“The second I walked through those doors I was immediately put at a disadvantage”

8:13am Meatball chat

J – I was thinking.. I can actually win this thing.. I can actually win
J – I had this dream for so long
J – if it wasn’t for god.. I don’t know if this would have happened. If I didn’t have strength in praying and remaining positive and looking past what I was facing in at the moment
J – it was all worth it.. I made it to the end.. I stayed strong I remained strong and I was able to share my light (You’re light?)
J – my mom was like .. share your light and share your positive energy
J – you never know who’s watching you never know whose day you can change
J – I played my heart out, I’m happy at the way I played this game
J – I’m happy that I didn’t give a crap
J – I was fearless
J – I remained myself the whole game.. I stayed true to my morales.. I stayed true to who I am
J – I had to lie here and there .. to Jason but that’s the name of the game
J – I had to play the game.. and I think I played the best game as a rookie .. that I could have played not the best game in the house.
J – I won comps.. gave every single competition everything I have
J – I stuck loyal to Groundhog and Paul
J – I’m extremely happy with my game play, I hope that the fans and you guys see that (lol)

8:53am Zzzzzzzz

9:33am Josh has been up and is cleaning the kitchen,.

1:25PM Paul practicing his speech
p – had control of the numbers in the house nobody could take a shot at me
P – won 2 HOH’s .. f* I should talk about that..
P – It was easy to always to make a target.. it was easy to make a house target that wasn’t me
P – I pretty much controlled every HOH, the two that I didn’t.. I was the one that flipped the house for Groundhog and I was the one that flipped the house for Josh
P – I flipped the house for my game.. I flipped the house for Groundhog day and Josh
P – after that first double eviction I knew I had to change my strategy because there wasn’t a lot of house targets left
P – so I positioned myself between 3 pairs
P – my positioning was so perfect at that point that I didn’t even have to win any competitions.. instead I let others win and they took shots at each other while I walked my way to the end and they did all the work for me
P – They took shots at each other.. the pairs took themselves down and I ended up with the final group Josh and Groundhog day
P – then I had to win myself to the top, I want the most important HOH to secure myself in final 3 and I won the veto.. then I won part 1 and part 3 of the final HOH.
P – I secured my spot right here and I got to choose who came with me
P – total of 10 competition wins and every time I won a HOH I won the veto to go with it, every time I was in power I had full control of my week. (except for when the HEx was used)
P – the second I walked through those doors I worked my a$$ off day after day.. I was the biggest target and the most obvious threat.. I made it this far without touching the block one single time.
P – That’s not by luck and that’s not by friendship (it’s by productions help.. Kidding don’t worry 😉 )

Paul continues to practice..
P – I dodged my way to the end..
P – I used my social game..
P – Houseguests I know at some point all of you thought about taking me out
P – the second I walked through those doors I was immediately put at a disadvantage
P – you all know who I was and how I played.. I had to play a completely different game
P – of course I didn’t want the first HOH i had enemies I needed someone else to win and start creating enemies of their own which they did, Sorry Cody
P – I used my social game to get control of the numbers and I made sure there was a house targets and from that point forward everyone asked for my advice and it was easy to make a target in front of me

4:26pm Groundhog packing up her stuff..

4:41pm Josh and groundhog
She telling him to not freak out today spend their last day enjoying themselves.


7:09pm Josh
J – I’m trying to cook a home cook meal for us because we’re anxious and stressed..
J – I’m trying to figure out my speech… be able to explain my game in a minute
J – Hope I win man, this will change my life.. I mean it’ll change all of our lives
J – it’ll make our lives a 100 times better.. it would be great
J – i’m just happy.. it’s a lot of emotion it’s scary.. i’ve never felt like this.. ever
J – Paul’s kinda scaring me because he’s anxious and it’s making me anxious..
J – he’s been cool the whole game and now he’s spazzing.. What the f*
J – 1 more competition tomorrow..
J – I’ve been thinking about who to take to the end.. .to be honest with you as crazy as this sounds umm, I’m going with Paul to the end.
J – because… yeah he’s a vey and played a great game but I know jury doesn’t want to see a vet win
J – I know that Raven doesn’t want to see a vet win (zomg)
J – Matt doesn’t, Alex doesn’t, Jason doesn’t, Friday the 13th doesn’t, That’s 5 votes
J – that’s all I need.. I just gotta articulate my words.. is that the right word
J – I just got to make sure I break down my game and you know he’s played a great game, an aggressive game and he played 24/7 but so did I.
J – From day 1 hour 1, I got off the trapease and I had to save myself and get safety because it wasn’t going to be Camerons a$$ it was going to be me if I was up there.. So I’ve been playing since day 1
J – going from the golden apple to finale..
J – I’ve been on my toes, putting targets on people’s back, Winning HOH, taking shots, being a pawn, going up on the block being a target
J – being loyal.. picking my allies wisely, sticking with my allies..
J – Going against Jason and Alex
J – I f*ing played a great game .. either I’m gassed up on it or i’m ummm thinking I played.. it’s been a f*ing hurricane but I’ve played a pretty decent game.
J – To wear I feel good and confident enough to wear I’m standing.. if i’m sitting next to either or I could state my case. It comes down to who’s more liked in Jury.
J – I think with Friday the 13th if she’s sitting next to me in the end she’ll beat me .. i think that she’ll have cody, elena, marks, she’ll beat me in the end.
J – I have to go against Paul.. we’re kinda the most hated.. he played it safe he’s played an aggressive game but he also hasn’t made any moves (eck .. did Josh get dropped?)
J – I don’t know 1 move he’s made that’s like.. like I think me taking out Alex was a big move me taking out Jessica was a big move me putting a target on Elena was a big move .. me putting a target on mark the whole game was Big
J – me… you know having the house thinking we’re going after Kevin but we blindsided Jason was big
J – Picking my allies week 1 and sticking by them.. having their back and playing the game the whole way through.
J – putting the target on people’s back.. calling people out.. just calling people out putting a target on their back..
J – Winning competitions taking shots .. played the strategic social game.. was a team player.. targets on people’s back..
J – I played a fearless game.. played a mental game
J – Through Mark off his game, threw Elena off her game, threw Jessica off her game.. threw Cody off his game.. threw Kevin off his game
J – I was throwing people off their game left and right
J – when you play sports there’s always a person running their mouth..
J – they couldn’t zone me out this season.. they played themselves..
J – being underestimated..

