The Best page in the Universe, Bernoulli equations and Shout outs to Ian’s Girls Hayden and Taylor

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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3:10pm Cam 1-4 Danielle is busy sucking in her gut while Dan and Ian talk about Bernoulli equation and how it’s used to calculate inside velocity in a pipe. Danielle is being fairly cordial with Ian. He asked her what she was thinking about having for dinner and her response was normal.

They start talking about Websites, Dan mentions liking the Drudge Report. Ian likes The Best page in the universe. Ian: “It’s that Maddox guy who wrote that book I’m better than your kids”. Dan thinks there is at least 5 parody images done up about Ian and Taylor. Ian doesn’t think they will find a clear picture of her. (Taylor is a girl that Ian likes) Ian does a shout out to 2 girls he knows Hayden jones and Taylor. Say they are hot and he likes their personalities.
Dan thinks the worst season was Big Brother 9. Ian says the worst season was 13. Dan laughs wants to know why. Ian: “everyone likable left early.. I ended up rooting for Shelly” Ian says he would rather Porsche won than Rachel”
Dan: “Who did you want to win Big Brother 12”
Ian: “Matt then Britney.. then Enzo and Lane.. Hayden I was lukewarm to but he played a solid game”
Dan: “Big Brother 9”
Ian: “Adam all the way”
Dan: “Big Brother 8”
Ian: “Eric then Dick”
Dan: “7”
Ian: “James had a very good shot then Janelle.. I didn’t want Will to win it again, I thought he played a really good game though.. After Janelle left I wanted Boogie to win”
Dan: “6”
Ian: “Yvette.. but from the start Michael, James then Janelle ”
Dan wonders why everyone hated Maggie because he never remembers her. Ian explains that Maggie was a giant bore and she said unpopular things like how she hated people coming into the hospital when they are on welfare. Dan cannot believe she said that..
Dan: “Season 5”
Ian: “I actually did like the Horseman.. I liked Scott and Drew.. Dianne played a incredible game though”
(Dan looks at Danielle who is across the yard suntanning.. Dan and Ian smile at the fact Danielle is kind of like Dianne that season)
Dan: “Season 4”
Ian: “Jack.. then Robert.. Then Allison”
Dan: “Big Brother 3?
Ian: “Roddy, Danielle, Jason and Josh”
Dan: “Season 2.. you liked Bunkie”
Ian: “Will”
Dan asks who Ian thought the alternative male and alternative female coaches were. Ian Enzo and Danielle Reyes. Talk moves to All stars and who was asked to come back. Ian mentions how cowboy was left on the steps of the Big Brother House twice.

3:49pm CAm 1-2 Dan and Ian
Talking about America’s favorite. Dan likes the idea but doesn’t think the person who makes it to 3rd place deserves less than someone who is America’s choice. Dan thinks Shane got a lot of votes for being scullduggered but he’s not sure if Shane was popular enough to win it. Ian still thinks that Janelle has a chance to win the America’s Choice. Dan mentions that Janelle knows all the Big Brother Alumni Gossip.

Talk moves to naming Kids. Ian says he always wanted to have a chemical twist to a child’s name. He would want to take part of the name from the periodic table. Dan asks Danielle who is sitting on the couches. Carbon Murphree, Neon Murphree, Mercury Murphree. Dan comments that Mecury Murphree is a great name for a porn star.

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4:04pm Ian Rocking the Hammock, Dan and Danielle on the couch They talk about hearing a mouse int he backyard.

4:13pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle
Danielle says she can read Dan’s mind he wishes Memphis was here instead of her. Dan says no.
Danielle: “You and him didn’t have to do this.. ”
Dan: “What are you talking about?”
Danielle: ‘You and me can’t be normal.. Memphis has never this sad”
Dan asks if she’s acting like this because the Diary room has given her a pill. Danielle swears she hasn’t taken anything. She’s just been thinking.
Danielle asks when Jerry Left. Dan says it would have been today and that left just him and Memphis in the house. It was the bests days for them.

Dan wonders if there is anyway Ian can “Fix” his need to always move. Danielle says medicine that can help him. She explains that he has too much going on in his head and that is why he needs to move all the time.

