Taylor and Joseph as “Skid and Fancy” – “Nobody get on my nerve!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

7:15pm Taylor and Joseph come out of the diary room chained together for their 24 hour punishment. Their punishment is called “Skid and Fancy” a parody of Sid and Nancy. They have to talk in an accent.

7:28pm Hammock – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – last night I was out here with Jasmine and Indy. She was like I’m the one on the block and she is out looking for people and she is not treating me good. Alyssa – she will figure it out .. she was just emotional last night. Kyle – she was very emotional last night. Alyssa – she came to me today and was like I love Kyle so much I want him to know that I wouldn’t come for him. I said you should let him know yourself that then. She was like yeah, I am going to wait till Wednesday. She said that she was super emotional last night saying that she didn’t want to be here but said that wasn’t true. Kyle – I mean the day before I am using the veto she tells me that whether she stays on the block or don’t use it she is going to leave and go home rather than stay in jury?! Like what options do I have at that point!? Its fine, I’ve come to terms with it I think. Its fine either way.

7:50pm Hammock – Kyle and Michael.
Michael – I’m sorry did I interrupt something? Kyle – no, not at all! I was honestly happy because right after we talk about having balance she comes out here when I am just chilling and its not the optics we need right now. Lets have some space. I can’t blame her though .. she doesn’t really like Indy. She doesn’t really like Jasmine anymore. Michael – really? Kyle – I mean I think she likes her on a personal level but she has to know that Jasmine is kind of a mean girl and people are catching onto that. Michael – yeah. Kyle – I don’t know .. no you did not interrupt anything. How was the conversation with Indy and Terrance. Michael – I mean there isn’t really a conversation with Indy. Terrance, I don’t believe anything he says. There’s a lot of there’s something big going on and pretty soon we need to do something about it. I am just like okay.. I heard you were throwing my name as one of the big things to do .. so… but I don’t know. He did say that when he talked to Jasmine .. he did say that she did not say like yes I am going to vote to keep you. Which then if she does end up voting to keep him.. then we can be like remember who was on the fence? Kyle – its just so funny because what are the girls going to think at that point? I don’t think they will vote to keep Indy at this point. Michael – no. Kyle – because they know I am not going to vote to keep Indy. So if Indy does go this week and one of us wins HOH and we put up Jasmine and Terrance or Jasmine and Alyssa. Michael – I would do Jasmine and Terrance. Kyle – yeah, same. So Jasmine goes home .. double eviction.. we win again. Say I win, what are your thoughts at that point? Michael – I mean we would be down to the scenario we talked about the other day.. being at 9 so… the thing that would be scary is if it was a double and say you, me or Brittany win and we don’t take a shot … and if one of them win, are they going to finish it off to get us to 7 or will they be like well close enough. Or alternatively if we do take a shot and then whoever stays wins, we know they’re going to fire back. Kyle – yeah its game on at that point. Michael – which at that point if we think they will take a shot no matter what …do we stick to seven and then.. Kyle – that will be difficult … like dude I don’t believe a word Joseph says. Michael – I don’t either. Kyle – I am telling you he is so good, when Alyssa got hurt everyone in the kitchen was like yeah she is hurt but its also anxiety which is making things worse.. and then we go in the backroom and Joseph reiterates that to her to try and connect to her and Alyssa is like yeah exactly! My anxiety makes it worse … just seeing him pick up information and then use that information to build a connection with Alyssa .. like that is amazing. That is amazing gameplay. Michael – well and you see how he has a little inside joke with every person. Its good gameplay. Kyle – its better than me. So what I was going to say was .. with the alliance.. the four people in that room and then you and Brittany got brought on. Like Turner, I talked to him to see where his head was at and he thinks Joseph is the biggest threat. He wins the game right now. He was like do we really want to go up against Joseph, Taylor and Monte? Or do we want to group with Michael, Brittany and Alyssa? Like that is the much better option. He feels more comfortable. Michael – yeah. Kyle – I was very happy about that. I think he would be open to something if we felt like it. Brittany joins them.

Kyle – Its just hard adding another layer with Alyssa. Like I have to balance her feelings. I have to take her feelings into consideration and spend time with her.. which I enjoy doing but its just an added layer. Michael – if in the seven, things flip before the seven you know that Joseph is going to go to her and be like Kyle told us about Old School. Kyle leaked this and that. At what point do we have to tell her ourselves? Kyle – that’s what I was thinking and that’s my worry of.. Indy goes home this week. Next week Jasmine is up on the block and she goes and that’s when we find out its a double and we think it might be the best time to take a shot but that would give us no prep time to go and tell everyone everything to build trust with us. Other than Joseph, Monte and Taylor going to them and building trust… I don’t know what the best option is. I don’t know that I trust her with the info beforehand. Michael – right because she is going to go and tell Jasmine. Michael – unless it was Alyssa and Jasmine on the block .. then she wouldn’t share it. Maybe Joseph would offer himself as a pawn again. Kyle – not a chance. Turner might. Michael – to send Jasmine home. Kyle – he might. Kyle – other option, if I win next week .. is there an appropriate way to take a big shot or is it too early? Michael – I am conflicted on the because if we strike first we are up a number but the fear is .. and I think that could force Turner to choose a side and he will probably choose whoever is in power that week. The risk of leaving Jasmine in the game .. scares me. Look at Taylor .. we’ll get her out next week, then next week and now look.. you know?! Taylor and Joseph join them and the conversation ends.

