Michael – “Terrance made the comment that he lumps us in with what Kyle Did” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Michael used the veto on Brittany and Turner put Kyle up as the replacement.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:51 am Michael and Brittany
Michael – I plan on using it on you
Brittany says people were making the comment that it would be better if he used the veto on Taylor.
Michael – nobody talked to me about that last night. We’ll see what happens today.
Britt – I would appreciate it. The house is mad at Kyle but they are also not happy with me and the timing and how things shaped up too. It shouldn’t make any difference but… I could see people wanting to hurt you and get rid of me.
Michael – Terrance made the comment that he lumps us in with what Kyle Did (HA)
Feeds flip to Sweet T working out.

When we’re back..
Brittany – I can’t lie to Alyssa anymore. I need to know how far do I plan on trying to ride with her so I don’t make promises I can’t keep. Are we still working with Monte? Does he not want to work with us anymore? If So am I able to get closer with Alyssa. Terrance, I think for both of us is a lost cause. I still want to apologize to him.
Michael – I want to have a one on one conversation with him today
Brittany – I want to lay low for a few days and get back to normal and give people time.

They agree to spend some time laying low and figure out what to say.

9:01 am Backyard open.
“I’m a human being I get fresh air and sunlight. 13 days without sunlight.. day 14 I get sun”

9:28 am Kyle, Monte and Terrance
Kyle walks into the kitchen “What’s up guys”
Monte – good morning
Terrance – good morning
Kyle- Good morning good morning .. You work out already
Terrance – yeah
Monte – damn
They have a laugh about Terrance working out so early.
Monte – I’m going to try and get something in.

9:32 am Kyle and Turner

9:45 am unique shot of the backyard.

9:47 am Kyle and Alyssa
Kyle plans to work out. Chit chat…

9:47 am Turner and Terrance
Turner – my head is pretty screwed on tight right now. I have a clear objective for the week which is put up Kyle and the house get to do what it does
Terrance – how do you feel about moving forward?
Turner – yesterday my game was outed and I felt like the only one.
Terrance – I know I f**8ed you I f***ed up a lot of things.
Turner – Kyle talking and throwing out a final 2 I was like how is that relevant to anything we’re talking about?
Terrance – Bro I still got you 1000 percent I still rock with you.
Feeds flip to Kyle working out.

10:38 am Alyssa and Turner HOH
Alyssa – what’s your move?
Turner – wash my pants
Alyssa- there is a line for laundry
Alyssa – I don’t know what to do in this house or who to hang out with so I came here.
Turner says he had a late DR and then he stayed up until 4.
Turner called into the Diary room.

11:15 am Feeds go to pound. Veto Ceremony happening. Kyle will be put up. The target is unknown but likely Kyle.

12:11 am Feeds return. Veto was used on Brittany. Kyle is nominated.

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8 people left. Turner had a final 2 with Kyle. Turner knows that Michael has a final 3 with Britney & Taylor. Michael finding anything he can to keep Taylor. Monty & Taylor want to take Turner out by final 6 SMMFH Turner is going to nominate Kyle to save Taylor who Turner wants out and is also gunning for him?This game is contradicting all strategic logic. Turner taking out a loyal ally doing Michaels dirty work is such a stupid move for his game. Michael won’t take him to the final four so why empower him to keep Taylor? It’s strategic madness.


The straight white man child must go for what he did. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I’m proud of Turner for doing the RIGHT thing if he renoms Kyle.


The RIGHT thing? You a fan of the cookout and proud of what Tiffany did to Claire last year too?


People like you are what’s wrong with this country, don’t bother responding cause I ain’t gunna check on what you say, you are one of the problems, have a good day

Big Sister

My plea to CBS and Athe powers that be on BB: Air the conversation with Kyle during which he made his pitch about Cookout.2 and show the reactions of Brittany and Michael.
So many people making these grand statements either do not have feeds or were not watching when this went down. Then, and only then, can one have an opinion. Kyle, Michael and Brittany are been dogged by people who do not have facts. Kudos to those whose opinions are based on having seen the actual conversation.


