“The leftovers wholeheartedly trust you so you can move how you feel” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

1:34 pm Kyle, Joe, and Taylor
Kyle – I feel bad how things turned out a little bit I’m just curious.. we were chatting at the pool table I had one stance. You, Monte, and Taylor had another. I’m like I’m curious where the other people stood with that. Michael, Brittnay, and Turner all voiced to me individually that they wanted Alyssa to stay, ‘Don’t use the veto’
Kyle – what were your conversations like? Cause they were dead silent when we were out there.
Kyle – In front of the group they never mentioned a word.
Joe in his best English accent. “In the moment I did not speak directly to Michael and Brittnay. Turner said he was indifferent.. His exact words were Indy annoys me more but when I talk game oh shit Indy oh shit I need Alyssa to leave”
Kyle – so he was back and forth
Joe – for sure he was back and forth
Joe – I was indifferent leaning towards Alyssa because I thought of the next few HOH..
Joe – my Highest priority is hiding (Leftovers) as long as I can
Kyle – right
Joe – you bring a good point about Brittany.. also for your own personal game I thought it wouldn’t help your game. Terrance and jasmine are two and Indy which is one. Now Terrance and Jasmine are concerned about your movements as opposed to INdy who’s always going to be concerned about your movements. Now you have two concerns, not one. It’s easy to settle two than one.
Kyle – I just wonder what the conversations were like because Michael and Brittany were very much on the side to keep the nominations the same. Turner was very on the side to keep them the same
Joe – Turner was flip-flopping back and forth
Taylor – I never heard from Michael or Brittnay if anything they were very indifferent but were leaning more Alyssa than indy
Kyle – really
Joe – I said at the end of the day it is your veto so if it’s truly neutral whoever leaves I would rather leave it to the Hoh and Veto holder to make the decision.
Kyle – the thing that is the concern of mine is people say things behind closed doors then when it’s all 7 of us it’s silence. neutral
Kyle – it’s a smart game move to do that
Joe – If we don’t agree we can discuss like adults
Taylor – lucky with our alliance we can do that
Kyle – as long as they weren’t telling you HEY we need to get rid of Alyssa
Kyle – to me they were like Let’s keep Alyssa
Taylor – it was always a matter of Indifferent indifferent indifferent BUT there’s a reason right now.
Joe – before this stupid move from Alyssa I was supposed to go up to send Indy out. (Alyssa going for a trip during veto?)

Joe – Jasmine is now thinking you worked with Monte to keep Noms the same. (Powerhouse)
joe says the remaining two in the house thinking he’s working with Monte and has a sweet spot for Alyssa.
Joe – All I want is the seven of us to make it to the end. The order we get there isn’t a high concern of mine
Taylor – it just matters what makes it easier.
Joe goes on about being willing to sit on the block this week to take indy out.
Kyle – awesome..
Joe – Indy who is the closest to me personally.. I don’t feel all of you pain because it’s not romantic but it really really really sucks
Kyle – I don’t feel like I can trust Alyssa Game-wise
Taylor – we both know she’s more willing to take shots
Taylor warns that Alyssa has done well in Mental and Physical competitions.
Joe – it was your decision as the veto holder and I absolutely respect it..
Kyle – it’s going to be an interesting next couple of weeks as we continue to pick them off. Think it will get easier or harder?
Joe – umm.. in the Alyssa situation I think harder with every conversation I have I genuinely enjoy her company. with the Jasmine situation Slightly easier. She starts to IRK people. Terrance Harder, I do enjoy his company as well.
Kyle – jasmine comes into the room and is like ‘wheres the granola that I Hid?’
Kyle – I was like I don’t know it was there yesterday. She says ‘there’s just crumbs’
Kyle – She’s like ‘I DON’T like the CRUMB DUST’
Taylor – oh my god
Kyle – then she was like ‘Ohhh and my baked Lays that I hid’
Taylor – In what world are those hers.
Taylor – I’m going to lock this door.. you know she’ll come up here and look.
Kyle says Alyssa knows she f**8ed up during the veto by taking Taylor’s award but she thinks her Social game is fine.