8:50pm Backyard pool with Michael, Kyle and Turner. Turner has anything interesting happened in the last few hours? Kyle – nothing really, we got some costumes.. Indy came up to me for the 7 hundredth time to say are you b***hes conspiring against me? Turner – she has not seen that season so I don’t know how.. Dinner time is announced. They head inside to eat.

9:40pm Hammock – Joseph, Taylor and Indy.
Taylor and Joseph check up on Indy in the hammock as she is alone. Indy – So I was counting the votes .. I think I have enough. Joseph – what’s your count so far baby? Indy – You… I didn’t ask you but.. Joseph – of course baby! Indy – You, Jasmine, Alyssa, Brittany and Michael. Joseph – have you spoke with Turner, Monte and Terrance.. oh Terrance is on the block. Indy – I spoke with Terrance and I think he is going to vote for Terrance.. I believe so. Kyle said more so vote for me but I don’t want to count that. And Monte say he will talk to the house and see. Taylor – he is my least favourite. Indy – but if I have at least five. Taylor – then it shouldn’t matter. Joseph – then it shouldn’t matter baby .. its fine. Indy – I don’t want to be bothering people I know.

9:45pm – 10:15pm Bedroom – Brittany and Terrance.
Terrance – he (Turner) gave me a thumbs up. He was absolutely. Brittany – I know. So I don’t know if you heard but Indy came in and it was me, Taylor, Jasmine and Michael. Terrance – I think Michael told me a little bit. And it wasn’t like a question, it was like you’re voting for me right!! In this whole group setting and of course I said yes.. but that is just not how you do it. That’s not how you do it. And first of all it was not a question. It was just you’re doing this. Terrance – she gave you guys the Ameerah. Brittany – exactly .. I froze and then I was like yes. I just wanted you to know that in case you hear anything. Just know whatever you hear.. just know. Terrance – I got you guys. Brittany – I am serious.. I want to go as far as we possibly can in this game. Terrance – yes, I want to be here. There’s got to be a memory comp coming soon and you’ll win that. I talked to Jas and its so confusing like her game? Like she was like I just don’t want to see another girl go home. I was like what are you basing it on.. like she is playing “Friends”. I promise you I will never from this point on from that kitchen moment I am never giving up again. It will never happen and I am thankful that you gave me that slap in the face pep talk. I needed it, thank you. Brittany – I think at a certain point in time our value skyrockets and I think we’re getting close to that time. There has got to be a point where we get to start taking the big shots or the stronger players start turning on each other. Terrance – and then we sit back.. and be a number.. at some point they got to do it. They got to.

10:25pm Big Brother tells Terrance its time for more tattoos. Terrance says he has another 132 tattoos to go before he is done. Terrance gets Jasmine to help put the tattoos on him. He then heads outside and shows Turner / the cameras. Terrance – 59!! We at 59! We got a little more to go! This is what 59 looks like. Turner – My god! Dude that is pretty dope honestly! Terrance – I’m my own favorite rapper. Turner – they really love those squirrels.

11pm Michael, Turner and Kyle playing pool. Michael – Jasmine got a call to change her microphone and Terrance is across the way with a hurt back and she is like this could be my second birthday present. Kyle – no she did not! Turner – did he do it? Michael – yes! I hope they do a compilation of all the times she says “My Birthday”. Kyle – and then include when I was about to steal the London trip and losing it “my birthday, my birthday, my birthday!”. Turner – and then it ends with the balloon silence because I learned something about her birthday. Kyle – I wish I was a part of that. Turner – no you don’t, that was the worst moment in this house.

11:35pm Terrance gets more tattoos to put on..

11:45pm Backyard – Turner, Kyle, Michael, Brittany.
Turner – has she (Indy) counted me in any of her vote counts? I told her I didn’t know. Michael – no. Brittany – Terrance is counting you. Turner – yeah I told Terrance I was going to vote for him. Kyle – same. Brittany – Yeah I told him too. Kyle – Terrance is going to make it to the end.. he’s going to be the last one of the seven and then we’re going to be like wait a minute?! It would kind of be nice to be sitting next to him at the end. Michael – that’s exactly why we can’t let him stay. Brittany – that’s the last thing that any of us need is one of the last two spots locked in. Kyle – sealed. Michael – lets all make a deal that if any of us bring Terrance to the final 2 .. we all vote for Terrance. Kyle – yes. Brittany – say it now Terrance wins. Kyle – can you imagine .. the guy that gives up week 3 wins! They all laugh.

