Big Brother 13 Spoilers – JR Win Veto **updated**

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7:40pm JR Bathroom They won the VETO.. talking about when Shelly gets to the Jury house there will be a big fight between Jeff and Her

They mention how the comp was all Rachel she won it for them.

7:45pm PK Storage Room They are talking about Shelly being hurt and she’s in the DR right now. They start going over the comp, Kalia thinks she would of won it if she stood up higher. Kalia: “I looked over at you and you were standing” Porsche: “No I wasn’t doing good”
Porsche asks Kalia if they she thinks they are still good with JR.. Kalia thinks so.

Kalia brings up now they are both save.. they could of at least gotten one out.

Kalia says she’s going to start working Jordan maybe get her thinking to take out Rachel. Porsche thinks it’s a waste of time. Porsche points out that Rachel “carried” Jordan during that last comp Jordan is performance was really pathetic.

POrsche: “If they were smart they would get rid of Adam… I doubt they will even think about it”
Porsche knows they are close with Adam but he’s going to be dangerous in some quiz HOH comps. Kalia: “Shell and Adam don’t do anything.. they’re no better than Jordan but we need them for numbers.

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291 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – JR Win Veto **updated**

    1. this show is soooo rigged and set up players that the produers wnat to win… there’s team porsha shelly kalia adam and team rachel jordumb and BB producers

      1. Lol at them both having the POV… all of the sudden two people can have POV? Umm wow CBS… not even trying to make it look like a fair game. LMAO glad I quit watching with Dani’s exit. Hopefully we get a good FAIR game with real players next year. Not at all fair to Shelly who played the game well but will be evicted because JR will be voting. If you add up all the ways they’ve cheated for J/J/R/B they have got to be the worst players in BB history to not win. Kalia is bad but J/J/R/B are worst. Jordan literally just sits and waits for the producers to fix the game for her.

        1. Shelly is a stinking, bag of breaded foreskins.

          …btw, anyone who thinks CBS doesn’t control the outcome, based on what people post / want at sites like this, needs a “reality” check….

        2. Jordan even said that the competetion would be geared for her and Rachel so they could win. I now have 3 extra hours a week because CBS has ruined this show for me. I hate that they think they we are too stupid to figure it out.

          1. what ever made you think it was “reality” ? BTW its not rigged based on fan outcome, its rigged to favor one person or group over another with challenge types and such, but there can and has been upsets, only this year those have mostly been fixed as well (brandon returning when america actually voted for Dominic and Cassi)

    2. Really???? They only had a 1 in 3 chance of winning!!! Your favorite players just suck, all they had to do was win the VETO!!!! Don’t be mad that your favorite players are the same ones that JJBR carried through the game! Many of us are now ready to watch again, since someone of interest (Rachel) is still in the game. Go JR!!!!! Send the backstabber home!!!

    1. Yayyyy!! Now we have someone interesting to watch again. I cut it all off when it appeared that Cowlia, Prostitute Porscha, Snake Smoking Shelly, and Ass Kisser Adam were all that would be left to watch–they are classless, annoying to listen to, and oh so boring.

      1. I 100% agree with you I’m sick that Jeff left hope Jordan wins the rest of the players suck and are so boring couldn’t stand to watch after Jeff left

  1. Well thank you BB Productions for NOT making a liar out of me, as if that was gonna happen. I called this one about 5 hours ago. SHOCKER !!!!!!!!!
    As usual this outcome is what the producers wanted to keep the ratings, so YES it is a rigged show, for any of you that ever had a doubt.

      1. Right, but pretty much everyone opens Pandora’s box when they get the chance. The likelihood of Porsche NOT opening the box was pretty low. And knowing that, production could have easily come up with a twist to save Rachel and Jordan. There is no absolute proof that production rigged this twist, but you have to admit, its pretty convenient for Rachel and Jordan, whom Porsche was clearly targeting.

        1. Didn’t Porchette say she wasn’t going to open the box ? the point of Pandora’s box is to see if people have the drive not to open it they are warned that something good and bad will happen so they didn’t actually rig this round this was the bad thing they were warned about , if your not greedy and don’t open the box then this wouldn’t have even happened they be reasonable People

        2. No one forced Porche to open PB, I immediately said if I was her I wouldn’t of opened it especially only for $5,000. When you are sitting THAT pretty you shouldn’t be greedy and go for more.

    1. Yep totally agree!! CBS producers are rooting for Rachael or Jordan, they want to keep the drama going and the only way the THINK they can get it is thru Rachael….bullshit!!

      1. It is rigged….The pov that Jeff lost (and then got evicted) was totally taylored for him…the dummy just threw his shoe out of his box and never noticed. This game has been rigged for the vets from them beginning. 1) Jordan’s HOH…the vets got to pick the order..that never happens. Sure I give her credit for hitting a good golf shot, but she had J/B behind her. 2) Brendon voted back in…I’m sure if Rachel had been voted out then she would have faced cassie.. 3) Jeff won a puzzle veto comp…the man who gave is technotronics won a mental comp. He spent over an hour in the DR practicing the night before. 3) Jordan yday saying how veto would be geared for those two. This has just been sad to watch..this series has jumped the shark.

      1. If CBS had 100% rig on the show, you are so right…they never would have let Jeff walk out the door. He was the ONLY thing worth watching for many women, in gameplay and as eye candy!!

    2. BB a ” rigged” show for ratings? I know for myself, it has the opposite effect. It makes me Pissed Off!! I dont/won’t/can’t stand watching it anymore because it’s so ridiculous!! Anyone else with the same sediments?

