“Fortunate for Taylor who is working with M/B that M/B share this information.. I think it was strategic for sure” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

3:50 pm Alyssa and Brittany
Alyssa is going on about how it must not have been easy for Brittany to carry the weight of Kyle’s racism with her. “that was extremely painful for you”
Alyssa- I’m so sorry you had to deal with it.. everyone is struggling in their own way right now
Brittnay says she never said it earlier because of the fear and uncertainty of what people will do.
Brittnay goes on about her decsiion to wait until the most opportune time to tell everyone about Kyle’s “white alliance”.
Britt – yesterday when you were having a move it was a war zone.
Alyssa – you raised your voice
Britt – ohh yeah me and Kyle went at it.. in the car room..
Feeds flip. when we’re back. They are talking about the Ameerah vote. Brittany says the one thing she’s noticed is a lot of people that have been evicted have played really hard.

Alyssa says it’s crazy being in the house with all her emotions right now
Brittany – a breakup would be fair to call that?
Alyssa – yeah
Brittany – a breakup is hard enough let alone in this game.. let alone the circumstances in this game. Let alone on national TV
Alyssa – and let alone I had a life before I came in here and I had a special person before I came in here and I made the decision to say to hell with it and this became my reality very quickly
Britt – Ohh my god.. Alyssa..
Alyssa – I’ve been through worse
Britt – that is terrifying that you’ve been through worse.

Britt – I am just so utterly convinced that after this.. this feels this could be a breaking point and I just know at the core of my being it gives me goosebumps just to say it you are goign to find someone that is ohh just so perfect for you.
Alyssa – thank you so much

3:55 pm Monte and Turner
Monte talks about if he wins HOH he’ll take out Micheal.
Turner – this coming week it’s you vs Michael if he wins then he can’t win the following week.
Monte – I almost feel good if he won HOH.. he’s not putting me up he’s not putting you up
Turner – from the reassurance I’ve gotten, it would be weird if he put me up.
Monte – I think we’re fine dude.

Turner says before the nominations would have been a good time for Michael and Britt to tell him the ‘whole Kyle” thing
Monte – 100% YEAH
Turner – why would you wait so we can do a backdoor if you feel that way. I could have just nominated.
Monte – I think it was strategic
Mont e- now that they are safe there’s no potential of them being put up. Now you have a very narrow set of options whereas before it could have been incriminating..
Turner – the whole it’s not good for our game when you’re safe is easy to say when it is not not good for your game. If you really felt passionate enough for it to not be good for your game and say it it would have shown earlier in the week.
Monte – 100% I agree.. I think they are good people for sharing the information, in general, it’s just the timing that I think it’s very clear they don’t just..
Turner – it’s not the heavy on our hearts thing
Monte – it’s the when is there a good time to do this? Michael is a thinker, and Brittany is a thinker. We’ve worked with them they’ve think through things they just don’t feel something and say today is the day. so.. but.. anywhom man.
Monte says Alyssa and Terrance know with Kyle gone it’s the four of them working together. “They want reassurance from the both of us”
Turner says he was lucky this week because a shot was taken but with a plausible out. “Which was lucky for me”

Monte – It’s fortunate for Taylor very coincidentally fortunate for Taylor who is working with Michael and Brittany that Michael and Brittany share this information so.. you know. the sad thing is I talked to Taylor a little but last night the girl just doesn’t see it. She’s so .. enamored with the fact they are good people. Which they are. Like you said.. they are good people but they are also playing a game and could have shared this information before Dyre Fest”
Monte – immediately after that shit is said you could have said something.. Dyre fest what was that Thursday? when were these conversations had?

Monte – I think it was strategic for sure
Turner – One million percent
Monte – they don’t want to admit it which is okay.. if it quacks like a duck and walks like a dock it’s a duck
Monte – Kyle says he’s going to fight so I am curious about what that means.

Monte – he needs to convince me, Or Michael or Brittany.
Monte says he’s not voting to keep Kyle especially after Turner told him he wanted Monte on the block this week. “What did I do to deserve this”

Turner says when they were outside Kyle was very gung-ho in forming an alliance with Terance, Alyssa and himself.
Turner – it made sense to him. at what points do I say NO
turner – Until Kyle goes there’s a general understanding of a group there and they were trying to bring you in so you were equally involved as I am or Kyle is. that is not my alliagnece. Till the end is me and you
Monte – 100% bro
turner – we’ve been working since week 2

Monte – I’m telling you, Terrance. Even the fact he was entraining that idea it shows how slick he is dude. If he would win HOH he’s going after who is the next big target and he doesn’t care what the repercussions are. he’s swinging for the fences (Terrance for HOH)
Monte – he wants to build up his resume.. yeah I did that… he thinks that is what trumps staying in the game next week. To me that is the only person I am concerned about. Alyssa, not so much I feel solid with her.

4:50 pm Meditations (The special effects were added by the feeds)

The camera cuts to various things..

5:04 pm Alyssa and Terrance
Terrance says he told Britt he knew about the leftovers coming back into the house. He also didn’t say if Alyssa knew.
Alyssa thanks him.
Alyssa – I kept telling her I knew but I didn’t know the datails.
Alyssa – we should get together with Monte and talk
Terrance – we gotta talk. Monte kinda shot down that idea I had earlier..

5:20 pm Kyle transforming (into Audrey)

5:25 pm Pool

5:50 pm Michael, Brittany and Taylor have been on the hammock giggling. Terrance has been holding down the pool table.

6:20 pm Kyle has been in the cocoon for a while now that emerges will likley cause the feeds to go down.

6:21 pm Monte tells Taylor he can’t trust Terrance.
Monte – he came to me this morning.. he was like Hey Big bro I wanted to talk about this Kyle situation.. he said is evicting him the best way to show him..
Taylor – you’re not the only one he said that to
Monte – who else
Taylor – Brittany
Monte – it’s so reckless. Especially from him who was so upset about it. We wants your ass for some reason. I don’t know why.
Monte – I cannot trust him
Taylor – he will not be honest about joe he will not.
Taylor says the other side will lose Kyle this week and they all knew about the leftovers coming into the house.
Taylor says the target was Micheal if not Michael than Monte “they are going to lose Kyle”
Taylor – then you, Me, Micheal and Brittany are in the game to win this HOH. The only person who is off-limits is Turner.
Monte – I wouldn’t put Turner up, especially after what he did. He did the right thing you can’t punish him for that. Although he did some egregious putting you and Brittany up. At the same time..
Taylor – that was game this is.. Way beyond that.
Monte says if he’s HOH and there is an opportunity he will take a shot at Michael. He hopes they respect that because there’s no way they can beat him.
taylor will respect that move.
Monte – outside of that I’m solid with us. I’m not putting any of us on the block
Monte – there’s NOT A CHANCE IN HELL I can trust Terrance no chance. I’m not with it.
Monte looks at her “We’re good”
Taylor – I appreciate it
Monte – no problem

6:35 pm Turner and Monte
Monte – dude.. T is wild he went to Brittany with the same thing
Turner – To brittany?
Monte- To Brittany
Turner – My Word
Monte – what a blunder
Turner – not a good move
Monte – all you needed was my vote but I guess when he heard me have reservations he thought why not try to flip Brittany
Turner laughs
monte – you know how tight Brittany and Taylor are they make it so obvious why would you ever?
Turner – if anything makes it beneficial for us. My god that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day
Monte – Taylor was like are we still good with the four I was like Sure..
Turner – why are they cutting me out of this four
Monte – you put them up this week
Turner – well f** them… My word..