12am – 1am Chinese checkers in the bedroom (Monte, Alyssa, Jasmine and Terrance). By the hammock – Brittany, Indy and Michael. Indy – This week I told both of you where I was vulnerable and upset and I told both of you that I want to go home and stuff like that. So I hope you don’t think that.. its just me on a bad day. You guys know how much I fought to be here ..coming from a different country and a different language. I am trying to lay low as you told me. Brittany – I know its hard. Indy – Did Kyle say anything about me? Michael – no not really just that he is keeping an open mind about you and Terrance. Indy – Its important to talk to everyone .. but I will probably talk on Wednesday night. I am feeling pretty safe. I don’t want to feel comfortable but …I feel safe because Jasmine, Alyssa and Joseph.. like I am good.. so and you two so its five and that’s it. I don’t want to push Kyle or Monte. But I am glad that you guys don’t think I will leave. Brittany – not that I can tell. Not that I can tell..

1:40am Terrance, Alyssa and Indy are in bed sleeping.
1:50am Big Brother gets Terrance up to put on more tattoos. Terrance sees Brittany in the kitchen and says its going to be a long night! He puts on more tattoos and then heads to bed.

2am – 2:40am HOH room – Michael, Turner Kyle, Monte, Joseph and Taylor are chatting about random things. They talk about breaking the news to Indy that she’s going home after Jasmine’s birthday. (Oh how kind, its another gift for Jasmine!!) Taylor – who should be the one to tell her? Monte – it can’t be me, I have no relationship with her what so ever. Joseph – I personally have the closest relationship with her but how do I say that to her? Brittany – its a little nerve racking if we do tell her too early. Then she will try to fight like anyone would and then how do we still keep us hidden from the rest of the house. Joseph – if its a unanimous vote then I don’t think she can hold anyone against it.

2:05am Big Brother gets Terrance up again to put on more tattoos..

2:53am More tattoos.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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un autre nom

Whose accent is worse?
A)Jasmine’s d/r
B)Taylor’s New York / New Jersey by way of Australia
C)Joseph’s London via Australia with a massive speech impediment?


I haven’t heard B or C yet, but I’m guessing A. 😉

Paul Sucks

Still A, however Turner doing Jasmine’s accent in the DR is amusing and he has become fire in my book.

10 second Kyle

Jasmean’s fake ass, nails on a chalkboard, musty butterbean accent…..no contest

Palm Oil's Meds

The costumes this year are wack. lol

Call a greek girl Palm Oil not racist

This season is wack. lol


All these punishments are lame. What happened to the physical one? Kicking a soccer ball, riding a tricycle? No Terrance has to stick tattoos on himself. Ridiculous. Then Taylor and Joe get chained but it’s AFTER the veto ceremony? What’s going on with Indy and the concerts? Haven’t seen anything posted here about them are they even happening? Use to be they’d be woken up, do their thing, go back to bed and 10 minutes later they’d wake them up again. Lame season, kid gloves


I’m having a little trouble watching them in those costumes. I know Taylor’s excited to get to spend that time with Joseph but those costumes suck.


Taylor looks like Wanda from In Living Color

Mary J Altman

OMG that is too funny?


I disagree. The blonde wig is the only thing that’s like Wanda. Wanda is a male. Taylor is a beautiful woman.


I wouldn’t recommend her having curly blonde hair it’s not flattering. I love their accents though especially Joes


I have never seen a season where the guy that is in a showmance, keeps saying he wants to keep it under wraps, don’t bring attention to the showmance, but every time he’s hanging out with members of the Leftovers, he constantly brings it up his showmance.

Kyle talks with Michael, Turner, Brittany, maybe Monte or Taylor, “ I keep telling Alyssa we need to separate, spend more time hanging out with other people”, but neither one of them can stop hanging out, kissing cuddling etc…

Kyle, had you waited until after the show, or when you both were in Jury to have sex, maybe Alyssa would not feel like you are trying to distance yourself from her now that you’ve satisfied your sexual relief.

Not a smart move, how do you think Alyssa feels every time you say this now that you’ve had sex. How can you have sex on a floaty in the have not room, then start saying we need to spread out, mingle with everyone, stop being alone just the 2 of us, don’t you understand once you have sex, everything changes in your showmance.

