It’s all John Blaze – Dan tells Ian to Relax Danielle won’t have any time to Taint the Big Brother 14 Jury

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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7:11pm Cam 1-4 Ian, Danielle and Dan Talking about it being a good idea that whoever wins takes all the quack packers on a vacation. Danielle mentions her brother has a “Speed Bike” Dan: “You mean crotch rocket” Danielle: “Yeah a crotch Rocket”. Danielle mentions that if JOe ever found out she was in a Harley Davidson calendar he would have been all over her. Apparently Joe really liked that type of motor cycle. Danielle adds that when her father was going through his mid life crisis he bought himself and her brother motor bikes.

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7:16pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Ian kitchen talking about the competition

7:32pm Danielle and Dan Cam 3-4
Danielle is freaking out that Ian is following her around all over and it’s driving her crazy. Danielle says Ian keeps talking about how bad a$$ the second Head of Household competition was. Danielle: “I told him he would not be saying that if he didn’t win.. and he was all like Oh ya of course I would it was bad ass” Dan laughs agrees with Danielle.
Dan: “He doesn’t have what I have.. Social awareness”

Danielle says Ian told her “I took out 13 people insinuating she is going home” . Danielle leaves to grab some chocolate, she comes back and starts complaining about Ian leaving all his stuff around the house. Danielle tells Dan he has to win the next HOH competition. Danielle says Ian cannot shut up about the “John Blaze” he’s John Blaze this and John Blaze that.
Danielle: “I’m 2 seconds from losing it”
Dan: “Don’t”
Danielle: “I’m so sick of him rubbing it in my face and following me around.. how do I get him to stop”
Dan: “ask him to give you space”
Danielle: “Do you think I should be mean to him.. what doe you think I should do”
Dan: “Personally I would try to rattle his cage.. ”
Danielle: “What should I do”
Dan: “I don’t know.. make some random comment about the jury..” Dan explains that right after Ian makes fun of someone in the Jury tell him “Ohh i’ll make sure I tell them that right before they vote”

Danielle says that Ian thinks Dan is a easy win in the final. Dan smiles says he will mop Ian up in the jury speech. Danielle asks him to tell Ian something to throw the HOH competition. Dan doesn’t think he can convince Ian without Ian becoming suspicious. Dan tells her it more up to Danielle. Danielle asks him if he thinks he can win the Final HOH. Dan doesn’t think Ian will do well at the final competition because it is social. Even if Dan does convince Ian to throw it it’s still just a A or B so he still could win it. Danielle: “You have to win this.. I didn’t want to hear I told you so from Britney” Danielle explains that Britney told her that Dan was a selfish player. Danielle prays that Dan didn’t keep Ian for only himself. dan says he didn’t.

Danielle: “Just don’t throw it Dan”
Dan: “I won’t I promise I won’t”

Ian walks in and Danielle leaves. Ian brings up how Danielle is saying she’s going to mess the Jury up but he doesn’t see how she can. She will not get much exposure with the Jury because it’s the live show and why would Shane listen to her. Dan laughs says the last time Shane listen to Danielle he got Skulduggerd. Dan tells him that Danielle is pissed from him talking about the HOH competition being John Blaze and winning the Competition being John Blaze. Ian scoffs says he only said the Competition set up was John Blaze not him winning it. Dan and Ian saying Danielle will beat them both in the end with Jury votes. Ian agrees says it’ll be 5-2. Ian says that him and Danielle were talking about the 2nd HOH comp and she really didn’t have a strategy for it. Dan: “2012 not having a strategy in the most important comp of the year”
Ian says that no matter what he doesn’t have Shane’s vote so why is Danielle even selling it. (It’s funny Ian talks like he’ll win regardless). Ian now claims that he dragged the quack pack with him and never put any of them up.

Dan brings up again that Danielle will not have a substantial amount of time to talk to the jury before the vote, only the time between commercials. Dan asks Ian if he ever had a deal with Danielle. Ian says no, all he would do is nod when she talked to him about getting Dan out.

Dan says usually when they get to this part they are celebrating.. this is a really tough final 3. Ian agrees.

Ian is seems to be really worried about people not voting strategically in the final 2. Dan tells him they each have one person that is a lock in the jury after that it comes down to speeches.

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8:27pm Cam 2-4 Bedroom Dan and Ian Talking about how much easier the game was during Big Brother 1-6. Ian: “It’s a lot harder now.. you have slop, cold showers, Have nots Beds, penalty outfits”
Ian mentions how happy he is that Danelle didn’t win. Dan asks him if he would be sh!ting bricks right now. Ian: “For Sure.. I would be freaking out”

Ian: “What a f***ing sore loser to be acting like this.. When I was almost certainly going home last week was I like that”
Dan: “No.. you were like.. I had a good run”

They start talking about politics.. Dan says hipsters use to Hate on Bush because they thought it was cool. He wonders who the hipsters like now. Ian says Obama. Dan:”I wonder if he is going to win this election” Ian: “I hope not” (Feeds cut…)

8:46pm Cam 1-4 Dan and Ian Talking about Healthcare. Ian Brings up that he was watching crossfire with Tucker Carlson and he said that with universal health care you end up paying for all the obese people who do not look after their bodies.
(They both do not appear to be fans of Healthcare and are both republicans.. flashback to catch their political views.)

9:10pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Ian Backyard Couch
Danielle says it’s so hard to sit there with Ian and be betrayed by her coach.

Danielle pleads with him to be honest with her and answer her if after Britney left did he have a deal with Dan. Ian says they would look out for each other but there was no big deal made. Ian’s final 2 was with Britney. Ian tells her he had no idea Shane was going he was certain he was gone last week. Danielle: “I saw Dan cutting me he’s betrayed everyone in the house but never saw it coming from you”

Danielle: “you have full intentions on taking Dan.. you have no intentions on taking me you have zero.. tell me the truth”
Ian: “It’s not a slam dunk”

Danielle starts bitching at him for not taking her to final 2 she’s going to tell the jury and tell Shane. Danielle: “I’m siting beside Shane in the jury and I’ll tell him.. the vote will be 5-2 for Dan”
Ian: “how on earth.. you are so sure frank and Ash.. they both hate Dan and Me”
Danielle: “everyone expect Dan.. not you”

Danielle: “you’ve had the easiest ride since double eviction.. I’ve had to struggle since day One.. and to go home like this, that is why I’m going out guns glazing”
Ian tries to understand why she thinks he’s had it so easy but she won’t have any of it. Danielle keeps saying that Shane will not vote for him against Dan and she thinks Ian will have a better chance with her in the final 2 than Dan. ian says he’ll have to think about that.

Danielle doesn’t let up tells him that the secret deal he has with Dan makes her sick she doesn’t want to hear any more from him she doesn’t believe a word he says. She now starts up about how she thought Ian was going to play a ethical game and he’s going to end up cutting a person that has done nothing but protect him all season.

After a couple moments she starts in again saying that taking Dan is a easy win. Ian tells her he would lose against her in the final 2. Danielle: “I’m telling you now because I’ve played with him this entire game he’s going to burn you bad in the speeches.. he’ll air all your little secrets”
Ian says he really doesn’t have any secrets. Danielle: “I would rather go out fighting than coward behind a freaking villain like you are”

9:27pm Cam 2 Danielle tells Ian she has to take sleeping medication to sleep at night that is why she was called into the Diary Room. Danielle: “Just so you know if you do take me to final 2 I will not say anything bad about you in the speeches”

9:37pm Danielle says she’s played this entire game personal. She hasn’t thought about her Jury speech but she has thought about what she will say if she gets sent to Jury. Ian asks her what she will say. Danielle won’t tell him just says he’ll find out.

(Ian needs to tell Danielle to shut up.. OMG)

9:46pm Danielle tells him she bases her final vote based on who cuts her. Ian thinks that sounds a bit odd.

Ian: “I just hope we are all friends after this..”
Danielle: “I don’t know.. I need my space” (danielle leaves)
Ian says “What Bullsh!t” jumps on Hammock starts rocking it..

Danielle runs inside starts looking all around for Dan..

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10:06pm Ian rocking the Hammock Danielle in the living room Dan must be in the Diary room. (Image Link)
(Ian did not respond to Danielle’s threats the way she was hoping I think)

10:38pm Cam 3 Image Link

Dan reading the bible in his bedroom. Danielle joins him says that Ian told her he had a final 2 with Dan since day 55. Dan: “Fine.. it’s a bullshit deal.. it’s a Joe deal..whatever”
Danielle: “Why didn’t you tell me”
Dan: “did you tell me ever single bullshit deal you mad”
Danielle: “YES”
Dan: “Whats the difference between that and the final 2 you had with Shane”
Danielle: “That is why he is still here isn’t it.. I told you everything like we were a team”
Dan: “I forgot sorry.. I can control Ian I cannot control Shane”
Dan says that ideally they would have a floater at this point.
Danielle says Ian isn’t a floater he’s a freaking genius..
Danielle: “Dan what else am I going to go home and see that is going to piss me off”
Dan: “Nothing”

Danielle goes about to give Dan a rundown of her b!tch fest with Ian a couple hours ago. (read above)

Dan asks her if she thinks he’ll throw it. Danielle: “YES”

11:13pm Dan: “four years ago I won”
Danielle: “good I’m happy for you and when you won I jumped up and down for you”
Dan: “You are lying.. I can tell.. You didn’t like memphis”
Danielle: “He was nice and all but I never felt he played the game.. I felt you carried him around.. I guess that is what people will say about me”
Dan: “Maybe”

Cam 1-2 Ian rocking the hammock
Can 3-4 Danielle and Dan are talking.. (I officially cannot listen to her anymore tonight the hammock squeaking is better)
11:54pm Cam 1-2 Ian rocking on the hammock rambling random madness says “She deserves a scumbag and a feces sandwich”
12:06AM Cam 1-2 Ian rocking the hammock calling Danielle a immature girl. Says it’s OK for her to have a final 2 with Shane..
Ian says that last week Danielle was going to get rid of him before Dan and Dan trick her and got rid of Shane. It’s OK for her to try and get him out before Dan but he can’t get danielle out before Dan. Ian: “Danielle’s logic people.. child’s logic”

Ian starts talking about how Danielle is saying she gave up so much to be here. Ian starts listing off the names in the Big Brother house saying they all gave up something to be on the show..
(Ian is pissed at Danielle.. All those things dan was telling her to tell Ian are making Ian want to win the comp more and take her a$$ out)

12:13AM Backyard Ian and Dan

Ian giving Dan a short rundown of his conversation with Danielle highlighting all the craziness she is spewing.

