“The fun has been sucked out of the whole situation.. I was enjoying the experience as what it was”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

From what I can see Kyle will be evicted. There was some fallout inflicted on Brittany and Michael.

12:16 pm Monte and Terrance
Terrance – last night got in my head.. it will be an unpopular opinion I’m honestly really thinking of the ramifications that happen when we leave. Us sending him away does that really change anything in his mind? I think that encapsulates what everyone feels about him Americans included.
Terrance – my thought is would it be a better opportunity for him to stay and grow and possibly progress his thought process to give him the opportunity to change the stigma that he has.
Terrance – that’s an easy move to me. The problem I have with that process is Taylor is up against him.. to me that was a weirdo move on Mike. use the veto on Brittany
Monte – yeah.. we saw that coming a mile away.
Monte – how do you feel about the trust component after this week?
Terrance – if we do save him it’s me and you
Monte- I don’t think he’d hesitate with that at all. That’s my biggest concern.
Terrance- I got you. I was just spitballing I always need a sounding board.
Monte – My thing is I am big on actions.
Terrance – Me too. Words mean nothing. I tell my kids all the time I’m deaf. You got to show me cause I’m deaf
Monte – the toughest part from a game perspective is he’s a strong competitor when it comes to the battles we’ll have to face. We need as many as we can if Michael were to play in a veto. It’s tough to beat him right now.
Terrance Says Michael and Kyle have been neck and neck in the HOH competitions.
Monte – that would be a game benefit for sure. Someone that can take that shot. Everybody has to be thinking the same things right now..
Feeds cut. When we’re back..
Monte – if we were in the real world there will be no exiling of him from my life. If anything I would want to bring him closer. it’s like kids if they don’t face any consequences for their actions
Terrance – then they don’t really learn
Monte – it’s not a negative consequence he’s not going to jail.
Terrance – true..
Monte- there will be more consequences once he gets out. That’s the justice in the process. Sometimes the best thing is to let somebody experience the consequences.
Monte – I would hate the thought process to revert back like.. ohh well it’s not that big of a deal.
Feeds flip/cut

Monte says they’re all loving on Kyle and forgiving him. “that’s the unconditional loves you don’t see in the real world”

Monte – by him admitting in the living room ‘I thought my thoughts were rooted in race’
Terrance – I told him upstairs you gotta admit your truth in this whole thing.

1:15 pm Terrance alone
“I don’t know if I want to talk about it. I’m trying to be progressive. I’m trying to change the narrative I feel like if you do something different in the moment than what you can easily do you can see some type of change. I’m trying to be optimistic”

I do believe and this is my truth.. I truly believe that Royal Caribbean has figured out.. I have never experienced any feeling of racism. So whatever Royal Carribian is doing they have it downpat. You have every single melting pot in that boat and everyone just vibes out. If they aren’t whatever they keep it in the tuck. South out to Seattle as well. You have it downpat too.
Weight loss journey I’m not at 255 I’m making a lot of great progress with that from where I was. Hopefully, the goal whether I reach it here or not is 230.

“I’m trying to be progressive and seeing past light and hope that I can navigate change and hope that the stigma to be the stigma. I look at the memory wall. I look at everybody that’s left and.. you know.. I look at the fact that the majority of them are Nicole, Daniel, Jasmine, Joe, Indy, to know they left for many different game perspectives.”
“The fun has been sucked out of the whole situation.. I was enjoying the experience as what it was.. now it’s just like Phew.. ”
“that doesn’t make it a quit situation or you give up or you don’t push yourself. It’s just a stumbling block. taht’s all it is.”
“Being 47 growing up on the south side of Chicago I grew up on the part of Chicago that had its situation of being segregated. Where I grew up it’s called The Morgan Park Beverly area in that are we had a grop of black people that live on the other side of western if you go across western you knew it was a different situation. you knew driving down west that you were taking a risk on the street. You knew it was better to walk up 119th street to eastern than cut across to Walgreens instead of going which would be more convenient up the backway. Walking up you might run into a situation. you just knew.
There are still parts of Chicago where you just know.
Terrance thinks still to this day there are people scared to drive up through Oakland “You know you will be pulled over”

2:05 pm Brittany and Michael
Michael – I can’t put up Turner next week.. I can’t
Britt – no not next week. I fee like I need to know if Monte is with us still because if we did win next week and we can’t put up Turner it would be Alyssa and Terrance and I don’t want to leave Alyssa on.. I think Alyssa could be competitive-wise. She is very smart.. She is studying.. but it’s Taylor level of Studying.
Britt – she had the day wrong today.. OKAY
Britt – I’m thinking Final 4 Monte or Final 4 Alyssa what do you think?
Michael – I don’t know we’ll be at 7 next week. If we can’t put up Turner.
Britt – not everyone plays veto
Michael – one person doesn’t
Britt – does it even make sense to win next week.
Britt – there has been a reset. An opportunity to lay low and have everything blow over a bit. They realize there was never a good time. (never a good time to be vocal about racism?)
Brittany says day wise they need another double.
Michael – I just wonder what Monte will do next week. If he’s not going to put up Turner. I think Turner has a past for next week now. Would he really put up Terrance and Alyssa?
Britt – I don’t know I think that’s a conversation worth having.