Kyle, you are showing your alliance, you can’t really break away from Alyssa, every time you are chilling with your bro’s, you bring up your showmance, asking are they ok with it, telling them you and Alyssa never talk game, I will be able to vote her out next week if you nominate her, Kyle, they all know you are lying, man you are whipped, Alyssa in your head.

Your showmance is on BLAST, because you can’t stop talking about it with everyone. Then when you are with Alyssa, kissing and making out, then you start talking showmance with Alyssa, Kyle, enough already, stop talking about your showmance, being a target, just shut up about you and Alyssa. You’re acting like a kid.

I Spy

I can’t recall a season where 2 showmancers are not in the same alliance or are in difference alliances (they’ve usually both been in one or both not in any). Anyone recall this?


Short answer to this is that Kyle has a ton of unprocessed religious guilt. Even though he has distanced himself from Mormonism you can tell that he is still highly concerned with his mother and others outside of the house and how they will view him.

It’s as if his animal nature was left unchecked when he went with Alyssa to the Have Not room, and then immediately afterwards his SuperEgo came creeping back in and made him feel like crap. His push/pull with Alyssa is a result of these guilty feelings.


I can see that. He often looks tormented in thoughts! I’m afraid this will be what gets him evicted! Alyssa should have been more sensitive to that knowing his background. I do think they care for each other but I don’t know if their views will align when they are out of that house. He should have stuck to the No showmance stance!


Totally. Kyle is way more conservative than Alyssa. You can tell when she drinks how much her wild and repressed side is coming out. She is a party girl. Whereas I believe Kyle had never drank alcohol, let alone any drugs.

un autre nom


It really does appear that for today, Michael and Britt have decided they’ve lost Taylor to Joseph and Monte. So at the moment the final three doesn’t exist.
Why would they think that? They have lost Taylor to Joseph. They lost Taylor to Joseph the moment the fauxmance started.
Kyle was pushing his bias alliance idea again. Britt later pointed out to Michael that the optics of Kyle’s plan are bad. The sides of the house in Kyle’s dream would be all the white people vs. all the black people. I bet pointing that out got her called racist. I’m past looking.

Three times Britt hinted about maybe she should go with Taylor and Joseph and Michael stay with Kyle and try to protect each other from opposite sides. I don’t think she wants to be a part of Kyle’s dreamship.

Michael told Kyle that he saved Taylor because she’d be a target ahead of him. That might actually be true in part… but he’s speaking to Kyle, so it might also be saying what Kyle wants to hear. Kyle already told him a week ago the anti bully premise of the Leftovers was a sham, and that he created the alliance just to get numbers against Ameerah.

I’m not sure. I do know the only reason he picked Britt as bestie was she’d go home before him if they were on the block way back when festie besties were chosen for the POS benefit.

I honestly think Michael will do anything to get himself further.
If Michael thought it would get him further, he’d reveal his knowledge of the pound (not name, he doesn’t know that) and that Kyle informed him Monte was targeting him. He’d also tell Taylor that Kyle said Michael was the blindside nominee. IF he thought it would get him further. He may yet still. If he needs to.


Brit picked Michael as the bestie. The reason Taylor is not their number is 1) She has been an awful HOH. 2) She is tied up to Joe, so she can’t talk to anyone…

oklahoma gal

Michael picked Britt

Sanctimony does not suit you

This all sounds like smart game play on Michael’s part. He just has to be careful to stay under the radar and not create suspicion if people start to compare stories.

He’s managed so far to avoid attention about his beast comps.

I think he’s in great position to win this. I would love a super fan genuine guy like him to win it.

un autre nom

I’m not saying Michael isn’t playing smart when I say Michael is team Michael and do anything to get himself further. I’m saying this is Michael’s game and here’s what Michael does. I didn’t add a judgement to that.

Big Brother Fan

Why is it that any alliance without a POC is racist, but an alliance with all POC isn’t? Do you forget that Kyle formed the Pound with two POC? I don’t understand why society loves to throw racist at every white person. This has serious consequences for HGs when they get out. Just stop.

un autre nom

I’m not sure if I’ve used the word Racist. I’m going to have to check. I think I’ve used the word implicit bias a lot. The difference being: Racist is conscious and implicit bias is unconscious when applying stereotypes.
If you are asking me if I believe that the cookout had bias or prejudice involved, i already answered that a couple of weeks ago. I stated that in terms of the season they were playing in a vacuum, every cookout member talked about how they were aware that they were playing the game based on race, so that does imply that they were playing the game based on bias. Their reason has meaning only when looking beyond their own season, but as a stand alone season they did play based on bias. We don’t live in a vacuum. That’s the thing.


I wonder what you guys are doing for Jasmine’s birthday. What kind of gifts are you buying her!?

Aunt Fester

Jazzy needs a can of Raid to keep the ants off her


The halfway party will be soon, she will think it is all for her birthday. Spoiled brat!

