The Jury could be biter “Too f***g bad they have to vote for one of us” – Derrick

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-13 15-02-54-716
3:01pm Derrick and COdy Backyard
Derrick says he’s anxious but anxious to get this over with. Derrick says he see an end to this. Derrick says his family is at home saying they need this to happen. Cody doesn’t have the type of stress hanging over him.
Derrick – We’re so f***g close.. If they put up Caleb and Victoria..
Cody -0 we send Caleb home
Derrick – you’ve never been one to just agree.. do you think that is the right move
COdy – Ya the best opportunity for us to win in the final 3.. ya is it the right move.. to help me sleep at night.. no
Derrick – he could win America’s player I don’t know how they’re portraying him
Cody – Zach of Donny are smoking that.
Derrick thinks Cody has a good chance to win America’s favorite player but he knows neither of them want to be in the running for that
Derrick – this is big brother and theres people that fu*k you over every week we’ve never done that.. (They “F***ked” over a lot of people this year unfortunately they are doing a good job of convincing people they… didn’t even the fans..)
Derrick says Caleb wasn’t part of the detonators “You haven’t been a fan of him this entire game”
Cody – we haven’t been that close we just needed him to get sh1t done
Derrick says if they have a bitter Jury and Caleb goes to final 2 he could beat them.
Cody says Nicole and Hayden are bitter with Derrick and Cody.
They go over the Jury votes..
Derrick – everyone that threaten our game had to go..
Derrick justify Stabbing Nicole and Hayden in the back because they would have taken each other to the end and not them.
Cody says they eliminated Nicole’s groups right after another. “It was keeping our numbers”
Derrick – we’re going to do this.. we got to win the next two comps”
Cody – I’m very irritated I’m not good at puzzles
Derrick – Cody whatever one you don’t win I’m going to get it
Derrick and Cody thinks Caleb will honour their final 3 if he wins the Veto but they will not honor their final three with Caleb because they want to guarantee they make it to the end.
Derrick can’t stomach Caleb using the money to open a club in Texas. “it would eat me alive for the next 10 years of my life and he’s literally pissing his money away.. with that being said I like that kid..

Derrick thinks Caleb will be bitter when they stab him in the back but on finale night after he sees how many followers he’s got he’ll be the first one to party with them.
Derrick – If we make it there they have to vote for one of us.. Too f***g bad they have to vote for one of us
Cody – I’m going to give Frankie a nice goodbye message..
Cody is going to tell Frankie that they were manipulating Caleb the entire time.
Derrick says he’s going to do what Andy did last year he’s going to break it down with every jury member and tells them how he contributed them to be evicted.
They are amazed none of the other players caught wind of them working together the entire season all their moves were in unison.
Cody – In this game everyone gave hayden way too much credit .. everything Hayden knew came from Donny.
Cody is annoyed Nicole is so bitter because she knows the show.
Derrick and Cody are looking forward to seeing their families.
Beast mode and Frankie come outside..

BB16 2014-09-13 15-29-36-195

Derrick tells the guys he had his “talk” with Victoria last night they are going to be cool in the house and friendly not awkward but they will probably not talk after the show.

BB16 2014-09-13 15-34-46-161

3:33pm Frankie and Derrick bringing down the outside awnings.. Frankie asks him if everything is good. Derrick says the stress of the POV competition is gone it’s all fine now. Cody and Caleb help out.. The agree the pressure is not off and getting sleep is easier.

BB16 2014-09-13 15-36-19-531

3:36pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb – we smoked Frankie
Derrick – ya
Derrick – the days are dwindling bro..
They try to figure out what day it is. Derrick thought it was Sunday. They head into the kitchen to get help from Cody in figuring out the days. Derrick finds out it’s just Saturday he;’s bummed out.

Cody – Today is a open day we’re not going to get sh1t today..
Frankie joins them “Nothing.. nothing today”
Cody wants some brew-skies
Derrick – I hope we get some fun stuff.

BB16 2014-09-13 15-53-59-630

3:55pm Running and having a discussion if humidity affect how much you sweat.
Frankie joins them says you sweat the same just here it evaporate faster so you feel like you are not sweating as much.

4:01pm in the kitchen Derrick and Victoria are talking about Frankie wanting Cody to use the Veto on him. Derrick says it’s not going to happen. Vciotira says she cannot believe they didn’t have the wall endurance competition this year.

Derrick says they have to win comps they will not get to the end if they don’t. Victoria says his case is different. Derrick says Victoria, Derrick Hayden and Caleb were the only ones that won money this year above what they would normally get. Victoria grumbles that Hayden won, “A jury member”

4:30pm Backyard Frankie and Cody
Talking about the red carpet in the backyard he teaches Cody about the “Step and Repeat”
Cody “Is that what happens you’ve done this
Frankie – Ya
Cody – In the backyard
Frankie says he’s never seen the Big Brother red carpet but he’s done red carpet before for other things (Superfan)

Frankie says he’s not going to get drunk during finale night he’s not sure what he’s got to deal with. plus that is usually not his style. He doesn’t think he’s pissed off all of America but he’s sure he said something to make someone mad.
Cody doesn’t plan to drink very much wither he wants to be coherent .

BB16 2014-09-13 16-37-39-233

4:37pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb says the one way for them to guarantee they make it to final 2 is to cut Cody next week
Caleb – I’m going to be honest to ya I love all these people
Derrick – gotta get there
Caleb – that’s what i’m saying that’s a way we can guarantee we get to final 2
Derrick – and if Cody makes it he has a good chance to win it… I get what you are saying I definitely get what you are saying bro.
Caleb – he’ll be pissed about it but he’ll understand
Caleb – by all means I hope it goes as planned and it’s us three fighting for it but as a option.. the only way to guarantee final 2..
Caleb doesn’t care who he is up against in the final 2.
Caleb hopes Cody doesn’t cut him.
Derrick says he trusts Cody and he trusts Caleb but he doesn’t trust Frankie “He’ll slice us in a heartbeat”
Derrick says there is such a BIG difference between first and second place, “That’s why You never take a big competitor to the end” Derrick cites Survivor when WOO took Tony to the final because he wanted to win against the best and he lost. “That man regrets it every day.. A million dollars and he got zero”

