Frankie “Before we pushed that golden orb of lies and deceit.. I was HOH and I kept all y’all safe!”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 01-55-08-574

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12:25am – 1:55am Derrick and Caleb are playing a game of pool while Frankie and Cody watch. Cody then plays Frankie. They finish up their games and head inside. Caleb and Cody make quesadilla’s. Derrick showers in the bathroom and Victoria joins him. Victoria asks does Frankie think he’s staying? Derrick nods yes. Victoria asks even if he doesn’t get the veto used. Derrick nods yes. Victoria asks is everyone telling him he’s good. Derrick says yes, gentleman’s agreement just like last week. You have to just trust me! Victoria says I do trust you I just want to know where he is standing. Derrick says we’re going to tell him Tuesday night before the live show. Victoria says he is going to be going crazy! Derrick says it doesn’t matter. Victoria says he could change peoples minds Tuesday night. Derrick says Cody and I aren’t keeping him. You’re staying! Shut up! Its a guarantee! No one will go to the end with him, he has like 12 wins. Victoria says I know I’m staying .. he’s going to go crazy. He’s going to throw a huge fit! Derrick tells her to just keep working on Caleb.. and Cody as far as social games. You’re good. Victoria asks Derrick “Hows my social game so far?” Derrick says its amazing. Victoria leaves the bathroom. Derrick looks at the camera and says its not amazing at all. He then

In the fire room – Frankie is practicing his eviction speech. “Before we pushed that golden orb of lies and deceit ..Ok, I was HOH and I kept all y’all safe! AND NOW its your turn to do the same for me! In front of the millions of American’s watching and judging YOU! You are men of your word. Shout outs to all my fans. I love you more and more each day. Victoria joins him and he tells her about how he’s practicing his speeches. I already wrote them. I’m being funny in both my speeches because that who I am. Victoria says what the hell. Frankie says that he’s excited for it.. well not like that. I’m excited that I get this platform. Frankie tells Victoria that she’s in rare form tonight. Victoria says she just got back from the diary room and says there was flirting. Well not like that .. just interacting with another person. And then we got off topic and started talking about how sexy I looked in my eve costume. Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 01-57-18-166

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1:50am – 2:25am Derrick heads up to the HOH room – Derrick says obviously amazing win. I think he was the only person that could have broke us up. And he didn’t. Cody says because she smoked him. Cody says he was the only one that could but he needed Caleb and we got to Caleb way faster than he did and we turned him on him in a second. Derrick says and it didn’t hurt that Frankie’s won so many comps.. that just built the beast. Derrick asks so what’s the plan .. how do we get to our ultimate goal. Cody says I wanted to talk to you about it just in fairness to both of us. I don’t know if Caleb is bullsh*tting but he is saying he would take me if it was us 3 and he wins. Derrick says okay. Cody says he has a better chance at beating Victoria. Cody says I am just saying that for you so if you win the veto you would have no problem sending him home. Derrick asks what makes you think he would take you over me? Cody says because we were just having a conversation and he said he wouldn’t want to go to the end against someone like Derrick because I would smoke him. I would want to go to the end with someone like you because it would be like a 5/4 vote. He doesn’t realize that he would get smoked by you any ways. Derrick says I am glad you’re bringing it up because when you went down stairs. He said to me if by chance I’m not in the end and he wins he would help me out with my house and stuff like that. Bottom line is I think he is going to tell us both what we want to hear. Derrick says you’re the only person I’ve been 100% loyal to this entire game. I would hate to get to the final 3 and for him to take me or you. I think he would beat me and frankly I think he would beat you too. It would be tough. Derrick says I don’t doubt you for a minute and I truly don’t believe you would double cross me. Cody says not in a million years. Derrick says if Caleb really wanted to take you because you could possibly beat him. ..If that was true he would take Frankie but he’s not. I would rather be in the end with you. And the only way to get there is for us to back stab someone. Cody fears Victoria winning the final HOH some how. Derrick says Caleb has a better chance at winning it. Cody says I would just feel terrible to back stab Caleb. Derrick says well that makes me feel good because that means you wouldn’t do it to me. We’re taking Frankie out because we can beat him. Derrick says if we take Victoria she wouldn’t take me. She will never take me. Derrick says I will promise you I won’t dog you if I win. I can stomach you winning over me but what I can’t take is him on instagram with a brick in his hand. Derrick says everyone has already said if Victoria gets to the end they’re voting for her. I would rather go up against you. Cody says I would never cross you. Frankie joins them and the talk about if there will be a double eviction coming up. Victoria joins them to listen to the HOH music. Derrick, Frankie and Caleb head out to play a game of pool.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 02-11-15-372

2:30am – 3am Derrick and Cody play a game of pool. Derrick says I think America .. if we pull it off we look like G’s .. and if we don’t beat him we’re clowns. Derrick says I just want to be there with you. I just want us both to be there. If it ain’t me winning it, I want you to win it. Cody says we used him (Caleb) to get to this point. Derrick says if all we have to do is get him out to get to the final 2 .. then sign me up. Derrick starts talking about the Renegades from BB10 (Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett). Cody says he never saw season 10. Cody says so we send Frankie out and then Caleb if its a double eviction or if not then we win the veto and send him out. Caleb joins them and plays Cody in a game of pool. They head inside. Cody lays out with Victoria on the living room couch and she runs her fingers through his hair. They talk about the veto competition. Cody says Christine and Hayden are going to hate me. Gosh this sucks.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 03-27-25-976

3:35am – 4:15am Derrick heads up to the HOH room and talks to Caleb about the veto competition. Caleb says if he didn’t win it, you or I would win it. Victoria tries to come in and they lock the door. Caleb tells her he’s talking to Derrick for 5 minutes. Derrick says I try to be respectful and leave the room but she follows me. They talk about getting Frankie out is a huge move. Caleb says of course we’re going to tell him.. but you think the night before. Derrick says we just don’t want to give him to much time to throw us under the bus. Caleb says I am just going to tell Frankie I put him up and he didn’t win the veto. Those two guys are voting. Derrick says he will say what if the votes are split? Caleb says I’ll just say it ain’t going to happen. Caleb says love you (Frankie) as a brother but you’ve got to go. Derrick convincing Caleb that Cody could beat him in the end. It would be really close. Caleb says I don’t really get why you’re hated in the jury. Derrick says with Jocasta I prayed with her and she asked if she was safe and I told her she was okay even though I knew she was leaving. With Hayden and Nicole they came to me and Cody to get out Zach but we flipped it on them and got them both out. Caleb says no one in that jury is mad at me, I haven’t done anything to anyone. Caleb says if it was me and Cody wouldn’t be that tight. I know I have you, Victoria, Nicole, Donny,.. and whatever Nicole will do Hayden will do, plus Jocasta, Christine ..she would vote for me over Cody because of that.. Derrick says you only need 5 and anything could happen. Caleb I have literally had 4 people look me in the eyes and tell me they’re voting for me. All I need is one more .. a fluke. I know I have Hayden’s vote because He hugged me first when he came in the house and Nicole told me his favorites were me and Frankie. Victoria interrupts their conversation and Derrick leaves with Victoria to go to bed. In the bathroom – Derrick tells Victoria that Caleb said you’re really coming down on me. Just talk sh*t about me behind closed doors but be cordial around me.

Caleb counting his jury votes:
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 04-02-13-576

10am – 10:20am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests.

12:20pm All the house guests are still sleeping..

1:35pm – 2:20pm HG’s sleeping their way to half a million..

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-13 10-15-40-606

2:30pm – 2:50pm Derrick wakes up and heads into the kitchen. He listens to the backyard door to see if he can hear building. Big Brother shows a quick shot of the backyard with nothing being built of changed. Victoria joins him eats and goes back to bed.

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“Victoria asks Derrick “Hows my social game so far?” Derrick says its amazing. Victoria leaves the bathroom. Derrick looks at the camera and says its not amazing at all.” Really Victoria do you need to ask the status of your Social Game …. IT SUCKS!!!!bwahahahahahha

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Victoria’s game is amazing compared to Frankie’s, she doesn’t go around grabbing guys in the crotch making them uncomfortable. Sexual assault by Frankie IS NOT A GREAT SOCIAL GAME!