Cam 3-4 Ian rocking the hammock
Cam 1-2 Dan cutting veggies Danielle walks in and talks to him about wearing a “Big T” today. She leaves..

5:33pm Danielle comes out of the Shower Dan still cutting veggies asks her if she would date Shane and Trey at the same time. not serious dates but go out for dinner. Danielle says no walks into the bedroom.

5:37pm Dan asks her if Shane asked her to marry him on finale night. Danielle says she would say no they need to date a bit outside of the Big BRother House before jumping into marriage. Dan asks her if Shane says “I love you” would she reply back. Danielle doesn’t answer says it’s not for Camera’s. Dan says the answer must be yes you would answer him back with those 3 little words. Danielle just giggles.

5:50pm Cam 1-2 Dan, Danielle and Ian Danielle saying that she will probably not talk to Willie, Jojo, Jodi or Frank after the show but everyone else she’s cool with. Dan wonders why not Willie. Danielle says if he calls her she’ll talk but otherwise she’s not going out of her way to communicate with him. Dan jokes that he’s going to tweet out JoJO and Danielle in the same tweet to force them to talk.

6:14pm Ian in the Shower, Dan still cooking and Danielle siting on the kitchen stool eating. Danielle wonders why Ian is acting strange and following her around. Dan says Ian is worried about Danielle influencing him and he knows Danielle is pissed at him so he’s scared. Dan tells her he’s going to do his bible readings later today if she’s welcome to join in.

6:28pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle eating Dan tells her he just cut meat for a hour and it was better than sitting around hearing Ian talk about how good of a Big Brother player he is. Dan tells her Ian is really concerned with Danielle tainting the jury. Danielle says she will taint the Jury it true.

Dan asks her if she will watch the season. Danielle will miss the final week, she might go back to see it later. Dan thinks the episode are fun to watch especially after being in the house. Dan mentions that regular conversations all seem more interesting when you watch them on TV.

Ian awkwardly joins her eating.. “Hey Dani.. hows it going”
Danielle: “Fine..”

6:48pm Cam 1-4 Danielle, Dan and Ian They are talking about bad neighbors. Ian mentions his playing loud music at 3:30AM . Dan says his wifes parents neighbors are out of this world horrible. Popping tires and keying cars, Dan didn’t believe it at first but now he’s seen it first hand and it’s shocking.

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BB decided to medicate Danielle. Wise move.


Brief outdoor lockdown was called so BB can put the cutlery back in the kitchen..


Haha, that is the funniest thing I have read all day! I almost spit my drink out rofl!


I guess going insane is a side effect of Dan’s mist. Ian seems to be heading that way too.

quack-pack fan

I hope they keep her medicated until Wednesday.

Otherwise we will probably see that mouse in the BY hanging from Dan’s rope…hanging above Ian’s bed…

Dani is going to be in a tailspin after the show and catches up on what people are saying about her on the show. I hope BB lets her know her public image is a hot mess.

She keeps threatening Ian that if he doesn’t pick her that he doesn’t have her vote or shanes AND she will taint the jury. As a scholar of the BB show I thought she would know the third person evicted just walks out to sit with the jury just before the vote – there’s no time to ‘taint’. Her hold on shane is over too, I would imagine.


Ian wouldn’t have her vote of Shane’s regardless of who is sitting beside him. If it was her then of course he wouldn’t get her vote and Shane would vote for her. She has a weak case.


He def has Shane’s vote …..Shane wouldn’t vote for Dan and plus dani can’t sway a vote to save her life


Hey Crazy Dani actually can pull off ratings! Personally I LOVE Crazy Dani! lol idk why it’s the most exciting thing we’ve seen for DAYS!

danielle's fat

hey im gonna get anorexic ians calling me fat

Ians Beer

What frightens me the most for Ian is the look on Danielle’s face when she’s eyeballing him. I’m scared she’s going to eat him and all that will be left for the final HOH with Dan will be a little pile of Ians bones, picked clean, and Danielle wiping her chops….