Ian: “She just sat me down and tore me apart for a hour..”
Ian tells Dan that he’s done with this sh!t.. He’s taking Dan and Dan will win Ian just wants to take his 50 grand and go home.

Ian: “She’s obviously nuts.. I can’t deal with this sh!t she’s pushing my buttons and I cannot wait to get her ass out of here.. I want her out more than anything in the world… ANYTHING”

Dan: “you’re not having second thoughts.. She’ll f***ing slaughter us”
Ian say no he’s renegades all the way and agree that they cannot beat her with jury votes.

Ian tells him he’s been seeing the mouse running around in the backyard.

12:36AM Dan and Ian
Dan: “She’s acting smug and it’s got me worried”
Ian :”No get that out of your head I am not taking her”
Dan tells Ian to stop worrying about what Danielle is telling him because in the next few days they’ll be cashing the big checks and Danielle will be cashing the “stipendo check”

12:44pm Dan tells him he kind of wants to site her down and be like “Look i’m taking Ian and Ian is taking me”
Ian likes this idea says they should do it. Dan dodges says that he doesn’t want it to get to that point but if things start getting really ridiculous he will.

They start talking about bitter jury members in past seasons..

Backyard Cam 1-2, 4 Survivor talk..
Bedroom Cam 3 – Danielle sleeping

1:13AM dan tells Ian that Jonny Fairplay isn’t right in the head

1:15am – 2:45am Ian and Dan head inside. Dan says that eh enjoyed their survivor talk. Ian agrees and says that he will be back. Ian goes to the diary room. Dan goes to the kicks room. Danielle asks Dan what he has been up to? Dan tells he that they have been talking about survivor. Dan gives Danielle a hug and tells her that he knows she has had a tough day. Danielle says thanks Dan.


Dan leaves the room and goes to lie down in the arcade room. He then gets up and starts taking a shower. Ian comes out of the diary room and asks Dan if he wants to talk more survivor. Ian heads out into the backyard and starts swinging on the hammock. When Dan is finished he tells Ian that he is going to bed. Ian says that he will be going to bed soon too. In the kicks room Dan reads the bible and then reads his HOH letter.


Ian is out in the backyard swinging in the hammock. He says to himself that he would bring Dan to the final two even if he knew that Dan would beat him. He says that Danielle’s behavior the last few days has been unacceptable. Ian says that he wouldn’t sully the Renegade name. Ian continues to mumble to himself and swing in the hammock. Ian then heads inside and heads to bed.

2:45amAll the house guests are sleeping..

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8:16 am Sleeping
9:05 am Sleeping

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272 thoughts on “It’s all John Blaze – Dan tells Ian to Relax Danielle won’t have any time to Taint the Big Brother 14 Jury

  1. Oh dang! Ian don’t like Obama. I see a lot of people now hating Ian in 5,4,3,2,……

    Dan won this game and he knows it.

    1. Ian isn’t old enough/mature enough to offer a well-thought opinion on politics. The comment about healthcare and obesity proves it. And Dan made it clear in his first season that he voted Republican.

      1. I agree that comment came off way immature….one day he’ll realize that not only Obese people suffer from disease and will depend on healthcare…I just hope he doesn’t have to experience it personally…

        1. Yes, he is very immature in his beliefs because he doesn’t realize that everyone already pays for “obese” people as well as others with chronic diseases like heart disease. That is why premium costs are so high. It seems he thinks all obese people are currently uninsured.

      2. Exactly, Ian is just a kid, a little immature. When I was his age, I also fancied myself a Republican. But as I grew out selfish and callow thinking, I became much more liberal.

        As an aspiring scientist, his views will evolve.

        1. I agree, Ian’s views may evolve. In the fourth grade my social studies teacher wanted to teach us a little somethin’ about politics, which included bashing Democrats and “converting” us into Repulicans. He repeated over and over Democrats were the rich guys that dominated over us poor kids and our families. I went home and announced I was a Republican. My family looked at me weird and I asked them, “Aren’t you?” They shook their heads and said they were Democrats and I didn’t understand. It was ingrained in my head by my teacher in reference of comic books Democrats were the villains and Republicans the superheroes. Today what I stand for and what I will not is definitely not what I did back then.

    2. Mikey and my two cents must live in unicorn and rainbow land if you think Ian is off in his political views! Maybe you two should join frank on planet high horse since your view of earth seems so messed up! Normally I wouldn’t say anything but since you two interjected I think you dudes are delusional, you dudes were probably raised rich and have no idea what the real America is like…take a drive bubba

      1. Both Frank & Joe also voiced anti-Obama sentiments, and Dan said he likes the Drudge Report. As for Danielle, there are not many white Democrats in Alabama, so I’m guessing it’s a pretty conservative bunch this year.

    3. If I was Dani I would take a knife to the hammock and destroy it. His safe place would be gone, then I would start to mimic his twitches and drive him crazy. Evil Dick would have Ian seft evicting in less than an hour

      1. never said it was great just making an obvious observation i mean really get a life insulting people on a blog wow my feelings are hurt now ima cry like dani not

        1. So your observation is Frank hitting Ian in the head so hard that he would become “normal”. Lol, you have no respect for people with afflictions, and I have 100 times the respect for Simon & Dawg’s site than you. That’s MY observation

          1. As far as i knew Ian doesn’t have an affliction and was just weird.I just hope he understands that he better not nut up like that in the real world or he will be killed.He seems to have taken on a new personality for the worse and to be honest im scared for the kid.If you seen the look in Franks eyes you would know he was one second from knocking Ian back to the reset

        1. Yes Sbradford, defend the guy who “observed” Frank hitting Ian in the head to make him “normal”, then call the person defending against such ignorant “observations” as immature and adolescent. The correlation you try to make boggles the mind…WOW

  2. I think Ian really wants to beat Dan, and that is the main reason why he will take Dan, he wants to beat the best. I still think this is how the votes will play out
    Ian V. Dan
    Britney-Dan(potential swing vote though, Brit and Ian were close, but in the jury vid, Britney flat out agreed Dan played the best game)
    Ashley-Ian(With Frank)
    Frank-ian(As much as he says he loves this game, I don’t see him voting for the person who deserves it most)
    Joe-Dan(Could go either way, but I think he will get swayed during deliberation to vote for Dan)
    Jenn-Dan(I never really saw that jenn, had any sort of relationship with ian)
    Shane-Dan(I think Shane will vote with Brit or Dani)
    Dani-Dan(Unless Dan evicts her, this a sure vote for Dan)

    1. Mike, while I agree that Ian thinks he needs to take Dan to prove he is the best, if he does he’ll end up speechless during that final 2 speech against Dan. Plus, Dan has “pulled off too much” during this season to not get the winning votes.. .

      However, if Ian win part 3, tells Dan to pop a squat, and takes Danielle, he has 500K in the bank. Reason being he took out two “12 point bucks” (Frank and Dan) and he played a great social game being friends with just about everyone. He didn’t “piss anyone off” either. If he goes this route he’ll end up being the face of Big Brother for quite awhile.. .

    2. Britney, Shane, and Joe will not vote for Dan. Even though Britney said that Dan played a good game, she wanted to see him on jury, and Ian was the one person that stayed by her side. Maybe she would vote for Dan over Danielle, but definitely not over Ian. Joe blatantly dislikes Dan and said that he liked Ian during his eviction. And Shane? Have you seen his exit interview with Jeff? He hates Dan’s guts! Ian never did anything to him in the game and since Shane is fresh out of the house, he’s not going to be all “Oh, I guess Dan was great player even though he stabbed me in the back….” any time soon.

      1. But Shane will be at the deliberation as will Joe, and that is when I see Brit swaying their votes to Dan, and yes brit wanted to see Dan in the jury, but there is a difference between wanting Dan to get outsmarted and not voting for him, Brit will vote for Dan, she has always respected this game and I see her voting solely on gameplay, and Shane was fresh out of the house Friday, but he will have a good amount of time to get over it by Wednesday, especially if Brittany continue to praise Dan’s game in the jury house. I understand your stance though if people vote on emotions Dan will lose. I think Joe will end up voting on gameplay though, Shane would be more likely to vote on emotions.

        1. I agree that Britt respects the game, but didn’t she vote for Lane on her season? I don’t even remember if Lane won any comps, maybe one. If it is Dan vs Danielle I think she will vote for Dan, but Dan vs Ian I think she may pick Ian. Who knows! This big brother has been really boring. It is as if no one but Dan cares about winning the 500k. Can we get some people on here that actually want to win? I think it would be cool if they picked all strategists or all brawny players for all stars. They need to only select people from the BB casting call. Stop picking randoms from FB and “dating game show tryouts.”

          1. To be fair Neither Lane and Hayden were perticulary great players, so Brit just voted for her showmance, I see this as a completely different scenario, where Dan clearly outshines everyone else, though Ian definitely deserves second place.

    3. No way, I think Ian will win against Dan:
      Britney… agreed could go either way
      Ashley: Ian
      Frank: Ian
      Joe: Ian… he doesn’t want Dan to win twice and has wanted him out since he entered the game
      Shane: Ian… he is really bitter with Dan and I don’t think he will get past it
      Jen: Dan… she really didn’t like Ian
      Dani: Dan.. because he always had her back and did everything he could to make sure she won the game

    4. Wow, Dan would be the first two-time winner ever! So strange, cuz he’s such a Joe Normal. Dr. Will, sure. Boogie, Maybe. Rachael (Production would let her), Evil Dick, for sure. But…Dan.

    5. I agree…. thts why he needs to take Ian and not danielle… she will come off like a victim …he a villian… isnt he smarter than that …why does he want to take that stupid girl…he will get 50k by taking her

      1. There is another way to look at it. Dan has carried and controlled Danielle through this entire game. She may have won some comps, but Dan still controlled her HOH’s and Vetos. The jury may see this and think that, without Dan, Danielle would have been gone a long time ago, this vote for Dan. I can only surmise and it’s always a cr*p shoot as to how the jury will interpret Dan/Danielle’s actions because they haven’t seen what we have. But I do think the would/should respect Dan’s moves more than anything Danielle has done.

    6. The only chance Dan has at Shane’s vote if if Dani whispers Dan’s paying 10k for it after the fact. Even then, it’s not a sure thing.

