haven’t watched since. Did delete bob from the dvr last night knew I would go back and watch them. Get everything here thanks


Xmas and Paul should not of come on the show………………..it sounds like things were going quite well for them……………After their behavior this season…………I think they are going to have a lot of regrets.


You’re delusional if you think that Christmas will suffer any backlash or criticism.

She is a female & they are NEVER held responsible for their actions.

All she has to do is cry, point at her leg, claim victim status & say that Paul ( a man) made her do it.


I totally agree with “who are these people with their assistants.” Its sickening.


And by “Assistant”, Paul really means “Mommy”.


I’m beginning to feel really sorry for Christmas Abbott – watching her is painful how she keeps throwing herself at Paul and Paul not reciprocating. Paul and Josh are constantly asking Christmas to groom them, massage them, scratch them, and Christmas keeps asking, “When is someone going to give my back or neck or feet a rub?” It gets silent and no one answers. Paul is now making comments to Josh about how he can’t get any sleep because Koala Bear keeps wrapping her icicles around him and smothers him. NOW, Paul is trying to get Josh to sleep with Christmas so he can go to the round bed and get some sleep, while Christmas is running around quickly trying to get back to Paul and he plays her off.

Last night, Christmas went back to the hammock after everyone when to sleep and you could tell that within a few days her dance with Paul is over and she knows it. SAD

Christmas continues to laugh hysterically at everything Paul says and does… acts submissive when he asks where something is…and will jump to do what Paul wants at a moments notice.

The poor girl is one step away from either going crazy or going to have to tell him how she feels. This feels like high school where a nerd kid likes the cheerleader and sits and froths and acts way out of character to get her attention and will be miserable for their entire high school career.

Please, Christmas Abbott, tell Paul or give up the ghost. For someone who is badas*, this sure is painful to watch


I am not a fan of Xmas but I don’t wish her heartbreak either. If she’s really into Paul hopefully it’s a case of temporary insanity and after Wednesday she will snap out of it.

a christmas rub

the only reason Christmas is hooked on Paul because he the closest thing to a man in the house besides herself. she tried with Jason, Kevin, mark and matt (the silver fox)

the girl has issues. she will rub up against anything that shows her attention.

her act of desperation is sickening. out of any woman in the house, she came across as the most desperate.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Had a dog that did that rubbing on everyone. Humped everybody. The preacher hasnt been back to the house.


Paul was letting her cuddle up until Josh won the 2nd comp that very night he turned a way from her in bed and didnt even speak to her at dinner that night. He doesnt need to keep her happy anymore so THAT is why he is trying to keep her at bay. He is completely self serving to the end. Josh is the one he needs to keep happy now and that isnt taking much.


Please may Josh redeem this season!!!

Kevy Kev

Oh my god, these assholes actually think Victory in Europe Day could win AFP? Not cool. Is it wrong to skip most of Finale night? & catch the only important thing…final eviction/interview. Jury BS & questions. Speeches/Votes then AFP. What, a select 30 min outta 2 hrs?? I do wonder though who the hell is voting for whom? Kinda would chuckle @ Paul losing by one vote, again, 2nd place is the #1 loser… Yet, this cast…….!‘‘‘!!

sunny dee

i’ve seen a poll of what people think will happen with different scenarios, and it seems overwhelming that josh would have the best shot against paul, which surprised me. it seems like even at the ending, a move that should actually earn josh more jury votes (evicting paul at f3), might get him less, and give xmas the win. i don’t see a world where josh vs paul would be 5 to 4 with paul winning, it seems to me it is more likely at best 7 to 2 with paul winning, and more likely 9 to 0.

xmas’s wins were literally given to her, josh at least won some of his, and when he needed it. to be a deciding hoh, he’d have to win hoh #3, which is again a win, and if he evicted paul, he should be given credit and votes for being the only one bright enough to get paul out.


Always figured Simon was Dawg’s assistant…

Min O'Pause

Don’t be making any negative comments about Saint Swithins Day or you’ll get Blueballs all uptight…..