Assuming she’s gonna leave the bones huh??????? Interesting, you’re a “glass half-full” type person aren’t you???? ;-) <3


Hilarious! ROFL.

Ians Beer

:() I was running along the assumption that she would need a few bones to pick her teeth with after but yes, she would probably grind the poor kid up, bones and all. I am really hoping they give Ian that hammock after the show ends, he would love that!


Danielle’s game strategy has always been to cry and/or pretend to care when someone else is getting played. That way, the viewers will know that she is a nice person who is a victim of circumstance, mainly the wicked ways of Dan the Man.

What we are seeing now is Dani without her mask (literally and figuratively). If she truly and sincerely objected to Dan’s highjinks, she could have separated herself from him ages ago. She has made a great show of voicing her disapproval in the moment and then proceeding to co-sign everything he does. I think Dan saw the shark in her very early on. She loved Dan’s stunts, as long as she felt she could benefit from them.

Ians Beer

Yes, yes and yes to what you just stated. I do believe that her biggest role in life is and has been, the victim role. She’s played it well in the house, but now she’s run out of people to play this role to…


YES!!! Well written Talker~

Captain Idiot

she is a nutball


Yup, she’s heavily medicated. Just look at that pic of her lying on the couch with the glass. They must have Xanax’d her up!!!! I think that’s the best thing AG’s done all season. :)

Eric CA

what is going on with that girl. She has back stabbed, sat quietly by why someone else was getting back stabbed, she has talked crap about everyone (including Shane, Danielle has told Jen and Brittney that she was sick of Shane and wanted him out of the house.), she gave Dan the veto to knowing full well that Shane was his target and why on Earth be mad at Ian, she had know intention of taking him. So why would he take her? They never had a final two deal.


Spot on:)


and if what she says is true (she “taints” the jury, assuming she goes).. they won’t necessarily believe her. besides.. several of them figured out Dan and despite the rantings of lunatic Danielle, i think they’ll vote for Ian. let’s hope so.

Jury was not part of my dream

Dawg is more popular than 8 players…lol.

Ians Beer

From another Canadian to Dawg…I hear tell that Dawg is hot….


Would LOVE to see Hot Dawg!!!

Dawg's Inner Voice

I hear you Canadian woman are hot!

Ians Beer

You hear correct!


Am I the only person who hopes Big Brother will GIVE Ian that hammock swing after this game is over. He’s grown soooooooo attached to it. (at least his behind has!!) <3 <3 <3

Ians Beer

Ian has so earned that hammock…he can lay claim to all the miles on it and probably the first BB that it wasn’t used for side nooky for some of the frisky


Or at the very least BB ought to name it in his honor!

Aqua Bernie

Well BB gave him all those cheap toys, at the same time there was a new hammock. He should be able to take it! I think the toys maybe added up to 50-100$. A little cheap isn’t it?


He needs that hammock to torment his next door neighbors with for the next 50 years or so…




On behalf of the bb fans, we know Ian deserves the win, but we are hopeing he get the hammock too. Ian seems to love it ,and it would be something special, he will allways remember, fom bb14. WE LOVE YOU IAN


Dan being a coach, who should be a responsable adult, has made a mess of the Daniell situation,,I really dont know how you are going to keep your hands clean this time ,Danny Boy. Daniell is infatuated with you.

Chilltown 2.0

Simon/dawg mind if i post a cool website here it has a cool BB game on it and id love to share it with other Bb lovers!


“dan love cooking…where you have to throw the final HOH to win a half million dollars”

i think he’s gonna do it!!!

what’s danielle’s plan now? just sit back…and get evicted wednesday night?


Wound’t it be great if Dan throws it to Ian, then Ian picks Danielle and tells 12-point buck Dan to pop a squat? That would be a wrap!


I really don’t want that to happen, but I have a feeling he is. I mentioned that earlier. On tonight’s show Ian was saying ” To be the best you have to beat the best”. If Dan wants to win he better not throw the comp, win,and take Danielle. I believe Ian or Dan can win against Danielle. Ian will win against either one. Good luck house guests!!!!

Go Ian!