  3. I am PRAYING that if Danielle wins the final HOH competition that she evicts Dan and tells him, “Sorry – just business. You understand” and give him a bland smile. And if Ian wins, same thing. I think if Ian evicts Dan, he will have wrapped up the win having gotten rid of Boogie, Frank and Dan.
    In the end, I just hope Ian wins!!

    Here’s another graphic I made for fun:
    And if you didn’t see the other one, here it is:

    Now I can’t wait for Wednesday night!!

    1. Only Ian and Dan will compete in the third HOH competition. The only chance of Dan being cut is if Ian wins and decides to cut him to boost his resume.

    2. Those are pretty neat, The Quack Pack should be ducks though, not penguins.
      Still great work LP and your pics look pretty cute too! ;-)

    3. Hahahaha!! The Mist graphic is amazing. I’ve been cackling for 5 minutes straight over here, especially at the look on Brits face ;) Good stuff! x

    4. When I first glanced at the quack pack image I thought the Shane penguin was making bunny ears on Danielle. It’s just her hair- but it is still funny!

    5. Hmmh, how is Danielle going to win the final HOH when she’s not competing in it? Kind of shoots a big hole in that plan.

      Watching Danielle on BBAD last night clinched it for me. I can’t wait to see her get evicted. She deserves to win absolutely nothing. And she’s been the most annoying HG of the season. Both Dan and Ian have made big moves, Danielle has done what Dan told her to do. And Dan used her HOH to blindside her “boyfriend”. And to watch her try and bully Ian into taking her to the finals. Rage mode? Please, that bitch isn’t shit. And she’s not an attractive woman. Too thick for my tastes. Plus, I can remove 90% of her “beauty” with a kleenex.

    6. those are excellent, you should retweet those to each quack pack member

      I’d buy the mist and spray heavily on beyonce and alicia keys, so they can be my sex slaves…. don’t shit on my dreams

  4. OMGosh, they’ve started talking politics!!!!!! Bring out the fireworks!!!!! There’s a party on tonight!!!! <3

  5. I don’t particularly like Ian that much but with all of Dan and Dani lies, deceit, and manipulations, I am now rooting for Ian to win. This has not been my favorite season and I am just ready for the whole show to be over with.

    1. Perhaps there are better ways to express yourself than calling Ian a retard!?! This kid has done an amazing job all summer in that house. He sets the stage and gives hope to others with ADHD. BB house is not for the weak – it tests all your instincts, emotions, social skills, mental stability and physical abilities.

      I am rooting for Dan to win but won’t be upset if Ian pulls it off. Dani is the only one left who does not deserve to win IMHO.

    2. Stop calling him a retard! You’re just showing
      your ignorance-try reading something else besides
      BB blogs-there is a world of important information
      out there son!(in addition to important BB info)

  6. Well I will give Ian credit for one thing he’s done recently, he did act very mature last when he thought he was going to be evicted. He makes a good point there. I think the reason he was freaking out so much after the show is because it shocked him he wasn’t going home. Oh dan’s mist it’s a magical wonder. So I’m hoping it’s Dan and Ian in the final, still pulling for Danto win however…he worked his butt off this season.

    Danille go home and get some professional help.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. She’s a wack job. And the reason her face looks like crap is because she eats too much crap. So there.

    1. LOL

      Read my mind. Here I am rooting for two republicans who want to take away health care reform!

      CBS should post each HG political affiliation next to their name so we know how to vote…j/k

      Dan for the Win!
      Ian for Second
      Danielle for the ‘Thanks for Third’ Award!

  7. ugh i would be dissapointed by their political views, but i’m going to ignore it because they’re american. yay canadian health care! :)

  8. I’m sorry, listening to BBAD comments, Danielle is in need of some proper medical help.

    The mindless, self-absorbed rambling and dissembling is just about entertainment – but her voice………grating, She is delusional beyond anything I’ve seen in BB. Poor Ian is listening to it out of choice. Silly boy.

  9. Gee, I didn’t know Xanax turned you into a lying, self-righteous hypocrite. Too bad they didn’t give her enough to put her into a coma. Poor little, Danielle–boo hoo. Ian should just laugh in her pathetic, fat face. I’m sure Shane won’t give a crap that she was evicted. I doubt he’ll ever talk to her again. Jesus, she’s delusional.

  10. It is official….Danielle has gone from being batsh!t crazy to flat out butt-f*ck crazy. I have NO idea what all she is spewing to Ian right now but somehow it is now IAN’S fault that Shane was evicted because both Dan and Danielle had a Final 2 with Ian.
    And curious…how does Danielle know Dan and Ian have a Final 2 deal?
    I will say this..usually feeds are disgustingly boring when it gets down to the few remaining days but this has got to be the most volatile Final 3…ever!
    Go DAN!

  11. Them talking about politicians, Dan would of made a great one misting the entire U.S. had he not been on BB. A Fortune 500 company should snag him to head their sales division.
    Danielle’s gonna be a mess. 1 She loses the game, 2 Shane rejects her when people give him the low down, 3 Dan betrays her by throwing the final comp, 4 She learns what the vast public majority really thinks of her. Hope this is the wake up call she needs to get her head straight, get over her daddy issues and grow up.
    I think Ian will do well if he doesn’t get too full of himself. He appears to have a very close and supportive family that will keep him in line. Expect Grammy and Granpappi will smack his head a few times for his potty mouth.

  12. OMG I wish Danielle will SHUT UP! Geez, what a big baby. Daddy Dan f-ed you sweetheart and Shane only used you for his game. Go home and pop a zit, Pizza face.

    What have you done for the QP Danielle? You got Janelle out of the house……WHY? Oh yeah, cause she called you fat. Yeah, you are such a champion stalker, I mean player.

    Oh, wait, YOU GOT THE GUY you liked EVICTED……..yeah, you really helped the QP.

    “I’m not guilting, I don’t even believe in that.” Well then why the f are your lips still flapping Crater Face????? I didn’t realize being a “bitch” was a strategy. Gotta love the hypocrisy she is spilling on BBAD right now, trying to guilt Ian.

  13. Actually: if Ian takes Danielle, he has beat Dan.. by not taking him to final 2 he proves that he controlled the house on the last big move. Britany, Frank, Joe would be locks. Ashley and Jenn would be happy that a newbie did it. And Shane is ‘t going to vote for Ian. but I think he would win.
    The stupidest thing he could do is throw it to Dan so he doesn’t have to make the decision.

    1. I agree with you Pliney. Ian has a great position in getting Janelle, Boogie, Frank, and Dan out of the game if he throws Dan to the wolves. That’s 3 coaches and the best competition player. If he takes Dani, which I hope he does, then he’s got this in the bag. Too bad Dani is so wrappped in her emotions that she can’t explain the benefit of taking her to the final 2 instead of Dan. Stupid is and stupid does.

  14. Poor Ian…after all the whacky women he was stuck in the house with, he may just swear off them for awhile lol. Danielle is browbeating him but she’s not really making much sense as she does it…Cuckoo is as Cuckoo does!

  15. I am watching BBAD and I am gagging. The nerve of Danielle and the things she is saying to Ian. She is nothing, but a lying hypocrite talking to Ian in the way that she is doing. She is a sore loser and a spoiled brat. She admits to playing with Dan all along and her sense of entitlement is off the charts. Then she tells Ian that if she leaves by Ian’s hand, he will not have her vote. If she leaves by Dan’s vote, she will vote by game play. Ian is sitting there with his head hanging and feeling like crap. OMG, i want to smash her face in, she is a delusional hypocritical bitch!

    1. Now she knows how it is to know your are going to be evicted for sure…She acts like she is going to walk the plank in the ocean. She easily forgets it a game she signed up for. It’s to late Daniel to realize you have been played like a fiddle. Blame yourself since you allowed it…

      1. Ain’t that the truth!
        I know this is a game, but I am so angry with her. Ian did not deserve that and I wish he had the guts to tell her to STFU. She is a mental patient. Her humming during breaks in the conversation spooked me out. Cuckoo, cuckoo ………,

        1. @Sean~ OMG, it’s like u read my mind. I’m sitting here watching the taped feeds & can’t believe what she’s saying to Ian. She’s gonna be really messed up when she leaves the game & reads all of the comments. She’ll need more than Xanax to sleep!

  16. Ian deserves money now just for having to listen to this bitter bitch condescend and threaten him. She lets Dan get away with everything and makes Ian feel like crap for just playing his game. Dan could give less than a shit about this girl and she just can’t face it so she lashes out at everyone BUT Dan.

    She is the definition of a doormat. A delusional doormat at that and Dan rubbed the dirt in but good!

      1. She won’t let Dan have it…People like have always, defeated, bullied and teased people like Ian. It is unfathomable that someone on the lower end of the societal scope beat her. She lives in Alabama, Ian might as well be Black from back in the days of Governor George Wallace. She could have played it up, but she is using intimidation to be in the Final2. Entitlement, in life she is a Have and ian perceived as a Have Not. but look at the bright side, Alabama is #1 in the Country and just throttled Arkansas< Britney.

  17. Kara model, JoJo ok go-go dancer but how in the hell was Danielle ever a model is Alabama that hard up for hogs riding hogs (harley davidson)…….. Lay off Ian jeez you had a chance just like he did and have you forgot that he would have been sent packing if it were up to you a long time ago. You suck Danielle and you are a sore loser……….. Need to go down as one of the most hated players in BB history!!

    1. HAHAHA…Hogs riding hogs. I will be glad when I don’t have to watch her chew food anymore. Is it just me or does the way she eats gross anyone else out? And not by how much she eats, but by how she chews.

      1. I’m not sure you can fake meanness but whatever she is doing, its not helping her game. I think it helps Dan, and again Dan played her to the bitter end it seems. I sure hope Ian wins.

  18. Watching BBAD and I am sick of hearing Dani try to work Ian. I hope he doesn’t fall for her bull. I hope she leaves and is boo hooing the whole time. Can’t stand her at all. She needs to shut up and stop saying so. OMG go home little girl. I am pulling for Ian to win this game. Time for the underdog to take home the big bucks!

    1. Both Ian and Dan think that crazy lady would have the jury vote, because they think Ashely and Frank are voting as a block and would never vote for Dan or Ian versus Sybail. Dan needs to do a good job throwing the contest so he can get her vote.

