Hand the cheque over “5, 10, 6, 7 thousand dollar shopping spree.. all new wardrobe.. a new truck”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-13 18-08-10-593
6:05pm Hammock
Cody says if Derrick takes Victoria to the end he’ll kick him in the balls. Derrick says if they take Victoria and she wins they will kick each other in the balls.
Derrick says as long as Victoria doesn’t win in the HOH they are good.
Derrick – If she wins HOH and he wins Veto than ya that is the only way he has a chance to talk sh1t about us.
Cody – I’ll be very frustrated if it is a double eviction ..
Caleb joins them.

BB16 2014-09-13 18-29-42-562

6:30pm HOH Caleb and Frankie
Clabe talking about what he’s doing with the money,.,.. “A big chunk of it is going to be gone.. a lot of it”
Caleb’s shopping list for when he wins the money
20K father’s wounded warrior project
20K brother church
45-50K New truck
150-180K house
Pay off his moms Lincoln mkz (35K)
Caleb says for people to tell him it’s life changing it’s not life changing..but it could be..it could be life changing if you took the 500 thousand and came up with some formula..
Frankie – To make it into 10 million and investment something smart..
Caleb – Something that can cure cancer… you put 250K into a new microscope that can detect something smaller than a cell.. you know what I mean.. stuff like that then you are making boo coos.. it’s worth it” (Caleb as a newly crowned Big Brother Winner is a con mans dream)

BB16 2014-09-13 18-54-18-638

6:52pm Rock room Cody finds Caleb had put Amber’s name on the inside of his cowboy hat. Cody wow dude that is the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life it’s gotta be some kinda joke ohh god that is terrible

BB16 2014-09-13 19-14-47-398

7:10pm Caleb and Derrick
Caleb fantasizing about opening for Florida Georgia line or Brett Eldredge. (Beastmode has blown a valve)

BB16 2014-09-13 19-21-00-291

7:17pm Bending space and time


7:27pm HOH Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
Caleb’s Shopping list for when he gets out part two (LOL no joke he’s going over this all the time)
Moms car paid off
Damons truck paid off
Blake gets 25-30K for the church
Dad gets 20-25-30K for the wounded veteran fund
“For me… a good 5, 10, 6, 7 thousand dollar shopping spree.. get me a all new wardrobe.. a new truck.. the rest goes in savings”
Frankie – I thought you said you would buy a house
Caleb – i’ll probably wait … my dad and brothers will build it

BB16 2014-09-13 19-37-37-414

7:32pm HOH Everyone but Cody
Again he’s telling them his shopping list when he wins Big Brother 16,…
I think Blake is now getting a truck.. other than that the same as above.. Ohh and he’s moving to Texas and….
Caleb – I can see it now Beast mode cowboy opening for Brent Eldridge.. it would be crazy..
Frankie – it certainly would
Caleb – crazy That will have to be my name now.. Beast Mode..
Frankie – Sure I don’t know why you would change it
Caleb – I need a professional vocal coach.. get some vocal strengthening …. I need to hit up my buddy that wrote for ‘Cody Kali’ .. if he’s playing he’ll let me sing some with him.. he doesn’t do huge shows though.. but it would be fine.. text him as soon as I get my phone ask him if he’s playing any time soon..I can’t wait for that day with confetti all over.. lets party, game is over.. we got a winner.. lets go and have a night we’ll forget.
Caleb – I will have a night I will not remember.. i’ll wake up in an alley somewhere with a tattoo on my head … beast mode was here.. nah I don’t get like that no more.. I use to get roasted.. not happening.. HAHAHAHAHA stop at a gas station get my self a jar’
Caleb says Unless he gets a record deal he’s going to go to “that Acting Agency that wanted him” Caleb says they want him to pay 2500 for the school tells them a story about someone who went to that school got a spot on CSI Miami. (Con men are lining up waiting for Caleb’s release)
Caleb then says he use to watch the Janet dickens shows and she said if an agency wants you they will pay you don’t pay them.
Caleb now telling them that he didn’t go to west point he tried to to play football but he wasn’t smart enough. (Pre Amber eviction Caleb was boasting that he went to west point. Derrick challenged this at the time caleb argued)

BB16 2014-09-13 19-37-31-415

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If Cody has the choice he should take Vic to the end he will win lol he doesn’t know if its up to Derr he is taking Vic with him

Straight Guy

If Cody takes Vic to the end, the jury will give the 500k to Vic for her survival skills. Cody doesn’t have any skills.


Survival skills by Victoria: wake up, put on hair and make-up, breath in and out, eat, repeat the next 3 months.
Is that why she should get $500K


Breathe? You see her breathing? I’ve watched her do her Death Stare tho, sitting at the kitchen bar, and just stare, unmoving, not a sound. Spooky. Not everyone can just sit dead still like that not blinking.