Absolutely. I still don’t understand how Taylor’s comment about not putting up a black woman is ok. The Cookout was a winning strategy. Why can’t it be talked about?


Hi, I’ll explain. Taylor decided at the beginning, as an individual, from the start, she would not put up a fellow black, woman, on the block. Kyle, however, tried to make a group alliance of white people remaining. She made a personal decision, He tried to make it a social decision. Cookout established at the beginning. Too many times woman of color are pitted against each other, Again, Taylor’s own personal experience helped in her decision.

Cepeta Britt

Definitely was a conversation. Micheal and Brit said they didn’t think it was a “cookout like” alliance. Micheal did say he didn’t want to play that game and it made him uncomfortable way before this. I don’t know how anyone missed that. It was actually on the show not the feeds. And do I think Kyle is a racist? No! But I do think he got paranoid trying to keep his showmance around.


Based on events of the past 24 hours; part of which we didn’t get to see. Currently I still see Turner winning Big Brother. The question is who will be sitting next to him


Unless Turner wins out it won’t happen. You don’t keep somebody in Taylor or monty. When they are trying to take you out the week after. Turner is making Michael look like a big brother God by backdooring Kyle.

4 be 4

face it if poc is sitting on F2. they will win. And BB will make sure a poc will be in at least one of those chairs.


It’s disgusting. CBS needs to stand up and make it clear that anything is allowed and up for grabs or shun it all. This narrative that racial mud slinging is allowed ONLY in some scenarios is just WRONG.


agree 100%


Definitely not good for Turner’s game but at the same time you think he could get far protecting a guy that wanted an all white alliance?


he’s not protecting so much as using him as a shield. at least kyle can actually compete in the next hoh, has a chance at winning it (sorry terrance and ally), and won’t put turner up.


No question his chances are better. Terrence & Alyssa are the only people now that will possibly take him to the final 2. But they are poor at competitions compared to the rest of the house. Terrence can’t stand Taylor. Michael is pulling Turner by a string to keep Taylor who wants Turner gone. 100% that could be Turner‘s leverage for it to make sense. You don’t keep a target that will just take you out next. That is Entrapment. He’s letting Michael blow up his game and make the move of the century. He convinced him on his HOH to backdoor a final 2 and keep a target in Taylor. The words of Steely Dan: “I’m a fool to do your dirty work.”


but he didn’t want an all white alliance, and even if he did what’s wrong with that? Production allows black players who want an all black alliance and allowed them last year to create an all black alliance. Terrance wanted an all black alliance this season.

it needs to be all or nothing, Production needs to either let them band together by race or not, it’s not fair in a game like this to only allow one race to band together to target others outside their race.

CBS had a Survivor season with 4 tribes Black, White , Hispanic and Asian – anyone who knows Survivor game is that when a merge happens these tribes would stick to their tribe which is race based alliances created on the onset by production

with BB CBS has sh!t the bed and now has to lie in it


Terrance never tried to have a cookout2 He was a Bully to Taylor with Nicole and Daniel. The season 23 was the first time and only time there were that many people of color on BB, to my recollection! Every season the minorities were the first to be eliminated, just because. So that’s was the first time and only time People of Color changed the game. It was strategy not personal. GREAT PLAY!!

The Beef

LOL! Terrance DID talk to Monte about a Cookout 2.0! Monte flat out refused.

Have you never heard of Danielle Reyes? Many people consider her to be a BB legend, and she’s a POC. She did NOT get evicted first (Season 3 & 7). Of course, she’s not the only one, but I’m not going to waste my time looking them up and listing them for somebody who clearly doesn’t know the game or what has happened in the past anyway.

Funny how it’s “strategy” when the Cookout uses it and not only that but also “GREAT PLAY!”, but then it’s totally “racism” when a white person merely suggests it. You should look that up under HYPOCRITE in the dictionary, to find out what you’re really saying there.

I Spy

Turner is rightly looking post-game. Some things are bigger than game.


terrible play if turner puts up kyle. his options really should be between terrance and monte. he is in the best position going final 3 with the showmance no one likes and includes a total comp dud in alyssa.