Monte says he wants to talk to Kyle on a personal level. So does Turner.
They talk about the muffin that Turner ate. Monte says last week Jasmine tried to hide the granola when there was just 5 of them.

Turner – do you think, 3 vs 4 or a 5 vs 2 the odds of getting Michael in a 3 v 4 are almost 1 to 1 VS 5 V 2 which is 2 and a half times.
Monte – that is fair
Turner – I see the way he talks with every word coming out of his mouth I’m feeling .. now I am giving Kyle the benefit of the doubt here when he was trying to put you up and that is the last thing I want bear with me here it was as a pawn not to get you out.
Turner says a 5 v 2 has him a lot less worried. “The 3v4 I can see it going either way with Michael winning”
Monte – I will say this..
Turner – Taylor is the threat within that side. If she was not here I wouldn’t see a threat on that side
Monte – that is fair
Monte – the one thing about Taylor is.. she asked me if I was as good about the whole four thing.. YES whatever..
Monte brings up how he told her they have to take a shot at Michael otherwise none of them are winning.

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The Corey's

So happy to see that each of the last 10 plus post have been dominated by racial issues once again.

Thanks alot CBS

America’s Favorite

CBS didn’t put the words in Kyle’s mouth. Surely you think he bears 100% of the responsibility here.


Actually, it was Michael that decided to manipulate and use race as a flash point to further his game. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

America’s Favorite

I think this is part strategic, but I think Michael was also uncomfortable with it. Kyle pitched the same alliance for the same reason (i.e, to counteract a nonexistent all POC alliance that included Indy for some reason that he based on something Taylor said about her own personal game, and I guess everyone with a pinch of melanin or something has to all think the same) to Brittany and Turner, and they were all like 😐

The Corey's

What words is it that Kyle said that demands such attention?

Let us all know.

America’s Favorite

What has everyone been talking about this entire time? He made people uncomfortable with his unfounded belief that everyone who wasn’t white was working together. I don’t think he was being malicious about it. It was just ignorant and insensitive. And now he’s moping around wearing a blanket over his head instead of learning from it. I’m not going to tell the houseguests how to feel, and if they want him out because they feel uncomfortable around him or don’t think he deserves to make it further in the game I understand that, but I think I agree with Terrance that Kyle needs to learn from this experience. But Kyle wants to play victim and be the shining example of white guilt instead of smooth things over. He’s more concerned about people thinking he’s racist (which no one in the house is saying that, from what I can tell) than the effect he has on other people, and that’s a huge problem. I think his reaction to this whole thing is worse than anything else. If he would have apologized and explained himself and made an effort to do better, I think that would have helped.


None!..because no one was offended until Michael Brought it up!!..literally crickets, but as soon as Michael and Brittany were soooooo uncomfortable (enter sarcasm)..Boom! People couldn’t wait to jump on that Bandwagon, Kyle didn’t pitch an all white alliance!..(but wait, if he had, would that be racist?, hmmmmm, now where have I seen/read that an alliance was formed solely on race, and every one turning a blind eye,?) Kyle was simply paranoid being in the house and hello bb 23, and let’s not forget someone in his LO alliance vocally refused to put a BLACK WOMAN ON THE BLOCK!!.sure, maybe he didn’t vocalize his concern about it while walking on eggshells, because he’s NOT A RACIST!..not one POC in the house never mentioned Kyle saying/ treating them any different from anyone else, because, HES NOT RACIST!!


Viewers were offended my friend! Just because you were not (check your standards and internal bias) doesn’t mean it did happen. When a portion aired on TV his words were boarder line offensive for some and blatantly offensive for others. He even said “I can’t say that, I will get cancelled” meaning he knew what he was pitching was not going to be perceived well among the masses. Did Michael bring it up strategically YES! But it should have been brought up long before! Kyle definitely wasn’t winning America favorite player!
Kyle messed up, there will never be another cookout, it is a iconic moment in TV history, accept it.
And to your point about an all white alliance, there have been SEVERAL, look at all other seasons, they just didn’t verbally point it out (clears throat) LIKE KYLE!!
Lesson from a black household handbook “Think it, don’t say it!” Just dumb on Kyles part!!!!!

The Beef

LOL! For you to call the Cookout an “iconic moment in TV history” while at the same time saying Kyle’s words pitching a “possible” race based alliance were “boarder line offensive to some and blatantly offensive for others” makes you a total hypocrite – you do realize that, right? How can it not only be okay, but “iconic” when one race does it, but “blatantly offensive” when another simply proposes it?

There’s absolutely no logic behind what you’re saying. NONE! You can say we have to just accept it, but we’re getting TIRED of just accepting unfair treatment like this. If it’s not bias or racism when the Cookout did it, then it’s not bias or racism when Kyle proposed it. If it IS bias/racism when Kyle proposed it, then it damn sure was bias/racism when the Cookout did it last season, period, end of discussion. Somebody needs to make the call for what it is and either allow it or throw it out as a strategy (that is make a rule of some sort that immediately ejects someone from the game in the future if they even MENTION a race based alliance), and let’s move on. This issue is ruining the game, and I for one am tired of dealing with it.




-Mic Drop-


He’s a Trump supporter so he’s racist.

Palm Oil's Meds

Get mad at Kyle. He was the one that used race as a strategy. I am starting to think some of you guys just want to live vicariously through Kyle with this all-white alliance.


That’s what it is with these people defending him, they wish they could be just like him and say how they really feel.


But yet when Taylor makes a comment about White women that’s just fine with CBS. I guess in CBS eyes that comment was not racist.


How sad that Brittany and Alyssa are playing the victims. Brittany just wants Alyssa to vote out Kyle per orders from her boss Michael. Alyssa is disgusting pretending she ruined everything from her outside life for Kyle. She was the one pursuing Kyle and pressuring him to have sex with her. Kyle can do better. Brittany is a loser. Alyssa will probably try to latch on to someone else unless they put her up next.


I could not believe it when Alyssa said that she had someone on the outside. Alyssa threw herself on Kyle, and all this time she had something going outside of the house, WOW!

Alyssa does not paint herself in a very good light, the dude outside of the house, I hope he tells Alyssa to go pound rocks, Alyssa is crazy. I was watching the live feeds, Alyssa is totally ignoring Kyle, Kyle was in the kitchen eating by himself, she never came near him, she went outside and hung out with Taylor, Brittany, Michael and Turner.

After Kyle finished eating he went upstairs and laid on the couch by the Bumper Pool Table, covered up from head to toe with a blanket, and went to sleep, it’s kind of sad seeing Kyle this way.

As far as I’m concerned, hearing Alyssa say she had someone outside of the house, and the way she went after Kyle, and then dumped him so fast, Alyssa is not the little innocent nice girl she tries to portray, Alyssa is cold hearted.

I’m so glad that Monte and Turner are tight, I was also happy to hear them talking about how Michael & Brittany saved all of this crap about Kyle, until they could use it in their favor to save each other. So Michael & Brittany are not as slick as they think they are.

I like Turner & Monte working together, Monte nor Turner let their emotions take over game play, I hope the 2 of them make it far.


They didn’t need to save themselves they are both safe for the week if they would have told anything before noms then they would have been accused of lying to save themselves. They didn’t put the words in Kyle s mouth and I am sure he has told Alisa his thoughts she just won’t admit she also new .why should Mike and britney take blame for coming forward. That’s why people don’t say thing’s


Alyssa’s outside situation blasted her on Twitter a few weeks ago. He posted picture of him and her, he went off on her.


That is really cold blooded for her to do what she did. It makes her come across as not a very nice person, I think Alyssa just wanted a Showmance, I think she thought that would give her more camera time.