Ya’ll are judging Danielle by regular life standards. Life in the BB house is far from normal. Imagine the 3 months worth of stress of knowing many are lying and you have to figure who is telling the truth IF ANYBODY is telling the truth.


Everyone goes through the same stuff, not just Danielle. I guess they just keep the others better medicated than her.

Ians Beer

Tut, tut!! Danielle acted out from the beginning of the show…did you not watch the feeds or BBAD…nothing to do with 3 months in the house. She was a crazy wanker from the get go :)

Eric CA

You are absolutely correct. She has always been the person she is now.
She always accused people of calling her fat, or talking about her body.
She has always had absolutely no compassion for anyone else.
She has always talked crap about people. She has always been insanely jealous.

Lets face it, it is not the big brother house that has made her like she is now, she came in that way.
She is a lot like Rachael, in many ways… except her voice is less annoying and she never got her Brendon.

For most of this game I have hoped for Ian to be in the final two, I most wanted him to be there with Jen… but Dan works too.
Danielle threatened that she was going to taint the jury, LoL she will have no time to do that, she does not go to the Jury house.
She will not see them till Finale night. That is why third blows the biggest chunks, 10k (Boogie got more than that), No luxury resort and
she get to be most bitter, because she knows she will not be America’s choice. At least Enzo had a shot at that.


I don’t think so GoIan. If you’ve noticed she’s been a pathological liar since day 1. Lies that are not even game related! I can understand the stress from three months but it’s not the latter days she’s been cuckoo. I have sat here in shock of what that girls says. And it’s under the radar kind of psycho. Like you don’t know she’s insane until she’s literally stabbing you to death. She has always scared me. I know there’s a name for her crazy maybe I’ll Google WebMed.


It’s like the zodiac killer(Dan)is in a house with Charles Manson(Danielle)and BTK(Ian).A sociopath a phsycopath and a serial killer rapist


LOL I like that


you’re being really unfair to ian, the zodiac killer, and charles manson…

Aqua Bernie

If they didn’t give her anything, then we have more problems then we thought! She can add Cybil to the list of things that she claims she is.

Production has a hard on for Frank

It was originally Dans idea for her to yell at Ian but she took it to a whole new level. The wizards are probably afraid of her at this point!


I feel like people might be jumping the gun, including Dan and Danielle, about Ian actually winning the final HOH. Remember, it’s about jury answers. Ian is socially awkward, while Dan socializes like the gods in the BB house. I think Dan would have the best chance of winning, even though Ian isn’t that bad at questions.


Dan does have the best chance, that’s why he’s considering throwing it. If Ian wins, he’ll take Dan to fian and Dan will get Danielle’s vote, that might get Dan the votes he needs to win. If Dan wins and takes Danielle, Ian probably wouldn’t vote for him, but I think Ian would probably still vote Dan over Danielle because his game was way better, even though he backstabbed ian


Idk I just don’t see Dan getting Shane,Frank or Ashley’s votes no matter what.That still leaves four votes,but that’s a hard task because they might vote for a newbie just because Dan already won.This is the main reason they needed all the coaches to stay in the game at least until jury.It’s just to bad Janelle couldn’t cut loose from her players because they were all weak

Nicole N.

If Danielle really is acting she again is letting Dan tell her what to do . Wake up crazy Dan is out for Dan. I think he is telling Danielle that he wants her to rattle Ian so hopefully he will throw the comp to Dan. However, I think his real plan is for Ian to get even more irrated with Danielle and he is hopeing it will cloud his judgment in case Ian wins the last HOH so he will take Dan. What universe does Danielle think at this stage of the game she should be insulting Ian(esp since she has no chance to win the last HOH) even if you hate the guy pretend you like him for a couple of days so he will take you. She has always had very little social game but she is being stupid why oh why would you anger anyone right now when you could really argue a good case to stay. It’s really sad as soon as Shanes game ended hers did also because she can’t keep her head in the game. I think she thought she was in some big romantic story instead of Big Brother and it’s sad especially since it is like a 5 percent chance that Shane will be with her after the show.