Frankie: “Shout outs to my fans. I love you more and more each day”.

I love my fans = I love people who love me = I love myself


I cant imagine that girl knowing how to be social or carrying an intelligent conversation with anyone her age or older. She’s as dumb as rocks and needs social skills training.


Kendra a dumbo.


Victoria knows how the game is played and she knows her own limitations(even if she doesn’t admit them) Tying herself to the players that seem to be able to take her along is gameplay. Not anything to brag about. She helped Derrick stay off the block because she was the obvious weak link. He played a good under cover game and his victims were gone before they could get him. Could she win one of the final HOH’s , stranger things have happened in this game. Not likely but all things are possible. These last few competitions could change everything……………….or not?


I believe Victoria will absolutely become a very important part of the endgame, once she realizes she is on Big Brother. I give her till November of 2020 and she will be good to go !! Hahahahahaha

Michael Angelo

Thanks for further justifying all of the Frankie hate. Even his supporters are repulsive twits.


she is still far more interested in what happens between her and DR production than she is about other HGs and the BB house.

And i do not think i have ever seen a less attractive outfit than that blue thing combined with those knee socks or whatever it is she keeps wearing


If I were Cody, I would use the veto on Victoria but before I did that I would pull her aside and say listen, if I pull you down, I need your word you will vote the way I want you too and leave it at that until the night of eviction.

Because it’s not worth the risk of relying on Derrick and Caleb to get Frankie out of the house. They are still pondering things and are easily manipulated, Derrick with his team america extra 50k bullshit and Caleb, well Caleb is just easily manipulated in general cause he’s a giant idiot (definition of a meathead).

Cody, you have the power to control this and guarantee Frankie’s eviction. Take Victoria down, Derrick goes up so his vote doesn’t matter and guarantee Victoria to vote out Frankie. I realize that plan would have it’s risks as well but I see Victoria as being more easily controlled than Derrick at this point. Derrick makes me nervous and could go either way, same with Caleb. They are both fucking retarded for even considering keeping Frankie. May as well just give him the 500 grand and call it a day if they do that.

it is hard

the only guy get Victory is Derrick cause he planed the seeds on her since the beginning. it is good thought, but Victoria would never betry Derrick to Cody. and Derrick is the one carry her till now and will be further in this game. what can Victoria get if she goes with Cody?
the charming boy loose his chance



I don’t know think you understand fully what is going on. Caleb doesn’t have a vote, he is the HOH. Cody and Derrick are the two votes this week. Cody would never use the veto on Victoria and put up Derrick, nor does he need to. Derrick and Cody have been leading the campaign to get Frankie out for a few weeks now, and neither one of them would ever vote to keep Frankie in the house this week. Caleb was actually the one pushing for Derrick and Cody to split the vote so that BEAST MODE himself could be the deciding vote that sends Frankie out (however, for some reason I could see Caleb saying he wanted the vote split so that he could pull a fast one and keep Frankie, because he is afraid of voting Frankie out. I think he thinks Frankie could help him with his country music singing career for some reason, and voting him out would possibly mess that up.) Caleb even lied to Cody saying that Derrick was down for splitting the vote so that he could vote Frankie out, and then Derrick walked into the room and quickly said that wasn’t true and that splitting the vote is not an option whatsoever.

My prediction for how it all plays out is that Frankie will 100% be voted out 2-0. Then Derrick and Cody will try and get Caleb out next. Cody right now wants to bring Caleb to the final 3 instead of Victoria, but I feel like Derrick will convince Cody into bringing Victoria to the final 3 instead with the promise that neither one of them would take Victoria to the final 2 over the other, basically guaranteeing that both Derrick and Cody will be sitting next to each other in the final 2 because Victoria has little to no shot at winning the final HOH and breaking them up. Also, the possibility of Victoria getting the majority of the jury votes in the end and winning is real because the jury, out of spite, won’t respect whoever brings Victoria to the end thinking they will win easily. In my opinion this is unfortunately a very bitter jury, and could possibly reward the 500K to the least deserving finalist just because they can.


My concern comes from the fact that big brother is trying to use Derrick to keep Frankie in the house by dangling an extra 50 k in front of him which makes me uneasy about trusting him 100 percent to vote out Frankie. Caleb will then have a vote IF Derrick decides to take the big brother bait.

How convinced can you possibly be that Derrick won’t take that bait when what everyone is there for is ultimately money? Wouldn’t more money be an awfully enticing for Derrick to keep Frankie? Maybe he’ll roll the dice and try to beat Frankie in the final 2.

You bring Victoria down and make her the other vote and that takes that possibility right out of the game. That should only be a consideration if Derrick even brings up for one second to Cody to the possibility of keeping Frankie. Obviously Cody will never know about the big brother fix.


there was no 50k thing dude it was bullsht made up by probably derrick. DAWG REPORTED WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT only you jumped to the conclusion it was true my thinking is derrick came out of DR and said Frankie America said if we get to the finals together its an extra 50k just made it up derrick would never believe that because its like obviously fixing the show common sense tells you that wouldn’t fly defeat the whole purpose of the show remember for the most part dawg and simon are reporting not necessarily giving there opinion


Your plan is fine to insure Frankie goes home. But what the freaking H E LL are you worried about? Derrick is playing for 500K not 50K with Team America. He has everything he could ever want up to now. He has one of the very worst do nothing lay about players ever going F2 with him and Tampex Cody and Caleb the meathead(the moron twins without an original BB thought between them) doing exactly what he wants every HOH. Derrick owns the season and the 500K. Anything other than Derrick/Victoria F2 I’d be shocked.
Anyone whose buying that “bitter jury” will give the 500K to Victoria has lost their ever loving mind. Stop reading chit in the BB bathroom just take your dump and move on! Victoria has 1 potential vote and that’s Nicole but Nicole is voting Derrick versus anyone and that includes Sock Monkey!! Love the Sock Monkey………………….. FTW

F4 calling the balling…. Cody wins HOH and Caleb and Victoria go up. Begin another week of drivel from douchebag Victoria getting reassured that Caleb is going home. Derrick decides to evict Beast Mode Idiot after Cody wins POV and keeps noms the same.
F3 the surprises(not) continue…. Part 1 Derrick convinces both Victoria and Cody to drop thanks to his F2 deal with both. The shortest F3 endurance comp ever. AG you should have made the bribe 100K to keep Skankie………ahha! Cody has no idea Derrick is taking Victoria. He wins F3 part 2. The most twisted unpredictable summer ever sees a Derrick/Cody 7 questions. Derrick answers every question right he decides who he sits beside. Unfortunately the live show has a crisis. Cody and Victoria both in a hurry to hug their 50K pimp master and get reassured after the commercial their F2 is golden collide heads(OMG). Tragedy in the BB house as both lie motionless on the floor with Cody bleeding slightly from his forehead but he is bleeding profusely from his rectum as he just got Fxxxxd by Derrick without even a reach around! All these ass clowns made the twisted summer a cake walk for Derprick. He’ll be the 2nd unanimous winner in BB history and most of clown college will be proud of their vote until they watch “the season” on their DVR

PS…. To AG a note…. 50K bribe isn’t keeping Skankie in the house Derricks playing for 500K!!!

I haven’t seen the upcoming episodes in advance(lol) but the writing is on the wall IMHO. Victoria stays Tuesday and the story has been told. my Russian is bad…… “pay the man his money”

The season left me more bitter than any season in BB history even season 13 the trials of Shelly and Porsche. I really do loathe these 2 skanks! forget bitter jury hello bitter fan. I need me some Sock Monkey time!!!

Start practicing saying "Derrick was robbed

I’ll keep my post short because your went on about as long as one of Caleb’s stories. It’s going to be a bitter jury. Derrick will not win. The numbers are not there. You are misreading the jury if you think they are not still playing the game. They are and they will vote against Derrick to prove that they are in control. How’s that for irony: all his victims putting the control-freak Derrick in his place.


