Christmas “I don’t know why Raven got the clown zing because you’re clowning yourself.”

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12:25pm – 12:45pm Blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the feeds return – Josh, Paul and Christmas are in the kitchen making breakfast. Christmas tells Josh that crossfit girls don’t care how big you are its all about how you move. Josh – like dance moves? Christmas – no, your form. Josh – oh, we need to work on that. Paul, Josh and Christmas head outside to eat on the backyard couches. They chat about the part 2 HOH comp, past events of the season and Paul’s Halloween party, Christmas’s business and Paul’s car.

2:10pm Backyard. Final 3
Paul – I am gassed, I can’t wait to get out of here. Josh – and you’re saying you would jump right back into BBOTT? Paul – yeah depending on what they paid. I am already f**ked up so I’m going to make more money I might as well. There is no more or less, at that point the damage is done. Josh – you’re crazy. Paul – I’ve already done 6 months in here. Josh – I would need a good break.

2:35pm Big Brother tells them to go to the storage room. Paul and Josh head to the storage room. They find that big brother left them 2 (budget cuts) big brother fidget spinners. They head back out into the backyard. Josh comments on how he likes hanging out with them more than his siblings.

3:35pm Backyard.

Josh comments on how he doesn’t like cuddling after ($ex). Christmas – so why don’t you just buy your wife because all you want is someone to f**k and have kids with. Josh – hey, hey, hey, no! Christmas – what kind of love are you giving a woman if you don’t want to cuddle and don’t want to touch her feet, don’t want her to work, won’t go get her tampons. Paul tells Josh to hit reverse. Christmas – what kind of girl do you want? Do you think good girls are going to tolerate that kind of bullsh*t? Hell no! Josh – he said it not me. Christmas – do you know who tolerates stuff like that? Trifling hoes because they’re stepping out on your a$$. They don’t need cuddles, they don’t need you to touch them, they don’t need you to rub them, they don’t even want you to love them. Josh – he set you up. He’s lying… of course I like to do that stuff but I have to love the girl. I have to really like the girl. Big Brother says you’ve got to be kidding! They all laugh. Josh – they’re already ganging up on me, you don’t need to too… so pipe down! Paul – you played yourself.

Christmas – I don’t know why Raven got the clown zing because you’re clowning yourself. Christmas – I want to know what you do for her?! You put your d**k in her mouth!? Josh gets under the backyard coffee table. Christmas – I bet you don’t even go down. Paul – sell it Josh – AHHHAHHAHHhahhhh! Why does Paul have to add the salt and pepper. Christmas – what do you do or woman? Josh runs and jumps in the pool. Josh – I don’t even want to date any more after this. Paul – its not a game, its real life and we’re trying to

4:30pm – 6pm They sit around the hot tub talking about random things and then they all head to the hammock. Christmas talks about her fitness business and other ventures.

6:30pm – 7pm The final 3 are napping in the hammock. Josh gets up and heads inside to eat.

7:38pm Paul practicing his final 2 speech.. .

Paul – i was forced to play a different game.. i was the odd man out.. no time to lose

8:06pm Final three chit chat ..

8:54pm Groundhog day showers

8:57pm Josh and Paul talking about how Groundhog day has checked out and she really doesn’t want to win. She’s got so much stuff going on. They talk about how established Groundhog day is.
Paul – this is like fun
Josh – yeah.. she’s winning AF for sure
Paul – I think so (LOL:0

Paul all of our votes are going to her..
Paul – it’s q acombingaiton o9f her fans. our fans.. I think she deserves oit
Josh – I think she deserves it too .. she’s been awesome
Paul -she’s dope

Paul goes on and on about christmas checking out “she was about to get married and some sh1t.. she’s gone through … we’re kids to her”
Paul – she’s a f*ing women fool..
Josh going on about how he couldn’t do Big Brother again..

Paul says it’s a blessing hat he was able to come back.
Josh – and you would do it again
Paul – yeah.. I would like to do it again against.. vets. . top rated… Dan., Derrick, Vanessa, Frankie …
Paul says he’s got a real love for this game.
Josh – I think you’re going to go down
Paul – I know Dr will has won first place and second place
Josh you’re going to go down in history
Paul – yeah as potty mouth

Paul – I didn’t sit back, I didn’t float.. I won comps made moves.. played the f*ing game so no know can say shg1t there (true Paul played the game hard)
Paul – I played harder this season… last season I weaseled my way around.. this season I was on top of sh1t

JOsh again says xmas has completely checked out
Paul agreeing.. “I’m happy for her she’s made.. i wish her the best”
Paul – we’re kids dude..