Mad Max

I’m sending Rockstar in on video to sing HB!

un autre nom

Kyle says Turner is final 7 leftovers until the end, and anyone that goes outside the alliance is first clipped. (What we know: At 7 he wants Taylor out because of her big ideas nominations plot part 1).
Kyle thinks this means Turner is more loyal to the Pound.
What this actually means:
Kyle takes his pre-emptive shot he’s planning and Turner will not back him up. Turner knows he’s not the number one target at 7 coming out of anyone’s mouth.

So Turner doesn’t know about Joseph’s new alliance plan (which works if they keep Indy), and doesn’t know about Kyle’s new alliance plan beyond something Alyssa suggested.

Even if they didn’t have the split double coming, I believe Monte is looking to replace Kyle in the Pound with Taylor. I had written previously about what REALLY broke the POS, and after Monte had decided what should happen, Kyle said no. Little reminder: Monte changed his mind, Kyle agreed with Monte and Turner that Indy should go in the Pound meeting Thursday night. However, with petty and plotting and of course rabidgamersquirrel Joseph pushing and manipulating for a target shift to Alyssa, of course Monte agreed.
Monte was highly offended that Kyle cut him off when he was speaking. Anyone remember members of POS being pissed that Monte would interrupt them? I seem to remember that being a thing… a thing that NIC blew into more than a little thing (and she interrupted people a LOT so… never got that).

CURRENTLY IF they make it to seven (I don’t see it):
Britt’s target unknown, Joseph targets Kyle or Michael, Michael targets Monte or Joe, Monte targets Michael or Kyle, Taylor targets Kyle, Turner targets Taylor.
Most likely to take a shot at alliance in the split double? Depends on breakdown. Most Likely to take the shot to me are Joseph and Kyle. Michael would only take the shot if the numbers in the split could be justified and his move supported.
Part of me keeps thinking there is a possibility they put one team as 5 Leftovers forcing the break and the other team with 2 Leftovers and 3 swatters. But I’m still more convinced the break will be 4-1 and 3-2.

The current look of the costumes is…
Okay, Indy’s costume looks like something out of a Jem and the Holograms cartoon that was supposed to look edgy but was more like a bubblegum pop version of punk.
The Sid and Nancy costumes… um, gee… still thinking oh goodie 2 heroin addicts before one stabbed the other and died of an overdose before trial… how iconic????
Terrance is looking like chubby Tyson with the Aaron Neville mole.
And then there’s Turner. Oh. that’s his regular clothes? There’s quite a few days where his clothes LOOK like a bbcostume task.


Lol, I am telling you with how Turner dresses I think a time warp happened and he was transported from the height of the Hippie era. You already know from a previous post how I think the 2 teams should be separated.

Paul Sucks

I am willing to bet that Big Brother will take the two winners this week as Captains and let them pick there teams only to learn that they have just divided the house into two. Has an extra twist vibe and it would be interesting to see how picks go down.

un autre nom

Taylor has noted Joseph puts on a different voice / way of speaking / body language when he’s around Indy. Gee Taylor, he uses the same routine on you, you should recognize it. d’oh.
He’s thinking Taylor’s just being jealous. TBH, she probably is.
I’m still in the camp where I find Joseph to be 90% inauthentic. I still don’t know how the house buys 1/2 of his obvious lies. Tell me I’m the only one that can see when he’s being insincere and lying by his face and voice.

I still don’t know why the end the spygame agreement on Thursday night wasn’t enforced. Honestly… i actually suspected D/R of asking Monte, Turner, Britt to drop it for sake of storyline. When else has MONTE ever stopped pushing when he made a decision without beating everyone over the head with rebuttal? It’s hit me as extremely suspect.

Last I read, there was talk of Production possibly verbal warning Kyle and Michael of outside world talk relating to Kyle’s alliance plan. TBH, that should have been done last week, but now that we know that Kyle’s adversary list is ACTUALLY Joseph’s private army plan, should they?
Yeah and no?
I mean now that we know Joseph’s plan, if D/R stops Kyle, are they actually performing game interference for Joseph?
I so hate saying that because i loathe his implicit bias bullshit… but logical and rational assessment without emotion would say that If Joseph is planning what Kyle fears, and they tell Kyle to drop it, they are in effect aiding Joseph. I think they’ll inform him, but not impede him… but how? hmmm.