9:00pm Dinner time

9:35pm After dinner the final 3 get in bed together. Christmas goes to the diary room. Josh – I’m going to be excited about seeing people I haven’t seen. Paul – I’m excited to see Rameses. Josh agrees. And says Dominique. Paul – I don’t think Dominique is going to give a f**k to see any of us. Paul – Ramese is going to be cool. Paul – Dominique isn’t going to give a sh*t about any of us. She’ll be like f**k yall you betrayed me. y show was lit. Josh – she’s been gone for a minute. Paul – doesn’t matter, she left salty. Josh – so did the hex girl, what was her name again. Paul – Yeah but I don’t think she’s the type to stay salty. Josh – Jillian will be cool. Paul agrees. Jillian and Cameron will be cool. Josh – I want to get to know Cameron, like for real we don’t know sh*t about him. I was to know where he is from. Paul – he’s from Illinois. Josh – he was here for a whole 5 minutes. Paul – Kevin will be cool. I think Jason will be cool. Josh – who do you think will be bitter in jury? Elena? Paul – no, she’ll be ready to come out and drink and party. I don’t think anyone will be bitter in jury. Maybe Raven. Josh – yeah Raven holds grudges.

11pm – 12am Paul goes to shower. Christmas joins him in the bathroom. After they all head back to bed together.

12am Paul and Christmas have gone to sleep.
12:30am Josh gets up to go to the washroom. He then does push ups and has a shower..

12:50am The final 3 have now gone to sleep for the last time in the BB house…

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Mad Bum 51

There is no one to root for — but I damn well hope for Paul to fail!


Totally agree with you! After Cody and Jessica left, I lost total interest. They were and always will be my favorites this season. Some don’t agree with me, but they were the only ones smart enough to see right thru that pathetic asshole. With all the bullying going on, this season sucked! Especially when nothing was done about it.


Stopped watching when Marc left. Disgusting cast.

Franks Fumes

Smart is not a word to use to describe Jody.


Jessica pretty was blinded by Paul as well for quite a while… she only figured things out when it was too late!

I agree Cody never was though!

Mike mike

Cody and Jessica had 4 chances to do something in the game (battle back, evicting ramses, the hex, temptation comp safety) and did nothing with it. Why do people feel they deserve anything


Have a tissues babies…
Whaa! Whaa !
What a sad world to live in… to root against ability and savy and only root for losers


all 3 are losers

Bring on bb20

I know it’s a game with no borders but, Sad is to root for, and reward bullying.


These three are so delusional to think the jury won’t be bitter. And Paul/Josh say they won comps…really? Most of the comps and HOHs were thrown, not played. I felt Jody was the last hope and I too lost interest in this pathetic cast. Nothing to root for except if Paul doesn’t make F2 (PLEASE LET THAT HAPPEN FOR JUSTICE SAKE!) and Cody wins AFP. It would be a real FU to those three cruel bullies. (They still are demeaning the cast even though their the F3).


I don’t know why people keep saying Cody & Jessica were the only ones on to Paul. Dom was, Mark & Elena were, the problem was, when anyone was on to Paul, he made sure they went home.

Team Ahole

I was trying to think who Paul reminds me of and it hit me last night watching MTV. The only other arrogant asshole like him is Johnny Bananas.


Good analogy to Johnny Bananas from MTV. He literally took Sarah’s (his game partner’s) 300K+ prize money when he was offered the choice. But Johnny, as despicable as he is, doesn’t have the warped mind of Paul in all his Paulness…he’s, by his own admittance, is a psychopath, Johnny is a ass but Paul is evil.

Paul is your dad

Crazy talk …. she won the HOH when Cody came back and nominated the 2 most pointless people ever ….. Cody maybe …. but Jessica sucked ….. she wanted to get in the cool crowd so bad she threw away her and Cody’ s game ….. awful

Botox Pelosi

Finally tomorrow we can flush these three turds. Hopefully the smell goes away before next season.


I was thinking, doesn’t Survivor start soon?!


We don’t need any more stupid reality showd.