Paul – Canada will happen soon bro.. my manager will be booking stuff already… I told him to give me a couple months to chill then I’ll be ready

Paul going on about his business and all the money he spent on marketing. Says he paid 18 grand before coming on the show

12am Paul and Josh in the hammock. Christmas is in the diary room.
Paul – I am pretty certain she (Christmas) is going to get America’s favorite. Josh – I hope to god she gets it. Paul – she will, I am telling you all our votes are going to her because people know. We’ve been talking about it, people know. The people that vote are the f**king live feeders. The true fans are the ones voting for that sh*t. Josh – cool. I hope to god she gets it. Paul – I am telling you she will. Josh – if Kevin gets it, I will die! Paul – He already won 25K. Josh – yeah. Paul – He already cashed. They’re going to someone who… think about it she broke her foot, persevered, did some bada$$ sh*t (HUH?! like what?!). She is going to win it. Nobody else had that much of a rough journey and they like that underdog sh*t. And the fact that she came close to them and didn’t turn on us, I am telling you she is going to win it. Josh – good! Paul – then we all walked away with something and that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted like 20K to help her mom with her cabin. And she gets she stipend with America’s Favorite, so really she gets 45K. Josh – she gets even more being a figure. She comes out with more than us. Paul – you’re right. I didn’t think about that. So she will get similar to what second place gets. That’s dope. At lease all the homies come out with dough. Josh – that’s how it should be dude. We earned it. Paul – I didn’t even get that. Different. Josh – you didn’t. Paul – shakes his head no. Josh – you didn’t even fight it?! Paul – no. Big Brother tells them not to talk about production.

12:30am Christmas talking to herself.
Christmas – I know one of those get to secure a spot and I don’t because I sucked at that comp. I really did try and my best was not enough. I know I talk about successful failure and I will learn something. Josh bugs her and then heads back inside. Christmas – I came here with a broken heart, I’m leaving with a broken heart. Super disappointed in my performance. I would not be having a pity party if I hadn’t broken my foot. I don’t know if I should talk to both of them separately and tell them to bring the other to final 2 and I’ll just take third. I honestly don’t think anyone else would have stayed with a broken foot.. so does that exceptional or does that make me the girl that got carried through because she has a broken foot. Josh joins her again. Paul comes out to sit in the hammock with them soon after. They chat about random things. Paul comments on how they get sequestered for 6 days after. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:40am – 1:55am They head inside. Josh showers, while Paul and Christmas eat cereal.

2:33am The final 3 head to bed…

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Its always so hard this time of the season with 3 houseguests left who never fail to entertain and make us laugh with pithy banter or make us think with all the intellectual discussions. I hope Josh appreciates all the dating tips Spinster Christmas is giving him. They are worth their weight in b’s.


shitmas is the one who needs dating advice, shes a late 30s ,single ,no kids ,no husband, bitter ,discusting, muscular turd.


I don’t like her either, but being married with children is not what every woman aspires to be. She IS very pretty on the outside. But then she opens her mouth, and the ugliness inside shines through to the outside to where I cannot even stand looking at her any more!


She’s ugly both inside & out…
Too many low class tattoos & bad skin \ complexion

Franks Fumes

Stopped watching after Kev was cut…’s not just boring……its actually nauseating.

Angry granny

Me too Hope you are voting for Kevin to win AFP. I do that first thing each morning.

Kevin Carried Paul's Water

Why would anyone vote for Kevin? I’ll be shocked if Kevin doesn’t let Paul finish on his face on finale night.


“Spinster”? Seriously, Did I just wander into Little House on the Prairie?


“little house on the prairie”? Seriously?, you reference a show as old as the saying you are complaining about.


Long suffering Big Brother fans:

The ending will more than make up for this long, nasty, tedious, darkly depressing season. What did we see this season? We saw a hyena pack attacking one person at a time with the most vile and despicable bullying. The “queen” of this hyena pack (Paul) did not have to take it that far. Queen Paul sought out to crush and mentally destroy people (not just beat them). It’s just the kind of “queen” Paul is. Hell, Christmas has fallen in love with him…he can see it, he knows it…and he’s just going to exploit the situation until Christmas votes for him (and then goes back on drugs or feels like killing herself afterwards when reality sets in and she is left both heartbroken and publicly humiliated.
Some of you do not yet realize that this season of Big Brother will end with the words “And the winner of Big Brother 19 is … Josh Martinez.” I have been telling people this for weeks. People saw a jury segment and by what we saw it seems like the votes will go down as follows:

Voting for Josh: Mark, Elena, Jason
Voting for Paul: Everybody else on the jury

You will be in for a pleasant surprise on finale night and you will laugh hard as some of the jury members give Paul some of his own medicine back. By the time the jury is done, anybody on that jury who votes for Paul will feel like a complete imbecile (or be named Raven…or want puppet master Raven to continue pulling his lower string).