We’ve yet to have a moment where non leftovers are talking about the possible alliance, being called to D/R and coming out not believing it anymore… (no Claire D/X moments).
We know about Nic and Daniel and Ameerah being given heads up. WE know about the house being given a heads up after the Daniel Taylor incident. That’s when Monte and Joseph and Kyle started changing their characters (Kyle has backslid greatly, Monte has backslid a couple of times to a lesser extent).
There’s an entire day lost when Paloma left where there had to be Production Notes Meetings to alter the storyline.
We know Taylor and Joseph have been negotiating with production about how much and how MUCH they have to do or should do to get showmance credit. We also know she’s been informed of how her storyline is being received by the public. SHE SAID SO.


i think production may split the house along racial lines, so that kyle’s discussion of this can be framed that way instead of about race. kyle/alyssa/michael/brittany/turner on one side and monte/jasmine/joe/taylor/terrance on the other could be a thing (i think they swap terrance and turner to not make it super obvious and give a greater potential that the alyssa/kyle showmance is saved).

Jess Vivette

That sounds like a terrible idea


I’m with you on the production interference. I remember when Taylor was moping in the bathroom and Joseph came check on her, she said “she didn’t realize how traumatized she has been about being bullied” after coming out of the DR. Also, since she’s HOH the whole Lays potato chip thing is no longer a prop. The fact that she got to pick who she was tethered too is suspect, usually it’s 2 people that can’t stand each other. Toddrick and Lamar didn’t care much for each other. I find it more entertaining when they can’t stand each other. I absolutely hate that Joseph gets to keep his side alliance even after Monte expressed the charade should end. Him being tethered to Taylor will at least prevent him from talking to the swatters for 48 hours so we can all take a breath. Kyle needs to either jump ship or calm down, he’s giving me whiplash. On a side note, I’m excited to see where this house split takes us.


Kyle is the least racist among all of us. He’s not preoccupied with color, he’s looking at the best way to win the game and right now the Taylor, Joey, Monty group is the strongest in the house. Please stop race bating when there is nothing there.

BB 4 life

I agree – or missed something? Has he been saying things to make him look racist or why he is not going with Monte, Taylor and Joseph? I agree that his best move is to be with other side of the house. Those are the 3 throwing his name out the most and he would be at the bottom if he sided with them.


he seems to be concerned the poc in the house are forming an alliance, and he’s not completely unjustified in believing that, it’s just to think it’s based completely on race is a stretch.

Just a viewer

Wrong, every chance Kyle gets, he’s throwing their names out. He’s scared all the crap he’s said about them will get back.

No hate please

I’m confused by the Kyle racist comments. Can someone help me out? He was talking about two end game alliances: the pound and K/A/M/B. I thought he started leaning towards Michael and Britt when he noticed Joseph pandering to the other side of the house and not to the alliance. I do know that he has been paranoid about a Cookout repeat. Is that causing the Twitter reaction? I think Joseph’s relationship with Monte is blinding Kyle to how much Monte liked Kyle (before this week). If both Monte or Kyle had made a little more effort, they could have really been a powerful duo.

Big Brother Fan

He’s white, period.


I agree with that. It’s not a stretch to be afraid of a cookout 2.0 since it was so successful. Taylor not wanting to target Jasmine cause she’s black, plus Joseph being close to Taylor, Jasmine and Indy as well as Terrence confirming that he trust Joseph. Monte I find is easily swayed by Joseph as well. Kyle may be paranoid, but I don’t think he’s racist… is he clueless? Yes, I’m also shocked at twitter right now for the race war that’s going on. I breaks my heart, this is suppose to be a game where people lie and claw their way to the top. I have been a loyal viewer and glued to the feeds, but right now I’m more anxious than anything watching it. It really surprises me how one comment from a houseguest gets so twisted on twitter. Coming from all sides, not just one!


Actually saying you’re not putting someone up because of their race shows intent and is racist. If Britt were to say she is not putting up Indy because she’s white, is racist too. Goes both ways. The Cookout solely playing to take a person of color to the end, talking about it, planning it, voting people out strictly because they are white, is racist.

un autre nom

In my opinion, and I can’t speak for anyone else, and refuse to speak for social media that often inflates things to a hyperbole level shit storm….
I don’t think Racist is the right word necessarily. I think he has implicit bias and doesn’t know or realize that his preconceptions are being formed by race. I think someone should actually be saying to him… do you realize that every person you name as untrustworthy is poc?
To me it starts with the little comment that each of the poc had an agenda for winning (ie first black woman) and that was why he started to lumped them together. Some of the people that he gave platforms… never mentioned that agenda as their reason to want to win. Some of them just want the money.
It continues with the statements made without evidence that certain houseguests are going to ‘blow up’ on the block. As in become aggressive.
It continues with the day he named all of the people he couldn’t trust, and names every poc in the house.
Then he comes up with his alliance idea and pushes that people who, at that time, had no ties as already being aligned and conspiring against him.
Do I think he is consciously doing this? Not necessarily. Do i think he is unconsciously predisposed or making assumptions based solely on race, more than likely, it’s getting to a be even more and more likely.

