“I cannot provide details but the world is going to know the true version of Jasmine.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

7pm Backyard – Michael, Kyle and Turner playing pool.
Turner – I feel like Terrance looks like Rick Ross with all those tattoos. Michael – who is Rick Ross? Turner – he’s a rapper. We heard him in one of our songs once upon a time.

Kitchen – Alyssa making the cake for Jasmine’s Birthday. (I sure hope they’re planning a lot more than just a simple cake.)

7:35pm HOH room – Kyle talking to the camera.
Kyle – so she wants to put up Terrance. The camera focuses on Kyle and he says Okay, we’re back. Should I recap!? Let me recap, now I’m on live. I want to explain everything that’s happened this week because its been a freaking whirlwind. I need to talk to you guys about where I’m at. So its the wall comp, Taylor and I are the last two, we had an agreement of both keeping each other safe but I am never throwing another comp in my entire life because I almost threw it to Ameerah in the “lets get lit” and she would have wiped us out. Anyways, I am trying my hardest and I fall off. Taylor wins. She goes down and is super emotional and I go over to embrace her. So we are sitting there and she is starting to cry. I am going to get a letter. Obviously emotional after her season.. and I hear later that Alyssa over on the sideline.. is pissed and jealous that I am embracing her after her huge win. Emotional and as a human I am excited for her. She verbally goes “That’s enough!” And everyone on the sidelines hears her!! So that is one, obviously Taylor finds out about that and is not stoked because of Taylors season so far and for someone to say that in Taylor’s shining moment is like .. Come on Alyssa! Okay, moving forward.. Taylor wins HOH, now time for nominations. She promised the four people on the outside of the Leftovers .. she promised Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa all safety for the week. So now she is HOH, what does she do? She comes up with the bright idea to put up Monte and Turner as pawns… WHAT?!! That is her initial thought!

So we’re all like are you kidding me!? If one of the girls win the veto keep the noms the same we have to take a shot at one of our numbers and we have four viable options on the outside. We talk her off that ledge and she comes up with Terrance as the prime target. Whatever Terrance is the target. Next day, all of a sudden everything flips .. its the day of the veto .. I am up here and I hear if I win veto, take down Terrance and put up Joseph as a pawn and we’re going to take out Indy now. And I am like what on gods green earth do you mean.. why on earth would you put Joseph up as a pawn and okay things change to Indy without me even knowing it .. whatever I am more happy about that because Indy.. I know she will attack my game if she wins. She doesn’t like me being with Indy. She bosses me around and now that I’m in the fake alliance the “fly swatters” she is just .. she bosses everyone around. So I am stoked, whatever you want me to do with the veto I will take Terrance down as long as Indy is the target if that’s the plan. I win the veto and okay things are good. The next day, the day between the veto (Sunday) and the veto ceremony .. all of a sudden Michael comes to me and .. Oh and recap of the veto ..During the veto Alyssa takes the reward from Taylor and gives her a punishment.. WHAT?!!? Alyssa, you have no idea how low you are on the totem pole right now in this house. I can’t keep trying to stick my neck out for you when you make these bad moves. So that happens.. WHY?! Like just take the veto or take the punishment.. they’re not that bad. Especially when it was 48 hours with someone .. I would be so happy if it was 48 hours with you. Like I would love to do what they’re doing just for the experience. So she is making these bad moves and she thinks that her game is so strong right now.. and I am like NOOOO! Alyssa NOO!! So Alyssa takes Taylor’s reward and she is fueled with fire. She is very vindictive. She holds grudges. She wants to make it a big statement game for her. And so now Michael comes to me and is like dude Taylor is switching it to Alyssa.. get ready.

Then Joseph comes to me and is like dude its got to be Alyssa. He is trying to talk me into putting up Alyssa and I am like dude there is no reason I should be backdooring Alyssa this week. Like Indy is the number one threat to my game and Terrance was the single vote last week for me to leave. Like are you outside of your mind?! Why would I use the veto on either of them?! I used the veto on Indy when they were Festie Besties and she didn’t even say thanks. She gave me a hug in the ceremony and didn’t talk to me again since. So I am like no, there is no way in hell I am using the veto especially to backdoor Alyssa. I don’t feel comfortable with that. Alyssa is no threat to me. Whatever! So I tell that to Joseph and he runs up to Taylor and continues to hype up the Alyssa thing. Joseph can 100% not be trusted. He is like behind Taylor right now. He is pulling the strings with Monte right now. I think Taylor, Monte and Joseph are a threesome. They have a final three. I am worried about them in the Leftovers. So that happened then I talk to everyone in the alliance. Michael is like keep the noms the same. I want Alyssa as a number moving forward. Me the same thing. Brittany same thing. Turner same thing. Me the same thing. So we have four people that are very strong at keeping Alyssa, getting rid of Indy and keeping the noms the same. I talked to Monte and he is like I’m indifferent .. but! And proceeds to pitch me on why we need to get rid of Alyssa.. so red flag. Joseph red flag. Taylor has a 15 minute sales pitch where she is like okay let me lay it out for you and goes through all these terrible reasons why I should backdoor Alyssa and I am like actually no I am not going to do that .. and I name laundry list of reason why I am not going to do it. Especially after she wouldn’t consider Jasmine after she is everyone’s number one target this week.. and she wouldn’t even consider it because of moral reasons right.. Because she is a strong black woman which I can respect but if she is going to hold those moral grounds then I don’t feel like I need to be put in a position where I have to backdoor Alyssa because of the same moral issues. Then we all get in a room and I basically lay it out. Joseph’s face was white as a ghost.. it looked like he was pooping his pants. We settle it and go outside. Then Joseph comes out and says not everyone is on board with this, we need to talk again… it needs to be Alyssa. He keeps saying “people” and “they” all want this. I basically laid down the law and said I am not using it.

7:40pm The house guests gather to look at the sunset. Alyssa – cloud salad! Turner – That is huge! That is the best thing I’ve ever heard.