I haven’t watched the show since Cody got evicted I only watched the Thursday night shows for the jury clips but I can’t even watch the Thursday night episode without production trying to make us believe Paul is this great mastermind is sickening I might skip the finale and check on this website to see who’s AFP Thank You Simon and Dawg for doing these updates

Raven's ugly smelly creepy disgusting horse hair

Really dislike Raven…..really dislike Matt…..Maven is the most disgusting couple ever to be in that house. Whoever is in the live audience Wednesday please BOO this trailer trash lying ugly tramp and that boring cereal killer that has the stupidest smile I’ve ever seen. Watching BB19 will wipe it off his face fast. lol


Past players have said the jury house is a nice experience and they begin to wind down from the game. I think, from reading Grodners interview Maven is making jury an unpleasant experience and I assume everyone is still amped up over the game. This isn’t helpful to Paul.


I have seen rumors on reddit that Maven are so irritating in jury that their campaigning for Paul is actually hurting his chances. Who knows if that’s even true but it does sound plausible. It would be hilarious if that were the tipping point that ends up costing him the game.


I soooo agree!!! Raven is pure filthy whitetrash! Her mother had a gofundme going for her fake illness! Matt is a total loser!!!! What an embarrassment this cast was


Raven has an implant for gastoparesis. From her story its hard to say if she ever had GP or her mother just shopped her around until she found a doctor who would dx her and give her the implant. If she does have GP her implant is giving her renewed health and she should be grateful and sing its praises instead of trying to make everyone think it is a terminal illness and she doesn’t have much time. The rest of her illnesses were being made up as she went along.


To Anon whatever Ravens illnesses are she has a pacemaker in her stomach and I dont think we will ever know her full story but as insanely annoying as she is , we are not doctors and really shouldnt be saying she is faking being sick. Not cool.

Raven's ugly smelly creepy disgusting horse hair

Raven is a scumbag and she is faking. Yes she has a pacemaker in her stomach but tons of people from all over with the same thing say it’s a condition not a life threatening disease. Raven told the houseguests it moves up numbers and when it gets to 15 there is nothing doctors can do, she will starve to death and die. People with this same pacemaker said that’s a lie, when it goes out you change batteries. LOL
Once again, Raven is an ugly lying scumbag cheat.


Paul does seem to have some idea that people don’t like him because he talks about it on after dark..I don’t see how Josh can win against Paul at best it would be a 4 to 5 but he would probably in reality get like two votes I don’t see Mark and Elana voting for Josh


Yes watching Christmas all over Paul is just cringe worthy. it’s like you’re 35 and he’s like a baby compared to you. She’s going to be so embarrassed when she gets out of here not only for bitch ass behavior but her Paul worshiping might send this girl over the edge … But she’ll probably say it was all for strategy that’s why she was all over Paul …


This houseguest have done some really crappy things.but if they would come out and truly apologize and feel really bad for some of the things they’ve done and just say I made a mistake I’m sorry for what I’ve done I shouldn’t of done it and if I could do it again I would do it differently but I doubt that is going to happen.. I think a lot of it will be justifying bad behavior with other people’s bad behavior if they hadn’t done this then I wouldn’t of done that …I don’t believe these people will take responsibility for what they’ve done and own it .. the only person I have a little bit of hope for is Jason


I think Jason immediately regretted the horrible comment re Kevin’s family and will be horrified when he realizes how much it was talked about. I DO think he will apologize, as he damn well should. Kevin I don’t think has too much to apologize for but seems like the kind of person who would step up and do it when called for. Mark and Ramses imo don’t have anything to apologize for really, they seem like genuine people. Elena wasn’t too bad as a person. Terrible players though, all of them. They should apologize to the viewers for that!!!


I agree. I think Jason is going to be devastated when he finds out his vile words went viral. He seems to not think before he speaks and this might teach him a really hard lesson in life. I don’t think he watched enough BB before coming on the show to fully understand what live feeds meant. I don’t excuse his words but think he will genuinely be devastated by how they were recieved. And genuinely be remorseful.


Jason said right away his comment was over the line. Said he was trying to think of the worst thing he could say and that was it. He was Kevin’s only friend in the house. I’m sure he will apologize and I’m sure Kevin will forgive.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

The problem with the houseguests apologizing is that people do forgive but they don’t forget. It will still scar them all leaving that mark that will prevent what could have been some future opportunities. If Matt had of been likeable, hey a cereal company might have snatched him up for commercials. Now no one would ever touch him as he has a ‘disgusting” stigma attached to him.
Doesn’t matter what Raven does or says – flat out no one cares or ever will!