Victoria joins them and they start talking about the red carpet.. yawn

BB16 2014-09-13 17-02-51-365

5:04pm Pool table Frankie and Cody.
Frankie is saying he’s going to go back and teach at the schools that he built. Frankie says Madonna has built a school in Mali and build a annex onto that school and tech there. “I’m really excited about it”
Frankie says he has no way to build the school and teach the African children if he doesn’t win some money on the show.
Cody suggests Frankie’s sister might help him to win America’s Player
Frankie – no no people would look at that as unfair.. if I won America’s favorite player it’s because I won it it’s not because my sister is Arlie Grenade
Frankie clears up that he expects his sister will tweet about it and might do a benefit concert but if she give people incentive to vote for him as America’s favorite that is unfair.
They start talking about casting Frankie says he went straight to semis (Semi finals)
Frankie – if all my fans mobilized I would have a great shot..
Frankie says there could be a army of Big Brother fans that hate him so much that they are trying to thwart him.
Frankie says that all the people of past season where “Cookie cutter”
Cody is amazed that Britney won America’s favorite Cody says he loved Rachel and Brittney didn’t like her so that is why he didn’t like Brittney.
Frankie says Jeff was the symbol of America and Brittney was blonde beautiful typical winners of America’s Favorite.
Frankie says he has a army of 12 year old that watch his YouTube channels as well as older moms.

Frankie – I think the twittersphere has my back..

BB16 2014-09-13 17-45-33-513

5:45pm Backyard Derrick and Cody
Cody doesn’t want to blindside Frankie. Derrick agrees.
Caleb joins them. says he’s alright telling Frankie the night before the eviction.
Cody brings up how Frankie keeps talking about playing with loyalty but he went after Zach he was pushing to get Zach out hard there isn’t any loyalty in that.
Derrick adds that Frankie threw them all under the bus week 6
During the veto ceremony Cody is going to say he’ll respect the HOH’s nominations and not use the veto.


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I would like Victoria to pull out a HoH win the Caleb win the PoV. Then see them squirm.

Team Zach

It’s too bad that she’ll never win anything unless it’s absolutely handed to her. Even if production tried to gear a competition to favor her, there’s no competition that she would shine in. Anything she would be even remotely good at (fashion, shopping, being a princess, being carried through life by someone who has their shit together, etc.) Frankie is better at.


I agree with everything except the fashion…Frankie needs to ask his sister to hire him a stylist ASAP.


Frankie needs to dress age-appropriately asap. He is waaaay too old to wear those Pinocchio shorts that he loves so much, as a previous poster has already mentioned. And speaking about age, Frankie looks like he’s aged about 25 years since he pranced his way into the house. He really has got to stop playing the youngster-hipster because his days of pulling that look off are behind him.


Wearing lots of makeup probably helps.


Frankie is such a mirror whore


She would win the Plucking Eye Brows comp!


Victoria might be able to win a staring contest comp lol. Whoever can stare vacantly without blinking for the longest amount of time wins… Victoria hands down has that one!


Don’t forget putting on hair extensions until your head bleeds.


Victoria could not find her way out of a one door room with a mirror in it.

Give her a chance

If you are going to put mirror in there you might as well have her create a cure for cancer! Give the girl a chance at least have the mirror covered. Although the pull of the mirror would be too great much like a black hole she’d be pulled in.

Throw a Girl a Bone

Two HOH competitions that Vapid Vic might have a chance winning:
1) Hair braiding
2) Staring without blinking

echo 1

Victoria would win the cereal bowl swirling and stuffing her face chomping away competition So annoying to listen and watch


You left out the “Fawning over Derrick” comp. 🙂


Let’s not forget crying.

Jury has the last laugh

Love it that they know the jury is bitter. Derrick sees the money slipping away. The jury knows that revenge is a dish best served cold. Derrick is about yo get served!!! HOLLA!!!

Beast Mode MOGUL

Cody – next week is the best time to betray DERRICK!!!!!!! Do it and then you’ll be guaranteed a win.


II can’t understand why everyone is against Derrick. He has played the best game this season and he deserve to win. Why do you want someone who is a jerk to win. If derrick goes home I will never watch big brother again. I am sick of all the comment and cbs chosen someone like Frankie who is nothing but a jerk . I am with Dan Derrick should win


For a 31 year old man-child the way he dresses is just plain creepy.


as so as Frankie gets evicted they all need to jump up and get excited like Frankie does and say see how irritating it is So get to stepping don’t go away mad just go away if they boo him when he leaves I will have tears of joy


Trust me when I tell you and others that none of you are any better than Frankie, if you are looking forward to and will enjoy the suffering of others. There is a term for people who behave like that.. It’s called sadomasochism. Frankie may be an asshole but he isn’t any where near the same level of being sadistic as some of you on here at all. That’s nothing to brag about amongst each other either.


Branded– the word you are looking for is schadenfreude . Kind of destroys your credibility, no?


Thanks I thought no one else saw that Derrick tries to be a 21 year old punk. He is truly a 31 year old man-child hipster wannabes creep.


Yes, Derrick has played but at what cost…..he and Frankie betrayed America by always being against Donny
you may not agree with me..oh well….carma is a B……….


I am so against Derrick because he does not play his game from a position of strength. Yes, he gets the results he wants (at least so far, but I am not convinced he will be the overall winner), but he does it so sneakily and underhanded. I haven not watched the other seasons of BB in which Will and Dan played but if they won because they were masters of manipulation, deceit, lies, and backstabbing then I don’t respect them.

People need to win from a position of strength not weakness. I respect Caleb a lot more than Derrick because Caleb is much more direct than Derrick. I respect a man/woman who is tells you to your face he/she doesn’t like and beats you at the HOH or POV competition. No sneaking around lying to your face and stabbing you in the back. Backstabbers are weak and don’t deserve $500k.

Derrick may win but he won’t be respected. That is for sure.


stonerr– your post is complete bull.

Brad's Conscience

Brad is a dumbo


Brad’s Conscience- a super dumbo.


brad is a cop


Brad is positively Einsteinian.