According to their exit interviews both Matt and Raven absolutely love Josh. IF during jury Raven realizes Paul is not her friend inside or outside the house I can see her feelings being crushed and her and Matt voting Josh. That’s a big if though since reality and Raven have never met.


Raven knows that Paul promised her to foot the cost of a new filerbrator (it’s not a pacemaker)
She named it Theo. Plus she knows that he’s supposed to make t-shirts for her supporting gastro disease.


Paul for the f’n win! He deserves this on a sociology perspective – everyone did as though what was expected of themselves….A.K.A. the generalized other(s)

Go Paul!


Paul is a psychopathic bully. He had everyone do his dirty work like the weasel he is. BB gave him many advantages because BB19 was set-up for him to win. He knew Raven before BB and Bitchmas said she worked for Paul’s mother prior to BB. Another plant. When she confessed this to Jason, BB cut the feeds.

Angry granny

I’m so glad I quit watching BBAD. I don’t want to hear love advice from any of these turds.


Allison Grodner T


Wow. A bitter jury who hates the mere presence of Maven. Wonder if Maven will actually help with anyone but Paul win. If she’s still delusional about being Paul’s main go to person she may be making the jury hate Paul even more because they hate her so much. I wonder what. ravens question to dear Paul would be on finale. We played them all didn’t we? We were a team.,lol


She is the dumbest person so far to play big brother. To tell you the truth most of them were this season. But her… she was freaking annoying. She really thinks she played the game well. Dumbass


This show is total TRASH!


Then don’t watch you Idiot!

Old fan

Cathy stay off the F off this site this is for people to express there selves how ever they want. Especially when this is just a horrible season with gnome guy set up to win. Yeah we know a lot of this crap is scripted but CBS you picked the wrong guy this time, Paul is a horrible person with no redeeming qualities and people do not like him this time. Christmas is just a nasty bitch and Josh is just a stupid boy. If BBCelebrity doesn’t get people back (cause BBOTT) sucked this show is on its final legs. Too bad i used to enjoy it.


How was christmas a nasty bitch ??


How?? How about when? Every day!!!

Oh My Lyin' Eyes

Really???? If you can’t see it then maybe you are of the same ilk.


I like him, and I’m a person. Actually if you look on twitter, and on feeds, there are a lot of people that still like him.

Also, Cathy is right. If you hate something so much, why in the world would you go to a site that gives updates about the show you hate so much? Makes no sense, at all. Nothing else to do in your life or????


1st lets get something straight. Very few feeders and folks like those on OBB like Paul(BB19). The idea “a lot” of people on the feeds like him is pure BS!!! As for twitter that is possible. If as a fan you only watch CBS your seeing some of the worst revisionist crap/edits of any reality show ever. The edits show the great gnome playing a brilliant game of manipulation, minus the bullying and other foul acts. If you were a fan of him in BB18 and don’t do feeds or boards sure you could like him this season.
As for Cathy she is pretty much troll central. Never met a frustrated board member she wouldn’t bully or trash talk if they vent their frustration on OBB. I actually get these folks as many like me are likely long time viewers and enjoy the summer long party known as BB. This year hasn’t been much of a party. Folks are frustrated by bad Kasting and really bad production this season. One of AG’s worst seasons other than BB15 maybe her worst ever.

It creates a difficult dilemma as long time fans want the good old days. After this season would most of us be sad to see BB canceled. I know I would, and yes I realize Celeb BB coming and likely means next summer renewal will happen too. Trolls like Cathy don’t have the required intellect to understand that part of boards like OBB are a tool for venting. Lord knows this season needs a lot of “tools” 😛
Let her trollness be and accept Paul likely gets the 500K. Then hope Celeb BB has real B list celebs, great feeds and fun boards. Maybe we even get surprised Wednesday!


You’re 100% wrong. I’m on feeds everyday and there are plenty of Paul fans. Of course there are those that don’t like him as well, but there are still tons of people that do. Some people actually like the houseguest that are there to play. Just because you don’t, or people on this site don’t, doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.