8:17pm Backyard – Michael, Kyle and Brittany.
Michael – are you guys prepared for Jasmine’s Birthday? Kyle – have you two prepared your 3 minute speech? Brittany – I have not! Kyle – it could be very awkward. Turner its your turn. Michael – its your birthday, that’s gas! Brittany – you’re born today? FACTS! I cannot provide details but the world is going to know the true version of Jasmine. Remember our argument? Like how will the edit be… The truth will.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

8:45pm Bedroom – Michael and Brittany
Brittany – I am increasingly getting more and more sad about her.. like I like her (Indy). Michael – I know. Brittany – but game wise, it makes sense. Michael – I don’t think any of the four that are left are really threats to our game. Brittany – no. Michael – how do you think the jury is going to think of the Leftovers? Are they going to look at those four that were in that room night one and give them all the credit? And obviously I want us to be sitting next to each other.. so if one of us makes it to the end without the other I want us to be set up to win. Because if not .. Taylor is the only person .. but if she makes it with her story. Brittany – yeah she is going to win. Michael – so the only option would be to bring along.. (Indy). Brittany – those four .. oh oh yeah.. interesting because we were the three that were brought in. Michael – unless they really believe that Turner is some loopy wildcard that has no idea what is going on. But in jury people talk and compare notes. Maybe he will never get Jasmine’s vote. I don’t know, maybe its just something we need to think about. Brittany – I never thought of that. Michael – Prepare for the worst. Brittany – preparing for the worst I don’t win against any of them either. Michael – I would hate for us to make it and anything we argue .. there’s no chance. Maybe if we stack out resume it won’t matter. Indy joins them and the conversation ends.

8:50pm Kitchen – Joseph and Taylor.
Taylor – it will be interesting to watch back to see the conversations Kyle had that made him feel very strongly that people wanted to keep Alyssa. That will be interesting. Joseph – my mood has been slightly dampened by the turn of events of this week. Taylor – Can you imagine if I took that trip? Can you imagine if it was someone else’s HOH and I took that trip? Joseph – people would be pissed.

9:05pm Bedroom – Michael and Brittany.
Michael – I really wish we could talk to Alyssa.. and really talk to her. Brittany – I think we could do that once Jasmine is out. Michael – oh yeah she really likes you. She said she would have chained herself to you if she got that punishment. Brittany – yeah I feel really good about her. And I want to go there but its just too high of a risk to really talk to her. Michael – right. She really opened up to me today.. but I still can’t trust if I gave her anything it wouldn’t get back to Jasmine. And Jasmine is the only one left that I do feel threatened by. She is worried that Kyle views her as a liability. She feels like her game is attached to him and he is making bad game moves to protect her… and if she got to the end. Michael – but Kyle dragged her.. Kyle brought her. Kyle has protected her. Brittany – Kyle would win if they made it final two. Michael – yeah. Brittany – no I want Alyssa around. If the leftovers split I am just really not comfortable with the optics of that. Michael – we were out in the hammock when Kyle said how Taylor wouldn’t put up Jasmine because she doesn’t want to send a black woman home and Kyle said as a straight white man that makes me nervous if game decisions are being made off of .. and I was just like AHHHHHhhh I don’t like that! I don’t like that at all! Brittany – I know. I don’t like that at all. Michael – Like I don’t think he means anything by it but .. its still like that’s not the game I came here to play. And I don’t want to assume that someone is going to make decisions ..like I am not going to come in and assume there is going to be a reboot of the cookout. I am not going to assume people are in an alliance based on race or any other factor or go after then because of that. Brittany – I 100% agree. What do we do. Like if you just took race out of it .. like who you feel close to .. I would love to work with Kyle and Alyssa and if Turner is with them that would give us the numbers but .. Michael – I hope somehow Joseph gets knocked out so that we have Taylor. I would love that to be our final 3. I mean ideally we would make it with Terrance. Brittany – except if Taylor makes it to final 2.. she has a great story. Michael – but I think we could beat her in the final competitions.

9:50pm The house guests are hanging out chatting..

10:07pm Jasmine takes a cupcake and heads to the storage room to eat it with Alyssa before her birthday. Indy comes in – B***HES! I don’t want any. Motherf**kers! Alyssa – we just wanted to try it. Jasmine – its so good! Alyssa – that was delicious!

How long before Jasmine takes a slice of this before her birthday??

10:30pm Hammock – Indy and Brittany.
Indy – I am feeling good. I spoke to Kyle today and I may have his vote. Brittany – okay. Indy – and if I do, I am okay because that makes six. Brittany – yeah that would be good. I feel like today was really quite ..no one was really talking game. Indy – I don’t want to stress myself. I feel like a lot of people don’t have a lot to talk about with me. Brittany – if people know, they know and if they don’t, they don’t. Michael joins them. Indy – so we going to win HOH on Thursday and if its a double eviction ..its f**ked up. Michael – I know, I am so nervous about that.. I keep thinking they’re going to give us a new twist or something. Indy – cause we won’t have time to talk. Michael – I think if I got it .. I would be like come in one at a time .. you’ve got 30 seconds. Indy – my goal is to protect the girls as much as I can. And I know Michael, you’re not a girl but you’re included in that. Michael – I like to be included in that. Indy – I would love to have Kyle’s vote. That would mean a lot to me because I love him but I can’t force him to do it. Michael – I would imagine he would vote the same way as Alyssa.

