“Even if I do want to campaign and get votes I like Meg I wouldn’t campaign against her” -DA

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: DaVonne, Meg
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 19-48-41-374

7:45pm HOH Shelli and Clay
Clay warns her Audrey will flip on them to stay in the game. Clay thinks the number 7 was given the power because it’s Big Brother 17.
They start talking about Da’vonne having the power. Right now they have 10 solid votes to evict her if she has the power she can remove 3 of those.
Shelli – ‘Shelli need to flip 4 votes.. but then they’ll be voting out Meg.. that’s why I choose Meg’
They agree Meg going up was the best thing especially now in light of this twist. They are sure Da’vonne would have been able to flip the house if she was up against anyone else. (Especially Liz/Julia)
Clay thinks Production set it up for Da’vonne to get the power says it’s rigged. Adds that the game as a whole isn’t rigged just little parts of it.
Shelli – that’s why I said it doesn’t matter what number you’re getting if you get it you get it

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 20-17-40-577

8:13pm Steve and JohnnyMac
John tells him that Da’vonne is questioning what Steve does outside the house. Steve says why would he lie. He told everyone he’s an engineer who went to cornell. Explains that usually people who are engineers doctors say they’re something else. Brings up Season 12 there was a podiatrist that said he was shoe salesman.
Jonnymac and Steve both say they are voting out Da’Vonne this week.

Johnnymac – Not to be a dick but a podiatrist is the lowest form of doctor
They start talking about highschool. Steve says he’s got a horrible vocabulary doesn’t read very much.
Steve – Spark noted everything in highschool
Steve – didn’t work at the college
Johnn says he was a finance major and took all the science credits.
JohnnyMac – I wanted to know about money I love money
Steve – why did you go into dental school.. cause you loved money
JohnnyMac – sweet cars..
Steve asks why didn’t he go to medical school
Johnnymac – md’s don’t make that much.. DMD more money
Steve – do you like being a dentist
John – It;s ok.. makes the money that’s for sure..
JohnnyMac explains the only way to make money is to do good work so he does good work to make the money.
JohnnyMac says after all his expenses are paid at the end of the month 4 grand goes towards paying the student loans.
Jason joins them. Tells them about a scam that took place where a dentist was removing extra childrens teeth to scam insurance.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 20-33-14-402

Da’vonne joins them. Johnnymac starts talking about how tough it is removing some adult teeth when the root is wrapped around the jaw and they have to cut it out. “The roots are locked into the jaw bone.. it’s probably not a good sound” (The conversation was cringe worthy.. see image above. Check out the animated gif of Johnnymac going through the cutting process.. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 20-43-04-314

8:42pm Shelli and Vanessa working out
Shelli saying Clay and Austin are such good trainers, “They’re so patient”
Venssa – aren’t you glad you put Meg up.. makes is so much easier
Shelli says if Liza was up she would be freaking out right now. Adds that it’s a good thing JohnnyMac won the POV because if he was still on the block he would be going home.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 21-03-11-387

8:58pm Jackie and Da’vonne
Da – even if I don’t win I wanted to make it to Jury.. For the money .. that would help me.
Da’Vonne – “Even if I do want to campaign and get votes I like Meg I don’t want to campaign against her”
Jackie asks if she’s talked to Shelli.
Da says once Shelli put up Meg beside her Da knew what Shelli wanted to do, “It’;s done.. She put someone up close to me.. we have nothing to talk about”
Da is pissed because Shelli made her feel like Audrey was the target.
Da says the only people she thinks will vote for her will be Jason.
Jackie wonders if someone will ‘Cross out” James vote.
Da thinks that will be cruel to cross ou her only vote.
Da says they gave the phone call to the fan favorite and that is Steve Audrey.
Jason joins them
They’re shocked that Audrey is still in good with so many people in the house. They list off how Audrey acts like the HOH is hers.
Jason says it’s awkward to tell someone to leave the room thought so Audrey is just lingering.
Jason says he never goes to the HOH unless he’s invited.
Jackie – I don’t go up there to the batrhroom and lurk around