Don’t forget, she can “fake cry” real tears, too. 🙂


Omg Victoria is spooky never should have been on this show her and Frankie full of themselves for no reason they are nothing. To look at or like I really. Wa t Derrick to win


What survival skills? Are you watching the same show as the rest of us? She has done nothing and she doesn’t even save herself from the block. She is still there for the mere fact she CANT save herself or win anything. She’s so worthless people keep her around because she’s no threat. Nobody will vote for her in jury.


How is that any different from the rest of them? They are all there because they have had numbers since the start of the show.


Do you think Derrick is going to take Victoria? mmmmm I thought he said if someone takes Victoria that would be a cheap shot. Well, he’s done everything else low down and dirty, why not? That Derrick, you just got to dislike him uuughhhhhhh

if derrick takes vic to finals

then he should get the 500k for turning his pawn into a queen (as in chess)


Sock Monkey is way smarter than you!!!


I thought Derr was just saying that to cover all his bases?

I love him

Team Derrick allllll the way!

Death the Kid

Can’t wait for all this BS to be finally over! Frankie is a low life! All the rest have no clue on what is really going on! Derrick used them all and none of them can see it. The ones that did are in the Jury House. Victoria is still there because Derrick wants her to be with him in the final 2! Its so obvious! This show has been ruined by the network. They try to manipulate the game to what they think the people want to see. Haven’t watched an episode in 4 weeks now and the results are so predictable. The network tried so many times to save Frankie! If you don’t see it the final 2 will be Derrick and Victoria. Just what Derrick wants. He is the smartest player in a stupid group of idiots!


for a guy who hasn’t watched in 4 weeks, you sure know a lot that happened, umm

Death the Kid

I read the spoiler pages and my sister talks about it a lot.


And really, has anything even changed in the past 4 weeks? I have been reading less and less and everytime i come back its the exact same thing happening in the house. I remember reading in the middle-start of the season. when people were spazzing out saying this is total bullshit just give derrick the 500k and they were done watching. And then i never seen them again, and I have to say, good on them! They are the truly smart ones.


Funny how they have not watch closely yo see if Derrick and Victoria are truly mad at each other. That’s what I appreciated about Donny was that he watched people. Derrick noticed this that’s one reason he’s gone.

In this blog when Frankie and Derrick were talking about the 50k Derrick mentioned that it will be hard for Cody to flip. I took that as to flip to keep Frankie. If I’m correct that should have sent Frankie up the roof top. But it did not.
Frankie came out the room upset I’m not sure what happen. Had Frankie accepted he’s gone?


Good bye, Francie. Don’t let the knob get stuck in your ass on way out!!!

Straight Guy

Frankie has plenty of knobs up his wazoo, Caleb’s knob, Zach’s knob and Cody’s knob.


Best Comment Ever!!!!!! He literally talks about his ass all the time


Frankie walks like he has a di&k stuck up his ass. Have you noticed. I have seen it a few times and now I notice it every time he walks out of a room. At first I thought he was just a little bowlegged.


Not unusual for dancers, especially ballet. I’ve seen it referred to as a duck walk, waddle, etc, because they grow up trying to turn their fee and legs out away from each other, and dancing on toes, they actually do normal walking really awkwardly.

i also think he has actual physical problems, also not unusual if you are dancing in shows 8 times a week for Broadway live shows. if he got any time as an ‘alternate’ that is.


A dancer walks with his/her feet turned out, not like that. I walk like that when I have a rash. ;0)


Your right Sunny….my ex walked the same way and he was a ballet dancer.


We assume it is hemorrhoids but it is probably friction burn or a broken light bulb


We assume it is hemorrhoids but it is probably friction burn or a broken light bulb


That arse has seen more action than Ron Jeremy.

I think you meant

The Door! The knob is way too small.


Hey Simon, I need a clarification.

Since Tuesday is NOT a “LIVE” show, doesn’t that mean “NO” studio audience? Or are they taping that show WITH an audience? (Since there’s an eviction.)

If you know …..Please let me know. Thanks!

I sure hope they have an audience. Hearing them boo Frankie was (almost) all I had left to look forward to this season. Except for Donny winning AFH, of course. Remember to vote gang!


Here’s hoping that Frankie leaves the house to an empty studio with only the “exit” sign glowing in the darkness.


I don’t like him but Frankie will be just fine. He has his sister and she will be popular for another year or so. Then he will have a support base of enough people to keep him just the way he is. So chill out and just be happy that he gets voted out.

If you look at all past Big Brother participants, all of them are just ok. All you guys crack me up, with your rants, but please don’t stop because you guys sound just as bad as the contestants.

My friends and I laugh even more at the people and their comments on hear as much as we do at the contestants. We try to figure out who is actually getting so upset that they are interrupting their lives to the point that they are leaving them dolls and toys alone.

Whoever wins or loses it doesn’t matter just enjoy how bad or good the season is !!