2:18 pm Brittany talking to Taylor while Terrance sleeps.
Taylor – Have you talked to Alyssa to see how she’s doing?
Britt – I did this morning.
Taylor – can’t be easy
Britt – no
Taylor – I’m all rattled up about my friendship with Joe I can imagine .. I mean C’mon
Britt – there were lots of conversations yesterday for sure. All of us need this time to decompress.
Taylor – I do want to check in on her I just needed to lay.. they hit me with no naping I said ‘did you know the 24 hours I had’
Britt – I didn’t get any sleep last night
Feeds flip when we’re back.
Britt says going into this game she knew there was a risk she might say something that will hurt other people. “You can hurt people on a very large stage”
Britt – I thought it was very binary you say those things or you don’t. I didn’t ever anticipate that you can be caught in the middle of something. All the complexities of us getting caught in the middle and what that shows about you about being caught in the middle.
Britt – I get really angry. Turner wasn’t put in the same situation, Alyssa wasn’t put in this situation why the hell was Michael and I. (britt keeps getting better)
Feeds flip to kitchen.

2:55 pm Terrance (and Brittany) has been doing a lot of thinking today.

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turner is dumb. he had such a great first hoh and now he pulls an hoh that rivals taylor’s in how bad it is (and point of fact both should have thrown what were very easy to throw hoh comps). turner now goes from 3rd with kyle/alyssa and 4th with everyone else to 7th for everyone in a week where he can’t play hoh (assuming kyle goes). yes, you have to move up that ladder, but you move up by the other sides taking shots at each other.

i guess i’m rooting for monte now? he hasn’t made any major mistakes and i hate watching players who are over reliant on comp wins like michael or taylor/brittany who i guess are just hoping they win the final hoh to finally take out michael in 3rd.

La La La

Can’t blame Turner for his HOH. Being in his situation and someone comes to you about race, hard in this day to question that someone would make that up. I’m sure he is aware by putting Kyle up his game is over, but he had to do it. I blame all this on Michael and Brit, horrible game move and now look at the mood of the house. They suck for playing that type of game.


nah, you still put up terrance or monte. you made your choice at the start of the hoh. flipflopping to save taylor is ridiculous. if michael’s so concerned about race he can take taylor off the block and let me send home brittany.


If Michael was soooo concerned about race, then he shouldn’t have sent Jasmine home!!

Palm Oil's Meds

That was a great move by Michael. I was never a fan of his till now. I don’t feel bad for Kyle or Turner because they played a dirty game too. It was super dirty targeting non-white players that were not even working together. If it was the other way around, you guys would be mad.


If he was soooo concerned about race, he shouldn’t have sent Jasmine home. Michael probably is the most manipulative player there is or that I’ve EVER seen on Big Brother. It truly makes me not want to watch it anymore. It shouldn’t matter what your skin color is and who goes home. I think that point was made last year that if a race wants to really band together, they can win. But we’re not in a Civil War! This should be for entertainment not politics or debate.


It was that way last season. Did you think it was dirty then? Of course not.


How do they suck by being honest about something that shouldn’t have even been said.

The Corey's

What’s going to happen when someone uses Michaels homosexuality against him as a reason not to go-to the finals?

Homosexuals have done exceedingly well in the last decade and I bet Michael would be infuriated to learn if someone used that fact against him.

Kinda like how he had no problem using a offhand remark by Kyle as a way to get him and his numbers back on the right side of the house.

Dude is a sociopath. Also he’s a racist.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

An off handed remark?
It wasn’t one time, Kyle let his paranoia get the best of him and he repeatedly said it to multiple people, multiple times (Michael, Brittany and Alyssa).

He admitted it yesterday when they had their house meeting.
Kyle said that his “thoughts were rooted in race… “.

I for one do NOT think Kyle’s a racist.
I just think he’s young, dumb, immature and slightly ignorant to the cultural standings of this country.

Kyle seems like he’s been VERY sheltered his entire life, so it stands to reason that he wouldn’t know much about other races & cultures outside of his little bubble in Utah.

That’s why I dont think he’s racist… he’s just not hip/wise to the world around him.

That being said… you need to stop minimizing what he said.

Kyle’s isn’t minimizing it, he’s accepted responsibility & taken accountability.
He now understands that he brought this on himself, and his paranoia took him to a place that he should have never went (as there was never any evidence that anything like the cookout was occurring — look at the relationships in that house, the POC couldn’t stand one another (and yet, he kept imagining it was occurring).

So if Kyle isn’t minimizing what he said, why are you?


But there was little evidence of the cookout when it was actually happening. So so he had a right to be paranoid, but to us at home it was obviously misplaced concern. The cookout brought race into this season and all future seasons. It’s a disgusting thing. I won’t watch anymore till they somehow fix this issue going forward.


Dude Kyle made multiple comments over two months span not one off-putting comment are you kidding


I totally ? agree! It truly makes me not want to watch it!!


Monte did in fact have talks of doing a people of color alliance back in the first couple of weeks. Why is it okay for that talk to be unaccounted for but Kyle is being called a racist for wanting 4 “white ” HG on an alliance? I never actually heard him say the words that they are making it out to be.

Verdella W Fisher

If you listen to Kyle himself, he admits to everything Brittany and Michael said about him, motives and ignorance as well. Kyle is actually, at 29 years of age, having an honest epiphany.


“The fun has been sucked out of the whole situation.. I was enjoying the experience as what it was.. now it’s just like Phew.. ”

Terrance said it all.