Crazy Stuff

Paul was using Christmas by letting her be close to him. Paul was doing the friendship thing keep Christmas close and now Paul doesn’t need Christmas any more to win the game. Christmas is no use to Paul any more. Paul was never into Christmas. Paul is only about the $$$ and that’s all. Christmas heart will be broken because Paul never cared. Paul being all close to Christmas is a game move. Most of the HG Paul used for his on personal gain he never cared. Right now it is all about the $$$ with Paul. Paul doesn’t care about the HG feelings. Paul is vicious and dirty in this game. He Never Cared!….Paul wants the money and Paul doesn’t care if HG get hurt in the process. Paul will trample anybody to get the money $$$.


So true, one of Paul’s favorite tag lines is “Never Cared!”

BB 19

Lol you guys were so right shitmass does have chipmunk cheeks!! Every time she smiles it shows. It’s so funny she reminds me of that chick from Real House Wives of New York Bethany,she had crazy chipmunk cheeks. And all you have to do is watch the live feeds to know why we call her as is. Trust me that’s a nice name compared to other names on other sites people are calling her but then again these 3 are all deplorable.


I was watching Jessica on YouTube talk about slaping the petty hat off of Alex I would love to see this because I think if Jessica really did stand up to Alex or Christmas she would be flying through a glass window . I actually like Jessica I don’t understand why she likes Cody but to each it’s own .I don’t agree with everything she has to say but somethings I do agree with one thing she really needs to get over as having people explain their actions to her it’s like explain why you decided To have sex on TV with the lights on did you think it would help you get further in the game most people when they were doing these things as crappy as they were didn’t think they were helping their game but really they were just helping pauls game I understand that. I mean she kind of acts like she was perfect when she was on the show when her and Elana had the most foulest mouth I’ve ever heard and that’s including Paul .Paul is just cuss words Jessica and Elna talk about the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard .. I really think he Elana would love to be a porn star with her boobs hanging out everywhere. I would like Jessica to explain why she didn’t have to wear her frog costume why did she feel like she was privilege not not to have to wear it Why did she lie about her hex. What I’m trying to say is she wasn’t perfect so she shouldn’t go on finale night acting like she was and wanting everybody to explain their actions to her no I don’t think so


Fixated much?
I’ve seen her you tube also, first couple of weeks she had a grudge against a couple of them.
Funny you didn’t watch her most recent videos , the ones where she says she has “decompressed” from the house, that it took awhile to get over the experience of being bullied and isolated to one person, on video she has apologized and wants to in person for what she has said and done but that doesn’t fit your agenda does it.
She won’t touch the Raven medical issue at all but other than that she isn’t shy for her dislike of her.
She also asked Jody fans to vote for Cody not her, she has apologized to Megan and her and the others evicted before Jury talk once a week about whats going on in the BB house.


These HG are really disgusting! They can’t even keep a kitchen clean between all of them and now they have ants ! Gross !


first off i dont care what kind of back lash i will get for saying this .. BUT … are you people who are voting for CODY as FAV out of you rot picken minds.. that is just so discusting on so many levels… now wonder alot of countries do NOT like americans .. i mean really voting for a discusting bully .. oh well .. i said it …


Cody was the only one who “knows who he is, likes who he is and isn’t going to change for anyone”. It’s why he lost the game. But I respect him for who he is.

Keeping It Real

Yes, Cody knows he is a jerk. He takes joy in feeling superior to others and trying to make those he encounters believe that they are in some way beneath him. You wouldn’t be so dismissive of this behavior if it was directed at you. Don’t give me any of this BS that Cody was simply reacting to the poor character of his fellow house guests. From Day 1 Cody was cold, rude, and disrespectful to everyone. He acted this way before he even had a chance to learn the names of his housemates. Do you think Cody would have shown any kindness towards Jessica if she wasn’t physically attractive? What does this say about Cody’s character? Stop engaging in revisionist history simply because it suits your narrative of hate towards Paul and his minions. The misdeeds of Paul (and friends) and Cody’s repulsive personality can be mutually exclusive. Cody is living proof that not all veterans are worthy of sainthood.