    3. you guys need to grow up…the show is rigged cause it didnt go the way you wanted it to…i guess the principal rigged your highschool when it didnt go your way too and maybe even your employer does the same!! Suck it up buttercup!! lol

    1. Shelly lies so much maybe she’s faking. I hope JR don’t feel sorry for her and keep her….
      Time for you to go, Shelly.

  2. who the hell is actually shock they won the veto. let the rigged conspiracies begin. BB is predictably fake.

    1. Did I get it right? Porsche swore bf KS that she wouldn’t open any Pandora Box? So, why not just went through her plan & took the bait? Posche’s greed? Is there any responsibility for CBS to guarantee KPS go to the finals without Rachel? Enlighten me!

  3. I can’t wait to see Shelly scramble to try to kiss Jordan’s and Rachel’s asses again to try to get them to keep her.

    On a side note, I can’t believe Porsche opened Pandora’s box – that was not the smartest game move for her. I’m interested to find out if she really only got 5K for it.

    1. Dani warned her before she left that if there was a pandoras box not to open it and Porche agreed that she would not. I bet Porche is going to be pissed when she goes to the jury next weekt. She could of got $500,000, instead she has $5,000.
      Oh well im stil rooting for her TEAM PORCHE, i dont like anyone else in the house.

      1. …. “it’s just a game” for the house-guests and only a money making show for CBS… The house-guests do whatever it takes to win, CBS does whatever it takes to keep viewership high which dictates the amount charged for commercial time.

        It’s only a reality show albeit a rigged one !

        I love it !!!!!!!

    1. Nobody force P. to open it. She wanted a prize and she got the booby prize. TEAM RACHEL! Even if Rachel
      doesn’t win at least we know we won’t have to look at Shelly much longer. I bet she packs her bags and goes
      home. She will be scared to go to jury house with Jeff and Brendan there. Dani may act like a friend, but in
      truth Dani was just using her. I’m sure Dani was on to her the whole time.

    2. Well, CBS, congrats….as soon as we saw who the vets were, we all knew the fix was in for you to write a check for a Brenchel wedding and another check so J/J can enjoy an even longer extended vacation etc. etc…..this goes way beyond manipulation and rigging…..

    3. agree…it’s no surprise that they won…after all bb had to make the JR fans happy! I dont know why everyone says its the worst final six..shelly is shitty but she did play “her” game and had both the house trying to figure her out as she floated on by…Porsha didnt play because THEY GAVE HER A PASS FOR FOUR WEEKS! ..She tried every since and came close those times she didnt get it. ADAM played the nice guy game and it worked for him, Kalia hung to dani and road her to the top..with a little bb help…..Jordan road her friend Jeff to the top..and it worked for her. AND Rachel was such an ass people felt like they can beat her in the GIVE it up folks…last year was WAY worse!

    4. That is easy to suggest, but how can you know it is rigged considering Porsche decided on her own to open PB (against better advice), and you have not seen the comp? Just curious.

      1. exactly nothing is rigged they make the competitions so anyone can win them and if porche wasnt an idiot then rachel would be coming off the block alone right now

      2. Has anyone ever not opened Pandora’s box? Obviously what was in the box and when it was offered was a set up created to save Jordumb and Ratchel. Ratchel even said on the live feeds, “it will be catered for us to win”, then the feeds were cut. They even know it’s rigged too. the comp was hanging on dummies that were like there partners, with some spinning involved. most like the endurance comp Rachel already won.

      3. How do we know what goes on between production and house-guests in the DR?

        Porsche could have been offered an incentive like a promise of being in another show, xtra payment for being on the show or something of that nature…

        …anyway, it makes for an interesting outcome and speculation …..

    5. I don’t see how it could be totally rigged. I think production hopes that it will go their way when they set up a pandora’s box or certain comps. But really, I don’t see how they can rig it?? Explain. I really want to know. I don’t want it to be rigged. :(

      1. I totally agree with you. I don’t think it’s rigged. Yeah, they do play the things the way they want them to happen… but Porshe opening Pandora’s Box was HER choice. CBS cannot force her to open the box and they didn’t. SHE did. And yes most everyone does open the box but CBS simply gave her an opprotunity… she still took it and opened it. Besides, even if the show is rigged… everyone still watches it anyway so just let it be.

        1. People, hold your crazy conspiracy theories for when we all see the veto on Wednesday. Porshe is just as physical and fit as rachel and kalia has proven to be great at questions. So hold your theories.

  4. Shoutout to CBS, shoutout to Pinto opening the goddamn box and shoutout to the worst final 6 in the history of Big Brother.

    1. I wish Shelly would just shut up… she is sooooo full of shit. she is the most disgusting vile person… I wonder what her daughter and husband think, ugg…

      1. I wasn’t a fan of Shelly at first, but she handles losing with class and was not flipping out wailing out of control like Jordumb and Ratchel. They are sore losers and if they win comps they rub it in peoples faces. The whole thing was rigged and it is obvious, but shelly and accepting it knowing it’s just a game. She played the best she could with her professional skills.

      1. Obviously she did nothing to ME. I can’t stand her game play. I think she is an evil person that goes way beyond the type of lies that you would tell to help you in the game. This has been brought up a thousand times, but her stealing Rachel’s item from home was not at all funny and just plain mean. What is wrong with her? If anyone thinks she’s playing a good game then they are crazy. Get out of here, Shelly, you monster. I hope Jeff makes your stay in jury house a nightmare.

    2. I don’t like Shelly either, but her going out of the game by this ” pandora box twist” is just lame. I would honestly sue if I was Shelly or Porche.

      1. They CANT sue. Dani (loud mouth) read the big brother handbook OUTLOUD and it said that and she got in trouble. Follow the leader Kalia then proceeded to read it OUTLOUD and she got in trouble. lol

  5. So basically Rachel had to wrap her legs around a Brendon dummy and hold on for dear life to win the veto? Shoot… we already knew Rachel could do that all day every day!