      Ian v Dan 4-3 Ian wins
      Dani v Ian Dani win 4-3
      Dani v Dan Dani wins 5-2

  19. OMG, I cannot listen to one more minute of Dani’s whiney ass voice. My god, you’d think that she has had enough time to start getting over it. Disappointed, sure, but she’s an adult. Grow up and SHUT UP. Sorry, but she has jumped on my last nerve.

  20. Sorryl I should have read the comments first so I wouldn’t repeat everyone else. I knew I wasn’t the only one. Love y’all. Vote Dawg.

  21. Danielle is pathetic. There’s no reason to bully Ian that way. I think she should’ve been evicted the moment she threatened to snap his neck. That’s way worse than what Willie did with a head butt. Evict her and bring back another houseguest for the last three days.

  22. Ian stimming in the hammock like crazy then out of the blue ” I don’t respond to threats, period, end of story, Done!” Hell yeah, Go Ian!

        1. Ole Ian ain’t seeing anything but $500,000. . . . . . . . . . . . . . He may not even be hearing her. . . . . . . . LMBO!!! GO IAN!!! GIVE HER HELL!!!! ROFLMBO!!!

  23. Ian thought it odd that Danielle would base her jury vote on who evicts her. . . . . . . . . . OMGosh!!!! Is she serious?? Does she think he’s 2 years old or what??? Girlfriend is seriously overplaying this one. But then again, I’ll bet that’s Dan’s plan. Yeah, Dan’s messing with Ian’s head. Can you imagine what Ian’s mind is gonna be like by the final HOH competition????

    Jeff Dunham = Dan Geesling

    Peanut – Danielle

    :-p <3

  24. OMFG…..Bitch to Ian: “I’m not guilting you….I don’t believe in that”. It’s only been going on for about 30 minutes… far.


  25. It seems to me that Tulane is a better school than Alabama….Ian, Thursday accepted the fact he was leaving…no entitlement…no tantrums…no yelling…etc.

    However, Danielle…yelling and screaming and and use of intimidation to have Ian yield to her (sound familiar, it should circa, 1960, seems Alabama may have replaced blacks as their whipping boys with Geeks and Nerds).

    She uses the POV, Dan is off and Shane is up…She gets pissed with dan but nowhere as mad as she is right now at Ian…She controlled her destiny, she made her choices, she allowed Dan to run her. She went head-to-head with Ian and lost…I guess the “little F***” earned his way possibly into the finals. Lets not forget she, with Dan, had been ploting his demise since the last Double Eviction. Don’t hate the player hate game, and “coach”.

    Lets who “F” her the most, Mind

    Dan: The funeral, putting danielle, when she was becoming America’s favorate, on the spot and destroying her in front of the entire house.
    Ian: Creating the QP and making it to the final 4
    Dan: Having Dani use the POV, for what reason? No valid answer here other than the mist.
    Ian: Preparing to meet Julie, and graciously accepted his fate, and has said on the record a QP must win, including Dani
    Dan: Convincing her to use the POV to safe him, only to have Shane evicted.
    Ian: Could be a Dan too: Having been giving a lifeline, Ian was excited to have been saved, he owes Dan.
    Dan: Selling a pack of lies to her to fold her back into the mist.
    Ian: the Mist of Ian, wait, he doesn’t have one, Ian is playing with house money and will more than likely take Dan

    Danielle: Not only did she blow her HOH, POV, throwing the HOH 1st leg competion she throw a fit and once again shooting herself in the foot. If she had any common sense, she would have been able to convince Ian to take her. But she blew that, her prejudices got in the way. What a fool, naive and incredibly helpless stupid young lady. All the pain she is going thru is self-inflicted.

  26. O M G , I am watching BBAD, and Danielle is blaming Ian for everything that has gone wrong in the BB house, and with the whole Dan Ian F2. She has gone psycho, and I think she is going too far over the edge, I want Ian to stand up raise his voice and tell her……..Look B*^$( did you forget we are playing a game?? I am taking the person that I have a better chance of winning the money over strategically and I havent decided who that is yet. but if you think cramming your foot up my a$$ is helping me make that decision continue. GAWD what a nutjob! I feel so bad for Ian. being left in the house with lunatics. IAN FOR THE WIN!!!

    1. Danielle is the one who is mentally insane (or should I say inshane after Shane gets the restraining order) – Ian has a medical condition that he deals with very well – plus he isnt ignorant as your comment suggests you are. ZING

  27. Is anyone else watching After Dark? I didn’t think it was possible for Danielle to get anymore annoying and just damn mean but I was wrong. I can’t believe she said that ‘she has been playing since day one and to go out like this’…wake up Danielle!!! So has everyone else. Quit freakin complaining and shut the f*#k UP! Why is she so much more deserving than Ian or Dan? All she has done this entire game (aside from look at herself in the mirror) is talk trash about everyone and how everyone follows her around and is in love with her…ugh!!! Get her off the freakin show please BB!!! She has been talking trash about Ian from the get go so can’t believe she is trying to guilt him. I can’t handle her anymore…


  29. somebody shut this b**** up man I can’t take it anymore but I keep laughing at her empty threats Ian should just tell Danielle to F off then pour Ice tea on her head like evil dick did jen. Then say done deal bytch pop a squat outside in the lingo that Ian’s speaks

  30. This look she has patiently waiting for Dan to get out of DR is the exact same face Shane will see one day outside his doorstep in Vermont.

  31. O wait she’s been playing since day one? Really what I remember is she was the pawn the entire time, never had to worry about leaving once. Dumb Biatch!

  32. Danielle needs medical attention. She is arguing to Ian that if her cuts her, she will make sure Shane doesn’t vote for him. LETS SEE – IF HE DOESNT CUT YOU, SHANE WILL STILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM. What a fucking moron Danielle is. She has lost her mind. She is the biggest bully, I feel so bad for Ian. Dan may have made some dirty moves but her never once threatened or bullied anyone. How about you talk about how HARD You’ve had it one more time Danielle. Nobody gives a shit. I am so glad Ian is not falling for her dumb pathetic worthless antics. Just self evict Danielle.

  33. “you’ve had the easiest ride since double eviction.. I’ve had to struglle since day One”

    HAHA. What? Danielle has never been a target in this game, while Ian was essentially alone after Britney was evicted and he was the only one that stood by her in the vote. He won HOH, veto, and HOH in consecutive weeks to secure his own safety, and was only helped by Dan last week. Unbeknownst to Danielle, Dan has actually carried HER throughout this game. It’s not even like Ian had any sort of deal with her and no way in hell was Danielle going to bring Ian, so I don’t know why she’s acting like Ian owes her anything at all. You know, a regular person that might have wanted to make final 2 would have befriended Ian during this critical stage, but I guess she has decided to take the sore loser’s route.

    1. the hardest work Danielle has had all season was all the effort she put into trying to get a gay guy…Shane…to want to have a romance with her!!

  34. I think EVERY WORD Danielle is dishing out is for nothing more than Dan telling her to ride Ian. She is such a puppet and seems willing to do ANYTHING Dan tells her. Is it really possible for someone to have THAT much control over another person’s thoughts???? Dan seems to have COMPLETE CONTROL of Danielle’s mind.

  35. Danielle is saying the DR is giving her sleeping meds, I think they are letting her smoke crack in the DR. it’s so obvious that production is influencing Danielle to go bitch crazy on Ian. it’s very clear to me production wants to see Dan and Ian in F2. I also believe, even though Dan wanted Danielle to use the POV on him so he can take out Shane, was also a production influenced decision. Danielle is not smart enough to gather her thoughts together, and make positive game moves for herself. she must be going to the DR and asking them for advice and now they’re feeding her self evicting game instructions so she doesn’t have a shot in the F2. there must of be hours of DR footage of Danielle crying about Shane that production had enough of Danielle. production now must feel they have a better live show with Dan and Ian. the last thing they want in their hands is a fragile weak minded stalker gushing her eyes out for Shane during the live show.

  36. One last comment and I’m off to bed. I absolutely hate thinking of Ian having to put up with Danielle treating him this way for three more days. That’s absurd!!! They need to give Danielle the same thing they gave Rachel Reilly after Brendan was evicted the second time last year. She went from whiney, bitchy, constantly crying Rachel to a normal human being almost literally overnight!!! Maybe they should try it before SOMEONE in the BB14 House blows!!!!!! Poor Ian. . . . . . . . . . .

  37. “I don’t respond to threats. Period. End of story!” GEAUX IAN!!! So many bloggers have been dogging Danielle for weeks now, but I never thought she was that bad… However, I now see the light. This chick is a manipulative, self-absorbed, insecure, desperate, needy, immature BULLY. She will be embarrassed when she watches this footage at home. She is bullying Ian simply because Dan told her to mess with Ian’s mind. She will feel regret when it finally dawns on her that Dan has been her puppet master all the way to the #3 spot. The little dignity

  38. I wanted Ian and Danielle in the final two but Danielle has really been acting crazy to Ian I would rather Ian and Dan in the finals now

  39. Danielle is such an idiot! Apparently she is VERY envious of Ian. She just told Dan if Ian takes Dan that Dan will win 5-2. Danielle, WHY WOULD YOU TELL HIM THAT?! Now Dan is definitely going to throw the final to Ian.

  40. Danielle thought she was sitting pretty when she thought Dan,Ian and Shane were gonna take her now she realizes she is the biggest sucker in bb history….Why the hell would she take down Dan and put up Shane who the f is she trying to fool there was 4 in the house…I love when people get mad and fight on this show but Ian is a good kid and deserves to not be made to feel like crap..and by the way Danielle saying I got Shane means nothing he barely liked her and she sent him to jury kinda if I was Ian I’d say either way I don’t have Shane’s vote if I keep u or Dan so stop obsessing about the guy and go look in the mirror some more..she thought it was fun when she was gettin rid of people but the positive she can take out of this is don’t ever think a married man will pick u over his family (Dan)

    1. He’s probably voting for religious reasons or something stupid like that because he’s too shallow a person to know any better or even care about actual political issues.