Capt Obvious

To :).
You and your friends seriously gather around and discuss tv show blog comments???(is this where I’m suppose to type in your standard “haha” at my own comment like you do at the end of all your posts?? Do people REALLY type a comment, actually laugh out loud at it all by themselves, and then decide they need to let the readers be aware they laughed at their own joke but typing ‘LOL’?)


LOL! Seriously though I did get a chuckle from your comment and gave a thumbs up.


Wow, it sounds like you and your so-called friends live a very exciting social life. Can I be your friend, too pleeeeeeeaaaaaassse?


So to clarify:

1) we don’t sit together and read them, we do this on our own.
2) we don’t compare specific posts but just the over all tone of them.
3) I type the Haha because I’m as lonely as you are.

So please everyone don’t stop using this site as your therapy sessions, it’s fun to read a few of them everyday.


Alex C.

This means we cannot gloat at Frankie getting booed .

Straight Guy

Ray Rice got away with physical assault.

Frankie is getting away with sexual assault on national tv!



Dude. Give it a rest. You sound like you’re jealous.


One tweet from Ariana and Frankie wins AFP, with her 18.4 million followers.


I have to agree. He will win that award if she reaches out to her audience.
Also, remember he did win a spot on America’s Team


Ohh, I just saw Bieber’s tweet to Frankie. With his 54.5 million followers combined with hers, Frankie WILL BE AFP!

Southern Chick

I think it’s disgusting that the producers will cast houseguests with a social media army already at their disposal and continue to have a cash award given by public vote. It’s like Elissa winning last year because of the “Brenchal Army”.

I hoping for a miracle that Donny wins AF, but I just know it will be that stupid cotton candy head!

Ariana Grande stinks

Why would anyone expect the Grande family to be fair or honest. How do you think Ariana Lolita Grande made her way to the top of the charts? For her talent? Or her screechy voice? They are a heartless bunch…

Tim's Divorce Lawyer

Christine can’t keep her hands off of young boys,
Skankie can’t keep his hands off of young boys.
Christine is an adultress
Frankie is an ass.

Straight Guy

I take that as an insult to everyone because everyone has an a$$. Why not say Frankie is an a$$hole. While everyone has one, it is a void, but Frankie’s is disease ridden filled with pus.


And you found this out how ?????


Caleb is the turkey
Cody is the chopmeat
Frankie is the potatoes?
Derrick is the Bacon


Vic is the banana (nose)


Caleb needs some serious help! ‘Nuff said…

Southern Chick

“(Caleb as a newly crowned Big Brother Winner is a con mans dream)”

Simon hit the nail on the head. I know the winner shouldn’t necessarily be the most deserving of the money but who played the best game. But I still can’t help but root for those who won’t blow so much money on ridiculous things. It’s just telling of the maturity and caliber of the houseguests chosen the producers pick these days.


Caleb is using his inside voice talking about his list of things to buy lol.

Poor thing.

imo, re: keeping victoria, Derrick and Cody are well aware that they need Caleb out to ensure that one of them win HOHs, and/or get to choose. If Victoria is sent home first, they are up against someone who can actually win stuff, puts them into a very vulnerable position. I can totally see Cody choosing Derrick at the end, and I can totally see Derrick choosing Victoria for the end. I don’t know if Derrick will redeem himself in the eyes of the fans and choose Cody tho, that is actually the only thing that will be a surprise.


It’s scary that Caleb was found mentally fit to serve in the military.


I can’t believe Ariana Granade asked Justin Douchebag Beibs to tweet out to Franke’s twitter account. Barf, Barf and BARF!!! If Frankie wins America’s Favorite because of this, I do hope he gets major and I do mean major backlash via his social media because of this. He is an absolute nightmare and one of the reasons why this season has been so horrifyingly bad. Just when you think it can’t get worse. IT DOES!!!
I can’t wait for him to leave this week!

Oh no

You’re right! Bieber has tweeted about Frankie…. We must unite! We must defeat the teenagers / Frankie fans! Lol


Yes, it’s true! This is CBS’s secret weapon…the Biebs! His 54.5 million followers will break all finale records! Not to mentio Ariana’s 18.4 million followers. A…F…P! A…F…P! A…F…P!!!

Linda in Tx

When in Rome, do as the Romans…..

Contact potential followers for Donny to vote for him and their followers to do the same. For example, The Bold and the Beautiful Fans. . .

Teri B

THAT SUCKS. Kinda puts a “cherry” on top of a truly hideous season, doesn’t it?

Once again, thanks to Simon and Dawg for going thru the pain so we don’t have to. LOVE YOU GUYS!!



now were did you here that from Frankie need details if its second hand info its probably bs


Caleb has shown his true colors … idiot savant.


Idiot,yes. Savant,no.


Reports coming in that Amber has moved to another country.


Another universe may be better.

Beast Mode RentBoy

Amber, a another galaxy is in order. Get out of the Milky Way now! Caleb is going to use all those winnings and invest in new technology to build himself a space craft to track you to another planet and make boo coo money in the process. He’s such a fucking tool, after taxes you asshat you will not have as much as your already spending. If he were to win: Bankruptcy Mode Cowboy within months if not weeks.