Alyssa & Kyle together was gross to me, it seemed very awkward, just strange.

Big mama

This is like a bad car wreck I can’t look away but I don’t want to watch anymore ?


Same. I’m over EVERYTHING being racially driven anymore it’s pathetic…

4 be 4

Dont watch news on television then. Thats all thats on.


I am assuming by that comment that you are not a POC. You never will be. You will never know what it is like to live the life as a POC. That in itself is your privilege. While everyone can have challenges in life on multiple levels, someone that is a POC has the additional challenges that you will never know. POC do NOT get a CHOICE to be OVER EVERYTHING being racially driven!
Please – Take this moment to learn.


Kinda? I would say Monte shot it down hard


Production should have let Kyle leave. Keeping him there with all the accusations of racism isn’t healthy or good for anyone in that house. And it’s wrong.

Michael & Brittany should be ashamed of themselves. The comments Kyle made were not racist, they were game. There WAS an all POC forming. Who else was to form an alliance to counteract that other than a non-POC alliance? Why is one ok, but not the other? Why is it ok to say “ all black” but not “all white”? Why is Taylor allowed to say “I will never nominate a black person?” – several times, btw – but not ok for Kyle to mention one singular time an “all white” alliance?

Why did Michael & Brittany wait to bring this up and accuse him at the moment they felt they’re backs and alliance were against the wall? Power. It’s ok for them to play dirty and ruin someone’s personal reputation to further their game?

The fact that they didn’t respect Kyle enough to have a conversation with him at the moment they decided they were uncomfortable with the optics is what it is. They we’re agreeing with him prior to that, but apparently had to think about it after. But they had 3 weeks to have a conversation with Kyle to clear the air and truly understand what he meant. To see it was game and by no means racism. But they didn’t do that, not once. Instead, they labeled him a racist (not in exact words but by inference in the words they did choose) and let it spread like wildfire thru the house because their game was threatened. It’s so incredibly obvious and is shameful due to the implications.

They have ruined a man’s reputation, not just in the house, but outside too. It isn’t right and production should be ashamed to have let it happen. They should have had a house meeting, with production included, to work it all out…off camera. Instead, they let the bullies keep on bullying, spreading rumors knowing that viewers are watching. For what? Ratings?

Shameful. All of it.

Tom the Canuck

Kyle ruined his own reputation by saying those words and dragging Brittany and Michael down into the mud with him. Now the people with pitchforks are scapegoating MB.


Oh my goodness, really? Scapegoated?

MB did it to themselves, just as much as Kyle did.

Let’s hold everyone responsible for their actions. None of that poor victim mentality, please.

I Spy

MB did what to themselves? Make a game move? Applause.


A game move that had negative consequences for them. Applause!

I Spy

What negative consequences?

In the game? Was his only shot. He’s still better off having done it.

Outside the game? From whom? Only negativity I’ve seen is from the MAGA crowd here. They don’t count lol.


Those words being what exactly? Please enlighten me. Because if you are referring to “all white” … I don’t see how that is any different than saying “all black”. The cookout was “all black” – that was ok but an “all white” alliance is not? Taylor has said the words “black” in reference to several people in the house – that’s ok? Why not just call them by name or use POC instead? Saying the words does not make one racist. Actions do. So show me where, in all this time, he has ACTED racially (personally not game because a true racist cannot distinguish between the 2) towards any of the POC in the house…

And how exactly did he drag Michael & Brittany down with him? THEY brought it up to the others in the house. He did not. THEY did that all their own…

By people with pitchforks you mean who? If you’re talking about me – you don’t know me at all. I’m merely expressing my opinion – a right I have. You clearly disagree. I’m fine with that bcuz that is your right. But please don’t pretend you know me enough to cast any kind of stone. I don’t even let my family or friends do that – let alone a complete stranger.

It’s called communication. This includes listening to other points of view without judgement. You should try it sometime rather than respond to me referencing such a negative term/phrase. I mean, if I and others who agree with me are raising pitchforks against Michael & Brittany as you imply, then, in my opinion, you and those who agree with you are doing the same against Kyle. It’s ok for you and not not me? Why exactly?

Palm Oil's Meds

It’s just game, right?


The Timing though!..lol!
They are gonna go down as the ickiest in BB history, lol!


At least Kyle protected Turner and Alyssa. He also expressed his concerns about the fear of a cookout 2.0 to them as well. He pitched the alliance to them of him, Turner, Alyssa, Micheal and Brittney final 5. They both just sat there and listened to his pitch. That was the week of Taylor’s HOH.


I completely agree with you!!! It’s such a double standard, when the cookout happened I knew this was going to be a concern for future seasons and it’s very understandable, these people in the house they just want to separate themselves from the topic and not admit that when someone says I will never nominate another black person to be in the block then it’s a concern for a non-black, if people don’t see this then their blind. Im to dislike this show, every topic it’s very sensitive.


You said it so perfectly well.. sad thing is your view will always be blown off or you’ll be labeled racist yourself unfortunately….. It’s to the point it’s time to just stop watching the want to keep pushing this narrative and it’s ridiculous….

America’s Favorite

“Why is it okay to say ‘all Black’ but not okay to say ‘all White?’ Why couldn’t White people drink from the Black water fountain or use the Black restroom? Why were White people forced to sit in the front of the bus?”

Palm Oil's Meds

Right! They never complain about racism or equality when it hurts black people but when white people are affected by it then all of sudden “it’s racist.” Double standards!

The Beef

OMG, both you guys must be at least 70 years old to have experienced such attrocities! By all means, let’s bring up things from the 1950’s and prior and compare them to game strategy in BB – game strategy that was INVENTED by black players just last season – and used against all non-black players, in order to ensure a black player won the game!

And before you come back with the lame “all-white alliance” argument that voted out black players based only on their race, you better be able to provide the NAMES of those alliances and the specific players they voted out based on their race only, because I’m sick of hearing the generalizations used with absolutely no evidence to back them up. I’ve been watching BB since the beginning, and I’ve never heard or seen any alliance, all-white or other wise, say they were voting a player out because of their race, until LAST season when the Cookout specifically said that’s what they were doing (not voting out the black players until final 6).


Taylor did nominate a black person, last time I checked Terrance is black. She said she didn’t want to nominate a “black woman”, and she didn’t nominate Jasmine. Taylor never said she wouldn’t vote out a “black woman”, she just said she wouldn’t nominate one, hence her voting out Jasmine.

I agree with you on stating that Michael and Brittany should have addressed Kyle’s comments the moment he said them. I think both of them aren’t very good about dealing with confrontation, I remember the both of them just sitting there, not saying a word, when Daniel was yelling at Taylor over some BS about telling Nicole to quit (which she didn’t do), even though both of them felt that was wrong of him to do. The timing they used to tell everyone about Kyle’s comments is suspect, and Monte, Turner, and Terrance have all said that (from reading above Taylor isn’t on that page yet).