  41. After everything Dan has done to Dani and she still trust him. She is in love with him. Dani is going to go crazy when she watches this season over and see’s how dan has played her…SMH

  42. Why do you people think Ian is going to win against Danielle? Here’s how the votes are going to go for Ian vs. Dan:
    Britney- NOT a swing vote, she’ll be bitter that Dan sent her to the jury house, and she genuinely likes Ian in addition to the fact that Ian has won a few competitions. Britney’s vote will go to Ian.
    Frank- Frank HATES Dan’s guts, and would gladly go along with who he thinks is the “sheep” (Ian) for the win over the person he knows orchestrated the whole thing. Frank will vote for Ian.
    Ashley- Ashley had some fun with Ian during her time in the house, and even though he pretty much evicted her, will listen to Frank and know that he was just a sheep and that Dan’s the real reason that Frank and Ash aren’t in the f2. Ashley will vote for Ian.
    Jenn- Jenn never liked Ian that much and bonded with Dan quite a bit, through Danielle. Jenn will vote for Dan.
    Joe- Joe is a tricky one to predict, and will probably be the only swing vote. However, given his like for Ian, I predict his vote will go to Ian.
    At this point we have a 4-1 vote in favor of Ian, giving him the 500k.
    Shane- HATES Dan for getting him out and will MOST DEFINITELY give Ian the 500k if it’s him vs. Dan…why would Shane vote for Dan? That honestly is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If Shane and Danielle are sitting together in the jury house, there’s a zero percent chance of Shane voting for Dan. 5-1 Ian.
    Danielle- She is too blinded by Dan’s mist. Her vote will go to Dan.
    The final vote will go 5-2, giving Ian the 500k.
    Now, let’s see if it was Ian vs. Danielle…
    Britney- Didn’t really click with Danielle as much as she did with Ian. Her vote will go to Ian.
    Frank- Frank has virtually nothing against Danielle, and will vote her over Ian because he bragged about getting him out of the house. His vote will go to Dani.
    Ashley- Will follow Frank, voting for Ashley.
    Jenn- Had an obvious crush on Dani, will vote for Danielle.
    Joe- I think Joe will vote Ian over Dani, they didn’t seem to interact all that often.
    Shane- Obvious vote, will vote for Dani.
    Dan- OBVIOUS VOTE, he will vote for his player over the guy who evicted him. So it’ll be 5-2 in favor of Danielle winning. Dan has no real chance of winning Big brother, but he’ll get the 50k guaranteed. So it’ll either be Danielle or Ian winning the 500k…and I hope Ian takes it all. Danielle is a disgusting human being and I cannot stand her. Analysis End.

    1. Finally someone who has the same vote predictions as I do! Ian should not cut Dan for Danielle – he would be giving away the $500,000 to the only undeserving player left.

  43. Seriously, BB needs to shut her down or take her out of the game. She is not making sense and being abusive. Wonder if it is as nuts in the jury house. The re-cap tonight designed to put a nice spin on current events. Wanted to see comp results and insight on the drama. Not everyone is interested in spoilers. Some just get info from TV show.

  44. Dear Big Brother doctor,
    Please withold Danielle’s adderrall, xanax, and ambien and just blow dart her with a horse tranquilizer instead.

  45. Dani says ” I haven’t lied” yet she didn’t tell him she was absolutely determined to have Dan and/or Shane vote Ian out. I have to turn it off.. She is making me sick with her wild ranting.

  46. Danielle is so flirty with Dan it’s disgusting. If I was his wife I’d be pissed but then I’d remember she’s an insecure crazy bitch.

  47. Even though everyone in the house is obnoxious or a jerk at one time or another, I feel really bad for Ian right now. Danielle is being so verbally abusive to Ian.

  48. hey simon and dawg, do u find it funny that after everything dan has did to danielle, he is still playing her like a fiddle, he is now making her get ian mad, which will only make his f2 deal with ian more secure, this broad is so dumb, dan, shane, and britney carried her this far , on her own she would have never made it

  49. Holy batshit, Danielle just told Dan she loves him like she loves her family, and saying things about her “feelings” about him and toward him, and asking him to be “sweet” to her. Dan’s got a shifty eyed look and his hair is standing up in 2 places like little devil horns. It’s priceless. His wife, Chelsea has gotta hate this cow.

  50. Wrong – your Ian vs Dani Final 2 scenario means that Ian evicted Dan – Frank would obviously vote for Ian for being a giant killer and getting out his arch-enemy and as a fan of the game would vote for Ian as the best player – and as you said Ashley’s vote will be the same as Frank’s so Ian wins 4-3 with votes from Britney, Joe, Frank and Ashley.

    I agree that Jenn and Shane vote for Danielle but I think Dan could also vote for Ian if Ian evicts him since he preaches players shouldnt vote emotionally but for the best player and by definition according to Dan’s ego only the best player could have gotten him out. If he voted emotionally for Danielle he would look like a hypocrite and a poor loser – but again Ian wouldnt need his vote to beat Danielle.

  51. Here’s the BEST. Danielle to Ian: I’m so angry because I thought you were an ethical player. Then: ( OK, I want you all NOT to laugh at this one.

    Daniel to Ian: I don’t get upset when someone’s honest with me. I can take, and I’m fine with it.

    Helllooooooooooo. Dani’s STILL whinging over Boogers calling her bottom fat.

    Oh, back to ethical player. And honesty. No, I can’t even go there. My typing just shuts down.

    But, hey, in Dani’s world…Ian is evil because he won’t do what she wants. Dan she’s OK with, because she KNOWS what he’s like. She expects it.

    Here’s the really creazzzy part. Dani’s talking to Ian as though she and him had a F2 deal. Small problem. It’s news to Ian. He had NO idea.

    But, we’re near the end of BBAD. Once again, Danielle is laughing with Dan, looking for approval…and something more?

    It’s really sick. But riveting in it’s way. Like not wanting to see an accident on the freeway, but………well, ya know.

  52. I’m going to throw-up listening to Dan and Dani yapping on BBAD… Dan is very strange, and Dani has gone from a southern belle to a raging bitch. Both need to get over themselves. At this point it’s nothing more than a waste of air time!

    Ian deserves to win the $500,000!!!

  53. Dan’s conversation with Dani is the equivalent of a child pulling the wings off a fly – shows his sadistic side.

  54. Simon, I would have to agree, listening to Ian mumbling to himself and rocking back and forth on the hammock is easier to listen to then Danielle

  55. hello….Dan is the one who told her to go crazy on Ian……he is using her to make Ian go nuts for his personal pleasure and its pretty gross!! i have been tam Dan fot he past couple weeks..until i just watched BBAD from last night…and my thoughts have changed. he is evil and not for fun evil rather abusive evil.
    I am not defending Danielle because she makes me nuts listening to her BUT..clearly coming to the end of this 3 month experieice and all the drama and mind f*cking has broke her, she is unstable and Dan just keeps feeding her on what she should do> which is attack Ian…… its just awful what he is doing to BOTH of them….that SOB better win and take Danielle…..and not because i want her win but because gosh dang its the right thing to do……

  56. Ian is a smart kid he’s not going to throw the final HOH now! He has to catch on that these two have been hanging out for hrs. in the bedroom. And that Dan may take Danielle. Dan’s off his game tonight!

  57. Watching Danielle’s season-long implosion has been like reading a Fitzgerald novel, only better because I actually want her to implode. God, I hope Dan wins HoH and cuts her himself. The look on her face would completely make up for this lame season.

  58. It looked like for a minute that dani was gonna break through the mist and all dan had too say was i forgot too tell you about the ian deal and she forgave him what a weak minded girl

  59. R u guys that serious , talking about dani, she is acting just like Dan , u all r saying she is lying!!!!! Really ,Dan is the biggest liar here, yet you all want to jump on the Dan wagon and forget the only reason Dan is here is because of his lies , Ian is a mist away , and dani is a , I don’t have words for her!!!!!! Simon and Dawg, I haven’t seen any of my posts, what’s up?????

  60. OMG!!! I HATE DANIELLE!!!! I’m still watching the last of my canned BBAD from tonight and I’m about ready to cut my ears off! With all the bullying issues making the news and bullying of any kind having become unacceptable – how is it possible for this b**ch to sit there with her psycho killer eyes and verbally threaten violence to her fellow housemates in addition to her other verbal bullying without getting kicked out?? I think it would set a great example for her to get expelled for her extreme bullying! Violence is not just physical and she needs to get kicked out!!!! Willie is a saint compared to this lunatic!

  61. Even if Ian had decided to take that dumb ass bitch to the end after today and tonight, he will not, if I was in that house with that crazy bat shit woman, I’d leave, My goodness she is missing one of her oars from her boat that girl, I just want Ian to please say to daniel “SHUT THE FUCK UP” then slap the bat shit out of her, I would pay him 500.000 dollars to do that for us all. he deserves that money for having to listen to that crazy as a loon person! Hope she watches herself later and realizes what a Big Ass Bully she is. Shame on Big Brother you need to take her in the back and tape her mouth up!! this is a case of someone that needs a lot of meds. and now I do!!

  62. I agree that Danielle is acting crazy but I think she’s making it extra dramatic towards Ian because of her and Dan’s plan to annoy Ian to the point where he will either be really frazzled for the last HOH or he will throw it to Dan. Their plan seems to be working Ian seems to be freaking out in the hammock for like 3 hours and yes I know he has a disorder but I think Danielle and Dan are pushing him to craziness. But the piece shes missing here is Dan because I think she is counting on Dan to take her to the end if he wins problem is I think Dan plans on throwing it so him and Ian will be at the end. Athough at times it seems like he may be playing Ian so I have no idea what he will do. What does everyone else think do you think he is gonna throw it and or take Danielle or not?

    1. I feel like he is going to throw it and let Ian take him. He’s real good at getting what he wants without having to do the dirty work. I also think Danielle is really starting to bug the shit out of him. She’s clingy and was medicated and talking crazy to him in the kicks room earlier. BB should reinstate have nots and lock that bitch in the crazy spiral room all by herself until wednesday night!

  63. I don’t think Danielle is mad at Ian, I think she’s mad because her Botox is wearing off and she now has movement in her five fingered forehead.

  64. I didn’t think it was possible to hate Danielle anymore but that girl….man…I really hope the whole audience booooooo’s the heck out of her. That girl is just being nasty to Ian and the guy that has screwed her this whole game….she’s sitting in the bedroom just all smily with him. I feel really bad for her parents and for CBS – that therapy bill is going to be HUGE!

  65. Simon/Dawg did Ian really tell Danielle that he has had a final 2 deal with Dan since day 55 or was she lying to Dan about that? Wondering why Dan didn’t ask Ian if he told her about their 2 deal.