Spoken like a pure idiot or Paul’s mom. Look at the player rankings over the season here. Little over 1 out of 5. Yeh he is really popular!! I don’t know of more active boards than OBB. Just because you troll and say I’m wrong does not make it so. Often liars like you faced with a hard truth just stick to the lie and ignore facts.


Reading comprehension is a real thing, Stan. No one said he was “popular”. I said there are people that still like him, me being one of them. Maybe before you call someone an idiot, you learn to read and actually comprehend what you’re reading. Smh


“Cathy stay off the F off this site this is for people to express there selves how ever they want”
Apparently you are arguing with yourself
According to your own words Cathy has the right to express herself any way she wants…
Makes me laugh this group mentality that everyone on here hates on BB they all ascribe to here… and if you don’t agree because we have no jealousy issues like most here… then the bullying starts and the whining and crying begin about safety bs and rigging nonsense that… this site used to rule (love you guys Simon and dawg) but the boards have become:
Let’s hate any guest with a plan or a brain
Let’s complain about bullying
Let’s get everyone fired
Let’s hope these HG’s are followed around and killed by some gruesome act…
the saddest part about feeders is that nobody including CBS give a crap what you think
They duped you into paying money to bitch and complain all summer and you will all be back next year when TV watchers are all anyone cares about
Silly feeders the show is for watchers
Toughen up and stop crying bully when it is all anybody here does…
Commence bullying Lol!


Soo true!!!


Why are you and all the people liking your comment watching a show that you think is not just trash, but TRASH?

Seriously, why?

Butters Mom

You know how some people go to family reunions every summer to see family they dont really like but, its traditon so you go anyway… hoping something interesting happens and to see how everyone has changed and catch up… I mean, you know there will be drama and you will spend a good part of the trip complaining about this or that because it didnt go the way you wanted it to… but hey… its tradition… WELL THATS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT FOR SOME OF US! This year has been extra shitty.. weve been here every year… we keep coming back… we are sticking it out until the end and then we go home and come back to see if next year will be any better… this year… has become too painful to step out of the motor home and watch the shit show so we just stay in our campers and wait for the news to come to us so we can all commiserate together. At this point, there is no saving this season. Nothing good can come of it… we will just all take pleasure in watching them eat the egg salad that has sat in the sun too long and hope they suffer for it on the ride back home because thats what they deserve for being horrible mean people and ruining our summer vacation!


The Winner of Big Brother 19 will appear on “THE TALK ” with Julie Chen Thursday September 21. Check Your Local Listings

Paul has a 0.1 inch p3n15

That show is recorded a week before it actually airs…


What caused all the growth?


Christmas is such a turn off sometimes.
No guy would want to deal with that for long. Shrill as f**k.
Unless they’re a glutton for punishment.

Franks Fumes

She’s actually gross she has more of a mans body than female. That’s why Paul is turned on by her.


^and this is why women struggle to be happy with their bodies.


Stop trying to please men and just be yourself and problem solved. Too many Women blame men for all of the problems they create for themselves.


What did my comment have to do with blaming men for their problems? HUHHH?


You just literally blamed women struggling to be happy with their bodies on a comment made by a man.(I know I’m assuming its a man) If a woman isn’t happy with her body, its HER decision to not be happy.


Can you still get quite the workout while making me a sandwich.

Go home Paul

Not xmas…..xman.


You couldnt come up with something more intelligent and witty to say than making fun of the way someone’s body looks?

And we’re in 2017, calling someone gay isn’t funny unless you’re 12. Get with the times.


I’m pretty sure it’s NOT funny even if you’re 12……


12 year olds can have an “interesting” (and sometimes rude) sense of humour. A guy being with a guy is hilarious to them.


It’s 2017 how about stop telling people what they can and can’t say.
That’s so Gay


It’s 2017, haven’t we learned that educations are important yet?

Corey's Ass-less Chaps


Dr. Moonbeam

It’s waaaaaaay too long until finale — hang in there Simon and Dawg, your suffering is almost over.


Does this mean “Saint Paul” will be returning to the celebrity edition of BB.. let us all hope NOT!