Great rolling LOL on “con men lining up for BB16 winner, Caleb.” Thanks, Simon!


Frankie will at least refer his life coach to Caleb. Caleb thinks he’s going to be a bigger star than any previous house guest in BB history! Even bigger than Will Mega from season 1!


That’s because Caleb is a fucking retard.

These are GAME SHOW CONTESTANTS! How fuckin far do they think they’re going?


Beast Mode Cowboy dinner… it’s composed of hamburger, turkey, potatoes, and Bacon and a large barrel of bullshit

Hip Waders & Shovel

We are the required tools during any Caleb conversations. What a joke. The only guys I’d sit down and have a beer with, Donnie and Zach. The rest, their personalities/character are not what i’d care to spend an iota of time with.

How long till BB17 ???

My idea of a perfect BB17

New Producer
New Applicant Screeners and process
A Cast that represents a cross section of America. I dont care about showmance or a big frat house style cast. Players like Donny,Dan,Evil Dick, Players who are students of the game, not camera cuties
Conps that are unpredictable
Twists that are game changers

Now is that too much to ask for ?


Totally agree. Been saying that for weeks.

BBUS … check out BBAU. Tis might jog your memory what BB is all about. They have all kinds of twisted things going on. They started with the first night. They also keep the HGs hopping …..the HGs don’t sleep through the season.

Ariana Grande stinks

Nah… BBAU is a totally different concept and the show is meant to be entertainment for children. #BBAUsucks

Teri B

While I LOVE the way you think, and agree with your ideas, yes, it probably IS too much to ask.

If AG isn’t gone next year, I think I will be for sure. I know…I know, I’ve been saying that for years. But this season is the worst ever!


I would like to add the players are not allowed to say “thrown under the bus” (never saw a bus in the BB house over the years), “blood on my hands” (never saw anyone with bloody hands), calling each other “dude” or “bro”, etc.


in other words, comps that anyone could win. Nothing physical, nothing requiring coordination, nothing requiring speed, nothing requiring agility, that is nothing beyond the point at which any normal person can perform the task, as well nothing that any truly athletic person will have any sort of advantage when performing the task.

a good example is the board game comp done in BBCAN2. You throw the dice and move to a square. repeat until at the end, then you win. It is fun to watch, there is movement, but no one has any sort of advantage over the others just based on their physical ability.


Sounds like Candyland that you played as a child. If by some off chance Caleb does win the $500000 I hope someone in his family has enough sense to talk Caleb down from his spending spree before it gets started.


I agree its a perfect cross section of the early 20’s to early 30’s crowd. People bitching about the trash and sexual talk of the guys. Wake up to all those with a male significant other, don’t ever listen in on guy only conversations becasue you will probably not like what you’ll hear. The only difference is the HG’s are on camera and we’re not and don’t want to admit these kinds of converstions go on everyday everywhere. We all wear different hats depending on situations. Some have the “husband hat”, they’re not going to act like the guy wearing the “hanging with boys hat” at home with wife and family. Guys talk alot of tough guy talk, trash talk and sex, doesn’t mean they’ll act on or even mean the garbage they say. It’s TRASH talk. I’m in my forties and still talk smack regularly with others my age. I wouldn’t want my conversations caught on tape and most wouldn’t. I’m not saying all men are like this but I’d say most. We shouldn’t be surprised by these HG’s most see and do this daily.


Derr was smart getting rid of Hayden and Donny they knew exactly who the ring leader was and would be gunning for him

Alex C.

Donny probably should have kept his mouth shut about Derrick and played him instead using the Team America thing in his advantage.Staying closer to Derrick and Frankie, at least for the sake of appearance, would have taken Donny way further in the game and put more cash in his pocket given the fact his social game was not one of the best ones.Even though Donny saw Derrick’s game, he didn’t have the numbers to get Derrick out of the house because most of the house guests were unfortunately unable to see what Donny saw.

Poor Donny

The problem there was Derrick was trying to toss Donny right from the start which is why he got put up with Pow Pow. Donny was too far removed from the majority of players to integrate and Derrick saw an easy group to manipulate in the bomb squad so his efforts went there.

Alex C.

Everybody likes Donny (i like him too) , but his social game was…well It wasn’t at all, and this alone got him out of the house.

Boreal Bag Lady

Does anyone else find it kind of disturbing and very strange that this 31 year old oddity brags about having a following of 12 year olds??? I keep having visions of PeeWee Herman of the new millenia eeek!! Seriously…that’s his following? That and some moms??? wtf is there to follow or like about him? I truly must be missing something or I’m just getting old smh!


These are the 12 year old fans that follow his little sister.

Calebs winnings?

100K for surgery to move his brain from his ass to his head

Remainder for legal fees defending himself against charges of sexual abuse and harassment that Amber will have to inevitably bring against him.