  66. someone please muzzle ths chick!!! CBS should not allow this bullying to continue. She is a horrible person and sore loser. No one in their right mind would want to date this chick after seing what a pscho she is. She will spend the rest of her life eating Cheeze-its, picking her zits, and feeding her house full of cats!!

  67. Curiosity question. Does anyone know why Jerry voted to give the money to Dan in season 10? He was the one person I never thought would vote for him unless he somehow found out that Dan was America’s player and had to vote Jessie out. I got the impression that the people in the jury house only see each other for about an hour per day to film their discussions regarding the game with the latest victim to come into the jury house. The rest of their time was spent with handlers similar to when they were at the hotel. I doubt Jerry knew about AP until he actually watched the season. I don’t remember Dan telling any of the HGs he was AP. Anyway, if Jesus, um, I mean Jerry can throw his vote to Dan why wouldn’t everyone this year as well, especially considering Dan’s done twice the work this year as he did on 10?

  68. Does Danielle realize that she is still on tv? The only things they can show regarding her on the next show is either her crying or her yelling at Ian (or stuffing her face while claiming Ian is so mean to her that she’s turning anorexic again). If we get lucky, on finale night they will make a big joke of Danielle by playing clips of her glancing at her reflection every 12 seconds or her 2 hour face making in the mirror while putting on makeup routine Then ask her wtf is up with all that nonsense? Or Julie Chen’s question for Danielle, ‘Does this dress make my butt look wide’? Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Oh crap Danielle just backed out of the room and died of embarrassment.

  69. Dan wants Danielle to irritate Ian, this is the way he is insuring that Ian takes him instead of Danielle.
    Dan wants to be confident that Ian will take him to F2 before he throws the final competition.
    He is being an ass to Danielle hoping to piss Danielle off so she won’t want to be around him, thus showing Ian his loyalty to the Renegades.
    I have been irritated by Danielle all season, but I do kind of feel sorry for her, she felt safe with Dan, he made her feel like she was the teachers pet, took her under his wing, they were going to be the final 2, coach and his player, very loving and kind to her (to her face), only to find out that Dan has been using her, lying to her, scheming behind her back, and never cared for her, and still doesn’t care fore her…he was only looking out for himself and how he could get to the F2…I can understand why she is so upset…I can understand why she would believe that Dan would do this to anyone else but not her…I hope whatever he wins was worth all of this, because KARMA is going to be a bigger bitch than Danielle ever thought about being…
    When she gets out, I will be surprised if she doesn’t kill herself after reading all of the negative thoughts on her and her stalky whiny forced southern belle zit picking fat ass self…that is really sad and all of you should be a shamed for not liking her….

  70. I used to wonder why Danielle’s parents have been so controlling and so protective of her (according to her). She needs adult supervision. It’s too easy to say she has a screw loose. There is something vere unstable with her, emotionally, and unless she goes to see a psychologist, these things will happen over and over. They better pray, too, that whatever guy she ends up with won’t use it to his advantage. There are a lot of a–holes around. Must be hard for them to watch.

  71. I hope Ian winds the final HOH and takes Dan even if he loses $50,000 is nice for 21 year old (being 21 I would def be happy even if I lost BB)!

    I hate/love how good Dan is at talking

    If Dan wins and takes Danielle, Ian better win America’s Favorite!

  72. I haven’t posted since the discussion, way back when, starting focusing on Dan and religion — for obvious reasons — and as I am an atheist and didn’t feel this was the forum for a theist debate, especially among so many believers — well, how boring and pedantic.

    But watcing BBAD tonight, Dan citing his holy book to Danille, telling her she needs to see the “psych”, without any irony, is very glaring. I feel, in the context of “the game” that all is fair and it’s a free-for-all, but if one holds some truths to be sacred above all others, i.e., the absolute conviction of one’s god, one should not betray such for anything, even money. I think therein lies the disconnect for believers — Dan’s abandonment of his “absolute” morals just to win a game, for money.

    This BBAD epsiode, with Dan’s blatant manipulation of Danielle, despite her gullibility and meltdown, puts Dan’s character on blast. He has none. He used, as have thousands in the past, his beliefs to do a long con. Yes, Danille is annoying, an obvious liar, and an emotional wreck. But. Dan without conscience, used all her securities against her, then backed them up with his false piety. I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She is young, dumb and insecure, and he knew where to poke her where the sore was the freshest.

    With all that said, I hope Ian wins. Yes, Dan outplayed them all, but at what cost to a god he claims to revere? Danielle was an Esau to Dan’s Jacob.

      1. I’m not defending Dan, I think he’s a hypocrite.

        But Godless Monkey, he takes “hypocrite to a whole different level!

        What moral compass does he have to judge Dan???

        What makes him an authority on Catholicism??? He’s dead ass wrong on many points!

        Atheist are the most religious people on this planet. Mid Victorian, ignorant kind of religious!

        If I were to judge the ape on his god, he would walk away with his darwinian tail tucked between his/her legs!!!!!!!

    1. EXACTLY what I was thinking. I’m not a religious person myself, but I have read and understand what the bible and is all about.

      People on here will defend Dan saying that it’s just a game, but these are the situations that the bible refers to when it talks about sacrificing your own morals and beliefs in the face of temptation for material gain. If Dan was truly the religious person he claims to be, he would (and should) have taken this opportunity to take the high road, and prove to all that it IS possible to stand firm in one’s beliefs and still win this game, without giving in to temptation and greed.

      But no, he wavered in the face of temptation, and sacrificed his morals in pursuit of GREED, pure and simple. It’s not like his family is hurting for money, he’s already won $500,000 once, plus whatever income he makes, plus whatever royalties he makes from his four books.

      No, he has strayed from his faith, and sacrificed his beliefs in the name of pride and greed. Both CARDINAL SINS in the Holy book he claims to hold so dear.

      At this point, I am 100% Team Ian. I understand that it is just a game, but the way that Dan and Danielle (under Dan’s guidance) have been treating him lately has been disgusting and completely unnecessary, in my opinion. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, even for 500 grand, even if it is only a game.

    2. Even without the religion aspect, Dan is one mean and hateful SOB, and he didn’t get that way from walking through the BB front door. And don’t give me “it’s a game” BS. Nobody but nobody can “ACT” the way he does. What you are seeing in the BB house is the real Dan in everyday life. The only difference BB makes is the 1/2 mil on the line and a license to let it all hang out.

      If Dan is so smart that he can “mist” everyone, he is also smart enough to know that screwing with the head of a woman that is already FUBAR is over the line under any circumstances. He is one sorry example of the human race.

      God help his wife if she ever crosses him.

  73. holy cow i hate dani so freaking much i hope the rest of north america does to if i have to hear her anoyying voice on another season i will kill myself

  74. I think Dan is totally off on his votes. I don’t think he can beat Ian in the final 2. Not 1 person in the jury mentions Danielle. They said Dan and Ian are playing the best. Brittny would vote for Dan over Danielle but she will vote for Ian over Dan. I also think Dan would look better if he won the last comp and took Danielle. Then he doesn’t look so selfish. He could use the argument that his goal was to get him and his player to the end. I think people in the jury would look at him a lot differently and have a little respect for him knowing he wasn’t just doing it for himself

  75. Lets seah, Danielle is a crazy biotch!

    She’s also a loser. Let’s seah what she lost:

    She’s lost da Big Bro game, she won’t get 50k or 500k!

    She’s lost Dan as a friend (or will for sure when she sees BB reruns)

    She’s lost Shane (or will for sure when he watches BB reruns and sees what a crazy biotch she really is)

    She’s lost her job, she quit before BB, & she probably thought she could get it back,
    but they for sure won’t hire her after seeing her behavior on BB.

    She’s lost Jenn as a possible curio-bi partner, or for sure when ? watches BB reruns

    She’s lost the support of her family, they’ll pretend not to know her when in public

    She’s lost her friends, they’ve already “unfriended her on FB.

    She’s lost whatever (if any) bit of sanity she had, she’s crazy, cuckoo, bonkers

    She lost what little (if any) dignity she had

    She’s lost out on any future prospects for modeling, no one in their right mind will hire her

    She lost her “thunder thighs”, they are now hippopotamus thighs with and extra side of sow

    She lost her ability to pleasure herself, she now can’t reach her flytrap over her blubber

    She lost her invite to any BB parties, no one will want to put up with her whiny (me, me, me) attitude

    She lost her ability to legally stalk Trey Gorman, (he’s already got a restraining order on her)

    She lost what little fans she had left with her tormenting Ian

    She lost her ability to pass freely through redneck country, honey chile, you’d better not pass
    through here and rednecognize that quick!

    She lost out on any chance to appear in any future BBs (they won’t wanna support her medication habit)

    She lost chunks of flesh off her face, she’s got at least 2 craters to show for it!

    She’s lost Shane’s sweatpants, (Ian and Dan have already burnt them)

    She’s lost her mom and dad, (they’ve disowned her)

    She’s lost her meemaw, she disowned her also

    She lost her hometown, because she’ll be too ashamed to return there

    She lost any hope of talking to Hayden, he’ll completely ignore her

    She’s lost out on her wardrobe at home, (not only couldn’t she fit into it anymore, but her
    family left it curbside and it’s already been picke up by the garbageman.

    She lost her nursing license in the state of Alabama, after they realize she’s addicted
    to prescription meds and does “blow” they’ll revoke her nursing license!

    She’s also going to lose her cookies, the anorex biotch will be sticking her fingers
    down her throat everytime she eats a potato chip

    Honey Chile!!!

  76. Dan played that perfectly. Wound Dani up and let her go at Ian knowing full well all she was going to do was piss him off to the point where he’s absolutely going to cut Dani. I’m just amazed that her need for approval is so powerful she can’t see how counter-productive to her own game Dan’s directions are. She’s in for a serious rude awakening once the show is over.

  77. Why dosen’t Danielle gather up some food and blankets and park herself on the hammock. She can hold the hammock hostage.

  78. I’ve come to a decision that I don’t want Dan to win. His manipulation of the house has been first rate, no argument there. But when it comes to final 2 the name of the game is making people want to vote for you. To me he’s fallen short.

    Frank – I don’t see voting for Dan under any circumstances, he’s too raw about his fall. He might be upset at Ian for the Boogie thing, but I think he thinks of Ian as a little brother who sometimes pisses him off. Frank would vote Dani or Ian over Dan

    Ashley – Ashley will vote the same direction Frank would, plus I still think she likes Ian and isn’t the type to hold grudges

    Britney – will vote Dan if he’s sitting beside Dani. With Ian it’s a toss up, she appreciates Dan’s gameplay. but Ian was her closest Ally and has come a long way since she got evicted surviving all of Dan’s attempts to get him out and following through on his promise to send Frank to jury. 50/50

    Joe – will vote personal, he had issues with Ianinitially but they were pretty tight near the end and I think Joe would vote Ian or Dani over Dan.