Well if big brother was played how you want it then it be the worst reality show ever. If theres no lying backstabbin. sneaking around then throw out the social games and who ever wins the comps will win so big brother may awell have all jocks then. Your show sounds like it be a hit tv show… give me a break.


BB is a combo of many skills. Being a ringer isn’t one if them. Derrick is not deserving of a win just like Frankie is not deserving of any more publicity. They both need to go back to their sad pathetic lives.


It seems to me that Derrick has focused from day one 24/7 on evaluating each player, anticipating their moves, fitting in as best he can with each person, making others believe the moves they make are their own, saying what each person wants to hear and in such a non-committal and indirect way that it is easily defended by him when repeated, laying back and setting up his moves … this game is not won by strength alone … honesty will absolutely not get you to the end and if you think Caleb has been honest, look again. Perfect example, right now he is telling both Cody and Derrick that he will take them to F2 and he already told Frankie he would not vote him out. It’s impossible to be totally honest in this game. Like in cards, you don’t just tell everyone what you have or what you need, but you aren’t betraying anyone … it’s a game. It’s really impossible when you are living with your competitors in seclusion … that’s why we like BB … it’s a game like no other and incredibly challenging. I can sit at home and think they are on vacation and some are, but Derrick has been working, working all day long more than anyone. I believe that Victoria is not the only one still there because of Derrick. The more time that goes by the more I think Derrick’s game has been genius. BTW, I am totally not related to and/or infatuated with Derrick or anyone else associated with BB, it’s just my opinion … I just think Derrick deserves to win big time.


Well said, Linda. 100% agree!


I completely agree. Linda is absolutely correct. You may not like Derrick the person, but if you’re a true fan of the GAME, not of who’s funnier, better looking or the most muscular, it’s impossible to not respect him. He HAS worked 24/7 getting where he is while the rest of them either sleep or promote themselves for AFTER the game.


Didn’t Derick sleep like 18 out of those 24 hours? He was just lucky enough to be cast with a bunch of weak minded house guest that he was able to talk into doing all the work for him. They won the comps, they made all the moves,they did all the work. He did the things cops do that get inocent people to confess to things they didn’t do. If he had been in any of the last seasons that sh!t wouldn’t have worked. The only thing he is good at is mind f#&king. Hope he goes after Frankie. He’s got so many lies going on. at one time right now that I hope they come back to bite him on the a$$.


agreed, When is people gonna open their eyes to see that derrick hasn’t had to work that hard in a house full of idiots. I for one don’t like none of them left at this point either frankie or derrick especially but all those that want frankie to go this week for what he did to zach then i hope beast mode wins veto next week sends derrick right behind him, i would rather see vichoria win at this point than anyone else even cody winning would be better than derrick, derrick got rid of everyone that has went so far, so it is only fair for derrick to go after getting rid of donny and frankie his only alliance members except cody. Does anyone remember if derrick was in team america already when he made final 2 with cody hitman i think he was, i hope all the jury member vote for cody or vic whoever derrick takes to final 2 that would be icing on the cake

Donny is awesome

I get what you’re saying but the cold hard truth is lying, cheating, and manipulation is what the game is about. I wanted Donny to win sooo bad but if you go back and watch all the seasons the honest, upfront, fair game players never win! The fact of the matter is Derrick came in the game to WIN. Period. He didn’t come to get fans, or to make everyone happy. He came to WIN by any means necessary. Honestly I can’t be mad at him for that…he’s doing what he came to do.


totally agree. derrick took the sleazeball route.

Greedy Derrick

Why does Derrick think he’s the only one that deserves the money? Just because he’s married and has a childe? Get real!!!


When you are married and have a child that’s your reason for everything.


When you’re married and have a little girl, you don’t behave like Derrick has with Vic or treat women the way he has on this show. Sorry, he doesn’t represent a wholesome married man. He us using his family as a charade for his own greed. Disgusting man. Embarrassment to police everywhere


Some of us didn’t like that Andy won and how the cheated for Rachel Reilly to win but some us still came back. lol. I don’t think everyone isn’t against Derrick it just seems like you are reacting to those of us who don’t like him or don’t care if he wins the game. From the edits I would think a lot of people may like and respect his game since his true nature really isn’t translating or obvious and even tolerable to what some people are okay with. I don’t like the guy for a list of specific reasons and one is that he thinks the audience is drinking from his koolaid stand.
And Dan isn’t in the jury and I don’t think America is voting for a winner. I wouldn’t expect Dan to get personal anyway. And but keep it all on game tactics and be professional for those who cares about Dan’s take in the first place which I personally do not. His season was different. So the jury will decide if they think he deserves to win or not and if they think Derrick over did it. Derrick is also a jerk too but for less flamboyant reasons than Frankie. And none of them would have made it that far without being in an alliance with each other including Derrick and his band of demented dummies who act like they are ten years behind their actual ages. If Derrick would have pulled his manipulations tactics off among normal thinking adults who try to at least weigh an independent thought than maybe his game play being “genius” couldn’t be denied.


Surely you jest! shirley! Derrick is almost as bad as Frankie.


Caleb and Frankie have carried Derrick and Cody the entire game by winning all the HOHs..
I would rather Caleb or Frankie win rather than someone like Derrick who hides behind others all game..


So who would you say carried Dr. Will Kirby during his two seasons? Or would you be in the vast minority and say he isn’t one of the two best players ever to play Big Brother. I think Will said he was something like 0-27 in HOH competitions … and that was by design.


Dr Wills a douche. Even his name his annoying. Im so sick of hearing about him as the greatest player of all time. Yes evil people are good at manipulating and that’s why he won….but he still sucks and so does derrick. k bye


I totally agree. And the same can be said for Dan. The best player of all time (in my opinion). He didn’t go two seasons without being evicted by winning a lot of comps.


Not to mention that those Dr. Will DR sessions were some of the most creative and entertaining ever… so fun.