The Caleb Delusion

It’s amazing and sad to watch Caleb lose his mind. It’s a wonder he even qualified for the show. The kid clearly has issues, and if he were to win, he’d be out of money before he got the check. He reminds me of a lot of Southern “good ole boys”, delusional and oblivious to reality.

Southern Chick

Don’t insult Southern “good ole boys” like that. Caleb would not qualify for that title where I’m from. He’s just a delusional tool. Period. I have a feeling that’s what his hometown thinks of him too, despite him saying he and his brothers are like celebrities there.


game show winnings were at one time taxed up to 40 percent sure its not like that now but govt. going to get a good 100k out of that 500k


Actually the winner would get around $250, 000 after taxes.


My hometown is about 25 minutes from calebs. And while i agree with you about caleb there isnt one good ol boy around there even close to acting or dressing like caleb

Ariana Grande stinks

He’s just a narcissistic delusional but harmless rube…

Retard Kowboy!!

Caleb is a 20 something year old man, who has a pi$$ brain of a 12 year old boy! No wonder Amanda wouldn’t want to be around the loof!

BB Season 16 $UCK$!!

Southern Chick

You mean Amber?

Jimmy 64

Goodbye FRANKIE Goodbye
If BB17 is an all star season who do you want to see
No body who has been on more than twice


That’s a tough one.

I’d like to see Nicole and Hayden.
Helen (i’d like to give her a chance to not be stupid about not getting out big players when you have the chance)
Neda from BBCAN (pretty sure they’ve had a canadian on BB US before 🙂 )
Will, Danielle and Shane actually, because I’d like to see how well they could do without the burden of having a coach that ended up trying to manipulate their way into the game themselves. (I used to think Will was over the top with his youtube personality schtick, but really he is a breath of fresh air compared to Frankie’s over the moon youtube schtick). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv8iqPyiWr8


Hmmmm…would like to see these folks:
Crazy James
Joe the Chef
Meow Meow
And I would have to bring Dan G back


Caleb has a good character, he just doing all this to put on a show, its far better than watching the other 4,its working cuz y’all keep talking about it.

Teri B

I agree! While he is quite stalker-ish, and I wouldn’t want to be Amber (or anywhere near him for that matter) I have totally enjoyed reading about him here! Oh, and that website where it lists all his supposed “jobs”…tamara tattles. Hilarious!!


OMG Cody if you win the final HOH and take Derrick, you would be the stupidest HG ever.


He wasn’t smart enough to get into West Point?!
You don’t say…..

He reminds me a little bit of myself…when I was in kindergarten….I wanted to be a flight attendant, pediatrician, teacher, and dancer.
Caleb (at the age of ~26 ) envisions himself model, country rock star, dancer, football player, venture capitalist, humanitarian. I think this guy has gotta go back to kindergarten!


I would think with all your mighty wit, you would have some idea how to spell.


Why do the idiots that come on this Big Brother think when they get out of the house they are going to be so famous? Do they think about previous seasons when they had far better players with way more personality, where are they? The only person who has been successful with building a career off of Big Brother is Jeff. Caleb is such an idiot, easily led, easily fooled and made to do what you want him to do, and then the dumb ass brags and acts like it was his idea! He is such a dumb person, he cannot keep his mouth shut, bragging about how when he wins, I use to feel sorry for the way they manipulated him, but this guy is really not that bright. Wait until how he see’s how America thinks he is such a fool! And let’s not even start on his obsession with Amber, I cannot wait to see his face when they kick him out after Frankie. Let’s hear him say then he’s the king of the castle!!!! What a fool, he is so stupid, the house cannot see that Derrick is playing them all, except for Frankie, I think Frankie knows, but he cannot touch Derrick now that he’s on the block.

Southern Chick

I’m just glad we’re getting to see the “real” Caleb again here towards the end. I was afraid after Amber was evicted (and Caleb got a wee bit more sane) that most viewers would forget his craziness and begin to root for him.

Now if only they would air some of his latest delusional ramblings on the episodes….instead of his adorkable failed karate moves.


Thank you!! It irritated me how people starting rooting for Caleb for a little. How quickly people can forget what someone is truly like! I’ve never forgotten and he is showing his true colors once again. He is a delusional, idiotic narcissist. I can’t wait til he leaves. He needs to invest in se therapy. I do feel had for him though bc he clearly does have a personality disorder of some kind.


ive only watched for 3 years but if they are fans they should know America almost never like a houseguest as much as they think I think derrick knows very well he has been saying seen day1 some will like you some will hate you really inside don’t think he cares I guess I was about 30 when I stopped giving a sht what people thought insecure people worry about what people think every person that watches the show could hate me if I won who cares only 8 or 9 million watch the show 300 million plus people in america


It’s a good question. Our brains think that we know these people, so we get emotionally involved. however, irl, we’re the definition of boob toobers and couch potatos, not only watching the show, but also the feeds, the chats and after dark. We won’t grow or learn or become enlightened, but we will bore the snot out of ppl who don’t watch the show. 🙂
Last year, I was so disgusted with myself for the wasted time, I swore I wouldn’t watch this year and yet == here I is.
Gotta chalk it up to intellectual laziness. speaking for myself, of course.