But this is 2022. It’s racist for a white man to put 2 black people on the block at the same time. Don’t you know that?


This is all productions fault. Why wasn’t man child 10 second wonder Kyle’s statements showed on the show back when he said them? They wanted to just sweep this under the rug and hope it wouldn’t show it’s ugly head and they could continue to have their disgusting showmance… Now that the cat is out of the bag, production needs to backtrack to show what man child said two weeks ago without looking like they were trying to hide it back when it initially happened. I am not sure how much “strategic logic” anyone can have in the game by aligning themselves with someone that is pretty much a racist. They all have lives outside of the house and it seems are all pretty involved with social media. Aligning with man child – whether you agree with him or not – seems like a really stupid idea to anyone looking down the road, outside of the house.


Said Two weeks ago funny. That’s exactly when Taylor said she didn’t want to put up a black woman and back door the girl he likes for a petty trip that Taylor didn’t earn. In the process putting him in a horrible position with his alliance. That’s not Kyle’s fault! Production fault is the show holding the cookout out on a pedestal and telling them as race to stick together. Had they not created this race card it would have been avoided.

Verdella W Fisher

An alliance is made of houseguests of one race for the purpose of evicting houseguests not of that race. That’s the history of decades of BB.
If that’s not racists, nothing is or ever can be. There were 22 seasons of non black mainly all white winners vs 1 season a group came together to form the cookout to ensure one of them won the grand prize and now some are terribly angry. Race card has been in play a long time but be mad. Taylor said, up front, her boundaries with regard to the nomination of a black woman. She didn’t concoct a conspiracy race-based theory to form an all POC alliance.


She never said she wouldn’t vote her out or put up a black man which she did!


They did show them. Julie Chen talked about it during her normal Thursday/Friday interview. #KKKYLE has been trending on Twitter. This wasn’t swept under the rug and isn’t new.

Cepeta Britt

A little bit of the conversation with Brit and Micheal was shown on the show and both said they wasn’t comfortable with where the conversation was going. I do not think Kyle is a racist (as an African American women) I just think he got really paranoid trying to save his showmance. I wish people would stop throwing that word around because that actually could destroy an incident person life.

The Corey's

Michael is using people’s fear of being lumped in as white privilege to his advantage.

No one is playing the race card more than him.

Dude is a skilled player but that’s just despicable.

Yo Mama

Better to be despicable with $750,000 than to pretend to be the bigger person and walk away with $0. It’s not just Big Brother but the way of the world.

The Corey's

I also want to point out that Kyle can not win this game anymore. Period. Ever. His shot at returning as a player either here or on other shows is gone.

All because Michael is out here calling him a racist.

I Spy

Michael did not do this to Kyle. Kyle did this to himself. Kyle’s racist comments were known and he was being publicly ostracized long before Michael told the house. Don’t blame Michael.


Turner had to do that because Michael and Brittany are telling everyone Kyle is racist. They had to ruin Kyle’s life because he asked some questions everyone was wondering. That was the only way for him to keep his Allies safe. I used to like Michael, but like the guy who won in BB15, he is just playing both sides and saying anything to divide the house to win. Him and her are pathetic.


Ok, the fact that the insiders didn’t get to see sunshine for 13 days seems so cruel to me, that would be maddening.


This has no longer become a game of strategy.

I Spy

Sure it is. Nothing but game moves going on here. Kyle strategized to start an all-white alliance. It failed and came back to blow up in his face. Michael strategized to disclose Kyle’s plans to the house in order to have Kyle nominated and evicted. So far its working.


I see that Gilligan, I mean Kyle, is slipping down on the ranking grid.
I have no idea what Turner is going to do. He needs to step back and play his own game and not be influenced by Michael and Gilligan. ( both are snakes)


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of him as a Gillian wannabe!! Poor Gillian!

Alan Frisch

Oh please don’t criticize Kyle. Note what Taylor said. I won’t put up a black women. It’s a game. She brought race into it


Exactly. Kyle’s fears were triggered by Taylor. SHE started it.


Another white oppressed male ??


you poor thing.