CBS…let the people boo if they so choose. Don’t spike the audience (which they will) with your employees. I hope these three get a big dose of reality when they get out of the house. Never seen such venom and cruelty, and they continue degrading the people they hurt already.

Smitten Kitten

I agree.

I was at a taping at the beginning of the season (before the TRUE mayhem) & even then we were told “No Booing allowed!” & anyone who boo’ed would be removed from the building & they’d never be able to get tickets to a taping again.

Mind you, this was when there wasn’t even anyone to boo for yet! If they were this Gestapo like when there wasn’t anyone to boo for yet, I can’t even imagine what it was like in there once people like Alex & Raven left!

Allison Grodner doesn’t want word getting out to the non feed watching fans that something went awry & their game isn’t as legit as they want everyone to think.

Complete BS.


Every season, people complain and complain about the cast and yet you idiots still keep watching.


I agree, too much personal comments, it’s a game. Sounds like a bunch of 10 year-olds….


Why? He played the game better than the other two left in the house, so how come you don’t want him to win?

I’m genuinely curious.

Crystal W

Have you been watching the live feeds? Yes, he technically played a better game but his behavior was disgusting beyond normal “game play.” That is unfortunately the case of several players this year. Bullying, rape jokes, hiding food, and personal attacks were par for the course this summer – much of it was instigated by Paul to keep divisiveness among the hg. Kevin (who normally I wouldn’t root for because he let Paul run his game all summer) is the only one I am voting for AFP. Not only because he wasn’t part of the brutal bullying that went on but also because he was at the receiving end of a lot of it. I also want to see Alex’s face when they announce it live tomorrow night.
I guess the lesser of the 3 evils left is probably Josh. At least he wanted to make big moves and think on his own and he felt genuinely bad about some of his more outrageous behavior. Yeah he was a bit of a crybaby but at least he had some emotion other than hate.


Josh cried when people stood up to him when he was being a jerkbag (because they “attacked” him, according to him), not because he felt bad for his behaviour towards them.

How did he want to make big moves when he never made a big move at any opportunity he had? Paul was the one making every move of the summer (including Josh’s!).


I am surprised at the number of people here that actually think one player can make a big move just by nominating someone. Ask Jessica how it works out when HOH nominates two, announces her target, then watches the house completely ignore her wishes. Josh appears to know it takes more than just one to make a move.
Cody became a spoiled child once shit started with one quitting, and him having to replace her. Really don’t get why that did not become the eviction that week. Once he did not get his way, he became a very poor sport. Wonder how many of his fans let their kids behave like he did.
The fact that the one houseguest that was very clear in his negative impression of the game won AFV should show that production is not fixing the game.

Not Jason's Holly

If Josh would evict Paul, I think he would get the jury votes of Cody, Elena, Mark, Jason, Alex, maybe even Paul! The only ones I think who wouldn’t vote for him would be Raven and Matt. IF Paul could tell them “Josh” prior to the vote, then they would vote for Josh. Kevin will vote for Christmas, unless Paul gets to him, too.


I agree. If Josh,by some miracle, wins last HOH and takes xmas, he will win cuz he knocks out Paul in the end. FYI: When you watch the feeds, Paul just got and gets creepier and creepier. He’s dark, loves fear as he keeps saying, loves manipulation and said he is a psychopath. Kidding or not, he knows what he is. He took pleasure in hurting people and humiliating and bullying them, even now. Still calls Josh, Fool. And what’s with Josh jumping into bed on top of Paul and xmas, like he’s the baby and their the parents…he’s got issues. Xmas is cruel and mean and is delusional if she thinks she’ll be with Paul. Remember, Paul had 2 houseguests in there to help him that he knows outside(Raven & xmas.) He got 3 weeks safety (never done before) and the comps were thrown. It would be great Karma if Paul comes in third. He’s a disgrace.


Paul genuinely behaves like a terrorist leader would. Anyone who has followed the news reports on Afghanistan and Iraq along with the “leaders” in the ISIS and AlQuaeda inspired terror programs would recognize this. That might be one reason Cody was on to him earlier than others.


What a insightful comment Paul behaving like a terrorist. That’s what Cody saw in him. Good observation End is Near.


Wow! You called it… those are the five who voted for Josh against Paul. Good job!


Everyone says Paul instigated the bullying.

The houseguests are adults. They are fully capable of saying “No. I don’t want to do that.”

Now The Real World Begins

Right on Simon. Once again, no ability for critical thinking. Paul did not have savvy and as far as ability, put him in with older individuals with life experiences other than their parents house and I venture to say he wouldn’t do so well. There were never different “sides” to the house, no flipping, no strategy, just “Paul said”. Hope these people learned something of value this summer so they have a better chance of running their lives successfully in the real world.


I am surprised at the number of people here that actually think one player can make a big move just by nominating someone. Ask Jessica how it works out when HOH nominates two, announces her target, then watches the house completely ignore her wishes. Josh appears to know it takes more than just one to make a move.
Cody became a spoiled child once shit started with one quitting, and him having to replace her. Really don’t get why that did not become the eviction that week. Once he did not get his way, he became a very poor sport. Wonder how many of his fans let their kids behave like he did.
The fact that the one houseguest that was very clear in his negative impression of the game won AFV should show that production is not fixing the game.


Fair enough.

Everyone says Paul instigated the bullying.