Agree with both Linda and Jane. People winning tons of comps is great and all, but it puts a huge target on that person’s back, and other houseguests have historically voted those people out as soon as they got the chance. Will and Dan were both great with their DR sessions. Will, along with Boogie, was hugely entertaining in his DRs. Those two were completely candid about lying and manipulating, they were going to take whatever luxuries they could and cover it up if possible, and lie to anyone they could to further their games, and they weren’t going to apologize for it. Dan was completely open and honest in his DRs. He told the viewers exactly what he was trying to accomplish with particular moves/conversations, when he was going to throw comps and why. It was beautiful. Dan and Will were both liars in the BB house, but they did it with panache. Derrick doesn’t. This season has been devoid of huge moves because Derrick has manipulated everyone else so well. That’s the game he wants to play because he’s worked hard to develop relationships with people, and he’s confident nobody will vote him out. Nothing wrong with that, and obviously he’s done a great job because everybody who will be left come Tuesdays wants to take him to the Final 2.


I didn’t watch Dr Will but I loved Dan
Dan didn’t play like Derrick at all. He was making big moves all season..
The power was shifting back and forth whole of Dan’s season and Dan still found a way to make it to the end even though he was a target from the beginning
Derrick lucked into an 8 person alliance and he lucked out even more because Frankie and Caleb won all the HOHs for him
He was never in danger because his alliance protected him whole game
His manipulations feel like good gameplay but remember that he has been manipulating only his own alliance members
If the power shifted in this game and Derrick was a target, then we would know whether he could manipulate his way out of it
From what I have seen, Derrick keeps targeting other people and trying to get them out. But anytime somebody like Donny tries to target him, Derrick becomes a little bitch and throws a hissy fit. So I don’t think he would been able to get out of situtations if power was shifting in the game and he was being targeted…
Caleb and Frankie have been a target from the beginning of the game and have still made it this far by winning competitions.. All Derrick has done is hide behind those two.. They obviously listen to him since he is in their alliance and he is older than them…

On top of that the stupid TA twist has protected Derrick all game..


Dan was entertaining but more heinous. He is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s smart, likeable but he is a religious school coach and a role model for kids. He presented the 24 karat case for “the ends justify the means” and he hurt people. I think his lasy performance on BB was regrettable. Very. And revealed his true character.

Derrick is a cop. Granted, he’s an undercover cop, and he hasn’t “copped” to that. But, his manner of control and manipulation is masterful because he was trained to do it and psychologically suited for it.

If I had to choose one of these men to have my back, to live on my street, to hang out with my kids, I’d choose Derrick every time.


sp. last. not “lasy” 😉

Squad car

The only backs Derrick cares about are those on a $100.00 bill. He has no loyalty to anything but money. You are as expendable to him as Victorias virginity.


You do know it called big brother and you play the game of being ugly…


First of all, Cody n Derrick are bro’s and are in an alliance called The Hitmen and have had eachother’s back this entire game. Secondly, it would be incredibly ignorant for Cody to take Caleb over Derrick to Final 2 because Cody knows he can’t win over Caleb.


It would be hilarious for Victoria and Cody to be final 2. It will never happen but I can dream lol. As much as I can’t stand Caleb it would be awesome to see DePrick sent packing.


Frankie would have been on SNL in 2 weeks if he hadn’t signed a CBS exclusive contract (they all sign one that lasts for 1 year). Ariana is musical guest on SNL on Sept 27th and she had originally negotiated for Fankie to appear until they reviewed the contract. 🙁


Good-I love SNL, and his presence would have ruined it for me (I fast forward through 95% of musical guests anyway).


I hope they do a skit with her and one of the cast portraying Frankie….. that could be some funny stuff


Bring back Chris Kataan… He would be the perfect Frankie

Eure ka!

Awesome DeMist, I had the same exact thought. I think he might have already had a “Frankie” character….it was Mr. Peepers.


awww that sucks! would have loved seeing them do “Suddenly Frankie” together! watch them on youtube..they are so good. hope frankie can get a role on Broadway again!


How do you know this info Zane???


He makes it up.

Back stabber Frankie



Derrick is a self righteous prick. Who is he to disapprove of how someone spends their winnings? It’s their money to spend however they want to. Caleb is a single young man. If he wants to invest his money in a club, a recording career, or a really big truck — I say good for him!!


Exactly. I just posted something similar to this. Maybe Nicole has nursing school debt or Jocasta wants to help her church or Donny wants to provide for his parents and brother…..and maybe Zack wants to invest in a pink hat factory…..its none of Derrick’s business.
I liked him in the very beginning, but I really can’t stand him and his out of control ego.


If Derrick doesn’t win BB, he will blame the jury for taking food out of his daughter’s mouth.

echo 1

He didn’t put his Big Boy pants on I think we will see Derrick unravel soon


And Frankie doesn’t even own any big boy pants.

Reality Check

Irrelevant to the comment about Derrick. Gratuitous snark. Sort of what I suspect you’d expect from Frankie. What’s that they say about people in glass houses?


“People who live in glass houses should not throw stones” Derrick is throwing stones left and right talking about others and they have yet to pull some shady shiZ that he has. DerPrick makes me sick, he is just like almost all the other shady azz cops that think they own everyone and everything, I would love to see him knocked down a notch or two by someone like Caleb lol, it would make the whole year to me to see him go before Victoria. Like another poster said DErrick just thinks he deserves to win all over anyone else who walked inside that house, he has thought this after whoever voted for him and frankie to be on team america, all of these commenters talking about frankie and derrick, i can bet at least half of them voted them to be on TA because I sure didn’t, I don’t like neither of them, they have both been so cocky since they thought america loved them enough to put them in TA together, just wish we could somehow figure out all of you all commenting on here I bet over half of you all voted for them in the beginning. This game would of played out =so much better with Zach, Donny, and Hayden being in TA, but too late for that now. Like a few others have said you can’t say that DerPrick is this such great player like Will and Dan when we have never seen him under pressure as in onl the block, it says alot of a person how they handle and get themselves off the block. That being said every single time it was mentioned that derrick may have to go on the block all we seen was relentless bitching that Vic didn’t even do when she went up. The perfect season would be Vic or Cody winning HOH this coming week with Caleb winning POV, then we can see how good of a player DerPrick really is talking his way out of being on the block to Caleb being his sole vote to go to jury which i would love to see Derrick squirm


I thought the same Toodles. I guess Derrick thinks if he doesn’t win he should decide what people do with the money.