11:05pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Kyle studying the days/events of the season. They head to the bedroom. Kyle – Don’t lie to me if you share things with people. I don’t mind. Alyssa – like who? Kyle – like with Turner. Or with anybody. You know what I mean? Alyssa – no. Kyle – Like if we have an intimate time and the next morning you tell Turner.. like just be honest with me is all I ask. You know what I mean? Alyssa – no. Kyle – come on.. its okay. What? What? Don’t be mad. Alyssa – I’m not mad. Kyle – don’t be mad. Are you mad at Turner? Alyssa – yes. Kyle – no, see this is what we can’t have. Like just be honest with me. I don’t mind but just be honest with me. Things like that can affect our game. No come on we need Turner. You have to promise me .. its when something like that happens and then you deny it .. that’s where there’s concern for me okay. We need Turner. Trust me we need him. Don’t be mad at him. Are you mad at me. Listen its okay. Its okay. No you can’t be mad at Turner. In this game everything you say to people.. people talk. We need Turner. Like you can’t tell him that I know.. we will lose the game because of this .. trust me. Like just be honest with me.. I don’t mind. Are you mad at me because you have distrust with me? You’re upset and I can tell. Alyssa – I am not upset. Kyle – I shouldn’t have said anything because its honestly not a big deal. You’re visibly upset. Talk to me right now. Alyssa – I have nothing to say. Kyle – do you not like me anymore? Alyssa – why do you ask stupid questions. Kyle – what are you feeling? Alyssa – nothing. Kyle explains what happened that morning when Turner came to him. He came to me out of love for you telling me that you were emotional and that I should comfort you. Alyssa – I feel like that moment was like one of the weaker moments that I had in this house and now I feel like .. I don’t know.. but its fine. I’m not going to say anything. I am fine.

12:04am – 1:30am The house guests celebrate Jasmine’s birthday. They all count down like its new years eve. They then sing happy birthday. They made a card out of a cereal box. It has their thumb prints / lip prints on it. Jasmine – Turner, even you .. you gave me a lip print? Thank y’all for listening to me .. this is perfect. They all eat cake and enjoy the alcohol. They then all tell her what they appreciate about her.

1:47am – 2:10am Backyard – Taylor, Joseph and Turner walk out into the backyard to join the others by the hammock.
Turner – DUDE! It was just too much! I was over stimulated. Taylor – hilarious. Joseph – Insane!

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Split the house double-eviction twist:

How will teams be determined | number of variables:
So Lisa Ram (@lilyleaf10177) took the time to go through all the potential scenarios of a split house and the variables for each hamster. She notes there are 252 potential variations with 18 that could result in a team made up entirely of Leftovers (or a 7.1% chance).

Much will depend on how the teams are determined with many opining on what the method will be. As I noted Spoiler Girl said there will ONLY be one HOH competition with the winner getting to be inside and the second place finisher outside.

Some others have suggested because there is a two-hour episode the teams would be selected first and then two separate HOH comps occur.

In the first scenario, it makes the most sense that the HOHs would do a schoolyard pick-em to determine their teams (and favors the Leftovers). Whereas the second scenario implies a random draw (similar to the POV picks out of a bag) and would all depend on LUCK.

But if it’s a random selection how do they determine who is inside and outside? I guess it could be who performs the best either via a timed event – – or I guess they could do a tiebreak question between the two HOHs to nail down inside/outside teams.

Wording offers few hints:
If we trust the wording Julie offered for the twist:

‘These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other.’

Based on the two bolded statements noting “two groups will have NO INTERACTION and TWO COMPLETELY SEPARATE GAMES PLAYED SIMULTANEOUSLY. That implies ALL the comps would be separate & the hamsters would be isolated from each other. Still, there are so many questions unanswered. Such as:

Q: Will ALL the comps be held separately?

The main question is whether the HOH will be separate and if it is, then again, it leans to picks occurring PRIOR to the HOH. The POV comp is less of an issue even though one team is outside since it could take place in the basement – – think Day’Vonne’s comp where they used tweezers for the tiny bottle stacking puzzle.

I’ll re-iterate Spoiler Girl stated there is only ONE HOH comp taking place so take that as you will.

Q: Are we to assume there is ZERO interaction among the hamsters?
If the goal is to keep everything hidden including who the HOH winners, nominees are etc then the answer to that question is yes. The main query is how will they keep the hamsters completely separate.

Logistically, the bathroom and kitchen access would be the biggest issues. They could set up a porta potty and give them a grill and fridge outside but the team outside would have far fewer luxuries if that was the case.

They could also employ a schedule – times the outside crew could use the bathroom for showering (instead of the sort of outside shower they have which is really just a way to get the chlorine off when they exit the pool) and the kitchen for larger meal preparation. If that’s the route they take then presumably the inside group would be confined upstairs in the HOH during those scheduled times.

Q: Will teams vote independently or merge to vote as a house?
The wording implies they’ll vote only as a team which means the two players not OTB on Thursday and the HOH will wield a ton of power. It seems unlikely the teams would merge and vote as a house b/c the nominees wouldn’t have a chance to pitch to the other team since they’re separated.

That also means the POV will factor large. Consider for example a team featuring Monte, Joe, Brit, Michael, and a Non-LO. Monte wins HOH and puts up the one NON-LO player and I’m guessing Britt because of his propensity to work with men and bc he’ll want to keep Michael available for a backdoor option.

But if Michael wins POV & removes Brit then Monte’s only option would be Joe as the re-nom and then BM could vote Joe out citing how Monte protected clearly protected him & they’re aware of the F4 he had with him so he returns to the house post eviction with a hard-on for Kyle (bc he squealed). Even if the team was all LOs but Taylor & Turner weren’t on it the same logic applies bc we know Monte would never put Joe OTB.

For the non-LOs the POV could also prove to be a factor in ONE scenario: two non-LOs OTB – the third wins POV and takes one down forcing the HOH to put up the other Leftover player and the non-LOs would have the two votes to evict the LO player. Unless of course, that player was Kyle and Ally was voting (possibly if it was Michael and Jas was voting).

How this impacts the Leftovers:

There are two scenarios that can play out for the seven Leftovers including one team completely comprised of five members with the other two outnumbered by the three non-LOs versus option two which would be four LO on one team and three on the other.

Clearly, the latter option would be the preference unless of course you’re Kyle and he lucks into an HOH with Joseph on his team.