Kyle says he told Alyssa that his social connections with other people in the house have declined. He had suggested to her they spend less time together. She told him her social game was fine.
Joe says it’s difficult for him to hear from Indy that she has the votes to stay knowing that she doesn’t. The same thing is going to happen when Alyssa goes up. She’ll think she has the votes.
Joe – we’re both looking at two different realities
Joe says when Indy was an option before Alyssa he thought the personal relationship he has with her could cost him 750K dollars.
Kyle – she did accept the fact.. hey we need to balance this
Taylor – when she came to me to chat yesterday.. she was explaining how time with you is time where she’s not consumed with the game. I told her that Joe.. became when I didn’t feel like I had one. Having him as a friend to this day it’s my time to remove myself from this game. I told him don’t let any fear of the perception of other people take that from you”
Kyle- for sure..
Taylor – don’t be afraid to spend time with that
Joe – Of course
Kyle – there has to be a balance
Joe- The leftovers wholeheartedly trust you so you can move how you feel. part of the reason we are the way we are is we don’t like people controlling anything.
Joe warns that the “remainers” are worried about his showmance.

2:29 pm Showmancing incoming

2:46 pm (Where’s the granola and baked lays?+

3:57 pm Adding more tattoos

4:37 pm Joe and Taylor
Taylor – you can kiss my hand or Cheek
Joe – it would be funny and good TV in terms of game I think that would really.. Kyle and Alyssa don’t even kiss It will really start to .. yeah it’s a joke blah blah.. but the undertones of Jaylor would be really really strong
Joe – whatever your thoughts are.. for fun I’m on board but game-wise what are your thoughts? Alyssa wants us to (Showmance)
Joe says his only concern if they continue with this fauxmance is the spotlight will be on them.

Joe – it will make great TV and be fun but in the long run. I don’t think it helps with the leftovers either
Taylor – you can always kiss my hand and cheek baby.
Joe – and it will always be my pleasure

4:45 pm

4:53 pm “Punkaroo”

5:02 pm the back is coming in nicely.


5:05 pm Skid and Fancy up to the HOH.
They’re talking about shutting down the fauxmance. “I think Alyssa Preasureing us.. or strategically setting us up to be the next them.. It doesn’t make much sense to me because her and Kyle are actively talking about their showmance impacting their game it doesn’t make sense for us to get Closer”
Taylor – Mmhmmmm
Joe – no offense to Alyssa but I don’t want to play the game she played
Taylor – I didn’t play her to play that game.

Joe is wanting the vote to be split. Taylor wants it to be unanimous.

5:25 pm Kyle and turner
We start with this Conversation with Kyle talking about Jasmine not liking the granola crumbs ” I don’t like the dustiness at the bottom of the bag.. OHH and someone took my baked lays”
Turner – I didn’t realize she dug into the stash daily.
Kyle – first thing in the morning she went to that granola and then straight to the stash of chips. It was all gone.
Kyle – we’re like what are we doing for your birthday just chilling. she said ‘NO EVERYBODY WRITE A CARD’
Turner – there’s not chance on Gods green earth I’m writing you a card.
Kyle – Monte just laughed.
Kyle says he feels bad for Indy because she’s trying to make it a special birthday but Jasmine is the highest maintenance person on the planet.

Kyle – I don’t know how.. she thought it was a good idea to promise the entire other side of the house safety than say you and Monte go up as pawns. Dude i’m in disbelief she said that
Kyle – what was that like.. you go up to the HOH room and she was like here’s my plan
Turner – yeah and to top it off with ‘and Terrance is my target’
Turner – WHY WHY is that your target and why would you put two alliance members as pawns and we have four people to pick between.
Kyle – DUDE she’s pissed I didn’t backdoor Alyssa.
Turner – Is she actually?
Kyle – I think she’s cooled now but at the time she was pissed.
Kyle – I was like you are the only one that really wants this, Monte and joe were on board but more indifferent.
Turner – the crazy thing is the one person everyone wants she’s not putting up
Kyle – exactly
Turner – you can’t be picking and choosing if you are already taking out 25% of the options.
Kyle – why would she protect Jasmine?
Turner – Jasmine put her on the block, doesn’t like her, and shits on her
Kyle – for real. jasmine put her on the block.
Kyle – what would you have done if you won the veto
Turner – there isn’t a chance I would put Alyssa up. one that’s a Homie that would f** up my game.
Kyle – she’s a number right now
They talk about Alyssa not being a huge social or physical threat like Joe was saying last week.
Kyle – I am nervous about Joe, Monte, and Taylor being pretty tight. I feel like they spend a lot of time together
Turner – Yeah I know. I’m less worried about Monte as opposed to JOe
Kyle – yeah I think Joe wins the game if he’s at the end.
Turner – for sure.. he’s playing the other side I wonder how they’ll feel about that especially if he doesn’t win an HOH.
Kyle – they love him, Alyssa is completely blind
Turner – that won’t serve him well in the end. People have lost when they play both sides of the house.
Kyle – they wanted Alyssa gone because they can persuade jasmine to come after me, you or Michael. Same with Terrance and Indy..
Turner – for sure
Kyle – but if it’s Alyssa that wins they know she’s coming for MOnte and joe. that is why they wanted her out so bad. Not any other reason
Turner – I wholeheartedly agree with that.