No hate please

Thank you for a thoughtful reply.


I believe this is a 48 hour punishment

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The house has an ant problem.
Jasmine leaves dirty plates lying around. She spills things and doesn’t wipe them up (stew on living room floor and gatorade on kitchen floor being the biggest examples i can site), she opens multiple sodas because she always has to have a fresh one. She eats and drops crumbs all over people’s beds.
I wonder how the ant problem is getting worse? I’m aware others have similar issues, she is by far the worst.

The leftovers have hidden her snack stockpile.
She’s on the case and she’s steamed.
Think she should have been sat down weeks ago and told the food is community food, so get off her high horse. She has been calling dibs since week one.

Mad Max

Maybe put some exlax in her chocolate!

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She has IBS. So the laxatives in her food idea is not a good one.


do we know for sure she has IBS or is that another oh poor me so people feel bad for her?


We ARE NOT looking to recreate a particular Stand By Me scene


This house has had an ant problem for 24 years, it’s not a new problem, it’s happened every season including Season 1


This season Spoiler Girl has been very accurate – I don’t follow her constantly but every spoiler she’s listed has been on the money (including the split house twist). Additionally, she’s suggested the house will be divided based on who finishes 1st (inside) and 2nd (outside) in the HOH comp.

Dissecting that last post, she’s implied there is only one HOH comp and it further hints the teams will be determined via a schoolyard pick. I guess they could still do a random draw like they do for the POV picking names out of a bag.

The reason I’d lean to the former occurring is the associated drama that will arise by the picks (for example: if Joe wins HOH will he pick Monte or Taylor first? & if Kyle wins would he pick Ally first & then push to also get Jas or Terrance – bc if he didn’t then we’d know he was targeting a LO).

To that end, I suspect everyone will gun to win this HOH with only Turner possibly throwing since he should be safe with everyone unless a non-LO won & somehow got all three non-LOs on their team.


I am hoping that they don’t automatically reveal inside team & outside team until the competition is over and hope Jasmine ends up on the Outside team with tents/sleeping bags and a Port-a-Potty. I am also hoping that the decision of who is on what team is more random

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Here’s the thing: I don’t think Michael and Britt are wrong in feeling that Taylor has ditched them for Joseph. Since She became HOH, she’s only met with her supposed final three once, and it wasn’t about planning for the week. it was about Alyssagate.

Given Taylor’s actions, I’d have lost trust for her, not going to lie. She and Britt celebrate that Taylor won HOH. They talk about how the three stepsisters and Terrance weren’t celebrating her win. Their shared antagonists are the targets. Taylor then promises safety to the shared antagonists. That same night. The next day, Britt is being asked to join an alliance with two of those antagonists by Taylor and Joseph… as Joseph’s big plan.
Taylor, when talking to her final 3 is consistently telling them what Joseph thinks or what she and Joseph have planned. If you are in a final 3 with someone who is leading with the strategic opinion of someone outside the final 3? ditch.
It is 100% reasonable, given Taylor’s lack of communication, and planning with her final 3 for that final three to say she’s lost their trust. She HAS ditched them.

I’m 100% saying Taylor is suffering a massive case of HOHITIS.

At present, what has her HOH acheived? Turner doesn’t trust her anymore. Mike and Britt don’t want to be final 3 with her anymore. They were her biggest supporters. Her own actions have pushed her closer to the final 2 of Monte and Joseph… who are both throwing comps. She certainly doesn’t have Kyle in any way shape or form any more… but she didn’t really have him as of last week.

On another note, I don’t think Michael is taking the Pound as seriously as he should. Something isn’t clicking for him, and a lot of it has to do with Kyle’s delivery. If Kyle and Turner are with the four but Kyle is pushing that they are also down for the split… mixed message. Learning that Turner isn’t down for the split should be more of a red flag. It isn’t.

Similarly, I don’t think Britt is taking Joseph’s plans as seriously as she should. Taylor told her the original concept was Joseph pulling in Taylor and Turner with the stepsisters. Then Joseph comes in and says Taylor in with the stepsisters and shield Britt. Not include Britt. Shield Britt. Afterthought: that’s what it comes across as. But that information to Monte would likely blow up the men’s group, and the pecking order. Since the boys determined three weeks ago that Britt wasn’t lying to them when she’d warn them in week 1-3, I think Monte would likely believe her. He wasn’t good with the continuation of the secret spy thing anyway.

Since we never hear Monte or Turner’s long range plans, it’s hard to actually say what they want. The assumption must be that they are down for the Pound final four. With Monte questioning Kyle’s loyalty, I’m still assuming he will attempt to shoehorn Taylor into the Pound in Kyle’s place, but Turner isn’t going to be down for that. He’s already questioned the showmance between Taylor and Joseph once. He’s not good with Taylor’s pawn scheme at the beginning of her HOH. He is not happy that Jasmine wasn’t an option.