Kyle’s reputation hasn’t been that great in my eyes, and that’s before Michael and Brittany told the house about his comments. I didn’t care for all his immature weirdness with Alyssa, it was so cringe some of the things he said to her, it was like a middle schooler with their first crush. I hated the way he treated Joe, it was rude and uncalled for, he had no problem ostracizing him and letting him take the brunt of Alyssa’s wrath for lying to her, even though Kyle lied way more to her, he thought it was awesome that Joe was alone, and he said that in his DR, he relished in the fact that Joe felt all alone, and to top it all off for him to call Joe a scumbag recently was just low class. I hated how he, along with the After Party alliance (this falls on all of them not just him) went out of their way to trash Joe to Taylor and completely crush her, and then went up to the HOH and laughed about it. And honestly as a viewer, I didn’t care for his comments about the POC forming a cookout 2.0, and how he, Michael, Brittany, Turner, and Alyssa should form a “silent majority”. His comments weren’t even true about the POC forming an alliance, if that were the case they wouldn’t have voted out Ameerah, Nicole, Jasmine, and nominated Terrance every chance they got. One more thing I didn’t like was how he told Alyssa that if he ever got voted out, that she should get voted out behind him, that way they could spend time with each other in the jury house, I’m assuming for more 10 seconds sessions. It’s like if he can’t win the game, then she shouldn’t win either. He’s immature and has a lot of growing up to do. With all that said, I don’t like to see him shutting down and withdrawn. I don’t want anyone to feel ostracized, even him. I hope that if he goes into the jury house, that he makes amends with Joe. I hope that he makes amends with everyone who comes into the jury house after him. I think once they are in the jury house, away from the constant cameras that he will have meaningful one on one conversations with people, I think he will reflect and look back at some of his thoughts and actions, and he will grow from all of this. I’m not just saying that for Kyle, i think everyone in the house will have to reflect on some poor decisions and actions, and hopefully everyone will come away with a different perspective and real growth after all of this.


10000000% I liked Michael (he’s not my favorite but I did like him) but after this it completely changed my opinion of him. This goes beyond just game. They’re trying to ruin this dudes life. If they were as concerned about what Kyle said as they claim, they would have brought it up right after he said it. Not wait weeks until they can use the info to damage him. I don’t know why the other HG can’t see this. I’ve lost all respect for Michael. I’m not a huge Kyle fan either but I don’t think this was racist on his part. Last season The Cookout was formed and we all know why, so what’s wrong with Kyle being worried about it possibly happening again? He wasn’t trying to be racist. The whole thing is ridiculous and this dude is about to get so much hate. It’s sad.

Palm Oil's Meds

Don’t get mad at Michael and Britney. It’s just game. When Kyle was targeting only people of color as his strategy, you guys said “it’s just game.”


Michael & Brittany, typical progressive Democrats.


I totally agree about production!!
With the feeds constantly down,(to control the narrative) they actually let this LIE blow up!!…when you shut the feeds down, America doesn’t have the Real facts!!…..I SAW WHAT I SAW, AND I HEARD WHAT I HEARD, of what you allowed, Nothing RACIST!!!…you should had shut that Sh@! Down!


I feel better about this entire fiasco, seeing Turner and Monte figure out that Michael and Brit were not 100% genuine in their intentions when they revealed Kyle’s comments.

I can root for their F2, and hopefully they can get Michael out.

So glad this ended up ruining Michael’s game, as long as he doesn’t beast it to the finals.

He did not think this through thoroughly. Of course the timing of the revelation was going to look fishy.

Even if he makes it to F2, this could really affect the jury votes quite a lot.

I could see Jasmine and Indy holding him accountable in keeping this info to himself until he needed to use it.

The stupid thing is that Michael could have stayed calm until the veto before considering using this info at all. Once he was safe, it was not worth the risk to try to save Taylor.

Perhaps he had been worried about how it would look later on that he never said anything. Yet this now seems much, much worse.

Panicked reactive players do not deserve the win.

Failed super fan.

I like Turner and Monte’s measured mentalities. I don’t think Monte played a particularly great game, but he was solid.I think Turner deserves it a bit more than Monte, but either is fine.

I Spy

Michael’s game was ruined once the AP walked back in that door.At that point his only hope became to win out, so he was no worse off outing Kyle.

Not sure why people are not seeing this as a game move. Other than winning out, it was his best and only play.

Was it opportunistic on Michael’s part? Absolutely. Until he knew Kyle had turned, there was no reason to out his ally. That’s game play.

Does he try to play the moral high ground card to justify not coming forward sooner? Yes. Again, game play. Not many are buying it though.

At the end of the day, I think Michael’s image will be ok because while he didn’t shoot the idea down to Kyle, he (and Britt) always expressed reservations about playing that game.


No one is disputing it was a game move. Just a bad ass one. Not sure why some people can’t see that, ahem.

I Spy

Can you explain why it was bad? I don’t see it. You have to agree he’s better positioned in the game for it.


I feel he gave the house even more reason to target him, as this made him look like a slimy opportunist. See the conversation between Monte and Turner, this has put M in a very bad light.

I think this may also affect jury votes if M does make it to F2. I don’t think Jasmine or Indy will look on him very favorably for keeping this info to himself until it suited him.

It is going to be difficult for him to bring up this point of play during his resume speech. Very awkward line to walk. Like hey I outed Kyle as a racist when I felt the timing was right in order to keep Taylor for my game. Nope, not a good look.

M as a super fan is very invested in making a good impression, not just regarding the game but in his life. He is not going to feel good about the negative shadow on his character.


It’s amazing that out of monte turner Alyssa and Terrance that Terrance was the only one to see thru Michael Brittany and their bs they were spewing. I mean good for Michael he threw a Hail Mary to try and save Taylor and it actually worked I thought monte and turner would be smarter than that. Although I don’t like the tactic Michael used it was a brilliant play and it worked so good for him


Turner and Monte are easily influenced. Monte is a complete dummy.


You are practically ensuring that Brittany gets to the Final 2 Simon 🙂


Kyle is ahead of floater Brittney waiting for her next marching orders.


Brittany is furthest thing from my floater she has stayed loyal to Michael


She’s loyal to him to his face. She has a final 2 with Taylor and has agreed that Micheal needs to go. She did not share with Micheal that Taylor wants a final 3 with her, Taylor and Monte. Taylor told her that Monte asked if they will be okay if he takes a shot at Micheal and Brittney is okay with that. Micheal is fighting for himself alone, he just doesn’t know it.

The Beef

Brittany is a cad (just like Michael) and riding Michael’s coattails hard. The only good move she’s made all season is sucking up to Michael, plus she’s sold him out hard behind his back.

The Beef

I’ve always tried to rate the players fairly based on how I view them playing the game. It always irritated me that some people would rate lousy players highly (like give Alyssa a 5) simply because they “like” her, but figured, hey it’s their prerogative to do that if they like.

This week my attitude has changed. Screw how they are playing the game (just like everybody else seems to vote) – I’m voting based on how I like them, or how I dislike them. I’m only one vote per day, but maybe it’ll shake things up just a little.

Gary Murphy

Accusing someone of Racism can destroy a person’s life if she is totally WRONG!!! If she is it I was him after B.B. is over I would get a Lawyer and bring a Lawsuit against her!!!


Wish it would have destroy some careers a long time ago. Maybe it would be better today. It been going on long before BB sorry to say.

I Spy

Not going to happen. I’m sure the house guests all sign waivers releasing everyone associated with the game from all liability.

The Beef

So I guess you’re an attorney then?

If I were Kyle, and there were repercussions outside the house after the game, I would definitely look into filing a civil suit against both Michael and Brittany (especially if either one of them win) along with CBS for destroying his reputation in the name of producing “entertaining” television, waiver or not. Let the attorney’s, judges and courts decide whether those things are binding or not considering how much damage may be done to his ability to earn a livelihood after this thing is over.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Clearly you don’t know much about the United States legal system.

People’s first instinct is always to sue… but it doesn’t work that way.

You have to be able to prove damages with concrete proof — repeating someone’s elses own words, do not constitute as damages.