Paul is not their Dad and they aren’t under the age of 18. The houseguests are fully capable of saying “No. I don’t want to do that.”

Just saying

That is how people got sent home, standing up or going against anything that Paul said. Remember he was just there to Mentor them and to show them how to play the game, and bullying and terrorizing it’s just part of the game. I think his Shining Moment was the one time he was confronted he acted like a little b****, then proceeded to come downstairs and pretend to be a tough guy when he’s got a house full of people behind him. I guess if I was in the jury I tell him come you’ve said this whole game that there’s no way you can win cuz you’re a vet, well we’ve listened to everything you said to this point so Why Stop Now.


Wouldn’t that be funny. Let Paul’s words eat his chance to win…I’m a vet so no way I can win..


I’m using the rest of my AFP votes on Cameron. Polls show Cody and Kevin in the top 2 spots, with Alex a distant 3rd followed closely by Cameron (yes, Cameron!) I don’t want Julie to name Alex as one of the top 3. Having Cameron come onstage as one of top 3 is a giant FU to Raven, Grounhog Day, Alex and the rest of those idiots

Butters Mom

where do you see the polls for this? I wish I had more votes to give cameron for third…. but, I already used all of mine on cody.


Where do you see these polls?? I have to find them. I gave all my votes to Mark. If I had known Kevin was close to first place I would’ve given my votes to him. Only because it would be hilarious to know he got more than the second place winner (his stipend + the 25k + AFP).


Yes… Paul played the game a very dirty game and most of the comps Paul won was given to him. Paul took BB show to a new level. Paul started instigating, bullying and harassing of other HG. Personal attack on other HG is not cool. This is not playing BB. Personal attack is crossing the line. No I don’t want him to win. I wish CBS would take the 500k and give it to charity. The HG is not deserving of any money. Hot Mess… Awful!

Franks Fumes

Don’t be fooled by Josh’s BS…..Paul will win Josh will be runner up……if production thought they could get away with it they would give Shitmas AFP……

Kevin's Focking H. O. V.

I’ve watched BB since season 1 episode 1 and I can truly say it has officially jumped the shark. From the idiot cast, production rigging, CBS’s made up version of what really goes on, bullying, the same old competitions, and most of all that b*stard Paul. I’m so over it just hand one of these a$$holes the check. We already know who lost this sh*tty season, all the fans and viewers.

I skipped the season because of Paul ... production is great at ruining BB

Can I get a what what .. agree completely .. thousand thumbs uo


Kevin, I agree. I’ve also watched since season 1…has truly jumped the shark and has been rigged for that nightmare of a kid, Paul, to win. The fans got the short end of the stick but also saw such abhorrent behavior I pray there will be some justice tonight and not reward the creep that instigated it all. No win here even so because Josh/xmas are vile too. I rather see one of them win or anyone else but PAUL.


I want that too but Reality is that Paul deserves the win as much as it bugs me to say it!! I was so disappointed to see him back this year cuz I didnt like him last year at all!!
Again tho, I gotta admit he deserves it!
Now let this be the end of Paul on BB please!!!


Ughhh. Paul is going to win.


Thankfully, it is almost OVER! Next week Survivor starts, and that can’t be scripted like BB obviously was this year.


That’s what you think…

don't like finalists

Is Paul a racist? I noticed looking at the HGs pictures that the first 2 people he targeted first(after Cody) were Dom and Ramses and made up lies about them. I thought I read something early in the season that he said some racially charged comments during last season


The guy was a camera hog and a smug one in the diary room. I hope 1 – he places anything but first, and 2 – that the ranking grid holds true and Cody gets AFP because that would piss him off almost as much as not winning.


I agree with you 100 percent. If Paul didn’t receive the three weeks of safety and friendship bracelets and still made it this far than I would say he earned it. Production was too involved. It just ruined the game. I hated the bullying.

Bitter Beard Face

I’ve never been a fan of a bitter jury on either BB or Survivor.
However, in this case, I’m going to make an exception.
Nothing would make me happier than to see Paul come in second once again.

Paul the Punk

I would be happier if he came in third.


Won’t happen..he already said he won part 3 that hasn’t been played yet.


I believe that if the jury is bitter, then the competitor is not doing a good enough job. Winning the jury back over is a key part of the game to me . I hated The season that Tony won survivor, I feel like Spencer had to do all of The work for Tony at jury.


I read that Dr Will is talking to jury and he polled them and the only two votes for Paul were Matt and Raven


They always say they’re going to vote for someone else. Every season they do that but come when it’s time to actually vote, they vote for someone different.

They need it to be shocking and suspenseful and if everyone said they are voting for Paul, and then vote for Paul, it would be pretty anticlimactic.


I love this site and Simon and Dawg are awesome !!
I’ve been a fan of Big Brother since the beginning.
There have been seasons that suck and great seasons.
This season has sucked hard for me. In a few weeks we will move on and forget about it. Hoping for a better season next summer with no vets or an all star as long as Paul stays home. I don’t care who wins for the first time ever. All I have now is AFP , and I’m trying to stick it to them by giving my votes to Cody. The only one who tried to save me from “The Paul Show”.

Paul the Punk

I’m voting Cody too and all we can hope for tomorrow is Josh wins part three and takes Christmas.