His white Alliance talk started before that happened but I doubt it will be shown that way, if shown at all. Her saying that just fed his paranoia.


no it did not. you liar
and Terrance’s black alliance talk started at the beginning of the season


The problem with Kyle’s proposed all white alliance is that it wasnt based on any type of fact. Like Ameerah was voted out week 3. Taylor would have been voted out week 1 if it wasnt for paloma’s mental breakdown. Taylor was only subsequently saved in later weeks because Kyle (along with turner, monte, and joe) all decided to team up to save her. Terrance had been trying to get rid of Monte for over a month. So with all these black people going home or in harms way, it makes no sense to think the white people need to team up and target people of color. I do not think Kyle is a racist but he definitely suffered from race base paranoia and it will cost him his game. And not only is his game blown up but Turner and Alyssa’s game are also blown up.

Team Taylor

Week 1 wasn’t going to be a vote. It was going to be an elimination competition between a nominated HG (likely Taylor) and a Backstage Pass HG (probably Alyssa over Paloma). And they would have done that obstacle course where Jasmine injured her foot. And Taylor would have won and sent Alyssa packing the first week — because she beat her that night in the 2-part HOH comp.


Bad twists this season week 1 and split house prime example


So Terrance made a comment that he’s lumping Michael & Brittany in with what Kyle said? When was this?


I hope so.


Good for Terrance; call out the people who did it for GAME


is Terrance going to lump himself in what he did? He tried so hard at the beginning of the season to start an ALL BLACK ALLIANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When will people learn house meetings almost NEVER work unless you have powerful misting powers like Dan (and even then he still got his ass beat 6-1)..?

Apparently Mr. 10 Seconds had a messy house meeting. I hope it is shown but I doubt it. They love to cover for him so it is what it is.


Simon, from now on I am referring to each houseguest’s solo talk to the camera as a soliloquy

The Kats Meow

Terrance is just upset he was, yet again, not privy to what has been going on in the house lol. He should look in the mirror and be mad at himself. He is constantly blowing smoke up his own a** by believing he’s such a mastermind and he’s so good at this game. He annoys me so much, damn clueless potato! ?


LOL…potato…..thank you for the chuckle.


“Clueless Potato”. ?? haha


I for one am sick of seeing Terrance on the live shows, when he is in the DR, and keeps saying “Your Boy” did this, did that etc…

Does Terrance think we are his Fans ? When did he become our “Boy”, I can’t stand him.

Terrance is a straight up Floater, adds nothing to the game, his loyalty blows which ever way the wind blows. Terrance is dead weight, he is not a master mind, and he loves to say “I Got You”. How? Do you have no power, you are not in the loop, you’re a Floater!!!

I can’t wait to see Terrance actually be evicted the next time he’s on the block. He let his HOH that was basically given to him by default, he came in 2nd place, so he was the last man standing, that is why he was HOH. It was a shitty HOH outside, it was a punishment.

Terrance is back to his regular role, floating from room to room, trying to fit in, talking big talk like he’s the man. Terrance is useless in this game, he thinks he’s making move, and kicking ass. Sit down fool !!

Sherry Holley

I think the same about Terrance. He even tried the preacher role of second chances. He was very cruel and nasty to Taylor with Elvis. I don’t trust him at all.


So does this mean final 3 has to be monte, Terrance, and Taylor because to vote any of those 3 out would be racist. Ultimately Taylor being the winner since last years winner was male. Was this cvs plan all along?


They should all take Kyle to the end. It’s a sure win after everyone in the Jury find out.

Love me some BB

This is just not what big brother is about … where’s the fun, strategic, goofy, made up games ppl used to play ?


Michael and Britney are just as much at fault as Kyle is. They had this info for several weeks. If they were so uncomfortable why did it take now to say something? Maybe because they know he/Turner are gunning for Michael, and Kyle/Alyssa are no longer a shield for him/and B. I hate the Righteous bs they are spewing. They might as well have said it themselves bc they were willing to work with Kyle after he made the comment. Does anyone in the house see the manipulation?