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Post D/R visit Kyle is back.
He’s now telling Joseph how Michael, Britt and Turner were on his side about saving Alyssa privately, but not publicly.
He’s been bussing Michael and Britt with Turner being tossed to a lesser degree since two D/R visits ago… and always right after D/R visits. Sideye.

Desired effect: Kyle isn’t at the bottom of the alliance anymore.
Possible effect: Michael and Britt have a LOT of dirt that Kyle gave them on Kyle’s plans and the game. If confronted: Kyle is under his own bus.
Possible effect2: Taylor already told Joseph that the others were likely just humoring Kyle or he was exaggerating what they said to fit his narrative. So Kyle is looked at as sketchier.
Possible effect3: Kyle skates.
Posssible effect4: Turner is asked about what Kyle is saying. Turner remembers this stuff and it informs his game (that’s how Taylor ended up his boot at 7).


Kyle wins the stupid award. He’s up in the HOH throwing the three people he needs to align with to save him and his showmance under the bus.

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Terrance is saying he will win memory comps.
Reminder: Terrance said he would win the wall.
At least it isn’t season 21 where you knew who would win the next comp by who was called to d/r the night before and disappeared for an hour to practice the comp.

Kyle made ALL kinds of tactical errors in his talk with Joseph / Taylor.
Joseph ALSO made a tactical error. He pushed keeping Jasmine over Terrance and Alyssa.

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With the way storyline and fanbase are shifting around I’m just going to say this once:
At NO time will I accept or endorse Jasmine becoming a season underdog people root for.
Not happening. I will argue strongly against wiping Jasmine’s ass clean of all the bullshit that has come out of her mouth and supporting her.


Is it just me, or does Alyssa talk like a valley girl ?

She talk sings, it’s that vocal fry, totalllllllly.


Taylor’s HOH is as bad as Frenchie’s — and she doesn’t even have the out that it is the first one of the summer. She was part of a strong alliance.


Jesus Christ, nothing happening @ 4:44pm BBT?


There’s been a bit.. very light day.


I think it has been mainly a day highlighting the POV competition punishments with some other stuff sprinkled in


Did you miss the little back and forth with J”ass” and Alyssa? Resulted in pouting and not speaking to Alyssa for a bit. Alyssa had the gall to talk back to her and piss her off.


I did, When was that?


In the bathroom after Alyssa’s shower. Jass mentioned hair on her toes. Alyssa said don’t look. And a few other words. Jazz ended up saying I’m not that girl and shut up. No answer to Alyssa’s further chat.


Well, they are talking now. Jass got over it.


Joseph does the worst English accent whether it is Cockney or one of the other accents in England

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Honestly it’s not British in the slightest. It’s far more a garbled mix of Australian / South African with Newfoundland tones. It’s horrible.

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Here’s what I’m noting today:
Joseph is trying to isolate Taylor at worst, and get her to get closer to his Pound buddies at best. He’s using ‘don’t want to be put on the block together’ as his vehicle to say get away from Britt and get closer to Monte and Turner. He’s using a similar vehicle for the two of them shutting down the showmance.
He tried for the tie vote so he could keep Indy’s jury vote. That got shut down, so now they want a unanimous vote in order to hide Joseph’s betrayal (so he can keep her jury vote).
None of this is clicking with Taylor.
Meanwhile Turner and Kyle are not happy with her chaotic HOH. Turner is really pissed that Jasmine was off the table. Wait until he finds out Joseph’s brilliant idea of bring Jasmine to 8 or even bring her along and split the seven early (that’s coming).

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From what Turner tells Kyle he’s all in on the pound being the final 4. He does worry that some members of the pound might be making outside of pound deals, Turner isn’t.
Kyle tries to say he isn’t. He does tell Turner he’s worried about Taylor and Joseph maybe teaming up with Monte though.
Turner says when they get to 7 Taylor and Michael have to hit the block. Britt is a non threat so she’s not really a worry, they can take her out whenever, but Taylor and Michael are the threats.

Joseph has been trying to get Taylor to believe that Britt and Michael have sway over Jasmine and Alyssa. Taylor is saying Kyle is the one that has to prime Alyssa, not Britt and Michael. Reality: it’s Joseph that should be priming Jasmine… but we’re not going to see that.

Turner is wrong. The pound is only legit to Turner. It’s legit to Monte as long as Monte has final say. It’s not legit to either Joseph or Kyle. No really. It’s not. They’ll both cling to it, but neither wants to go to final 4 with the boys and split the jury vote.


Simon or Dawg, time for back to school shopping do you have an Amazon link this year,?


We don’t anymore just the donation link and ads on the site.

thanks for the thought though 🙂