It’s disgusting …not discussing. There I said it. btw if people feel that Cody deserves to be AFP and wants him to win how is that anymore disgusting than some of the way most of the other contestants were playing? or the way they constantly talked crap about Cody just because he tried to make some game moves. At least Cody was playing his own game. Was he a jerkoff? yeah maybe, but not anymore than some of the other players.


Cody rocks.

Everyone else except Cody and Jessica ate Paul’s shit and begged for more. Cody told the runt to eff off. The runt didn’t like that so he ordered his good squad to attack both of them at every turn.

Hopefully the negative energy emanating from America about the runt reaches the jury and influences them to vote for “the other”.


Josh’s constant yelling is so annoying !
But I’ve got to say that Paul’s card tricks were neat !


Remember Bridgette from last year? She was a delight.

Not a Kevin fan

I don’t understand why people like Kevin. I thought he was quite creepy. His cuddling and touchy touchy with Christmas. Talking about sleeping with Christmas in the jury house. His stories were not that interesting or funny. He would tell the same story 2 or 3 times in a row(you would think he was starting a new story but nope repeating the same story). He never listened or cared what other people had to say and would interrupt others quite often. For 56 years old he showed little wisdom and was very self centered. What 56 year old person thinks it’s a good idea to wrap Saran Wrap around their body while they sleep at night. I couldn’t stand when he looked in the mirror, turned sideways, sucked in his gut and then made the duck lips. He had everyone else prepare his meals and never cleaned a dish. He acted like a child when confronted with the idea of making his own food(and slop)and didn’t like anyone who didn’t cater to his needs or listen to his every story. This was why he first started to dislike Alex And he did say mean things just like the rest of the cast, maybe not as often but he said his fair share of shit. I always felt an evilness lurking beneath his fake cool guy demeanor that showed when he got mad. For example: When Josh was confronting him about winning the $25K and Kevin picked up the glass to hit Josh with it or when he got in a fight with Raven and Alex and Matt about “not” winning the $25K he sure got in their faces and you could feel the anger seething from him. If I had to guess I bet he is not a very good or moral person in real life and had done his fair share of illegal things. Also, if he is a stay at home father and his wife works why has he never cooked a meal in his life?

He was a terrible game player too.

Paul's got a new gig Travelocity Gnome

You make some good points. I was really disappointed in the fact that he just existed in the house and really did not play at all, constantly doing whatever Paul told him to do. You would think being as old as he is that he would have had the wisdom to god forbid maybe approach some other people and compare notes instead of buying everything Paul told him. He tried to come off as somewhat “gangsta” but didn’t seem to possess the street smarts. If he did he would have been more stealth and tried to talk to other people more about the game.

Cant You See I Am Gay?

Paul would rather f@ck Josh than Xmas.

Paul Wants To Butter Up Josh's Bottom

I think Paul and Josh want to snuggle. Xmas is just getting in the way.

Paul Wants To Butter Up Josh's Bottom

Xmas is like sexual kryptonite to the male population. No marriage, no husband, 2 Failed engagements, no boyfriend, and no male in the BB house wanted to get into a showmance with her? And now she desperately clings to a closeted gay man hoping that he will show her a small modicum of affection. And yet she is oblivious to the fact that the only showmance paul is interested in, is a showmance with Josh.

Xmas Induced Celibacy

Xmas has the sexual appeal of a cantaloupe. She does absolutely nothing for me.

Now some female BB members of the past have been smoking hot … but Xmas? I just don’t see it.

I’d have to say Jessica, Elena, Dominique and Jillian exude much more sex appeal than Xmas.


In the beginning I thought Xmas had tons of sex appeal but that was before the mean side of her came out. The pills didn’t do her any favors either.

Paul Wants To Butter Up Josh's Bottom

Wanting to see Big Meech in a thong


I wager that once raven is out in real world and sees what people think of her, that within weeks we will have photos of her in hospital or something. Her mom will be saying what a terrible effect being in the house had on her health and how sick she is after big brother. Mark my words.


Mom has probably already found the hospital and doctor to set this up.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I can see the GoFundMe plans in motion:
“‘We need 200 k for vagina strain from the house and the inverted wrist from under the blanket……well we know. Plus other life threatening diseases!!!!!
If the fundraiser is for a permanent zipper for her mouth I will chip in.

Alex ruined the season

Xmas can say all she wants to do whatever is best for your game. She still will be butthurt. She will try and act like she doesn’t care finale nite but we know the truth. And she can’t ruin that joy for us.