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-06 21-04-27-749

9:03pm Steve and Vanessa
Forming an alliance called S.O.S
It’s Steve alliance name “S.O.S.. Students of Sounds” Vanessa says she loves it.
Steve asks her if she’s in any other alliance. She says no.
Steve says the biggest problem he’s facing right now is Audrey always coming up to talk to him. Everyone see it and it’s making him look shady. Vanessa recommends he talk really loud.
Steve tells her he’s known as Stephen outside the house he’s never gone as steve. Explains the reason is Stephen and Ian sound too much alike

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I forgot Jackie even existed


i don’t get it, when incognito dentist is nonexistent people are saying that Johnny Mac is playing a good solid game while if Jackie has been laying low she’s useless?


Johnny Mac is more likable than Jackie. And he has won two comps, so far. All Jackie has done is lose comps and complain.


True, but she looks a lot better than Johnny doing that.

EZ does it

Who cares? She looks awesome in that red whorekini though !!!!! Need more bikini shots on BBAD !!!


Sorry, I meant to like the comment but I unliked it. Lol Anyway I agree with you for reals


I’ll give it to Shelli, she was smart to put Meg up next to Day. I still find her unbearable, especially with Clay. I hope that pair is voted out before jury.




Shelli is ACTUALLY playing the game, unlike Day, who has had a horrid gameplay strategy, who claims to know to “bluff,” but has failed miserably to do so. She is right about one thing: actions speak louder than words. She is a bad player. She is all talk and DR, but no solid gameplay/social game. She doesn’t even have a poker face. People know when she hates them.

MOST importantly, what her fans “FORGET” is that she is one of the big trash talkers in the house. She makes personal attacks. The way she has CONSISTENTLY calls Liz fat today was only a sneak peak on what she has said. She even made fun of poor Steve. Not worthy of “favorite” whatsoever. I have NO respect for her when she does them. Can’t believe her fans excuse her for them, when they condemn others! SMH.


The twin twist will be dead by tomorrow.


Agree. Da should’ve kept it to herself and used it as leverage to get Liz on her side.


da needs to start fighting she has 1 vote she just needs 4 more I think if she played up meg being tight with jeff and james and her being alone and letting certain people know she has the power to gain their trust


Why I love da.. her and Jason basically figured that out on their own. She had so much potential in this game. Only mini blow up with shelli and Clay is why she is going home smh. That’s very sad. She made up about 75% of the show on Sunday and she is hilarious. Really a shame, cast is gonna be without a interesting person.


I got a feeling this is gonna be another season of just letting the “House” get what it wants. can’t win against the house, like why give up so soon zzz. maybe its the cast, like too many young people don’t do anything but sleep all day.


Actually Shelli is not going with the house. For the others, why choose Dav over Meg?

them be trashbags

Shelli is pretty sure she is the house…she’s kinda passive aggressive..it works when your the HOH but we’ll see after that..could be an Amanda and still be in charge when not in power..REALLY hope not but the douche that shall be named Jeff is the only one picking up on the fact power couples need to be split up???.. before jury!
Why vote out Meg before Day…for the same reason shelli put her up…TOO well liked and now it’s proven Day really only has one other person..smart money would be get out the favorite when she’s offered up by someone else..especially the couple AND a twist..let it be their bloody hands since they do need split and you get someone working with everyone out as opposed to someone everyone has turned their back and set up.


I hate that this happens but no one will work with Becky. I hate it but it always happens in a game of big brother.

trains are no match for superbecky

I hear ya…don’t see why, I find her funny and endearing..she told her story without an ounce of “poor me,” that usually goes with this game, and moved up notches as a favorite for me!