BB makes you sign your life away in those contracts, and they implicitly state that you won’t bring litigation against Viacom, CBS, the show’s production company or your fellow HG’s. If you don’t sign their 500 page contract, you won’t be eligible to participate in BB.

But let’s play along and pretend there was no contract…

Firstly, Brittany NEVER called Kyle a racist.

She repeated the words Kyle said exactly how he said them to her — she even reiterated that she didn’t think he was racist and she felt that he wasn’t looking at the optics of what he was saying.

None of that matters, because the only thing he could try to allege is slander, and what Brittany did does not constitute as slander.

Nor is it actionable in a court of law, for that matter, and you’d be hard pressed to find a single attorney to take that case.

Plus, you’d better have at least $20,000 to retain your attorney (because contrary to what you see in movies, 99% of attorneys don’t work pro bono).
Sure some attorneys work on contingency (which means your attorney only gets paid *if* you recover compensation —by settlement or court judgment) but Kyle wouldn’t be able to get an attorney on contingency, because contingency is only utilized in personal injury cases.

Even then, an attorney ONLY utilizes a contingency fee agreement when they know their case is a slam dunk win, because if they lose that case, the law firm is on the hook for the tens of thousands of dollars in fees & billable hours that they spent researching & preparing the case.

This “case” would be so flimsy, the judge would throw it out in the first proceeding, because you cannot allege slander if a person is simply repeating another persons own words back.

I Spy

You said it better than I did.

The Beef

Very interesting that you know that “She repeated the words Kyle said exactly how he said them to her”, since feeds were down during most of those discussions.

Slanderthe utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation.

You can certainly make the argument they both misrepresented what he said, by presenting them as racist in nature, when in fact the alliance he was proposing was in DEFENSE to what he thought he saw forming among other people. He wasn’t just saying let’s form an all-white alliance and take out the POC, he was saying, I think they are forming an alliance to take US out, so we might need to react and form an alliance to defend against that. That may be a difference without a distinction to some people, but to me that’s the difference between being an outright racist and reacting strategically to something you think is happening in the game, although he WAS wrong about that.

How things are presented matters, both by Kyle and by Michael and Brittany. People are never going to like the all-white thing, and I don’t disagree with that at all, but given what happened last season, I certainly understand being leery of the formation of a POC alliance as well, so I think he should be cut some slack for that. As for Michael and Brit, if they were really so torn up about all this as they are trying to act like they are now, why didn’t they come forward with this information 3 or 4 weeks ago when it was first revealed to them? The answer to that is they held it until it benefited their games to do so, and that’s just a fact. For them to now act all “holier than thou” about coming forward now and to say “It’s not game related” is just a lie, and everybody in the house with a brain is starting to see that (Monte, Turner, Terrance).


If Kyle doesn’t go then they are all fools! Taylor nor Monte are threats to Turner, Terrance, Michael or Alyssa’s game. Alyssa is a floater so she is a threat to everyone’s game. Indy, jasmine, Kyle, and would vote for her to win. So would Terrance, if he ended up in the jury house. Monte, Taylor, Turner and Michael would vote for the best game. Brittany I am not sure how she would vote if Michael wasn’t one of the final 2. Send Kyle to jury!!!!


Hopefully Kyle goes home then it’s game on! Turner will be safe with the house. Michael and Monte will be shooting for each other. Taylor and Brittany will want to take out Alyssa and Terrence.

4 be 4

And cookout 2.0 will continue

Roll Tide

Monte has not won anything he is not a threat. Alyssa is not a threat she has not won a thing.
Michael wants the money to buy a house for his boyfriend. He will do anything to get it. Even ruin a young man’s life. Brittney is just bad. She is Michaels mole and doesn’t mind destroying someone’s life. Michael embellished what happened and let Britt go out as d sell the story to keep them safe. We know Micheal will win and Taylor second. We all know CBS picks the winner.

Big mama

So my unsolicited opinion is this…
Kyle grew up in Utah, a land of blonde haired blue eyed Mormons.
I grew up in Selma Alabama. One of the most significant black American history places of all times. I grew up in a place that I’m sometimes the only white girl around therefore I appreciate, understand and respect the TRUTH of African American culture. Their way of life was a lot of times my way of life but my struggles are not the same as their struggles. I am aware of this because I live this. I however cannot tell you anything at all about a Mormon except the things I read and seen on TV. I don’t know that culture because I haven’t lived around that culture. I believe the same is true for Kyle. I don’t think he had any malicious intent but I do believe he has a preconceived prejudice and is ignorant to the lives of black men and women in America. We are all a result of of our environment and some us were just lucky enough to have friends and family of every different, shape, color, and religion. Just something to think about?


I am from Utah born and raised not blue eyed or blonde neither is everyone that lives here. We are a very diverse state with many different communities. And no we are not all Mormons. We respect and embrace all of the different cultures we have here. Just because we have some Mormon culture here too does not mean people from Utah are ignorant prejudice or racist and not all Mormons are either. I believe all states have a mix of different cultures and also their own ignorant prejudice and racist people. To say just because there are Mormons here we are that is untrue. We have a beautiful state with many job opportunities lots of outdoor recreation and a great place to live. Also Kyle is not racist Michael and Brittany are just trying to manipulate and take the focus off of them.

Big mama

Exactly my point. I have no idea the culture of Utah because I’ve never been out of the south. Thanks for educating me!


You had us until the last sentence, when you completely dismissed the racial harm in Kyle’s behavior. In not acknowledging that, your entire comment loses all credibility.

Utah created this comment of White Fragility.


Are you saying that when a white person even mentions something about race they are automatically racist and cause racial harm and that white people from Utah are the only ones that feel discomfort or get defensive when racial issues are discussed and they created that. I think alot of people no matter what color they are sometimes feel uncomfortable or defensive when discussing racial matters. Isn’t that why the houseguest are distancing themselves from Kyle and voting him out (I don’t think any of them are from Utah) even though it’s OK for Taylor to say things. Kyle caused no harm because he wasn’t being racist he was simply making comments about what he felt he was observing. I am as you are entitled to our opinions even if someone doesn’t think it is credible in their opinion.


I can only ask that you take the time to educate yourself on these issues, which are sociological with much research and analyses over the decades.

The very basic premise of this is that racism comes from being in a position of power and privilege.

There can be prejudice against White people in this country, but there can never be racism.

Not acknowledging one’s extreme dominance in this culture and how much advantage and protection that affords you and me as White people, is adding to the harm and literal genocide of POC in this country.

To say Taylor is allowed to say things that Kyle is not, is missing the entire problem of how racism works in this society.

Kyle did not just make some random comments, he proposed picking off the Black HGs bc he perceived ‘being jumped’ and feeling threatened even though there was no evidence they even all liked each other enough to work together.

That is exactly what happens in society, Why White women call the police on a Black man whose dog is disturbing her birding, why a young Black male is shot in cold blood by a vigilant neighborhood patrol simply bc he was walking to a friend’s house, why police go in guns blazing while a Black woman is asleep in her bed, no questions asked.

None of those acts of ‘misunderstanding’ and aggression will ever, ever happen to you or I as White people in society.

I am not saying it is only people from Utah. But in those type of regions there is a specific breeding ground to shelter among the old traditional, religion based supremacy.

In NYC where I live there is certainly much racism as well. Even in Bklyn where so many cultures intermingle, certain neighborhoods are predominantly White and conservative, anti-BLM, and do not want their kids in school with minorities.

It’s easy to be friendly to people’s faces and convince oneself you see them as good neighbors, but in the vast majority of situations those Black members of the community are still not seen as equals. Often the White people see themselves as Saviors, look how great they are being ‘fair’ to their lower societal neighbors. But let’s see how many of them would be okay if their son or daughter brought home a Black fiance.