Kathie from Canada

I totally agree! And on the flip side, I don’t fall for the needy pity party stories from any HGs as to why they are most deserving to win. In particular, Derrick has whined all season long about how desperate his family is. Poor Cody and his student debts. Christine’s husband wanting a music career and how low their combined income is. And the list goes on and on.


I to totaly agree, what I would like for Frankie to do as he walks out the door (if he can) is to tell everyone in front of Derrick about TA and how much money they earn. That would make everyone think before they make him part of the F2. Whom ever wins the money it’s up to them weather they open up a bar, open up a school in Africa or psssst on it, it’s their choice. Derrick still thinks he running things. I bet his wife is saying “Can BB keep him another three months, Pleeeeeease!!!


I agree…it slipped my mind that frankenpuff could ruin Derek’s game by revealing team America and how much money they won….caleb would crap his pants.


yep don’t think how much your in debt plays into it my thinking with the exception of school if your in a lot of debt you don’t make good decisions and don’t deserve to win in this game

Roisen Dubh

It makes me wonder what his colleagues really think of Derrick.


First its like any other “twist” in big brother like when they had Americas player, Frankie can’t reveal that he was in TA he will lose his winnings. Also Derrick is playing a he is in the house has nothing to do with him being a cop..People need to get over that..THIS IS A GAME!!


They can tell whoever they want! Rewatch episode 2 where joey reads the ‘america voted card’.

Irked by the stupidity!

They are thinking their boy played like a BOSS and he did. Team Derrick FTW since week 1. Played like a mafia don.


you are prick


shirley is a super dumbo.


Brad what do u get off calling everyone a dumbo. Real mature. Your parents know your up this late. Think it’s time for you to grow up if you want to play with the big people.


Henry– I only call those dumbo who really deserve it. You for example are a super duper dumbo. Face the truth.

get a clue...

he’s playing a GAME and trying to ensure Cody doesn’t take Caleb to the end… it’s how all his conversation go… he’s covering all bases

Cackling Hyena

Thanks for the explanation. You know sometimes you need to draw to make people figure things out. Cackle.
Derrick is constantly playing the game 24/7. I’ll give him that. At the same time, I understand how fans cringe when we have to witness his hypocrisy.
At any rate, I’ll take Derrick’s hypocrisy any day over Frankie’s narcissism, Caleb’s egotism, Cody’s lesbianism — I mean, Cody’s cowardice, and Victoria’s worthlessness.


Dude, he doesn’t actually care how Caleb spends his money. ALL he’s doing is planting more seeds with Cody not to take Caleb to the Final 2 if it comes down to that choice over him. He’s playing the game 24/7 to ensure he gets a seat in one of the last two chairs.


I think Derrick’s comments are just more of this game play. He is talking to Cody giving Cody another reason not to take Caleb to F2. This is what Derrick has done all season to get people out.


Derrick is playing the game, just talking and putting ideas into others heads. I doubt that he really cares how other people spend their money, just another way to reinforce that he needs the money more than they do. It’s all just game talk.


At the end of the day Derrick will take Victoria.


No he won’t. Go watch the last few episodes of BB10. I’m not a believer that Derrick is as good as Dan, but the script of BB10 and 16 are similar. Just like the Renegades (Dan and Memphis), the Hitmen (Derrick and Cody) have had a secret, 2-person alliance since very early in the game. Caleb will be their Keesha, and Derrick will work hard to make sure Cody is the one to vote Caleb out. Victoria is nothing more than their Jerry – someone they drag along to the end who they know will be a cakewalk to beat in the final 3-part HOH. I would compare Frankie to Renny, but I liked Renny. Don’t want to insult the Dawlin’ from New Awlins.


Congratulations Derrick! You are the winner of BB16!!!!!!


Caleb and Victoria for final two! 😉

The Button

Given the circumstances of this dreadful DREADFUL season, Victoria has played the best game she possibly could by playing no game at all. Any woman who showed a brain, a competitive edge, or both was immediately sentenced to be burned at the stake. I’m not saying that she actually deserves credit or has been intentionally playing this role, but the fact is that it’s ultimately better to be a weak survivor than a dead fighter.


Hopefully Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Donny will vote together for Vitoo to win. And maybe Christine will be bitter enough to join them…
That would be an epic ending to a boring season


better strategy than 12 of the house guest it appears even if it was just because she was horrible at everything they would kill you but why waste a good bullet great strategy if you could flip the switch at the end jump up and say its on bitches come get some of this bird abductee


I honestly want to know who the 0.19% are who voted Christine as their favorite player. I can only conclude that you are trolls, family members, or that you were high and clicked the wrong button.


I didn’t vote for her, but who the h3ll are you to tell people who they can and can’t like? Just because some people aren’t on the ‘omg, they scr3wed over Donny so everyone in the house s ucks’ bus, doesn’t mean they’re trolls or high.

She served her purpose for the big alliance. Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to realize that with an 8 person alliance, and only 2 girls, brought in late and not told everything, that she was just a shield is her own fault.

What she did with Cody was odd, weird, strange, uncomfortable, etc., but you’re not married to her, you don’t know her, her husband, family, etc. It’s just like those crazy nutbags who sent threats to Shelly’s family over Jeff’s eviction. And Shelly’s game was a lot worse. Sure, she wasn’t rubbing all over a guy, but the comments she made about other house guests were way worse than Christine’s.


Wtf. Who pissed in your Cheerios. You obviously aren’t a Donny fan. Isn’t that the same as bad mouthing Nick for his post about Christine. And it’s a forum we all have our own opinions.


Ok WTF. If my wife went on a reality show and embarrassed me like that. I would be upset. We all saw Tim say he didn’t like it. So I guess we do know how he feels. In his own words.


Lol, oh wow. Not telling anyone to do anything. I’m genuinely curious what people liked about Christine’s game. Thank you though.


Oh, and for the record, Donny was a nice guy, but I’m a Zach fan. #ZachAttack

Pink Skunk

Piss off hypocrite


Don’t you mean “buh-in”?