I’ll say this I’d love to see Caleb or Cody beat him F2. Neda going out 3rd in BB 2 Canada was special. I’d love the jury to give it to someone other than Derrick. The thing is I still have respect for the game enough to say Victoria deserves nothing. I’m po’d she is getting 50K gift wrapped to give this spoiled lazy brat of privilege 500K would be truely twisted and sickening.
I’d be happy if your right as long as Victoria is not F2. Cheers for your comment

Cough, Derrick!

Production might really need to get their hands in there to cause some drama. The season Rachel won, she was in Frankie’s spot, on the block and everyone wanted her out. Porshe got a Pandora’s box that flipped the block and the 2 HG on the block got switched out with the 2 safe players. That will be the only way to ensure Frankie stays. Frankie and Victoria would save Derrick. Cody would be gone and Caleb can’t play next week and Derrick would have to actually have to try to win HO.

Lawon's Special Power

No. Production does NOT need to do that. They’ve already performed that trick more than Rachel….Jeff with the Coup’d’etat.

I get it’s the “mark” that Allison Grodner has implanted forever on this game but this is the reason why she needs to be fired after this season. When your houseguests know what is happening and when then you no longer have “Expect the Unexpected”. Fans have already tuned off because of how predictable this season has been, they just need to put this season out of it’s misery and move on to a new season with a new production team.


I am not convinced that the jury sees the game some of us see. There is a lot they don’t know and some things we don’t know. Lots of predictions that the jury will all vote for Derrick because he manipulated them into the jury house. I don’t buy it cause this jury seemed bitter , especially after the view of the luxury comp. Victoria was such a baby about her necklace and she continues to be a space cadet. The jury is not going to listen to her if she gets evicted so she’ll have no influence there. Donny will AF and Derrick may win 2nd place.

Team Survivor is Almost On TV!

Okay, I am sorry, but doesn’t ANYONE realize that Derrick and Shmucktoria are STILL talking? How can they not see that she is still following Derrick around like a dog? Great plan Derrick… You fooled everybody….


Just yet ANOTHER example of how dense these people are. Dereck spends more time w/Victoria now then he did before (the faux fight) and none of them say hmm……. STUPID!! But they all think America adores them so they are very out of touch.

ORange RC

Just another example how Derrick has played a good game – but looks like he is playing a great game because he is playing against really poor players.


I’m voting Donny for Survivor. Get in shape, buddy. Make fire with eyeglasses. FTW.


Search youtube for “big brother victoria fart”. There are a number of videos there – nasty and hilarious at the same time.

Derrick is a douche

That fart was Victorias biggest move yet!

Alex C.

It would be epic if Victoria is taken to Final 2 and wins it all because a bitter jury who hate her the least out of the remaining house guests.All Caleb’s, Cody’s and Derrick’s scheming will be going down the drain in the blink of an eye.


At this point I do hope it goes down that way Victoria is taken to the final two and the jury gives her the money since she is the least offensive of this crew of just awful self absorbed bullies. Regardless of the Hitman crap or whatever “bro code’ the Snouted One has with Cody I still firmly believe he wants to get himself sitting next to Victoria in a Final 2.

I of course hope he doesn’t make it to the final two b/c I don’t want this creep getting another penny. Plus I really don’ t think he will have the jury votes, sure at the Jury house they acknowledge he was behind everything but the rub is THEY HATE HIM!

Best man

If Skankie had a choice between 500k or Caleb’s dong, I think he would choose the cowboys member. Hopefully we will hear a loud yell of boos when Skankie gets evicted. It has got to be twice as bad than Slutstines eviction. Au voir you disgusting dong knocker you and Slutstine got what you deserved.


Simon/Dawg do you know how long the feeds may be down between the 1st & 2nd evictions?


Will frankie walk out to an actual live audience? Didn’t Amanda walk out to an audience full of cbs employees last year or was that just a rumor? Dawg – do you think Frankie will get booed like Christine did..


i think theres an eviction this weekend because it said there was an eviction on tuesdays episode and a live eviction on wednesday which leads me to believe someone will be evicted before tuesday. could be wrong i just think it would make sense time wise to have eviction/hoh sunday, nom and pov monday, pov ceremony tuesday and live eviction wednesday


I was thinking the same thing…would be too tight Tues/Wed to get everything for live eviction Wed. They are not like bbcan where the feeds are blocked hours/days on end so i think it will be “hush hush” where they cant talk about it but we all know what happened….and thats BYE BYE FRANKIE


I heard that the 1st eviction will be taped live on Monday to be shown on Tuesday night. Of course if production is sure Frankie is going I think the live audience will be CBS/production staff and family.

I sure hope that nothing interferes with the plan to vote Frankie vote. After he exposed himself in Derrick’s face the other day he should have been thrown out. Derrick has never kidded about with Frankie like that and Derrick was ready to bust him (probably wishes he could have arrested him.)


Also, Friday Sept 18 at 8PM PST there is another show. My guide doesn’t say what the show is for.

So i wonder if there will be an evict on Tuesday, or if it will be Wednesday as usual, and the 2nd one Friday?


Tuesday eviction Skankie or Victoria(F5 to F4). Wednesday is F4 to F3 in it’s entirety. This would likely be the result of F5 eviction being taped delayed from Monday for Tuesday night. Tuesday/Wednesday a regular F4. HOH, Noms, POV, POV ceremony and “live” vote… which isn’t live at all. HOH, Noms Tuesday, POV and ceremony Wednesday I would guess. I’d love to see Caleb win POV and decides whose evicted.


Diamond Power of Veto comp coming up next.


Diamond power veto would be after Frankie’s eviction right? I hope CBS doesn’t pull the crowd again just because its Frankie and we all no he may get booed but nothing like Christina did!!! He may get a few but we/he need a live audience. He would be pisted if CBS set him up!!!

Teri B

I agree…..or some other thing to save Fakie at the last minute. I can’t believe Production would let him go when they’ve done so much to keep him this far into the game. Or, they could get into Derrick’s head in the DR and he will save him. I would LOVE to see him go, but again, I’ll believe it when I see it.


so frankie is going to call them out on live tv about bein men of their word, where does he think he is at catholic school? such a d-bagger

Straight Guy

Caleb and Cody should call him out for being a sexual assault perp. He never dared to try any of his perverted shenanigans on Derrick, cause he knew he could lose his right hand.


The Humping Pervert knows his victims. The Delusional Cowboy has delusions of meeting his infamous sister and becoming the next big singing sensation alongside Bieber. Codypendent doesn’t appear to mind some of his advances – especially after a little booze. Derrick makes it very clear that he is straight, married, has no wish to be in Frankie’s circle of friends outside the house, and probably would slap him silly if that pervert grabbed his junk.


You must not watch the feeds. Frankie has had his hand up Derricks shorts, among other things, and Derrick didn’t flinch. Derrick is a money whore. And as for Derrick being married that may change when he gets home. His antics with Victoria have been no bueno.


Oh but he did, the other day (9/11 3:57pm) Derrick was resting with his eyes closed on the HOH couch listening to music. Frankie came out of the shower wrapped in a towel walked over to Derrick and opened the towel right in Derrick’s face. Feeds cut quickly and when they came back Derrick was mad, telling Cody he wanted to bust Frankie in the balls. Several people were able to catch a screen shot before the feeds cut and have posted them on twitter.


Are you making this up? there’s nothing like that on the feeds at that time.


9/11 3:36:57pm cam1


when Frankie gets evicted cody and derrick need to tell him come on now give me a hug and tell me you love me like you did everyone else that got evicted then he may get it


Well, Frankie is right when he tells them he’s been loyal to the three of them to the end so I am not surprised he’s already panicking and that he will be devastated when they vote him out. He’ll be thinking about that button for years. If I didn’t dislike him, I’d feel really bad for him.

Clueless in Seattle

It is totally amazing that whatever Derrick tells any of them they believe. He has them so brainwashed as if he is not really there playing the game but just living there. It is like watching a movie and the character does something really dumb and you’re talking to the TV saying….. “How could you be so stupid” It’s like marching people off a cliff………

Team Survivor is Almost On TV!