Kyle asks what do they do when Jasmine, Alyssa, and Terrance are gone.
Turner says if one of the POUND wins Taylor and Brittany. If the veto is played Michael is gone.
Kyle – Joe and MOnte are getting closer to Taylor over you and I.. will that final 4 be legit
Turne r- it is the other day Monte talked about the Pound.. Maybe I have too much trust in that. I feel good about that final 4
Kyle – I do too. That would be sick if we road that to the end.

5:46 pm Skid lifting. Fancy relaxing and Chit-chat

6:25 pm Chit-chat

6:56 pm FEEDS

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How on earth could anyone like Jass. I loathe her behavior on this show. Why the others tolerate her is beyond me. They only mention her disgusting act between each other.


She must have the worst twisted ankle ever. I have rolled my ankle several times but have never been hobbled like she makes herself out to be. Her over the top southern accent is annoying. She is easily my least favorite house guest.

Sweetie Pie

She milking the game like no other . Same thing I been saying Hiw is she still a contender and can’t successfully complete a competition.First one out She doesn’t even try to put up a fight


I blame this on Taylor, while her and Joe are so upset that they could not evict Alyssa, I blame Taylor for not putting Jasmine up on the block.

Jasmine has put her on the block, talked about her like crazy, ignored her, Jasmine is a disgusting annoying person. Why Doesn’t Production tell her the food is for everyone, tell her she’s not allowed to hide food, snacks, etc…

Please, Please let Jasmine be evicted next week. Then Taylor and Joe can go as well.


if Jasmine wins HOH she will put Taylor on the block, no sisterly love from her. Narcissistic!


I agree that fake injury she was walking fine then starts with the and again


Simon, when you put “his best English accent” best should have been in quotes 🙂


Joe & Taylor can’t let Alyssagate go. They’re seriously jealous Alyssa won something. It’s getting ridiculous how they think. Taylor is entitled to an award. No ownership about Taylor. She should’ve performed better if she wanted that trip or veto. This is the problem with this girl. Thinks it’s her getting screwed over and disregards her privilege. Good God other than Paul. No other week 1 post veto-nominee has ever been so blessed. Taylor got a silver platter. Earned nothing to gain so much power over the HOH. Taylor doesn’t deserve money acting this bitter over someone else winning a prize.

Just a viewer

Daniel, is that you?

I Spy

Seems to me that Kyle is the one keeping Alyssagate alive. He discusses it with the other LOs every opportunity he gets. He’s worried, and he should be. As much as he tries to downplay it, the showmance paints a huge target on his back.


Quiet down Daniel


That’s it an adolescent response? Who died and said that Taylor is the favorite/in the right? It can’t always be poor Taylor, she’s not Jesus nor is she suppose to be given everything like she expects. This isn’t Burger King she can’t always have her way. Gifts/Prizes don’t have her name on it. It’s not a good look if not cowardice to emotionally blame and target a player for taking a prize when they beat you. Taylor is suffering from HOH-itus, and doesn’t realize how fortunate she is to still be playing.

Just Sayin'

Boomer alert.