Derrick is such a self-righteous douche. Saying it would eat away at him for 10 years if Caleb won and was “pissing the money away”????

What business is it of his what anyone does with their winnings? Because he has a wife and a kid, he thinks he’s more deserving of the money? Whatever. He doesn’t know anyone else’s circumstances and he is out of his mind if he thinks he’s more deserving.

P.S Derrick…this isn’t a charity or a telethon. You have a wife and a kid and want to buy a house. So do millions of Americans every day.

What an insufferable ass.


Derrick is a tool…
Opening a club is an investment … a business.. that could make Caleb a lot more money … He’s not pissing his money away…
Caleb lives in a fantasy world but he’s not dumb… He was the only one who had the sense to keep Zach when Derrick was burning away his own alliance …

Hey Derrick...

…it’s nunya bidness how anyone spends their money. If you lose your livelihood over this, you just might be hitting Caleb up for a job. He could have you running the mechanical bull…because BULL is your specialty.


Everything Derrick says is stratgey..EVERYTHING. Derrick could care less what people do with the money. Derrick is constantly working, his “comments” people get so mad at , all have meaning


what was the meaning and strategy for the game when he told lies about Donny that didn’t make people worry about Donny’s game but made them hate Donny as a person. They are still insulting him now that he is gone. The day Donny left, he knew he was going home and had come to terms with it. They came up to him and told him they would keep him that week if he swore on his honor as a man, that he would not put them up if he won HOH he swore, they changed their minds but they didn’t just go tell him. They decided to let him believe th at they were going to honor the deal then they blind sided him. There was no reason to do that to him for strategy. They did it cuz they hated him for things he never said or done. That just made me sick. Where’s the strategy and meaning when Derick goes in the DR and lies about what he has said and done to America when we know cuz we see and hear everything. Does he think he is getting over on all of us because compared to him the rest of the people in world are a bunch of idiots? Most of the stuff that has been said and done this season had nothing to do with the game. It was either mean, hateful or just plain disgusting. It wasn’t Big Brother, it was Lord of the flies.


I know people think that the producers of Big Brother want Frankie to stay, but I don’t think so. I do think they tried to have him stay for a good while because he was bringing in ratings, but since the show is almost over I believe that they think he has served his purpose. I believe the rewind twist was developed to intentionally screw him. I don’t believe they want someone controversial like him with his actions to win. He has become very hated, not on a game level, but on a personal level and just look from last year, none of those people will probably ever be invited back. I believe Frankie being evicted is what they actually want since he’s practically made it to the end.

Jake from State Farm

Frankie winning would be almost a mirror image of Rat Andy’s win last season. I don’t see CBS being happy with the fan’s reaction like it was last year.

pants on fire

You wearing Khakis?


My thoughts exactly. With all of the controversy surrounding the NFL and Rice combined with Frankie’s constant sexual comments especially the raping Victoria statement, I think CBS now wants pinkie out.

Reality Check

“Pinkie”? Is that meant as sarcastic commentary about what others think or is it a slip of the bigot’s tongue?


Maybe it’s just me, but I think it might be a reference to Frankie’s very pink hair? And maybe his love of pink clothes (hats – Zach, t-shirts – Zach, etc.)?


Love ur comment nick….

BB16 sucks

Cody will not betray Derrick unless production gets in his ear and opens his eyes

BB16 sucks

Caleb blew his chances when he nominated Frankie for eviction
He played Derrick and codys game
Frankie would have took him

Roisen Dubh

So true. Now his game comes down to winning POV.


Frankie believes he is staying that’s how narcissistic he his.

This Zane person is INZANE

Good grief Derrick is annoying as hell! His family talk is getting redundant. You don’t deserve the money more than anyone else just because you have a family piggy! I feel kind of bad for Ol’ Faithful Caleb because his “friends” can’t wait to get rid of him. He reaps what he sows however for not going after them before they take aim at him. I don’t know what kind of power Derrick has over these morons but they are sheepishly following his commands. I would love for him to think he has this in his back pocket only to loose to Cody or Victoria. Useless Vic winning will be the cherry on top of this dry cake that has been BB16. Hopefully production learns a lesson and repays us with a good season next summer. I want to see people who are truely fans not recruits who won’t be afraid to “get blood on their hands” It seems as if a few of these people on here would make for interesting entertaining houseguest’s =)


Thumbs down for Donny!


Derrick really has a huge problem when he thinks that he is entitled to the 500k plus the TA money plus the extra 50K talk about greed. Who the hell is he to say that about Caleb, Derrick deserves to loose this game with the way he talks about other what a jerk. I hope karma comes back and bites him.


sharaanne a dumbo


Hey Brad stfu


Kathy– same to you, you sweety pie dumbo.

Boreal Bag Lady

When Derrick and Brainless talk about the bitter jury and keep repeating about how bitter Nichole and Hayden are yet they seem to not mention Crustine at all…what’s up with that? She would be the most bitter jury member there is towards them and especially towards her pet, Brainless.


you have a point. why isn’t anyone wondering or thinking what christine might do, or if she is bitter. does derrick really want cody there at the end? have they all forgotten about her? she’s a sure vote for cody, or is she.


I assume they don’t mention Christine because Victoria told the group that Nicole and other houseguests evicted disliked Derrick (and therefore Cody as well) and don’t know for sure. Christine wasn’t evicted then. At least that’s my take on it.


I just got back from the secret Illuminati picnic and snipe hunt. The consensus there is that Production is rigging the game.

Teri B

Oh yeah, they (Derprick and Fakie) have DEFINITELY been told about Zach and Donny being the popular ones. LOL!!! HA!!


Woo did not get zero…he got 100 thousand Derrick and somehow with woo I think he is pretty cool with that unlike you fame whore creeps who crawl around the big brother compound….when they shine the spotlight on you critters after the finalie most of you will scatter for cover like the roaches you are. Donny and zach on the other hand you are golden…

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Has there ever been another houseguest ever who continually blabs out the “feel sorry for me because I am under a lot of pressure to bring home money” story? Even Matt with his “needing to win the money to pay for his wife’s cancer treatments (lie!)” didn’t make it sound like his family would disown him if he didn’t manage to win the game! Derrick is a greedy prick who is trying to make his wife look like a shrew for pressuring him into winning money and who has gotten way too cozy with Victoria. I hope something wild happens and Victoria and Caleb wind up winning the money. We can all sit back and envision poor Derrick stewing for the next decade over how Caleb decides to spend his winnings.