I have a feeling Derrick made an excellent undercover cop. ESPECIALLY, if he was in a situation with a bunch of moldable idiots.

Cough, Derrick!

As a cop, I’m sure Derrick is great at getting innocent people to admit to commiting some crime, and knows that everybody is lying (even when they aren’t). Derrick is the most paranoid, trigger-happy HG in BB history. Glad he’s not a cop in my town.

Liar liar

We’ll we know he’s a professional liar. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth


There used to be a video game called Lemmings. That’s what BB 16 is the season of Lemmings.


It’s crazy. I don’t understand it. Some of the stuff he does/says is easy enough to see through. I think it may be because they all have big egos and can’t see past their nose (guys) and the girls were mostly pushovers.


Haven’t used in it in a while but you totally stole my SN. Not cool .


I’m not gonna get excited about this until Frankie is actually walking out that door.

Clueless in Seattle

I love the picture of Caleb counting his jury votes……..really dude????? lol

Straight Guy

It doesn’t matter if Caleb wins the 500k, he’s going to be a mega popular country music star. And if you believe that, you probably like Arianna Grande’s music!!!


Caleb, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched,
…. especially in front of the other house guests doofus !


i honestly think Caleb would prefer to be voted out 3rd, and receive America’s favourite (because that is what he thinks 3rd gets), than he would to only be voted as the winner by the Jury. Meaning, he’d rather get the majority of votes from America to win something than to get jury votes, so he can be named AF. That has almost always been more important to him. It’s very important to Frankie as well, but F has also been more focused on actually winning. And that isn’t even for the $$, but only for the fame and status.


Frankie did overhear Cody talking loudly to Derrick about their plan to send Frankie home first then Caleb last night on the feeds last night. I wonder when he will go to Caleb with that information? A lot can happen between now and Tuesday’s eviction. I am now leaning towards a Pandora’s Box being introduced in Caleb’s HOH room, maybe a stipulation reward of cash with a consequence. Of course that consequence would be a way to save Frankie.. Something like Caleb has a choice of keeping the cash but if he does he has to take one nomination off and put someone else in their place. Caleb would take the money without any hesitation, thus he could take Frankie off the block so that he could stroke his ego more by being the one responsible for getting Frankie out of the house later down the road. We all know there is NO bounds when it comes to Caleb’s ego, he would make a play based on his ego instead of what is best for his game.


Production is right now offering Amber $100,000 to be inside of Pandora’s Box

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

Don’t tell Skank on Tuesday! Blindside the Skank, let him go out to meet Julie with his jaw dropped to the ground. The pervert deserves it.


The fact that most of the evicted house guest were told they were the target or they were being voted out is a true indication of the houseguest inability to play a good BB game. I have never seen such a lame season of people who don’t know how to keep their mouth close and play the game that’s best for them and now other people. None of these people deserve the money. They should give that $500,000 to charity and send all these lame @ss houseguest home with a brown bag full of $hit.

Straight Guy

We might have a first in BB. Who do you think will get pregnant in the jury house first?

Nicole impregnated by Hayden? Or…………

Zach impregnated by Frankie? Together they would have a beautiful brown baby, it wouldn’t last to long as it would get flushed down the toilet!


What is the point of this comment? I am truly disappointed that this made it through moderation. I don’t care whether you like someone of hate someone or their game play, but saying crap like this 1) adds NOTHING to the discussion 2)is a homophobic remark (especially coming from someone that has to call himself “straight guy” that makes YOU look like an ass and 3)is just another form of cyber bullying. Be cool, man and grow up. Of all the sights I watch, this has the most hateful comments toward the hamsters. Does NOT add to the enjoyment of a game I love!

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

You got it wrong, Straight Guy was just making a little humor, and your a$$ is so tight, you couldn’t squeeze a bb pellet through it if you tried. Relax man, chill out. Either you just don’t get it or you’re a heterophobe who wants to throw out his pink card any chance he gets. Are you one of Frankie’s fudge packers?

Nah, it's you who have it wrong

You believe yourself to be superior, yet make presumptions based on absolutely nothing but random conjecture. And you find straightguys comment to be funny? Not exactly high brow, are you? To each his own, but don’t fault others for actually having some taste.


Leave straight guy alone you jerk. I thought his post was funny LOL! People come on this website to have fun, not to make political statements. If you look at straight guys other posts, he gets a lot of “thumbs up” approvals. I think that this post has more “thumbs down” because you are sitting there in your momma’s basement on your computer repeatedly giving straight guy thumbs down. Most of those thumbs down are coming from the same IP address so I know that is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Methinks you protest too much

You went to the trouble of checking IP addresses? But you’re the one calling other people lonely basement dwellers? Despite how well received straightguys previous posts may be, this one in fact was crude and vile. And not even funny, more like middle school humor from boys who just figured out what a wet dream is. We’re all entitled to our opinions, so keep your own panties from bunching up before you try to straighten out someone else’s.


Simon or Dawg, I can’t remember if non live evictions have an audience. Please tell me that even though Tuesday isn’t live, Frankie will get the boos.

Straight Guy

If not, we’ll have to wait till the finale to hear the boos.

Julie Chen's Bucket or Warm Water used during her challenge

If Caleb makes it to the final three, I think he’ll turn on his metro beast mode and make it to the final two. If he picks Cody, Caleb will win the 500k. If Caleb picks Derrick to be with him in the final two, Derrick will win 500k. If somehow Victoria slips by, Caleb has enough brain cells to know to pick her for the final two and he’ll win the 500k even though there’s a bitter jury voting.


Why do u pick a name meant to defeat Julie Chen’s charitable actions? She helped raise $72,000 for ALS with her on-air challenge in direct contributions let alone the increased public awareness. What have you done except troll on a forum?


Am I wrong but Caleb cannot be HOH for the 4th eviction. Whoever is HOH Caleb goes on the block with anyone and then he goes home. Unless Cody is in a position to backdoor Derrick. But Cody is the baby Kangaroo in Derrick’s pouch.


but if caleb wins veto he controls everything because he is the only vote to evict could backfire very easily he has a 33 percent chance to win veto if you don’t count Victoria that’s why no matter how good you are have to have good fortune at the end


Very true, rsw. I overlooked power of veto next week.


Very true, rsw. I overlooked power of veto next week.


ROFLMAO @ Cody is the baby kangaroo in Derek’s pouch! (too funny)!!! Last night was a microcosm of why I can’t stand Derek. Caleb was scheming in the HOH room and he told Cody they have to split the vote, so then Caleb can be (a scumbag) and make a speech to Frankie and then being the one to cast the deciding vote to send him home. Cody immediately was like no way dude but Caleb persisted as if on cue who walks in but. Captain RAIN ON THE ANY POTENTIAL DRAMA Parade Derek. He told Caleb no way b/c they would come off like a bunch of schmucks (sorry dude that ship has sailed already). So yet again we had a chance for maybe a few minutes of upcoming drama in the house and Capt. CONTROL had to go and ruin it.


Caleb won’t pick Victoria. There is no sport for him in picking victoria, and no effort to win against her. he is picking a F2 that will be a challenge to beat. That’s why he is leaning to Cody and not Derrick. Frankie isn’t an equal challenge, he thinks, so he has no problem getting rid of him.

If it comes down to it, he thinks he can easily beat Derrick as well as Victoria, he will only pick Derrick if Cody isn’t there.


caleb is really delusional. he thinks he has hayden vote cos hayden hugged him first when he entered the house…seriously?
and thinking he could smoke derrick in the finals. he’s really dumb

Straight Guy

The biggest question of all:

Will Jocosta break out in her infernal language during the finale??????

Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada, Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada
Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada, Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada
Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada, Dede dede dede, Dada dada dada



Can we talk about gow disgusting it is for Frankie to constantly make reference to his rectum? Also, if Frankie was a straight man who molested women the way he molests Caleb, there would be great outrage. Why is it okay because he’s gay?