Team compilation will determine a LOT:

There are several duos in the house including the showmance (Kyle/Ally), the fauxmance (Joe/Taylor) as well as several duos working closely, typically F2 pairings such as Michael/Britt, Monte/Joe, Turner/Kyle, Jasmine/Terrance, Jasmine/Ally, etc.

un autre nom

Imagine this:
they don’t tell them that the two teams will be splitting up to play separate games, and they think it is two teams against each other. Think the season 16 and 17 scenario of 2 HOH’s picking two pairs of noms, winner of a competition determines which noms stand. If they think that’s what is going on, only to learn its 2 separate games AFTER they pick teams… carnage.


I am hoping that what I heard is correct and that there will be no interaction between the groups. Maybe they will stipulate a punishment if people from both teams try to interact. It would be cool if they tried something since it would be based on an old CBS show (Under The Dome) but I am not sure that it is big enough for Production to try to build that for the Outdoor team of which I hope Jasmine is a part of.

Only Reading Feeds

Hope Kyle is the first of the leftovers to go.

New Kid

I agree, can’t stand him at all anymore


I’m not sure what the hate is for towards Kyle, I think Kyle & Michael are playing the best game and I hope it’s them two or Kyle & Brittany in the final 2.

I personally hope Taylor or Joe are the first to go in the leftovers!


immature, pathetic, childish, racist, ignorant…. you dont get the hate toward him? Have you watched 5 minutes of him talking about keeping at least one black person for the way it looks, or his beyond gross showmance where he acts like he is about 13 years old?


HILARIOUS he didn’t say that, Brittney did and he hasn’t said one single racist thing.


Is that you Just a Viewer? How many accounts do you have?

Just a viewer

As many as your ignorant a@# can count.

Just a viewer

LOL!! He’s playing a terrible game.


i agree. kyle’s jury management is pretty stellar and i think he’s covered on all sides in terms of shields. when he gets later in the game he may be in trouble but i think blaming taylor for not using the veto was executed very well.

I Spy

Blamed that on Taylor to whom? His alliance, the folks that count. know full well he is the reason the veto wasn’t played. His crucial mistake was getting into a showmance with someone who is not in his alliance. His loyalty will always be to the showmance and his alliance knows it.

Just a viewer



is there a version that anyone likes?


Are they serious, are they all going to stand around and say nice things about Jasmine for her Birthday ? Why ??? Michael celebrated his birthday in the house, we did not hear him every 15 minutes talking about it’s his birthday week, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, I want this, I want That, you need to be my personal waiter, get whatever I need !!

I’m so sick of Jasmine, I’m also sick of these people who will not call her out on her crap. I wouldn’t be her personal assistant, waiter, flunky, whatever, I’d tell her when she requests something, you’re kidding right ?

Jasmine, you better get up off your lazy butt and get whatever you need, I’m not here to serve you. What is it, why are these people so afraid to call her out on her shit, if she gets upset, don’t back down, hold your ground and tell her where she can go !!


Comparing Michael’s birthday to JasMEAN’s it’s hard to fathom the Muffin Top princess doesn’t see the contrast.

They all were up in the HOH room hanging out as a group for Michael’s b-day. Remember JasMEAN, Nicole, Daniel & Indy were the LOUDEST voices in the room tossing out statements that had the Leftovers rolling their eyes. Indy talked about love & inclusion, Nicole talked about never accepting men attacking women (days after Dan went after Taylor).

The funniest part of the Jas’ forced celebration (aside from Turner’s face, lol) was after they all acquiesced to her brow-beating them into making her a card & spilling what they love about her – the majority of them quickly exited to the backyard ON PURPOSE bc they didn’t want it to move up the HOH room.

Later the majority of the LOs did move up to the HOH where the main topic of conversation was how annoying JasMEAN is.

How is it feasible Jas has NO CLUE she’s as disliked as she is?

un autre nom

D/R has told JASMINE that Chicken Wings are now a luxury item, and they won’t be giving her any more.

Git ‘er again. Sic ‘er.


Watching the live feeds, Jasmine is sitting at the table eating Chicken Wings & Spaghetti. I’m going to assume nobody ever taught her how to eat spaghetti, she slurps up a mouthful of spaghetti, it’s really gross watching her eat.

The whole time she’s sitting at the table eating, she’s watching everyone else who’s in the kitchen. Indy went all out, made. Cake with Strawberries on top, Cup Cakes, they are going all out for her Birthday, they are sitting around waiting for 12:01 AM so it’s the 17th.

It’s messed up, they did not do all this for Michael’s Birthday, I’d vote Indy out for doing all this for Jasmine the mean girl, and nothing for Michael, Michael Vote Indy out !? LOL…

un autre nom

Just wait until Jasmine expects a birthday lapdance from Joseph.. with Taylor attached.


OMG…I agree!! They way she eats & constantly smacks her lips makes me physically ill. I’m pissed Taylor is not evicting her based on race reasons. That to me is a racist act on HER part. I was rooting for her up until then. A bad player is a bad player regardless of race. Her constant eating & laying around, expecting to be waited on & carried through to the end by the others should be enough to evict her!! And don’t EVEN get me started on her endless birthday demands…..wtf??


Right. Taylor is racist. I always liked her until this past week. Between her refusal to put up JazMEAN, which the entire alliance wanted, and thenthe way she’s letting disingenuous Joseph control her… I hope she’s gone soon!


I can’t stand Taylor’s voice normally and her supposed Britain accent sounds more like a Jersey shore where! Please someone get rid of her!!!


Do you truly know what the word racist mean if these are your examples? Were you just waiting for a chance to condemn her and think supporting another black person is racist. Maybe you need a history lesson. You can dislike her but don’t say the reason is because she is racist. I would have more respect for your comments if you truly understood what you are talking about.

Just a viewer

If you knew what lifting up black women meant, you would understand Taylor. She believes in the empowerment of “Black Women”. UNFORTUNATELY, Jasmine is an example of the opposite of that. Jasmine appears to be an opportunist, who will use any and everything for her gain. Taylor is not a racist. Her belief in helping black women and not tearing them down, is wasted on women like Jasmine.