The one story from today that is all Paul talking says he won rounds 1&3 so I think that may be so!


Paul’s jury speech: blah blah blah blah blah (no coming clean about having final 3 alliances with everybody)

Paul’s competition: I shared my light. I turned on my light.

Well, one of them is going to lie right to the end and the other is going to turn on his heartlight and make a happy glow. Who would you vote for? A guy who comes across as Manson or a guy who comes across as E.T. ? It will all come down to how many of the jury members have had successful cult deprogramming. I think the jury is going to give it to E.T. Yes, his ways are alien to humans and he has offended us many times…but at the end of the day E.T. (Josh Martinez) beats Paul.


Paul sucks, Josh stinks and Xmas blows. All I have left is Cody for AFHG.


I voted for Cambron


are you 12?


Kevin + AFP
He had to deal with the worst of the bullying toward the end being isolated and if anyone spoke to him, Paul put an end to it immediately.
I hope Paul realizes that although it is a game, treating others like this taints that money.


Kevin chose to isolate himself. Every houseguest has hit the age of majority. They all have the ability to leave a room. They also have something that pretty much no one here has, full time security. No one is any real danger.
This year is the first time anyone managed to make deals with all the paired up people at the same time, and manage to avoid complete detection essentially till the end.
Suggest those that think this is the worst behaviour, watch the first evel dick season.

Captain Crunch

Well its not hard to have 10 comp wins when everyone is throwing comps and more worried about Paul’s game than their own. Its not an accomplishment if you ask me, just looked like a bunch of weak minded people who couldn’t play for themselves without asking Paul what to do first.

Kid Rock

Kevin was the worst of them all! He really thought he was gone float to the end riding Paul’s coattail….. Paul doesn’t even mention him when talking about his moves in the house…. He said I positioned myself in between 3 pairs…. Kevin was basically not even there in Paul’s mind…. Paul’s goodbye messages may comeback to bite him in the ass..


People throwing comps is a credit to Paul fool bc they threw them at his request
Those equal Paul wins sucka
Love all the jealous Paul haters


I hate Paul as a player because he is the reason this season sucked!


Josh-“I’m happy I didn’t give a crap”. Then why all of the tears? You cried when someone called you fat, you cried when Jessica thought you couldn’t spell, you cried when you had to vote out Jason, you cried when you had to vote out Alex. You cried, you cried, you cried, you cried, cried, cried, cried.


To the person who said all Josh did was cry :

At least he had some heart as opposed to the evil cold hearted garden gnome that spent 100% of his time inciting bullying and cutting people down over and over way beyond what was needed if it was needed at all.

Did he stop for one moment to enjoy the experience? I somehow doubt it.

I will take a cry baby over vile garden gnome anyday!


He was crying mostly because he was being attacked for things he did, not because he had a big heart for others. He was more worried about how he was coming across than anyone else.


Anonymous it may be true that josh cried because he was being called out on things he did but dont forget all the times paul and shitmas came down on him super hard over and over again and calling him fool most of time cutting him down !


Paul is the biggest little pussy I have ever seen .he keeps talking about people criticizing his game saying they should go to CBS.com and fill out a big brother season 20 application as though nobody that doesn’t has no right to criticize him for what he’s done in the game. Sorry that’s not how it works anybody that goes on any show at any time could be criticized for the things they done..if you didn’t want to be criticized than you should not have went on the show Paul. This truly shows that Paul cannot take any kind of criticism and that he will always always find an excuse for all the things that he’s done.

Franks Fumes

Yes Paul absolutely loves mimicry…. it’s his kryptonite.

I hate bb19

Simon does shitmas know she isn’t going to the final?

This is bullshit!

It kind of sounds like Xmas thinks she is going to the finals. She told josh to stay calm and don’t freak out so they can have a nice final day. ??? WTF. Can’t stand her she doesn’t deserve a dime. She did nothing but sit around and bash everybody, Except when she sat in Kevin’s bed while drooling and checking out the cowboy. She should have been sent home.

This is bullshit!

Check out the picture above showing xmas and Paul sleeping. Looks to me that Paul has his legs spread apart (his knees look like they are poking out) and xmas is giving him a hand job. I guess she’ll do anything for money.

Just sayin

Your Sick.

Colonel Kurtz

I think Paul was was positioning his knees apart in a desperate attempt to keep Shitmas from touching his penis……….the Horror…..the Horror.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

You mean she is going to get neutered?


Simon further to that I’m thinking they had a convo when feeds were off and had an F3 agreement that the 2 in part 3 take each other no matter what. It’s just a guess on my part but Shit is doing virtually nothing to get taken by either of the other 2. Maybe she has 2 deals F2 done while the feeds were down weeks ago maybe. What ever the “truth” actually is it appears Josh and Paul are taking each other. Thanks for making the best out of this turd fest.


Weelllllllllll………..I am happy that both Paul and Josh are still living in their fantasyland! Unfortunately, (we the viewers,) if we want to watch the show, once more, are going to have to hold our nose and a barf bag.

Hmmmmmmmmm, did I read that correctly, does Paul have himself winning part 3???? How does he know that??? He didn’t say …………if I win part 3…..or……..I have to make certain I win part 3…………he sounds, like it is a sure thing. Good old production!!