    Sucks to be Shelly right now.

    1. Very suspicious the same comp Rachel won for her 1st HIH was reintroduced and slightly changed for the POV…. Umm did Jordan not admit that the POV was catered to them this morning? HAHA GO TEAM PRODUCTION

    1. Yeh, you probably loved Russell the liar on survivor too. Shel(he) broke all his lie records in one season, and she thinks she played with dignity and integrity!?! Tff!!!

      1. Russel was awesome.

        But I wanted Rob to win.

        How could you hate Russel? People like that make the show so entertaining.

    2. I don’t give a crap how many times Shelly lied….or if she played with dignity or not….who cares?
      Jordan is an idiot, always riding on someone else’s coattails, she was practically given the HOH,by Jeff and Brandon. and now thanks to Rachel, they won the veto, Rachel did all the work….

  6. Seems like they (rj) should keep shelly since she really seems incapable of winning anything and they think Adam may be good at questions.

    1. Seriously?? Who really doubts that P had a choice to open it? Production prolly forced her to open it and gave her the bribe money. Has any HG ever decided to NOT open it?

      1. por had been saying ALL morning that she just knew that there was a Pandora’s box and she kept trying to get in her room. IMO that doesn’t seem like someone forced to do anything!

  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RACHEL AND JORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Once again BB tamper with the outcome of this show. Smh…BB producers knew Rachel or Jordan were out the door so they did a tempting pandora’s box that anyone would open, and the twist is playing in pairs for the veto so neither one of them can go home. And no they don’t stop there. They make a veto that is catered to Rachel. *Dani voice* Shocker!

    Porsche should have just put Rachel and Adam up, that way Jordan would be going to jury with her caveman boyfriend.

    1. How would that make jordan go home? You make no sense, but then again you’re using *shocker* so I understand you’re low level of logic.

  9. God how i wish cbs would leave the game alone and let it play out naturally instead of putting in gay twist the cater to certain people, like Pandoras box totally helping Jordan and Rachel out. Now they’re both safe. CBS culd care less bout the players playing hard. They purposely screw over other people so certain people stay.

  10. Just incase any of you with the feeds don’t know, JR needs to win HOH thursday and Veto in final 4, so thats HOH final 5 and Veto final 4 just wanted to make sure you know they need win final 5 hoh and final 4 veto. thats all.

    they ened to win final 5 hoh and final 4 veto

  11. absolutely giddy right now…i know a lot of people are probably grumbling about it being set up but i don’t care…i am thrilled!!!!!!

  12. shelly and adam are gonna go up, and than jordan and rachel are gonna vote out shelly. and than jeff will eat shelly alive in the jury house

  13. After shelly is sent home this week, kalia is next if she doesn’t win the HOH. even if she does win, she will not put up jordan, even though jordan will not have any problem putting her up. Pretty sure Rachel will win next HOH.

  14. Congrats to JR (but it appears the kudos goes to R). It now looks like Shelly may definitely be going to the Jury House. Come on KP, especially K, she has to win the next HOH.

    Final five: AJKPR

    Adam will float with and to the winner of the HOH.

  15. YES! YES! YES! So happy! I don’t like interference from production, but this wasn’t blatant, because it still required them to actually win, and they did.

    So happy right now!

  16. I was skeptical about people saying that Production rigged the competitions but after Jordan’s comment that the competition” was going to be tailored to them (JR)” and given the results I have to believe is true.. Who knows what Prod told Jordan, she got a second wind in no time….KP didn’t take serious the POV comp, eating and gossiping took over. I’m not Rachel’s fan but if she fights hard she will win, I’m TD4ever but the team has to clean their act or else…

  17. ahahahahaahahhahahah so u threw water on the wicked redheaded witch(kalia and porsche) name for rachel and she didn’t melt. u threw houses on top of her and she didn’t die. ahahahahaahaha now u are screwed and scared. good. tired of PK with their holier than thou attitude. u sat there made jokes about rachel that were wayyyyyyyyyyy out of line. u lied, u stole things from her and now look, she is good for another week. get shelly out cuz she will always switch sides. i think they can pull adam back to their side again and get rid of pk and rja make final 3 yessssss with sorry to say it j getting voted out and adam and rachel final 2. ahahahah plan backfired didn’t it shelly. u jumped ship to quick my dear. PK ahahahaahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahaaahahahahahahahaahaha AWKARRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  18. Hurray!!! Bye bye Straight Shooter! How funny to send Shelly out right after Jeff. She’s going to be crying all week. Awesome. Just what a traitor deserves. I can’t believe it, but I’m now now rooting for……..Rachel to win?!? Unbelievable. Or Team Bacon, the ultimate floater.

  19. Nice, see you later leather faced biatch Shelly, serves you right for being a back stabbing c@$t, have fun hanging with Skeletor in Jury, hope Big Jeff makes you cry some more…

  20. At this point in the game, more bad game play again? Porshe should not have opened Pandora’s Box since she was in a very good position and so was her alliance. But once she opened it she shouldn’t have placed Rachel and Jordan together so that she could try to lessen the possible blow. But maybe I’m missing something and have to see it with my own eyes. I don’t understand her thinking. I thought Dani said not to Pandora’s Box. Part of Big Brother is about power is really that simple. So Porshe should have tried to keep as much power as possible instead of giving it up to possibly of the contents in Pandora’s box (Production). This whole season has been so disjointed with people making high risk mistakes.

  21. Production only change things up to duos so that Rachael and Jordon would stay in the game longer. Then the Veto is one that Rachael would win. CBS suck this game is do fake.