You’re 100% correct! While I wish Taylor would have put up Jasmine, I will respect her decision to not do that to another black woman. Now I’d the shoe was on the other foot, Jasmine wouldn’t give a da*n about Taylor as a black woman. She’d put her up and vote her out! She has no allegiance to her race. I’m tired of all her playing injured and faking everything. They need to call her out on her B’s I absolutely would! I’d hurt her feelings and tell her she can stay mad right on our the door.

Just a viewer

Absolutely agree!


Where’s the stupid comment button! Get a dictionary to intelligently define racism and racist. How dare condemn Taylor reasoning! how she will play Her Own Game. People who thinks Taylor’s reasons are based in race are not smart or can’t think for themselves. #dogpile
People who vomit the `the race card’ give me gas.


Sooooo you’re claiming Taylor not putting up Jasmine just because she is a black woman has nothing to do with race?

Plainly Speaking

Well… since you asked, racism is defined as: 1 unfair treatment of people of a particular race in a society especially to the benefit of people of another race.
How would you feel if one of the hamsters who is white, had said they would not vote out a person who is white? They would be racist right? Other races, can be victims of racism too.
example- *see “the cookout” from last year, which used racial prejudice to eliminate races which were different from their own.

I Spy

Glad to see her sticking to her diet (constant eating and snacking). Remember, she said she gains weight when she doesn’t eat.

Just a viewer

She eats and slurps like the pigs she took care of on the farm.


Well she helped make his cake (but that was mostly Taylor & Britt) and SHE DID BREAK AN EGG OVER HIS HEAD lol,

Someone asked Indy yesterday if she would break an egg on Jasmine’s head & she said no bc she needs her vote. (not Indy clocking her BFF & who she really is lol)

un autre nom

She is saying she should get to keep the boot for YET ANOTHER WEEK.
Dear Production,
At this point we’re going to need the doctor to come on with Julie for an interview to answer fan questions… because no.


:-), totally agree 100 %

I’m so sick and tired of this Ankle injury. Not being heartless, but maybe if she would put as much effort into hiding snacks and treats around the house, invest that injury into working out, dropping a few pounds, less weight on her Ankle would help it heal.

I’m just sayin……..


HILARIOUS – – I heard production was growing weary of her diva attitude -guess it was a correct spoiler.


I’ve been tired of her diva attitude.

What really irks me is when she keeps saying she is not picky, REALLY !!

No you are not picky, you are overbearing, ungrateful, entitled, spoiled, rude, always talk highly of yourself, lazy, selfish with hiding food meant for everyone, I’m just so over Jasmine.

I can’t wait to see her on the block, it will be interesting to see her campaign. Taylor better not come up with this I cannot vote out Jasmine due to Race, Skin Color.

It’s time to evict her mean butt..


She’s got to be the WORST houseguest ever! Even worse than lazy, arrogant Fessy.


Wow. Jasmine can look pretty good when she wants to.

Mad Max

go to the eye doctor……as fast as you can get there!


I agree, she is pretty, I have always thought that since I first saw her.

It’s her Diva attitude, Mean Girl personality that I feel is not very attractive.


I thought she was pretty, but those eyebrows when she gets done up…..absolute yuck.


I was thinking it was the new fashion trend – think Miona on 90-Day Fiancee. I’m um — mature lol, so I figured I was just out of the loop fashion wise 😉


I said that weeks ago – – she’s beautiful BUT her inside is so ugly it overrides the initial impression & makes her less attractive.


Kyle said he and Alyssa are going to spend more time socializing with everyone, stop just hanging out just the 2 of them. Well most of the houseguests are outside laughing, talking, Kyle & Alyssa inside are snuggled up in bed kissing, talking etc…

Kyle is not going to be able to vote Alyssa out, this dude is showing his alliance, he can’t be away from Alyssa, Kyle is messing up his game for a showmance.

He’s making them feel his head is not in the game, the way he’s playing, they might just vote him out as soon as they get down to 7.

un autre nom

uh oh. Alyssa and Bunny are fighting again.
This time it’s because he told her he knows she told turner about the life cycle of the butterfly floatie.
Now she’s mad at Turner for telling him that she outed her 10 second have not mating ritual.
This is so… i can’t even call it juvenile. This is just so double o stoopid.
I mean. Really?
What we’ve learned: nothing. we knew Alyssa has a big mouth since week 2. This isn’t valuable at all.
What is the result: Now Alyssa is going to be huffy at Turner.
Of all the information he’s been keeping from her… he goes with that.
What a cabbage.
And on Jasmine’s mother’s daughter’s birthday. I… I … I cannot… disgusting… dis-gusting.
Can’t even own it.


“And on Jasmine’s mother’s daughter’s birthday.
I… I … I cannot… disgusting… dis-gusting.
Can’t even own it.”

I cannot with you. This deserves +100.

Keri Helen

“ the life cycle of the butterfly floatie” lol


You always keep me smiling and laughing. Everything you said is right on point !!

I… I… I always enjoy your posts.


Part 2: Double-Eviction House Split Twist: Individual Best-Worst case scenarios:

Following the prior post, this next series of posts examines the best and worst-case scenarios for each hamster entering the twist.

First, let’s look at the four NON Leftovers (that will be three after the eviction Thursday).


She’ll be the most in jeopardy of the non-LOs (even more than Ally) bc EVERYONE on the Leftovers has had enough of her. In fact, she could land on a team with Ally and Terrance plus any two Leftovers and still be the likely target.

For example, if she was on a team with her fellow non-LOs and one of the two LO duo won HOH the smart move would be to put her up beside Ally since Ally would have a better chance of winning POV than Terrance. Barring Jas or Terrance winning the POV she would be gone bc whether she sat beside Ally or Terrance the LO player would vote her out as would the HOH.

The Muffin Top Mean Girl better hope she wins HOH or POV b/c her options aren’t great regardless. I think her best scenario would be to land on a team that has both Kyle and Joe plus any two of Brittany, Michael, or the other two non-LOs with Kyle (or MB) winning HOH.