I think it is because the house guests have never called him out on it. It wouldn’t hurt to set some boundaries with him, thats for sure!

Straight Guy

He get special treatment just like Ray Rice got special treatment.


Sense— don’t be silly. Because the only thing needed to stop it is for Caleb to say No.

Wait a minute...

Isn’t there a rule against trying to bribe another player with your Big Brother winnings? Frankie offered Derrick 100k – what the crap is this about?

Straight Guy

Hey, Frankie heard that. He’s going to play his homophobe card on you!


im sure there is but he is talking about the 50k from production that doesn’t exist


There is a rule against offering in any way a piece of a HGs winnings probably due to the idea of bribing for jury votes. However, it would have to be a big deal, hand shaking, and momento exchanging kind of effort put into making that deal. Random throwaway comments with humour won’t make a comment like that a problem.

And i’m kind of interested that we haven’t seen the deal making this year. No one is saying hold onto my wedding rings if I don’t do what I am promising you can keep them, kind of deals.

Victoria's Scissors

If Ms Hair Extensions makes it to the jury house Zach better sleep with one eye open. Otherwise his nickname might be Stumpie.


the truth is he would love if she came to jury since he can never stop talking about her


So, did Frankie throw the veto? I see Derrick voting to keep Frankie, and convincing Caleb that Cody did-after Caleb as the tie breaker, votes out Frankie. I think that BB needs to get Frankie out of the house and attempt to rehabilitate the image he chose to portray. I think this guy is a ringer, a shit stirrer hired to move productions agenda along-who voted this guy for TA? Last year it was Amanda who royally messed up any chance for an acting career after last season. I have to laugh that SPENCER has his own BB show! The gross guy from last year, who did’nt do shit but eat and float to the end. Amazing. Anyhoo, I’m team Derrick, just the fact that this poor guy had to endure this summer with these fools-I can’t begrudge him the 500K or whatever it ends up being. I just hope that his inherent greed does’nt get the best of him.


derrick has no incentive to keep Frankie unless you believed the 50k thing see he fooled all the players and a lot on this forum pretty damn good don’t you think


Frankie did not throw the veto, but i do think he threw the HOH. The veto no one could win after Cody set the beat this time at 2;21. Frankies previous time was almost 6 minutes, basically no one is going to look at Cody’s time and say, yeah, i can do 2:19.

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of people BB fans want to see hosting BB shows, or whatever kinds of shows, are not the top 2 winners. Rachel and Dan seem to be the only exceptions. Judd does youtube shows, for example. Neda from BBCAN2 is the one with a GlobalTV contract to cover the week episodes of BB16 US, and prior to that Peter from BBCAN1 does the youtube shows about BB, and interviews and stuff.

You will rarely see Andy or Ian show up anywhere outside of hosting a BB current year comp.

psv thinks derrick has played a great game.

If these guys are smart, Frankie goes home, and since Caleb cant play, he should be next.

If Caleb does indeed leave next, I dont think they will take Victoria to the final 2. Hard to say though.

I have never really understood “bitter” jury though. I mean, wouldnt they all technically be bitter? They dont get to watch the live feeds as far as I know, so they shouldnt know some of the scheming and out right lies. They obviously know what they were told wasnt true since they are in the Jury House, but it’s Big Brother. Only one wins. Also, EACH one of them had a chance to save themselves (by winning the Veto).

I have said this before and I will say it again, I think if Derrick is in the final 2, he wins (especially against who is left, and especially if Frankie goes home this week).

Donny wins AFP.


This season was the season of shunning. If you were on the block no one really spoke with you and you were made a have not even you had just gotten off being a have not. These stooges took pleasure in making people miserable on a personal level. And that’s why you have a bitter jury.


Maybe because we aren’t in the house and the social politics are important. Just like in real life you may expect certain things but when someone brings in a hateful undercurrent or is ostracizing someone. Or insulting your intelligence like Derrick with Donny and really or thinking they are mind screwing you in your face than it’s your time to show them how you feel.


Every year that I’ve seen BB the HGs worry about a bitter jury, but every year the jury ends up voting based on game play. By the finale night everyone is just happy to be part of the send off and looking forward to seeing family and going to after parties. So a lot of the bitterness does fade. Granted this year there may have been more blatant ostracizing than usual, but even so it’s not like there are any jury favorites left in the house. I really doubt that most jurors would vote for Vic to win based on bitterness. That would end up devaluing the jurors’ own games, to have such a worthless player win. Nicole for one fell right back under Derrick’s spell, and even if she believes he was the puppet master she still respects and values him as a person b/c he was nice to her when she was alone at the end. I think Hayden would appreciate good game play as well, and Zach doesn’t seem bitter at all except with Victoria.


i thnk when the hGs are discussing bitter jury, it is just another game play. Any BB fan knows the jury never votes bitter, and that they can see who is doing what, even if that play is subtle like Derrick. There is a reason why when asked they say ‘derrick and frankie’ are the ones playing the best. If you ask Caleb, he would say Frankie and Caleb, followed by Cody, but no one in the jury will see it that way I expect.

When it comes to the finale, editing of the show will make it look like the Jurors will vote for Victoria, but they won’t.


oh, meant to add, like in BBCAN2 with the F3, in the jury they ask who’s the big player, out of Jon or neda, jon is winning the comps, for example, not neda, and they were all saying Neda. When asked at the end (jon evicted Neda and went F2 with sabrina), the host asked if Neda was F2 with jon, who would you have voted for, and all of them said Neda, even the ones not in jury lol.

She did a Derrick type of game, in other words, and would have won even tho she didn’t have a long list of wins. However, and this is important for Derrick’s type of game, Neda didn’t win the F3 HOH comp that she needed to win. If Derrick doesn’t win the one he needs to win, then if he isn’t F2 it is by his own hands, just like it was in hers. Jon NAILED the 7 questions comp, he made no mistakes, and that alone was unexpected that he was also smart. He is a Cody type player, someone who is athletic but also surprises people because he does well with mental challenges.

BB Veteran

Go back and watch the shows again There are examples of bitter juries in the past. Most recent was Season 14. 6-1 vote against Dan. But even more important, there are numerous examples of the supposedly best player not even making it to final 3 or final 2. All this talk by supposed fans of the show about how the most best manipulator always wins, is way off base. History just doesn’t support that.


I hope the crowd crush frankie on his exit no matter if he makes it or not makes my stomach turn give it to Victoria she may not be a challenger but at final vote she can upset everyone with a great speech she has been on the block the whole game derrick has run his mouth cody loves derrick and caleb is in love with himself is there one more big twist I hope so


Victoria is incapable of giving a good speech. Remember how cringe worthy Gina Marie’s speech was last year? She truly humiliated herself on national television. I don’t think Victorias will be as bad bc she doesn’t even realize that she needs to sound as articulate as possible. She’ll just make a childish, clueless speech. Last year even though Andy seriously burned Spencer at the end and it was a fresh wound, Spencer just couldn’t give it to GM.


I sure hope they don’t chicken out. Frankie needs to go home to help his sister fix her reputation as a diva.

Straight Guy

Caleb, Derrick and Cody wouldn’t be going back on their word because they promised each other that 4 guys would make it to the end. Victoria is more of a guy than Frankie.


I know some of you feel SkankFrank and DerPrick should legitimately be in the final 2…and if this was a true “game” and production never interfered or guided them, then I would agree. BUT this is a TV show and it’s produced purely for entertainment. It admits that CBS actions can have an effect on outcome.

With that being said CBS had a Major Fail this season. It wasn’t entertaining. It was boring and predictable with a huge alliance and unaminous voting and stupid clues kids playing. CBS should be punished and I’d be happy if the dumbest and lamest player won…Victor-Victoria. It might wake them up to cast smarter, more mature, less fame whorish players.

Plus on an emotional level I just couldn’t stomach the thought of Frankie winning. It would inflate his ego even more ( how is that possible) and feed his delusional self even more AND might make him more eligible for other shows! I never want to see pink poodle skank again. Ever.