“Some of my best friends/neighbors are Black”.

Please research and read what is wrong with that sentence.

It’s about educating, rather than putting others down. But that also involves holding people accountable for what they say and do.


I am a Person of Color, and I live in Gilbert Arizona. Gilbert Arizona is nick named, Mormon Heaven, there is a very large population of Mormons in Gilbert Arizona.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles California, I’m so happy that I was raised in a very diverse neighborhood, I grew up with Hispanics, Asians, Caucasian and Black people. As kids we all played together and we all got along very well, I was raised to treat everyone the way that I would like to be treated.

I relocated to Arizona after accepting a promotion on my job, I purchased a brand new home, that I had built in Gilbert Arizona. I had a lot of coworkers and people of color telling me to be careful moving to Gilbert, I was told Mormons are very prejudice, as I said earlier, I have always lived in a diverse neighborhood, so I did not listen to people telling me Mormons are prejudice.

My neighbors were mostly Mormons, they treated me very well. Once our homes were finished being built, we had a block party, we created a phone book for everyone on our street.

We all look out for each other, if they do not see me for a couple of days, they either come knock on my door, check to make sure I’m ok, or they call me on my cell phone. You cannot listen to what people tell you about other Races, Religions etc…. There are a lot of good people in this world, so don’t miss out on making friends with all kinds of people, based on listening too what other people tell you to avoid.

That’s your loss if you only associate with people who look like you, people are people, there are good people, bad people, crazy people, all kinds of different personalities, don’t miss out on life living in fear of people who don’t look like you.

The Mormon people who are in my life, they treat me like family, their kids come up and talk with me when they see me outside, when I’m out of town on business, my Mormon neighbors keep an eye out, and make sure all is well at my house.

This is 2022, it will be so nice when we all learn to live our lives, treat everyone like we would like to be treated, Respect one another, be kind to each other, that’s what life is all about, it may sound corny, but this is how I was raised.

I was taught that I am not held accountable for how others treat me, I’m held accountable for how I treat others.


Well put we need more kindness in this world.

I Spy

Well said.

The Corey's

If you grew up in a place where you were the only white person around than you are the minority.

Grow up.

Big mama

I still have the upper hand because the people in authority view me as less of a threat. I appreciate your input though. And can’t expect you to understand a world you have never lived in. I wish you nothing but blessings and love!


Only ignorance is YOU,making those comments that kyle has preconceived prejudice against black folks.He NEVER said any of those words.You don’t EVEN know this kid.People who think like YOU are the REAL PROBLEM of the United States TODAY !!!


We are all a product of our environment. It can be a reason, but not an excuse for bad behavior. Although I agree he had no malicious intent, his outlook and words contribute greatly to the harm that is done to POC.

It’s not enough to just immerse people in diversity. It’s mostly about human psychology and the messaging we get from those around us and our society.

The fact he grew up privileged and sheltered is no reason to feel sympathy for him. That seems a slap in the face to those who truly struggle, those who are literally being systematically murdered in cold blood on the streets.

This is whitewashing of the utter destructiveness of racism and genocide.

Harm piled upon harm. Please, let’s stop and just face reality.


Just Stop!


Let’s just STOP racism, that’s a better goal!

Terrence’s big crack

I’m good with a Monte/Turner F2……even a Monte/Taylor F2……just don’t want “ your boy” or “ floatie girl” near the end

un autre nom

To say that I’m finding it difficult right now to get back into things after being gone during the nuclear warhead is an understatement.
My fresh read on things is ‘wow, a house full of opportunists pointing fingers at the rest of the opportunists while claiming clean hands?’
Who has clean hands? Nobody. NONE of them have clean hands from my perspective today as I do three days worth of catch up.
My Reasoning:

  • Monte and Turner: admitted before I left that Leftovers was always a performative anti-bully stance that they didn’t actually care about, but strategically gave the pound a numbers advantage which is sort of ick.
  • Britt and Michael: I thought they should have outed the information to Monte and Taylor LAST week, but even then outing the information ONLY when they are imperiled… that’s performative as well. The fact that they held the information for so long was always strategic. and sort of ick. Michael wanted so bad to stay in the middle that he didn’t want to draw a line. The line was already there, he just didn’t want to acknowledge it. Britt? admittedly didn’t like the looks of the situation before the production talk… but… for a different reason. She was myopically concerned with Kyle having too much sway over Michael. It was valid, but her concern wasn’t racial divide until after the production talk.
  • Alyssa? Yeah, she knew Kyle’s BBQ theory. She can play dumb all she wants. There’s at least 4 conversations between Kyle and Alyssa where she asks things like ‘so Taylor and Jasmine are working together?’ Keep batting those eyelashes and pretending this is brand new information though.
  • Terrance? he walked in wanting a cookout understanding (excluding Taylor because he didn’t view her as a sistah) now he wants to save Kyle for numbers. Opportunism 101. He’s for the cause when it helps him only, but will dump it when it serves him.
  • Taylor? Sadly, I’m going to say something that will have some people cheering that I don’t want cheers from, and some people cursing that I don’t want curses from, but I’m being honest when I say… holds breath to type this… I’m…. starting to think there is a part of her that is using sympathy strategically. I stand up for victims of bullying, and i understand that trauma doesn’t go away lickety split. I get that. But every once in a while when she is talking about strategy and throws in her trauma to those strategy talks, it bothers me a bit.
  • Kyle? I have never used the word racist to define him, and I’m still in the boat that he expresses implicit bias and unconscious bias. Did he use race strategically, yes, because he was fearbaiting the BBQ as a real thing. Given that he did so for 3 weeks, it’s impossible to say he didn’t. EVEN with the biggest grain of salt available… when you draw out a timeline of Kyle’s game and strategic targeting, It LOOKS bad. Believe me, I spent an hour charting it, with red x’s through the alliance members he was targeting in each of his alliances from week 1 to week 8. It looks bad (he started off the first half of week one targeting people he thought were controlling house spin, which isn’t problematic, but by the time you get to week 3-6 where you have to add the nonexistent alliance he was pushing… it gets really cringe). It just DOES. Is it valid to question the existence of a cookout understanding starting in week 3? Given known house dynamics putting Terrance and Taylor or Taylor and Jasmine or Taylor and Indy into a group working together was not logical. Therefore, it never really made sense as “biggest fear in the game” (direct quote from the clip where he discusses the cookout2.0 idea in detail with Michael during Michael’s HOH in week 5, I transcribed the first minute he spent talking about it with very animated hand gestures but lost the post when my computer updated itself and did a restart… but I remember that line).

If my logic is faulty, come for my assessment, educate me where my theories are in error, I welcome that. I make mistakes and will own them (I thought Michael was the storyline evictee this week, so I own it when I’m wrong). So, while i don’t relish attacks in what feels like a very heated week, I’m more than willing to be part of a reasonable dialogue. One request: Let’s discuss the comments and not attack each other personally. That’s gross.
Okay, going to try to watch the latest episode in a couple of hours…. Am I going to be rolling my eyes and saying ‘wow, they left out SO much?’


I think your assessments are spot on. I do think that of the people left Monte is playing the best strategic game followed by Turner. Michael has the best physical game and Brittany is one people only consider taking to Final 2 because she is beatable. Terrence’s latest ploy was so freaking obvious you might as well have put a neon sign over his head (still trying to figure out why Royal Caribbean was part of his earlier soliloquy though)


Terrence wants a sponsorship, possible DJ job!