Chomp chomp

Do any of the house guests have manners when it comes to eating? I think not. Close your damn mouth when you chew! Good God, we all learned that when we were 5 years old!


I was thinking the same thing about their horrible table manners. I didn’t think it could get worse but then the burping began. And could someone tell Frankie eating is not a race or competition. I have noticed every time he eats, he barely chews before he shoves more food in his mouth and is constantly getting up for something. Not my idea of a family meal unless your family is a bunch of pigs.


Thank you!!! I can’t stand watching them on tvgn. If I were there in the house if have to get up and leave the table. Eating and sounds like that irritate me.


Caleb Caleb Caleb or should I say beast mode lactating cowboy… his stupidity makes me feel better about my life. Amber posted a pic on twitter the other night and it appears she may have had an engagement ring on.. not that Caleb had a chance in hell to begin with. So delusional. I think derrick will stay loyal to Cody in the end vs Victoria. Him and Cody bonded very early on an he knows Cody needs it for student loans and Vic just needs it for more mirrors probably and everyone already said Vic ftw if she makes it to final 2. With Cody all the jurors will recognize that derrick was mastermind and Cody was the lap dog. The jurors may respect the mastermind game derrick played over Cody plus Cody def won’t get Hayden and prob Nicole or donnys votes. Possibly won’t getcrustines either, also Cody will not get vics vote.


Nice post ! the season was defined from day 1 because of how the BOB was constructed and carried out. Nothing the house guests could have done, but to get into an alliance early. The girls had a chance to do it but ignored Joey. If production learns from this, then they will not do the double HOH’s again.


Oh just wanted to add…hey Caleb…it’s called an electron microscope…and they can see things WAY smaller than a cell.

Save ur $$ dude. Donate ur brain cells for science research.


The only way Caleb would be in University if his brain was in a jar

Kathy B

I’m watching BBAD and the HGs are all in the kitchen and they are barely speaking to Frankie. He keeps trying to initiate cinversation, without much success. Guess karma really us a bitch, Frankie – now you know how Donny felt for all those weeks.

Kathy B

Good grief, I can’t spell for love or money tonight! Conversation, obviously is what I meant.


The whole grande family is brutal! His sister asking (and then thanking) Justin Bieber to tweet out support for Frankie… His mom posting that Ariana WILL be tweeting out to get Frankie AFP!!! Their behaviour is sickening.

Now Zach fans (who are more vocal on social media/ twitter) and trying to get Donny fans to change their vote to see anyone but Frankie win… But Ariana even tweeted from Frankie’s account tonight about loving Zach… The one who will really make the statement is Donny4AFP!!!

Donny fans need to get more vocal about Donny for AFP! Who cares he won some TA money (a BIG argument by Zach fans), Zach will go home to his twitter followers and hanging out on the golf course all day and be tickled pink… Donny could really benefit from every penny he has coming!

If you want to vote for Zach, go ahead! Nicole, be my guest! But if Donny was YOUR FAV then PLEASE vote him as your AFP and don’t let the Zach fans take votes away from Donny just to spite Frankie….VOTE DONNY AFP!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!


Don’t worry frankenpuff little fans will not make him AFP because they are a lazy bunch and Donny fans are out in force ready to vote…


To say that the Grande family sucks is an understatement. The Grande family is seriously short of classy behavior. Saw this excellent post on Twitter. Now that it is certain Fakie will be evicted, the Grande family is trying to secure the America’s Favorite vote for him. Here is what someone had to say about that:
“It is sad to see that @ArianaGrande @joangrande (who have been blessed so much) would be so greedy as to enlist her 18 million fans to vote for Frankie as #BB16 #AFP (America’s Favorite Player). Why people who have so much would need more is beyond me. What makes this even more tragic is that from about week three or so, Frankie has been at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE Big Brother HouseGuest Ranking Poll. So in affect, they want to steal AFP from the HG who are the fan favorites by using Ariana’s 18 million twitter followers (who are not Big Brother Viewers). The question is for what? Does that money get them another Escalade to meet him with as he bragged about today on the feeds? Here is the thing @FrankieJGrande is not and has never been the Fan Favorite on #BB16. @JulieChen knows it, @Cbsbigbrother knows it, @agrodner22 knows it, @ArianaGrande knows it and the fans know it. #DonnyThompson and groundskeeper is a fan favorite, for which this money is life changing. @Ranceypants is a fan favorite. Make no mistake even if you steal the money from the real fan favoirtes……all of #BB16 fans will know the truth. You see Donny, Nicole and Zach the true fan favorites would never take what isn’t theirs just to stroke their ego’s and they would be ashamed if someone did it in their name. Apparently the same can’t be said for the Grande bunch. #Shameongreedypeople #donttakewhatisntyours”

How can someone stoop so low as to request this kind of manipulation. What a shitty, shitty family, shitty values, shitty sense of entitlement.