This team could provide great drama especially if Joe wasn’t HOH and Jas was OTB. Joe would likely throw the POV b/c he wouldn’t want to show his cards and have her pushing him to use it to save her. In that scenario, Kyle definitely would put Joe up as the re-nom and there’s a possibility Michael or Britt would too.

Her worst nightmare would be landing on a team where Turner wins HOH. His presence on any team plus a majority of LO teammates would put her in jeopardy regardless bc they ALL wanted her gone this week and Turner will push that agenda whether he’s HOH or not.


Unlike Jasmine and Terrance, Ally has more good scenarios bc of her affiliation to Kyle and presumably Michael and Britt. Landing on a team with all three non-LOs with one of them winning HOH would be a good situation.

Clearly, being on a team with Kyle is her ideal situation UNLESS the other three teammates are any three of Monte, Joe, Taylor, or Turner and one of them wins HOH. In that scenario, it’s almost certain Ally would leave if still OTB Thursday.

If she won the POV the question is whether the Pound guys would take out Kyle given the showmance and this past week or take out the other non-Pound member, Taylor. Turner would push for Taylor while Joe would want Kyle evicted and after not doing what Monte wanted this past week I’m inclined to believe he might also want to strike at Kyle.

Her situation could be precarious even if Michael & Britt were on her team and the other two players were Taylor and Terrance. If one of MB won HOH I’m not sure they would strike at Taylor and they’d likely debate what Kyle would do if they evicted Ally instead of Terrance.


He’ll be an easy target for a team with 4 Leftovers particularly if that quartet doesn’t include the trio of Michael, Joe & Britt.

His ideal scenario would be a team with all the non Leftovers giving them the 3-2 majority especially if they won HOH.

Another potentially positive scenario would be if his team had three or four LOs that included Joe OR Monte (and they DON’T win HOH). Especially if the other LOs on the team included at least two of Michael, Kyle, or Brit (possibly Turner in the right compilation).

Kyle will be looking to take advantage of the twist to backdoor Joe (possibly Monte or Taylor) and Britt/Michael may be equally invested in making a move to take out a big target that they’re now aware are part of a F4 (pound).


It’s sort of a moot point bc she’s likely to leave this week. Although, we should expect Joseph to get amped up the minute his punishment is over (late Weds) when I expect him to try and shift the target to Terrance.

Michael and Brittany are already lamenting the loss of Indy and might be amenable to a shift to keep her. Joseph is likely chomping at the bit to (as Another Name would say) go hyper-squirrel and try flip the vote. So if MB agree, it wouldn’t be hard to also get Ally/Jas as well.

As for best/worst case scenarios for Indy – she’s always going to be an easy pawn and would likely go right back OTB if she stayed. On the other hand, if she does stay she’s at the bottom of the FS girl trio so the draw/pick-em would be huge for her as she’d need Jas or Ally (or both) also on her team.


Part 3: Double-Eviction House Split Twist: Individual Best-Worst case scenarios:

Next up, let’s look at arguably the two safest of the LOs predicting their best and worst-case scenarios in the twist.


We know Turner is dying to take out JasMEAN but likewise, his worst scenario would feature a Jasmine HOH with a team of Ally, Terrance, and Michael (or Britt) who might recognize the prime opportunity to take out a big player. Still, it seems unlikely Turner would be in jeopardy at their hands bc they would fight to win POV and I’m guessing use it on him in order to take out one of Ally or Terrance.

Turner is arguably the safest in the house, entering this twist bc he sits in the middle of the Leftovers, Ally knows Kyle really likes him and Terrance made a F2 with him.

Best scenario for Turner is frankly ANY 5 that includes him and JasMEAN.


Although she’s not the safest of the Leftovers she’s far from the most vulnerable. Her situation is similar to Michael’s in that she could expose Joe or Taylor if need be and we know how a stressful situation like this could make her spiral especially if she’s separated from Michael.

Since Kyle is pushing Ally to work with Britt she’s not likely to strike but JasMEAN & Terrance wouldn’t be as inclined to keep her UNLESS they had a shot at Monte or Turner. And as mentioned, Britt could turn a team with two or all non-LOs against Joe or Taylor by exposing his spy role or the backdoor Ally plan.

Since no one person on the LOs will target her ahead of schedule if she’s on a team with one or two non-LOs she’ll be very safe. Her best-case scenario would find Michael on her team and ideally either Taylor OR Kyle and filled out with two non-LOs. Even landing on a team with Michael, Joe either two non-LOs or Kyle and a non-LO would open the door for a Joe backdoor situation.

Like Michael, I’m not sure she’d strike if she was the HOH but if the circumstances presented themselves and she got a good draw of teammates it’s possible as an HOH she would backdoor Joe or Monte.

An interesting scenario for Britt is if she is sitting beside Michael on eviction night and Taylor is in the mix b/c she’ll pick Britt ahead of him.

… I had three more in the series with Taylor and Monte listed as the duo who could be most impacted by the draw then Michael’s unique situation and finally Joseph & Kyle as the two most in danger and also most likely to strike at one another to fracture the Leftovers. I spent hours writing this AND b/c I’m tired I messed up and deleted all of it. So, I’m just going to go to bed & if I have time tomorrow I’ll return and rewrite those five UGH.


Ok. I need context. Joseph is right now saying Jasmine wants a Tie Vote. Is that actually true or more of Joseph trying to get something to happen again. Taylor was still :Oh Hell No. That’s not going to happen

un autre nom

i didn’t hear Jasmine say that. I know Joseph wants that.
Then again, if you’ve been hearing Joseph’s intel dumps to the Leftovers over the past week and a bit, you’ll realize that he leads conversations with the other side, then when he retells he even puts his own words in the mouths of others.
She inferred that if Jasmine, Alyssa and Joseph don’t vote for her to stay, then she doesn’t think they’d have her jury vote… but that doesn’t make a tie.