Brad H

Jason is not too smart for a superfan. Why the hell would you tell James & Meg about the twin twist?! You don’t use the dirt you have on someone until you NEED to use it. He should’ve kept it secret & used it to blackmail Liz when the time was right, but too late now that the whole house will probably know by tomorrow lol stupid…

Dr seuss

Hope meg doesn’t get screwed fly productions interference. Da think she should get the $ because she has a kid. There’s a surprise she s a terrible player played the I’m a single mom card. It a very angry and emotional player. Hope the don’t come up with more slants to keep the player at least 10 Elle wat to keep. Don’t punish the woman everybody likes because a player thinks she entitled to something because she has a kid.

Tim D

Why would Jason tell Meg and James about the twins? Keep it to yourself!
(I can’t imagine Da’vonne will be pleased.)


Skinny Liz, Heavy Liz…what jerks….and what a bummer the twin twist is already over, this cast SUCKS and keeping their mouths shut and just holding thier cards for a few seconds before showing their hands, so annoying.


I don’t care if production intervenes in this one. Better to evict Liz for the twin fail and leave Da in the house for drama with Audrey. At we won’t be stuck with a bunch of shepherdless sheep and an incognito manipulater (vanessa). More interesting with a line drawn and battle it out,


I am so sick of people projecting on to Da.’ She is just a player like everyone else. She hasn’t been anymore angry, upset, or overly emotional than anyone else. This is a game with lots of money on the line and all of these contestants are doing the same exact thing. They are all tense, slightly paranoid, and hyper-vigilant. But to direct all this venom to this one woman is just delusional. She has a “back story” just like everybody else and if its pertinent to that person getting ahead in the game, there going to use it. End of story!


I completely agree. Audrey has done more damage with all her drama and lies,yet she gets a pass. Everything Day does is blown out of proportion. I think she accurately knows that there’s no point of campaigning. It would fall on deaf ears and only be used as fodder in conversations against her. Her only hope for staying in the house beyond week 1 would have been to win comps,otherwise she never had a chance.

Jeff is not much different than Audrey either. He runs around spouting everything he’s ever heard and forming so many alliances and targets, I can’t really keep up with them all. But he won’t be going anywhere any time soon either.


Has jason told jeff about liz there is another target which is liz or audrey


Looks like they should have picked more identical twins. Sucks it’s already out. Was looking forward to a surprise like with the original twin twist.


Okay, maybe I missed something but a little confused here.
It appears that Da is playing dumb/keeping mum about having the power the 7th caller received.
Yet,Clay and Shellie knows she has it…
What happened?
Side note: As much as I love Da, if she wants to stay, she needs to play! Get social, girl!


Did Jackie really just say that Vanessa doesn’t do anything..?


Did Jeff really just say that the LAPD don’t bother ppl unless they’re committing crimes all day..?


For Liz and Julia to be evicted. Do you have to convince the whole house that they are twins and does everyone have to believe it? I don’t understand how it works, or can you just go to the D.R and tell them that you know about the twin twist and they are evicted?


the only way they get evicted is if they’re on the block post veto ceremony and is evicted by the house


audrey is going to change her vote and vote for day to stay .. she wants the houseguest to target the people who vote for day not her .. I dont like audrey but if she does that atleast she is playing the game…going into next week she dont want to be the target but she still will be


Someone said (Simon I think) that one of the twins must be evicted from the house –
not just called out


How on earth do you get hit in the head by a train? My wife noticed Becky’s face was a bit off and wondered what had happened. Turns out Becky can’t dodge a freight train.
Wow. All the more power to her.


I don’t want Day to leave because I like her game play, because she sucks at the game. I want Day to stay because she causes drama… I don’t want another season of BB where everyone in the house are best buds trying to make it an “easy summer’. That is boring to me… very boring. I want to see scheming and backstabs and arguements.


Jackie and Jeff cutting on Vanessa because they are scared shitless of her is funny as…haha. I at first thought Jackie was ok and she does have a great backside..but now I see Jeff isn’t the only pathetic loser at life in this relationship. These two are by far my most hated people in the house and that isn’t easy to win cuz James I’d like to shove in a shoe and throw it off a cliff.