  22. Wow I would love to see shelly’s face when she lost the veto and the look on jeffs face when she walks in the jury

  23. from the sounds of it jordan did nothing and got a veto. rigged. that’s why i don’t like the twist of duo. other than the first veto comp i don’t remember any other competition being a team effort (for hoh and pov). they could have individual competition but they should average the score/time or both teammates have to finish.

  24. I’m a bit confused, did they go back to “duo”? Does it save both RJ? & also was there anymore said about Rachel possibly being pregnant? Why would they not have used b/c? Is it not allowed in BB house?

  25. Awesome ! Send Shelly to jury =)
    She is a grown woman with a high power job and a child and she acts worse then the 20 year olds. She is going to be so embarrassed at her behavior when she watches the episodes!
    Rachel, kalia and porche are the only players left that deserve to win (but Jordan is a sweet girl)

  26. I hate Kalia…what’s WTF is that crap wrapped around her arm supposed to be doing….am I imagining it or does she “hurt” herself in every comp she loses. Please let her be evicted next week.

  27. Seriously this is awesome! I am so happy! The producers finally are starting to make it much more interesting! Now Rachel or Jordan need to win HOH and they will be one step closer to final 2!!!!

  28. YESSSSSS shelly bye bye by the way i hate adam this guy is seriously the biggest floater in BB history he just jumps from one side to another who ever is in power now he is trying to talk to jordan and rachel after he was basically ignoring them for the past 2 days i hate this moronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  29. if there was ever any doubt that production sways the competitions this is total confirmation.. They want that horribly annoying Rachel to win so they made it so she wins.. I just know it! She willtake the whole game.. As much as I dislike her she is the only one of the remaining ayers that actually play the game.. The previous houseguests r all idiots bc they kept her around this long..

  30. Dang it! I knew this was going to happen. The twists this season are so obviously in favor of the vets, it’s not funny. I hope something happens between now and Thursday that results in Adam being evicted instead of Shelly. Like her or not, she’s playing this game while Adam is just coasting.

  31. Nobody noticed Production signed up for Big Brother?, Sneaky Sneaky! GO PRODUCTION PULL THIS ONE OUT WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. I don’t understand if CBS is so set on a vet winning why even bring in new people, they should have just made it an All Stars

  33. AMAZING! Bye bye Shelly!!! I’m sure you’ll go out to the jury house STILL straight shooting. More than ever probably, if that’s possible. TEAM JR!!!

  34. Shell and Adam don’t do anything.. they’re no better than Jordan
    LOOL what do you call yoruself and porshe then ……….. you guys come in third and fourth place on the floaters list

  35. YES!!!!!!!!!!! More drama and get Shelly outta there. Adam is just as much of a floater as Shelly is but his personality is so much more fun than Shellys.

  36. Of course they were going to win, otherwise CBS headquarters would be surrounded by hillbillies with pitchforks trying to bust in.

  37. Rachel & Jordan did it! they won the POV & now, Shelly will be going home. (: this can’t get any better!!!! I LOVE RACHEL! she will win H.O.H. next week, nominate Porsche, & Kalia, then her or Jordan will win the POV & keep nominations the same! & then they send Kalia packin’. Final Four RJPA! couldn’t get any better!

    1. I just wanna say that im not one of those people that tried to get shelly fired or get her daughter expelled i just didnt like the game she played at all

  38. shelly this week, and porsche next week. I bet rachel or jordan will win hoh and adam will win pov next week. OH HOW SWEET IT WILL BE TO SEE THE LOOKS ON KP FACE IF IT GOES THAT WAY. Porsche will kick her on behind for opening Pandora’s Box.

  39. I prayed to Satan to have his minion Rachel win. And it worked! Thanks Beelzebub!

    No get smelly Shelly out, then jordumb, then that useless piece of bacon fat, Adam. Kalia get out next and the final 2 will be R and Camry. Rachel will have Camry perform an impromptu coat hanger procedure on Brendon Jr and brendon sr will be so grateful and releived, he’ll give his vote to P.

    Satans minion, over and out.

  40. I think “P” is going up with “S” and “P” maybe getting some humble pie, but SHELLY “SraightLOSER” is GONE. See ya. Also, didn’t “P” say something a few days back about getting a golden coin for that machine (maybe in the p-box)? Good JOB, Rachel (I thought P would win 3 in a roll). Hahaha, Kalia thinking she can talk Jordan on turning on Rachel, ahhahahhaha. If it was me, I send “Porsche” OUT. Then, R&J can go final 2 easy. Rachel would win every comp to the end (might anyways….she’s focus without “B”). Congrads Shelly for your 1 big move: Getting rid of Lawon and saving Rachel. Hahahhaha.

    1. I meant Adam going up instead of “P” with Shelly for the humble pie. Gezzzz, I’m still laughing at the previous post about Shelly twin in the machine. lol.

  41. can someone please answers my question, uhm i know rachel and jordan won the pov already but WHAT IF shelly and adam won it? and what if they decided to use it on rachel and jordan? does that mean porsche would have to put up Kalia only :| LOL im just asking because i feel like if CBS really wanted it to seem like it wasnt rigged they should have thought it out more

  42. Not at all surprised by this outcome! Jordan has already said “it has to be something tailored to us because it’s a twist to save us.” It is totally rigged! My only surprise from this season will be if they DON’T bring Jeff back in the house to go to final 2 with Jordan.

  43. P should have put rachel and adam on the block once she learned about the veto comp twist… then she could have gotten at least one of the vets out

  44. I’m so glad they won! bye bye Shelly! Too bad she thought Jeff was standing between her and the $500k (yeah right, I don’t think one person in that house would vote for her to win the whole thing)….guess she should’ve voted to evict Rachel.

  45. There is a rumor saying that Shelly is talking to production about leaving prematurely,
    if this were true how would anyone know unless they worked on the set or saw a hint on the feeds. Anyone?