Danielle will proably be admitted to the crrraaazzy house when she gets out of the bb house.


if danille had made a big move this season without anyone (dan) telling her what to do i would of supported her this girl hasnt done anything in bbh 14 without someone telling her to ……. deep down dan wants to carry danille final 2 because he can say every hoh pov she won he made all the decisions ….. i need ian to stay focus ……

Dan' dull blade

Is dan cutting steak with a butter knife because they took all the real knives out of the house?

I vote dani’s butt for most improved hg. Eat more cereal girl, lovin that big butt.


Danielle got a big ol but oh yea


Ian is a whack job himself..talking to himself all the time and rocking incessantly. And the big butt f..king uncalled for.

Danielle supporter

Ian is a tweek and whack job. Talking to himself and rocking incessantly, plus pacing bk and forth. Look like he is on crack. and the butt comment shows your true age.


ian has a medical condition and i think it’s mean to make fun of him …. ever hear of something called karma? ian, is a nice kid and played an excellent game. made and did things on with his own mind. must be a danielle fan ..


Damn, they dosed her good in the DR. That pic in the middle with the cup is hilarious. She says she can read Dan’s mind. Add mindreader to Danielle’s resume of accomplishments. Is there anything this girl can’t do? Yeah, win Big Brother.

Ians Beer

Definitely a “happy, happy” pill face lol


LMAO I couldn’t have said it any better myself…She is a piece of work.

Jen W

Anybody ever find out what Dan really said to Shane when he was leaving the house?

Jen W

Never mind the show just confirmed it. She’s been playing you the whole time just ask Jenn or something like that?

Carol & Steve

Unfortunately Shane doesn’t know what Dan said to him – he told Julie he didn’t know as well as in his after interview. So I guess he’ll have to figure it out later, but he seems to have doubts…


She’s(Dani) been playing you the whole time…ask Jenn.


But what would Jen tell him?

Jen W

I’m not sure if Dan knew about this, but Jenn could tell him about the convo with Dani when she was constantly complaining about Shane & wishing he’d quit following her around like a puppy dog. Then she said, I’m going to keep being sweet & naive but it’s time to play the player (or something like that)


I’m guessing she would confirm that Dani was saying she was going to vote him out & how annoying he was, etc. during the time Dan had Danielle working Jen on their “final 3” deal. Shane may have bought it, too bad he didn’t hear it. But Jen will probably tell him all that stuff anyway.


Dan told Dani not to do anything she would regret. Productions told her to cool it with Ian cause of his condition I bet. Cause she may be game playing, howeve, even Big Brother wa probably concern I’m sure. She my not have Hit him, but he bulling can be just as hard as a Hit or push. Stay strong and focus Ian you can do this. Sure hope Dan gives h win to him and he vote him out. Lol

Big Game Move

This would have been easier to read and understood had it been typed in English! I’m not saying, just saying!


I would respect Dani. More if she would start applying all that Dan has taught her. Talk to Ian stop bullying him and game talk to him. See if yo can inform him of something he des not know about Dan. Don’t think he knows everything about the furnal. Dan wanting him out, Dan getting them oth to drop. She is the #1 floater in my book. Play to Ian’s pride of being le to send a great player out. Getting all the coaches out o the game. He is a gamer


So is this Ian’s game to loose or does Dan still have a chance. I hope Dan can win, he played the best game, no denying that fact


LYING, BACKSTABBING,MANIPULATING, BULLYING FOR VOTES is part of the show None of the HGs did anything wrong this season….. If your’ not breaking the rules, All is Fair

Aqua Bernie

Dan is being sadistic again, he’s just trying to pour some more salt on Danielle’s wounds. Why must he asks these stupid questions?


Can you imagine Danielle on a dating show???!?!? NOW THAT WOULD BE GOOD TELEVISION!!… LOL


OMG No Teddy bear in history has took more punishment without actual cotton being spilled that the one Brit was beating on.. That Teddy is heading to the Battered TeddyBear House

Ians Beer


Carol & Steve

very funny! love it!

Ian's creaky hammock

Watching the show (on tv) when they are having the brunch it looks and sounds like Dan is reading cue cards or something. Really bad acting. Anyone else see that?