Ok. Right now Jasmine is going around having conversations to see how others are voting so she knows how she is voting.

un autre nom

…Alyssa’s late night post ten second workout camtalk.
Oh when she finds out what he’s been saying about her…
wow. That’s gonna be MESSY.

Julie Chen

Jaylor?? No

Taylor + Joe = TOE


Didn’t we used to have thumbs down if we disliked an opinion/comment?

Julie Chen

Yes but too many people got butt hurt and cried when they got the thumbs down. They were completely removed until I suggested to just have the thumbs up.


There was a few years ago but was easy for people to game resulting in posts getting hundreds of downvotes. It was disabled.

un autre nom

weird psychological factor I noticed back then: the more downvotes comments got, the more personal attacks on the commenter rather than their comment would occur. It was like the validation of group hate inspired the worst to come out in some people.


I blame the cast of season 19 for all that hate 😛


I don’t think that it will happen this season because of the different format but how often were Houseguests told in advance by Production that there would be a DE that week ( IMO there’s been a few seasons where it seemed obvious that they were told beforehand)


Jason thinks America loves her. I imagine she believes she will be chosen as MVP.


america’s favorite player is pretty hard to call this season. my gut says kyle because he’s in a showmance and an alliance (and the voters rarely pay too much attention to the feeds), but i’m probably rooting for turner.


michael is certainly up there at the moment but how the leftovers turns on itself could impact his standing.

Mad Max

Him or Turner


I’d guess Michael or Turner. Turner’s DRs regarding Muffingate were hilarious and probably garnered him votes. His stand against bullying had to make him popular with more than just me. 😉

10 second Kyle

I could see Turner….. he’d have my vote


With his non-stop talking about his showmance, I think not. At this point, no one deserves favorite player.


Depends on which audience is bigger- social media is ALL-IN on Taylor winning AFP and have been for weeks.

I’d pick Turner personally or depending on who is F3 – Michael bc I really like both their games (each has holes/weaknesses but they’re both in my top 3).

I loved 25-year-old Joseph (rewind to Ameerah re-nom when he was at his best), but he got too messy after his initial success & it became far too obvious he was overtly playing to his own self-interest while sabotaging those he wants to go deep in the game with (Taylor most notably).


She has already said that she hopes she gets AFP cause she will get more money


Since last week had thoughts of the BB house split. With 5 houseguests each, both with 2 nominees and HoH not voting. How will both sides vote to Evict ..? Very confused ?..
any one else have thought this?

un autre nom

Well, at least someone actually mentioned to Kyle what his plan looks like.
Britt spoke Kyle in the bathroom about not being jazzed about how his alliance idea can easily be viewed as racial bias. He brought up the cookout. She told him there is no cookout this season.
I checked. I know i said i was avoiding twitter, but i wanted to see what they would have to say about someone finally pointing it out aloud to Kyle. Result: using the word optics is bad. This is where i throw up my hands a little. If he isn’t told, then the listener is complicit called racist given a pejorative nickname and cancelled. If he is told, then the speaker is allowing him to loophole still given pejorative nicknames and still cancelled? I know. I get the theory and I get the emotional response. I completely understand that. But the logic part of my brain is starting to wonder if this is lose-lose by design.

The leftovers were seen all together in the HOH (minus Kyle) by Jasmine. Indy says she’ll just go to Joseph and ask about what was going on.
The talk of this split vote thing is actually not what it seems. This is Joseph once again trying to finesse his jury vote (actually, i think he does want Indy to stay… but if he can’t he wants her jury vote). The fly in the ointment is they are assuming Alyssa keeps Indy in their math. Kyle’s already flipped Alyssa. They’d know that if they talked to Kyle without the wall. There has been a wall up since the veto ceremony. It’s noticeable. Taylor, Joseph and Monte blame Kyle for the chaos this week over the veto. The week WAS already chaos.
Jasmine may have told Joseph that not voting for Indy means losing Indy’s jury vote… but not in a direct manner. So this tie vote thing? It’s actually Joseph trying to get permission once again. His plan tonight is to spend the night with Indy.
Michael floated getting rid of Terrance. Shot down. Michael always wanted Terrance out. No surprise. Michael getting shot down without much discussion? No surprise.

I’m just saying this: This HOH has basically broken the Leftovers and none of them are acknowledging it. Argue all you want that the cracks were already there… but the chaotic nature of this HOH took a hammer to those cracks.

  • pre noms roulette.
  • post noms target switch
  • the stupid pawn idea
  • Taylor’s HOHITIS. It’s real. Shut up.
  • Kyle’s get them before they turn on us plot.

The worst thing in my mind: the machinations. When an alliance says trick and strong arm about another alliance member… the alliance is already dead.

un autre nom

Britt / Indy conversation:
I think it’s one part tactical and one part hyperhypnotoading.
Jasmine went to Britt trying to hammer down the vote (doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote).
Britt has gone to Indy to say things are weird and people Indy says are 100% don’t sound 100% when they talk to Britt. Britt further sets the Five Swatters trap, asking about alliances and what is going on. Indy lies and says she only has the girls. (Britt’s gbm reason is going to be that Indy lied and exculded Britt from the swatters, so she can’t trust her).
Problem: it assumes that Indy isn’t going to ask Jasmine about what Britt is saying and that Jasmine won’t lie. Jasmine IS trying to decide how to vote based on house. She doesn’t want to be wrong side of vote. She IS going to lie to Indy and Britt gets blame.
She hasn’t learned that all her naming of names is always caught.
Britt is selling her indecision with tears.
She also said Joseph sounds indecisive.
Indy has no chill at all, and will immediately hunt down Jas/Al to try to secure votes.

Reality: Indy staying might be better for Michael and Britt than Terrance staying. Just naming the elephant that Britt doesn’t see in the room.


Michael already sees the elephant – he talked about it last night.

So, expect another push from Joseph the minute his punishment is over. I mean come on he’s been held back from doing his typical squirrel act & is in withdrawal.