It’s way too long until a redemptive season…I fear Big Brother may have brought in cousin Oliver. The premise of the show as a social experiment where people are isolated and must compete to win a prize is great but I’m not sure Big Brother is able to deliver anymore. For the last several seasons, the cast see the show as a stepping stone to a career in some entertainment aspect. Meet and greets, other reality shows, acting, modeling and other things having large social media followings allow are the true goals of most of the cast now.
The $500,000 is nice if you win but most average people can’t risk careers on the off-chance they win the top prize. The show consumes 4 months of a year. Unless you are willing to give up your job or you are trying to make it as a social media type, it’s very hard to take that kind of time off. If we took the time to see how many of the cast from the last 5 seasons are still riding the Big Brother fame bump, would we be surprised? That’s the flaw in current Big Brother casts, they are trying to play a role instead of a game.

sunny dee

they don’t realistically see it as a stepping stone, BB has been recruiting people who are already actively involved in pursuing those other things. in this season, women were found thru their instagramming, where they’ve posted modeling pics, not just personal or work activities. i have no doubt some agents are sending in head shots and resumes to see if their clients could get casted.

along with that, not more than half of the HGs are fans and viewers of the show and came into it honestly thru applying and auditioning. in this season that was alex and josh, and cameron, not sure about who else, maybe cody because he is a watcher. jessica was as well, but she got asked sideways, as in she was recruited probably thru her tweeting about BB, and they saw she had a large fan base from her personal instagram, and followed thru.

i can’t fault the recruitees, in some cases, like paul, they get into the house and then become fans of the game. others, like jason, remain puzzled thru the entire process

Hefty Lesbo Smurf

I bet Xmas has “been with” more ladies than both Paul and JOsh combined.


Who cares what she does in her bedroom ffs.


Skankhomas is the one talking about her dicktar, how she’s an expert of guessing the size of genitals, and she’s the one telling JOsh how to satisfy a woman in bed!

You ask, “Who cares what she does in her bedroom?” — Apparently Skankhomas wants people to care, she talks about it a lot…in between her attempting to molest the Gnome.


And whatever the hell she and Elena were doing the first couple weeks.

Less Cuddling, More Action

I think Christmas is actually hinting to Paul what kind of action she is hoping for tonight…


Didn’t Paul say his privates are like a walnut attached to his hip?


I think he said like an acorn.

Big brother 17 on repeat

If Josh wins 3 hoh comp, he needs to become Steve and vote out Vanessa take loser Liz to the end… That is the only way he is going to have a chance to win 500k


Season Overal Ratings…. Yes Some of these may be switched around, but the trend is correct….unfortunately there is no way that Big Brother 19 is out of the bottom 5 Season’s in Big Brother History (I was thinking of including Big Brother Canada, but then I’d realize their all at the top so there wouldn’t be much point)

1. Big Brother 10
2. Big Brother 14
3. Big Brother 3
4. Big Brother 7
5. Big Brother 5
6. Big Brother 8
7. Big Brother 6
8. Big Brother 2
9. Big Brother 11
10. Big Brother 17
11. Big Brother 4
12. Big Brother 13
13. Big Brother 12
14. Big Brother 18
15. Big Brother 15
16. Big Brother 16
17. Big Brother 19
18. Big Brother 9
19. Big Brother 1

Paul's Dad is Damien Thorne

Rating systems and viewership has changed dramatically for network tv due to cable, dvr, netflix, youtube etc. BB19 is #1 in its time slot. so any hope of them revamping the game is wishful thinking.


I wish they would air BB Canada on TV, it would be nice to see the difference.

sunny dee

i don’t get it

they do air bb can on tv


Not fir us in the USA market

3 more days

Only 74 more hours to go!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Paul hates puupies

Guys…that was so boring…we needed a good holiday name for “your girl”. I was hoping to laugh out loud again…these HGs left are so horrible! Too bad they don’t let us see the jury house more now!


How about Dia de los Meurtos? (Day of the dead)


When is final 3 ever not boring…?

sunny dee

usually at final 5, just deadly dull


Josh is a puppy. Puerto Rican men don’t talk about sex in public where their mothers might hear about it. It’s too disrespectful and Christmas should also remember the things she says are being heard by everyone. So gross to be teasing both of these little men on national TV. WTH? STFU Christmas. Even your own mother would be embarrassed by you now. Worse than anything Raven ever said or did on the show.


Isn’t Josh Cuban-American? And didn’t Josh bring up what he does or doesn’t do after sex? Agree with everything else you said though.

You're part of the problem

I’m pretty sure Josh was born in America. Therefore he is an American. His parents are from Cuba. So he has Cuban heritage but he is an American. It’s like how some Americans claim to be African-Americans. What??? No. You are an American that may have African roots from way way way back but you are still an American. Not to mention Africa is a continent with vast diversity of cultures. It would be like someone claiming they are North American-Kenyan, European- American, Asian-Iceland etc… It’s really quite stupid for anyone to use such terms to describe their nationality.