I think don’t necessarily believe her feelings stem from think she is the queen. She said in a statement to joe, “imagine if anyone else was HOH and I would have taken that trip.” It’s because she was bullied & traumatized in that house by these girls and had it been the other way around they would have used that to put her on the block. Furthermore, Alyssa was jealous that Kyle hugged her after her HOH win and even Kyle said (while talking to the camera’s) come on Alyssa that was not only a dumb for her game but also wrong ad person considering what she has gone through. And before you even say she has gone through a lot…..most BB even the ones that had friends end up leaving the game with Some PTSD so it’s probably worst for someone who had to deal with what she dealt with bc they had no reason to treat her that way.

un autre nom

IF these houseguests are so worried about Joseph’s jury votes with the other side there’s a remedy: Good Bye Messages. ‘Joseph has been lying to you and laughing behind your back all game, sucker.’
Taint the jury if it’s that much of a problem.


That is a great idea, I wish someone would think of doing that in their goodbye message. I bet production would step in and not play it, they seem to really like Joe, and for some strange reason, they are catering too JasBitchy !!

un autre nom

Did I imagine this?
I thought Monte told Joseph and Taylor that Kyle might have to be the first out at 7 because of how he was talking back to Monte about getting rid of Alyssa.
That’s why Michael and Kyle are the two i said Monte would nom at 7 a couple of days ago.
Joseph was in agreement with Monte.

So what happens to Turner’s world view if they tell him Kyle is first at 7? I mean, Turner’s game is completely built on the Pound final four. He said himself, first one to break ranks gets clipped. What happens. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Just a viewer

Taylor this, Taylor that. Alyssa showed her true self towards Taylor when she gave her a punishment. Alyssa is a part of the mean girl crew. Kyle knows Alyssa messed up by doing that to Taylor, that’s why HE keeps bringing it up. Taylor keeps her off the block and she gives Taylor a punishment? Taylor should have wanted her on the block afterwards.


Taylor is acting bitter and being emotional that Alyssa won something. Taylor has been on power trip changing her targets left and right like frenchie. Taylor with the followers need to get over it. She doesn’t deserve to keep her prize and isn’t entitled to it after Alyssa beat her. Alyssa doesn’t have to bow down to Taylor, and take a punishment to please the discombobulated mouth smacking chip eater.


Earlier this week someone said Joeseph is worst than Andy the rat from a few seasons ago. I agree with that, and I also agree with what Turner said about Joe playing both sides of the house, betraying people who thought they could trust him, Turner is right.

When they get to Jury, the jurors all start comparing notes on Joe, they might be bitter and all feel like he played them, feel he went too far and messed up their game, made them look silly on TV, they might think he was a Rat, that might cost him votes unless he’s sitting next to Taylor.

Jasmeany, Indy, Terrance or Alyssa will vote for Taylor, their hate for her will make them vote for Joe.


Joe tried hard to get Taylor to agree to a split vote using a myriad of excuses like it would help her with Terrance and help him avoid Indy’s wrath. The truth is he wanted to try to get her on board for a split vote so when their punishment ends Wednesday night, he could try to find that one extra vote to keep her. Just as Ally is a number for Kyle — Indy is a number for Joseph! AND she was one of two goats (JasMEAN) that Joe was prepping to drag to the end! Yeah – I’m not buying he was ever Pound or Leftovers F7 loyal.

For weeks that’s why Joe was pushing getting Ally out next. Sure, Kyle originally was responsible for making Ally a target but Joe was like a dog with a bone when it came to taking out Ally.

His double agent role allowed him to ramp up efforts to work all the non-Leftovers to ensure he was first among them & he’s been highly successful on that front other than with Ally. While his mist is super strong with the ladies, he’s equally able to charm the men. Everyone (but Kyle) in the Pound believes he’s Pound-Strong. Monte/Taylor & Turner believe he’s F7 committed to the Leftovers. Jasmine & Indy both believe he’ll take them to F2, Terrance completely trusts him viewing Monte as being closer to Kyle than Joe and even Ally is warming up to him.

Like Kevin on BBCan10, Joe is the master of chaos [although NO ONE touches Kevin IMHO 🙂 ] by always making sure to find something to connect with each individual on, while simultaneously planting seeds to ensure they are targeting someone he wants out or someone he’s close to is viewed as a bigger threat.