Good guys can finish first.....says

Frankie WILL win AFP – thanks to social media and the Grande fan base. However, CBS can easily fix it setby announcing that, due to the unfair advantage this year, they will be awarding another $25,000 to second place (Donnie).


Wow, that person really hit it on the head. I think that’s a perfect explaination of how fans really feel. I just hope that CBS realizes who AFP really is, and awards the money to him.

And as for the excuse that Fakie will donate the money to children in Africa (oh please), he’s changed that so many times. First it was the 500 thousand dollars, then it lowered to TA, then it changed to the stipend, then only part of TA earnings. What a shmuck.

Kathy B

Frankie: shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up, drop the fake Brit accent, shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up, stop talking about your school, shut up!!!

Thank you and good night!

worst bb ever

Does the princess do anything? I would not be cooking for her lazy ass. Her and Caleb have not done anything but shove it in there faces. That would get on my last nerve!!! They did not know what French dressing was?!?!?!


I’m 54. I’ve “heard” of French dressing…can’t say I know what it’s made of, tastes like, or looks like though. I guess I’ve never paid that much attention in the grocery store. So, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing to not know since it could be dependent on what part of the country you’re from and/or your culture. No one I know eats the stuff, and to my knowledge I’ve never been offered any in my entire life. Italian dressing, Ranch, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Djion…yes. French? nope. lol

worst bb ever

I’m from the Midwest, maybe it is a culture thing. It is a sweet dressing, orange to red in coloring. My favorite!!


Catsup and mayo, I believe. The French part would be the mayo. 🙂 Sometimes there’s a little pickle relish in it, too. sweet! cheap!


Did you see Caleb shoving a 4″ piece of chicken in his mouth. He says he is never hungry yet he eats Derrick’s chicken right off his plate! Disgusting No he is NEVER hungry unless you cook, then he will eat.


I know that a lot of you think that the jury is bitter but there is one person in the house that could get them to vote in favor if Derrick, and that would be Donny. Donny has caught on to Derrick’s game from the beginning. He’s also a big fan of the game so he knows how the game goes. I think that Donny will explain everything to the jury so that they can appreciate Derrick’s. I personally don’t like Derrick but he has played a great game. If he wins he will be one of the best winners of all time. You can hate his game but as a fan you’ve got to appreciate it.


I just LMAO when I saw that pic of Frankie trying to kiss Derrick.


Yikes! Looks like Stankie is in full force skank mode!! I would advise them all to run at this point.


The whole grande family is brutal! His sister asking (and then thanking) Justin Bieber to tweet out support for Frankie… His mom posting that Ariana WILL be tweeting out to get Frankie AFP!!! Their behaviour is sickening.

I don’t get why is this such a big deal , as you say they are family and that’s what family do , bet if it was your brother or son you would do the same .

Ariana Grande stinks

Sorry to break it to you but welcome to the real world!
How do you think Ariana Lolita Grande made her career? By being “talented”? By having a less than mediocre voice?
They will use whatever it takes to rake as much money as possible. $25k for AFP is not to be sniffed at! A few tweets from Ariana and Joanna will suffice and the 12 year old morons will be voting like mad…


This sh&* is so predictable, this season has been so boring. People are comparing Derrick to Dan? I’m not sure how that is because no one in the house is playing the game, no drama, no big moves nothing, everything is done just like clock work. My prediction, Frankie will be voted out, then Victoria, either Cody or Caleb will win the final HOH and pick Derrick as the final two because they think they can beat him. Derrick will win the 500k and most likely Donny will win MVP.

I just wrapped up the next two weeks in one paragraph “Yawn” what an exciting season.


This season is pretty bad but you have to remember that Dan’s first season was great because he had a lot of good players in season 10 but the other season had bad players. It’s not about the players themselves it’s all social and even though you have bad players you have to know how to work them to your advantage. Derrick is out of Dan’s league but he surpasses a lot of some of the best players. He controlled a whole house. Without really being seen as a threat.


I am beyond irritated that ariana Grande latte and that little punk Justin bieber are tweeting out support for Frankie who has 700+ thousand twitter followers on top of all wannabe toddler hooker mariah Carey and biebs. Ughhh! So annoying. Watch a new twist come now that justins tweeted dpov or some BS. Donny deserves to win Americas favorite. He played a hell of a game by himself and he’s hilarious. I will never watch Bb again if the flamingo wins afp.


Caleb saying in about 2 weeks time…”welcome to lowes”


Everything Victoria accuses Christine of, she is – annoying, constantly flirting (especially with Cody’s hair), rubbing on anything that will accept it. If she gets ‘paid’ for this…it’s turned into hookin’ for dollars.


To me, anyone but Caleb should win.. He’s so spineless it’s ridiculous.