Soup of Humanity

You’re part of the problem………..Excellent point! If you are born in America,you are American. You will have a shared cultural background,Cuban,Mexican,Etc. If your background is truly American,you are a native American. Charlize Theron was born in Africa,she lives in America,but she does not identify as African American. Point…………….it becomes silly after a while,and it really does not matter!


He said he’s Cuban, which is not the same as Puerto Rican.

Franks Fumes

He doesn’t want to talk about men in front of Mamasita……this dude is deep in the closet.


Josh is Cuban, not Puerto Rican, fool.


Josh is gay.
He isn’t fooling me one bit.
He will come out as soon as he gets out from under his mommies skirt.


Josh is Cuban not PR

Anti Paul Puppet

Was there a new episode tonight?


No. The Emmys are on CBS tonight.


wth lol


I would not be surprised if Josh has never had a woman. Hiding under the table from Xmas’s vile comments is so immature. What a Momma’s boy.


Josh is either gay or hasn’t gone through puberty.

Xmas is just skanky, and borderline psycho.

Twatmas Hearts Twatface

Simon, did you give Kevin a bottle of Kraken?
That’s freakin hilarious!
You’ve really outdone yourself this season 🙂
Huge thanks and much appreciation from all of us!!


Poor Xmas. If she wanted to get laid tonite … look at her choices.

One is a midget with a big, bushy womb broom. The other is an emotionally unstable 10 year old who screams when he talks.


Oh Lord for a minute you almost had me feeling sorry for Xmas. Thanks for the chuckle.

/ \ Pauls Eyebrows

OMG! Just let Wednesday get here already so we can put this mess of a season behind us, and hopefully have a much better cast next year. As for a winner? Go eenie, meenie, minie, mo…none are worth it. And CBS/BB do not bring Paul back again , he’s too dang fugly to look at inside and outside!


Has Julie Chen or anyone else from BB or CBS ever addressed why Matt was not punished more severely than one penalty vote for not following the Have Not rules? If that’s not taken care of, there will be hell to pay for what future houseguests will do when they become Have Nots unless they just do away with Have Nots.


Julie has lost a lot of credibility this year. Presiding over this show while pretending its business as usual is making her look stupid. I dont think I can take her seriously at anything anymore. She, apparently, is scripted as well as the hg. Sad for her career.

Bolt Uprite.

They said because he did it to purposely be the one evicted, something they don’t feel most rational HG trying to win would do so they don’t expect it to become a thing. I would expect the next one to do it will get slapped.


Letting him do that to purposely be evicted is changing the outcome of the game. If he was ejected from the game for breaking rules, he wouldn’t be there to vote for a winner on finale nite. We, the tv audience would be voting. He doesn’t deserve a vacation in the jury house with Raven, his stipend, or to vote.


I just read Allison Grodner’s interview…………… (I actually laughed) “We work hard to top ourselves every year”,((in what alternate universe is that woman living in,?) If she is referring to garbage, she hit the jackpot this year. This has been going down hill for the last 4 years. Ms. AG needs to go back to the old format……………..hire people who want to play the game, no actors, wrestlers, models, just people who want to win the money. If she cant handle the job…………..please feel free to leave!!


They work hard to ke4ep me drinking Kraken every summer.

Butters Mom

Look how crazy these house guests get after one summer in that house… AG has had to come back to that house for 19 seasons in a row… no wonder she’s delusional.

Xmas has ruined the word Christmas for me forever.

I think Xmas thinks Paul likes a girl who talks tough. She always tries to act tough when Paul is listening. Xmas: “Either my heart will be broken or healed”

I would love to be able to witness after the finale when Xmas tells Paul she is in love with him and wants to be with him. Seeing that btch get rejected by a captain caveman gnome would be epic.

Wish they would do something for the next few days that would keep s-mas from anymore smack talk…that whole sex convo was obviously made to make Josh uncomfortable..even when it doesnt count they cant stop cutting people down!


Okaaaaay… this is just trying to find a reason to complain about them.

Josh was laughing. I think he’ll be okay.


Guys make sure you watch BBAD Tonight. HouseGuests are supposed to be answering questions live that fans sent in.

Paul Was Born of a Jackal

The only question these fools could answer is their favorite color.


You know production hates you when they give you (2) fidget spinners. Sit and spin assholes….sit and spin. (Btw…budget cuts had me cutting up)


Big brother 19 sucked ass according to many but it was mainly due to a cast of idiots

Josh is in the closet.