    Assuming Shelly leaves in the “normal” way (eviction), there will be KPA, JR left in the house. There will
    be two more evictions and then we get to the final 3, right?

    And the final 3 vote out one person and the final 2 battle it out for the win, right? Assuming I’ve got this
    right (please correct me if I don’t) there will be 7 people voting? If I am correct it is a very likely scenario
    that Adam would once again be the tie breaker. ARRRRRRRRGH! Please tell me I’m wrong!

    Team Rachel! She deserves to win, she showed her true colors. Forget all the drama, that girl has
    true grit!

    1. there might be another double eviction but im not sure bc julie said 3 weeks left if u count it out Shelly goes this week, down to 5, lets say kalia goes next week down to 4 then say theres another eviction when kalia then theres 3 then they battle it out for final 2 bc they have one week that they air thats just the funny stuff they didnt air during the episodes they aired.

  46. So glad that Rachel and Jordan won the power of veto. What is Kalia’s problem with Rachel. It is a guarantee if she tries to work on Jordan to get Rachel out and it is going to backfire. Jordan will tell Rachel. The time has come to take out the number one liar ( Shelly) in the house. So so happy that Rachel and Jordan won the veto. .

  47. you don’t understand how happy I am to see them win the veto & take themselves off the block & now put up Adam & Shelly. They now control the votes, & they can choose who they want to stay. If you are Rachel & Jordan you evict ADAM! I know you don’t like Shelly, but Adam could be very dangerous, Shelly hasn’t won anything, & she won’t, Adam is good at questions & has a shot at HOH next week. evict Adam this week, win HOH Thursday, nominate Kalia & Shelly. Rachel & Jordan just saved themselves from eviction. (: even though it was Rachel who won it for them, a win is win & I am extremely happy! I bet PKSA are so pissed!

    go Rachel & Jordan. ?

  48. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO go JR!!!!!!!!!! Good Bye Adam or SHelly don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave thursday!!!!!!

  49. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Shelly goes to jury house with Jeff. Lets see if Adam tries to buddy back up with Jordan and Rachel now!

    1. lmao and I hear the comp was wrapping around a dummy of your evicted partner.
      Gee who would think wrapping around a man and not letting go would be something Rachel would be a pro at..HAHAHA

    I called this yesterday. I had enough of the BB interference. Im not talking about just in favor for JJ side, they have hand thier hand in both side from day 1. Its just to obivious and ridiculous. Do they think that we are that stupid that we would not realize it? Its insulting. Im done.

  51. The wheel is always turnin ‘ in the BB house. Sometimes you ride on top and sometimes your chewing gravel. Wonder if shelly likes picking the stones out of her teeth.

  52. whoot!! wgtg Rachael and Jordan!! uh oh Shelly!! bye bye so sad… I am sure Jeff will be happy to see you in the jury house!! loll

  53. i heard that Shelly left the DR & went straight to that Fortune Teller earlier today. Can someone confirm that please? I don’t understand why she is the only one that knows (other than Kalia who Shelly told)? Thanks

  54. yeah lets assume portapotty (aka) fatass crack hoe is gonna put up Adam and shelHE ( and you know rach and j are gonna vote sheHE;s ass out.)
    then I wanna see coco go. (before she eats the other HG’s )

  55. Wow.. Now THAT’S freaking funny!! Just a couple of hours ago they were all laughing that the “newbies” were going to win BB and beat all the vets. All J&R need to do now is win the next HOH.. and I’m sure Rachel will be fighting harder than ever for that HOH. Hilarious if you ask me!!

    The “newbies” would then be down from 4 to 3 on Thursday, and if they win HOH next week, they’ll be down 3 to 2. They (J&R) would probably allow Adam back into their alliance because they know that no matter who goes to the final 2 with Adam, they will be beat him, since he hasn’t done much this entire season.

    So, I’m guessing Shelly is gone this week, and then if Jordan or Rachel win the next HOH, Porshe will be their target, with Kalia as the target if Porshe gets herself off of the block.

  56. how long do u think it will take adam till he switches over to rj’s side again???????? if jordan or rachael win hoh, i would put him up just out of spite. i swear theirs more flipping going on in this house than the old tv show flipper.

  57. LOL…………..Well this don’t surprise me one bit yo. I hope the $5,000 was worth it. This is bullshit.


  58. wow i thought big brother was supposed to be a game? apparently i was wrong and it has always been a scripted screenplay written by cbs since day one. no we know the REAL reason why evel dick left. he refused to play by those rules. and id even bet they paid him to keep quiet. each week on his show he claims he cant talk about it because hes under contract. next time choose broadway cbs, dont use my tv or pc for your bs

  59. might as well just tune in on the finale to see if Rachel or jordan is the winner. That is who CBS wants in the final 2. CBS really messed this season up. Why can’t they just leave it alone and let the game play out for real. Anybody that saids this show isn’t rigged, has blinders on. unreal!!!!!

  60. This goes to show you…when you and your alliance are sitting pretty in the house and you have nothing really to gain from Pandora’s box then DON”T OPEN IT! Stupid move on Porche’s part….

  61. Sure CBS helped the vets but they had to win it themselves. Now it’s bye bye Shelly time and I really can’t wait to see what Rachel and Jordan put in their goodbye message.

  62. Yay! JR won POV and Shelly is going to the Jury House — GREAT results! Who was the character who swore Adam and Shelly had won POV??

  63. Whatever, its not rigged. Stop watching the show and reading about it if you think its rigged or the worst BB ever. Shelly good bye.

    1. Why is everyone saying it is rigged. If it is, then do you think they would have given that hard of a physical competition knowing that “Rachel may be preggers” supposedly and she threw up this morning and Jordan was saying she was feeling weak from drinking the coffee today? Why would production do that knowing that Rachel and Jordan are not feeling that good today? Duh.