23 hours

One last time to the accomplished MMA fighter and gay porn star….. u suck at life u little gnome……and enjoy your mommy’ basement in 2 days

“Hey ma where’s my food….ma where’s my food….bring it downstairs to me right now before I get really mad!”

Sick of Paul

Does MMA stand for miniature maniac asshole?


Now that most everyone has said that Paul doesn’t own up to his game. I bet all of a sudden
Paul will be owning up to everything tomorrow.


He should have done it in the goodbye messages


Exactly. Jason and Alex were both visibly more angry when Paul pretended HE was duped by their eviction. We didn’t see a lot of the goodbye messages for the others. Good jury management would have been to come clean and tell them why it was good game move but love you guys, sorry, etc.


Who in the he’ll is happy with third place. Christmas apparently is since she told both at she would take third. Most boring group of house guest. No surprises even to the end. Josh I don’t think has what it takes to choose Christmas over Paul if he won. Voting for Cody for AFP. Hi Kelly houseguest will give Paul second.
One can dream.


Boxing Day thinks she’s being invited back next year, so third gets her a lot of attention, but no money. She thinks this is her path to return for a guaranteed win (ie. Nicole and Paul). Not saying this will happen, just that she’s talked a lot about it.


Boxing day!!!! These get better every day!

sunny dee

she doesn’t want to be taken there as someone who is a guaranteed loser, is my guess. she is bummed she didn’t win one of those hoh comps, if she had then she’d campaign for it, but when she didn’t, she genuinely seems to have decided that she doesn’t want to be f2 because it would mean one of the two would cut another winner in order to take a loser, and she doesn’t want to be seen as a loser. just her personality and the way she is talking about her competitor stuff.

she is the kind of person, and has that kind of background she would see it as a negative to have one of them choose her for f2. may seem strange, but reality is she has a lot going on for herself and not going to be hurting for $$, and no doubt realizing she isn’t going to have a chance for the 500K (she would, against josh, but i can see her thinking she wouldn’t simply because she would be taken, not being the one who decides)

i would never vote for kevin or cody as AFP. kevin did absolutely nothing, and cody has done nothing but be a spoiled brat bad sport and says nothing but derogatory things about the entire experience. he’s marking time to collect the paycheque, i see no reason to reward his bad attitude just because people think his winning will affect some other HG. the only one deserving based on comp plays and moves is jason. alex would be but she was so snowed under by paul she lost her shot


Totally agree about Kevin doing absolutely nothing and about Cody having a really bad attitude. Cody had plenty of chances to fight back and he sulked instead. In the beginning, Cody was the one who wanted to be the alpha-bully. It was like high school. He sorted out all the football players and cheerleaders to be in his gang. All the rest were to be the unpopular kids…losers. He treated them with contempt. Jason actually tried to play and he was entertaining and likable. His comment against Kevin’s family was unfortunate. But it seemed to be an anomaly.


The delusion continues… such a clueless bunch!


I agree. From the beginning the HG started throwing comps to Paul. Then it became a domino effect. HG listening to Paul and believed anything came out of Paul lying mouth. They were followers of Paul. This was the downfall that stole the HG 500k blessing. It is truely a blessing to get the opportunity to be on BB. So many people are waiting for this opportunity to be on the BB show. Why would these HG throw it alway to a vet that had his day last year. Crazy Stuff!


It’s utterly pointless for BB to leave the final 3 in for a week–boring as hell for us and HG’s.
Simon, did you consider watching the feeds drunk and upside down just to make it almost bearable??
Thanks to you and Dawg for watching when some of us just couldn’t–and inserting a bit of needed humour with the sideline cracks!!

MyEyes Hurt

Did I miss something. When was Paul ever the biggest target or most obvious threat?? Next time, either all vets or all newbies

C dog

Than u. Finally someone says what I’ve been thinking all along. The only time Paul was ever a target was when Cody targeted him. After that he skated by like their messiah. What a joke.

Paul's Mouth ( needs a major wake up call!)

One can only hope, if any Jury member is still “on the fence”; Paul’s speech will offend them as much as it offends me! What an ARROGANT SOB, I hope he takes second again…………if he even makes it to final two.


I don’t know, Josh’s speech doesn’t seem like it’s going to come across any better. Telling people Whom you tortured all season that you’re proud of your game play? I don’t know if Josh has the skills to adapt when the jury gets tough on him. He may just keep trying to plow through with his ” I played a positive game and shared the light of Jesus” nonsense. Paul may come across as the lesser of two evils.


If the jury gets tough with Josh, expect the tears to flow AGAIN!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Hey google ‘Big Brother 19 jury kept busy with art projects.” Each BB houseguest shows something they drew.
GUESS what scammer Raven drew? GAG


Her box.


wow…doesnt even look like herself..Raven lol looks terrible in that pic
thanks for the tip on the artwork!

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Hey you are so welcome MRJWALL!!!! It shows no matter what that scammer does- and in this case doing some art – it has to be connected to her 1,000 illnesses in some way. I wish she would just go away. lol

Natalie BB18

If Josh sells Paul out for lying about the fries, he’s got a 9-0 vote in the bag!


What fries?