Those PoP After Dark questions were so lame. Obviously the lamest ones were chosen by production and all good questions that would expose these fools for the evil disgusting human beings they are were thrown out.

Then after they did the question thing they all starting acting for the cameras like they just realized people actually watch PoP AD. Totally could tell they were playing it up for the cameras right after that.

I hate those 3 with such a passion. Omg I have to stop BB after this season. Every damn season I end up wanting to kill the final 3.


I’d renew my live feeds account if we could watch this jury house instead these three.


Paul is already talking about BBCAN, how his agent is already working on things for him but that he wants at least 2 weeks off!
Wonder what his agent will have to say to him once he’s out?


I think he just mentioned that BBCAN was srarting. He has been telling most houseguests (as a pretty good ploy to keep him in the house) that he does Meet and Greets and tours all over the US and Canada and he is going to set them up and take them on tour with him so they can make some money. I don’t know how much he charges for a photo with him and an autograph but I guess he does have a fan base. I think he is just trying to secure his final 2 with Josh just in case Josh wins.


I’d pay if it meant keeping the gnome out of Canada. Please! We don’t want you here.


You’re rich?


Even Josh wants to do things in Canada!
Please no ! Who can we email so that this doesn’t happen?


Watching BBAD with those wack questions that the viewers allegedly sent in. Question: What former HG would you like to meet. Josh and Paul both said Evel Dick. Josh was very excited when he mentioned Evel Dick ‘s name. Paul also added he wanted to see Dan Gheesling, Johnny Mac
(they called him the dentist guy because they couldn’t think of his name), and Dr Will again.
I feel for them when they go on Evel Dick’s Twitter TL and see how much he despises their game play and he has said a lot of not so nice things about them. Paul’s not going to care that much, but poor Josh is going to be devastated and start crying.


Simon & Dawg… earlier Paul said he didn’t wear hats, but you’ve posted a photo of him wearing a hat. What gives? Last year the fries, now the hat wearing? What’s next? Will he remove his beard on finale night and reveal he’s really Julie Chen?


I believe he’s referring to real life. He doesn’t wear hats outside of the house.

Big Baby for AFP!!

The only way to salvage this season would be:
1) Josh win final HOH, and
2) Be savvy enough to pull a Steve and take Xmas to the F2 (his only chance to win), and
3) Hear Kevin, Jason and Cody’s names announced for AFP finalists to watch the shock on all their faces, and
4) Watch Cody win AFP to a stunned, 3rd place, stipend-only-winning, Trejo consolation prize, nasty Gnome.

That’s the only thing that’ll save BB19 for me and the only way I’ll watch BB again.

Paul with that hat

Paul looks like Fidel Castro.


Acts like him, too 🙂


Has anyone else seen the videos of raven eating her scabs? Pretty fucking weird stuff..

Projectile Vomit



She was also eating out of her butt. BBTooms, Evel Dick and a whole lot of Websites have video of her doing this


C’mon America! Keep voting for CODY for AFP. I cannot WAIT to see the little gnome explode LOL!


Paul is not going to care about afh. The person it will affect the most is Alex.


Paul has been obsessed with Cody and Jessica throughout the entire season….. He could not control or break them… He endlessly tried to drive Cody over the edge, using the entire house. Then talked about them endlessly on the feeds after they left. A Cody win for AFP would drive Paul out of his mind….. ha, hope it happens. He won’t show it, but ya gotta know he would be totally pissed


The only way he’ll truly be pissed is if he gets 2nd or especially 3rd. He’s throwing out all the stops for months to win. As far as Cody/Jessica go, he had to keep the target on them and has to keep the script of mortal enemy on a roll. The Paul vs. Cody scenario. But in the end, I doubt he cares at all about AFP, but I know Alex will. If anyone would care that Cody or especially Kevin got it, it will be her for sure. If Kevin gets it I will LMAO and watch Alex’s face the entire time. Haha

Raven Eats Her Scabs

I never noticed.

Raven's Smelly Vajayjay

Paul has an “agent”??? You mean he did not choose GEICO????


So here we are, getting to watch the 3 most egomaniacal, delusional, vile assholes in the game. Unbelievable how any of them think they deserve or will get AFP. Even more unbelievable is listening to them drone on and on about their grandiose plans and how popular and loved they will be after the show. All 3 of them are in for a major shock and a big kick in the pants when they get back into the real world. Simon and Dawg…big thumbs up to you guys for having to watch this annoying load of crap and thanks for all the updates! You guys are great, I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and the forum you have provided for the fans!!