  64. Shelly, I hope you shoot straight in the Jury House. Oh well at least you would have Dani (you remember…the one you flipped sides for)

  65. Shelly is saying that she has class and the others (Jordan and Rachel) do not. What does she thing completely LYING is??? She is still telling lies sitting at the table now! WOW she still cannot quit her lying game moves! I am amazed at her!!!

  66. nahhhhh. no rigging going on here.
    first americas vote to bring back a player right after brendon leaves.
    sec brendon wins a verrrryyy close vote n he comes back.
    third all the talk bout production with dani
    forth rj up on the block, soooo maybe we’ll switch back to duos for one comp.

    the only reason jeff went home was bc the show was happening live and there wasnt enough time to throw a cu-de-tah or pandoras box or dia power of veto, etc.

  67. Yay!!!!!!! Love that Rachel got it and they are safe!!!!!
    I am Soooo ready for shelly to get her mean butt out!! Porche needs out next!!!! The only reason I can’t stand kalia is because she idolizes Dani!?!? Crazy chic!! So pumped about the win!! I’m glad CBS gave them another shot! Haha!

  68. Shelly is really bipolar she keeps saying when she leaves her reputation will be intact and Rachel’s won’t. Are you kidding me. She’s leaving and she’s still obsessed with Rachel. If her reputation is still intact then the people she hangs with are just as sick as she is.

  69. Way to go Rachel! Shelly is seriously mental….she’s going to be beat that ‘integrity’ drum all the way to the jury house.


  70. LMAO, did anyone actually expect anything different? Just like Jordan said this morning, BB was tailoring it for their advantage. So Shelly leaves, then what will the absolutely psychopathic JJ fans rant about after she’s gone? Still don’t think Rachel is going to be in the house much longer, no matter what production tries to pull.

  71. YAY!!! :) Can’t wait to see Jeff’s face when Shelly goes into the Jury House before Rachel or Jordan!!!

    And what does Porshe mean if they were smart they would take out Adam… and what leave the numbers in their hands??? I don’t think so. Adam flip flops and he will flip to Jordan and Rachel’s side. Shelley is a gone!! Finally!

  72. Great. CBS got what they wanted. What’s next. Oh never mind, why should it matter, let’s just write Jordan the cheque already.

  73. Yes, Good Job Rachel…. Thanks CBS, Get Shelly the snake out. I watched the Jordan and Shelly fight on youtube… Why would she even try to talk to Jordan knowing she was so upset, and then to follow her after Rachel took her out of the room…. She is crazy. Rachel for the Win!!!! OK now Jordan needs to win HOH and get Kalia out next.

  74. A team veto with 3 weeks left?

    Really tired of CBS rigging the competition for entertainment purpose.

    Seriously thinking about stopping watching the show. Is not about competing anymore, just be entertaining and CBS will take care of you.

  75. Go team JR!!!!

    The season would be much more boring if JR were evicted one after the other.

    And it’s NOT rigged because Porksche did not have to open Pandora’s Box, after so many seasons wouldn’t you know not open it. There are always bad consequences when you open it.


  76. Bravo Rachel.

    Several days ago, people were saying that Brendon’s return was an indication that the game was rigged in favor of Rachel and Brendon, but then Brendon was bounced.

    A few days ago when it seemed Dani would rally votes and remain in the house, people were saying the game was rigged to favor Dani, but then she was bounced.

    Other people were saying the game was rigged to favor Jeff and Jordan, then Jeff was bounced.

    Now people are saying the game is rigged to favor Rachel and/or Jordan because Rachel could endure better than all the others and won POV.

    Please, virtually all reality games are rigged to a certain degree, but luck and chance are playing the bigger role this season.

    I mean, who would have thought that five of the last six HOH competitions would have been won by Dani (2), Khalia (2), and Porche (1).

    1. The pov during double eviction WAS geared towards Jeff, and he would’ve won if he were more careful. He threw his first clown shoe out of the box by accident and didn’t notice. The shoe he found was the second one.

  77. Those are some harsh comments! I think Rachel (as much as I dislike her) deserves final 3. She has worked for it, unlike Jordan, Shelly, and Adam!

  78. Yay!!! Hope JR make it to the F2 with R winning. I started out as a R hater but I think she kinda redeemed herself in the last few days. I think she does so much better with Brandon gone and she totally help Jordan thru the shock of losing Jeff and the backstab by Shelly.

  79. Shelly is losing it. LMAO, she was despertly trying to get to the fortune teller, and says she will leave with dignity and class, then starts ragging Rachel for being pregnant. Bye Shelly
    I think the fortune teller is going to keep them up all night.

  80. Here is to all you newbies! your job sucked cause one of your own is going home. Laughing my Ass off. lying got u no where shelly.

  81. I am so glad of the result, that I will donate again on this link. Hoping that JRA, final three and since Jordan has already won big money before and I do liker her, will be happy to see Rachel and Adam final two.

    Thanks CBS for ruining one of my favorite show… And I don’t want to hear “Porsche shouldn’t of open the P-Box”, I’m sure its more than $5,000 she claimed, but the fact that the P-Box paired them and can save two people is just outrageous & awful. Yes Yes I know CBS is about rating, but don’t call this a competition cause what happen tonight shows it just. I have no dog in this fight (but I liked Cassi cause she is beautiful) and just a fan of the show. I’m not going anywhere but this stings.. Ouch..