Last season Paul said he couldn’t cook. Then told a story about making fries for some friends. Similar to the stupid outrages like pillows and ears of this season, it became a big deal. He LIED about the fries! It was all a shallow ploy to justify targeting or lying to him while pretending to be honest with everyone else.


Boxing Day thinks she’s being invited back next year, so third gets her a lot of attention, but no money. She thinks this is her path to return for a guaranteed win (ie. Nicole and Paul). Not saying this will happen, just that she’s talked a lot about it.


Thanks for helping me out again this yeat, Simon and Dawg! I just couldn’t stomach this group this year. I “watched” via your hard work. See y’all for the winter season. Much love….Ava


Gods, the delusion is still so strong in that house.

Franks Fumes

When Cody is named AFP the cast will all look happy and applaud including Paul……people don’t want to hear it but they expect it.

Anti Paul Puppet

Maybe those in jury… Just because they’ve seen more of the season now. But I still think they will be blindsided.

Jess and Cody's dream

If Cody wins AFP he can put down a deposit on a “double wide trailer” for he and Jessica. Maybe get a little fake mantle for her to display her “Hymen Trophy”!
A perfect life!


Watching Gnome Beard & Frankenjaw conversing on the hammock from a couple of nites ago. Frankenjaw behaves like Gnome Beard’s echo. Unable to generate an original thought of his own, Mr. Iwillagreewitheverythingyousay because I worship you .
I didn’t mind Frankenjaw’s game play so much but I loathe him when he plays himself. What an unsophisticated moron. Unfortunately, I fear he will be $500K richer by tomorrow night. But what a huge Turd of a Man Boy.


Frankenjaw…good one??

I was Just on Pornhub

Did Xmas give up or is she playing Josh???

Franks Fumes

She gave up it’s in the script.


Some people are just so darn bitter, and I mean bitter! Why?

Butters Mom

Enjoy the egg salad. 😉


Thank u myeyes hurt!!! I’ve been reading these posts for weeks and finally says what I’ve been thinking… when was Paul EVER the biggest target? The only time anyone ever put a target on his back was Cody. No one else thought of him that way. He was their messiah!! What a joke. He cruised thru like a damned celebrity. Never a target. Try again Paul. Idiot.


What happened with the fries? I most have missed something somewhere

Bolt Uprite.

You missed last season. Some of the HG were convinced Paul lied about his friendship fries and was really a chef.


JOSH So crying being manipulated into doing someone else dirty work throwing Hoh and veto when told and only winning when they were thrown to you and that’s your idea of great game play. You remained true to yourself true to your morals and was fearless didn’t give a crap. If that is how you see yourself wow do you need a wakeup call.


Paul is already assuming he won the third HOH. He is telling Josh he is taking him, but I bet he is going to take Bitchmas and then Josh will really boo hoo. Everyone in the jury plus the other three are so sure they are getting the AFP that it is going to be a sad sad show tomorrow night.


Hold up! Wait, wait, wait!!! Are we to understand that, even if he were to win Round 3, Josh would take Paul to Final 2?? I realize Josh is nobody’s brain trust, but he at least used to know that sending Paul to the jury would be THE BIGGEST GAME MOVE of the season. It would also be THE SELLING POINT to convey to the jury to justify giving him the $500,000. In fact, he wouldn’t even need to worry about a speech, were he to pull that off. Has Paul convinced him otherwise? Josh is supposedly a “fan” of the show. How can he have seen the show and still blank out on how things change once people get some distance from the game?
Sure, this season is unique in that “almost” all of the HGs were duped by the same person. And it wasn’t you, Josh!! Get a grip, dude!!
It’s not even that I think Josh has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning Round 3, but I would like to think he’s not so far gone that he thinks sending Paul to jury is no big deal. Not only is it a BIG deal, IT IS THE ONLY DEAL LEFT TO BE MADE!!!


Hmm, sure is weird how Josh has been saying Xmas is his ride or die, how he’s taking her, etc., but now he’s saying he’s taking Paul? It’s almost as if this was predicted that at the end Josh would, all of a sudden, change his mind and pick Paul over Xmas.


It would save this season from being so predictable if Josh would send Paul home, if he doesn’t he gets second, if he takes christmas he wins, hope he thinks about that. It would look great to see the 3 puppet masters sitting on the jury house couch. Raven is so stupid really to say that on national tv. Matt is also stupid for being with such a ditz.


Good Lord ! It’s almost over and all they can still do is attack people ! I mean they are not even sitting down for supper and Xmas is yelling at Josh and then tells him to say something nice to her ! These people are really sick !

Goodbye ugly paul

Tonight on big brother after dark, Paul was brushing his hair. Omg he looks like Eddie monster.


However this ends tonight. I hope those that deserve cheering get that from the crowd there, but also those that acted like the lowlife left and some in the jury will get the Boos they also deserve for their outrageous behavior this season which not only viewers, but also nationally has been reported. I understand some that never watched BB wanted to see what this was all about and CBS drew them in, but with the edited broadcast, many never saw the true nature of these sub-humans behavior.
I will watch tonight’s episode only to see who wins AFP, but it will be recorded. If I hear the sub-humans receive standing ovations and applause with no boos or outrage, I will just fast forward to the AFP award. This will be my first exposure to the show since Mark left. All my updates and happening since, came from this Forum.
As to Dr Will’s with the jury, I always thought this is a way for BB to interfere since they can’t control them anymore as they did in the house.