    Shane – no doubt Dan is not getting Shane’s vote regardless of who’s sitting beside him

    Jenn – I’d say she’d vote Dan over Ian but probably Dani over Dan

    Ian (if evicted) – would vote Dan, he’s got so much respect for the game and Dan’s ensured Dani’s poisoned that particular jury vote in the chance he got to final 2 with Dani


    Dani(if evicted) – would vote Dan because she’s still enthralled by him.

    so it breaks down to

    Dan – 2-3 votes (Dani, Jenn and maybe Britney)
    Ian – 4-5 (Frank, Ashley, Joe, Shane and maybe Britney)

    Dan – 3 (Ian, Jenn, Britney)
    Dani – 4 (Frank, Ashley, Joe, Shane)

  79. I hope no one takes Dani to the final 2. She is bitching that Dan is a backstapper and Ian is a coward and had it easy. Well she knew Dan was a backstapper and yet she kept running back to him saying “keep me safe.” And as far as Ian, he played a great game IMO. I think not making a big move until he did was strategy more than not wanting getting blood on his hands. As far as i’m concerned Dani is just upset that he Stalkmance is gone and she is mad because it ruins her game.

  80. Case Scenario
    Ian win HoH & takes Dan or Danielle.
    Jenn-Dan or Danielle
    Shane-Ian or Danielle
    Dan or Danielle-Ian or Dan (Evicted Danielle) or Danielle (Dan evicted)
    Ian wins 6-1 or 4-3 or 5-2
    Dan wins HoH (5th HoH win) takes Ian or Danielle
    Joe-Ian or Dan or Danielle
    Jenn-Dan or Danielle
    Shane-Dan or Danielle
    Ian or Danielle-Dan (Ian evicted) or Ian (Danielle evicted)
    Ian wins 5-2 or Dan wins 4-3 or Ian wins 4-3

  81. Danielle delusional right to the end. Now she is pissed at Ian because Ian made a deal with Dan? She is going on like Ian is the one that betrayed her. Wait a minute. Ian never had a final 2 with Danielle. He had one with Brit, and then with Dan. How did Ian betray her? By making a deal with Dan when Dan already had a final 2 deal with Danielle? Dan had a final 2 with just about everyone in the house. What was Ian supposed to do? Not make a deal with Dan for his game to suit Danielle? I am missing the part where Ian is picking on her and betraying her trust. Shouldn’t her anger be all for Dan, since Ian owes her nothing, he never promised her anything and he is playing the game to win? I guess it’s the Dan mist doing it’s magic again. I really do hope that Ian wins the last part of the competition and Dani leaves. She needs to stop picking at her zits if she wants Shane to notice her at the finale since Kara will be there too.

  82. Ok guys I have read the post and we all agree mostly, that we do not approve of the bullying done in the name of GAME. So, what are we going to do about it? For my part I am contacting CBS. I am sick of the threats. Bullying is NOT acceptable in any form, because Ian is not aware of the game playing between DAN and her. Dan would encourage someone to bully For the MONEY, CBS for the ratings. I can’t take it anymore so I’m forwarding my complaint. I really hope others will. I just can’t watch, read, and do or say nothing. Dani and Dan or sick, and even some of the posted comments or turning morbid.

  83. Dan has played an amazing game, but don’t forget the things Ian did. He flipped on his “team” because they underestimated him and belittled him. He had to go somewhere or end up being sacrificed to get Frank and Boogie farther in the game. Those two thought so little of Ian that they were blindsided when he helped get Boogie out and even then, Frank blamed Dan for getting in Ian’s head, when Ian is the one that initiated the Quack Pack. As if Ian needed more reasons to want Frank out, Frank should have given him due credit, instead he treated him like an annoying little brother that made a mistake out of peer pressure. Ian had a hand in getting Boogie, Frank, Ashley, Jenn and Joe out. He won 2 HOH competitions and some POV’s. He made a deal with the QP and stayed loyal. Even when Brit was on the block, he stayed loyal to her, even though he knew she was leaving. He has shown that when he makes a deal, his word is golden. He could have gotten Shane, Dan or Danielle out instead of Jenn but he didn’t. He kept his word, when Dan was ready to throw Shane out before Jenn. Ian has played a very solid game, and I think most of the jury will see that. Dan only won competitions towards the end, he threw most of them and he has pissed off everyone in the jury. Unless Dan is able to turn things around with his speech, I don’t think he will win, but his only chance is with Ian. He has no chance with Danielle, because everyone already hates the way he has used her and lied to her. If he is with Danielle and tries to win them over he will look like an arrogant bully when he tells them that he manipulated her from beginning to end. Nobody hates Danielle because she never did anything unless Dan told her to, so Dan is the bad guy and Danielle is the innocent. With Ian it’s different. Most of the jury hate them both. It will come down to who they hate the least and who played the best game. There is also the element of Dan being a coach and having already won the game. I think Joe, Ashley and Shane will probably vote Ian based on this factor. Brit will vote for the best game play and so will Jenn. Frank is a toss up. Does he vote for one of the greatest players ever who fooled him not once, not twice, but three times in the game, or the nerdy kid that outplayed him? As for Danielle, I do think she will vote for the one that didn’t evict her. That’s just the kind of self centred thing she would do.

    1. I’m cool with Ian coming in second and winning the 50,000 but I still got to give grand prize to Dan. A lot Ian’s power move were based on his emotions where as Dan’s moves were strategic steps to win the game. For example if you noticed Ian worked for the quack pack to get the Quack Pack to the final four, where as Dan used the Quack Pack as another tool to get him where he needed to be. I’m keeping my finger’s crossed and hoping that’s Dan and Ian final two, Dan wins and Danielle goes home empty handed.

      1. Part of the game is making strategic moves and getting people out of the house without losing jury votes. I think Dan’s only done the first half.

        1. Past seasons the jury has put their feeling aside and awarded the best player…even if that person was ruthless, however this season the Jury seems to be taking it very personal. It will be interesting to see who wins.

      2. Agree, however, If Dan wins the final HOH I hope he brings Ian with him – I think his plan has been to bring Dani – so I guess I’m crossing my fingers that he throws or Ian wins the final HOH

        1. you make a good point. God I hope Danielle isn’t in the final two, she’s nuts. I wish that production would show more footage of how crazy she is on the primetime CBS shows. Let the world see the craziness.

          1. Agree – instead we have ‘friendly Frank’ & “devil Dan” – but I think production had a hand in the 2nd HOH comp making her weigh herself prior to competing!

    2. One could argue that Ian’s played the cleanest game, while still making strategic moves to get to the end, than anyone left in the house. The only person who he possibly backstabbed was Boogie, but honestly he was treated as a tag-a-long for Frank’s victory run and was never considered a full part of that alliance (the pirate ship moment made that obvious). He was loyal to the QP, loyal to Brit, and has been loyal to Dan. While at the same time being instrumental in getting out several big names. Dan’s done a slick job, but he’s left a wake of bitterness in the way he’s gone about it. I think Ian deserves the W here.

    3. Chloe, I agree with everything you said until the end, when you predict the votes. On Danielle, you’re exactly right. Maybe folks will NOW understand why Dan has decided to throw Wednesday’s Part 3 HOH. Dan’s thought it through. This way, IAN “evicts” Danielle, by bringing Dan to the final. Dan needs Danielle’s vote. This way, Dan gets it, because Ian “officially”evicted her. To me, there were 3 VERY close BB14 alliances: Frank/Boogie, Dan/Danielle, and Britney/Ian. Chloe, you said Britney will vote on best GAMEPLAY? There isn’t a SHRED of Britney BB evidence to support your opinion. Britney and Lane were super tight in BB12. Lane was the ultimate floater. Who did Britney vote for to win that one? Lane. Why? For his gameplay? Heck no. Because the two were close friends. Britney’s BB14 vote is ROCK solid for Ian. She’ll vote the exact same way she did in BB12 – for her friend. An “X” factor is that I believe Britney IS also currently “working the jury house” for other pro-Ian votes. For much of the game, of all the HGs, Ian disliked Joe most, and vice versa. But in the last couple of weeks, that totally turned around, and the two became solid friends. Then, Dan became Joe’s new “least favorite”. Joe is a lock to vote for Ian. Shane is also a LOCK to vote for Ian, due to Dan’s blindside eviction of Shane last week. Frank’s two biggest enemies are in the final. Who’s the lesser of two evils? To me, Frank’s deepest BB14 hurt was losing Boogie. And Ian was responsible for that. Frank’s later decision, to “roll with Dan”, was mainly done out of desperation. Frank had no “numbers” in the house. it was a high-risk gamble, and Frank knew it. And yeah, the “Dan thing” didn’t end up working out for Frank. But, looking back, I don’t think Frank is NEARLY as upset with Dan, as he is with Ian. To Frank, Ian ruined his BB role as “The New Dr. Will”. Therefore, I say that Frank holds his nose, and votes for Dan. Next is Jenn. Dan was by FAR the most chatty with Jenn. He was the ONLY HG who engaged her in HOURS of conversation. Jenn has very few interests, and they are all she ever thinks/talks about. None of the other HGs shared Jenn’s interests. Neither did Dan, but he still asked her many questions about her band, etc., and Dan listened to her answers. Jenn is the type of girl who forgets the good, remembers the bad, and likes being angry most. Dan SINCERELY wanted to bring Jenn to the final two. But Jenn never picked up on Dan’s sincerity. That could hurt Dan. But Jenn told Julie she doesn’t regret saving Dan with her veto. Jenn & Danielle’s friendship also helps Dan here. Most opinions have Jenn voting for Ian. But based on what I’ve seen this season, I believe that Jenn is a SOLID Dan vote. Frank sure as heck isn’t gonna try to convince Jenn in the jury house to vote for Ian. So far, the Ian/Dan vote is 3-3. Ashley is the only one left. The “BB14 swing vote”. Again. Coming into the speech, I say Ashley is a solid “Ian lean,” given “the date”, etc. She has a “soft spot” for Ian. Last night, Dan said to Danielle that if he DOES make it, he’ll “blow Ian away” in the jury speech. I believe him. Personally, I hope Dan can’t, but I DO think that Dan is correct, and that Dan WILL be able to successfully mist Ashley, change her mind, and vote for Dan instead. 4-3 Dan. Dan’s mist may just be SO strong that he may even convert one of Ian’s other votes to his side. There’s been ALL this BB14 “Dan Mist” talk. Wednesday, we’ll all see if it’s as powerful as advertised, or if much of the fuss is simply “urban legend.”