  83. So Shelly goes. Other option is Adam. Is this personal or gamesmanship? Will Adam flip again back to JR? maybe, maybe not. If he stays with PK it’s. Also three to two. Which is better odds than two to three. Depends on who Adam thinks he can beat in finals, J or R ? Or P or S? If floater boy let’s girls fight it out he only has to win one comp to get to final two. At this point neither team will get rid of him because he’s the only swing vote. Lol Adam floats to finals. That sack of dead meat is in the best position.

  84. This is crazy! Am gonna stop watching big brother. I think BB wants JR to win and take the price home. Its not fair at all. Which kind of POV lost 3 hours and also gave them chance to be both safe. I SWEAR ITS BULLSHITTT. THEY ALSO GET CHANCES TO COME BACK… BS BB

  85. why the hell would jr keep porche and kalia when they nominated them and they know damn well that they wanted rachel gone and a final 4 with shelly and adam

  86. So glad they won. Happy that shelly will b getting a taste of being on the block and having no wayof saving her self. She burned the only 2 people who can save her. There’s no game she can talk to save herself. Expect the tears thru thursday. But really she is useless in any type of comp. It would be better if JR could put up KP who has actually won something (I wish JR weren’t so focused on revenge and play smart) and have KP get off their high horses and have to fight each other and have to kiss JR’s butt in or der to stay in the house. Make pinto regret she open pandora’s box (but ooooooooooooooh so glad she did). Can KP even be put up on the block,or r they safe b/c Pinto is HOH? Anyway, best outcome I could have hoped for go JAR

  87. No. Congrat’s so Porsche for OPENING pandora’s box! Didn’t she say she will never open it? LMAO! That’s very smart of her.

  88. Everything I said, it coming true. There is a higher power!!!

    JR are staying, and Shelly is off to the Jury.

    I told ya, what comes around goes around!
    I think Jordan and Rachel can actually go far, their bond is stronger!

    I like this!!!!!

  89. OMG Jordan just told Rach and Adam that “checkers” is a smart peoples game and she never played it…….Is BB actually trying to convert this hillbilly into the Clampits thinking Jordan is Elley-May with the rigging hey are doing?

    For crying out loud there are stupid people in this world and then there are Jordan’s!

  90. RIGGED much??? I had my doubts that BB was rigged, but now I really think it is. First BrenDUMB winning America’s Vote and now THIS??? Isn’t it funny that this Pandora’s Box twist happened AFTER J/R were nominated??? You can bet you a$$es this wouldn’t have happened if K/S/P/A were nominated. Usually Pandora’s Box is something bad or good for EVERYONE except the HOH. But of course, this time it ONLY benefitted J/R!! Dani was right, they may as well have written the check for JorDUMB or now Raunchel to win,UGH!! This was way too obvious, the show STINKS!!

    If it’s between J/R in the finale, I hope Raunchel wins, as much I can’t stand her a$$, at least she did play AND she hasn’t won BEFORE!!

  91. Hahaha some of you act like the HG when things don’t go their way. If the show was rigged Dani and Jeff would still be there and they would NOT have been evicted in 1 night. Seriously, I really hope KP don’t get to final 2 (i would have added S but shes gone this week) I would never root for those girls. They are so vile!!! How cold hearted are they to talk about others the way they do especially an unborn baby. They should really take a look in the mirror!!!!

  92. yea.. i doubt they will keep their word since everyone knows adam can’t win shit. kalia can only win if it’s questions. all that matters to me is jordan, shelly, and adam don’t make it to the final 3.

  93. Seriously hope either porsche or rachel win. Either deserve it. Just glad the liar with class and integrity is gone. And seriously peeps, typing shocker on here is lameeee. Be original!!

  94. Whats the deal here? clearly this game has been tampered by big brother! I don’t understand why all of you are so happy, why don’t you ask Big brother whose going to win..since they are already bought back Brenden and Gave JR veto..

  95. Yeah, Yeah, it’s rigged! /sarcasm some of the commentators here are so hilarious. If PORKY wouldn’t have opened Pandora’s Box Rachel would have been sent to the jury house. Even though she did open Pandora’s box, all PORKY or COWlia or Shelly or Adam had to do is win the Veto and Rachel would have been sent to the jury house.

    They strike twice and allowed this situation to happen, BUT…. “The show is rigged boo hoo hoo!!”

    The show isn’t rigged. When Dani was in the house sceaming, lying and in position of power, all ya Dani cheerleaders didn’t think the show was rigged back then now did you? lol pathetic.

  96. Lets be honest. If r or j had gone home this week the show would have become stale. Big brother set things in motion thiss much is true, but unless the producers walked in and literally handed them the veto, I do not understand how people could be going on and on about ithbeing rigged. All was good when jeff, whoplayed his ass off was backdoored, but now that the girls won the veto and earned their place suddenly its crap. It wasnt crap when the doible eviction put jj in a shitty spot and its not shit now. This is BB people, its all about the destination not the minor details. Learn to deal. .

  97. I dont see how CBS could have rigged the competition.. I mean, dont they plan these competitions months in advance?
    They dont just decide the day before to buld an endurance comp for Rachels benefit.

  98. To the fans who say it isn’t rigged, you have to be an idiot to say it is not. 1st time CBS tried to interfere this season was when Brendon came back. Do you seriously think America would vote for him? Heck I voted for Dom 10x. They made 3 consecutive HOH’s by Dani & Kalia a waste of time. Now that the only 2 remaining vets remain, surprise another twist. Pandora’s Box, who would’ve thought they would not do this? They have to give Jorden who is complete garbage when it comes to competition a helping hand from one of the most competitive players Rachel. Who cares about the fans? It’s all about the ratings YO!

  99. I don’t know why people are saying this week is rigged… 1) Porsche CHOSE to open Pandora’s Box… 2) There are so many endurance POV in the past.. if you are a true big brother fan… you would have known that… 3) Rachel won the POV for JR fair and square… it is not her fault that the other players SUCK!