Could you elaborate on the production talk with MB? I was not aware of that.

un autre nom

A couple of weeks ago, each of Kyle, Britt and Michael were called into the diary room separately. The topic of conversation was optics. Social media had already cancelled Michael and Britt, there were already calls to have Michael fired from his job. THAT night Britt talked to Kyle in the bathroom about how his cookout theory and call for (his words) a silent majority alliance looked racially motivated. This clip made the episodes. In episode, a lot has been left out. A LOT.
Michael had not been concerned with the optics before the discussion. He was only looking at how to stay in the middle. While Britt was more concerned before the discussion, it was concern for where her middle ground between Michael and Taylor were being jeopardized by Kyle.

The Kats Meow

Totally on point, kudos!


Simon are you disappointed that this has been an uneventful boring week so far? Lol


“Kyle transforming (into Audrey)”

That commentary did me in lol


I almost forgot about her!


that made me laugh out loud, too. 😉

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

alyssa is that player who will go far just because of other players being dumb


Well, I take my words back about Monte being an acceptable winner. That conversation with Taylor was a bond head move from him.

He is all over the place.

He’s F2 with Turner. Yet he’s still sharing info with Taylor, even though he knows how close she is to MB.

Sloppy naivete.

Turner for the win.

I can’t take the rest of these abysmal players anymore.


I actually think he is playing smart. Call it jury management the way he is talking with the different houseguests. Putting aside one issue with Kyle, of the houseguests, Kyle, Daniel, & Joseph had the worst jury management skills (all for different reasons)


I would agree, but it seems too trusting to share that info with Taylor. Especially so soon before the next HOH. She is not known to be a steady player. It would not take much for her to hint that info to MB.


He has been careful with how he shares information though. Before the dynamite explosion yesterday, he didn’t say explicitly say what the others were discussing; instead he gave a couple breadcrumbs and let them fill in the full facts themselves (this is how Michael was even more aware then he already was about danger facing him, Taylor facing some facts and be able to process what Joseph actually did say Vs what may not be true, and yet Brittany was still gullible)

4 be 4

it is management to solidify cookout 2.0

I Spy

Monte’s playing both sides of the house. Smart to do so until he has to declare a side. This was his week to have to do so, but he was saved by Kyle’s blunder.


So clearly the story in the house is Kyle is racist? That’s sad. Hopefully, they’ll give him some tips/coaching behind the scenes to help him explain. I think the game play got away from him. In Big Brother there are moment(s) when you question everything, and in one of his moments the question of a Cookout 2.0 did crop up in his mind which certainly suggests some ill-informed bias, but does that make him racist? I don’t know. He doesn’t strike me as a racist as much as a person informed by limited exposure to other types of people. The bottom line is that the expectation in this day and age, whether you agree with it or not, is that social ignorance in the age of social media can get folks in some hot water. He should have known better or stayed off television. Either way, he messed up, but I think he can fix it. Look at Jeff Schroeder…. And yes, I do think Michael used the situation to his advantage, but it was a situation Kyle created. I just hope this doesn’t haunt Kyle outside the house and that he’s given a chance to explain and to do some damage control.

The Kats Meow

I never liked Kyle because he acts foolishly childish for a 29 year old and I don’t mind seeing him sent to jury house. But with that said, most of the racially tinged comments he repeatedly said, probably came from his own unconscious biases. Being raised a Mormon and living in a state that is 85% Caucasians, add to his lack of self awareness and immaturity. What looks bad is he was told it sounded and looked bad, but he couldn’t let the bone go. I’d like to think he can learn from this situation and grow as a man. I don’t know who else is old like me, but way back on Real World S1, Mike Mizanin (aka the Miz in WWE) was in a similar boat about cultural stereotypes and things he thought negatively about minorities. Coral, a black woman, took him under her wing and explained why his thought processes and comments were wrong and he became a better person as time went by. My hope is most people can do better, even manbaby Kyle.

4 be 4

Same bias everyone should have in a Game!! Beat the other guy. put your wokeness away, its old & over


Ok, is it me or have the ants not been mentioned since a particular person left

The Kats Meow

Well you might well be on point Sir. Like a one legged dog, one a bale of hay, on a sunny day in Georgia lol


I cant believe how things have turned out. Kyle should have fought harder to defend himself. After all, unless I missed something, Kyle was just expressing concern to Michael that because Monte was trying to protect Taylor so fiercely that they might be doing a rehash of The Cookout from the previous season. There was no racist intent in Kyles heart


Literally ALL you need to know is that both Terrance and Monte (two actual black people who know a thing or two about racism, unlike all of the woke, white apologists on this thread) thought Michael went too far and that Kyle didnt say or mean anything racist and that Michael abused a situation to further his game. What more do you want, woke white apologists? Please listen to black people, and stop telling them what you think they should do! Nothing could be more racist than a bunch of woke white apologists speculating on what black people in the the Big Brother house should think and feel. Sad!

marcellas veto

Please, Daniel and the rest of the house listened to Terrance and Monte on week one, and used their advice to ostracize, mock and isolate Taylor. I don’t think opinions are valid, quite the opposite.

yazmeane@yahoo.com wood

if they are smart kyle.Kyle.. Taylor doesn’t win crap so get Kyle out


I’ve lost all respect for Michael.


If you go back and watch his reaction when Kyle was saying that stuff, you’ll see that he actually believes in what he is doing\saying. Was it timed strategically, absolutely. Kyle is not a racist, but he is seriously ignorant. Him and Alyssa don’t even know Paris is in France…lol. Kyle hasn’t been around minorities much, and it shows.

4 be 4

Do you think he will
1) stay in the jury house
2) return & be part of eviction night??

I think no & no


I am guessing he wanted to self evict and production talked him out of it. He will still make his stipend in jury, and production will not have to change their shooting schedule.

The Beef

They wouldn’t have to change their shooting schedule anyway. Just don’t evict anybody this week, and keep it the same. Either go with 8 jury votes, or add in an America’s vote (likely to avoid a tie).

If I was him, I would have self evicted in a heart beat given he’s most likely going out on a 5-0 vote. Who the heck’s going to risk voting to save the guy who’s now been painted as the racist? I know Terrance suggested it, for his own numbers, but since nobody else is willing to go along with it (including Alyssa, who now seems to be pining for her old boyfriend at home), he’ll most likely fall in line and vote him out.

I don’t see the point in sticking around and supporting the show and a group of people who just ruined your life on national TV, and I don’t care if it’s an extra $15 or $20k. He can certainly claim mental duress, and how can they argue with that? He’s either being shunned or isolating himself in the house right now, so either way it indicates he’s not mentally okay at the moment.


I hated how this week was progressing, but I am delighted to see Kyle on the block. He was playing an amazing game, and I don’t think he is racist. I just didn’t care for the way he played the game. At any rate, if I see Turner and Michael at the end, I’ll be happy.

It's me

I AM SO SAD. my favorite show is no longer. I am so sad the direction CBS has turned Big Bother.
After yesterday, I am sure PRODUCTION, had scripted the houseguest words even more.