Colin K

So….. are all the remaining stooges taking Dipstick to the final 2 …….. What a travesty !


I don’t like Derek.


nikki– I don’t think Derrick is too fond of you either.


If I was one of the last 3 in the BB house, I’d ask if I could take Izzy to find two. And I wouldnt mind if I got second place. None of these jamokes deserve to go any further.

Kick Vic To The Curb

Victoria outraged that Hayden, a jury member, won money. Yo Dufus! If he had not won you would not have won! Also you are only there in the house because you are an absolutely useless empty pumpkin headed wanna be princess! I am already rooting for Beast Mode to get the next POV and send either the bacon or his useless princess fat back to jury. I apologize but these morons acting so entitled and judgmental about others gets on my nerves. How DARE someone else get something other than the boot out of this experience! Delusional greedy f*cks can all suck eggs.


O…M…G!!!!! I can’t believe Derrick is lying, scheming, manipulating his way to potentially winning. What does he think this is?! Big Brother or something?! The nerve of him!


It’s the fact that he treats live feeders or even the people that watch the show on TV as if we’re the idiots in the house that pisses people off about Derrick. He lies in diary room sessions and says things in the house just so he can look good. Like when he “tried” to save Donny, oh please, America sees him for what he is.

Plus he evicted anyone that had the potential to make the game exciting or change things up, but I guess I can’t really blame him for that.

Boreal Bag Lady

OMGLMAO – Simon/Dawg you two crack me up…almost fell over when I read this

“Frankie – no no people would look at that as unfair.. if I won America’s favorite player it’s because I won it it’s not because my sister is Arlie Grenade”


Ariana Grande Latte

Ariana Grande Latte...

comes with a free ponytail!


Charo called she wants her pony back. Lol

Amy Pond

“Arlie Grenade” – that caught me so off-guard as I was reading, I literally spit 12-year old Scotch all over my tablet. LMFAO!! Thank goodness Fakie won’t be able to get screen time when she’s on SNL.


Simon/Dawg I really like your spin on Frankie’s sister’s name above-
“if I won America’s favorite player it’s because I won it it’s not because my sister is Arlie Grenade”
Almost made me spit up my jalepeno popper!


My reaction to when Frankie gets evicted can only be explained by this video:


My only wish is that it happened during Wednesdays live show and not Tuesdays taped show. Maybe they will still have an audience in the taped show and we can hear some boos.


You’re an awesome person, I want to be your friend.

Skidmark King



People seem to be mad at Derrick and Cody for criticizing how Caleb would spend his money if he won. They were just trying to find ways to justify not taking him to F3. Truth be told Caleb’s Dallas club idea is kind of dumb. Dallas already has about 537, 126 clubs. I bet he thinks women are going to line up at the doors waiting to get his autograph. I’m not that mad at them b/c I cant stand Caleb and his delusions and ego. Caleb has no idea what show he is on and how its played. Glad he is going home next week.


I wonder if it would be a good thing for Caleb to win the big prize. I think he has some serious emotional problems and having that kind of money at his fingertips might put him in situations that could go wrong in a hurry. He needs to mature and deal with some anger.


Wondering how some of the hgs, mainly Skankie, Crusty, and Vacant Vicky are going to handle “life after BB”?
Skank has such a huge ego that he will find it difficult to fathom how much hate he has generated. He may pretend that he is not upset but I think he may need the services of a shrink. BTW, saying that he has an army of 12 y/o that have his back is very telling. Crusty’s reaction to the dislike in the jury house is nothing compared to what she may find when she returns home. I am sure the pastor’s wife isn’t too pleased about secrets being shared to America. Poor Vic will be a little lost puppy when she does not have Derrick to be her affirmation coach and I can see her suffering from deep depression when she sees what a fool she has been.


I heard the Russian government called Derelict and they want him to sell swimming pools in Siberia. All that concrete mixing will be a big boost for their economy.


Frankie already has a life coach. Actors Equity pays for them as a benefit. Show business is up and down and most need life coaches to get them thru the swings.


I just feel sorry for the rest of the HGs that don’t have that support system. They may have signed CBS contracts but I doubt they’re paying Actors Equity dues so they won’t have access to professesional help. Caleb, Christine, even Donny won’t know how to cope. Wouldn’t it be awful if one of them committed suicide. 🙁


People are still stuck on Donny. Is that actually why people hate Derrick, becuase he got rid of Donny..Becuase he took out someone that was a threat to him, in the GAME he is playing. Seriously? Ya they were TA members, but Donny wanted to go after Derrick also, so he was also “betraying” the dumb alliance that they got forced to be in…Donny only wanted the alliance to be a loyal alliance when he was in danger, if he wasnt he wanted derrick or frankie up on the block just as bad. Don’t get me wrong I like Donny as a person. However i have moved on from her being evicted since hes been out of te game for a while now. His thing is AF he will get it, so be happy with that but get over the fact that he got evicted from a game where there is only one person left standing…


There is a long list of reasons to dislike Derrick besides taking Donny out, starting with his obnoxious personality!!!!


If anyone wins except Derrick, they will have to call him to see what to do with the money and he will give them is bank account number !

Caleb's 500K business opportunities.....

Breast Mode Cowboy Company…providing specialty bras for steroid using athletes!
Beast Commode Cowboy Company….able to flush the most annoying pink turds easily after only three tries!


Has anyone else noticed how Frankie has started to act a little different? He’s trying to show a kinder more caring side. I noticed even when they show his DR sessions he’s not as crude and vicious. He’s been told he is hated and is trying to make amends. Too late. His true colors have been shown. Fake Frankie is unbearable to watch.

Teri B

I was just about to leave a comment on this very thing when I read yours. I also notice he is SUDDENLY talking about the schools he will build in Africa and so on and and so on……what a jerk. He KNOWS he is in trouble now! HA!!! LOVE IT!!