    So let’s stop talking about how the show is rigged… just enjoy the show!

  100. Worst. Season. Ever. I never really thought this show as that rigged until today. So effing rigged. Definitely not watching anymore.

  101. Attention Dani fans…I swear 99.9% of you losers,swore if she got evicted,you was gonna quit watching this season! Well the bitch has left the building and I see your still here,watching the show/feeds/BBAD and as usual,still whining about it being rigged.Plz pull your heads outta each others ass’s and realize this…It is against the law/FCC regulations to rig a game and I highly doubt CBS would take a chance of being fined/shutdown for millions of $$$ for any contestants.Fatass shouldn’t have opend up PB and like Julie says…expect the unexpected. Your queen Dani got evicted,deal with it and quit your fuk’n whining.By still watching the show,I see Dani fans stick to their word about as good as she did!!!!!!!!

  102. Yesssssh! Take that Dani/ KPS fans!!!! Even if this was a fixed comp (which i totally think it was) I don’t care cuz smelly shelly is finally leaving!!!!

  103. I agree. Not for the first time things look fishy.

    As far as the argument of if it was rigged Jeff would have stayed. I couldn’t help but notice for days they had been talking about targeting Jeff and it was seriously looking like Dani would have stayed to boot. So Jeff was in trouble, especially since Rachel had lost her cookies and all his other allies were lousy in comps.

    But conveniently the Veto contest was a contest all about speed and physical prowess. So when it looked likely he would go up there just HAPPENED to be a veto contest set up to save him if that happened.

    Yes he lost, but as most have pointed out he lost because he threw the shoe out and didn’t notice it. Not much else they could have done to save him at that point, except for BB tell him during the live show that he threw out the shoe and no way BB would be that obvious.

    That HOH contest was also exactly like one Jordan won her last season, and the type Rachel is good at. So things were about as stacked to save Jeff as they could be. Or at least ensure one newbie was up on the block after the veto if nothing else. Everyone just dropped the ball.

    And while just like the above contest it could have been a coincidence, I find it just a little too convenient that Porsche won the HOH (which like Jeff losing the veto was not a likely outcome) and it was clear one of the vets would be going. Jordan and Rachel did nothing but cry and scream how it wasn’t fair that other people weren’t helping them win, and then decided to give up and just curl up and cry until their inevitable demise.

    They even said if it was a challenge offering rewards, which is one that someone on the block almost always wins they were just going to take all the rewards and get voted out. What was the point they though? Yes, it looked inevitable one of them would be going and they weren’t even going to try and stop it from happening.

    But then lo and behold a twist that gave them a 1 in 3 chance of BOTH of them coming off the block just happened to materialize.

    Sure, had Porsche not opened Pandora’s box Rachel or Jordan would have simply been screwed. But they dangled 5,000 dollars in front of someone so young’s face and gave her 5 minutes to decide. The odds of Porsche being able to resist were slim, and I don’t think that BB would have been above whispering in her ear since they have talked directly to people in the HOH room before so they had the ability.

    It isn’t simply that I think they love Rachel. But it seems season after season the outcome that drags out the drama and keeps the most interesting player in the game longer just HAPPENS to always show up. If not by good luck then by some convenient random twist.

    I will admit that it would be less annoying if I hadn’t wanted Rachel or Jordan to go home. But coincidences can only pile up for so long before they stop looking like coincidences.

    Things like this, rigged or not, also ruin the show for me in the since even if Rachel does win the only reason she didn’t go home this week without a fight is beacause of a random twist that came out of nowhere and no one could have expected ahead of time. So if she does go on to win it kills a lot of my ability to be impressed with her, since she survived mostly by dumb luck. Especially after Shelly out of nowhere pulled a rabbit out of her hat and saved Rachel through nothing Rachel herself did.

    I get luck has always played a part in winning BB, no matter who it was. And I also get that if they played the same format for 13 seasons the show would be dull as hell because the contestants would know everything that was gong to happen before it happened. But I wish BB would give up their habit of just haphazardly throwing random twist out of nowhere over halfway through the game.

    Do they really have that little faith in the people THEY PICKED being able to make a show interesting by their own actions.

  104. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Rachell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. well done big brother, i’m just disappointed, don’t think i can watch this crap anymore, if production’s gonna get involved all the time why bother, reality tv doesn’t really exist if there’s nothing real happening. i don’t even care who wins this season, till the next, better be all newbies, don’t want stuck up veterans thanks.

  106. For everyone that thinks it’s rigged one question. Why do you watch? It may be favored one way or another but everyone gets to play. Go JR!

  107. it looks like we have some people who likes people who goes around hiding things and point the finger at others and thinks the game is not fair when they don’t go their way. Yes any time that they have questions and they ask stranges ones about Dom and the only person who knows the answer is Kalia and Dani I don’t guess that was set up. Glad to see Dani gone and be even happier when Shelly is OUT!!!!!

  108. I don’t think anything was rigged.No one forced Porshe to open the PB.What I will look forward to is when Big Brother calls Shelly on all her lies and backstabbing just like they did last year to Matt.How embarrassing when she WILL have to admit to Dani she is the reason Dominic was put out and all the others she screwed over. It is gameplay BUT Big Brother is gonna call her on her lies….the cameras don’t lie….I also saw where Porshe and Kalia said they threw the POV on afterdark for JR cause they wanted Adam out and make it all girls comp.

  109. What is wrong with the players this season? Hello Jordan should have been gone first few weeks. She has already won the money once before. Have these players forgot this or lost ther minds completely. These people in the big brother house have no game. I will lmao when Jordan wins again. All Jordan does is ride coat tail. She rode Jeff’s and now he is gone and Jordan has to step it up to stay in the house.

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