Michael did this. Michael pulled this game into the mud by coining the term “all-white alliance”


oh please

Palm Oil's Meds

You guys are more sad about racism being exposed than about racism happening. lol

Verdella W Fisher

The Silent Majority was an all-white alliance that Kyle proposed to Michael and Bittany with his own words and is small mind. They sat on it and weaponized the white race card after Brittany was threatened. Before she went on the block, Michael and Britt were content to remain silent.


well Terrance shouldnt have came into the game trying to start an all black alliance

Tom the Canuck

How do you know this?

Palm Oil's Meds

lol, Terrance hates the other blacks in the house so why are you making up stuff?


The other blacks ?


The other people of color is a better term, or the appropriate way to say it.

Verdella W Fisher

You’re a riot. Terrance loves working with white people. In fact, you could say, he prefers working with white men like Daniel, Michael, and Kyle.

Trogdor the Burninator



I wish there was a love button for this!!

BB No More

Exactly. I stopped watching last season for this very reason and have now deleted my upcoming recordings for this season as well. Already thought the cast was lame, but refuse to watch now. This show is supposed to be entertainment and an escape from the real crap going on in the world and now it’s neither.

Tuck Up

BB No More, clearly you are still watching or you wouldn’t be here commenting.

The Corey's

So Terrance sees this like we all see this. A whole season down the drain because some dumb gen z white apologist wanted to play white savior card.

Turner cemented him self as one of the dumbest players ever when he had to pick a side and 2 days later decides to pick the other side.

Bro, you can’t win when you’ve upset both sides of the house. The idea that you can hide behind the race card and keep Alyssa and Terrance off your trail is the dumbest crap ever. You made your self a bigger target, not smaller.

To be clear, this movie would of been hella fun to watch unfold just for the chaos if it had not been predicated on the fact that it is about supposed minor racial transgressions.

Cbs you already got your woke season that no one watched, between this and survivor ever season you’ve had since you announced your token pledge to use more minorities has turned into a white man is racist even when white man doesn’t know he’s a racist bullshit*t mansplanning drag.


It is literally one biggest blunders I’ve ever seen. What Turner just did doing Michael dirty work to back door a final 2 in Kyle. Turnaround to just have Michael Britney Monty and Taylor seriously contemplate taking him out in the next two rounds. Turner literally just handed those 4 a final 4 ticket. Just horrible gameplay. It doesn’t make any sense for him to want to do this and keep Taylor? Even Turner knows that he should keep Taylor. It just doesn’t make strategic sense for him to want to do this. The show will do everything they can to appease the Taylor Twitter crowd.

The Corey's

All Turner ended up doing was piss off everyone this week and show he has no game play, that today he’s with you but tomorrow he might be with them. It’s pathetic for him to do that.

Obviously he’s going to hide behind this Kyle drama and this movie HAD to be made for all the righteous reasons on can expunge from their small brain but the reality is, no one is looking at Turner as loyal now. He’s turned on 3 alliances in 3 days.

I Spy

Unlike you and other arm-chair quarterbacks, Turner’s principles (and I believe the economics) are what’s most important. Turner is BLM and sensitive to racial causes. Why would he appear to side with a racist and sacrifice everything he stands for a damn game? Also, from an economic standpoint, I believe a CHANCE (repeat, a chance) to win $750k pales in comparison to his potential post game marketability. A racist stench would likely impact his post game earnings. He made the best move for him — put Kyle up and let the house decide.


Indy And Joseph are black? Exactly what does this have to do with BLM? Comments like yours are what keeps racism alive. Everything is white or black to you. Kyle’s concern, a very valid one, was that people with diverse ethnic backgrounds would ban together. Because they came into the house verbalizing those platforms. Nothing about it being “black”. His examples weren’t even pertaining to black people. Quit with race cards all together. Particularly if all you see is white and black. Signed one “brown” person who hates race categories all together.


Indy and Joseph Are Not Black….Period!

Sic 'Em Bears

It’s amazing to me that the conversations are about everyone being wrong, except for the person who made the “prejudicial” statements. There’s a difference between racism and prejudice. He prejudged them based on their race, but he didn’t display hatred toward them. He was wrong for doing that and hopefully he expressed true remorse. However, this doesn’t absolve him of the consequences of those actions. I teach my minor age children to assume responsibility for their actions. To blame everyone else in the house, except Kyle makes non sensical. He put himself in that situation and hopefully he’ll learn a lesson.


Seriously? What on earth do you think BB game is? It’s all about being predjudice as paranoid. Fault the game and CBS, not Kyle or anyone else “expecting the expected and unexpected”. CBS embracing any alliance, decision, etc based on race, creed, ethnic background- put this situation in play. Not Kyle. Ridiculous.


Was it prejudicial for the cookout to pick token whites to sacrifice?

Post comment

Cry more lol

Only Reading Feeds

Was there a house meeting? Did Kyle admit what he said was wrong?


You will only know if they decide to air it tomorrow. All that was pretty much revealed is that it cinched Kyle going up as the Replacement nominee and that yesterday was very draining

The Corey's

Reading between the lines it seems Kyle had or was pushed by production to have a meeting so they can get the footage they need to make sense of this bs by having him be culpable for the accusations lodged against him.

I would never of done this personally, I would of flat out said Michael and Brit are playing a race card because they’re in trouble this week and white frankly it’s disgusting.