And thank goodness someone must have told him to quite using that ridiculous accent.

echo 1

Three pivotal moments coming Frankie s exit and hearing the boos! Derricks exit with more boos and Derricks announcement he is a cop Priceless!!!!!

these guys should all get boos

Frankie Derick Cody and Caleb for the part in the rape joke ! Derick was doing the thrusting of himself pretending to be zing bot I think because he is a cop is just as vile as Frankie don’t forget Cody and Caleb were a bit better in behavior but they all deserve to get boos as heavy as Christine ..they should just let Victoria have the money and consider it restitution for their vile behavior maybe that’s some of the reason why Christine got booed.


if cody wins hoh and caleb won veto you know caleb would think about taken derrick out any person would be crazy not to


Just saw a poll on another website rating the Most Hated Houseguests with about 10 names mentioned, Rachel, Amanda, Aaryn, Christine, Frankie and others. Guess who topped the list with 46%? Yep, our little pink haired old man Frankie and Christine with 10% which was above many of the others mentioned.

Reality Check

I hope it’s occurred to you that Frankie and Christine are higher on the list because they are on this season. Still, it’s odd to me why either are so hated. I sort of get it for each of them — Christine is a mannish women and Frankie is a womanish man. A lot of the other explanations don’t really hold up when you consider what we have seen of many of the other HG’s this season. I think the reaction you cite is a sad statement about the viewership.

General Nuisance and Major Disaster

Picturing an army of twelve year Old’s and shaking in our boots. Oooooooooo! We so scared!


I’ve read here on the site hat BBCan2 is so much better than the last few seasons of BBUS.
I am very interested in watching it but have 2 questions that I’m hoping thst someone/anyone can help me out with:
1: is BBCAN2 available to watch on YouTube?
2: is the tv shoe edited as mu h as the US version? Or do they let the assholes be portrayed accurately instead of showing us characters of them selves when u compare their actions on the live feeds as opposed the the edited character that are portrayed on the tv show?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post as well as (hopefully) answering it 🙂


The 1st season of BB Canada’s shows were edited much more than the 2nd season in my opinion. Case in point in BB Canada 1 we seen Gary Glitter’s over the top persona complete with meltdowns like when he got hysterical when he was put on slop and collapsed on a pile on clothes in one of the bedrooms crying with Topaz comforting him, but he did get a good edit when it came to his bitchy side and foul mouth. The 2nd season was less edited and we got to see the real sides of the house guests like Sabrina’s delusional crushes on whatever male house guest she had her eye on, she made Caleb look sane with his obsession about Amber, not to mention her own hysterical meltdowns. I remember many people on this board were demanding that production step in as they actually thought Sabrina was having a nervous breakdown on air . We later found out it was all for show as well did the other house guests. I do agree with others that the first two seasons of BB Canada hit it out of the park with many twists never seen before in any country, as well as punishments that actually had repercussions. Plus the booze flowed quite often even the hard stuff, which led to many eventful occasions. My favorites were when house guest passed out on the floors, showers, and some even pissed themselves.. LOL If you are really interested in past episodes of BB Canada here is a link to the very first episode of BB Canada 1 from Big Brother Canada’s website. Start from there then you can watch all if not most episodes directly from their site. BB Canada 1 was the best season in my opinion because it had the one of the biggest WTF moments of all time in BB with Topaz Brady’s infamous screw up when it came down to voting in the finale.

General Nuisance and Major Disaster

Lookout Major it’s the older mommies too! Frankie so tough we go hide now!


Frankie just keeps getting more disgusting. Now, he’s bragging about all the 12 year olds that watch his YouTube channel?


Survivor runner-up actually gets $100,000, Derrick


How did Caleb last this long?? His stories are mind numbing. I’m beyond feeling sorry for him. Please STFU.


Whoa! This board went from talking about the game to trashing each other. I guess the HGs aren’t the only ones on edge, paranoid, and emotionally drained. For real, it’s not that serious! Chill out.


I note on BBAD that Cody was praising Vapid Vic’s knowledge of the game, in fact he went so far as to claim that compared to the other girls, she (Vic) had a better grasp of the game. Oh puleez!

Can you imagine all the outfits (clothes) Vic will buy if she wins? Surely you saw the dress our young virgin was wearing on Wednesday night and the way she sat exposing her thighs, etc. I wonder what Derek would say about her use of the money.

Girldragon Slayer

OMG Caleb sure can count before the checks, er, chicks, (sorry, no pun intended) are even hatched. I’m in agreement that it’s no one’s freaking business on what they do with the money if they win so Derrick can kindly stfu about that. But then again, it’s probably just smokescreen to mist Cody. BTW, I’m sorry that I said that you’re a puttyboy, Cody. You put on your man pants and smoke your competitors to oblivion so Frankie can checked himself into a mental hospital ASAP. For he’s no longer going to be able to shove his pinky ass toward the camera and he’ll be distressed about that. You’re our hero of the moment, Cody, savor this moment for as long as you for it will never come again. However, if you decide to take Frankie off the block for whatever weird reasons you may have, Karma gonna take its wooden spoon and whack ya upside your idiotic head.

It dawn on me that Frankie may have an major epic meltdown if he does gets evicted as expected and it’s not going to be pretty as we like it to be. More like disgustingly scary.

I’m still rooting for Izzy and the ants (sound like a rock band, doesn’t it?) for the F2.

Reality Check

The cake is baked and Frankie is going to the Jury House, so no need for more vitriol spewed at him. Cody would be better served (as would Caleb or Victoria) to keep Frankie, but it’s not happening. He wouldn’t win in a final two against anyone. It’ll be interesting the next few weeks, because Derrick’s convinced Victoria, Cody and Caleb that he’d take each one of them over the other two. He’s working on the jury house scenarios, but Victoria lasting over Frankie may mess with his scheming because she was a clear ally when it looked like she was gone, but now …? Also, I wonder when you start to add up the jury votes (Donny, Hayden, Nicole, Frankie, etc., how will Derrick fare? Frankie could be his worst nightmare in the jury because he knows the game Derrick’s played.)