And that’s why it gets easier and easier to say VapidVic for the Win!


It will NEVER get easier to say “VapidVic for the win”. Victoria winning also sends a message I’m not comfortable with. I hate to see game play like hers rewarded just to make a point about the season.

Valentina Corleone

Leave it to Frankie to say the remaining HGs will be judged by millions if they evict him – dude, they will be judged harshly if they DON’T evict you.
At least Christine will have some company.

Straight Guy

I’d like to see a BB season where at the start a large group of girls/women start a “brigade” and keep it secret to the end. They would dominate, including the comps and the final half of the season would be mostly women.

Is that possible, or are women too “catty” and jealous of each other?

I think with the right mix, not Victorias or Powpows, that could happen and would make for an interesting season.

Either way, I would not like to see ANY of the HG from the last TWO seasons of BB on any allstars show!!!!


I would love to see Donny on All Stars (if they could convince him) and former players all say they would love to play the game with him.


Also they should cast more women who are or have been athletes. They’ll be good at the physical comps. If they were athletes in college and on scholarship they most likely didn’t get “special classes” and had to keep up GPAs to keep their scholarships. That would mean you would have HGs who were emotionally, mentally and physically strong women who wouldn’t run to the guys to protect them.


Joey attempted an all-girls alliance the first couple of days and I think it was Christine who ratted her out to the bomb squad. I could be wrong about who ratted her out.




This is almost literally what happened just last season, when Helen, Amanda and Elissa teamed up early in the game. Technically this included Mcrae but obviously Amanda pretty much controlled him.

Ultimately they couldn’t stand each other and their alliance started breaking down as soon as it was formed.

Women don’t tend to get along well with other women as well as men get along with men. It’s just a fact of life.


It’s a fact of life? Lolololol at the ignorance of that statement. Regarding last years females, they did not turn on each other based on cattiness at all. Elyssa irked Amanda bc she was an irritating diva, the entire house felt this way about her. Helen never displayed catty behavior; if anything her flaw is that she tended to turn into a dictator when she had power (much more of a male quality if we are going to be stereotyping, actually).


Many females also tend to have a hard time with evidence-based reasoning. So don’t feel bad.


it’s not that they are catty or jealous, it is that they don’t have confidence in their physical abillity to do an all female alliance. And BB proves that male athletic ability in some comps is superior to female athletic ability for the same comp. Amber was very athletic and able, but she couldn’t beat Caleb or Hayden on something physical and endurance. And at the end of the day, your alliance needs people who can beat other people, one way or another.

And the other point is that the guys will never legitimately align with the female HGs because again of the physical aspects of the comps. They will feel that a female member in the alliance will be expendable and not an asset in any long term way. in some ways that type of guy limits his expectations of what will win at the end.

Bitter Jury voting their conscience

This is just too predictable. If Frankie gets evicted, I am done and will check in at the finale when the bitter jury will award anyone but Derrick the money. My guess at this point is that the jury will vote in the following way regardless of which 4 make it to the final 2:

1) Caleb
2/3) Cody or Victoria
4) Derrick

You don’t have to hate Frankie or hate Derrick or like either of them. This is one bitter jury and there is no way that they are going to reward Derrick for it. Refer to season 14 for reference as this jury is real simliar.


Yep I can see this in the works with the jury. I tend to think Nicole had a two-prong plan.and set this in motion by befriending/encouraging Velcro.

A: Pretend to get back under Derrick’s good graces by stroke HIS ego along w/ Velcro’s. Try for F3 w/ them while making stronger bonds w/ her and then cut Derrick

B: If she couldn’t get into Derrick’s good graces then butter these two up to get info to take back to the jury. I think jury wants to see Velcro in finale so they can vote for anyone but Derrick/Frankie. I kinda hope it works if it’s true!

All Stars

I don’t like Derrick. He’s played a mediocre game but you have to give him credit even against a rookie group. I think that the jury is bitter too and Derrick will not win. I am not even sure that he will make it to final 2. I would laugh if the jury awarded Caleb the win but I think that Cody may win also. No chance Victoria makes it past final 4.

Too funny

Frankie’s eviction speech telling his fans he loves them more and more each day. Considering his only fan is himself I can’t argue!

Straight Guy

Don’t forget about his autotune sister, that makes two fans.


That still of Derrick in the shower is my favorite pic of anybody of all time. rofl

Straight Guy

Looks like he’s spanking the monkey.


Look, I do not like any of the folks left in this game. Yes, Derrick has manipulated and played everyone and deserves to win based on how we have judged who wins in the past. I really think it’s time someone says, ok, I’m gonna vote for the person who was the least ugly and hurtful about their manipulations, because if we don’t stand up now, the message is sent that this is how you win 500 G’s. I feel like it sucks to go into this game knowing you can’t trust anyone about anything, and they will slaughter you on a personal level, behind your back. I don’t know who I would give the win to, but not Derrick.


I disagree. They’re all here to play the game and get rid of each other, Derrick did a heck of a job getting them out first, love him or hate him. Manipulation is part of being outwitted in the game it only sucks that the manipulator was the ‘villain’ of the show, and it also sucks that the manipulations prevented any interesting shake ups of the game.
Regardless everyone was there to deprive each other of the money so what the heck…….. let Derrick manipulate. To borrow Survivor’s line, Big Brother is also outwit, outplay, outlast.


HUH?! So are you saying only honest people who don’t backstab and lie should win? How boring would THAT season be?? It isn’t called “Nicest Big Brother”. Derrick and Frankie have played great games. Like or not, Frankie got him self out of a pretty small corner. I can appreciate the type of gameplay that takes. It doesn’t matter whether I like him personally or not. But Derrick and Frankie played a better game than the others. Period. All Cody did was flirt with girls and ride Derricks coattails. Caleb just looked in the mirror all season and believed his own hype.


No, I realize everyone lies and backstabs, I’m pretty sure I just basically said I personally would like to award the money to someone who isn’t ugly about how they lie and backstab and doesn’t crush people personally. That’s all I said, wasn’t talkin bout changing the format to everyone being nice and honest. I just have seen people win BBUS and BBAU, who lie and form alliances, even backstab, but they don’t demean and degrade the others.


Yup, viewers here can’t get past Donny who played the worst game in BB history. He was a shrub in the BB house, nothing more. He stated at the beginning his goal was to be loved by America, not to win BB. It’s not hard to act nice. You can tell he’s become a spiteful hateful jury member. Face it, Derrick and Frankie are the only players in the house.

Derrick being compared to other seasons winners is ludacris. You don’t say, this team is leading the conference but compared to the 1985 team, they’re nothing. He’s still winning.


Hopefully Caleb doesn’t feed into Derrick’s stupid speech. Caleb need to win the veto and take Victoria to the final 3. Hopefully Cody wins HoH so Derrick is the one leaving after Frankie. Caleb will win against Victoria and Cody so even taking Derrick shouldn’t be an option. I also hope Frankie talk to Caleb once he find out he is going home so he can tell Caleb to get rid of Derrick.


Buh-bye pink poodle.

Straight Guy

I’m thinking of sprinkling glitter on a brown loaf I just gave birth to before flushing it in honor of Frankie.


Now that the season is winding down to the finals, let’s see how I well my first post of the season held up.

The new twist with the Battle of the Block will be sort of interesting. (It messed with the game big time.)