So…my season of BB is officially over. All of this race bullshit has done it for me. I cannot support CBS for letting this go on. Since when haven’t players been coached by Production on proper house etiquette? Since when haven’t they edited the show and tried to keep it fairly decent? Well, that last question may be a stretch, but why aren’t they doing that?
The things that have happened on this show will greatly impact some players lives and this whole race storyline should have never been. Or it should’ve been shut down immediately when it began.
I do still care about the people on the show. I have been a loyal fan since BB1 and I will miss it. It’s almost like losing a dear friend. I’ll still read Simon and Dawg’s posts but all of this arguing in the opinions is too much. Farewell


Hopefully kyle sues cbs for defamation of character because he did NOTHING wrong.And CBS has to pay kyle more money than the houseguest that actually WINS big brother.Cookout Was formed last season with ONLY BLACKS.If YOU were NOT BLACK,YOU were getting EVICTED!!…..Taylor said numerous times,I am NOT putting up a BLACK WOMAN.
WOW !!!!….And NOW,Kyle just says,NOT DOES,talk about maybe Forming a white alliance,and he’s called a racist.Very SAD,Big Brother.I hope you lose viewship over this because YOU can ruin this kid KYLES life FOREVER making these CLAIMS !!!

I Spy

Who associated with the show called Kyle a racist (except Alyssa: “Alyssa is going on about how it must not have been easy for Brittany to carry the weight of Kyle’s racism with her…” )?

I’ve only seen it on twitter and in media. Anything happening to Kyle he did to himself.

The Beef

That’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it, as are we all entitled to ours.

Pending what we see Wednesday night, I think CBS coached him to basically hang himself out to dry. If they did that, meaning if he stands up in front of that house and ADMITS his thoughts were racially motivated, and CBS airs that on national TV, then they are just as complicit in his downfall, as Michael and Brittany are.

And just as soon as you logically explain to me how what the Cookout did last season is any different than what he proposed (but did NOT do) this season, yet somehow they are all hero’s while he is a racist villain, then maybe I’ll jump on the evict Kyle train. Until then, I’ll continue to read the hypocritical commentary of all the people who supported the Cookout, who continue to call Kyle a racist.


Lots of people giving Michael a pass. Let’s remember that he is a lawyer. There is a very good chance that he has has no morals or scruples.


At this point they need to just make the check out to Taylor now and be done with it. That’s where it’s headed anyways….


So true! Let’s watch reruns of Survivor.

un autre nom

My takeaway right now.
He’s scared. In his discussion with Monte, it was revealed that Taylor MIke and Britt still consider them a four. When Turner says, “what about me?” Monte has to remind him that Turner put them on the block this week.
So we get to learn something about how Turner’s brain works when nobody else is whispering in his ear this week.
When he learned about Kyle’s alliance idea and his name attached, he still thought Taylor was better to evict for his game. (strategically true, not saying it isn’t, saying it’s a bit ick, not saying it wasn’t strategic).
Correct me if I’m way off base here… I’m never going to fully catch up, so I’m extrapolating a little with my intuitive logic skills, he seems to have elicited safety promises from most of the house in exchange for putting Kyle on the block. (again, strategic, but sooooo icky on the opportunistic performative scale).
He’s on to Michael and Britt’s reveal timing being calculated. He calls it performative. I have no argument with that, he’s right. HOW-ever… he’s glass house and throwing stones.
He’s final 2 with Monte now that his final 2 with Kyle has been blown.
He’s now talking to Michael and Britt about getting the remaining leftovers to final 5. He JUST talked to Monte earlier about taking out Michael, so this is strategic. Will Michael and Britt buy it? Weeeelllll… Michael is afraid of looking like a shit head if he noms Turner after promising him safety to nominate Kyle. Britt? I don’t know. whatever the majority decides.
Turner, when thinking for himself, does possess some strategic ability, but he has an odd sense of entitlement that he expresses (that i consider opportunistic). As far as his belief that he hasn’t egregiously lied in the game… oh stfu. I mean… no. He’s lied JUST as much as everyone else, he doesn’t get the morals trophy. That’s an own your game thing for me. Lie, backstab, be a hero, be a villain… play the game. OWN the game you play.


Alyssa is laughably bad at this game. Like bitch – there are 8 people left. Wake up @ the dynamics.


What is she good at? Paris, UK!? She lives in another universe.


Everyone is talking about kyle’s words and ignoring Michael and Brittany’s horrific strategy. If Michael wins, it will be another stain on BB. If Kyle thought there might be a cookout 2.0, his words are understandable. How can anyone justify how and when M&b revealed it?

un autre nom

Here’s where understanding falls apart:
In the theory Jasmine, Indy and Terrance were working with Taylor. In WHAT universe?
Kyle KNEW the three former couldn’t stand the latter.
In order for his theory, that he was still saying in week six to be true, Terrance shouldn’t have been lobbying for Michael to take out Monte in week five. He was. Kyle knew he was.

As far as justifying M/B’s reveal, I don’t.
Personally, I said multiple times in posts here that Michael and Britt should have had some of this talk last week. Even then it would have been strategy, not ethics steering the decision. There’s no good time or way once they sat on the information after being called to the d/r to be counseled on optics by production.

To be perfectly blunt, once Kyle was called in for that same optics counseling discussion and continued with the theory he knew by then didn’t hold water, he no longer had the excuse that he didn’t understand or know what he was doing. He was informed, he persisted.


I knew this would happen. The so called Cookout forms an all black alliance and it’s all good. No problem. And now a white person wants to do the same thing and get all the black players out and oh my God, RACISM!!! This was so predictable. This show is a joke and I’m done watching this garbage!! You can’t have it both ways. Oh wait apparently you can if you’re black. Bye bye Big RACISM Brother.

Joe Jones

I just don’t believe Kyle is Raceist He could have easily won the Wall comp and become t he HoH and when it was over and Taylor one what did Kyle do he helped her up and hugged her That don’t sound Racist What Michael has done to him is wrong he could have easily chosen him when the spit begin and put the target on him then when he won the HoH and picked four but instead he picked Three black players and sent Jasmine to the jury house instead Monty was his prier target also he had a part in sending Nichole home When Kyle was with Terrence he told him everything and they created a new group with Terrence Alyssa Turner Kyle and included Monty they could have had all the numbers to get rid of Michael and Brittany then Michael All of the Sudden Brings Up Raceisiam that’s messed up now Kyle life and game is destroyed Remember Michael is a Lawyer and Lawyer get crooked at any cost to win The Rest has no chance of winning this game now unless they keep Kyle and figure a way to get Michael and Brittany out That’s my opinion ?

Eva Jo

Quick question… being a newcomer to the show for just the past couple seasons, why was the CookOut from last season so acceptable and welcomed and allowed by everyone the Network, but this season, Kyle and his comments and actions have been condemned by everyone, including julie Moonves?? The CookOut was “allowed” to happen… yet Kyle is admonished….I’m not a Kyle fan at all, even more so since he gave in to someone who constantly pursued and pushed him while he kept trying to resist until he no longer could, then she dumps him which we all knew she would… why is the CookOut acceptable last season,yet Kyle has to pay for being in fear that it will happen again this season ? In a way, he also reacted to Taylor’s comment on how she’d never vote to evict another strong black woman…. isn’t that also as negative a comment as to what Kyle said?
I’m just trying to understand this, someone please tell me respectfully how I’m not seeing the difference here.


I would just like to say , what about what the hole house did to Taylor at the beginning of the Show , they were being racism to her and being a bully also and what about Taylor saying she would never put a black women up on the block, and if that was a black person said that Kyle said they would not even be doing any of this , I feel bad for Kyle I feel that the hole house was playing judge and jury against him , and I think Michael and Britney both should be taking some of the blame they knew about this for 2 weeks and they wait until the vido meeting to say anything , they could have said something before the viido , I’m a big brother fan I have been watching right from the beginning I watch BBC also and the show has changed so much , they only did have nots once this season and same with slop , I remember when they use to do competition for food for the week and to unlock stuff in the house or back Yard , I really miss the way it use to be thank you Betty Tyndall