  84. Okay Simon/Dawg. . . . . . so when do YOU sleep?????? I have to ask because you’re posting both when I’m awake and when I’m asleep. . . . . . . . so, DO YOU EVER SLEEP?????? Love ya and love coming here when I wake up and seeing what’s going on!! <3 <3 <3 (Oh, and I think Dan's plan for Danielle to alienate Ian into NOT taking her to Final 2 is playing out perfectly!!! This is just getting creepier and creepier!! Dan is starting to remind me of Charles Manson.)

  85. bunch of right wing lunatic backward thinking rednecks left in the house. send them all home and retool for next yr. this season is an abortion at best

  86. dan and ian prolly believe in the female bodying shutting down during rape preventing pregnancy so there would never be aneed for abortion after rape. lol. clueless closed minded right wing hacks. its 2012 kids not 1950

    1. Please, that’s a fallacious agrument. All they are saying is that some people go to great lengths to take care of their health more so than others. Sure anyone can get sick with cancer, genetic disorders and other medical issues but the people who take care of themselves are less likely to get sick. People who don’t take care of themselves are at a higher risk of not only those illness but others as well.

      Now the money from health care has to come from somewhere, Doctors and hospitals still have to be paid. Sure the government can print more money but that devalues the worth of the dollar. So the end result is people who try to live healty lifestyles end up paying for other people’s medical bills. It’s a valid point even for 2012.

  87. You know the #1 thing I’d like to see after this season is done, but know it’ll never be filmed. Is Danielle’s reaction to watching the episode after Shane got evicted to realize he told Shane that she had been playing him (Shane) the whole time. That’ll be about 4 twists of the knife right there.

  88. im cool with ian winning 50 to… but i dont want Dani to…I hate her.. she doesnt even say she needs money..

  89. ian and dan final 2…Dani came on this show to showmance…heck she tried out for a dating game…tht was her deal…she doesnt want or ever say sh needs money…she wants a man.. so please kick her out Dan and take Ian..

  90. Britt and joe and ashley look like they are the only ones that will judge on strategic and comps.. but the rest look like they r going to judge on personal level…that being the case Dan will lose the game… i hope Britt uses her coaching abilities and convinces the house to vote correctly so Dan can win..

  91. Yes, this season of BB has been quiet revealing and interesting.
    Never in BB History can I remember anyone so naive as Dani. She has done everything that Dan has told her to do, without realizing it was for Dan’s benefit, not theirs, just Dan’s, even up to the point of ragging on Ian. She doesn’t realize that in doing that she is making sure Ian sends her out the door, it shows just how stupid this girl really is. Her trust in Dan throughout this season has been amazing, and he used her emotions to get him further in the game. I liked Dan at the beginning, but boy have I ever changed my mind. Oh, he will win the $500,000, he will write another book probably on people’s stupidity which will net him another $500,000 if not more. He will live a happy life here on earth but he may not have it so easy come judgment day. Yes this was a TV game show, but you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to win it, although Dan does not see it that way, he said it was not real life, it is a game, reality is that he is as delusional as Dani.
    Dani was right when she said she will need to see a shrink after the show. Should she read the negativity that people have tweeted, chatted, and face booked about her, and realize how she was duped by Dan, how she told so many tales that were not true, what her parents are going to say to her, what her so called friends will no longer be there for her, and so called boyfriends have to say about her….wow…yes she will walk into that doctors office. I feel so sorry for that girl because she has so many issues that need to be addressed.
    It is sad that Ian’s life has revolved around BB shows. He also has a lot of growing up to do, he needs to get out in the world and make friends, continue the education, travel and enjoy life, also take meds. Until he shucks that teddy bear and snake I don’t see him ever getting married anytime soon. I hope he buys himself a hammock with his winnings.

  92. looks like we have a bunch of wacked out right wing lunatics left in the house. bounce them all julie and send them to a sarah palin rally somewhere

      1. please, i’m intelligent and open minded enough to make over 500k a yr. i could buy and sell your republican bible thumpin gun lovin closed minded 1920s ass. wake up son, youre attached to a failed concept…enjoy the romney defeat all day for 4 yrs son….

      2. lol, you must be yet another uneducated redneck stuck in the 1920s. pathetic Yo
        Obama all day everyday, enjoy
        thank you and your welcome

      1. You think there’s going to be a President Romney??? I didnt know Republicans got high – except for your Buddha Rush Limbaugh of course.

        1. president romney?? LOL LOL
          guess these wackjob rightwing lunatics havent seen the polls lately…Romney has officially imploded Yo
          get these 3 backward thinkin 1950s mindset bible thumpin gun lovin repub rednecks out of the house
          yeah, the female body shuts down during rape so they dont get pregnant, lol….bunch of fools Yo

  93. so is dan going to try and win the hoh? and if he wins does he bring danielle? i dont think he can beat Ian. Ian has played a good enough game tog et the votes. Dan can beat danielle, she has done nothing but whine and pick her zits all summer, no one would vote for her to win. Dan is lost if he thinks he can beat ian, no way, too many people hate dan

  94. why do people say Ian initated the quack pack? he didn’t. when the decision was made to evict Janel, Shane, Danielle, Dan and Brittany discussed bringing in another player so called Ian up to the HOH room and pitched him the idea. I remember Brittany consoling him about the way Boogie and Frank were treating him. Boogie was so upset with Ian for keeping the doggy suit and didn’t want to play with him. They discussed names and it was Ian’s idea of the QP and they all agreed but he didn’t form the alliance.

  95. He may not have form the alliance but he was the main driver. Otherwise they would have fell apart sooner. He won comps. At the right time and the QP played by his rules while H of H

      1. Love your country. Haven’t made it to Vancouver yet, but Toronto and Montreal are two of the coolest cities on the planet. Thanks a million for the website.

  96. I love when Danielle started to go after Ian the night she lost to him and later Ian asked Dan if his stuffed bear and snake were OK – he is so cute!!! Ian for the win!

  97. Just watching BBAD from last night. Danielle’s bullying toward Ian is so stupid. Either she is a great actress or she actually believes what she is saying. I am leaning toward the latter. She just told Dan about all the things she gave up including postponing surgery to find out if she has cancer or not. WTF!!!!!!
    She is so ridiculous. I assume she is talking about the lump on her implant. There is no way a Dr. would tell her that it is OK to wait 3 months to see if a lump is cancer or not. They would investigate immediately. She doesn’t appear too concerned about this lump and if she was, you would think that she would share this info with her BFF, Britany. I can’t wait until she gets the boot. Ian and Dan for final 2!!!!!!

  98. I agree with Ian. Danielle’s behavior the last few days is “unacceptable.”…..Sure any player needs to fight the good fight. But her emotional, guilt laden talking down to people was painful to watch. This added to her whining and weeping.
    Last night, to both Ian and Dan, she repeatedly went on and on how they hurt her and/or made her cry therefore owe her. It is not up to others to take ownership for her personal emotional reaction to events in the BB house. Then her threats “if you don’t take me I’ll do this or that.” The best, “what else have u lied about” (in the game) guilt strategy. Talking to Ian like he was a naughty child, and flirting with Dan was too much.
    Ian held up well. And am glad Dan put his cards on the table. Tried to reason with her that he had to change his game when the QP turned on him. And then she decided to take Shane as her romantic final two. He had no choice at thoes game points but to play for himself while still trying to help her along in the game…
    Logic doesn’t seem to work with her. For example she can’t comprehend why, because she told Dan about her final 2 deal with Shane, he would seek out another final 2 partner. Didn’t matter to her that Shane wasn’t aware of her final 2 deal with Dan.
    I’m not sure she really gets it is a game. Not sure she’s aware that she is on a very public camera 24/7….I’ve concluded she is immature emotionally and wouldn’t be in the final three without the help and support of Dan.. She doesn’t understand games-man-ship ( the art or practice of deafeating an opponent, as a game, by skilful but somewhat underhanded manoeuvres and ploys) that’s for sure….

  99. you know Danielle rubbed me the wrong way even on the first day. Remember how she said that she was a kindergarten teacher and wasn’t a nurse because she didn’t want people to know she was smart? What the hey? So basically she is calling kindergarten teachers stupid. Please I know plenty of elementary teachers who have masters in education, early childhood development and/or Public Admin. What makes her think that she’s better than a kindergarten teacher? Basially it’s because she’s cocky and immature. She’s also delusional, making jokes about Ian and Frank then she turns around and does something much worse than either of them.

    As for her working toward three masters, she seemed pretty clueless when Ian was talking about getting his PHD. What was it that she said “don’t you have to get your Masters first?” No sorry Danielle, some school don’t even offer a Masters in the same subject as the PHD. Most do of course but not all. For some schools your are either in the program or your not..Others will only award a Masters if you don’t have the grades or can not reach the time requirement for the PHD. Some will let you apply credits from a related Master to count toward a PhD while other won’t, depends if the course meets the PHD program’s requirements.

    She has lived in a very shelter world. Perhaps Danielle should find a nice kindergarten teacher who can give her some wise advise in life.

    1. Sounds like Ian is a fiscal conservative, if being responsible with your money makes you a clown then what does that make a democrat? The beared fat lady?

    2. voting republican doesnt make you some die hard conservative. this is what I find to be so funny. are your views 100 percent in line with rachel maddow?

  100. If it’s true, that she put off a procedure to determine whether or not she has cancer, AND, if it’s true she is a nurse, are we not looking at a very troubled
    girl? If in fact it is untrue, we are clearly looking at someone who cannot feel empathy, therefore, sociopath.
    BB needs better screening process after this season.

  101. this is where the “i hate frank” “I hate rachel” comes into perspective for so many I’d hope

    I dislike brit, but my gosh, danielle really helps knock that down a notch however I do think brit is the only one close to danielle in her initial reaction to conflict, but danielle just takes it 100x more intense and never breaks it, keeping it going forever.

    im still not sure if dan will take ian. I sure wouldnt. Id still take the crazy one

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