But it seems Kyle decided to own up to his micro transgressions and no doubt at the direction from CBS.

yvonne miller

Expect the unexpected.

I Spy

“…Michael and Brit are playing a race card because they’re in trouble this week and white frankly it’s disgusting.”

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


I hate the players who play that kind of game. This can ruin a persons life outside. Kyle may be dumb but he did not say or do anything racist. Taylor said she would not vote out a black female, after last year and paranoia that exists in the house, thinking another cookout could be forming is a legit possibility. #onlyreadingfeeds

Palm Oil's Meds

Get mad at Kyle because he played the race card first. He targeted non-white players. He started this! I loved the Leftovers until Kyle made it about race.


That’s not what she said…she said that she would never nominate another Black woman…she never said anything about not voting them out. Fact check.

Plainly Speaking

So by Taylor saying she would never nominate a black woman, that means Taylor would not have to worry about having to vote a black woman out on her HOH. You do realize that it is kinda hard to get voted out if you aren’t nominated. ?


Michael and britney didn’t tell until they were safe they didn’t tell to be safe this week they already were .if they don’t vote Kyle out for this I think he learns nothing and suffers know consequences.

Keeping It Real

Wrong, Cathy. Britt was on the block. Michael wanted to use veto on her AnD keep Taylor safe (his final 3) so using race card allowed him to pull Britt off (his final 2) and keep Taylor cuz now there is no way a POC will be voted out this week.

The Beef

If in fact that is what happened, Kyle is not only not smart for doing it, he’s probably sealed his own fate for the vitriol he’s going to receive when he gets out of the house. I can maybe understand him trying to smooth things over with the people inside, but if he flat out admitted he had “racist thoughts” like the statement in the update above seemed to indicate, he shouldn’t have said that, and should have asked for and RECEIVED legal counsel BEFORE he ever said anything on camera – and I don’t give a damn if CBS liked it or not.

It’s his life we’re talking about here, not just fodder for their entertainment programming. He could have (and probably should have) used the mental health argument – said he was in distress and needed counsel by both a doctor and a lawyer before saying anything to anybody. Yes, that includes removing himself from the game, if need be to get those things done before he went and admitted “guilt” to being racist in front of a national television audience, and if CBS gave a damn about him, they would have provided those things to him.

And NO, I’m not a doctor or an attorney and I don’t know what he said. Just saying he shouldn’t have gone in there, stood in front of that crowd and admitted he had racially motivated thoughts, just to appease production or to try and get back in the good graces of his cast mates. That’s all.


Michael is a criminal lawyer. He knows that what he brought out would be detrimental to Kyle’s life inside the game and his life outside in the real world. Unfortunately saving Brittany in the game was more important to him.


Karma will at some point hit Michael and Brittney when they don’t expect it. Yes this will no doubt have a lasting effect on Kyle life. His future relationships, his family, college, and employment. Hopefully Michaels law firm, and Brittney’s employment gets wind of their actions. Only time will tell. Kyle reference to Michael and Brittney was the cookout last season. Why didn’t they tell everyone about this earlier. Now both Michael and Brittney think this was ok. They needed to bring this out now because so their game would not be lost. Shame on them.

Teleia McCabe

When they are cast, all HGs are required to sign an airtight contract that pretty much states that both CBS & the production team cannot be held liable for anything that happens in the house. In return the HGS are provided food, shelter & medical care for their duration of time on the show. If they leave before their contract expires, they are financially responsible for all expenses related to their time on the show, including airfare to & from the location, in addition to losing their stipend.

Teresa C

What is the difference between this season and last season when they side the first night they were forming a all black alliance? I don’t see if Kyle said that it is any difference! I’m so over all this political woke bull shit!

yvonne miller

Big difference. Kyle was wrong and I’m glad he was exposed as a racist. As a black person I understand after 23 years of the all white alliances why the cookout was formed. I was so glad to see an even playing field when I saw 6 black people on the show instead of just one on two where we never had a fighting chance. Kyle made this political. Thank god for people like Michael. Kyle was coming for the gays next after he got rid of the blacks. He was not going to take Turner to final 2 he was going to take Alyssa.

Sic 'Em Bears



So gays and blacks win unless they play the hate card? You gotta be kidding me.

Palm Oil's Meds

But you’re okay with whites playing the race card on this show for the last 23 years???


Blame CBS for all white alliances in the past due to the lack of diversity casting. Had ZILCH to do with anyone saying, or implementing an “all white alliance”. This coming from a Mexican. Guess just how many Mexican alliances have been formed? Sort of hard to do when hardly any have been cast. Now let’s just say the numbers were there for it to occur. Would you view said Mexicans as White or black? Or just lumped as POC? If said alliance said hey “only Mexicans/Hispanics. We must vote out all whites and blacks. Is that cool? This is absolutely all ridiculously and I’m over this race narrative. Racism exist because people won’t stop categorizing people as one of two races- white/black. Ironically the two examples Kyle provided with ethnic agendas are considered white by American race categories. Just ridiculous.


How exactly was he going for the blacks? Going into this week it was gonna be 4vs 4 the four he was going after was 2 white people and 2 black people and instead of trying to get turner to nominate monte and Taylor he decided hey let’s pull in one of these black people to try and evict the other white guy yea that makes so much sense for a racist to do

La La La

Sounds like it. Probably forced to.


