The Big Brother 24 Feeds are LIVE! Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle Volunteer to be Havenots!

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

9:33pm The live feeds turn on for the first time of the season.

The house guests are hanging out in the kitchen chatting about random things. Daniel comes out of the diary room – Alright everyone I need everyone in the living room please! Big Brother has an announcement. Everyone moves into the living room. Daniel – House guests as every festival goer knows there’s the VIP section, the cheap seats and well at BB Fest there is something even worse! The Have-Nots. The have-nots must take cold showers, can only eat BB slop and will endure the BB Motel’s dreaded havenot room for the entire week. As the first head of household of the season it is my job to name the first four havenots. I cannot be a havenot, nor can the 4 backstage pass holders. Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle all volunteer.

9:45pm Storage room – Daniel, Monte and Joe test the slop to see how bad it is. Monte – oh! That’s cold! Its not horrible. They take a look at the recipes BB gave them to try with it. Joe brings the pot of slop out to the kitchen. Kyle tries it. He thinks it will be hard to eat only it all week. Michael – who wants to try some? ..not all at once?! Kyle – this is gross. We’ll make it work. Monte – I’m panicking!

9:57pm – 10:05pm All the house guests are in the kitchen. They’re all chatting a mile a minute getting to know each other and talking about random things. Michael comments to Kyle about how he felt bad when Daniel was up there having to pick havenots. I just felt bad. I’ll just do it. Like its going to happen eventually. Kyle – that’s a tough… I feel like after this week I might not volunteer anymore. Michael – like act that its great so that next week people are like oh I’ll do it! Kyle – my turn, I’ll do it! Michael – oh I got such a great nights sleep! Kyle – oh on the floaties dude! That is going to be the worst part!! Michael – I think the cold showers are going to be the worst. Kyle – I already take cold showers but its better if I have the choice.

10:10pm Daniel is talking to Brittany about how he plays shows as an Elvis impersonator. Brittany asks Daniel what type of music he likes. Daniel says he likes Hanson and their song Mmmbop.

Terrance, Nicole and Monte are talking about BB23. Nicole – I really speak my truth. Season 23 put a stamp on that .. to say this game can be played differently. It can look different and its the reason why I applied. Be true, be open! Terrance – its a real big reason why I applied. You make me want to do this. I can see me on here. There has never been a me on here. Monte – there’s never been a me on here. Terrance – they kept telling me so you’re the oldest one on here. It messed with my head for a minute. Monte – By saying you belong here .. we can almost trick our minds .. like she really belongs. Nicole – I don’t feel out of the water. I don’t feel like a fish out of water. I don’t feel out of place here. I know that I worked my a$$ off to be here. Terrance – Amen to that!

10:50pm The house guests are chatting about schooling, food and other random things.

10:55pm Kitchen – Alyssa, Joe and Ameerah talk about the slop. Ameerah – are you (Joe) going to do slop-pancakes tomorrow. Joe – I’m going to do what I can. Ameerah – does it taste like oatmeal? Joe – yeah, the after taste. How I could explain it is .. its like room temperature tasteless rice pudding. Alyssa – not bad. Joe – yeah you can live. I am going to make it. Alyssa – I like volunteer every week just to get skinny. I’ll be like okay!? I guess I’ll do it! The only think I wouldn’t want to do is sleep on a raft. Joe – yeah that will probably be the hardest part for me.

11pm Workout room. Pooch, Joe and Michael. Pooch – I’ve seen on past seasons usually upstairs and stuff they have like back machines and stuff so we might have gotten gypped on that! Not complaining though! Still very happy to be here. Pooch turns to the cameras and gives the thumbs up. We’ll make it work!

11:10pm Daniel comes out of the diary room. Who wants to see my HOH room!? (It was off camera) All the house guests head up to the HOH room. Daniel – this is dope as f**k! I legit want this in my Vegas home.

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another lame cast…

un autre nom

Basic feelings night one:

  • It’s a general bbtrope that brolliances happen. While the volunteer for have nots thing could lead there naturally, I get the feeling that Pooch is trying to ensure it does, and that he’s right in there being team coach. I get the feeling he doesn’t really want Joe on the team, but wants Terrance in there (?) I don’t think he included Daniel or Michael either but that will change most likely. He thought Joe would be an early game target. But Monte and Pooch have fistbumped… which i think is the broquivalent of a pinky promise.
  • Indy / Kyle. eyeroll. early signs of showmantic intention. I’m getting my showmance blindfold ready because… no.
  • Paloma is social gaming hard. Daniel is feeling a vibe with Paloma (possible showmantic intention 2 but maybe the little sister thing as well) and she is butterflying her way through convos… but it’s reading as nervous. It could come across as pesky and always sneaking into conversations, so maybe she should dial back a bit.
  • Thus far no signs that Brittany is hypnotizing her way to safety. Though i’m not sure i’ve seen her blink in a while, maybe she hypnotized herself.
  • The safety vote goes until the 14th, I think. Maybe pace yourselves.

Gonna be honest, I’d hate to see Brittany go week one, because the whole might be a whackjob energy i get from her makes me think that could be fun feeds.
Not sure I’m liking Taylor. I’m not sure if i feel anything authentic coming off of her. It might be fun feeds, because i get the feeling the only authentic she’s going to give is snide comments behind people’s backs (if that’s the case and she can carry it off with charisma i’ve yet to see, that could make her good for d/r).
I STILL get the feeling that attempting early game leader from the bsboss postion could blow up in Pooch’s face. I don’t give a damn either way. He’s meh to me so far. Okay, he’s a little less than meh to me… he sorta gives me the creeps for no reason just my gut.

This season 3 house guests so far have watched feeds in previous seasons. Michael, Daniel and Brittany. I’m betting only one of those three talked to the feeds like they were having a conversation. blink blink… no really someone tell her to blink.

Honestly, i’m not vibing with any of them yet. In terms of like/dislike, i don’t care who goes home first. In terms of fun feeds? save the crazy people and save the sarcastic people at least until someone becomes likeable.

un autre nom

Scratch the Paloma Daniel vibe. Total misread in terms of Paloma’s intent. She doesn’t trust him.
Paloma and Alyssa (both backstage and possibly up for eviction) made a final 2.
They are considering bringing in Jasmine and Pooch’s dreamteam as a sold alliance.

Looks to left, looks to right. Why do i get the feeling this is not going to bode well.

Pooch may have said Turner not Terrance. Just saying it’s possible. Alyssa and Paloma did NOT include Turner in the dreamteam. they want meatshields.


I have Paramount Plus but I don’t see the live feeds?


Once you click on Big Brother there’s a tab at the top for the live feeds.