If Celebrity BB announces a cast with Vanilla Ice, Kathy Griffin, or any Kardashian/Jenner (of any variety), any Osbourne or Janice Dickerson…I WILL NOT WATCH IT.

I refuse to watch another trashy BB season. And I have been watching since Season 1, Ep 1. I will not watch again until and unless BB learns from these last few crap seasons. I’m tired of watching and hoping for a better season and being utterly disappointed.


Would be nice if they didn’t have vulgar, rude people on. I had enough of that in BB19.

Abused Child

I think Josh acts like an abused child. That aside, I think Janice Dickerson and KIm Kardashian would be hysterical!


An hour before the show:

Paul: I hope my assistant can handle all the requests for interviews and appearances. My lawyer better be working on endorsement contracts.

Groundhog: Yeah, I guarantee my assistant is overwhelmed. My publicist has probably already ordered more copies of my books printed.

Josh: I’m going to be famous! My social media is going to explode! I hope my hand can hold up signing autographs!

The next day … reality hits.


Looking at Josh and Paul’s arguments this seems like Paul has an excellent chance to win tonight. And while he isn’t a favorite of mine (lol, or most of the posters here) I would have to say that he deserves to win without a doubt.


Sleep Fest is almost over. It is being recorded so I can fast foward. Thanks goodness for Simon. Really helped me from watching.


I’m sad to see that anyone would vote for Cody AFP just for spite/ seriously he was not meant for the show and he was rude to everyone except Jessica he shouldn’t be rewarded with 25K for spite and being asinine

And anyone voting for Kevin must not live feed. One of the most worthless people on the show. For months I thought he was playing the character of a confused worthless old man. No he was playing himself , he treated the young ones like they were stupid and wanted them to wait on him hand and foot , Kevin is a cunning sneaky convincible liar / he was on vacation and he used his age that he was 56 but he could pump 110 in the backyard / he didn’t cook he didn’t clean he is worthless / he must be an embarrassment to his family /could be the reason his family wanted him to be on the show so he could really reflect and see what they see in a father and a husband worthless / this greedy worthless guy already snatched up 25K plus whatever they pay him for a week and you want to give this worthless old man more/ that is a city slicker that floated through the game another 25,000 you must not have the live feeds


eh … Cody was true to himself, and was brutally honest. I don’t think in real life he’s a bad guy.

I’d much rather deal with someone like him than a snake.

I do agree with you on Kevin. He was quite the back stabber himself.


Yes we have the live feeds. And as bad as Kev was, he was still conducted himself better than the rest.


Lol, it would be so hilarious if josh was clowning the dr, and Paul …telling them what they want to hear and BAM! He takes st. pattys day to the end lol!

MyEyes Hurt

Did I miss something. When was Paul ever the biggest target or most obvious threat?? Would love to see Paul’s face if the jurors told them what Josh said in his goodbye messages. Next time, either all vets or all newbies


He may be remembering last season where only Victor’s timely half dozen reentries saved Paul.

I skipped the season because of Paul ... production is great at ruining BB

Grrrrr… this season started off awesome … and then .. Paul had to come back into the house …. I told myself I wasn’t going to watch until Paul is gone and with the way production is he will make it to the end giving him all kinds of protection and advantage …. checked on here today .. and what do you know … Paul who doesn’t belong there ruined the whole season … again … I really enjoy this show and I am sad that production can’t allow a season with new players only. If they wanna do vets .. vets only. Sad!!!! Anyway I hope Paul loses but he was slated to win 🙁

Matt's Stained Towel

AHHH!!! Allison Grodner strikes again!
Josh had been “going off the reservation” and talking about taking xmas to final 2 for the last few weeks. It looks like Production/Grodner stepped in and put an end to that. Josh is now talking about taking Paul to F2 of course. This move is so illogical for his “game” , it is more evidence the show is scripted, rigged, and predetermined.
And the fact xmas is not the least bit upset at paul or josh about being 3rd place. She is packing her bags because she knows she is coming back next year. And will be given the same Production Protection that paul got.

This is bullshit!

I really hope josh wins the final HOH and takes Paul. I am so sick of the way xmas talks to josh. Last night dinner was ready and she talks shit to poor josh because he wanted her to hurry up so they could all eat together. They were actually waiting for her as she was taking her time doing her hair and makeup. She yells at him in her bitchy voice to respect woman. Screw her! She thinks she is better than josh as she would never speak to Paul with that bitchy attitude. I hope men in the real world run like hell!!


If we the audience got 1 vote on the jury for a winner who would yours be?

I don't mind Cody

Simon i almost fell off my chair. This is the best one yet.


Just over an hour until voting closes for AFP! Vote for Cody!!!!

Thank goodness its finale

Funny how Josh thinks that his win werr legit, when some of them were thrown at him to win. Whats worst is when he says that who he is in the house, is who he is outside of the house. Which means hes a bully! He is just as delusional as Raven in the jury house. I hope julie questions them about bully and i would hate if the respond is, that the house makes you do stupid things


If Josh has the chance and doesn’t take ST Stupid’s Day to the end then he’s an all time schmuck! Worse than The other Cody ( Paulie’s Brother) that gave Derrick $500,000. Remember?