I am done with Big Brother after this. After the Cookout with a twisted justification for racism and now production allowing this to happen to a contestant, why would anyone think this game is fair? Adios


After this week I will vote for Julie as AFP lol


why? shes part of the problem


I am wondering who will get AFP. None of them deserve it at this point. Maybe I will vote for Jasmine’s ankle. It played a better social game and tried harder than anyone else in this game.


And Michael is no longer in first place.

Dear Brittany, The reason you and Michael are pulled into this is because Michael sat on the information, stayed in an alliance with Kyle, and only pulled his righteous indignation act when he realized that he had painted such a huge target on his back that everyone in the house wanted him out.


Everyone agrees that Brittany is one of 2 people left in the game that people want to take to final 2 because they feel that they can beat them. I know people disagree with me on this but I still see Turner winning


turner needs to do some serious damage control. there’s winnable final 2s for him left. brittany, taylor, and terrance continue to have nothing on their resume afterall (neither does monte, but people don’t seem to notice this). it’s getting there that looks all but impossible whereas going into this week he could have just locked himself in a room and made final 4, probably even final 3, and be a comp win or two away from final 2.


Monte came up with ideas so that is on his resume. The problem comes that everyone else, mostly Joseph, did the execution of the plans

The Beef

I think he’s unlikely to win, but it depends on who he’s up against. Ironically his best chance now might be against Michael, since I think a lot of people will recognize this latest move as dirty game play and hold it against him.

Otherwise, I don’t see him getting any of the current 3 juror votes against anybody. Kyle certainly won’t vote for him now. Terrance might throw him a vote depending on the opponent, but I see the rest voting for each other (except for Michael and maybe Brit), other than him, so I just don’t see him winning.

I’m down to pulling for Monte and Terrance. They’re about the only two that haven’t screwed up the game, other than Alyssa, and she just hasn’t done anything.

yvonne miller

Well that’s how the game goes. Get over it. Michael is the GOAT this season.

Palm Oil's Meds

I know right! When Kyle was targeting non-white people these same people crying in the comments said “Kyle’s just playing the game.” Well, Michael is just playing the game. lol Checkmate!


You’ve stated multiple times your a black woman, surprise surprise you only like michael now because he used kyle as a scapegoat for his own gain. you gonna keep that energy when he turns on the blacks going forward? because he didn’t do that for morals. he did it to further himself and brittany

I Spy

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Karma Karma to Michael and Brittney hope their lives and employments will hurt them.


Poor Brittany, such a burden she’s had to bear. However will she survive being subjected to such hardship in the BB House? Seriously. She’s been carried by Michael every week to the F7. But her suffering has been monumental. Maybe when she goes to jury, she and Jasmine can mutually commiserate about their woes.


Turner has a wide range of taste. I like Leonardo DiCaprio but I don’t think that he’s the best.

The Corey's

Cbs out here for Kyle on a apology tour for something that isn’t a big deal and really milking it and making Kyle look infinitely worse.

Dude should just walk out of the house because CBS is out here having zero hamming it up.

I stopped watching last season as soon as the cookout formed and I guess this is where I stop watching this season.


So your against black people wining great remark

Keeping It Real

Is that what he said? Geez. The Cookout was racist. PERIOD. It may have been celebrated and revered for a black group banding together but it was racist. They agreed to each grab a non black (NOT non POC as Derek/Alyssa were POC), lie to them and when time came throw them to the curb. Loyalty be damned. Claire didn’t deserve what she got! Oh wait! She wasn’t black so last year she was deemed a loser from the get. I’m a POC and last year was my least favorite season. Corey’s and I both agree that it’s not that a black person won. It’s how the whole thing went down.




So Michael used the POV on Brittany but I probably go with Taylor if I were him. He needs allies that can compete. The Next HOH comp is a must win for him, He’s next!


Man I just dont like this show anymore. I was so happy with things up until this week besides the obvious bullying of Taylor early on.
Derek Levassuer hit the nail on the head when he said social media has ruined BB. People arent real for fear of saying or doing the wrong and being lambasted on social media.
I dont think Kyle purposely went in to band all the white people together and pick off POCs. I think he naturally thought that last year there was an all POC alliance that purposely picked off non-POC and he was talking it through.
Did it look insensitive? Yes. Did he act racist towards any of them? No.
Last year was so overtly tipped towards a POC winning when the cookout was in control so why is it a bad strategy to question if that is happening again?


Perfectly said. Thumbs up!


Exactly. Why is it only racism if you’re talking about POC? Doesn’t it work both ways? I’m not sure what Kyle admitted to doing wrong and I guess I don’t know what he said or did. But if he attempted to ward off another POC group isn’t that smart play based on last season? Looks like the only way to have racism taken out of this game is to have an all same race house….choose which race CBS but you made this what it is by praising the actions of last season’s houseguest. That should have never been tolerated but instead it was held in high esteem and still is.


Because he admitted it was racially motivated calling Joe a scumbag calling Taylor rice farmer.


Wayne the rice farmer was referred to Turner because of the hat he was wearing what I have read and heard.

I Spy

Because his fears of a cookout 2.0 were clearly unfounded. Raise it for discussion? Yes. But to continue to push the narrative when not supported by facts and folks kept saying his concerns were not rooted in reality? No. It starts to look like he wanted to start an all white alliance (the “silent majority”).