I see that the “girl Power” Alliance not going far. (Collapsed week one)
I have to agree with others that the weaker (physical) players will go first. No incentive to pick any real “player”. I don’t see it going further than mid season though, (Maybe a week or two further)
Can you picture an alliance where their own HOH is forced to nominate them because they have “no other choice”? (wasn’t a big deal)

As for how they all rank with me (Basically first impressions):

Amber – OK. Not much more. (Man did Caleb mess up his game and get her evicted)
Brittany – Like her. Single (for the fist time) mom.
Caleb – Seems to be the “new” Jesse. Didn’t like Jesse 1.0. Doubt I will like Jesse 2.1 (Loyal, Obsessive, Stalker, BMC)
Christine – She will be up real quick. Seems nice, but I think she will get annoying fast. (She got lucky and lasted a while)
Cody – Like him. Seems nice and genuine. (Learned not to like him. He hated Donny because Donny was a “Schemer” in a game played best by schemers)
Derrick – I like cops. My dad was one. hope he goes far. With the new twist, he will. (Yeah! He’s going to win)
Devin – One of my faves. (Boy was I wrong. He played a full season of BB in 3 weeks. MPD for sure)
Donny – He’s my underdog. He’s going up soon and often. Hope he does well. (America’s Favorite. I was right about him)
Frankie – Starting to grow on me. He’s one to watch. (Liked him, hated him, totally grossed out by him)
Hayden – Another one to watch. Like him so far. (Would have liked him to have gone further. Good guy)
Jocasta – Underdog 2. She will butt heads with Pow-Pow soon. When that happens: Go JO! (Made jury. Very much the underdog.)
Joey – Totally under my radar. Now that she is part of “Team America”, I’ll have to keep an eye on her. (She was quickly on the guys’ radar. 1st gone. Should have flown low.)
Nicole – The new Jordan. Will she find a “Jeff” to team up with? I like her. (Still do. Hayden could be her “Jeff”)
Paola – On my list of top two that must go and go soon. She’s a bully and a wannabe. (She went 2nd. Later heard good things about her…)
Victoria – She is too rapped up in herself. She has done nothing to make me like or dislike her. Up soon and often. (Nailed it.)
Zach – On my list of top two that must go and go soon. What an idiot and a jerk. (I changed my mind about Zach. He is and idiot and a jerk, but in an entertaining and likable way)


WW — thanks for the extremely boring review of your predictions. Nobody gives a fig.


Caleb should of put up Cody and Derrick. I believe that Frankie would of stuck with Caleb.He threw his game away. Next chance Derrick and Cody are going to vote out Caleb. I wonder if Derrick will take Victoria to final two. The jury might see this as a cowards way out! This move might be his downfall and Cody with the rest of them might be a bitter Jury. Loved if this happened!!!!!

Pet Peeve

Should “HAVE” , would “HAVE”


Vicky-Derrick what name do you want them to put on the check?

Derrick- my name of course

Vicky- then while you are in the shower, do you need me to check and see if the jewels are still there?

Derrick- no that is ok! Frankie has one and my wife already crushed the other one on her way to see a divorce lawyer.

Straight Guy

Hey tricky, I think that he has to worry more about his dicky. Don’t forget about Vic’s scissors.

Yay me!!

If Derrick, Victoria and Cody are in the final 3 and Derrick wins final HOH, will he evict Cody or Victoria?


If that’s the F3, Derrick will lose on purpose since he knows both would take him. He promised both of them to take them to F2 if that was the F3, so he will want to lose as to not lose a jury vote – although he could probably convince Victoria that him choosing Cody is a brilliant move, and get her on board with it – she’d still vote for him and fold his laundry with a big grin on her face.


frenchie no person with more than 2 brain cells throws the last comp your as gullible as the others in the house if im derrick here is what I do try to control my own destiny 2nd) go to plan b why I been laying the ground work so they will pick me


I’ll let you do the personal insults and focus on gameplay in my answer:
Dan did it in season 14: He knew Ian and Danielle would take him, and he lost to Ian in the final HOH on purpose (he admitted to it in some of his interviews afterwards…), so he didn’t have to “make a choice” which would cost him a vote.
So I guess you’re saying Dan Gheesling doesn’t have 2 braincells? That’s a bold statement.


He’ll send the snot-monster packing and take Vapid Vic to final 2. Thats been his plan all along.


looks good for derrick and cody but if caleb wins veto he may find some clarity and evict the one that is not hoh since the veto holder has the only vote for eviction so you never know especially if Frankie finds out the day before and pounds it in to caleb that deriick and cody are getting caleb next don’t be dumb you never know that’s why derrick doesn’t want Frankie to know to early but when woody woodpecker gets evicted Tuesday for me it will make the season ok hope he doesn’t handle it well remember when they picked the veto and frankies name wasn’t picked he looked in the bag for his name now lets see if he starts to try a hug the guys I doubt it the real Frankie will come out and please let them boo him it would be endless joy for me


I agree, any time Frankie gets to spend in the house after he’s been told he’s getting evicted is bad for Derrick and Cody. That’s why I’m surprised they aren’t more adamant about convincing Caleb to blindse him.


Derrick is turning out to be quite the jack@ss. Such a show off. Im just hoping for victoria to pull it off and win just this one hoh, not because im rooting for her but it would be intertaining to see those 3 scrampling and if by some horrible terrilble turn of events that frankie happens to stay then im seriosuly done with the rest of the game, i’ll just skip to finale night

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb

He is the product of what happens when you take someone out of reality, lock him in a house with liars who will sell him swampland in Florida, feed his already inflated ego – but seriously can he possibly be that dumb?

It is actually painful to watch.


When he was talking about how his brothers treated him when he was little, I kept thinking maybe he got too many concussions growing up.


cody cleab final 2


VapidVic for the Win!

pants on fire

Frankie’s eviction speech is a joke…millions of americans will judge you…well millions have already judged you and the verdict is you’re an A$$hole!! Victoria’s eviction speech should just be…I made it longer than you Frankie, HA HA!!

Straight Guy

Victoria’s speech should be: “May the better man win, oh there is no man sitting here, may the better woman win”
Victoria should finish her speech by saying, “Don’t forget to tell Julie how good she looks and tell her hello from all of us.”
Frank would shart in his blue shorts!!!!!


pants on fire you are a genius don’t tell him and let Victoria do it in her speech that would be the best ever and would crush him even more rofl

Gee George duhhUHHuuhHUuh

So Derrick, Caleb told me he will take me over you in the final 3 HoH comp. I know how great that is for me to hear, but I just don’t know. Its not right to pick me over you. Know what I mean? I mean we(Just you Derrick) have used him all season to get what we(Derrick) want done, and he has remained loyal to us, but now that its down to it, he is declaring that he will take me over you. That’s why I’m telling you this Derrick. So you can begin planning his eviction at F4 so its just you, me and Victoria in F3. Because YOU having some1 there that EVERYONE knows will take you to F2 over me seems the more fair way to go.


In this discussion you’re referring to, they both agreed Caleb would tell them each what they want to hear, and that it’s not sure who he’d take.
Most importantly, they believe Caleb might have a chance to win the final HOH, and in that case BOTH of them wouldn’t make it to F2, while Victoria still won’t win any comp.
Cody is genuine about wanting to take Derrick to F2. Notice how Derrick spent the entire time telling Frankie and Caleb how “Cody is adored by the jury, that kid walks on water, whoever picks him to go to F2 (over Derrick!) is an idiot”. Cody never said such things about Derrick.


hes just doing the backup work get them to believe what he whats them to believe probably like the 50k thing with Frankie I don’t know it was derrick for sure but is in line with his gameplan even misleading us A backup plan for the backup plan

Help Caleb

I know it’s his fault for being delusional, but I’m feeling so bad for Caleb right now.


I’ll take delusional any day over manipulative, bossy butt, overbearing, lying, control freak, arrogant, slimy Derelict. Truth be told, everyone is delusional about something sometime in their life. Give me loyality any day over greedy mind games. And for the love of God, bring back the good old days when I would drag out the little TV on the porch and enjoy a summer’s evening watching an entertaining BB filled with interesting people and amazing comps.


I kinda hope Caleb wins…when he gets how and sees how disliked he was, maybe he can use some of his money for genuine self-improvement. Quality education, therapy, etc. At heart, he seems like a good guy who is terribly naive and rough around the edges. Unlike Derrick, Cody, and Frankie, I don’t consider him a lost cause.

No More "Alliances"

Somehow someway BB17 needs a complete overhaul that having an alliance wont guarantee any safety. More comps, challenges etc with accumulating points so you don’t have just one shot. Break up into group comps that change each week and with challenges that can’t be “thrown or tanked”.