Yeah, this whole “remember that time…” episode seemed so forced and stiff I had to change the channel. I would have rather seen what was really going on between the three of them than that scripted crap.


I want more jury house, not recaps of shit I’ve already seen!

Shutup I'm Talking

@ simon / dawg who has won america’s favorite player and can you win big brother and favorite player?


2nd and 1st place, can’t win America’s Favorite


neither can expelled players


Why can’t they just go back to having all of the houseguests be newbies? This year would have been soooo different had Dan and the other coaches not been there manipulating all of their fans in the house.


I absolutely agree. The cast was so amazing and solid this season.

The season would have been great without the coaches and although I’m happy with final 3, I think they shouldn’t have tampered with it.

I was okay with them doing it last season, because that cast was beyond weak and pathetic with the exception of Cassie and Dominic.

But this season, we had a great cast that covered every single possible “character”.

We had the gay guy, the lesbian, the token black lady, the attractive guy w no brains, the jock guy, the southern girl, the old guy, the cute blonde, the dumb blonde, the “bully” ( even though Willie wasn’t a bully; just perceived that way ), the nerdy guy.

I mean damn. This cast had it all.

Stupid ass CBS and AG fucking up a good season lol.


and the jersey girl that wasnt from jersey. lol. Can’t forget ms jojo.


“Danielle saying that she will probably not talk to Willie, Jojo, Jodi or Frank after the show but everyone else she’s cool with” hopefully the rest of the house guests have enough sense to block her number.


I wanna get on BB so I can be as hi as Danielle.I Don’t think iv’e ever seen someone that stoned


Yes Dan have Danielle join you for your bible readings.Then you can both dress in all black and drink the poison punch together


Tonights episode of Big Brother sucked something terrible.


“Dan comments that Mecury Murphree is a great name for a porn star. ”

Dan’s givin Dani ideas


Not sayin anythin, just sayin Michelle Noonan, and Steven Daigle… so it can happen


I Know!

For someone so religious and spiritual, Dan has the sickest mind.

It’s all about pornstars and murderers and just weird stuff all together. All of the comments and questions are just weird as hell.

Jen W

Man we are gonna get screwed out of jury footage again

billy bob

alabama is still really good in football even though there missing there linebacker number 14 danielle,lol but then again there probably happy shes not there trying to eat all the footballs


You’re right. SEC football requires their players to be big and fast. Danielle fits the big part.


All I know is I have never seen or heard a woman so jealous of another person as Daniel is of Kara, first all Kara never did anything thing to her she is just a NASTY person, she then says she hates Kara, Frank ect. and now she said she hates Ian more than Frank, she hated Frank because he didn’t come on to her, even though she says he did, he had more class than that, shit Shane never came onto her, she is just plain nuts!! and No! not all Big brother people act like she is, That Girl a few fries short of her Happy Meal!! I hope she leaves Weds. can’t wait to see how she acts, when she talked shit about Frank not saying by to anyone but Jenn, she’ll probably pull out some demon dust and throw it at Ian and Dan, I will now start calling her Nutty Buddy Daniel!!

I'll rip your face off

Danielle is mentioning the names of people she doesn’t want to have contact with when the show is over. little does she knows the people she does want to have contact with will probably avoid her first, that includes Shane.


What the hell is so wrong with Jodi?

I’m tired of the shade that they give that woman.

I feel so bad for her.


This is why I wish the feeds were on during their 1st week in the house, Jodi was there all week before the live show

Ians Beer

“After just eight hours in the Big Brother 14 house newbie HG Jodi Rollins was eliminated” she was only there a short while, not all week :)


They enter the house the Sunday before the live show, so Jodi was there all week


The Coaches entered the house at the live show


You all are forgeting the main reason a person should win BB…..STRATEGY. Dan was the best strategical playey this year. BB is not a popularity contest; The winner should not be crowned they are liked but because they played the game correctly and Dan did. I don’t like the way he manipulated and lied to everyone but that is the name of the game. I do like Danielle.; She cracked under the pressure because she is a caring, sensitive person. to bad the ones making fun of her can’t see that and feel like they have to bully her with these words. As for Ian all he is is a superfan, no strategy whatsoeve.