The Three Psychos

Christmas is thinking people will be beating her door down to schedule seminars, interviews and crossfit training … maybe even start a dating advice column.

Paul is thinking he’s going to be some Hollywood celebrity. Interviews, scripts, endorsements.

Josh thinks he’ll come out to throngs of adoring fans screaming “Meatball” !!

This is what I’m looking forward to … when reality smacks them hard right in the face.

Don't spend money before you have it!

So Paul already spent $18k to have future gigs set up? I think I might actually pee myself a lil from laughing so hard if he actually does not win!!!! Not sure what their stipend is, but if he blew through $50k so quickly last year, $32k is going to be gone just that much quicker!!! Annnnnnd, if BB miracles do actually happen and Josh wins and takes Christmas, I couldn’t imagine he’d have much left over at all!!!


Vets typically negotiate a higher amount per week than newbies. I read that some of them receive a bonus for making it X amount of weeks as well. They never tell the amount they receive though. And he did make the comment he would only do the show if it was really worth it financially, so I’m assuming he got the amount he asked for or he wouldn’t be here.


I would pay him NOT to come back,


So we have 3 idiots left in the final. One a gnome because of his size uses his Napoleon stature and psychotic means to control 2 losers left. One a cry-baby mama’s boy who will probable never grow up or have the courage to leave home, mama, and ever amount to anything. Then we have Xmas, whose beauty is only visual, but ugly underneath and if one looks closely at her face, seriously, you will see she won’t age gracefully, and the ugly underneath will spill out. If one pays attention to their words, besides Josh, you may notice that Paul and Xmas are really insecure in themselves and need others to belittle to feel secure in themselves.
All 3 are going to be surprised when the doors open to the real world, and the security of the BB house is no longer available as a security blanket.
My one hope to see, yes, I will be watching the final after not watching the 24/7 or any of the televised edited versions, to see if the audiences will “BOO” those that deserve “BOOING”, and their expression when none of the remaining 2 do not get AFP.
Yes, hope some in the audiences will refrain from clapping, but give the very much deserved “BOOING”. That will be the best opening to the outside real world all 3 deserve.


When the jurors question the final 2, I hope Cody says something like, “Paul, heads or tails?”


lol I was just saying I can see Cody voting by tossing a coin!


i liked this season, it was silly and quite humorous to watch a group of strangers try to live together.
really was hilarious with Josh, Maven leading the way.
its only a show WGAF!!
Best part are the comments especially on this site OBB!
Good Job!!


you must have a very sad life if this was silly and humorous to you


that was zing!
like i said, best past are the comments on OBB
pull that knotty pine out of your arse !


Kind of like a root canal without pain meds, real fun


I hope everyone votes Kevin for AFP! They will be so pissed off if he gets it those three will go off on live
TV! Putting a big fat red bow around this season.


I don’t think they’ll be upset at all…. Paul will take full credit… Kevin did exactly as he was told all season, actually following Paul around saying, ” I did like you said Paul, What should I do now?”
Paul will just say they were partners throughout the show, which is true and that’s why everyone loves him…. Josh and Christmas may be upset as they were led to trash Kevin endlessly by Paul…. especially whoever’s third.
Now Cody would make them crazy…. they never broke him down completely – sucks when you can’t achieve a goal…


Simon/Dawg…..What did Paul mean when he said he never say any of his money? As soon as he said that the feeds were blocked. Thoughts?


Pauls family is wealthy.


Apparently Paul’s family is morally “poor”


Love him or hate him Paul is going to be getting a lot of free BJs from all the Ravens out there. Everywhere he goes some ho with no respect will offer to suck him dry.

Little Paulie

Too bad he likes guys.

Good Bye

This is the first season I quit watching BB during the season. It seemed like from day one production made sure Paul would be on the show and in the finals. If production stays out of the game Paul never makes it to the jury. Production surrounded Paul with the worst group of players I have ever seen. This was a horrible season and I dont know if I will watch the show again. This web site is awesome and allowed me to catch up on what I already knew would happen.


Unfortunately they won’t really notice who wins AFP what will all of the hype with the winner being chosen and their families being in the audience. If you’ll remember, Julie announces it at the end. So no, we won’t have the pleasure of seeing their reactions.


Oh I disagree…..I think they WILL notice…..and it’s going to sting a little…..


Yes, saw that video of Raven’s bad habits. It was like many different moments put together and it was just so gross that I couldn’t watch the whole thing!