Straight Guy

Victoria and Derrick are starting a new alliance, it is: DICKTORIATORS


BB has almost from the beginning been a political game. Alliances are the norm and are expected. If you want pure comps for a reality show, go watch the Amazing Race (love that show).

echo 1

If these dumbasses would start thinking the finish line like Derrick they would start to position them selves derrick knows to win the 500K you need Victoria sitting next to you at the finale. Caleb and Cody need to get rid of Derrick to insure a spot in the finale Victoria is expendable


If it truly is a bitter jury then VapidVic for the Win!

Truth Be Known

This season has rubbed me wrong and right in all different kinds of ways…from being totally disgusted, modestly intrigued, totally uninterested, consciously pissed, dastardly thrilled, remotely wrecked by association, comfortably amused, implicitly bored mindless and now I’m left with crap that’s yet to come. Surely, every descriptions above will be revisited before it’s over and I doubt if I can remain enthralled to what’s left of this fiasco BB16 season.
Through all that I’ve endured watching this season, I’ve listened and gathered tons of info about each player left and it rounds out to be this insidious intellect of what really matters…
1. D’rick’s game has been played based on the LACK of the BB16 HG’s keen abilities to NOT KNOW what’s going on right in front of them or their RELUCTANCE TO even CARE about what’s going on right in front of them. He has NOT played a flawless game. The BB16 HGs have aided him in allowing him to bulldoze them around the house like dumb rocks. Many times there has been slip ups in his ridiculous motor mouth renderings and the look on the HG’s face sitting there listening has been that of someone listening so hard that they numb themselves out from the nonsensical chatter from his pie hole. It’s like being hypnotized with the belief that what you are hearing makes no damn sense at all, when actually he’s telling that person(s) the whole time…”You are stupid for sitting here taking all this crap I’m spilling out to you, but you must admit, I know what I’m talking about.” The BB16 HGs could be mistaken for SPONGES with all the dribble that they have soaked up from D’rick’s bottom lip.
2. V’oria, has played a role-call masterful game. She’s always there when they need her to send someone out the door. She is an extension of D’rick’s bottom lip that has seamlessly formed a pleat in the other HG’s brains, planting the seed that she’s harmless and thereby not capable of hurting anyone’s game. She is the ultimate SPONGE that keeps D’rick’s game dry around the edges, so nobody sees him sweat. She is johnny-on-the-spot to block any incoming brainstorms from suspicious HGs, by saying anything that’s stark to get the attention onto her.
3. C’dy (pronounced “seedy”), has weaseled around and found a few hands and fingers and arms to snuggle with to draw attention away from D’ricks’ bottom lip action. He has maintain a scuzzy existence in the BB16 House with farts, snot wrangling, ass scratching and behaving like a lost lonely kitten with all the females in the house. D’rick has been brain pasting him second on the list after V’oria.
4. F’kie has run the gamut of outrageous over-the-top scandalous dramatics in the house. He’s spent an enormous amount of time lusting over untouchable anuses and had to just get over it and play the game. He isn’t as SPONGY in the head as the other HGs, but he has bought a truckload of nonsensical spillage from D’rick’s bottom lip because he couldn’t possibly not listen to a “male” spending time talking to him…why that would have been blasphemy.
5. C’leb has basically succumbed to the fact that he’s just in the house to be seen by millions. Even after being told by another outgoing HG that he had been “LEFT OUT” of the NEW ALLIANCE with hopes of getting him kicked out of the game, he became even closer to the CULPRITS and swept all bad feelings under the BB16 House rugs. He honestly wants to win but I think feels that he’s in the “Whatever Happens, Happens” MODE, not so much of the Beast-Mode Cowboy MODE. At times, an inkling of clarity has seeped into his thoughts when being DRILLED with D’rick’s dribbling lip sessions, but because he’s in that “que sera sera” mentality he’s bitten off and swallowed some of the sponge that he has become.
Now who’s going to win?
Who do I want to win? Anybody BUT…D’rick and F-kie and I’m sticking to it. Yet, closely running fast alongside them is C’dy because I just cannot stomach him for all sorts of reasons.
Either V’oria or C’leb winning would even out the seasons where the wrong person has won, in my opinion, going back as far as when Danielle got side swiped because the JURY were able to see the DR contents (or were told by evicted HGs before voting…too long ago…it’s forgettable) and everything went downhill for her and she was voted to lose. Thankfully, that policy ended AFTER Danielle lost to a SINGLE younger female, w/no dependents (I have no idea what her name is) because of the way the game was presented that season. Danielle had a husband and 2 or 3 kids and she played the BEST GAME in BB US History that I’ve seen of any other MINORITY(African American) on this show.
Honestly, I’ll be SO HAPPY when this season is over!!! Enough is enough!!!


That is one long post (who am I to talk) just to say: “I hate Derrick and Frankie. But mostly Derrick.”


I honestly think Victoria will win HoH next week. Hopefully Caleb wins Veto and Derrick gets the book. Wishful thinking.

how anti-climatic

Any1 else gotten to the point where the only thing they find even remotely entertaining left in this season is Caleb’s self-delusions?

Straight Guy

Arianna Grande’s record sales are plummeting, I think it may be related to her Sexual Predator brother.


Arachnoidia peaked already. She had her ten minutes. Next.


Hopefully Arianna’s entire career plummets and goes down the drain because if you read the one article about her she is just about as nasty and evil and vile as her Skankie Brother Frankie, and hope that if Frankie gets evicted on Tuesday and BB tries to rig the audience so Skankie does not get the Boos that he deserves that they are both, Arianna and Frankie, things to be flushed down the toilet since they apparently are both POS!!!! Both very ugly and mean siblings and they both deserve BAD KARMA and hope they get it!!!!!!! Would never let my children listen to anything that comes out of his horrid sister’s mouth after seeing how this family operates! Hope Frankie is hit with lawsuits so that his entire family are left fighting in court for years to come for sexual harassment and anything else that he can be sued for and would not be surprised if a few lawsuits are coming from outside of the house either by the way he sexually molest Caleb and Cody after being told to stop repeatedly bu both of them because a leopard does not change his spots!


She’s just not that great of a singer. I’m not one to jump in on these conversations, but the fact is her presence has manipulated the outcome of this game, and so she’s fair game for criticism just like Frankie. I’m willing to bet in five years most people will be asking, “Ariana who?”


I’ve been saying that all summer.

Along with Vicky Who?


As a lesbian I can tell you with certainty that there are MILLIONS of LGBT people who think exactly the same thing. People watch show like this and think scumbags like Frankie are representative of the gay community as a whole and HE’S NOT. Knowing that his (and his shitty sister’s) careers are being negatively effected by this is sooo gratifying. Maybe CBS will learn a lesson and think twice before they cast losers like Frankie just to boost his sisters career. They need to cast regular people who just happen to be gay and not these narcissistic, cartoon characters.

Donny: I never been asked the question before (referring to whether or not being gay is a choice). I answered yes but then I thought about it after and I realized I got it wrong …. when I was 10 11 or 12 I never got to choose, I just was. Why would being gay be any different?

Frankie: …many lesbians choose to become lesbians later in life. Women who have been with man after man after man after man choose to become a lesbian later in life. Gay men it doesn’t work so much that way.

Frankie logic

so according to Frankie, it’s only okay for him to backstab others because it’s good for his game, but when he’s on the block everyone needs to be loyal because that’s what America wants to see?

he thinks we want to see them hold hands and get to the end? NO! we want to see big moves, which we are all still hoping for..

big donny fan

So frankie goes but that still leaves us with these other four losers. Derrick will win if he makes it to final two. Caleb is the only one who might take derrick out but to do it he would have to win the veto and derrick couldn’t be hoh. But then either caleb, cody or victoria will win. We don’t have any good options.


Frankie been nice viewing you….NOT.

The Truth

I would be great if there was a significantly long feed leak of the diary sessions between the houseguests and the BB staff. Judging by Victoria’s comments about her conversation about he Eve outfit, they seem to get very off top and and inappropriate. Would be entertaining. Certainly more entertaining than what’s going on now.