BIG difference here; she is single Christine was married. Victoria can do whatever she likes; she has no one to answer to.

J sizzle

All I can say is Derrick and Cody deserve to be final 2. They have totally complimented each other throughout the season both have carried a loyal female through different ways and basically kept numbers, with the fact Caleb is easily manipulated Derrick basically controlled the vote the entire season . Sorry for all the Derrick haters but he totally controlled this season and is in Dan gheesling status. I mean basically he did what any great player has done and that is keep himself safe all season and controlled the vote without people targeting him and the people that were targeting him were out as soon as he had the chance. Even Frankie was targeted early cause Derrick knew he was a comp beast and he would’ve been gone that week until frankie pulled off that miracle win. So for the next few weeks Derrick just sat back keeping the target off his back while he systematically had a hand in everybody being evicted and doing it with no blood on his hands. Donny was kind of like Derrick and just didn’t have the right. Type of people to work with or it would’ve been harder for Derrick and Cody. Which causes me to believe that’s another reason skanktine got booed cause she basically betrayed her friends Hayden and Nicole for a flirtmance with Cody if it wasn’t for her Donny Hayden Nicole and Jocasta along with skanktine had numbers and I think Derrick and Cody realized this and took advantage and reeled her in with Cody’s charm and good looks. So if I’m forgetting anything or thse aren’t valid points please retort, but hands down Derrick is one of the greats !!!!!! And he deserves the win and Cody should get the 50k.


Beast mode cowpie is such a simple minded doofus……a fool and his dream money are soon parted….adios cowpoke.


What are the chances that we see Pandoras Box? I just can’t see production letting Frankie go. Something is going to happen to keep him in until at least final 3.


If things go as planned and Frankie is sent to jury over the next few days, then it makes all the sense in the world to send Caleb packing if he doesn’t win the veto.

Victoria isn’t going to win any comps against Cody or Derrick.


The best part of the season for me was when my 12 year old son and I sat down to watch “our show (bb)”, and he said to me, “Mom, don’t get me wrong, Ariana Grande is hot, but they should have never put her brother on a show. Can you sign up for CBS and we can make sure Donny wins AFP?” At least one tweener isn’t disillusioned, even though he firmly believes that our votes for Donny will change the whole outcome of AFP. LOL


Smart young lad you got there. My son, who’s now a Marine thank you very much, got up off the floor (his usual tv watching spot) and announced to his parents that he would no longer watch Big Bro because of the lying, cheating & cutthroat behavior. What parent is going to yell at their kid after that, not I.

The doctor

Is it true Frankie little sister and the little Canadian kid who needs to get his ass kick are planning to crash the voting process for A F P??


oh is it really going to happen, is the pink haired weasel finally leaving, oh please please let it be, I have been waiting for this day for a LONG time, no more messing with it BB, get that bastard OUT!

Ariana Grande stinks

Crayleb is on a roll today – HAHAHAHAHA

” I’m straight out making out with Amber at the finale. Right there on stage. That girl’s in love with me.”

“It’s been a long time [since he had sex]. A long time. Maybe I’ll fix that at the finale. Me and Amber. “


I am certain that Amber has a restraining order ready to hand Cale.!


I come here every day, to catch up bc I can’t stomach watching them on tv anymore. One thing I find here every single day is so many assuming, angry people. Why do you have to sit around & try to figure out how production will do this or that to save or get rid of certain people? Do I believe production plays a role in the house? Absolutely! However, I do not believe they control EVERY THING. Anytime something doesn’t go the way some of you want it to, it’s productions fault. Yet, you also never stop trying to tell production what to do to make the house work the way you want it to. “Oh they should do a DPOV to save this person, give America what they want Allison.” (always something of that nature) If so many of you think it’s rigged so strongly & you don’t like it, stop watching & stop being so negative on the boards. Some of you wish bad upon the houseguests & that puts you on the same level as the houseguests. What happened to just watching a show & dealing with it at face value? Again, if you don’t like how the show is run, stop watching. You can be done with this season & hope for a better one next summer. But please stop assuming so much & stop being so rude, hateful. It’s freakin Big Brother, these people weren’t put in the house to save the World. You have no idea what you would do personally, if you were ever blessed to play the game yourselves.


You are doing the same thing…coming here because you can’t “stomach” the show, and bitching because what you are reading isn’t up to your standards. Suck it up, buttercup.


Maybe they shouldn’t have an AFP this season if the vote is going to be tainted. I’d rather no one win than Mango.


How sad that the players had more brains than the production people of BB: They have TWO Head of Households and then the Battle of the Block competition, so the players figure out that if they pick people who will throw it THEY determine the actually Head of Household (again I say the HOH determine the final HOH); then they put someone on with a sister that is popular among 12 year olds, releasing an album, on an awards show, has millions of followers, asks Bieber to have his followers vote for Frankie and Big Brother calls this a level playing field, This was a set up.