You missed the Earthquake that shook the house at 11.22 PM – FOR REAL!


Can someone please tell mewWhy is xmas called Ground Hog Day?


I want to thank the people who allow us to vent our frustrations with the game and our opinions on whoever .
Even though nothing we say or how we feel really matters
Do Juri votes will be white count

For me I am really disappointed that they will allow this Doctor Will to interfere with the Juri , I have not like that for the last couple years . I personally feel that the jury should vote on logic and emotion and I feel that Dr. Will take that away from them,
If I played big brother and I was in the big brother house and I was sent to Juri and someone came in and told me to look at it differently , I would be pissed because someone’s trying to influence me on my vote
Besides this will be my last season I really didn’t want to watch this year but like we all if we watch for three weeks or a month we are kind of hooked and invested . And I feel that too much is manipulated inside the house I’ve also feel because I have been watching since it started . That the first five or six years of big brother was truly houseguest playing with out is much inside influence playing the game and no one other than the Juri members which talk amongst himself to decide who to give their vote to so this is my last season and I think many places plus this one let us vent her frustration and I also feel like the Juri members who are not alone to vote without influence from someone outside the Juri


I can not vote for Cody foe AFH. I understand people want to get back at some of the HG but Cody stopped playing the game after he’s HOH. I want it to be someone that played the game! That’s why they were there! I wish jason had listened to his own instincts. I wish Kevin had won a competition. Jason played his ass off in that house. His down fall was listening to Alex. He would have taken Paul out. For a couple of weeks before he got evticted He didn’t trust Paul. He screwed up saying what he did to hang with the group but he was sick over it & sick over how some people were acting.


Cody stopped playing the game after his HOH? You mean when he won 3 comps to get back in the house? Or when They tried to get out Josh? Or when he won the safety challenge and keep himself safe? The ONLY think that Cody stopped doing was taking shit from Paul and his Minions…..


I just don’t get it. I guess we have to agree to disagree (and that’s fine too). However, all season I could not understand what people liked in Cody. I genuinely asked several times for someone to tell me why people like him, so I can start to see what you see. However, the only reasons people have been saying are: “he’s a great social gamer”(um…what!?) “he played his own game” (he played Jessica’s game-gave it up for her) “he is the only one who went against Paul”(no he wasn’t) “he’s a veteran”(whatever that has to do with the game), “he is a f you to Paul”( I think Paul would be flattered because everyone voted for the guy who tried to get him out…but couldn’t), “Cody was great at Comps” (somewhat…he was too busy having S”x with Jessica when he should have been paying attention to the baby sounds and remembering where he was so he could successfully throw the temptation comp), “production was against him” (he had TWO tries and Jess hex,and instead of getting Paul out, he evicted Ramses) etc etc. No one has said anything that can’t be refuted by actual facts of what happened in the game before our very eyes. See, I like Kevin and Mark for AFP, but it’s mostly just because they were likeable. Kevin had some pretty funny moments. BUT…you will never hear me say they played a “great game” because that’s just not true. I just don’t get the whole Cody and Jessica thing. Oh well. I guess Cody winning would be just another disaster on top of this disaster of a season.

Grodner Hearts Paul

To me it looks like there are two choices for AFP: either Cody’s going to win or someone who spent all summer licking Paul’s ass is going to win. Given those two choices, I’ll pick Cody. I think it’s what Paul and his minions would hate the most. That alone makes it worth doing.

Guy on Guy Action

Can Xmas get lost so Paul and Josh can get closer like only men can do….

Me Love You Long Time

I wouldn’t f@ck xmas with Julie Chen’s d@ck!

I Like

Is Josh just slightly retarded or full blown Corky?

Is Paul a Trust Fund baby? Does he have a job? Alot of the HGs are lowlifes who think their social media pages is a job

Xmas is on a testosterone cycle

Is Josh just slightly retarded or full blown Corky?

Raven has a fat a$$

How did Raven gain so much weight this summer with a life threatening medical condition?

Who tossed my salad?

Xmas for AFP???

Megan's puppy dog

Mmmmmegan for AFP. Nom nom


Nerve Medication?


Shitmas on Nerve Medication? Who would have thought? ROFL

Nerve Medication

Xmas is getting on my nerves…