He’s not completely Teflon however, as Kyle sees through his act having witnessed it firsthand with the FS. Michael noted his tactics are see-through but you know that’s envy as Michael wishes he had that mist. He and Britt watched it in full effect with Taylor who Joe charmed so effectively she ghosted her F3 duo until after all the big decisions of her HOH were made.

Joe reads the house well being the first to see Ameerah’s position in the house & predicting Kyle & Ally were more of a thing than Monte was willing to admit. His strength is also his weakness with his chaos creation. It works especially well when the house is already reeling (think Ameerah’s re-nom) but can have the opposite effect when he does too much (see Taylor’s HOH reign!).

To your point about the non-LOs being bitter – I felt his original plan was to turn Monte & Turner against Kyle and Michael hoping they’d take each other out & he’d fly to the end dragging Indy/Jas. Problem was the Leftovers are just a much more dominant team with better performers. When that clicked for him he made sure to play into Indy, Jas and Terrance’s ire towards her. I think she (Taylor) is his new F2 bc even with his double agent spying there is NO CHANCE JasMEAN, Indy or Terrance reward her over him and doubtful the majority of the Leftovers would either especially the Pound guys.

Having three automatic votes in the jury is a huge head start. Turner arguably has played a better game but the problem is how the house views you as a player. While many fans recognize Turner’s quality game play inside the house I’m not sure that’s the case. The jury might be bitter – but they’re just as likely to be impressed by how Joe played both sides so effectively.


Kyle is working too hard. It makes him appear suspicious cause he is. Finally we get a boot order from someone. Thanks turner! I wonder if Kyle will start to irk these people. He needs too much reassurance. That can be burdensome to others. It’s always about him.

un autre nom

Kyle’s camtalk.
They really have to stop giving Kyle camtalk platform.
(Not sure how bbus plays this, but bbcan they actually tell some hg’s they are not allowed to camtalk, while calling others to d/r and telling them they SHOULD camtalk).

He’s same page with Michael and Britt but Turner is a problem because he believes in the Pound. He’s mad that they didn’t stick their necks out in support of his save Alyssa plan.
Kyle says he knows Monte Joseph and Taylor have a final 3.
He’s REALLY targeting Joseph at this point.
He’s wondering if he should tell Alyssa everything? ED. If he was going to, he should have done it before the Daniel vote tbh. And definitely before they defiled the have not butterfly.
His alliance is red flagging him because they aren’t playing for Kyle and Kyle’s game (ED. i’m paraphrasing there because Kyle is absolutely unable to see ANY perspective but his own).
Again he’s upset that Michael and Britt didn’t stick their necks out for him? ED. AFTER he told them Michael was probably the blindside target and Michael and Britt were only brought in as numbers, and Michael is target at 7. SURE, THEY SHOULD REALLY MAKE WAVES AFTER THAT. blink blink. he wanted Kamikaze pilot support? Wonderful.


He’s going on about being hated or cancelled due to stupid stuff he may have posted in the past on social media… he tried to comb through most of the stupid stuff? I think I just heard bbtwitter collectively search… and i’m already avoiding twitter because it’s… it’s…
ugh. sometimes. Do I want to know what he posted in the past? No. Do I think there’s a cornucopia of things out there that he shouldn’t have posted or even thought about? Oh more than likely.

Dear future BB houseguests: DELETE ALL SOCIAL MEDIA BEFORE GOING ON A REALITY SHOW. EVEN THE HIGHSCHOOL PROFILES YOU FORGOT ABOUT. Heck, If you’re considered ancient (over 35) by bb standards, that includes your old myspace account. JUST DELETE. I’m not saying EVERYONE has skeletons on social media, i’m saying vernacular and slang changes and shifts in public consciousness usually mean there’s dirt even if there isn’t. Thinking of some of the slang i would hear 10 years ago that I thought was gross then… it would be cancel offense now.


It sounds so fake how Joe constantly calls Indy Baby, every question, Baby Baby, is this part of his game play ?

To be honest, I’m kind of tired of Joseph, he can be voted out sooner than later as far as I’m concerned. When they are all sitting at the dinner table, Joes just comes across as phony.


I am so sick of Joe myself. It would be perfect if he and Jasmine both leave in the DE, then he can baby baby both Indy and Jasmine in the jury house. Them two salivating all over him while he walks around with no shirt eating everything in sight! That would be my wish for the Double Eviction!!!!