First of all, Brittany did say something to Kyle about it right away. Tried to coach him a little about why its wrong. I believe Michael told him he was uncomfortable with that idea.

Now holding onto a piece of information from the rest of the house until it benefits you, is strategic. Everyone does it. Kyle did it last week.

If your fine with what Kyle said, you should be fine with Michael and Brittany using it for game purposes.

Now the question becomes if your upset by one or the other but not both, why?


Yes! What you said BB23!

The Kats Meow

You hit the nail on the head 100% But I question why people keep saying it was several weeks ago or a month ago, that’s puzzling. He brought it up the first time just prior to Taylor messy HOH. The problem is after he was warned that it could follow him out of the house, he couldn’t stop himself from bringing it up again and again.


No, I’m not saying I’m fine or agree with what Kyle said. What I’m saying is why didn’t they (M/B) bring this up to the ENTIRE house when he first said it. But they waited – poor strategy and I’ll never agree with that type of game play. From what I’ve read, Terrance has also questioned it, is upset and has lumped M/B in with Kyle.


They did speak up about it to Kyle. You should go back and watch it. I’m guessing they have an idea that some in the outside world are viewing his comment as racist (wall yeller screamed Kyle was racist also maybe someone in production made a comment), and decided it may be best the rest of the house know exactly what was said so they can make their own choice of whether or not to associate with Kyle. Maybe they weren’t sure if it was their place to tell everyone at first? It is a very awkward situation.

The fault is 100% on Kyle for not thinking before he opens his mouth

I Spy

They’re playing the game just like everyone else. As long as they were allies, there was no incentive to expose him. As soon as Kyle betrayed them and was no longer an ally, boom. All’s fair in love and big brother.


BB is a microcosm reflection of society. Given how the racial temperature in this country has escalated in recent times, it is only natural that these issues will manifest in the house.

I do think CBS could work more on counseling and prepping prospective HGs on being mindful of these racial mind traps. Perhaps they should have immediately blocked and spoken to Kyle about it.

This didn’t have to escalate to this level.

BB is the control authority as exists in all governance. They could have intervened to correct at the start of the derailment.


the derailment started last season when production allowed all the black players to create and all black alliance.
so now it’s racist to think production would allow all the black players to create another all black alliance the next season? even when you got Terrance running around at the beginning of the season trying to make an all black alliance

It's me

did not want to watch Big Brother this season after Cook Out last season.
I broke down and decided to watch since I had from season one.
Now I am sorry.
The entire Jasmine and her ankle was a joke.
Taylor not wanting to vote a woman of color. So what is her strategy?
Now twisting Kyle’s meaning of his words by Michael.
Now TURNER MUST CHANGE HIS TARGET BECAUSE he will be ostracized by association.
Alyssa will be as well because of association.
Big brother not my escape anymore.


Taylor didn’t say she wouldn’t vote out a woman of color. She said she wouldn’t NOMINATE a woman of color. I get that its word salad, but they aren’t the same thing.


AGREED! I’m done watching.


I agree, I’ve watched every season since the beginning and now I have no interest in seeing the rest of this season or any in the future. Very sad as this was a summer eve’s guilty pleasure for us.


they are putting more black players in the game because it will be more fair they said,
then they only allow the black players to create an all black alliance to vote out non-black players
how is that more fair?

adding more black players in the game has only increased that racial BS…

You are what you write

You do realize that yt alliances have been doing that for awhile the cookout was a one time thing. To crown the first black player. I guess yt people seeing a black person win for the first time made them feel racism wow

Feeling normal

It sucks that it sounds like this season has devolved into white versus black again. What was encouraged last year was hard to watch. I have long said that the pecking order was nearly always the same; old people first, women of color, men of color, females, then free for all. That was just as maddening No one was playing the game, just tried to make sure they were in the power alliance from day one.

This season ran different for so long, which was refreshing from the past ten years or so. And then we started hearing the rumor try to be spread about The Cookout 2.0, which it seems never was even remotely mused. I had hoped that crap would stay out of this season.