Keeping in mind WE KNOW there is this twist coming it’s not a good idea to rock the boat BUT I love drama 😉 & given the hamsters are oblivious if I were Michael I’d be looking to create some chaos.

His pitch to Kyle should focus on Kyle’s own comments about concerns over the house realigning if they boot JasMEAN.

Specifically, if I were Michael I’d pitch Kyle:

  1. Each of Michael, Joseph, Ally & JasMEAN has stated they would like to give Indy a sympathy vote. (All of them want to do it for jury management but the truth is Michael & Joseph want to keep Indy bc she’s good for their games).
  2. Terrance has stated his targets are Monte, Michael, and breaking up the showmance. He CAN NOT be trusted as an ally bc he tells them all the same rhetoric – I’m ride or die with you, let’s make a big move, etc, etc (same message to them all)
  3. As much as Indy may be a pain in the a$$ from his perspective, consider how close she is with Ally and recognize if they pull this off that’s a number they have to help with future plans.
  4. Kyle stated his concern about taking out Jas next week is Mo-Jo-Tay will align with Terrance and create a four-some so keeping Indy & booting Terrance addresses his concern bc SHE WILL vote with Ally. (See point 2 on why that isn’t a real concern with regards to Terrance).
  5. B/c Joseph will be squirreling trying to get the tie vote they need to tell him it’s not going to happen in order for him to tell Indy sorry I can’t keep you to drive a wedge between them.
  6. Theoretically, they have the votes to keep Indy (MB/KA/Jas) it OR they force Taylor to break the tie with just 4 votes: (Kyle/Ally/Britt/Michael)

So to the final point, if I were Michael I’d push the tie vote bc it’s easier to manage (fewer people involved) & he can sell it by saying think about how angry Indy will be with Joseph & Jas who she is so close to being two who voted her out. Will they scramble & lie to her that they kept her?

It also isn’t great for Taylor bc she’s promised BOTH players they are safe & told Indy she would keep her if it’s a tie. WOULD SHE? Michael needs to push this idea to Kyle to say it will put a target on Joe bc NO ONE will believe he wasn’t one of the votes which could help drive a wedge between him/Taylor & Monte who really wanted Indy gone thereby shifting the focus off Kyle.

The TRUTH is a few well-planted seeds by Britt/Michael could have Taylor questioning Joseph bc he REALLY PUSHED her hard for the tie vote. Michael could feign anger saying I just wanted to give her a sympathy vote not even for jury management – but bc I like her & I didn’t to be loyal – and now she’s pissed at me.

The REALITY – unfortunately, I don’t think Michael has the acting chops to pull this off but it would be great if he could bc then Monte/Taylor could look at Joe as being too self-serving & screwing them in the process.


Instead of “Pooching” herself this week, Taylor “Frenchied” herself.


lol. Jasmine now asking around to gauge how she will vote.

un autre nom

Post Britt / Indy talk:
Indy grabs Jasmine, wanting a have not room meeting.
Indy grabs Alyssa for the same.
Britt is already IN the have not room.
Jasmine takes her sweet time, first conferring with Kyle, then going to Terrance and promising her vote.
Indy leaves to get scootie bootie up to the meeting:
Britt, Indy and Alyssa talk. Girls strong. (Reminder, I think Alyssa and Britt have already told each other they plan to vote out Indy?)
Britt uses the opportunity to bond closer to Alyssa. They both have to be on the right side of the vote type stuff.
Jasmine comes in saying she’s undecided, but if they voted now her vote is to keep Indy.
Alyssa jumps in with not wanting to be on the wrong side of the vote, voting out Terrance twice and he stays is a bad look.
Indy is confused… what about girl power?
Indy wants a woman to win and counts Michael as a woman (i really hate when bb hg’s just automatically lump the gay dude in with the women). Even Taylor is a woman so cool for Indy to win.
Britt brings up in front of the group: no other alliance? Indy again says no.
Indy says she doesn’t get it, she didn’t pull an Ameerah, so doesn’t understand.
Britt overdoes it asking who is making the decision (who is the house?).
Indy and Jas are saying Joseph could be 5th vote…and then say they don’t talk game with him, so Britt is saying we’re trusting someone you don’t talk game with?

I’m at the point of thinking HEY…. HOUSE MEETING? Oh come on. Indy calls a house meeting? I would LOVE that. no. poop.

Michael is in now, and getting the girl power speech. cringe.
Jasmine tries to make this about Jasmine and all the stress on her birthday. I’m surprised Indy didn’t ask her if she wants her birthday to be her date of death.
indy leaves to get Kyle and Michael and Jasmine are basically saying yeah, she ain’t staying but …
Kyle is snowing Indy while Indy is sitting on Kyle’s inflatable 30 second love palace. So essentially Kyle is fuqing Indy more than he’s ever done with Alyssa on that floatie.

Michael has encouraged Kyle to spill everything to Alyssa because of the way Monte/Joseph/Taylor reacted when Michael suggested Terrance stay. Reality: Michael wants Alyssa to know so that if the plotting gets out… Kyle takes the heat.

un autre nom

Taylor is still mad that Alyssa isn’t going home this week.
She’s venting to Joseph, who is, IMO, about to play up the keep Indy tie vote idea again… or to push the let’s get Kyle out angle (The subplot that’s been going since night two between them is so weird).
Oh, he’s playing up how to tell Indy he’s not keeping her without losing his middle protected on all sides position. I mean, he might as well talk openly with Taylor about that he already told her that and jury votes is why he’s doing it and doesn’t want to give it up.

Jasmine is eating a jar of sprinkles. Gee, the ants are going to think it’s new years eve. She eats like a muppet. The crumbs flying take me back to cookie monster territory.
Well, she’s already talked about her final 5 idea with Michael briefly. I guess she felt the need to celebrate.
Michael is sympathy voting Indy. Britt told Michael that all her hyperhypnotoading was jury management today. Both think Joseph as a spy has been a dud, it’s really just to keep him safe no matter who wins HOH. (ED. Joseph has curated information a lot). Terrance has applied all of his tattoos.