And I’m not mad at him. It was a game move (and not an unreasonable one). An all white alliance is a tried and true strategy that has worked in nearly ALL BB seasons. He just miscalculated this house’s culture and it blew up in his face.

Palm Oil's Meds

Derek Levassuer was the one that ruined BB with the “vote the way the house wants” method where the large alliance steam rolls and everyone votes out the alliance targets week after week…BORING.

Teleia McCabe

Derek didn’t come up with the Vote With the House movement (which I hate, btw). That was started by Helen the year before, BB15.


I agree with what you said Johnny as well as Dereck. Michael and Brittney should’ve brought this out when they heard it first. M&B we’re against the wall and decided this was the right time to do it. The web they have weaved hopefully when this is over repercussions from both M&B will get them fired.


But I understand why Michael chose Brittany over Taylor, because Although he needs tough allies that can compete, you also need loyalty and I think Brittany will less likely to flip on him.

Only Reading Feeds

I still want Turner to win. He wins me over from his first hoh and saying the bullying needs to stop. He put Kyle up because he does not want to stand for what was said. He put his morals before his game. He realized early on that whatever is said in the house can have in impact in the outside world. I am a black woman and do not think Kyle is racist, however he is immature and has a lot to learn. I do think Kyle will learn unlike Jackson from Season 21. It’s 2022, I think the world has come a long way with still a lot to learn. I do not think Kyle will be a good representative winner for BB24, however someone who can coach other contestants on what to do and not do. I think he will move forward from this experience and grow. I like Taylor ND Monte but don’t want them to win because they are black. Turner has proven to be a good player with his morals in tact and he has won a couple hohs and has had to make hard decisions to get people out.

Terrence’s big crack

Uh, Turner’s “ compassionate “ speech was actually influenced ( and written) by Joseph! Was not his idea or concern…. Joe pushed it! Turner showed his true colors at Dyrefest when he went along with the others & ostracized Joe…,. he’s a punk just like Mr. 10 seconds

Tommy Gunn

You don’t want Taylor or Monte to win because they are black? Did I hear your statement correctly because you sound racist yourself. That statement could’ve stayed in your mouth along with the shit that’s already stinking. Smh!


I think he means he doesn’t want the reason they win to be because they are black. He wants the winner to be based on game play.


I thought only white people can be racist that was the justification for why the cookout wasn’t racist wasn’t it well you just tried to call a black women racist how is that possible


Unfortunately, Turner really lost the moral high ground during dyre fest. That ostracizing of Joe was just so very low and weak. Vote him out to save your game, even twist and turn and deny and lie and whatever to save your game. But to go all Lord of the Flies like they all did, including Turner…it was so hard to watch. It was everything so many hated about Paul’s second season. One of the feed recappers posted that Joe tried to talk to Turner when it was clear Joe’s game was done, and Joe told Turner that he (Joe) was really struggling mentally with the ostracism, and Turner just walked off and reported back to the others so they could all laugh about it. That’s just so ugly and unnecessary. In Joe’s exit interviews, he talked about how Turner would no longer look him in the eye or joke around with him and how badly this hurt. So, no, Turner’s just not really one who is keeping his morals intact. His anti-bullying stance with Taylor was all just a big act, or he’d never have done that. He needs a moral-reckoning, too, and I hope this plan to give him a pass next week is just b.s. He does not deserve that one bit. He’s played his part in what’s turned out to be a very ugly season.


Terrance really made sure people were still mad at brit and Michael and now trying to convince Monte to save Kyle anyway. Maybe he is the most strategic of the season lol


what in the world with Tubby’s speech to the camera?


You mean the one that included the Royal Caribbean? Have no idea


Maybe he’s hoping to get an endorsement deal with them. Free cruises!

Only Reading Feeds

As for Brittany and Michael, I can’t see why they didn’t reveal this info even to just Taylor when it happened a couple weeks ago. It makes me wonder did they do this for the moral reason that’s it wrong or for their game. They are not heroes for releasing this info now they kept it and released it when they needed to. This is the reason why I think Turner should win he really puts his morals in front of his game. I wanted Turner or Michael to win. But I am team Turner til the end

La La La

They did it for game. If it was such a big issue to them, they should have said something before the noms. Or before POV, but no they wait until they are safe and then try to save Taylor in the process by using the race card. Michael has no morals!!

Terrence’s big crack

Sorry, but “ your boy” Terrance is a sleazeball….mfo


Says someone who calls himself or herself “Terrence’s big crack.”


Damn! Sounds like the floodgates opened yesterday and ALL was spilled based on the conversation between Alyssa and Brittany

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Michael did this to save Brit. Or else Taylor would of likely be the one voted out. While Kyle deserves to be evicted. We still see you Mike. Your days are numbered as well.


I was rooting for Michael but I really feel like he played really dirty, even worse than Kyle. Kyle is just dumb and paranoic af so as to talk about a posible Cookout 2.0.
But Michael. Wow. Those “I got dirt on you”, “If i go down you go down with me”, “he proposed an all-white alliance” makes It sound like Kyle was trying yo target the black houseguest coming for a place of hatred and full racism, which I feel it wasn’t the case. I feel like he came from a place of ignorance and paranoia. Idk. My opinion.
Also, it is really disgusting to say that you are not using It for stratergy while you are 100% doing just that. If they cared one bit they would have said It before, and involving Kyle in the first place.
There is people who have done MUCH worse in the BB House and they havent got half the backlash Kyle is getting.
Even though I dont like Kyle much, I just dont get it how this is enough reason to put him as a huge racist villain.
The people that are hating on him that hard are just even worse than he is.