But, no Kyle tries to put together an “all white” alliance. Dude, really??!! I am not surprised that it was Kyle to do it however. He just doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp. It just sucks that the rest of the house, and now the audience, has to be run thru this outdated notion.



are you just as outraged after Terrance tried to put together an “all black” alliance?

La La La

She hasn’t dont anything!!!


Doesn’t matter if she has or has not done anything, she still won


The power of Twitter, someone tell me again how America’s favorite player will not be her.


Kyle is not racist, just dumb. Michael isn’t evil incarnate, just strategic Kyle goes this week. Michael goes next week. Turner &Brett next in a double evict. Aly next. F3 Monty ,Taylor & Terr. Both Taylor & Monty try to drag Terr to the end because they both think they can win against him.


You would think Michael was the only person involved .Brett instigated telling everyone then sat back. Kyle actually said the things,but it’s all evil Michael.


Did you see Michael talking to the feeds angry saying he’ll destroy Kyle. He is an awful person.. its one thing to blow up his game but to blow up his life is quit another.. I’ll bet he can twist a story in the courtroom. I hope he gets evicted. He’s just an evil person. His lover better watch his back.

Paul Sucks

Hmm, more likely Michael wins the next HOH and puts up Aly and Turner with Monte as his backup plan.

He can then play in every veto after that and take his game into his own hands.

4 be 4

And that would be????????????
Cookout 2.0


I didn’t say that’s the outcome i want, i think that’s what is going to happen. I’m rooting for evil Michael to win ,he’s the best player.comp beast

Love me some BB

I think they are ALL being stupid. They all have the ability to think for themselves and each one could go to Kyle on their own and speak to him about this without having others around to insert their two cents.

Brittany is the worst at jumping in and including herself when all she’s doing is making it about her and looking like a moron. Bye.

Most seen to have some intelligence to think on their own, so it’s disappointing to see them all jump on board with Michael . Yes, some say they have witnessed some of what he’s mentioned, but not all. That’s when they need to talk to Kyle on their own.

But maybe I’m the stupid one.


Is it not up to production to remove someone if they are being outwardly racist and offensive? It doesn’t seem fair that Turner should have to suffer wasting his HOH to nominate him.

4 be 4

Maybe, If anyone WAS outwardly racist. But that never happened!!


Turner had no choice but to distance himself from the pariah associated with racism. It’s otherwise too much risk to his real life and also goes against his own compass as he is a very progressively aligned person.

Hard to say until we see the blocked interactions, if he is handling this turn well.

He does have to prioritize complete dissociation with Kyle.

Yet perhaps he could have managed Kyle better at this point to avoid info being spilled.

Since he’s now mentioned Kyle revealing their F2.

The only fun that can be had going forward is for Terrance to miraculously win HOH this Thursday. Let some consequences come back to Michael and Brit.


I’m so disappointed in Turner…


I was a big fan of Turner but not anymore. Turner Michael thanks you for doing exactly what he wanted you to and why he started the whole Kyle is racist thing with his sidekick Brittany .I can hardly wait to see what they come up with about you when they decide you need to go. So disappointed that these houseguest are so clueless they can’t see what Michael is doing or don’t care as long as it isn’t them.


The DR has been dropping bread crumbs to Britt and Michael for weeks, since the KKKyle started on Twitter. I think they encouraged the conversation to happen this week. I noticed on the feeds they were only waking up certain people while letting others sleep. They had certain people they wanted to talk but also would not show the room where the talk was happening. They were covering their own behind and will piece it together to fit the narative they want shown. Was all of this to save Taylor again?


I figured they were dropping hints about it. Wouldn’t surprise me at all

Not Jason’s Holly

Turner should have never listened to Monte about not putting up Michael with Brittany to begin with! This way Michael would be forced to use the Veto on himself!

Michael still maybe would have played his same hand against Kyle to get Kyle on the block against Brittany.

Michael and Brittany playing the game they are now playing puts Turner in a spot of not being able to put another POC on the block against Taylor. Therefore the only choices are Kyle & Alyssa. He would rather see Kyle who is a bigger competitor go!

I’m not sure who I’m wanting to win now. I never had a real pick. I just thought if Michael isn’t taken out this week or next, he will win! It was just a dumb move from the beginning.