Ians Beer

Are you high or just haven’t watched any of the feeds or BBAD??

Ians Beer

This statement is in regards to your comments about sensitive Danielle


So creating the “Quack Pack” so he can get two big players out of the game is not “strategy.” Winning key HOH and Veto’s is not “strategy?” Please, it’s not like he’s Adam from BB13.


I agree that Ian’s game-play pales in comparison to Dan’s but I’m following you on the whole Danielle thing. I think she has some serious issues going on and none of it has anything to do with her being a caring person.


not following you*


“Dan tells her he’s going to do his bible readings later today if she’s welcome to join in. ”

Aww shit, Mist Storm comin’ get your umbrellas

Ians Beer

*strapping on my mistproof tinfoil beanie*


Can’t you just see Dan standing there with a snake telling people they are healed…..


I think it’s probably safe to say that Danielle’s offer to take Brittney away on a girls vacation (Maui,was it?) and shopping spree (Danielle:”And I’m not talkin’ about TJ Maxx Y’all”), is most likely not going to happen.


They get 12k+ stipends for being on the show right? so she could still take her on the trip LOL


ok what did i miss??? Dani insinuated she wouldn’t take Dan? From reading the comments it sounded like she threw part 1 on the HOH. Sure hope Dan throws the part 3 and ian take him to the F2. She doens’t deserve to win she just quit. Wanted the people that read the spoilers or watch BBAD to see her behavior since Shane left. I hated this show it was dumb …. always hated that part of Survivor.


That Dan. What a wonderful guy. Puke.


Wow, Someone got all bent out of shape with da big ol butt comment. How funny when everyone else bashing her!!


Tonight’s show was the worst ever. I expected first and second HOH competitions, not that scripted trip down memory lane. What a let down.


Felt the exact same way!


I agree! Lame City!



Ians Beer

Have to agree…*yawn*…I did enjoy some of Britney’s antics though. She has a great sense of humour and cracks me up with her dry snarky, sarcasm. Watching Teddy get the stuffings beat out of him was the highlight.

Aqua Bernie



where do we stand: If Dan win HOH is he taking Danielle or Ian? Any chance Ian cuts Dan and takes Danielle? wtf is going on with these psychopath nerds??
Dr. Will: Greatest of All Time


If Dan wins HOH, he will take Danielle for sure. At this point, Ian is still planning on taking Dan to the end and it doesn’t seem like he’s flipping since he’s trusting Dan so much.

Kathie from Canada

I had thought the same thing. But on tonight’s show, Ian kept mumbling, ‘If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.’ Is he referring to dumping Dan at the last minute? And Dani mentioned in the Diary room that maybe it is time for Dan to be backdoored. Surely Ian and Dani have not hatched a plan?????????

kathy mellon

ok from what bb showed tonight could ian and dani be misting dan??? Is is possible the revenge is going to happen and he be the one voted out??? I hope so, oh man i really hope so i want to see dans face when the children of the corn he raised in the house beat him at his own damn game!

Ians Beer

“children of the corn”….lol Kathy, great comment :)


That would be the blggest blindside ever. Dan throwing the HOH to Ian, positive that Ian’s still misted enough to take him to the finals only to have Ian evict Dan. Would also love to see the face of the player being played.


“the children of the corn he raised…”

Lmfaooo .

You have no idea how much that comment made me laugh and how funny that would be.

However, Dani’s more than likely blowing smoke up her own ass. The DR is getting her to say that to confuse us but the people who have the live feeds, or come here for updates know the truth.

Dan has her lost in his mist. She’s gone & she won’t be out of it until she becomes jury #7 on Wednesday night.

If Ian pulls some shit out of his hat and evicts Dan though. I’m sorry but at much as Dan deserves to win, Ian would get a freaking standing ovation from me and I’m sure the rest of the jury as well. He does that and he wins 6-1 ( with the one being Shane )

However his ego is too big to not take Dan. He wants to say he won against the best. However if he does win, it’s not particularly because he deserved it over Dan but because the jury hated Dan more than they hate him.