I think a number of the people commenting in the last couple of days need this meditation session on the feeds right now 🙂

yvonne miller

I don’t care, I will never take up for racism, colorism or bullying. The heck with Kyle and the heck with Terrence.


Monte is a fool if he listens to Terrance, Terrance knows if Kyle is evicted this week, Terrance or Alyssa will follow next week. Neither one of them are considered great competitors, Alyssa and Terrance are both praying Turner will keep them safe.

Also, when Terrance and Turner were talking earlier, Turner was saying how stressful this HOH has been, Terrance being so full of himself, and still having a big head from his HOH in the backyard, Terrance exact words “I really started some shit this week”!!!

How the hell is Terrance inserting himself into why all hell broke loose in the house yesterday? He had no idea of what chaos Michael & Brittany would create in the house, Terrance had nothing to do what has taken place in regards to the shift in the house.

Terrance is so thirsty, he wants to be thought of as such a great player, Terrance needs to understand he’s a vote, that’s why he is carried along every week. Stay in your lane, and do what you are told to do when it comes to how he votes, Terrance is not a great player, he tells you, “I got you”, then turns around and talks about you behind your back.


Yup! I won’t miss Terrence when he leaves. Talks out both sides of his mouth and I’m over it


Well at least he was the only person to see thru the bs Michael and Brittany were spewing


That was Monte first, but Terrance did agree. But also right before he agreed, did he say the exact opposite of what Monte said & then immediately said he agreed with Monte??

Paul Sucks

And just like that, the season goes to crap. Think Michael will win HOH but I sure hope he doesn’t. Would like to see him go next week.

It's me

I AM SO SAD. my favorite show is no longer. I am so sad the direction CBS has turned Big Bother.
After yesterday, I am sure PRODUCTION, had scripted the houseguest words even more.


This season has been now about race-baiting. It is straight awful. Last year was last year, & there was an all black alliance, and they picked off other non-black HG. So thinking it could have happened again and hoping it doesn’t is not the same as Aaryn & GinaMarie saying everything they did & not being straight banned from life forever. GinaMarie won goddamn $ by saying the N-word. Any logical person & HG knows that any ethnicity/religion/gender could band together, and Kyle had the verbal thought that it could happen. What, if all the women banded together & vote me out do I call them FemNazis? Uh no. CBS has their imprints on this like the fossils of dinosaurs on Earth. Mike & Britt are just opportunistic CBS sluts. The DR just leads the HG in certain directions to tell a narrative…Twitter went crazy. I have always just given this website my time and energy, instead of paying money for a crappy streaming service or actually watching TV. Mike and Britt, you suck. Any damn other HG but you two should win. And is obviously stupid 48 hours ago to think that. And when you’re out of the house, I hope you can read this hatred. Get therapy.

Love me some BB

Britt…. You’re such an idiot.
I mean “victim”.


Kyle’s game, or lack thereof, began falling apart well before he seriously contemplated targeting the players of color based on some unfounded belief that they had started a Cookout 2.0. Truth is, Kyle worked the house from too many angles, forming conflicting alliances, showmances, bromances… not really loyal to any one of the several relationships he tried to cultivate. People in the house are using the ‘white alliance’ issue to get rid of him, but the real issue is Kyle just does not come across as authentic (ie, trustworthy). He wants to be viewed as a good and honest player, but he cuts his alliances with ease. He wants to come across as a decent ‘boyfriend’, but he has no problem expressing what a drag on his game his ‘girlfriend’ is, and probably will cut her off when the cameras stop rolling. Kyle is probably all about Kyle, which would be okay if he were more honest about it. Trying to pretend you’re not self-centered and/or that you’re noble and loyal, when you arguably may not really possess these attributes, will raise doubts (especially among already suspicious people), and lead people to ask (rightly or wrongly), “Well if you pretend to be loyal, are you also pretending not to be racist (given the situation)?” The takeaway here is that in Big Brother a clever wolf makes you think he’s a sheep. What Kyle did is simply throw on the sheep’s clothing and say, “Look at me, I’m a sheep!” That weak game play was most evident in how he came back into the house lying on Joseph in a way that no one believed. So before all of you get on the is he racist or not debate, ask yourself whether he played a good game or not. I don’t think he did, and as a result he’s probably going home next.


I blame it all on thrist-trappin Alyssa hounding him and warping his mind… he lost his gourd after that trying to come up with any and everything trying to save his floatie partner.

Michael Two Wrongs

So let me get this right. Big Brother has now become the #1 show on Race Relations in America? And now Kyle has been rolled out as the poster boy for white privilege by Michael, who would apparently sell his soul for $750,000.
Then one of the people in the house who has been mostly clueless in the house all summer, Terrance, says to Monte that maybe they should save Kyle to help teach him about life. I give credit to where it’s due (Bless you Terrance!).
In an irony of irony’s, what if 2 black men voted out a black woman in order to show forgiveness to the not so young and naive white man who made a mistake? Monte made it clear to Turner and the gang that he was willing to oust Michael, Brittany, or Taylor. Not only could the house send a clear message to Michael that his actions were unacceptable, by keeping Kyle they strengthen their ability to get rid of Michael sooner.
And finally we come to the possible best part of all. Maybe Monte and Terrance can begin the process of healing all the hurt that the Big Brother universe has endured over the last 24 seasons about race relations, and especially the last year and a half. Do the right thing and keep Kyle. Teach the young man that we’re all equal, but more importantly, that forgiveness is still so important in our world.
Yesterday really hurt my heart. I’ve been a Big Brother fan since the beginning. I know I’m an idealist, but I can still dream can’t I? C’mon Monte. See the bigger picture and let Taylor go. Follow the older wise man Terrance.