It’s weird to me that Kyle didn’t even try to change turners mind there must be more he’s afraid of getting out


He’s been paid off by CBS. And probably signed an NDA as well


We don’t know if there wasn’t a conversation between them. Although is first instinct was run to the DR, bc he panicked about his life.


Let me get this straight: black players not putting up another black person is not playing the race card, but Kyle ignorantly saying maybe an all white group like all black groups is racist. Give me a break! I cannot watch BB any longer when CBS promotes double standards like to say nothing of the behavior of Michael and Brittany who said nothing for weeks as long as it served their purpose. I will not watch BB because of hypocritical Michael and Brittany using race to get another player out. Michael should rot in hell.


It is not serious for someone to rot in hell!! He said what he said. Wow!!!!


I did not think Alyssa would actually stop the Showmance with Kyle. She has wasted her entire game running behind Kyle, now she no longer wants her game to be linked or tied in with Kyle.

I hope we get to see exactly what went down in the house meeting yesterday, it will be interesting to see how things played out, and what came out in the house meeting.

4 be 4

Production had Kyle say his statement was racially motivated at a house meeting.

The Beef

LOL! And you think he would agree to do that? Only if he’s a complete moron! I hope he had the good sense to talk to ask to speak to an attorney NOT associated with CBS before agreeing to make any kind of comments like that to anybody in that house.


Oh floating Brittney. Asking Michael to give her instructions for Alyssa and Terrance management. You just might win it all. I recall Russell Hantz in survivor. He was another Michael. Won everything and dominated. But jury did not like him. He finished second..
Michael may think his well timed disturbing release has worked however jury members may have different opinions. Like why did you wait till now..
Considering his final two is pretty white.


Exactly. I have had a bad feeling about Michael since day one. If folks listen..he is so concerned about people liking him as a favorite. I am tired of super fans like him on the show and then the challenges being so predictable because they use the same ones they have been using since the beginning. Brittany hasn’t done a thing to earn a spot in the finals except be Michaels foot maid. At this point I would rather see Terrance win since he was their target for weeks but he showed them AND had kahunas to make a big move

4 be 4

Stop it now!!! We can not have a total White F2!!! my god, civil rights as we know it would end!!!!!!


One of the worse moves in big brother history is turner putting Kyle up, bye bye turner next week. What a dummy, maybe Mike will break a leg and turner gets lucky with Alyssa or Terrance taking hoh, if not turner is gone next week.


But at least he will have his fake righteousness lol. All of these people are a complete joke! Cancel this stupid show.

C wade

Taylor is racist by her comments….


Such an angry white male


As a poc I didn’t find Kyle’s idea racist at all. I don’t understand the anger. Finally we are being taken seriously as a threat in this game. I for one woyldn’t want anything handed to me.

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I’m also POC who wasn’t offended given what happened last year. However, someone in here enlightened me a bit more on what Kyle said, calling black people aggressive, and afraid of getting jumped for example. I only saw the cookout 2.0 feeds and if this was said I missed it and feel that’s what should be focused on, not a white alliance.

The Beef

Afraid of getting jumped? I never heard anything like that come out of Kyle’s mouth. I’d recheck my source if I were you.


This is sick. Not that it matters to anyone, and I truly do not do this lightly. But I’m gonna stop watching the rest of this season. This gross act has taken the fun out of it.

Trogdor the Burninator

The Big Brother of yesteryear is gone. No longer is the show about gameplay or strategy. The casts of the last few years are forgettable in comparison to the All Stars of before. It has turned into an avenue for houseguests to just try to become famous and gain followers. Unless CBS goes back to the well and brings back some All Stars or actually brings in people who are there to play a game, I think this may just be the end of Big Brother.


I have stopped watching what Kyle did was most likely not right but everyone of them have said something. Was rooting for Michael but not any more actually can’t stand him after this move.
I think CBS needs to do something or we should all just stop watching I am going to stop for this year.

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Disagree. It has been true BB spirit to watch Michael use his keen intellect and athleticism to move through this game.