I have to completely agree with you. Let’s do the correct thing and care about this young man.

It hurts that we are turning a good show into something that it shouldn’t be. I bet that everyone of them has thought the same thing. Just didn’t say it.. the show is about who can make it to the finish line no matter who gets hurt. Quit planning these types of cards. Play the game.

Sic 'Em Bears

It’s amazing to me that the conversations are about everyone being wrong, except for the person who made the “prejudicial” statements. Let me be clear, there’s a difference between racism and prejudice. He “prejudged” a group of peoples actions based on their race, but he didn’t display hatred toward them. He was clearly wrong for doing that and hopefully he’s apologized and will express true remorse.

However, this doesn’t absolve him of the consequences of those actions. I teach my minor age children that when you do something wrong, then apologize, accept the consequences, and change your behavior.

To blame everyone else in the house for how they choose to responds to Kyle’s words, and not hold him personally responsible is nonsensical. He put himself in this situation and hopefully he’ll learn a lesson from it.

Judy Benton

Why isn’t someone asking why did Michael told Because all he wants to do is win! Even at the expense of a young man that could ruin his life! Michael doesn’t care who he has to really hurt as long as he gets the money and win! I’m sure it will Kyle that leaves and that makes mad!

Post comment

Soooo many racists in here losing their minds lol. Can’t even form a coherent thought. Just regurgitating lots of buzz words that Fox News told them were bad. Keep crying and playing that victim card lol. It soothes me.

Keeping It Real

And zero thumbs up speaks volumes. Lol.


Terrance is so transparent; He wants to keep Kyle so that it helps Kyle to learn from this experience. No, he wants him in because he’s part of his plan to make it to the end. Then he says that he can’t understand why Michael didn’t take Taylor off the block instead of Brittany. He thought he should keep her to show his support. Guess he was supposed to throw Brittany under the bus because Kyle is a slimeball. He wasn’t thinking those thoughts about Taylor in the early weeks.


The Cookout has ruined Big Brother! Now the show is all about race. I knew what The Cookout pulled last season was gonna bring blowback this season. It’s sad.


If BB gets renewed this will no doubt carry over to next season unless they start separating individual cultures every year. That would be a real shame, this is a game. I’ve lived with every race, cultures while serving in the USMC and I came from a very very small town in Iowa called Primghar. Didn’t have any problems because we considered every as equal. Everyone had each other’s back.

Tuck Up

Looking at many of these comments in defense of Kyle (young, sheltered, NOT a racist, etc.), is it any wonder that CBS mandated that BB producers must have at least 50% HG that are POC? Think about, if he was just young and ignorant about race, then couldn’t he have just as easily sided with the POC to form and alliance? Kyle knew exactly what he was doing. America will never change.

Steven Crockett

Truly no confusion here I’m a black male and living in Alabama I’ve lived in 5 states honestly here in America after 50yrs of enjoying human beings I know hate how powerful it is put a group of people together they will kill rape mutilate humiliate robb then deny any wrong doing and be on time for church screaming there children of Christ ? oh I’m not prejudice my best friend is black ? oh I get caught up to being in Alabama living in America accidently going with the flow of life tv, books, school,s stores, politics, housing, insurance, the hate comes out leaves me weak dehydrated it is I we blacks and Hispanics, Asians Indian who put in the work and tell the children that they are safe we are not honest with them about safety and how people say your equal but I hate your color so much your not human I want you and those that look like you dead out of my memory to not exist no where oops we where talking about America the beautiful/with to many hater’s you hater’s suck suck,and stop using kids to do your dirty work cowards


Kyle legitimately pondered out loud & to Michael & Brittany the possibility of a cookout 2.0. He wasn’t the only one to do that or say that!! Plus, it just happened last season, of course it’s on his mind. Michael & Brittany twisted that around to cater to their games. They made that disgusting move. Kyle did nothing wrong, many house guests talked and/or thought about the same thing. Then Taylor saying she didn’t want to put another POC up, he was only picking up on a very real possibility. It’s making me sick he was portrayed this way, M & B completely manipulated that situation. Which is why they waited until they thought their games were in jeopardy.


I forgot to mention that even Julie Chen Moonves defended Kyle in an interview & said it was natural that houseguests would be wary of a cookout 2.0, especially after Taylor wouldn’t nominate Jasmine.

Darius Junior Washington

So Last season it was OK for all the people of color to band together with the specific goal to vote out all the white people. But this season, it was NOT Ok for someone to be wary and paranoid that the same thing might occur? To try to protect himself, his life in the game? I’m kind of disgusted they pinned the racist card on Kyle for that. Then, Kyle can’t argue or he looks worse, he has to grovel and do the “I can learn”, and “I’ll try to be better” show. Kyle was not a racist.