Exactly what I was thinking. Either that, or bring back some of those who finished 2nd or 3rd in earlier seasons. This new “generation” of BB players just sucks, IMO. It’s all about influencing, followers, and exposure. It has not been fun to watch for several seasons.


and stop recruiting all of these idiots who want 15 minutes of fame!


It’s lucky Michael was able to save the POC from Kyle’s evil ways.


Yep, White Savior Syndrome. So glad that Terrance is not letting him off the hook.

Michael, Michael, Michael. Look what you’ve done. You’ve made a fool, of everyone.


So sad. Just got home and I can’t bring myself to turn on the live feed. Best season in years and now I can’t bring myself to watch it. They’ve ruined Big Brother for me.

marcellas veto


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Uh. Hi. (trying to catch up after about three and a half days)….. what the sweet thundering? How? Where did my read of production and storyline go so?
Ooooo-kay. I’ve got questions. Whoa. Too many questions.
So when I left… my read was Kyle is grodboy, but wasn’t sure if he was a Jackhole grodboy or a Paul grodboy…. or even a Jed. My sense was Michael was in peril. So i guess I need some crow at table 12?
With that said: Question: Have we gotten more fill in to what was REALLY going on during the days of feed block at Dyrefest?
If something has thrown my read SO far off, I’ve got to wonder what I missed… a couple days without feeds outside is the only thing I’m seeing that could have thrown my read so far off.
Is the pound / city council exposed to everyone yet?
Will Alyssa follow through on her promise to get herself evicted if Kyle leaves so they can enjoy jury together? (I’m joking with that question).

Btw, thanks for the well wishes. The mother didn’t have a heart attack, she had an allergic reaction to a new prescription… so things will get back to normal soon enough I hope.


michael ruined the best season in a long time…


How can you say that? Michael was doing nothing but strategizing. Kyle betrayed the LO, and became a weasel who needed to be outed.


Michael and Brit having first gone to threaten Kyle with exposing his Cookout comments, completely delegitimizes any claim they can now make that they went to Turner bc they felt it was the right thing to do.

Michael’s wheels always turning, he may have realized that if he did not follow through on the threat, it would make him look complicit in what Kyle had proposed.

He just dug his grave in even deeper.

Brit OTOH is an emotional ping pong-er who cannot find her ball groove this week since her and Michael’s game was derailed by the AP. As a result of that, her White Guilt in combination with some genuine conscientiousness, was easily able to gain control of her steering wheel.


Umm. When did this happen because I don’t remember them talking to Kyle at all before. Kyle went searching for Michael after the talk with Turner and that is when the feeds went “We’ll be right back” for awhile


Is this leftovers from yesterday since they didn’t actually get to fully enjoy it before the dynamite exploded?

La La La

Finally, Michael dropping in the polls on here. I’m glad he is being looped in with Kyle. He is just as bad to use this as game. He has no morals. He knew what he was doing, he pocketed this until he wanted to throw the race card. Once the race card is pulled, of course Turner wasnt going to question it. I thought Michael was playing a good game up to this point. Now I’m hoping for Monte or Turner to pull something out. But Turner just ended his game by putting Kyle up. Only hope is someone can take out Michael, but don’t see that happening wiht his wins.


Should Michael have just sat back and waited for the AP to evict him? Clearly he was next. Or should he just have counted on winning every comp until the end? And it’s Kyle that wanted the all white alliance, Michael only let it be known.


Man I thought Daniel using the veto that ended up getting Nicole sent home would by far go down as the stupidest move of the season but turner was like no hold my beer let me show you what stupid really looks like


Kyle did not do anything wrong. If you want to blame someone…. Blame the cookout. They were the ones who turned big brother into a racist game. They put race over everything last season which is a textbook definition of racism. Kyle was simply being a smart player wondering if it was happening again. Michael and Brittany twisted his musings. Why if he did form an all white alliance? How is that worse than an all black alliance? There’s nothing wrong with being white. Too many young progressives think being white is inherently bad, but it’s not. So if you want to see who was racist, look to Michael, Brittany, and the cookout.